The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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This is a miraculous photo of

the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

 “Come Back – Era of Divine Mercy Almost Over”

April 27, 2012 – 1:58 a.m.

Adoration room  


Father: With all the days that have passed, through all the waiting, through all the time I have allowed, mankind still has some time left to understand and to come back – through the numerous phenomena that are occurring around the world, the many extraordinary things that are happening: the natural disasters; the famine; the wars; the rivalries; the threats of nuclear weapons; the violent destruction in the attempts of those plotting to win over global power, in all aspects, including the many aspects of today's societies.


One nation will threaten to crush another nation, and the latter, to win, will retaliate to the threats in the most horrendous ways of revenge, with the use of extremely toxic and dangerous weapons to destroy lives.


There is no way to avoid the famine and the diseases, and wars, if that is what mankind desires in its heart. The atomic bombs and a variety of toxic substances will kill and destroy humans amidst the rivalry and ambition of those with evil hearts, desiring to have total domination and dictatorship.

This society, from the outside, seems to have a velvet veil covering it. This society seems to have a respect for human rights, representing itself as the advocate of human rights – being a powerful nation with a popular reputation – but behind this velvet veil, there are extremely dangerous, secret plots that are dictated by a most genius hand, hidden behind order and reason, hidden behind the conscience of a person who has the bloodstream and the soul that are from the devil in disguise, and this is gradually becoming more obvious every day, through the changes in laws, and the stagnant issues in all aspects, starting from the economy to the summit of society.


Even the ranks of the Church are challenged; the oppositions to Christianity have risen and have started with the series of tides slowly growing, so that people are able to see and realize the dangers and the severe damage to be inflicted – from the internal to the external facets – and for those in the government to the laity to pastors: all will be affected.


People cannot even distinguish good people from evil people, and cannot even clearly see what is true and what is false. This world is immersed in greed, in the desire for power, in the desire for fame, in the desire for money. As for individuals, all they think about is their self-interests, and, selfishly, all they want is to enrich themselves and satisfy their ego and freedom of choice; for their personal benefit and their personal possessions, they will implicitly and unconditionally support those things that are godless, immoral, not for worship and not from perseverance, which are all the things essential to the life of their souls and to the One Who is the Creator of their souls.


There are so many things wrong in this society. Even in the educational environment, the children are being stripped of their rights to think for themselves, to understand from where they come. Then how can they know about the Creator, about His Love, and where this Love is, and Who God is, and Who the Father is; He Who is the mercy and the salvation of all humanity?


If such is the case, then how can they know anything else besides evil? They are brainwashed by those people, who do not worship, who are without religion, who only have their selfish interests, who are deeply rooted in the evil of a corrupt regime, of inhumane exploitations – in the most blatant ways – and this is raging on everywhere, with no one to speak up to stop them.


These are the consequences resulting from all the evil actions committed throughout the history of mankind (and these consequences will burden the next generations to come) – for refusing to accept the truth, for refusing to believe in the humility and righteousness, which, ever since the creation of the world, God had given to mankind; and He wanted mankind to live in His way and His merciful Love, for thousands of past generations. Evil has carried on through today's generation.


Mankind still has the right to live in the freedom of its choice. Justice and truth have also been revealed, and sealed in the forgiveness from Jesus Christ to mankind through His death. Mankind had been redeemed and had the right to leave all that belongs to the darkness of sins that were covering mankind for centuries and generations.


Ultimately, people have the right to either stay with, or leave behind, all those things that they understand to be the light and the darkness, and to live in truth and justice, which everyone is entitled to, which is the right of each person who God had created.


But humans have always refused what had been offered to them, and instead, they have chosen what is practical and convenient; even with regard to their own perception and their own understanding, they have surrendered themselves to their human ego and their human flesh. For the large number of people to whom I am speaking about these things, only very few are able to know and understand what I have said about the truth today.


Do you think that I am a God Who can speak only about the aspects of religion?


Yes, I came to the world more than 2,000 years ago. Let’s just mention the most recent time, and nothing further. The purpose for My coming to the world was intended by My Father, because My Father so loved mankind, Whom He had created in His own image. He could not destroy mankind to re-create a new world, something easily done with His power as King of the Universe.


There is nothing that He could not do, from the smallest to the largest thing, from the foundation of the world, through many thousands of generations; but My Father is different – He is Love and He is forever faithful. He never forgets, and He never changes, the way mankind does, even for the smallest things.


His fidelity to His promises, and the covenants He had made with mankind, had become a contract, a proof of His Love. This ingrained truth was realized through generations of the descendants of those, whom, for the obedience of their ancestors, He had loved; and it was for this Love for all humanity, that I, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, had left heaven to come to earth, to take the body of a human being, to accomplish all that was the truth, to be the witness to the covenant of the Love that God had for mankind.


I bore your sins and with My Blood I had washed away all the sins committed by humanity, and I had reconciled your betrayals and what was broken in your covenant with God.


It truly was an immense deed the Creator had done for mankind. He had renounced all the authority and the majesty in His power, and instead He had offered His Love and His forgiveness for mankind to be able to exist till this generation.


The good and the holy people are so few, and the sinners and the cruel are many. It is not for that reason that I will condemn the children that are very pious and good, who know how to respect and obey My commandments. Throughout the centuries, there have always been children who, due to their goodness, have held back My hand of Justice.


I looked at the love that came from Me in their hearts, and they, in turn, use this love of Mine to love others, to do the things to conquer the rebellion, the betrayal, and no matter how high a price for them, they persevere, and they stay faithful, with a strong determination in the love that I have for them, as well as the dedicated love that they have for Me.


Ah, the simple gentleness and the meekness of what I have wanted in mankind for so many thousands of years still remains in a very small number of people, and that was so very comforting to Me, in what I had to go through in the past, and still have to go through.


This small, innocent humility and this devotion to love Me are so very special. For this reason, touched by these hearts who truly have My Love in them, and who also have a special love for Me, over the last days and months, I have worked a lot of miracles, and I have revealed many of My mysteries to mankind.


There is no other century like this one. So many of My apostles have come to this world to demonstrate very clearly all these miracles which I have allowed to happen. The lame able to walk, the blind able to see, the deaf able to hear, the sinner able to return, the sick healed, the miracles, the revelations through the prophets, the images of heaven seen, and many extraordinary things that have never occurred in any other century; and even if there had been any occurrences of extraordinary things in past eras, you still would be witnessing the most in this century alone.


These are the graces that I have given to humans, so that you are able to see, so that you can be strengthened in your faith – to go in the direction of the truth, to enjoy the inheritance that I have chosen for you, which I have promised you. There are the things that you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears, and the messages sent to the world today.


Whatever sins committed in the past or present that you are still burdened with, get rid of these sins and come back to Me! My Love and My Mercy are always waiting for you to return, children. My Heart and My Mercy will help you, will sanctify you in salvation, and My merciful and infinite Love will take you to a place you had not known, and that you had forgotten all this time.


Children, I will teach and guide you in the ways of justice and truth, so that you live in peace and happiness when you have Me in your lives. These things that you will be able to find, see and feel – repent and come back so as to be able to live in love, and use this love to live for yourselves, for your brothers and sisters, as well as for those that you meet and with whom you are traveling together on this path, so that you are witnesses for Jesus Christ to everyone. Without the intervention of God, the turmoil in the world today, among nations, would have ended in days of extreme sufferings and miseries for the world.


Children, if you do not constantly pray, attend Mass, go to adoration, and run to the Mercy of God, no one beside God can help you!


With the current situations, all the nations are secretly competing for power, and their weapons are set up and staged for combat. Humans lives are used in experiments for the construction of the atomic bombs – to be used for the wickedness of these humans, who are devils in disguise, and these weapons would be extremely harmful and cause intense destruction, causing the outbreak of wars, from one nation to another.


The world cannot avoid the miseries, diseases, disabilities, famines and sufferings of these end times, and the human spirit is also threatened by the false religions that have started to appear, watching and monitoring every individual, in the dictatorships that are no different than in past situations and which nowadays are much more terrible and horrendous. This increasingly high-tech world is much more sophisticated and malicious with the bluffs and the deceptions through the techniques that the human eye cannot see and understand.

What a pity for the people who are too stubborn and ignorant. No one can save them. They need to get rid of their arrogance and haughtiness to save their souls as well as their bodies, which are obscured by their interests, by the material needs surrounding them.


In the freedom of their choices, their eyes cannot even distinguish and recognize what is right, what is true, and what is real, so that they can make the decisions they should make – so that they stand up from their confusion and wrongdoing, so that they come back to the truth and return to the love that the Heavenly Father has, through His Mercy, reserved for this world; to go to His Heart, to be forgiven, to be saved, to be sanctified, and to be purified before the Day of Judgment.


From your bodies to your souls, you have to go through the process of what you have done, of what you are doing, to be able to receive and obtain what you are able to have when you will go into the next life.


These are the words that I want to say to you, children, and to send to you. Children, always live in righteousness, and pray.


May peace be with you.




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