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Continue to Bring the Brother's Back 09-24-2012

Continue to Bring the Brother's Back

September 24, 2012

Adoration room




My beloved Lucia, these are the words I want to send to all the brothers and sisters: in general, for the individuals, for the brothers and sisters who are in the same situation, and who are wondering about the same thing; and in particular, for all of you to recognize and discover the things that you need to renew your faith, and the things that need to be done for your brothers and sisters. In this period of time, the most essential things you need to know are how to live, how to recognize, how to share, and – together – how to walk in the path of truth and justice that I have given to you thousands of years ago, still unchanged to this day.


My Love is forever waiting, and forever loves, and forever forgives, until the last minute. But mankind still has the choice that each person has – the choice for each person to know what to do to be headed in the right direction, to lead a life that for each is just, as well as to live the spiritual life that each person needs to have and to practice to be able to live in the state of grace, to be able to receive forgiveness, and to be able to live in peace in this life.


Today, I want to speak to all those people who have learned the ways of the truth; those who have lived righteously; those who have done good things for themselves, for the brothers and the sisters and for the world; those who are well-known, who have done a lot of charitable deeds, who have done a lot of good things, who have practiced charity, and who have silently prayed – in private – to help the things that are needed for this world: for those who are suffering with disaster, famine, illness. There are also the people who live their lives according to the Gospel and do the things that I commanded; those brothers and sisters around the world who live, doing that and serving others discreetly.


I see clearly and I know everything in this world.


However, nowadays, evil has not gone away, but is still growing very strong and powerful. The sinful lives that people lead have escalated to such a degree that these sinful ways of life can no longer be stopped and terminated. The number of the people who are coming back, and those pious ones who seek the truth, in these times is very positive, but is only a very modest number compared to the number of people in the whole world. Yet, even though it is a modest number, I would never, because of this small number, be able to abandon you, and to strike down at this world with force, to end everything and bring all to truth and justice.



My beloved children, this is a special message I am sending today exclusively to the religious people, to the priests in the Church, and to all those who are working in holiness to guide the brothers and sisters. In their works, people are looking to do things – this, one way; others – another way. They are using their material wealth to do useful things for the brothers and sisters; they are looking for people who do not know how to live morally, who do not know how to live the life they have, who do not know what they need to do to find God, who do not know what is the worship of the Most High God, who do not know how God walks with each person in everyone's journey, who do not know that God is present and blessing all those who seek Him in order to come back to Him. These are the teachings that have been written, as well as the stories that you hear through the preaching of those who are learned; those who have searched extensively for the moral foundation, for the truth that I have blessed mankind with for thousands of years. These teachings are still in the Gospel, which each person in the clergy, the Church and even the laity who lives intimately with the Gospel is searching for and striving to live in his or her life; to live according to these teachings that I have commanded, which I left to the apostles, and which were recorded in the Gospel.


Children, you have looked for, and you have truly lived according to the ways of the truth, searching for your brothers, looking to do the works of those days that you have heard and learned about; at this chapel, where the miracle was done, the place where My voice was heard, and the place where there was a message from Me, you have opened your hearts, you have listened, and you have also known that these truths have happened in this world too – today. That is correct; in this world I have brought about many transfigurations. From the leaders, from the ranks in the Church – all have received a very special gift that I have given to those people who were able to search and to dig deep into the source of life, into the true water of life which I want to send to this world. From the ranks of priests and monks there have been quite a number who have searched, and they have received the Holy Spirit from Me so that they can further comprehend and be coherent in their way of teaching, in order to bring the laity, as well as those who want to hear and listen, to find the truth of God.


There have been many people in society too. There are many faithful who are also very devoted and they also do a lot of good and meaningful things, as well as looking to do good things discreetly. They are looking for their brothers and those things they are able to see and know in their brothers' lives to find a way to lead their brothers back. There are also a lot of people, who, through the teachings and the guidance of those who have the knowledge, have been blessed with the Holy Spirit, by Me, to guide the brothers back. And there are also many people that I have blessed – to use their hands to heal the diseases in people, and I have blessed them with the Holy Spirit – to help the poor, the needy, those who are searching, those who are suffering mentally and physically. There are also a lot of people who are coming back and who search for the truth through the Mass, through the Blessed Sacrament. There are quite a lot of people in this century who have come to know the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of the Eucharist. They have come back and they have looked for, in their limitations, what they are able to understand, and they have come back to Me in their simple and humble ways. There are also various ranks of people, whether aged or young or middle-aged, to whom I have given full blessings so that they actually receive and recognize the value of what they have; who have the spirit of stewardship to bring My words to the brothers, to the world; and come to what they are able to recognize and find in their spiritual life. There are many people who have come back to Me in those ways.


It is for that reason that, today, I truly thank all of you – from the ranks of the priests to those in the Church and to the faithful – who have spent the money and put forth the effort and work, quietly in search of and doing the things that are good and holy, as well as doing a good job in calling the brothers back, sending My words that I want to impart to the people who have never known Me, who live in sins, and who are having misfortunes in their lives, with no way out. You have gone to them and you have helped them. You have led them, and you have also led all the brothers who are in the darkness of sins, so that they know Me, and you have helped them to stand up and to come back to Me.


Therefore, not all of you are not listening, not all of you do not know how to lift your hearts up or come back to the truth, but, in this society, there are so many things that are unjust, there are so many things that people in this world do not look deeper into – to understand the values in their lives, and what they are able to have. In every family, in every congregation, in every group, and in all the places that have a major influence for those of you outside in the world, as well as in group meetings, you are still lacking those things that you need to pray to the Holy Spirit – for the wisdom and the insight for you to live in righteousness, for you to understand reason, and what to do to be helpful: first of all, for yourself; secondly, for your family, for your spouse; and thirdly, to go one step further, for your friends and relatives; and then, for society, for all your fellow brothers, and for others around the world. Although you do not speak the same language, you are all from one body, with one Father in heaven, and with the love that I have given to each person, each gender, as well as each race, and each country; in all societies.


My beloved children, this is the moment in which I am talking to you, about the things that you have done in My Name. You have listened to the voice in your hearts, the voice of the Holy Spirit, Who has awakened you so that you do what you have done for your brothers and sisters. This is something that has made Me very happy and that has given Me much comfort in this era and century.


Children, I truly am coming to you! I am truly alive in the [adoration] chapel, and I have also done many miracles in many churches and the places which I have chosen according to the plan and the schedule that I have arranged.


My beloved children from all over the world, this is My voice! I truly am speaking to all of you! You must be very surprised and feel strange. You may suspect, question, and there are many things for you to consider and think about, with these words. Sooner or later, the day will come when you must face the truth. I have used a simple, humble person, who is also the person I have chosen, who is not brilliant like many others, who does not have anything in her possession that you could take ahold of for you to be able to understand and trust. But I am saying this to you: that it is I Who have truly chosen this person to bring these words to the world today; which are My living words, and I have this immense program for this century through the power of the Holy Eucharist.


My beloved children, all things are becoming increasingly clear. I just want you to not think about who this person is, or anything that is believable or not, but I just want you to pay attention to the words and the meanings of the message that I am sending to you today, pay attention to whether the meaning is right or not, whether it conforms to the thoughts and changes with this century as well as these present days, so that you to recognize and know where it comes from, and how the Holy Spirit is working, and how I am directly sending this message to you.


The problem is that this world is submerged so deep in the darkness of sins, and is facing such fierce and extremely evil forces, that you need to do holy things for the Holy Spirit to always be present to help you. But this moment is the moment to make choices. Freedom and evil is everywhere. The evil forces are struggling vehemently and fiercely to pull all those souls who have not found the truth into the darkness, so those souls feel the weight of the tension between evil and good.


My beloved children, I want you to continue to do what you have been doing, from the past until now, and continue to widen the path for your brothers and sisters around the world, for those who have never known what comes from God, for those who do not know the truth as well as the Love that God has for them. You are the ones who know, who are able to see, who are able to understand clearly as well as live for what you understand – for yourselves and for the whole world. Keep doing what you can do for your brothers, and look a little further. This world is immersed in earthly passions, in pleasures, in materialism, and people are burdened by the amount of material and money that are enticing them, so that they no longer know what the life of their souls is and what their next lives are.


Time will pass and there will be nothing to cling to from the past. If you are able to understand sooner, then every day move forward, listen to what comes from holiness and search for the truth, the truth that you have neglected for a long time. So much time has gone by, and the number of people returning has been so few. But despite that, I will not abandon mankind, even though the number of those returning is too small. I will continue to strengthen you. Those of you who are holy, who listen to the truth from Me today: continue to do the things that you are able to do, continue to deepen and take My words to this world, and explore – to comprehend as well as to help prevent more sins from being committed, to bring the brothers to the truth; the truth to which I am waiting for you to return.


I have opened up My Mercy in this century. I have brought to you all that I have taught since ancient times. I have everything, and I have given those things that are the gentlest and easiest for mankind to discover, so mankind knows this infinite, great, deep, sublime Love that I have for each person in this world.


Children, because of you, because of Love, I have opened up My Heart through the Holy Eucharist, and My Mercy is inviting and welcoming each of you back to receive forgiveness and salvation in this final opportunity that I am sending to mankind today.


Come back even if you are living in sins!


Come back even if you cannot forgive yourselves!


Come back even if you cannot face the truth that you hear and know!


Because of this Love that I have for you forever, come back to Me!


Boldly stand up; be bold to receive the Love I have for you; this forgiving Love, ready to take you back, to bring back every person in this world who needs healing, from your body to your soul!


This is the message that I want to send to the world today.


My beloved children, there is not much time left. Everything will happen according to the laws of nature. Everything will happen and will end one day. At this time and at this moment, you have seen many sorts of phenomena all over the world:

famine, diseases, war, as well as the competition for power – from the ranks in government, in society, and in every class of civilians. Everywhere – as well as in the family, in society and in all the other places – very strange things have happened. Even in your normal lives, you have also seen what is happening with nature. Nature seems to be slowly manipulated and held in the power of darkness, which is spreading deliberately, destroying every place as well as every soul in this world. I clearly see everything and I know the schedule and I know where and how things will happen. Mankind, with a pair of short-sighted eyes, will not be able to see if not with My grace. So these things happen with the battle between good and evil, the struggle between darkness and light, and will definitely end in this situation, and you will see with your eyes what will happen. Even the economy, the productivity of people has dropped drastically, and all the other things happening that you cannot see have been planned and manipulated; dictated by the hand of darkness, taking hold of all things in this world, which has done terrifying and horrible things. Even in the killings of a multitude of people, there was no guilty feeling whatsoever.


Those are the things that you have seen in this world, with evil things happening daily: the sins and the deviance, from little children to the middle-aged; for the children as well as the older ones, to gradually be absorbed in the world of electronics, and the world which is arranged by the ingenuity of the wickedness of the darkness, which is searching for ways to pull you into this place, with no way out.


As I am your Father, I cannot turn a blind eye when My children are falling into the abyss of sins, and into the deception of the darkness.


With this message, in this way and other ways, I have called out to you. I have called out to all those who are working for the Light, so that they get more information, and to be clear about what is happening to the world today, and to humanity. Work zealously and find ways to save your brothers, to save the huge number of people who are slowly falling into the deep abyss of sins, of self-indulgences, and those – from young children to the old – who are being pulled into the electronic world, which is creeping into the order of the family and into society and then spreading to all parts of the world. That is the horror from the darkness that is working on gathering and enslaving the body and the soul of those who think of these things as part of their needs; this new technology and discovery of the man-made world. But things have been sophisticatedly and ingeniously arranged by the darkness to make you fall into these huge traps of which you are not aware. Even the daily food that you eat, as well as the natural grass in the fields, one day you will know and see clearly it is no longer of a primitive nature, but is toxic and is slowly used to destroy the human world.


I am telling you this today not to frighten you, and not to threaten the human spirit in the human world, but there are certain things you must know, and see the truth. Return at once; to know the place where you need to come to, and to know how to cope with the days of tribulations in this world. I am telling you this so that you work on your spiritual life and accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that you are together, so that you have each other, and you have to know the new paths you need to take. Especially for your spiritual life, you must have absolute faith in Jesus Christ, you must have absolute faith in the Most High, so that you have the strength to know which path you need to take, and the strength to help you handle the circumstances that you have to meet and will meet. Regardless of whether in your family, in society, in groups or in the Church, all things will happen. There are things that will happen from the actions of humans. Many events will come from natural disasters, from all the things that will happen because of the laws of nature.


Do not underestimate what you are able to hear and to know. Arise, get the facts, and know what is just, and what you need to find out and keep for the sake of your souls. You need to see the things that you have to face or the things that you have to give up in this world in order for you to turn around to face your spiritual life, to face the truth that your souls need to face, standing in the justice of God. You have to be strong, from this moment on, to receive the words that you know are from the truth, so that you learn to live with self-reflection, change, be back in the direction that I want you to be in, be forgiven, be transformed, and be sanctified through the grace of My Mercy in this century. This is the last opportunity, and also the last privilege, of this century, for you to receive salvation through the sanctification, to receive forgiveness through My Mercy, to receive what you need to have to step over to the other side of this world, which each and every person has to face.


My beloved children, these are the words which I keep continuing to send to you. Over the previous messages, I have already spoken to many people, but this is the most recent message, a message from the power of the miracle of the Holy Eucharist, and these are the lively words that I have given directly to the person I have chosen to bring this message to you. You will be able to see more clearly every passing day, and the truth will be spread throughout the world.


Children, listen to the words that I am sending to you. Come back to My Mercy, and repent with all your hearts in order to receive forgiveness and salvation in these end times!


These are the words which I am sending to all of humanity. I desire that you listen and find out the truth and the meaning in this message. My Love is always wide open to welcome you, and always loves and forgives your sins when you repent and are truly contrite in coming back to My Love through the Mercy and the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, which will be here forever and will intervene for your present lives.


I will come closer to you through Mass – to support you and give you My Love, so that you will be strong and stand up with courage to return to Me, the same as the brothers who are in the same mission for Jesus Christ.


This is the truth. This is also the means to bring you faith, and to strengthen the faith for each one of you who are working for Jesus Christ.


Be strong and stand up. I am always here for you. I will always support you so that you do what is right and just for your brothers in the world. Continue!


I sincerely thank all of you for all the things you have done for Me. You are those who are sincerely helping the brothers. Continue to bring the brothers back to My Mercy – to be sanctified, to be purified, to receive the final salvation of this century.


Goodbye, My children. I love you very much.



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