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Message Archive 2012

Good Friday - My Passion

April 6, 2012


Father: Lucia, My beloved,


Thank you, My daughter, for coming back here to visit Me and stay with Me, as well as writing the words that I want to say to mankind today.


My dolorous Passion has ended. My body was laid out in the tomb after the extreme torture by the soldiers; My condemnation to death by crucifixion; My sufferings through so many grueling and most painful ordeals; My flesh, torn and bruised, black and blue; My body broken, with wounds all over My body, from My head to My toes.


My wounds bled till My last drop of blood; My whole body was an open wound; My head was pierced by thorns, My skin and flesh deeply pierced by the thorns which penetrated My head through to My skull.


There was not an inch on My body that had not suffered; even My muscles and tendons were overstretched for the soldiers to nail My hands and feet to the cross.


Oh how extremely painful were the hours before I breathed My last breath.


There were many – and so many more – excruciating pains afflicting My body.


What can I say, and how can I fully describe all this agony?


Added to this extreme pain inflicting My body are the sufferings when they abused, humiliated, accused, insulted and mocked Me; the blasphemous words while the chief priests unjustly condemned Me, the slanderous words of the people.


The sorrowful pains I suffered in My Heart over the betrayals by My own people; over the betrayal by My own disciple; over the cruelty, the hatred and the lack of justice in mankind.


It is true thousands of years have gone by, but the wounds in My heart are still bleeding – when mankind has forgotten Me, when mankind has offended Me by the sins they keep committing, when mankind is heading each day deeper into the path of darkness of sins and utter depravation in the world today.


I have much compassion and pity over so many things for the man that does not know where to find the happiness and the truth that one needs in this life, with all its pitfalls and miseries.


It truly is a world totally surrounded with negativity from one’s personal ego and selfishness, the selfishness of the human heart – the heart that wants to control and dominate all others. The good works are few, the holy works are fewer, but the malicious and evil works are, needless to say, pervasive.


And that's not to mention those who regard human life as trash.


With today's societies, people no longer fear sinful acts or guilt or conscience, but they just follow and hold on to the things they want, in their eccentric vanities and pride, while leaving their families and their societies with some most difficult problems to change and correct.


And the passions, the sexual contacts between men and women outside of marriage and family; the immoral conduct, without any ethics; the foul and terrible things done that cheapen and abase human dignity.


Then the result is a mere barter for the trading of body and flesh, to come to the consequence of having to commit abortions – to commit blatant murders – without any fear of the Holy Spirit.


Every human has a soul, whether a baby is a newborn or newly-conceived in a mother’s womb.


Each and every day, how many babies are killed, aborted in a most inhumane way, without any conscientiousness, because committing these acts has become a habit that no longer makes one ache or feel?


Whether it is the physicians or the patients, they are the same. They act without conscience; nor do they defend the truth for the basic freedom of the morality and dignity of humans. Furthermore, there are these utterly irresponsible laws and practices from the demands of personal, liberal rights allowing these degradations of the flesh which lead to the consequences of a series of murders without any shame.


These unborn babies were harmed by their own mothers and fathers!


You can annihilate the bodies of these unborn babies, who are your own children; but in regards to their souls, no one can do anything to their souls but Me, Who is the Giver of Life, and Who has power over all creatures and the universe.


You will all have to answer before Me on what should have been right, and what righteousness is.


If you fail to repent over what you did wrong, you will suffer the consequences of what you had deliberately done and caused.


There is so much that I cannot say it all at once with you, My children.


Tonight, I just want to leave you with these things I want you to know.


There is not much time left before everything on earth will come to an end, and end in an unexpected way.


There are so many other things that are divergent and wrong in your paths, and what will happen when you have to leave this world unexpectedly?


Although I have had to suffer unimaginable tortures and die a most painful death for all of your sins, if in your hearts, you do not have any remorse and repentance, how can you be saved when you leave this world for your next life?


There are too many people in today’s societies that do not know what justice and righteousness is, let alone the truth that Christ had sacrificed Himself and died to allow mankind to live in the light of Heaven’s threshold, and for mankind to have happiness on this earth, and in the next life.


Return to Me and repent, for your resurrection and your rebirth, in the Peace of Jesus Christ, Who suffered and died for mankind.


Thus, for the salvation of mankind, it has been given redemption and rebirth by the Blood and the Light of Jesus Christ, through His Mercy and forgiveness.



The messenger, Lucia Phan, is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone's camera. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a Father in the family, as the Master/the Teacher.


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