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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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This is a miraculous photo

of the Eucharistic Jesus

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Love! Message Received on

October 16, 2012


Father: My beloved Lucia,

I have been listening to all your prayers this morning. They were very touching; they truly touched Me, and I thank you, My little daughter, who understands My Heart, who understands My Mind, who understands My innermost feelings at this time.

My beloved L., you are the person who understands clearly the things which I have given to the world, the things that I am anxiously waiting for each day in the Holy Eucharist, as well as the sorrow in My Heart for humanity today; for the indifference of mankind, for the coldness of mankind, always forgetting that this Father is waiting for them – every day and every minute – in this world, in the tabernacle.

My beloved L., do you know that even if there are only a small number of people who are able to understand My feelings, I would be very happy, and I would welcome them whenever they come to Me, even if that might be tardy or even too late, and I would welcome the special feelings and thoughts they have for Me as well.

My beloved children, on My lips I keep repeating over and over again the word, “love.” Perhaps you are very bored by this? But apart from this word, I do not have any other word that can describe the love I have for each one of you. This started from the moment you were created and life was infused into you with the breath of God the Father, and when the world was formed.


All of that perfection God the Father had planned and created for you; therefore the seed of creation came from the love of God the Father, and God the Father had arranged, planned and intended for the world to live happily in the peace which He Himself had created.


Time had passed and things had happened; mankind was not able to suppress the temptations from the devil, and these things have happened throughout history, through many thousands of years – the many temptations over so many generations – and God the Father had allowed that, but His love will grow, His love will be greater than all the sins committed by man, and the love that He had for mankind will never change.


For that reason, He sent His only Son into the world, and had used the Blood of His Son to purify mankind, to wash away the sins of the world; His own Son had died in exchange for mankind so that it might have eternal life, and all the sins of the world were forgiven through the death of Jesus Christ – to this day and for generations to come.


From the things accomplished by the Second Person of the Trinity, mankind had the right to be a child of God, and heaven and earth were reconciled. God the Father had completely forgiven all the sins of mankind, and mankind had the opportunity to call Him Father, and mankind had the eternal life which God the Father had bestowed on mankind from the very beginning.


My beloved children, today the feelings and prayers of L. have made Me recall and go back in time. The description of the past is to enable her, in her mind, to be able to open up to what had happened, to what is happening, and to what is going to happen – for her to feel and recognize – and the Holy Spirit will speak and will help her in everything that she was thinking this morning. If only people can live every day in peace; living peacefully, without being weighed down by sins, so as to understand that those are the things that God had given to them for all eternity.


One morning, waking up in the Garden of Eden, God the Father had created Adam and Eve, on that day. His two children, at the beginning, were created in His image. They were able to speak, to smile, to have feelings, and they were leading a truly simple and primitive life, at the time, with nature.


They were not sad, they were not angry, they were not jealous, they were not resentful, and they were like little children when they came to God the Father. God the Father loves, cherishes; and He will bring all that He has to give to His children – the children whom with His own hand He had created and made into a piece of art, and whom He loves the most; the human being.



My beloved children, even the scenery, multiple in all colors and shapes, with His own hands He had created, along with the natural cycle of life, nature and its laws, the animals; the light; the shadow; the sea; the mountains; the rivers; the deserts; the jungle; the wild animals; the trees; the fresh, green leaves; the colorful flowers blooming; all the beautiful things around.


But the scenery is just that, and scenery is dormant. That is the reason why He does not love the scenery as much, but what He loves the most, what He treasures the most, what He feels affectionate with the most, is mankind, His children, all of you, who are the flawless creations which He Himself had created, and with whom He was very pleased.


For this reason, He infused life into humans; for you to be alive, and to be able to speak, to smile, to think, to understand that there is a soul and a body, so that together with Him, you can enjoy what He wanted humanity to have.


Unfortunately, things had not turned out to be the way He had desired from mankind, because the moment He had created mankind, He had wanted mankind to have the right to choose and to make decisions. So for that reason, He had given mankind the freedom to choose, the freedom to decide, and also the freedom to avoid what He Himself had advised against.


He only wanted mankind to be exactly like Him. But the human mind could not fully be like Him because He is God, He is the Father, He is the king of the universe, the One who had created the heavens and the earth. He gave mankind freedom but you are still children, you are still creatures, created by His hand.

My beloved children, at this moment I can feel that the love of God the Father for mankind is indeed infinite and boundless. He is meticulous to the smallest details. He had shaped with His hand, with His Love, and His Heart was united to mankind when He had created you. He had arranged a great plan for mankind, as glorious as when He had created mankind as the most beautiful painting in front of Him.


He only wished that mankind be submissive to its Creator, to a Father who had given His all to His children, who had freedom, and receive this true love from the Father. He also wished that the loyalty of mankind would be endless, everywhere and anywhere, whether He is present or not.


In everything He had created, He always gave mankind what is good, what is great, what is pleasant, so that mankind could have these moments of peace, and to have the happiness which He Himself had given to mankind. But mankind always has a mind of its own, and will continue to be deceived by the snake, to be surrounded by the lures from the devil, and then to be changed, to no longer be the gentle, innocent creatures that He had created. It only takes a moment for evil to happen.


Evil only needs a very short amount of time to act, and humans will lose their purity, their original and primitive nature as the Father had created, such as a sheet of paper that had been smudged by ink all over it – how could it be restored to the piece of white paper it was in the first place?


When He learned of the truth, how broken-hearted He was! He was so utterly disappointed, so hurt! But He was the king of the universe, the king of heaven and earth, and all creation existed solely by His decision, and, as a king, He had His own way of working upon the whole universe and the earth.


One word from Him is a command that must be executed; and the command that He had established since the creation of the world, every creation had followed according to the laws of nature that He had established. Mankind had abused all the good things that God the Father had bestowed on it, for mankind to have, and these were corrupted by the unfortunate events that had happened.

As He quietly watched Adam and Eve walk out of the Garden of Eden, He was so deeply hurt, feeling His Heart lacerated by pain! He had cried so much, to see His children, whom He Himself had created with His own hands, because of the temptation of the snake, having decided for themselves a path of their own choosing, and having to leave.


The pain in His Heart could never be described! All He could do was to stand there and close His eyes. The tears and the suffering in His Soul He could not reveal to anyone to understand and know. Only the Second Person of the Trinity and the Spirit of God, Who are in Him, understand the situation, from the beginning to the moment Adam and Eve violated what God had commanded.


But since mankind was formed by Love, Love is forever with mankind, even to all the corners of the world, and Love is in mankind, no matter how sinful, no matter how evil. God the Father knows and sees everything clearly through each stage. He looks for ways, in the wisdom and understanding of the Almighty One, to come to the human world, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit in a special way, to go into the plan of the human world through many thousands of centuries, with the names and events recorded in history.


Everything happened as God the Father had arranged, and the most recent time was also the time when God the Father had decided to save mankind and to bring mankind back to Him, for Him to compensate for the years that mankind still continued to sin, avoiding and evading all that comes from the truth, which God the Father had given to mankind.


There are still many very important, very significant, and very deeply meaningful events in history, but today, I just want L. to write about this period of time only, up to the day I was sent by My Father to earth to become a human person. Although in My Mind, My nature is still a Divine nature, coming into the world, I took on humanity to live among humans – to live in the same way of life, to live with the same thoughts, to face the daily circumstances, to be close to humans, to understand humans, and to share with humans what I have from the Father.


Then time passed, and you know the history. You have seen what the Father had done by sending Me into the world, to save mankind from the many burdens of its daily life, until the day of My passion.


I took upon Me all the sufferings to redeem mankind, through My death and through My Blood – to purify mankind in the Blood of the Second Person of the Trinity, to save mankind from the darkness of sins, to be washed in My Blood, and, through My death, to have the opportunity to return to the Father, and to be able to call Him Father as I have called Him Father; so that mankind had the right to come to the place where the light is, that God the Father had built with Love, forever since, and is still waiting for mankind, until today.


Everything has passed, over many thousands of generations, over many centuries, but the love of the Father is immutable toward mankind. Although it has been a long time, and so many years have gone by, He continues to give mankind the opportunity to return to Him. One opportunity after another … even at the time when I had come to the world, when I had done all that I had to do for mankind, and had returned to the Father. But mankind still has not understood, and has not really seen what the Father had done for mankind, what He is doing, and what He will forever and forever do for mankind.


All things that have started will one day end, according to the laws of nature, and that day is getting closer with each passing day. It is the same way with everything … the wait has to come to an end; all the evil sins committed by mankind must come to an end; the happiness that My Father gave to mankind on earth, the things that My Father sent to those whom My Father had chosen to bring the good news, to announce what will happen … everything that has happened will come to an end.


I have but one regret. Children, I wished that you were able to truly feel and choose, as well as to find for yourselves, the truth and the justice, which is the path that you should be taking, the path that you should have chosen for yourselves in this life and the afterlife. You have been just like those who never choose a path for themselves and for their future, for the truth and the righteousness in the world in which they live each day.

There are too many of you who think that you can do everything by yourselves. Faith in God – faith in the Almighty – seems to be fading away in this period of time. Mankind is proud, arrogant, and denies everything even if it could see, know and hear. Oh how shallow! It is indeed very painful; it is pitiful for humans to be so stubborn and absorbed in their own thinking, dealing with situations – as well as what they are able to understand – with the limitations of their human brains.

There are so many things that people cannot comprehend and recognize, even with things in bright sunlight; things happening such as with the laws of nature. People are set in their stubbornness, and cannot receive things as the truth, as the love that God had created for mankind – to live a life of happiness, a life of peace, and an eternal life; for mankind to be able to step into a higher world.


My beloved children, there still are so many things that people are not able to understand. I would like to say and confide a lot of things to you, for you to listen to – to those of you who are looking to learn about this truth. Also, because these are the end times, God the Father wanted to be very close to mankind, through all the ranks in society, and in the world; to be able to come close and to bring to mankind the things that He had kept all this time.


The gifts that He had wanted to give to mankind from the beginning, but things did not happen the way He had intended. It was mankind who had destroyed everything, who had caused everything to be delayed, and who had put things away in a corner, to wait for the days when the end is near.

For this reason, in this world, He had blessed so many people, and given graces to a lot of people – from all ranks in society, from the very young to the old; all had received what had been arranged by Him, and people thought that these things happened to them by chance.


He had shown a lot of things to prove to people that the things that happened are true and that God exists. He is also trying to come into the world to save those who believe in Him, and those who recognize and know this truth. Anywhere – and at any place – if you recognize the truth, the Holy Spirit will guide and bless you.


These are also the days that God the Father is working on saving any soul who can be saved, and He gives them the opportunity to come back and live the happy days that He had promised and given to mankind ages ago.


But what is good is so very little, and what is evil is rampant everywhere. It has always been this way; from the body to the mind, the human ego weighs everything down, with the right to freedom always leading and in the first place. People do not use their reason and their ability to think – so as to be able to find the truth and make decisions for oneself – but they always live for their own ego. From the small things to the larger ones. Disputes, jealousy, hatred, material things, money, pleasures and wickedness: all these things are first. And what comes from peace, from happiness: these are just wrapped up in a small corner, until needed.


How so unfair of humans to treat in this way their Creator, the One who has given them the right to freedom of choice!

In the end, people will still be too absorbed with their ego, and will choose to follow the things of the world. They will always live for their ego, so that from their souls to their bodies, all will be submerged in the darkness of sins, immersed in the desires of the human ego, and the pleasures of what is created by mankind.

My beloved children, there are so many things in the world that everything cannot be described and mentioned at one time. But these are only the details that I have recalled – for L. to write what I have revealed to her in her mind, and to be revealed to the world. Just a little thing that L. had felt, like this morning when she had cried so much to Me. From her soul to her body, there was this anxiety, from a small person in this world, face-to-face with the Holy Eucharist.


I really desire and hope that a lot of little souls will have their minds and hearts imbued with feelings like L.; then I will be so comforted in this world. I have called out to a lot of people, but the number selected is a number too modest, because people always struggle with their personal ego leading them. Only a handful of people truly listen to hear the Holy Spirit guiding them; then they will be able to go through the stages, which are very difficult to go through, so that they are able to recognize and understand all the things that come from holiness, just as what you are recognizing now.

To reach that goal is not an easy thing. If you do not have the Holy Spirit to guide you, if you are not willing to listen and to obey, then it is very difficult for you to notice what is coming from the heavenly sphere, just as it is difficult for you to strive to live a holy life in this world.


Those of you who have been selected: continue to delve into your inner life, and search for anything in the world that can help you attain holiness. Only you can decide from within yourselves, and use the eyes of faith to see, and fight for the truth and justice that you recognize and face, in the things that I havetaught you.

My beloved children, I am always waiting for the answer and the fiat* of mankind, for you to be able to get what you want – a life of peace, a life of happiness. I am waiting for you to accept – in exchange for what is your daily life, the difficulties of the ego that you have to fight to get to the truth – the truth that you need to have, so that by having the truth, you are able to step into the world that is truly yours for ages.


This happy world, this peaceful world, this heavenly world, this world of love is always with you, but to experience it, and to recognize it or not, is for each individual to find, whether you will try and whether your soul is inspired to have a spiritual life. So you must also have the perseverance and the patience to overcome the difficult circumstances, to receive all the things that I have sent to you, that I have guided you to, that I have helped you with, to bring you closer to God the Father.

My beloved children, I still call you My children. God the Father, and I, and the Holy Spirit are One. So, to experience the love of the Holy Trinity, be bold and be a witness to this truth. Three Persons and only One! One Love, that forever and ever loves mankind!


As with any era, and up to this day, I just wanted to invite My children to come back to the things that I have given to this world. This is also the last time that I and God the Father are giving these things to you, so that through these immense graces, you are purified and cleansed, and so be worthy of entering the heaven that He promised.

My beloved children, the story still has a long way to go and does not stop here, but all things must have their own timing and will come to their own ending, at the determined time. So My call to you is My desire for you to come to the Mercy of Jesus Christ, Whom the Father had sent, and through this Mercy of the Second Person of the Trinity, you will be purified and cleansed, and you will be able to enter into the plan of salvation that God the Father had intended and given to mankind, in this last century, and these end times.


Children, the Holy Eucharist, in this century, is where Jesus is present vividly, and He is present in there to intervene for you, and He wants to bring you back to the path of truth, the truth that He had brought into the world over 2,000 years ago. Today is no different than the past; He is coming in an intimate and lively way to increase the faith in men – for them to know that He is present, and for them to be the witness to everything that happens each day around the world. Every person that steps into either goodness or evil He sees very clearly and He knows all things that happen to people. He will bless with the truth those who truly seek to return to the truth.


Come to the Holy Eucharist! Repent and return to be with the Holy Eucharist. He is alive and present in the world today to purify, cleanse and welcome mankind back to His infinite and boundless Love, which has always been waiting for mankind for over 2,000 years.


Today is a day in these end times, and is also the last opportunity that God has given to mankind through His Mercy; for His Mercy to intervene, to save, to welcome mankind back to what has been lost.


Children, be strong, and give up all that does not belong to the world that will come. Come back, and with all your hearts come to Me through My Mercy; to be reconciled with Me, and for Me to support you and help you with what you need. Then you will be able to receive what I have promised to you, and I am always ready to give to you blessings.

My beloved children, what I wanted to say I have said. As for what needs to be done, I have also instructed to have many messages, to be written, to let you know. Continue on the path of truth to receive salvation and forgiveness. I desire that each one of you will come back with all your heart to receive the final blessings, because there is not much time left. Everything will come to an end before there could be a renewed world as God the Father intends.**

My beloved children, these are the words that I am sending, through L., to you and to the world. Children, listen to these words that are coming from the Truth; from Love; from the unity of God the Father, and of the Second Person of Trinity, and of the Holy Spirit – as One – united to prove and testify to the truth, through thousands of years of history, for you to recognize and know.


The messages are to help you to recognize the truth, and to return to the truth, which I have sent to you. I am waiting for you. Come to My Mercy and visit the Eucharist so as to be able to receive the sanctification when you need Me. Attend Mass to be nurtured from your souls to your bodies; when you need the nurturing, guidance and protection of your gentle Mother.


Come to Mother through the Rosary to be united with one another. Through Her help you will be able to have happy days. Mother is the person Who will guide you to Me, and She will help you on the path, even if it has problems or obstacles, so that you will be able to receive those things that I have sent to you, for you to obtain the last forgiveness in these end times.

I want you to listen to the things that I am saying to you. I want you to be awakened and recognize the intentions that I have in leading you back to Me, for the days when you need to step through My Mercy to be able to meet the light that you need to have for your next life. May you always live in My peace.


I love you very much. Goodbye, children.




* Fiat is Latin for “Let it be done,” as in “be it done to me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38) or “Thy will be done” (Matthew 6:10).


** It seems that in this sentence Jesus is speaking of what will happen for individuals who do not “come back with all your heart” – they will miss out on living on the “new earth” promised in the Book of Revelation (21:1), which many equate with the “Era of Peace” promised by Our Lady of Fatima (Cf. Revelation 20:2-4).



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