The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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This is a miraculous photo of

the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

March 26, 2012 – 4:25 p.m.

Adoration room


Father: Today is a day of Solemnity, and everyone is going to church, to meditate on this day.


An important day for the whole world, with the greeting of the angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The Fiat of the Blessed Virgin Mary had determined the history of the Word, coming into the world to become man, and the great plan of God the Father Who had given His only Son. For His only Son to be born into the world, to be with mankind; to bring meaning to the world, in all situations, under all circumstances; to live with mankind, and finally to be condemned to death for the love of humanity; to bear the sins to redeem mankind through His passion and death, naked on the Cross, to save and to cleanse the sins of the world, for mankind to exist and to live until this day.


The entire plan and the divine history of the Second Person of the Trinity, becoming man, as ordained by God the Father, and predestined for mankind.


Jesus Christ had come into the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary at that time, which was the time ordained, according to the Will of God the Father, with everything appearing ordinary, the same way as with other people at that time.


Along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus went here and there, working with the Blessed Mother, even in the womb.


Everything the Blessed Virgin Mary did, He did with Her. All the works. Working at things, just like all the women in Nazareth did, cooking, doing the laundry, getting water, cleaning up, and traveling with the Blessed Virgin Mary on many long trips, to go visit relatives, and the cousin Elizabeth, who was mentioned in the Gospel.


The lives of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary were connected together after the Annunciation, in the time spent through the ups and downs of an earthly life; in all the things encountered by the Blessed Virgin Mary, such as the situation between Saint Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary, when Saint Joseph was not yet informed, before the marriage, that the Blessed Virgin Mary was with Child, conceived by the Holy Spirit, and then after the angel appeared to Saint Joseph in a dream, to inform him, then everything was clearly and thoroughly understood.


The Holy Family officially entered into history and the path preordained, in the simple and the poor life of the society back then.


Right from the beginning, Jesus joined in with the simple people. He lived with them, shared with them, enjoyed things with them, and befriended the people whose lives lacked love, such as the family of Martha, Mary and Lazarus.


The Gospel talked about the situation of this family, how Jesus knew and understood them, and He had other friends that were mentioned through the Gospel.


There were many more people at that time whom Jesus met and befriended which the history and the Gospel did not mention, because Jesus came to share in the life of the people, so whether rich or poor, it did not matter. There was only one purpose in His Mind, which was for Him to teach the people the truth, along with the commandments about speaking up for the truth, for the people at that time to know how to live according to the way of Jesus.


Jesus had redeemed the people according to the decrees and directions of God the Father, to teach the people to know about God, Who is the Father, Who is the truth, Who is Love, Who is eternal, Who is in everything.


From the beginning to the end, there is only Him, in Him, and with Him. Forever. Amen.


At that time, the conveniences and the technology were not as advanced as today, so everything was simple.


But there were also things that were very strict and harsh, such as in the case of the criminals, their horrible and cruel treatment were considered normal and not cruel, because at that time the people used cold steel weapons such as spears, sickles, chains  and the weapons of that society, and that era lasted through many centuries.


When I came into the world, through My passion, I had to endure the tortures of their weapons, chains, thorns, nails and hammer of that time. The brutality, without any pity or sympathy for the person condemned, whether that person's crime was serious or not, as judged by those in power, by the scribes, and by the hypocritical Pharisees.


Alas, that was an era immersed in sins and cruelty, with the laws established without any morality, without any justice, with only the abuse of power, of greed, of pleasure, of lust. The young men who were just, who were meek, if there were any, were isolated, or were being persecuted, so that the same people could end up with their own group.


There was no one opposing the way of how people were governed, by those who hide behind their false appearances, while in the inside, they are part of a malicious group who abused the poor, who abused the labor of the people, in a most merciless way, with demanding laws, making the life of the people miserable.


The poorer the people, the less fortunate they were, with their knowledge controlled by the oppression of the ones in power, they were people who worked laboriously, who worked hard with their hands, and they put all their efforts into their work of labor.


Every era is similar, with not much difference. The difference of this era is from the modern science and the technology, which is much more sophisticated, much more malicious, 1,000 times more than in the past.


Especially at this time, with the conveniences of the modern life, and with all the artistic techniques to attract the people. From the young to the teens, the older adults and even the seniors are influenced.


In this century, there are no killings by the weapons such as the ones used in the past centuries, in a cruel and brutal way, due to the laws back then, thirsting for blood, with the beating and the stoning, the hanging on the Cross, the throwing of the people to the tigers, or other ways that are more savage compared to this modern time, but the number of souls of the people back then were not as lost to the traps set by the devil as in this modern era.


I am coming back to this world, at this time, in this century, to say the things I need to say to My children.


I am anguished, watching My children falling more and more into the sophisticated traps of modern technology. The traps from those who think of themselves as smart, as learned, as having the most amazing knowledge based on science, and the inventions of the entertainment world, along with the conveniences of technology, going with the trend of society, and without any morals, but only seeking fame and wealth, seeking money, without any concern for the influences of this technology on the lives of the people – the situations, from the families to the societies, to the Church, to the religious sects – and how this influence will affect the whole world.


Children, most of you have been deceived by the convenience and the technology of this world, running after the demands of materials, of money, of fame through the movies, the computer, the games, the Internet, and other convenient modern things.


If you are not aware and you have complete dependence on this modern technology, then slowly, you will be led onto a path that will be against your morals.


For fun and consolation, whenever people are anxious about something, this modern technology can give people some fun and relieve people's sorrows. Then the people will gradually start to get closer to these modern things, and will eventually end up by themselves, spending their time with the television, the computer, the Internet, which is fun entertainment, for the things that they look for, and that they consider are the needs for everyone, in every class, and everywhere.


No matter at what age, people can learn and use this modern technology, according to their age. For men, women and teens, there are the Internet, movies, and many entertainments that each person likes and desires, whichever way they want.


The very young and the teens either watch movies or play games. The stories in the movies will greatly influence the feelings and the psychology of the young children and teens.


The games are the tools to entertain them, when the parents are too busy with their work, when they have no time to take care of their children; these parents let the games become their children's friends, they let the television and the movies become their children's education.


The games and the movies are influenced by evil, with lustful romances, with murders, with unhealthy themes, lacking morality, with no support and help whatsoever to the people, for the people to understand and to discern what is bad for them, for them to stay away from the things that are disastrous to them, for them to stay away from the things that will be a bad influence to themselves, to their families and to the people around them.


Middle-aged people have all the means to look for all those things that are immoral on the Internet, which will influence their families and their children; getting themselves involved in immoral love affairs, lying about what they do on the computer, deceiving their spouses, lying to their wives and children as well as doing other things.


From the television to the movies, from the Internet to the games, people in this generation go along with what they like, without any morals or ethics, going too far.


As for the older adults, they are passionate about the movies, and they also practice things that are not healthy.


The majority of the people in societies around the world, among all classes, have gotten themselves into similar situations.


Humans are heading for the abyss of sins, more and more each day, without a way out. The devil in disguise, behind the modern and convenient things of these societies, is leading all of you into his traps, without you noticing anything.


Even the people who are in power and are the role models of all age groups are being pulled into this abyss of sins. So many, many people in today's societies.


If you do not wake up soon, then you will not have the time, for your life, now and in the future.


Your body and your soul will belong to Satan, who will have a firm hold on you and will lead you further away from the truth, from the righteousness that Jesus had brought to humanity, for each person in this world, a world in this last century.


Everything, every deed, every aspect in the life of each person has to be challenged.


Look for the path of light and the path of life in these remaining days, when Jesus will come to judge, as well as to establish a new world of faith, a world believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our God.


Blessed are those who find the truth, and persevere to the end.




Completed writing 11:30 p.m.




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