The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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the Eucharistic Jesus (R).

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cros[...]
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Holy Cross

September 14, 2012 - 10:33 p.m.


My beloved Lucia,

Lucia, today is a feast day in honor of the Holy Cross. Yes, today I want you to write a piece on the Holy Cross, but I know you do not have the time to sit down and write; so this time I want you and K. – for both of you – to lift your hearts up and to pray on behalf of your brothers and sisters, and on behalf of the world.


These are the words that I want to say to mankind today:


To all of My beloved children, I am blessing all of you with My peace. Today is a feast day, and the Church commemorates the passion that I endured through the Holy Cross; to atone for your sins and to sacrifice Myself, to set the example that because of love, the Holy Cross has become a symbol of the infinite love that God has for mankind.


It is the history of My life in the human world, with My death on the Cross, which I had turned into an act of tenderness, so that mankind may commemorate this act of tenderness of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Who, through the Cross, had redeemed mankind. As I told you, it was an act of tenderness, for you to look at it and see its gentleness and love, but hidden behind this act of tenderness is the history of salvation for mankind – to redeem each of you, for thousands of generations, until this day.

My beloved children, for every day of your lives you each have a Cross. There is the Cross of sufferings for your families, the Cross for your close friends, the Cross for your children, the Cross in jealousy, the Cross in conflict, the Cross in passion, and the Cross in all the things that mankind cannot obtain from the darkness of sins. That is a Cross which every person must understand and carry in his or her life.


If you understand and look deeper into the meaning of the Cross, then you will realize that the Cross will bring you happiness, peace and eternal life if you know how to accept and understand the Cross that is with you, which each one of you has in this world. Each one of you, in a different way, suffers on the Cross, just as 2000 years ago I suffered for the sins of mankind. I had walked straight to the Cross and I had sacrificed Myself to be an example, to bring light to mankind –for everyone to recognize and to accept what you have in this life.


If you cannot recognize the Cross and the sufferings of the Cross, you cannot understand the Cross to help you accept living your daily lives in harmony, then you will experience great misery. You will not be able to speak up about God’s sacrifice for mankind, but you will only see each other in grief, in jealousy, in envy, in sorrow, in sufferings – from your parents, to your brothers and sisters, to everything else around you.


If you live without the challenges of the Cross – which you have to recognize, see and accept – then your lives will be very unhappy and meaningless, because if you do not accept the Cross, then you do not accept the reality of what you have in your lives. You will have anger, suffering, hatred, and you will also end up doing the things that you cannot imagine, with all the things that you do not accept as the truth.

My beloved children, today is a feast day, a day on which the Church has urged all families, societies and Christians to look to the Cross as a symbol that the Most Holy Master Jesus gaveas a glorious example, for He had accepted all the pain in His body and died on the Cross to save mankind, to bring the light of Jesus Christ into the world to be among people. It was a triumphant example, and the only hope for people to look at to follow.

When you encounter and recognize the reality in your daily lives, which each person usually refers to whenever they are suffering – or whenever they encounter the things that happened which they cannot accept such as illness, pain, the events of their relatives passing away or anything else that you see happen every day, such as social conflicts, family conflicts and everything you meet in life that is against your own wishes; hardships, challenges and unhappiness brought into your lives – then look to Me, and look at what I have done for you more than 2000 years ago. Today I am still present on the Cross; although not visible, I am always there, and that is where I am meeting you and staying close to you.

My beloved children, the meaning of the Cross is very profound because of the Love that God has for mankind. The love of God the Father is immutable, to the point of sacrificing His only Son to come to earth, to use His only Son's Blood to purify and wash away the sins of the world, to baptize mankind so that they would have the right to live, and to reconcile mankind with God.


The Cross is the symbol and the proof of the love that God has for mankind because, through the Cross, I have stayed with you spiritually, to always accompany you in this world, and I have given Myself in Body and Blood, in Mass, through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.


Every day in the Holy Eucharist I am waiting for each one of you, to accompany you if you accept Me, and if you accept Me to be present in the life of each, and accept the Cross in your life, then the Cross will be transformed into a grace, a joy and a spiritual gift that you can keep for your future, and for your eternal life.


Today I just want to speak of the commemoration of the Cross which I had to bear, as My death sentence, more than 2,000 years ago. The Cross was reserved for criminals sentenced to death, which at that time was the most terrible and cruel sentence for criminals; to be hung up, and end up with their death on the Cross in shame.


But for Me, the Cross truly was a crucifix bearing graces for humanity, and I have changed the Cross to become a Cross of Life, a Cross to reconcile the love between God and the earth and mankind, for mankind to be purified of sins, for mankind to return to God the Father, for mankind to receive the eternal light that God the Father had always reserved for mankind. But in this world, people have forgotten this and do not seem to know their purpose in life.


You feel miserable, you feel bored, you feel meaningless – in whatever you encounter in your lives – and because you do not have the spirituality and the sense of faith that God has given to you, you no longer have a place of refuge, and you cannot even see the beauty in everything that you are able to see. That is one thing you must be able to understand and recognize: that which God has given to mankind.

My Church, with the people who came after Me – who know the history, throughout generations, and up to this generation – are to remind people and teach people to accept the truth, so that they will be able to see the sacrifice that God had made, and the way in which God had gone before you, as an example for you to see and follow.


Everything accomplished by the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Who had died, Who had used His Blood to wash away the sins of mankind, and Who had agreed to suffer in agony – to His last breath – is the gift left in this world, for everyone to see and imitate.


Back to your daily lives: for days in the past, days in the present or days to come, you must carry the Cross. Everyone has experiences with unhappiness, with misery, with joy, with sadness; the things you recognize and encounter in your present lives, as well as having to face the reality of pain, of sickness, of suffering. Each person experiences it in their own way, with their families, spouses, brothers, societies, and everything that is related to you, in your current lives, with your needs as well as all that you know.


There are challenges in everything. The Cross is everywhere, but if you are able to resign yourself with what you can see, and you recognize all the things that God had done, from small to large, for mankind, then you will be able to accept the reality in your lives, enabling your lives to have the joy, happiness and peace that you need to have to keep going on the remaining road you have to travel, and to continue to complete what each person needs to do, before each of you actually goes home to your true homeland.

My beloved children, today I just want to evoke the meaning of the Cross, and to evoke the history from over 2,000 years ago. Today, I am still here and I continue to live among you, and I am waiting for you every day in the Holy Eucharist, to meet you and to lead you back to the Faith, to the truth – the truth which I have left behind to nourish your souls and your bodies through the Holy Mass. My Mercy is waiting for you, to bring you back to what mankind must have and must come to.


Come back to Me! Look at what I have done through the Cross to redeem you, to give youlove, and it is also a lighted torch to bring you back to the truth, to the love that I have for you. What I want to tell the world today is that I want you to come to what I had done for you, that I had been waiting for you.


Boldly come to My Mercy and truly repent for what you have neglected in your life for so long! Recall your innermost feelings and look through the Cross to the great graces I had obtained for mankind, that I had given to mankind, and invited mankind to receive.


Step over the Cross of your life and go straight to My Mercy, for the salvation and the forgiveness in the remaining days of these end times!


Today, I just want to say this to all of you, and to send these words of love to every soul in the world:


Come back to Me!


Come back to Me with your heart and step over each of your Crosses to be with Me!


I will support and guide you!


I will sanctify you!


I will transform you so that you return to Me, to receive the Mercy that I have reserved for mankind in these last days!


Children, may you always live in the peace that I give you. I love you very much.


Goodbye children.




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