The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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This is a miraculous photo of

the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

Hurry and Return to God, My Children!

May 31, 2011


Lucia: O most beloved Mother in my life. Mother, it is near the end of the month of May. Have I fulfilled my duty with my beloved Mother?


O beloved Mother – Queen of Heaven, of Your children on earth, of mankind!  In Heaven and on earth, there are no other saints like You, Mother! 


Your gentleness attracts the world! Your meekness attracts all mankind!  Your affectionate eyes, with gentle loving strokes of tenderness, are filled with a mother's love for Her children!


Your sympathy for those who run to You!  You never refuse anything when Your children call upon Your name!  You are the door to Heaven for us!  You are the light on our way to bring us closer to God!  You are the inspiration to help us step away from the darkness of sins! You are the shade covering the road we walk in this desert!  You are the moon in the dark night, to help us navigate in the mud of this depraved world!


O Mother, our life ​​cannot be without Your protection, under Your mantle!  I live in the peace of God; You, Mother, are the sound of soft music, lulling me into sleep!  You are like a song to take me to our merciful Father! How happy I am, O Mother, to be Your child!  Blessed with Your motherly love, immersed in this ocean of love, a compassionate spring to soothe my mournful heart!


You are pure water for those who seek You, to never come back empty-handed!  You bring those who are lost and have wandered away back to God!  You are the one who kept the graces of God for us!  Whoever runs to You will be taking a shortcut to receive God!



Blessed Mother: Children, come to your Mother.  I will teach you to truly live, to truly love, and to accomplish all the things that will truly appease the wounds in the Heart of God, Who has sacrificed Himself for you.  God is still here, and is in this world with you, children.


God looks every day over the tabernacle door.  God sees all and knows everything that is going on now, and the rate of progress of the world today.  God is choked in silence… speechless…


I look at God… My tears streaming… God so loves mankind, My child...


Because God gave freedom to mankind, today’s society has committed so many offenses against His Heart: the scope of ​​education; human freedom in sexual relations; the changing of the sex of the person that God created; families falling apart; couples divorcing, separating; unruly children, challenging their parents; the freedom to exercise one's own wicked personality; people going to prison for murder, robbery, rape; abortions; and so many more horrifying things beyond this, My child.


This earth is stained, like a fresh blood-soaked curtain from government exploitations; from screaming babies in the womb of their mothers when forced to be aborted; the souls of these babies crying out, reaching My ears.  O how much sorrow, My eyes are streaming tears of blood!  How can mankind be so evil! 


Where is their reason and their conscience?  You deny God, you reject your Mother, and you are now facing this dark abyss of sins caused by mankind!  My heart is anxious, longing every minute for you to return to God.  Christ died for you!  Naked on the cross!


His blood and water spent to the last drop!


O children, don’t you ever think about His Love?  Today, God is still waiting in the small Host in the tabernacle, waiting for people to change, waiting for hearts to repent, waiting for you to come back, waiting to forgive and sanctify His children.  Hurry and return to God, My children!


The days are gone… the months are quickly passing… a new year is coming… all will end according to the law of the universe…


At this time, there are these extraordinary incidents, which the eyes of men cannot fully grasp, but for God this is the plan for the people who listen to Him and do His will.


He will support with His Hands those who return to Him, and welcome those seeking Him; forgive the sinners who are coming back to Him; help the weak, running to take refuge in Him; strengthen those who beg for help with their heavy burden; bless those who believe, who obey with simplicity, who are humble; bless with abundance all those who receive His words and put them into practice.


Children, you are the people that The Teacher has selected.


The pathway you are walking on still has many obstacles, dangers and pitfalls; try to overcome the difficulties and challenges.


That is where your home truly is, full of fragrant and beautiful wildflowers.  I will stand there waiting for you to come to this place to enjoy eternal life.


Be patient and persevere to the last minute, My child.  The Holy Spirit of God is always with you, to help you and shield you from everything – all the time.  Do not be discouraged. Keep talking to God so that you do not fall into temptations.


This letter is from your Mother, speaking to you, as I have said a few paragraphs to you, children.  Please write down all that I have reminded you.



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