The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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This is a miraculous photo of

the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

On Faith and Morals

October 10, 2011 – 11:00 a.m.

Adoration room


Lucia: Father, after Mass this morning, You wanted me to go in the chapel to write. After praying and reading the words You taught me in the book, I wait for what You want to say and want me to write down…


Father: Lucia, you have been quite busy these last days with the apparitions of My Heart; you must be tired. I know you love Me, and you fear for Me being alone in the cold, lonely night; every time there are few people in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, you always think and worry about Me. I know your heart; I thank you very much. In this world, if there are more people like you, I will be less sad and lonely.  Your comfort helps Me to forget the emptiness, the loneliness, and the coldness of people.


There are people who visit Me here, but their hearts do not belong to Me.  They are cold and indifferent to My presence in here... freezing cold souls... biting cold in front of My presence... While I, upon seeing them, rejoice, and want to talk to them through their hearts and minds! 


But since they have come here, and have spent time to stay here with Me, whether indifferent or cold, I still love them and bless them if they want to pray to Me. My child, if people are stubborn and lack faith, even if miracles happen before their very eyes they still do not believe!


Where is their faith?  Who are they worshiping?  Who can understand their inner thoughts and their hearts?  In their minds, who do they think I am?  A distant God?  A man named Jesus, Whom they have heard about from the Bible, from 2000 years ago?  A God like a statue, standing in the same place; not knowing anything, and without any feelings?  A God Whom everyone knows about from books, and from going to Church?


Then they pray, and they do all this without any feelings, and this becomes a habit in their lives. They just do what their families or ancestors have done in the past. Even the people who can be considered as having high morals and ethics – they do these things more out of habit, too, rather than with feelings and faith.  Only a few truly see and feel with their hearts.


Faith and morals are clearly different, and mankind does not see and distinguish these two. To have morality means that people absolutely trust in the teachings from the past, through the books and the Gospel – as well as combining it with past and practical customs left from their fathers, the circumstances, from the place they resided from their childhood to their adulthood – and to this day, much has been absorbed in their hearts and minds, in their psychology and in their characters. 


So when they see things that are extraordinary, they are not moved and cannot see the miracles in them … unless they have faith. I want to say this so that you are aware, children.


So speaking of faith, faith is much richer in terms of awareness.


As the people know and believe through the books, through the teachings, through the learnings, through the Gospel, through the persuasion of those who have special gifts – or through the direction given by the priests and monks in their presentations of theory and practice – as well as experiencing the things that truly happened, and which they were able to feel; from there, their faith slowly start to burn, as a fire that has just been started. 


Then later, when they find and experience certain truths in their lives: then, at that time, the flame of faith will blaze up and will light up – for themselves, their families, and the people that they are able to influence.


So which one is critical for keeping and practicing religion? Morality is very good. Faith is fundamental – for keeping religion and practicing religion. If children, you combine both together when you worship and love Me – anywhere, anytime – then you will feel My existence, and the power of My miracles can happen anywhere.  You will be able to feel and recognize My signs.


Faith will teach you to be close to Me, to understand Me, to recognize Me and to love Me; so, too, will  the teaching of and the interactions with the organizations on how to learn to live in faith, on how to grow in faith with Jesus Christ, the Lord of mankind.


There are organizations that have in-depth teachings; you should spend time attending these, for the spiritual benefits as well as to enable your faith to grow deeper and stronger.  Or in situations where there are signs or extraordinary events happening, faith will help you to know where the truth is, which you are depending on and trusting in every day; as well as know and recognize the miraculous signs that I will allow you to see, with the eyes of faith. So you should be able to understand and explain to yourself what faith is, and face Me – I Who am your Teacher, and your Father – now and in the final days of your lives.


I just want to remind you, children, so that you will clearly see the indispensability of a Christian.  For those who love Me and worship Me, faith is indispensable!  I am not like a distant king who uses his power to persecute people.  I am not like the rich kings of the past, on this earth, with their strange and demanding customs. 


Although I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords – with absolute power in My hands, which no other can have beside Me – I do not use that power, and the ways of a king, with you. It is only because I love you so very much, My children, that I have to do all that has to be done; to conquer and bring you back to My love!


To live as a human being, I left My heavenly throne to come down and share this human life with you.  I endured many bitter situations and challenges – to share with you the same sweetness and bitterness in life – and finally I was tortured and put to death by men.  With all of My Blood, I have washed you clean of your sins, and My Water was also spent. 


What belonged to mankind, I have repaid to mankind.  With My death on the cross, bearing all your sins, children, you now have, in exchange, eternal life after death, and the right to be children of the Kingdom!  After three days, with My resurrection, I have conquered death – to bring glory and triumph to the world! 


Since then, you have been able to receive the light of life from Jesus Christ, Who gave it to you through His death and His resurrection! These events, from 2,000 years ago, remain now, and happen daily, through the eyes of faith; if you recognize Me, daily, in the Eucharist. I wait for you, children, in the tabernacle; I have given the Eucharist to the world, through the ritual celebrated daily during Mass.  


Mass is very important for Christians; My Body and Blood appear every time Mass is celebrated – to simultaneously nourish your souls and bodies in this world; to strengthen your faith through sincere prayer; and to have you feel love from God, among all of you, always loving, and making good His promise when He said, “I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.” For this promise, God had to make Himself small, and a prisoner, in the Host; and be confined inside the tabernacles, all over the world!


I am present to love you and intervene for you, children, so that you are less permeated by the darkness of sin; to support those who toil and suffer, who run to Me – I will support them and will not let them down. As for what is grieving you in your lives, as well as for your sufferings and disheartenments – from family to society – and any other things which cannot be said or confided to others in life, come and offer them to Me through the Eucharist. 


I am waiting, and My presence in there is to help and bless you with all that you need for your soul as well as your body, and this makes Me happy.  I will never refuse the things for which you pray to Me. The comforting joy that you are able to feel from Me is the true peace in your souls. Is there any other God and king that can exist on this earth, whether visible or invisible, as Jesus Christ? 


Is there any Holy Spirit, whom, when you pray to Him or visit Him, you will be able to witness the existence of His love by His blessing of peace in your hearts and bodies?  If you speak and pray to Me with a sincere heart, you will feel this love that I always give to each one of you.


Oh, what can fully express the feelings of a King, prisoner of this world, in the little tabernacles ... solely because of love that I have forgotten all about My kingdom and My power ... to wait every day in loneliness and emptiness ... in this indifferent and ungrateful world of yours, children? Love is not simple ... if you pay attention, you will understand clearly what it means ... and who can explain its definition ... which even the King of the whole universe ... has to suffer defeat and surrender to it?


What is the definition of love?  If at the right place, the right way, it could be upheld and respected, to be used to do good things, as well as being an exemplary tool in life for each one of us. Love is the nourishment of the soul and the body.  Where there is love there is happiness and peace.  Love is not rational.  Love is unconditional.  But when love is not in the right place, and the right way, it will make you lose everything from its throne of splendors.  The heart that still carries the traces of life* cannot forgive himself, as well as the adversary.


If you want to know where you stand, to be lucid and clearly see your position, you need to look deeply, and immerse yourselves in intimate prayers with God.  God will enlighten you, guide you to know right from wrong, and define the appropriate path for you.


His Divine Will understands and sees all; if you know how to live, depending on Him, trusting Him in everything, from your minds to your bodies – even with your lives – He will have His way, at the right time, for everything, and everything will be satisfactorily well-scheduled, as He planned.  Even with arduous challenges, you should not give way. In His absolute fidelity and love, the true, steadfast, everlasting authority in Him can never be changed. 


As for these moments, in this time, with many extraordinary things happening, if you do not have the eyes of faith and Jesus Christ in you, you will be misled, and you will neither be able to distinguish right from wrong nor be able to see which way it is that God shows to you for you to recognize and follow His steps.


Always be diligent in prayers before the Blessed Sacrament; He is in there and protects you in an intimate way; besides, He already answered you through His miracles; His Body moving, His bloody Heart breathing, His living Presence that He has reserved for this world.**


Let us cherish the moments by His side, wholeheartedly, with all our might, with thanksgivings and praises, for the true power of the Eucharist, Who has come to the world of today to prepare for the purging of the earth, or the creation of the new world.


Lucia: This is the last chance for those who have ears to hear!  There is not much time left!  Let’s run to His Divine Mercy and His Heart burning with love, the flame of Love that forgives all those who erred and want to come back!  And mankind, look into His Heart, Who so deeply loves humanity, showing Himself as a Heart; bleeding, breathing, existing in this world!  What are we waiting for?  Why hesitate to come to God?  Let us remove the chains that bind us to this world: money, fame, lust, desire, passion, bad habits and all other attractions!

Let us leave all these things, because they are the monstrous chains from the invisible and malicious ways of the evil spirits that bind us, separating us from the source of truth; and our beloved Father, Who is ever so weary from waiting for us to return; and the inheritance He has offered to us – eternal life in heaven, which He has promised to the prodigal sons returning to Him, despite having sins as red as fresh blood. 


Let us come back, and run to His Divine Mercy!  His Heart of Love will sanctify us, and transform us into new people and we will be reborn in the Spirit of God!  Let us cling to His Mercy, and let us step aboard the ship of love to our destiny!  Let us trust in our Divine Master, Jesus, to purify us and guide us back to our Heavenly Father!







*That is to say, a heart that is still influenced by what is of this world.


**Referred to here are Eucharistic miracles that L. has witnessed during adoration.


***As occurs sometimes in the messages given to L., the Spirit of Jesus speaks indirectly through her. Thus, all such messages have their source in Jesus, Who, indirectly or directly, is speaking to us through her (excepting obvious parts such as her own words before this message). For this reason a message like this is signed “Father.”


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