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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Come back to Jesus Christ's Divine Mercy

Come Back to My Divine Mercy TMPOTE Jan [...]
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Come Back to My Divine Mercy

January 23, 2013 - Adoration room


My beloved Lucia,


The words that you prayed this morning, the feelings from your heart, and your tears have moved Me deeply.


My beloved L., today, there are certain things that I want you to receive, for My words to be proclaimed to the whole world.


My beloved children,


In every passing day in the life of each person, up to this day, each person has the right to choose. 


As I have said from the beginning, My Love for mankind never changes.


The signs that I have left, through My Passion, and the marks on My Body, nailed on the Cross, are everlasting.


My Love also is everlasting, throughout the centuries, up to this century, and forever after.


In these end times, in your present lives, and with the things that you receive in reality, your eyes have seen and your ears have heard about the turmoil at different places, even in the place where you reside, with the ways of societies and the laws against morals and ethics, you have been able to recognize the changes, as well as the wrongdoings, that this present world finds reasonable and essential for the needs of the people.


People only think about their personal lives.  They only think about the things that they like, and have the proud feelings that they have learned from the ways of the world. 


There are certain things that a person is not able to acquire, to truly live a life with morals, with the truth, the truth that has existed from ages ago to this day. 


There are many people who have chosen freedom so that they can easily accommodate to the conditions that they face, and because they think that these conditions are necessary, they go after the things that people prefer in this world.


There is no longer any justice and morals, and people keep gradually moving toward the modernization, toward the attractive ways of this world, to end up with their passions, to live a life of pleasures, to end up with immoral deeds, committed by people who are stepping outside of their own morals and ethics. 


There are so many more things that could be seen, even though they are sophisticatedly hidden, in the ways of societies, and in the ways of the people, proclaiming that these are the ways of the time, that these are the modern ways of humanity, and the result is the refusal of the basic foundation for a life following the commandments and the Catechism.


My beloved children,


Today's societies cherish talents and appearances, quick ways to earn lots of money, talents that propel people to fame, with a life led by their ego, which is the kind of life that they want. They have paid a high price to buy this fame for themselves, to step over the things that are against morals and ethics, to find for themselves the things that people look for – fame and personal interests.  


These people do not think about their brothers and sisters. These people turn their backs on the misery of the others who are in need.


These people take advantage of the things that they can hide, to do things just for appearance, for others to see that they are doing charitable works, but on the inside it is a horrible calculation for their own benefit, and with the ways that they are doing these things, they are attracting and pulling people into the same kind of life and into the ways of today's societies.


There are so many tragic and disgusting things on the inside that you cannot see and cannot recognize, the plan that these people have to move toward the elimination of each other, and to control everything – from the material needs, to the things that you use daily, to the food. There are frightful methods to eliminate humans, through the most sophisticated and horrible plans, which these people are putting into practice in today's societies. 


My beloved children,


I have seen this planned schedule that these people have arranged, under the influence of darkness, and it is starting to show itself.  The battle between good and evil will have to take place.  It is silent now, but it has spread very far, and it is very powerful, throughout the world, and everything is happening according to the schedule that these people have planned a long time ago.


My beloved children,


The societies, the world, the Church, and the people, everything and everyone is in the hands of these people, who are using their power for their own interests, taking the power of the Most High to do things that they think could be done without conscience, with no one to see, with no one to know. They make arrangements in money so that the citizens who are docile will be the ones to end up in situations that are the most tragic. Wherever you go, there will be poor people, with minimal education, and the people who live a simple life are the ones who are going to be affected and eliminated by all the problems.


My beloved children,


Everything is coming closer to the day where you will not be able to prepare and receive anything in advance.  Things are starting to show themselves, through the ways of the government, and the laws that they are allowing to happen, all over the world. Those are the things against morals and ethics, which people can recognize, in their ways of killing countless humans in the unborn babies.


There are more things that you will be able to see and know in the coming days. From the economy to the jobs, everything has been arranged in the schedule of these remaining days.  Humans will end up living in turmoil, in confusion, competing with the challenges that were brought by the darkness into this world. 


This is speaking about the things that you can see, that you can recognize clearly and obviously. What about the inside of each soul?


O My beloved children,


Save some time for yourselves, to look into your souls, to recognize the things that you need, to recognize the true meaning of life. You lead a life of depravation, of mistakes, with passions for money, with addictions, with the hate that you have for each other, competing against each other in your daily lives, from all classes in society, whether high or low, to the communities, and to each individual.


My beloved children,


At this moment, I just want to send you this message, for any of you who have ears to hear, to recognize the truth, for you to find for yourselves and to see the things that you need to have for your spiritual life.


Come back to the place where you were created.


Come back to the world where you can receive the graces from God the Father, Who is the only Person Who can save you, from your souls to your bodies, and your spirits.


There are so many changes, so much suffering, from within families to societies, everywhere.  Even at the places of work, people have to face daily obstacles, challenges, and if you do not practice so as to have a strong moral life, then you will have a hard time in overcoming the changes in today's societies and today's world.


Today, I have seen the changes that everyone will have to face, and you will have to go through certain horrible and frightening things, that you cannot believe or imagine, through the sophisticated calculation of a society that is moving towards the elimination of people, for people to think that they can rely on themselves, and to come to believe in a world that they think they can create on their own.  


They do not believe in the Most High.


They do not believe in God.


They do not believe in the deeds that God is doing.


It is the freedom that I still allow people to choose, in every era, and even in this last era.


Everything that I could do, I have done for you, from one way to another. 


Today, this is the reality of My coming to you, through this message.


I am truly present in the Holy Eucharist, to invite all of you and to bring all of you to My Divine Mercy, for your spiritual lives to be focused on this one point, where you will receive in your souls the divine ways that will save you from your present lives.


You need to find the ways for you to come back, for you to have support, in these remaining days. There will be tribulations, there will be changes that each person will be able to know, in the coming days.  From the societies, from the disasters, and in everything, there will be changes in life.


For this reason, I want to come to give this message to the world. 


I cannot look away from the children who are living in the right way, who know how to listen, who sacrifice for the people that they have seen and have known. These people are the children who are in My plan, the children who are living according to the Catechism, who are living according to the commandments that I had left to the world.


In this world, the number of people who have come back and who are living according to the commandments is indeed a small number, but I always give to the people who have gone astray the opportunity to come back. 


For the children who live listening to My words, I have listened to their prayers, the prayers for the brothers and sisters, the prayers for the world, the prayers for societies. Their voices, their persistent begging has urged Me to come.


I am truly coming to you, children.


I am waiting for each soul to come back to Me, for Me to protect you in the coming days, because I am the only Person Who can save you, the only Person Who can give life and peace to each soul, for each person to find the way back to the truth, to find the way back to the Love that I have for each of you.


My beloved children,


Everything that I could have done, I did. 


Everything that I wanted to say, I have said.


Everything that could be reminded, here is the message that I am sending to you.


Wake up and come back to God!


Wake up and come back to My Divine Mercy!


Wake up and come back to meet Me through the Holy Eucharist!


Do not be hardened in your hearts, because if you do not receive the graces from God, you will not be able to overcome the difficulties that you will encounter in life, whether they are small or big.


My beloved children,


This invitation from Me today is for all of you in this world, to look for your spiritual life so that you will be able to find shelter in the faith that I will give to you.  Because of the things that have gone by, the things that you are struggling with, the things that you can see right in front of your eyes, these are the answers, to come to the conclusion that the end of life on this earth is death, that the things that surround you will disappear – the things that people are passionate about and like in this world.  The only thing remaining is the soul, which will allow you to encounter a holy life that you need to know about, and which will allow you to see that you need to worship.


My beloved children,


There are so many things that I can say to you, to each group in society.


Everyone has their own personal issues.


The intelligent people think highly of themselves and are proud of their own knowledge. The simple people do not understand much in life and the laws to know which way to follow. The average people are stubborn in their personalities and ego, competing for the things of the world.


The majority of people only see the things that are in front of their eyes, fame, money, passions, pleasures, greed, envy, competition, selfishness.  They no longer know the things that unite, the things in common, so that in the unity of the heart, in one direction, with love, they can help each other, with sincerity in their hearts, to live with responsibility, in unity, to bring the brothers and the sisters, to bring everyone to a life of peace, of happiness, and a world that has peace and justice.


There are no longer people who have a heart thinking about the common good, because they have been destroyed by fame and wealth, by their own pride and by their own preferences. Even with those who are in high places, even in the ranks of the clergy, there are some people who are in these situations where they are stepping outside of the laws, the laws which they need to keep, for a life in this world, where they have a voice to speak up.


My beloved children,


I clearly see everything that is changing in this world.


I am speaking up, for you to be able to see, and for you to look back at the life that you are leading, a life of passions.


Come back to Me!


I have come to you, in hopes that you will be clear, for you to truly be able to recognize.


You have to come back, with your hearts, for you to be able to recognize the things that are right, the things that are wrong, in life.  Then you will be able to overcome the difficulties of the coming days, in one faith, together, with love, with guidance so that you will reach the place that I will find a way to guide you to, for you to find the spiritual life.


My beloved children,


Today, this message is for you to open up your hearts, to understand, and to know the truth. I am present in the Holy Eucharist.


I am waiting for each person in the world.


I am sending this message to each of My children.


Save some time, find some time, even if only a short amount of time, to be calm, for your prayers, for you to find the time for your spiritual life, to find rest, in peace, to find the strength to continue to work, and to overcome the difficulties in the coming days -- from your spirit to your material needs and to the things around you.


My beloved children,


Everything that you are able to hear, with this message that I am sending to you, come back to My Divine Mercy, in which I am waiting for you, for you to have a place of shelter, for you to entrust the things that you are encountering in life, and the changes that you are facing, for Me to help you.


Only with faith will you be able to do this, only with faith will you be able to recognize, only with faith will you be able to receive. This is the condition for you to be able to come close to a holy world, which I am opening the door to, through the Divine Mercy. 


I am opening the door for you to receive and to see the truth, that I am present in the Holy Eucharist.


I am present in the Holy Eucharist, to give My Love. 


My power will give you the things that you ask for, the things that are from your reasoning – which I can see – for each of you. These are the things that I am giving to this world through the Holy Eucharist, the special graces in these end times, if anyone truly receives, if anyone truly believes, if anyone truly listens, comes back and gives up the mistakes made in life, the mistakes of their own wrongdoings, to be worthy to receive the forgiveness, the salvation of each soul in this world.


Everything that needed to be said, I have said.


I have sent many messages to the world, and I have also personally visited many people.


This is the invitation for you to remind each other, to look for the last graces that I give to humanity, for the people who truly come back, with absolute trust in their hearts, in the power of the Holy Eucharist.


I will help you and I will sanctify you.


I will transform you into a new person, into a new soul, into the children who are worthy to receive the graces from Jesus Christ, in this era, in these end times.


I hope that this message will be received and heard. 


May My peace be with you.


Goodbye children.






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