The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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                 The Time Has Come



December 5, 2013 – 11:38 a.m.

My beloved children,

This is an era where I give abundant graces to My children, choosing all of you, those of you who have faith, those of you who truly seek Me, those of you who truly want to put into practice the things that you have recognized as the truth. You have matured from the trials in your lives. You have been through sufferings and challenges. If you did not believe in God, if you did not come to Me, then you would not have days like these.  You have been able to understand that My Love is always by your side to protect you, and you have been able to recognize the truth that I had given to you through the Gospel 2,000 years ago. I had given you many messages, through the prophets, through the messengers. You seek to come and meet Me with the grace that you have recognized, from the works that you are doing together, which includes also this program, that is growing, through the messages that I want to send to all of My children in the whole world.

My beloved children, there are those of you who are indeed Christians, who are My children, who live a life of worship, who understand from their hearts, who understand that I am not just a statue, a statue that does not move, a statue that does not have any miraculous power to give, at the places where you come to meet Me, or to worship Me, along with all the brothers and the sisters.

My beloved children, I want for all of you, once you recognize Me, to be the One that you worship, to follow the teachings that I had left for you, to keep these teachings alive in your hearts, and to have determination. You need to have a recognition of the truth, you need to have the eyes of faith for your souls to be able to recognize, because if you look with just your human eyes, then there is nothing divine to attract your souls.  You need to recognize the truth, the teachings that I had left, especially if you worship and if you treasure everything that you have been able to hear, to know, through My teachings, through the messages in every era, through the books of history, through the Gospel, through the prophets, through the revelations, and through the messengers.

There are many counsels in the messages that I had sent to you, for you to be able to understand, in your human limitations. You need to understand that the divine things are recognized only from the heart, from the determination of your faith. Only then will you truly feel peaceful and joyful.  This is the answer you obtain from your hearts, for believing in God, and this is what you can have in the present. You are receiving the truth through the Holy Eucharist, and if I allow it, then it will happen.  Nothing happens by chance, everything is arranged by Me, in the opportunity for you to meet each other, in the opportunity for you to meet this person or that person, at the right moment that you need to, to share with each other.

You are looking for the truth in the present life, you are looking for the truth in the spiritual life, the truth that you have never heard about, or known about. The miracles that happen in this world are many, the miracles that I give to My children, to all those who have not recognized Me yet, to all those who are living in sin, for them to recognize My Divine Mercy, for them to understand that My Love does not discriminate. While you are still alive, you still have the opportunity to come back, you still have the opportunity to decide which path to take, and what you need to face, for you to know what is right, what is wrong, what is good, and what is evil. Do not be lured into the temptations of the world that have surrounded you for many years of your lives, weighing down your hearts, preventing you from feeling, preventing you from recognizing the grace, the calling, for you to come back to a life of faith.  When you overcome the challenges in your lives then you will be able to mature spiritually, and when you truly seek Me, and you accept to follow Me, then you accept your weaknesses and learn to live a life of quietness, a life of meditation, a life of practice, a life with meaning, bringing good things to yourselves, to your families, to the brothers and the sisters, to society.

The children who have been chosen have spiritually matured in this way. This world has many righteous people, and because of these righteous people, I am concerned about the loss of the others who live in sin, who live in debauchery, who live in the passions of the world. They continue to reject Me, they continue to harm each other, they only know about the things of this world, and they let their spiritual lives wither.

If they do not make the decisions while they are still alive, then on the path that they are, they will not be able to recognize the truth, and especially the salvation that I had given to the world.  I can see many of My children who have left My loving embrace, who have left My teachings, who have rejected the salvation that I had given. This salvation is not just for certain individuals, but for all of humanity, even for the people who are sinners or who do not know Me.  This salvation is for the whole world. If you do not know the history of this salvation, you will not be able to make the decision to accept the salvation that was given to you, and you will not look for the eternal place that I had prepared for each of you.

All of you, in every class of society, you definitely have to come back to Me. It is not by chance that you have what you have in life, a family, a place where you live in the present.  Though there are sufferings, challenges, disasters, but in the life of each person, everyone has received the blessing and the grace that I give to each of you, one way or another.  I had left many teachings in the Gospel. I had brought the truth from heaven to you, to teach you, to show you, to bring you closer to love, for you to stay away from the chaos in life, for you to stay away from the evil ways of the people who live in sin. You need to stay away from many sinful things in life, for you to recognize the truth, and this recognition will bring you peace, will bring you happiness, will bring you true joy.

You have the right to choose, you have the right to put into practice, you have the right to continue and to follow the discoveries that you make, you have the right to see the life that you have, and the spiritual life that you need, for you to prepare your souls for the future. All of this is in My teachings that I had left. What I had left to the world is My Church, with the people whom I had chosen to live a life unlike your lives, you who are married, who have children.  Everyone has a mission in life, arranged and planned, through My plan for each of you. Certain people had found the truth, they had found the meaning in a life of sacrifice, in a consecrated life, so that they can bring to you My Good News, My teachings, and they continue to evangelize, from this era to the next era, from this century to the next century.

The plan of My coming into the world is a plan that goes on, bringing good news to the world, bringing you the messages, through the Gospel, through the revelations, through the prophets, through the messengers.  I am always blessing you, I am always reminding you. If you believe, then you will be able to see the truth, you will be able to see the blessings that I give to the world. Only with faith will you see, and if you believe in the truth, if you believe in God, if you believe in righteousness, if you believe in the things that are written in the Gospel, if you believe in the warnings that were foretold, then you will not be confused by the false prophets, you will not follow in the errors of this world that are causing you to be fearful and to be disturbed. Everything that I had sent to you is predestined. All the things that bring love, that bring you closer to Me, are the things that you can see with your eyes, that you can hear with your ears, that you can think about.  Everything from Me will be boundless, unending, the Good News will always come to you, so accept everything that comes from the truth, listen and seek.  As for the things that do not come from Me, that do not belong to Me, that do not belong to the truth, they will only bring you fear, anxiety, rivalry, causing you to lose the peace in yourselves, which you can easily see for yourselves.

I want to remind you for you to be able to recognize in these remaining days the things that I want to emphasize, for you to reject the things in the present, because the time has come. If you really do not want to reject the sins that are a threat to your spiritual lives and to your souls, then you choose to live in your evil ways, you choose to live in sin, and you will have to bear the responsibility with the lives that you choose for yourselves. The time has come for the separation of the righteous people from the evil ones. The time has come for you to see the events that are happening to the world, the events that were foretold.  Everything will happen before the Day of My Coming to this world.  When I come to this world, then truly, you will have lived through a frightful, horrible time, the ending of a world, and you will be able to see the results of that world ending.* The world that I come back to will be a world without rivalry, will be a world with love, will be a world where I give abundant graces to all of My children, who will live in the truth, who will live in righteousness, who will live with the teachings that I had left.

I continue to come to this world, with the collaboration of the children who listen, who know the truth, and through them, I want to send My messages to all the children in the world. There are so many blessings that I give to this world, to strengthen the faith for those of you who have forgotten, for those of you who have acted out of habit, for those of you who never knew about the truth that I had given to the world. This is the benefit that you have, through the salvation that I had given to the world, these reminders to you, so that you will not forget, so that you are able to recognize the light of the truth, that brings you a new source of life, that brings you the change for a new life, for you to seek to come back to Me, for you to correct the errors in your lives, for you to receive the Love that I have for you. When you receive this Love, then you can testify to the new changes in your lives, for you to bring to the brothers the love that I want for each of you to come back to.

Believe in Me, trust in Me, and come to meet Me. The message to this generation is for you to come to Me, for you to come to The Divine Mercy. I will definitely cleanse you with My own Blood, with My own Water**, which is the Source of Life that I give to you in this generation, for you to be transformed, for you to be sanctified, through the Divine Mercy that I give to the world. I also will heal you, from the wounds that you have sustained in life, from the challenges, from the diseases, from the temptations of the world, that are weighing on you.  If you do not come to entrust yourselves to Divine Mercy, then you will not be able to overcome the challenges in life. It is through Divine Mercy that I can come closer to you, and you can offer up all the challenges, all the sufferings, for My Divine Mercy to help you, for My Divine Mercy to intervene for you, in every situation.  With faith, you will be able to receive the graces that I give to you, and you will be able to hear the messages that I give to you, through the Holy Eucharist, in which I am Present. I want all of My children to come and meet Me today.

You spend so much time every day for your works, for the attractions of the world, but you do not have any time for your souls, for you to recognize what your souls most need, for the present and for the future.  This is what I want to remind this generation of. I have made it clear to you, My invitation for you to come to meet Me in the Holy Eucharist, for you to have the time to rest, for you to be able to recognize My Presence, for you to believe. I want to meet each soul, and with faith, you will be able to feel the peace and the hope in life.

In the remaining days of this generation, there will be tribulations, disasters, many frightening events, because these events had been foretold, because they were predestined. The time has come.  Everything that has a beginning has to have an end. In this plan that I have for each of you, I give to each of you, without exclusion, and it is up to each of you to either recognize or not, to either believe or not, to either prepare to follow My counsels or not. I continue to help you, for you to hear, for you to know, for you to change your ways, for you to correct your mistakes.

Today this is a reminder through the Holy Eucharist, for you to have a truly meaningful Christmas this year. This Advent and Christmas season is the reminder to you, for your souls to be touched, for you to believe, and for you to recognize the Love that I have for mankind, the Love that I have for each of you, for you to be transformed through the salvation, through the Divine Mercy that I give to the world. I want each of you to have the opportunity to receive the forgiveness that I give to you at this point in time, which is the period of time where you can see the tribulations in life. The disasters are happening and will happen, and you will have to face many more, with the changes in the weather, with the spreading of diseases, and facing all of these trials, if you do not come to My Truth, if you do not choose a righteous life, then you choose to follow in the ways of your ego, of greed, that will cause you harm, spiritually and physically.  There are many things that you cannot see, the dangers in this world, a world that continues in its evil ways, that will bring you death.

All of My children who are righteous are those of you who are listening to My messages, to prepare yourselves, to prepare your spiritual lives, to prepare your souls, for you to know what to avoid, for you to face whatever will happen, for you to be firm in your faith, for you to face what you have been warned about. You have been reminded, in the reading in the Gospel***, that in the world that you live in, I will definitely intervene for everything that comes from righteousness, and for everything that comes from evil, it will be brought down.  I want to bring the truth to My children all over the world, to those who have hearts worthy of receiving My graces, and for everything that does not come from the truth, that comes from evil, from sin, from greed, one day, all of this will be brought down. This warning you have heard from the First Readings in the past days, and I will have warned all of you this Advent and Christmas season about everything that is true in this world, so that none of you will lose the opportunity to understand and the opportunity to choose for yourselves.

My beloved children, I want all of you to come back to Me, to come back with your hearts, to make the right decision for your spiritual lives, for your souls.  Leaving the errors that you made in the past, come back to the truth, seek what has been taught in the Gospel, seek My teachings , through the Church that I had established to bring the Good News and the truth to everyone. I want each person to come back, to recognize the Love that I had given to you through the salvation, through the Holy Cross, for you to have the opportunity to go to heaven, the eternal place. I had accomplished so many things for the world, and while you are still alive, for you to listen to, for you to know the teachings, the commandments, which I had given to the world, written in the Gospel. Do not err from those commandments, for each of you to be able to receive the graces that I give in a special way to the soul when you listen, for you to live as My children, for you to live as Christians, for you to live in the way that you are called to live.  I want all of you to love each other, to support each other, to guide each other.  Be united, for you to face the tribulations that I have warned you of. I will come to the world, when you have truly accepted and put into practice the teachings that I had left to the world.

My beloved children, I hope that this message will strengthen you and will help you make the decision to leave the lures of the world, for you to learn to live a more righteous life.  Believe in the events that are happening in the world, through the messages.  The Gospel reminds you every day, in the celebration of the Mass, for you to hear My Good News. Everything is happening as foretold, for you to see, for you to hear. The most important thing is for your souls to come back, for you to receive the rewards that I have ready for the souls who are coming back, for the souls who listen to the teachings and practice the commandments that I had left to you. I want you to come to Divine Mercy, with your repentant hearts, rejecting your ego, rejecting greed, rejecting everything that does not come from My teachings, for you to live with love, for you to live trusting in My power, in the miraculous ways that I give to you in this generation. Live with trust, accept everything that happens to you in life, the crosses that you have to bear.  Everyone has to go through these trials in life, to teach you to grow, to teach you to mature, for you to seek goodness in your lives. Through the ways of those crosses, you will see the power, the miracles that I work upon each of you, if you believe, if you know, if you recognize. I will not let you walk by yourselves, I will accompany you, in every walk of your lives, and I will show all of you the path to take, so that all of My children can receive the happiness that I want My children to receive.

I keep reminding you, as in the messages written in the Gospel, through the messengers, through the prophets, for you not to err, for you not to be afraid, with the invitation that I give to you in these remaining days. I want to meet you, I want to meet your hearts, for you to recognize that you need My graces, for you to be transformed, for you to leave the ways of sin, for you to come back to the truth, for you to come back to righteousness. I want each of you to mature and accept the truth.  In your lives, you need to have time for your souls, you need to practice patience, you need to practice perseverance, you need to have devotion and faithfulness, for your lives to be more peaceful, for your lives to be happier, and for you to have hope.

This is My message today. I hope that you have been able to hear everything, from the works of the Holy Spirit, from My messages to you, from Mother’s messages to remind you, for each of you to be able to find the way, to find faith in God, to believe in the miracles, to believe in the teachings left in the Gospel, and so you will no longer err from the teachings of the Church. Remember to reconcile with Me this Advent. Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Be determined and reject all the evil ways of the world, all the things that have prevented you from having days of happiness, from receiving Me in the celebration of the Mass – My Body and My Blood – so that you will not lose the opportunity to receive My power that I give through My Body and My Blood. If you do not receive My Body and My Blood, you will end up living with hardened hearts, and you will have a rigid attitude in everything that you face. Give yourselves the time, for you to look for the truth. Give yourselves the opportunity to mentally get away from the chains of sin that are binding you. This Advent and Christmas season will have a deeper meaning.  I wait for your return this Christmas. I wait to meet you, I wait for hearts to seek Me, to come to Me, for Me to love, for Me to console. I will give you life, through the love that is waiting for each of you.

This is My reminder this Advent and Christmas season when you need to have moments of quietness, to reflect upon a year in which you have had many worries, that concerned only your bodies. These are the days to remind you to remember the salvation, the reason for My birth on this cold winter night, in a poor manger, for that to be an example to you, to teach you the meaning of sacrifice, to teach you to recognize the truth.  Though this event had happened in the past, it is being reminded over and over again, for this is a blessing that each of you needs to have, for you to live with meaning in this life, for you to prepare yourselves, for the present, for the future, and for the next life.

May My peace be with you.  I love you very much.

Goodbye children.

Completed receiving 12:24 p.m.

* This is not the end of the world, the Second Coming, but an end of the current, un-renewed world. This will be a radical transformation of the earth, with the evil ones dying and going to hell, and the good either dying and continuing on toward heaven or surviving and living on the new world in the Era of Peace, which will last roughly “a thousand years” (Revelation 20:2-6), an indeterminably long period of time. The Era of Peace, promised by Our Lady of Fatima, will be a Eucharistic Reign of Christ (Cf. The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times: A Proper Belief from the Truth in Scripture and Church Teachings by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, S.T.D., Ph.D.); it will not be His Second Coming in His glorified Body. He has been with us in the Eucharist since He left this world; before leaving He said: “lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

** This is a reference to the Blood and Water that came forth from Jesus’ Heart in the Crucifixion, which also alludes to the Divine Mercy image revealed to St. Faustina.

*** The Gospel reading for this day’s Mass was Matthew 7:21, 24-27. The “First Readings” mentioned later in the message likewise relate to the daily Mass readings.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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