The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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For Whom did I Come to this Place ?




December 14, 2011 – 11:55 p.m.


Lucia: Abba, today I ask to write on the subject that You want me to write on this Christmas.


Your picture and the picture of the fetus in my cell phone is indeed a surprise, but this is an arrangement.


You clearly allow me to know the proof of seeing God for the first time as a fetus about to be born.


Moreover, with the celebration of Christmas coming soon, this is an indication that You want me to write about the Child, pictured like a fetus, coming to the human world as a fetus.


Father: My beloved children,


Today I want Lucia to write, to spend all the prayer time to write this message that carries a  profound meaning regarding My work in the creation of mankind.


It was a splendid wonder and I was happy and proud of a truly perfect masterpiece, from the soul, the mind, the breath, to every single cell of each organ in the body, from the liver, from the muscle, to the blood circulating in the body and the muscle fibers formed according to the rhythm of the high and low contracting and relaxing functions.


This proceeded according to each gender of all ages – child, adult male or female – fixed in a cycle of birth in the universe and the human world.


And there are still many details regarding a perfect world.


I created and formed mankind by breath, soul, heart, and mind, having reason and thoughts to discern, to choose with a heart filled with the love of a Father who always grants to His children.


Your image is similar to My infant, without any differences. I give to you, from the beginning of creation till now, like an innocent newborn, a simple, meek, and naive soul, always in need of My providence, plan, and arrangement, and making sucking sounds like a baby seeking breast milk.


I always favor and grant you the utmost care and consideration.


I always cover and protect you in My loving and warm embrace.


I cherish and take loving care of you like treasures I hold in My hands to contemplate and be near.


Every soul, from the first-born male to the second-born female, receive graces and I bestow countless blessings upon you, upon the universe, upon the globe, upon the world, upon mankind, and upon each one of you.


I hand over and fully offer the entire world under the infinite heaven to you: the exquisite goodness of all creations, from the shining morning sunlight, from the light breeze blowing from the green forests or grasslands, from the endless deserts that stretch and connect the borders of one country to the other, from the vast oceans and lakes with clear, fine white sand.


As concerns the charming natural landscape, the beautiful waterfalls flow endlessly under the vast sky of swirling stars – a multitude of stars in the night.


Moonlight shines in the night, sunset is the sign for mankind to rest.


Dawn begins to break, the sun comes out, letting everyone wake up.


Wake up to praise, wake up to glorify, wake up to give thanks for what you have as you enjoy the use of this life's conveniences.


There are many people who do not believe in Me.


They do not know who I am.


They also deliberately do not want to know, for them to easily choose the path of atheism and follow the flesh, to be loose in passions, to err in wild and false beliefs, with absolute stubbornness to have an in-depth movement toward idols under the eyes of the world – without power, without truth, without history, without love and offering as I have done and manifested to all of you.


For generations I still love and wait. My love for you is boundless, unending, everlasting, and will never fade or dim over the years.


Even if mankind is ungrateful or treacherous, forgetting the source, forgetting the potter, forgetting the Creator of the entire universe, forgetting the sacrificial love of the only-begotten Son of God as an atonement for all mankind.


It is a history for the world to distinguish and recognize who God is, who the Supreme Being is, for you to see the Supreme Being worthy of worship.


My love is always wide open to embrace and welcome those who seek to return to justice and truth kind and forgiving to those who return with a repentant, penitent heart, who return with absolute faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the Lord of all creation, the Father of humanity, the Savior of the world.


Come and taste how sweet the love of God is.


His Divine Mercy always envelops and cherishes each soul and heart.


The Heart of love is always wide open, welcoming, forgiving, saving, and bringing mankind into the eternal place, in harmony and peace right in this life.


Come to Me through the existing Heart, living in the Blessed Sacrament and My miraculous power will bless and sanctify you daily.


You will experience and know what I do.


It is wonderful and extraordinary when you visit and comfort the lonely Heart of love that many people still do not know about.


The Heart is living in this world through the Blessed Sacrament.


The Host-shaped doorframe (1) longs and waits for you and everyone to return to love, to return to the eternal truth that has existed from of old.


I form each child, each soul. From everything around the celestial universe, from the life of needs, to material, to spiritual: everything is within My reach.


And about the Newborn Child, through the picture of a baby wrapped like a newborn, Lucia, I want you to read the two readings this morning.


There are certain things and details you must clearly grasp, and pay attention to the meanings.

The profound thoughts that are in today's two readings have certain characteristics you must write down and describe My intensity in wanting you to write this message, encapsulating and expressing the meaning in which I especially talk about the intimacy of God for mankind through each stage of unfolding history in the great program of loving mankind, from many events.


Why do I call it an event?


What is the meaning of an event when the mysteries I reveal are for mankind to be aware?


The mystery of the Trinity: each throne has a historical position of the mighty, transcendent mystery of the august and almighty King in the heavens and in all frontiers of every region of the earth.


I am the King, the Lord of the universe, the magnanimous Supreme Being, the Faithful One, with things I say, things I do, and the practices in each age and stage that are performed and realized according to all contexts of history.


From the very beginning to the present generation, My power works wondrous things upon mankind and upon each person in the ranks.


My divine grace descends upon them and they follow in the calling according to the scheduled appointment of the Holy Spirit and one's own life, to carry out the divine affairs entrusted in this life.


That is speaking only about a certain part of the trust and historical power that has gone into the past.


What is current is only a replay of what has gone through, but the sentiment and the meaning remain eternal, immortal, in the heart and mind of each soul and person.


However, My Heart and My love never become part of the past.


No matter how many thousands of generations, even if mankind has forgotten or been worn down by the circumstances and sins that have blurred and faded over the years, I remain forever unchanged.


My faithfulness is still attached to the Heart of love that is always kind, generous, and tolerant regarding sins and all matters according to mankind.


Mankind, who is mankind?




Why do I have to do so much for your human world?


At times I also ask Myself, but the answer remains silent and unanswered in My Heart. Perpetuity and eternity still lead Me into a world of nothing other than love and I bring mankind to justice, to truth, to peace, to the happiness and the salvation of sins through the incarnation of the Second Person of God, sharing human life, imbued with the trials and sufferings from the heart and mind to the body, from the faculty of reasoning to the soul, from the unity and the compassion, to walk with mankind, to live in harmony with mankind, with human needs to get on with people in the world – with sacrifice, patience, humility – setting an example and sanctifying every human being, for mankind to be reborn.


Through the mystery of incarnation to take on human nature as a Child born into the world, the schedule of the incarnated God has a beginning and a law ready to follow the schedule of time and space.


That will be done and finished when everything is completed and the salvation of the Son of Man is permanently sealed in the program of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Supreme Being was born, the One who renewed mankind in the gift of forgiveness and salvation, embodied in the womb of Mother Mary who was chosen to be the Lord Jesus'

Mother while She was still in the world and the Mother of humanity.


The Child Jesus came into the world of mankind through a small and frail body laying in the manger on a cold winter evening in an empty field in Bethlehem.


History starts from the humble beginning of Mother Mary and St. Joseph: the Lord Jesus was born in poverty.


Each stalk of hay lined the manger where the Child was laid, a thin swaddle covered His body, in the solitude and the silence of the night.


Mother Mary felt compassion and pity when She placed the Child in the manger.


St. Joseph felt pity in his heart when he saw the mystery of God manifested just like the proclamation of the angel, and he felt his responsibility to carry out according to the holy will when Jesus was born.


The night of the birth of the Child, the entire heavenly court sang, rejoiced, acclaimed.


The angel in the world sang praises to the Second Person of God incarnated.


The angel announced the news, the shepherds visited, the foal brought Him warmth.


That night, the entire heavenly court, in heaven, on earth, reverberated with the echo:


Praise be to the Son of the Heavenly Father, born as a little human baby.

Following the heavenly star, the Three Kings looked for the cave to reverently offer a poem, to offer gifts to Him, to worship the newborn King.

Then all creation will see the King of justice and truth saving the world, overcoming many destitute situations, with ups and downs in the Child's life from the cruel world.

Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and the Infant Jesus overcame bitterness, grief, trials in life, fleeing their own country to keep Him away from danger.


Unperturbed by years of living abroad, the Holy Family remained wholeheartedly faithful

Until hearing the announcement to return to the homeland where He grew up.

Countless stories in the world: how to write them all, how to describe one's innermost feelings?

I just hope to report a little, for there still are many situations in the midst of the world, with sadness as well as joy mixed in life's ups and downs.

Tears and sweat mixed with sacrifices leading the way, to be the example shining in the world, the Holy Family's example for each household.


The day in the past day is still today: the love of God comes to all human families.

Inherently weak and fragile, mankind is like a fetus not yet born.

God blows the warmth of love, bringing a new breeze to all.

From the body to the soul, there is nothing outside of the heavenly Father's kind and merciful heart.

I hope you understand all things, God's abundant love granted to all humanity.

The Second Person of God came into the world, to save mankind in rampant state of



Time is nearing its end – return quickly to the Child to beseech peace and happiness for all.

To the Savior of the world, offer praise, acclaim the Lord in heaven, the Infant Jesus born

to bring peace to each human being.

Tonight He comes to mankind, to bathe us in a new stream of light.

We forget all things in life, we come to the manger, seeking peace for the soul.

From the newborn heavenly King, the soul receives peace, abundant graces for everyone in the world.


On a cold winter night, the Second Person comes into the world: the Child Jesus.

For whom did I come to this place, for love of mankind, I come to share their life.

Born in a stable, a manger, to be an example in life.

The Child, the Second Person of God, sacrifices to that extent out of love for mankind.

Becoming a fragile baby, in the loving arms of Mother, cuddling Him day and night.

With St. Joseph taking care of all things, He grows up in wisdom, obedient to His parents.



  1. “The door of the Hosts” is another translation. This refers to the Eucharistic Jesus.



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher (for more on this please see the homepage of 



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