The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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This is a miraculous photo of

the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

The Feast of the Assumption

August 15, 2011


Lucia: Father, today, please allow me to write about Mother.


Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Mother!


We are celebrating the day when Mother, in body and soul, was going to heaven to be with God!


This event happened centuries ago, but remains forever in our hearts.


It was such a glory for mankind!


Mother was going, in body and soul, to heaven, to be reunited with God, and the heavenly courts are singing and praising, celebrating Mother, in heaven.


O Mother, You Who represent the human race, You are going to heaven!


O how joyful and wondrous!


O Virgin Queen of Heaven and the Mother of mankind!


O what honor for us, to be Your children, for whom Your maternal love is everlasting, throughout the centuries!


No matter how many centuries have gone by, You are still there, along with Jesus, loving Your children, loving mankind, forever loving us, never to leave us.


Blessed Mother: My children, do you know that at any period of time, no matter where I am, besides God, there is always a place in My Heart reserved for you? I wait for each one of you, to accept and come to Me, for Me to embrace you.


My tender hand will alleviate the injuries in your hearts.


I will help you in the sufferings that you have to endure in life.


I will soothe you when you fall into the sinful passions of this life, when you fall into the traps of this world.


I will hold your hands when you have to walk through the obstacles in life.


I will protect you with My mantle when you come to Me for protection. I will console you when you are betrayed.


I will dry your tears when you have to deal with the hardship of life.


I will save you when you are standing on the cliff of the abyss of sins.


O there are so many things I am ready to do for you and want to do for you. I will not refuse anything whenever you come to Me for help. Come to Me when you are burdened with things that are more than you can bear and I will travel with you. I will pray to God for you. I will share your bitterness, your sadness, and your joy. Look with your eyes of faith and you will recognize.


O Children, I will not refuse the things that you ask from Me.


Be strong and step away from the things that are keeping you prisoner, the things that enslave you to the sins of this world.


You will have everything anew, a new heaven, a new earth. It is the place full of promises that God has for you. It is where your true home is. It is where I will be waiting for you, to take you to God. It is where there is infinite love, more than anything mankind could ever have.


L.: O Mother, may I ask You to let me know a little about Your Assumption? I have heard that the Assumption means to go to heaven, that to go to heaven is the Assumption. Is that it? I was thinking to myself, can it be that simple? Maybe You can tell us about the meaning of this Feast, Mother? I would like to hear and to know.


O this is such a grace! The Mother of God and the Mother of mankind is going to tell me about the Assumption!


Blessed Mother: The light was bright, the heavens opened up. The choirs of angels were in the millions, myriads, choirs after choirs, filling the whole sky. In the middle of the sky, there was a road, lined with carpet, very wide, it was immense. The angels wore white garments, the saints wore ivory garments, very beautiful. The saints were standing in order of the ranks according to the level that God has assigned to them. The angels played the trumpets and the music, depending on the songs, was melodious and powerful. The music started out from far away, then came nearer. The music was delightful and sounded like the birds singing in the early morning. In turn came the sound of the drums, then the flutes, then the imposing sound of the trumpets. The combined sound of all the instruments and the sound of the music was beautiful, touching to the heart. I do not know how to further describe it for you to understand.


From far away, an exquisitely beautiful and glorious bright light was shining from the throne of God. The rays of light shone to the far ends. I think that the light was the Light of God. The light was so bright, shining all over heaven so that no one can use their eyes to take a guess at it. Only God, God gave the saints, the angels, and all those who are in heaven, a special pair of eyes, for them to live in heaven with Him. Except for Me, dressed in My ivory dress, just like the one I was wearing this morning at Mass, the ivory dress with a little bit of pastel color, and on My head, was a white veil, very pretty.


L.: The dress I saw You wore this morning was splendid and very beautiful Mother. It was different from the other dresses. It was truly beautiful. I do not know how to describe the color of the dress and the magnificent beauty of the Queen of Heaven. The things that I have felt in my soul. O Mother, we have talked about the dress, and now can we get back to the part when You are about to walk towards the throne of God the Father?


Blessed Mother: I slowly walked towards the heavenly courts. Slowly taking one step at a time, and on both sides, there were angels walking with Me. As we neared the throne of God, the angels helped Me to kneel before God the Father. His voice was majestic. His heavenly robe was a splendid bright sparkling yellow color that nothing could ever compare to. That was when I was able to see the face of God the Father.


There were so many more details that I cannot describe them all to you.


I saw Jesus, My Son. He stepped out, His face bright, with His shoulder-length hair, very handsome. He was always sweet with Me, His gesture as caring and tender as when He was on earth.


So I was presented to God the Father and then to Jesus.


There were many more things but this is all I am telling you.


Lucia: O Mother, I thank You so very much. Who on earth is able to know this? It truly is such a joy and happiness to have You tell me about the day of Your Assumption!


Blessed Mother: L., this is My reward to you, for your love for God and for Me. I still have many more things. Remember to keep up with a good spiritual life, loving and worshipping God in this life. You will be able to receive many more things from God. Try to live a good life, and always be alert, and pray. God is always by your side, and the Holy Spirit is watching over you in this world, which is full of traps. Go home now.


5:34 p.m.


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