The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

The Gift of The Six Kowtows


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The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Eucharistic Jesus


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Messages for the World 


The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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This is a miraculous photo of

the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

Awake from Your Lethargy and Repent

July 9, 2012 - Adoration room

Lucia: Father, today You want me to write the things that are in my heart. Yesterday, in church, at Communion, Father, You said that You wanted me to write a very important message.

This morning, a lot of unexpected things happened that made me wonder whether I would be able to do anything at all today, but then I was able to sit down to write these words, as well as the messages that You want me to write.  


This is the second time that the statue of Blessed Mother has lit up this way, in this supernatural light, and I continued to take a few more pictures, and next to the statue of Blessed Mother, is the statue of Jesus, and there was also a bright light around Jesus, but I took only one picture.


I am so grateful to Jesus, to Blessed Mother and to Saint Joseph for visiting me again. Saint Joseph came so suddenly, that I did not see it happen, and I only saw Saint Joseph later, in the picture.

Three brightly lit statues today, so strange and wonderful. Coming to me in this way, God probably wanted to tell me something. I have had a strong feeling recently. I have seen Blessed Mother appearing to me in a lot of shapes, but
She did not say anything to me, or it could be that I was not paying attention, I do not know, but I felt strongly that Blessed Mother will tell me something very important.


As for Jesus, I have seen Jesus too, very recently, sometimes hidden, sometimes with His face blurred, sometimes in the dark, sometimes in the light, and His eyes were very clear, the eyes that seem to want to say something to mankind these days and for the coming days. His eyes were sad and concerned, as if for some urgent and important things that are about to happen to humanity.

I have had this strong feeling, but I still have to wait for Jesus to let me know whether it is time for me to write, and what are the things to write, and when is the appropriate time for me to write, and whom to send the messages to, and who will be responsible for these messages to be given to mankind in general, and to certain individuals in particular. 


Any other things, I do not know, but I only know that what has happened and all that is happening right now is exactly the way that God gave me the messages to write a year ago. Certain things have happened as mentioned in certain messages; and the things that have happened to me, personally, did not just happen through my daydreams, or through my imagination.

Now, these miracles are still happening. Through the pictures and the messages by Blessed Mother, and the messages that Jesus wants to send to certain people, for me to meet these people, and to tell them about the messages. 

As of today, my duty is simply to listen, to receive, to improve in the life of virtue, to do what Jesus has taught me, to diligently visit the Holy Eucharist, to go to Mass, and to renounce all the things that belong to the human ego and the self, to execute and do what Jesus wants, to obey, to be docile, to be silent, to pray, to keep my mind and my heart in peace to be able to receive what Jesus wants to send to me, and practice what Jesus wants me to do, and do those things I have to do for myself, for my brothers and sisters, and for others, as well as for those whom Jesus has chosen; and spread these messages from Jesus to the world of this era, to the world in turmoil, and for the coming days, when there will be fighting and competing for power in every country, in every government, in all ranks of today's society.


Father: There is no exception, for the ranks of the religious, and from the ranks of those in high positions, to the ranks of the leaders, none of them can avoid the big waves that are coming, from the well-hidden internal facets to the known external facets of these ranks; it is now the time to face and cope with all the things that are happening to all the ranks in societies.

With the complex and critical issues due to the vicious poison of those who have opposed and have acted against the hierarchy and the laws of the Church; the violations against justice, righteousness and truth are serious offenses happening in the world today; and these offenses are becoming increasingly obvious, and the boldness of these offenses are increasingly terrifying.


The actions of mankind are approaching that level of unimaginable and excessive evil raging around the world. Within societies, there have been extreme declines in the numbers of the religious.

The competition for power, for fame, the abuse of power, and the violations of the regulations, laws and rules of the Church, as well as the appearances of the false Christians, are now more prominent.


These false Christians, through their acts of betrayals and oppositions, have caused troubles and defamations to the leaders, who felt betrayed and sold out by their brothers, the brothers who had received the same religious training as themselves.


The leaders are suffering because of all that has happened, and which they might have to deal with more every day. Moreover, the attacks and persecutions on the faithful are increasingly brutal and gruesome.

All the things the world has to face nowadays, trying to resolve not only internal issues, but continuous external issues too. Oh, such terrible crises people have to deal with in these times. Not only the leaders are having troubling difficulties, even the economy is seriously and tragically affecting everyone, regarding their basic and physical needs, not mentioning the terrible things afflicting their spiritual lives.

So many bad things are happening, and worse things are coming. Every day, fresh blood is spurting from the murders of the innocent ones, by the ruthless people who commit these immoral sins. And the leaders and parties who battle with each other, nations challenging one another with threats; the strong countries bullying the weaker ones, and the weaker ones retaliating with horrible plots to destroy the strong ones; when challenged, both sides are equally bad. Evil has indeed spread across all territories, all ranks, as well as in all the segments of societies, and the world today.

Human beings will end up destroying each other, and force each other into situations with no other way out but to kill each other through hatred, through famine, through rivalry, and with the most despicable ways to harm each other to death. Within families, brothers and sisters are denouncing each other, and parents are not doing their parental duties.


There is only passion for money, and the self-interest for the demands of the flesh, and the desires of the human ego; forgetting the needs and the basic necessities for a human life, and that is not to mention the moral and spiritual aspects, let alone the societal aspects. Oh, all kinds of horrendous things are happening nowadays.

Mankind no longer listens to their conscience. Mankind no longer has respect for human life. Mankind rejects God's commandments. Mankind murders in a most savage and hideous way. Today's world of men is infected with the poison of evil, which has permeated the human character, making them act in ways too evil and cruel. There are so many more tragic, heartbreaking, and indignant things. I feel such sorrow and pity for mankind. 


The good things, I have created, and given to you, children, teaching you, leading you to salvation and My Light, to save you from the coils of sins, and shielding you, sanctifying you, to lead you to the peace, the happiness, and the Promised Land that I have given to you through My death.


I had several times, wanted to gather you, children, into love and faith, to lead and save you from the evil and the darkness that are holding you prisoners; but you are so hardened, so apathetic, and you reject My unconditional Love, the Love I have for each of you in this world, especially for this generation.

I have come and I have called out to all of you, children, one way or another, through My messengers, sending them to you; or through My miracles happening at many places throughout the world, to strengthen your faith, and to call all of you to come back to the truth, justice, righteousness, and the Love that I have for mankind.

Every day I come to you through the celebration of Mass to meet you through Love. I especially have given to each one of you the ability to feel and to speak to Me, directly through the Love of My Heart. If people are truly sincere, they could realize and feel, through their minds and their hearts, My call, which is waiting with compassion for you to come back to Me, to the Love that I have for all of you.

I am always present in the Eucharist, ready to walk with you, children, in your journeys on this earth. All the transformations and the changes in the world, I see them all very clearly, and I want to save you, and intervene for you, children.

If any of you really want to meet Me through the Holy Eucharist, then truly believe, and do the right things according to the truth and the righteousness that I have taught you, then I will help strengthen, support, and sanctify you, for you to become a person who truly has a conscience, who truly is just, and who truly is righteous toward others.

In regards to the rights of freedom and respect, I always leave mankind the free will to choose. I will teach and defend what is right, what is fair, and what is truthful, for all those who look for, and truly believe in the Love that I have given them. My beloved children, the world today has sunk too deep into the abyss of sins, and has rejected the truth that I have taught. You have disobeyed, and you have violated the laws, and you have overstepped the boundaries in every way in societies today, with no exception for any of the classes.

Most of you have been lured into, and you are buried deep in the passions of life, in fame, in money, in selfishness, in pride, in self-conceit. You think you can rely on your abilities, and your technologies? You think that you can do everything, and can replace everything?


Children, you have been deceived by evil, hidden behind the leaders, who dominate and hold power in the world. Look and watch clearly to see what is happening in the world, there is no peace anywhere: from families, to societies, to countries, to the ranks of clergy; in general, the whole world.

Talking about the economy, the majority of people have been clearly affected, body and soul, if judging by the current events. From the pre-school toddlers to the older people, and even the wealthy ones, all have been tempted to spend their time for things that are detrimental to the body and the spirit.


Through the television, the movies, and the latest technology: the games, the Internet, and other things handy. Mankind has been seduced by the poison offered by the devil, who now holds mankind in his grip. People no longer have the time to listen to what constitutes faith and truth.

Evil abounds, cruelty is rampant, violence is everywhere, while goodness is minimal. Thus is the answer to what the world is encountering.

The churches, and the Adoration chapels, are always open to welcome people, inviting people to come to find the serenity and the peace for their souls, and hardly anyone comes. But for the worldly pleasures, the excitement and the glamor, then people flock to these places, without any regret for not having spent their precious time instead for the good of their souls.

People are always busy and preoccupied with their needs, which is understandable, but then they use their remaining time to look for worldly pleasures, and thus, they spent their time on passionate and illicit things, which are neither useful for themselves or their families. Even married people encounter so many problems, causing broken marriages, lost happiness, with so many families going through divorces, leaving each other, and ending up being away from their children.


These are the things that are happening in the world today. People cannot understand and see the truth that behind the veils of this world's pleasures, evil is drawing them into its diabolical realm, from their spirits, to their bodies, to their souls.

The computer, the Internet, the movies, and the modern games are the contemporary things of this century, which are convenient for everyone, and to know how to use it is quite nice to get what is needed very quick and fast, and to learn about things. It is a convenient tool, but it is too easy for people to be completely absorbed by its use, and to abuse it.


People use this tool, and they no longer need to interact and speak to each other, to express themselves through words and thoughts, in their daily lives, for each other, for their families. As people living in today's world, you have constrained yourselves considerably, you no longer have time for each other, for your wives, for your husbands, for your children, for your families, for your brothers and sisters, and for society, let alone for your

The conveniences in today's societies have come at quite a high price; so many families are separated; the children have their own way of life, they do not need their parents, nor do they obey and cooperate with their parents regarding their parents' spiritual and moral teachings.

As for the innocent young children, the parents, for convenience, allow these children to see movies, to play games, and thus induce their children to be absorbed by the violent actions of the games and movies, which instead, should have been the peaceful, loving, and gentle ways that parents must teach to every child right from the time of their birth.  


So when these children just started to develop their own thinking, they are introduced to the violence in the moviesand  the games, and this is the reason why in the world today, so many young people fall into violence and disobedience.

I grieve and pity the children and the young people today, because they have committed so many mistakes, and since they have not been taught about truth and faith, how can they understand and know Who their Creator is, let alone the Love of God? Most have no notion of what this love is. 

To those who are parents, will you take a look at yourselves, and think about the spirituality of your children? You who have committed sins, and have distanced yourselves way too far from God, do you want your children to follow you as well? The sins committed by these innocent children are the consequences of your lack of responsibility as parents.


Why don't you wake up to take care of what is left of the innocence and the spontaneity of this generation's youth?  Are you not hurting and concerned to see these young children walking on the path of darkness, because of their actions, influenced by evil, the murders, the imprisonments, the gang activities, committing all kinds of acts without any sense of right and wrong, without any fear of sin, and without any basic morality?


Oh there are so many, many overwhelming sins which mankind chooses to commit these days.

I feel such sorrow and pity for the good people who still remain on earth, for they live a life of obedience, of sacrifice, of fear of God, doing good things, and they have to share the same fate as those who are evil.*


The last days of the century are getting closer, and they are also the days when people will have to be selected and purified, for people to enjoy what they truly deserve, once they know and realize what the truth is, for themselves; and for them to take a look at how they are living now, and how they will live in the future, facing justice, and truth, with a spirit of moral reasoning.

Do you not realize that when the unexpected happens to you, whether collectively or individually, how each of you will face and account for the remaining days you still are living on this earth?

The things I wanted to say to you, children, which I have repeatedly reminded you, through My messages, is to awake from your lethargy and repent, for there could be events that will happen to the world at any time, unexpectedly.

Children, pray and return to My Divine Mercy, which I have reserved especially to save mankind, in these last days of this century. Open your hearts to receive the gift of the Love from My Heart, the Heart which is living and existing in the Holy Eucharist, waiting to welcome those who come with a contrite heart, to receive forgiveness and sanctification.

Children, use today's tools of technology to do useful and good things in your lives, for if you choose to use them for wrongful purposes, then you will have to deal with its dire consequences. Look with honesty at the ways you use these tools; if it turns out to be for wrongful purposes, then like a two-edged knife, all the useful aspects will be eliminated, and in its place, you will be presented with abusive ways to lure you onto the path of sins.

Goodbye My children.



* Sharing the same fate, here, does not mean that the good and the evil will be judged the same, but that the good have to live in the same evil world and its consequences.

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