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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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- Message from Jesus Christ on abortion

- Message from Blessed Mother on abortion

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Jesus Christ's Message

October 5, 2012 - 4:36 p.m.




Father: My beloved Lucia, you should have prayed to Your Mother because She is here, and in Her arms are the unborn babies. 

Your Mother is the one who is cuddling the unborn babies who are weeping and screaming, and Her Heart is breaking in sorrow for the actions of mankind today!

The excessive killings of the unborn babies are crimes committed by the people who do not recognize the precious human life that God Himself has created!
Since you have asked Me, then, today I will give you a message on the unborn babies.


My beloved children, in today's world, a human life is no longer valuable because you live in sins. You do not follow any laws, you do not acknowledge sins, you have lived in the indulgence of your human ego; you have caused yourselves to sin, to satisfy your passions of the flesh; then you made disastrous decisions, without any thought about killing your very own children.


You are bogged down in the mire of sins!


You only know your lust and passions!


You do not care about the consequences that will impact you in this life and in your next life. Each day, I see, especially with the young people today, how they live in families without any guidance, and the movies in this world of technology have enticed mankind to lose himself in sins, and to commit sinful actions, which keep being committed.


Abortions are murders!


Abortion is to kill a human life that you feel is simply an inconvenience that you need to settle after you have satisfied your physical desires!


You continue with these killings, without any thought about your current life, without any thought about these evil actions.


You sell your consciences, the conscience and the reasoning of a human being.


How many teachings have I given to mankind!


I have given many messages, sent many people to intervene, to come to you to invite you to return to Me; to come to you to tell you the truth so that you understand that by killing the fetuses, you are killing your own children, who were created by you, and whom you should have been responsible for.


When you do something, if you do not have morality in your lives, you will have to face the disastrous consequences of your own actions when you try to resolve things.


Then you continue to walk in the darkness, and you keep making mistakes when you keep killing your own children, without any thought that you are committing sins.


The youth of this generation, and those who are living in lust … they go on, continuing to live that way. Generation after generation has gone by, but there has never been any generation like this generation in this century!


Children, you kill countless human beings!


Each day, around the world, you kill countless fetuses!


These fetuses have souls!


These fetuses have not yet grown into fully formed babies, but these fetuses have souls, and their souls scream out to Me!


I cannot ignore what is happening. But I am still giving mankind a path for him to choose, a path for him to return to their consciences and all that is ethical. But today, the world is hardly listening, while the sins committed are increasingly evil.


Do you know that for each unborn baby screaming before its death, the darkness is delighted to receive that unborn baby?*


Children, you do not allow your own babies to see the light, to see the truth.

When you kill these babies before their birth, it is your sins that these babies have to bear.


There are too many, too many abortions in the world today!


Children, you have committed so many crimes!


And besides the evil sin of abortion, you do other monstrous things as well. You use the fetuses to make drugs, and you use them for other recreational purposes!

Do you not realize that you have thus committed sins against the laws of nature, the law of God? I have given messages to mankind, and despite the teachings of the Church, and the messages on these abortions brought by people to intervene, the killing of these unborn babies has not stopped! The reason is due to the fact that your leaders in your societies no longer accept God; they no longer have respect for God the Almighty; they no longer consider God as the Father of all creation! 


Because of all these killings, your societies are now full of crimes, full of mistakes, and humans continue to commit sins.


Children, you will have to suffer the consequences of what you do.


If you do not change, and come back to God, then you will receive what you deserve when you leave this world.


Everything will have to come to an end, according to the justice and the truth that I have given to mankind.


My beloved children, I just want to say these words to send to the world.


O children, those of you who have made mistakes, who are living in sins, recognize your sins; understand that you have committed sins!


Do not continue these killings!


Stop committing these sins! 


No one knows by your appearance, but your souls and consciences will forever suffer because of your mistakes, your murders!


Killing these fetuses is killing your own children!


The people who are responsible for the abortions, and the people who are manufacturing as well as generalizing the instruments to be used in the killing of the unborn babies will have to pay for their actions according to My Justice!


These are the messages I am sending to you, children, those of you who have made mistakes, who live in sins, and who keep committing sins.


For money, for earthly things, you have forgotten your conscience and your reasoning, to commit all these heinous crimes in the world today.


One day you will have to face the consequences of your own actions according to My Justice.

Every person has the right to choose, and everyone will have to face the consequences of their own actions.


If you know you have committed a sin, return to the truth and repent, so as to be able to receive mercy and forgiveness for your salvation.


You do not realize the consequences of your actions today, at this moment, but you already have to pay a price in your spiritual life.  You will suffer emotionally, and you will have difficulties in your life when you do immoral works. Especially when you commit murders.
No one but Me – no one has the right to decide on the life of a human being, even if only a fetus!

You have denied the power of the Most High!


You have continued to do horrible things in this world; so then, children, you will have to bear the consequences of what you did before My Justice.


I would like to speak to My children who are living in sins, who have done evil things, and have continually done so, especially the youth of this generation. 

Stop committing sins now!


Children, pay attention to the lives that you lead; learn to do the right thing, so that the young generation does not fall into sexual situations, and then have to bear the consequences of their actions; which will cause societies, and other people, to be accomplices to their sins of abortion.


I just wanted you to understand that for what you have done in the past, I can forgive, but you will have to answer to the Most High.


So now is the time for you to realize that you need to come back to God, Who is waiting with open arms to welcome those who want to come back.


Children, stop committing your sins and repent, to obtain the forgiveness of these last days.


My wish is that you will listen to these words that I am saying to you today.

Goodbye, My children.




*Our Lord here is saying only that evil delights in the death of unborn babies; He is not, of course, saying that any of them go to hell.



Blessed Mother's Message

October 5, 2012




Blessed Mother: My beloved Lucia,

Do you remember that you wrote a message on the unborn babies? That was the day that all of you gathered to pray for the unborn babies, and you have lifted your hearts up and prayed to Me, and I have given you a message, but as of today, it is not completed yet.


L., read the message and finish writing the message that you asked Me about a year ago.


You have never written about unborn babies and I want you to write about the countless unborn babies killed in the world today with the support of governments, which have become the accomplices of those who violate the laws that God has given to mankind.

My beloved L., God has spoken to you and this is to continue His message.


I am a mother and I am also a woman. The preciousness when we are pregnant and when our babies started moving inside our wombs is the most beautiful experience given by God, which no one can fully understand and know besides pregnant women. I have experienced it. Unfortunately, this world does not treasure the precious gifts that God has given to mankind. How could people kill the unborn babies in their wombs, even if these babies are not fully formed, waiting to be born?

In today's societies, there are so many people living in sins. Even in the families, the parents are lacking the basic morality to teach their children, and out in societies, there are too many people who have no basic morals, who are not looking for the truth, who do not know that what they are doing is bythe evil design of demons, so they keep on committing sins. They do not know how to stop; they do not understand the seriousness of their acts of murder, and they keep doing evil things to the point of making God indignant!

My beloved children, societies keep committing these crimes, although God has spoken many times!


God had also spoken to all the leaders as well as to the people – for them to be aware and preventsuch actions, and the Church has also spoken up and has looked for ways to help, to reduce these crimes of killing the unborn babies, but then how many people, how many unborn babies were saved?


The number of unborn babies killed keeps increasing, the number of babies saved too little, and after a while, things go back to the way they were. For that reason, people continue to do the same thing, and where there should have been some ways to help, no one is responsible, and no one is persevering in helping people who have made mistakes, who do not know how to solve their problems and end up killing their own children.

The young people are senseless but the adults are as well, and even the families are breaking up because of the immoral issues in families today. There are too many women who do not commit to their vows in their families and end up living their sexual passions outside of their marriages. Then when they end up pregnant, they try to conceal the evidence, seeking to destroy the unborn babies to cover up their mistakes from everyone.


Can they hide from the eyes of God? Can they hide from their consciences? No, they cannot, but they still continue to do it, and they continue to go down that road, let alone the youngpeople.The reason things are happening this way is also due to the teaching and the lack of concern in every family in today's societies, and there are so many parents who are too irresponsible to teach their children, to guide their children on the right paths to take, to clearly define married life, and the open and straightforward ways to build a real family life.


The young generation today has fallen into sins because they have been exposed to too many immoral situations, with the freedom in sexuality, with the exposition to things they do not need to know about. Societies are bombarded with all the sexual freedom in the film industry, in which the devil has sophisticatedly designed in a way to cover up the eyes of human beings, causing humans to fall into its net. Then the result is the countless young people,as well as the people in families, falling into the situation of committing sins.


There are too many abortions in society today!


I do not know what to do with this society; I do not know what to say to describe the horror of it, but I cry every day when I listen to the babies’ screams before they must be pulled out from the wombs of their mothers.


There are mothers who lost their lives because of these actions, and there are situations when the babies grew up in families living in addictions, living in sins, living immorally, and they end up being killed in a senseless way.


This world today has so many of these crimes – too many!

Children, you are My children. Children, you are the ones who know and understand this truth; arrange to let your brothers and sisters know, and speak up and pray.


Pray for the people who are in this situation!


Pray for this world!


Pray for the parents to supervise their children, to teach their children to be on the right path to allow God to help them, to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them so that they will not fall into this tragic situation!


Such a tragedy, a tragedy that cannot be forgiven!


Children, if you do not come back to the Mercy of God, you will not be forgiven!


For this world, the last opportunity for mankind is to come back to the Mercy of God!


It does not matter how tragic a situation you are in is or how much you have sinned – come to the Mercy of God and ask Him to cleanse you, and repent; then change your ways and become a good person, so that you will be able to receive the forgiveness from His Mercy.


Children, you do not have that many more days left in this world!


Stop your killings!


Stop committing these abominable sins!


Stop collaborating with the darkness to kill innocent lives!


You will have to answer to God’s Justice for all that He has entrusted you with! Children, you need to look for the truth and live with your consciences! God has given you a conscience and intelligence so that you are able to think and choose, so you need to put an end to your mistakes, to your evil deeds, especially the sins committed against His laws!


To kill a human life is extremely grave!


To end a human life is extremely grave!


Do not take this action lightly. You keep doing it, and slowly you allow the darkness to take advantage and induce you to commit horrible sins in the world, and this will influence the younger generation, and all ranks of society will also fall into this tragedy, without anyone even noticing it.


Come back to your consciences; come back to the justice and truth that God has bestowed upon each person!


Allow your soul to awaken to the truth of the difference between good and evil – before your last breath!


Children, I just want to say these words to you.


I am inviting you to help with this tragedy – to intervene, to understand what needs to be done, to speak up against abortion!


Pray a lot for the people who are committing sins; each day more and more evil. If this trend of killing countless human lives continues, then where are you going to end up and what are you going to do with all these evil deeds?


I just want to remind you with this message, and I want L. to give this message to the world. This is My message to those who have made mistakes and are living in guilt, and cannot even forgive themselves.


Listen to Me and come to the Mercy of God!


Repent now, while you are still living; and in all that you do, you need to pray to God, and you need to do holy things to make up for the wrongdoing you have done either purposely or unknowingly in your lives ... especially the sins against the laws that God has given to mankind.


Only God has the right to end a life or create a life!


Whoever has committed the sin of abortion – deliberately or not – in the past or in the present, and is considering doing it, think about the consequences of the sins you have committed. You do not know how to deal with the difficult situations toward your own children now, but for everything that is done according to God’s will, He will definitely have His way of helping, of saving those who are staying away from sin, who are avoiding committing the sin of murder.


There is nothing that God cannot do!


Children, you need to have absolute faith!


If you happen to have a newborn that you cannot take care of, then give him or her to the organizations, to the people who can take care of him or her, and pray to God for yourselves. God will have a way to help you.


Do not commit these cruel sins!


Do not commit sins against the laws of God!


You will have to answer to God’s Justice!


My beloved children, I want to remind those who are in this situation and who are feeling remorseful that God will always forgive the sins of each person, but you have to repent and truly come back to God to be able to forgive yourselves and to receive forgiveness from God. If you do not look for the truth right now and come to the Mercy of God, no one can help you to resolve things or forgive your souls and bodies for the things you have done in your lives.


Although people cannot see what you have done, your consciences know and see all that you have done so far. So come to the Mercy of God, especially now that God is coming through the Holy Eucharist. Come to reconcile with God, and come to ask God to guide you, to sanctify you – so that you know what you need to do in this life to make up for all the mortal sins you did not know you have committed throughout the years.*


Today, this is all I am saying to you.


I wish for My messages to be heard by those who have ears to hear, and for those are committing these sins, and those who are going to commit these sins to refrain from doing so.


I am speaking up for the unborn babies who have been aborted, although their bodies are torn up, they have souls; they know how to cry, how to ask, how to call.


So children, you can see all this as I know and see it; so whoever is praying for their unborn babies, and praying for the unborn babies, I will definitely pray to God and save these unborn babies for them to return to the light of God.


I wish that you will listen to My message and put into practice all that I want you to do. I wish that you always have peace in your heart so that you are able to think about how your actions will affect your souls, and how you will have to answer to God for all that you have done, as well as all the immoral sins you know you have committed.


Children, you are the children who receive My messages and bring them to the world; work with your brothers and sisters to help those who are in these situations.


I thank you very much. May you always live in peace and especially in the coming days, so that you can live together in a world that you desire, so that you can receive what you desire from God and Me.


Good bye My children.



*Blessed Mother here is teaching that abortion and all other grave acts always have the objective capability of being mortal sins, but, as this sentence goes on to say, it is possible to commit grave acts without an individual fully knowing that they are mortal sins. The Church teaches that, besides having this “grave matter,” two other conditions must be present in order for an act to be a mortal sin: the individual must do the act with full knowledge of its gravity and with complete consent (Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 1857-1860). So Blessed Mother is perfectly fulfilling one of the essential roles of all catechists: giving this full knowledge to Her listeners.


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