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Jesus Teaches on the Immaculate                                Conception



December 9, 2013 – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Father: My beloved L.,

I was waiting for you to come to receive this message that I want to give to all of My children in the whole world.

My beloved children,

Today is a day of solemnity that you all have to remember with reverence, the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Heart of Mother bore no sins of the world, not even Original Sin, from the first parents. Today, I just want you to be clear about what was written in history, in the Gospel, and in the revelations to the world, for you to know about the mystery of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

My beloved children, by the unity of God the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother came to be the Woman who wore the cloth of the sun*. As God the Father had the history written in the Gospel, the plan was foretold, given by God the Father to the world. A plan for the Blessed Mother to come into the world**, a plan arranged by God the Father, the Mother who will bear the only Son of God, Jesus Christ.

My beloved children, today there are certain things that I want you to hear and to know about, these extraordinary events, in this world, where I am present, working miracles, with the messages for you to listen to, with the true testimonies of the events that happened in the world, through the centuries. I want you to feel in your hearts the meaning of this day of solemnity, the day on which you celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Her journey coming into the world, the Blessed Mother had received many graces from God.  It was a plan that was arranged by God the Father for the Blessed Mother, a mystery. Mother had come into the world, as a Woman without Original Sin, without any other sins of the world.

In history, you had learned about the story of the life of the Blessed Mother, according to the ways of the world, in a sensible way***, but the divine creation of the Blessed Mother, from Her soul to Her body, was by the hands of God the Father and by the Holy Spirit, for Mother to become the perfect Person chosen by God the Father, on behalf of the world, to be in the plan of bearing the only Son of God, to redeem the world. Mother, in a mystical way, was created by God the Father and by the Holy Spirit, in a plan that was most lofty, most perfect. In this plan, God wanted holiness, piety, perfection in this Woman coming into the world.

It was the plan from God for the salvation of the world, with His only Son to be borne in the womb of this Woman, who already had a title at the moment of Her creation, a Woman whom God the Father gave the title “Queen of Heaven.”  In history, when you reflect upon the revelations, you will be aware of this fact, that was clearly written.  But in regards to the mystical world, you need to have faith, you need a firm faith for you to be able to see, with the blessings that God had given to you, and in this faith in God is the power and the works of the Holy Spirit.  You cannot have proof, but with faith, you will be able to see the very lofty, wondrous deeds, in the divine way that God had blessed the world with, through the Virgin Mary, the Blessed Mother.  The life of Mother, coming into the world, was the same as the life of any other human being, with challenges, with hardship. With the angel whom God had given to Blessed Mother, She was able to recognize the things that were revealed to Her from heaven. In the days when Mother was on earth, what Mother had was different from other people, so when talking about the mystical world, you need to spend the time to read the book of history, to read the book in which God the Father had given the revelations, The Mystical City of God****. I am reminding you of this for you to understand more about the life of the Blessed Mother. The book The Mystical City of God was written with the revelations from God, for you to see the mystery that God had given to mankind, for you to have a Queen of Heaven, and it was this Queen of Heaven who had borne the Savior, and had brought Him into the world.

Today you are celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception which, if you have not understood the origin of this Immaculate Conception, you will not be able to understand the reason for the Immaculate Conception. Mother was not a person created in the ways of the world, but Mother was created by the Holy Spirit, by the grace of God who had chosen this Woman to come into the world, with a soul, with a body, with all the blessings from God. In the works done by Mother, in the accomplishments from Mother with Her “Fiat,”***** in everything, Mother recognized the Will of God.  Mother was faithful, Mother was obedient, Mother knew Her position in the mission that God the Father wanted Her to accomplish. Mother accomplished many works in this world, and you were able to know every phase of Her life, living in the world as any other family, in a humble class of society.

There are certain works that are divine, and maybe when you have faith, and you reflect upon the mystery, given by God, then you will be able to understand.  In regards to the works that God did, with your human limitations, even if you are learned, even if you have the knowledge, you still need to have faith, and you still need the Holy Spirit, for you to understand the noble, mystical works that God had given to the world, that God had given to Mother, the virtues, for Her to be the example.  Mother was the Person who was the first to collaborate in the noble mission of the salvation of the world, which God the Father had arranged and had planned, and for Her to regain the huge benefit that God had given to the world in the beginning. Mother had gained back, in Her triumph, for you to have this day, today, to have days of hope, to have days of knowing the grace of God, and God still gives you His Love, through the arrangement He had planned for the world, since the moment Adam and Eve had committed the Original Sin.

His plan continues to this day, if you spend the time to reflect upon the mysteries in the history books******. I want all of you to have the opportunity to be able to recognize the wondrous deeds, I want the world to witness the noble miracle that God had given to the world. It was a huge accomplishment, from the collaboration of the Virgin Mary and the Second Person of the Trinity, to go through the Passion, to accept the journey into death, to bring you the Truth, for you to see the works that Mother had accomplished.  Mother lived a complete life trusting in God. Mother lived a life in trust, in silence, in humility, with a deep love for God, with obedience and love, till the last minute.  That was the plan that God had arranged for Mother and for Jesus Christ to come into the world, and through the graces of these two main characters, to bring the world back to the light of heaven. You have been able to hear the revelations about the history, the things that I, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Eucharist, am sending to all of you, in this period of time in which I invite all of you to come back, to recognize the wondrous deeds that you did not know, that you have forgotten, the mystery that God the Father had given in a special way to mankind in the life of the Virgin Mary.  She had lived a life on earth, as any other humans. She had overcome many challenges, and became a role model for you to follow in Her example.

You could see the plan that God the Father had for the world, the phases that you had heard about for the salvation of the world. Today, there is still a debate, because you still have doubts, because you do not reflect upon the truth written in history.  Faith is needed, but you reject faith. You do not want to look further to have a clear explanation for you to understand the mystery that God had given to the world, for you to understand the reason for Mother to be in a position of being the Immaculate Conception, the Heart who had brought love to all of you, who had collaborated with Jesus Christ, coming into the world, to accept everything.  The only Son of God bore the sins of the world on His shoulders, and Mother was the one who was always by the side of Jesus Christ on His journey of salvation. That was for you to see that everything that God had done was perfect, a plan that was most magnificent, the history of which you need to recognize and comprehend.

Because Mother was created by the Holy Spirit, everything in Mother was perfection, the work of God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Mother was different from the other humans, Mother was a perfect person, a person who was free of all the things that befell humans living in the world*******. Mother was protected by God, surrounded by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit came with Mother into the world, so you need to reflect upon that, for you to recognize the graces given by God, for you to be able to have your eyes of faith opened, for your hearts to recognize the mysteries in this message that I am sending to you, in this day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mother overcame so many challenges in Her life on earth, so that through those challenges, was the infinite value of being the Co-redeemer with God, worthy to be the Queen of Heaven. She was the Mother whom God had chosen, and for you who are living in the world, for you to benefit from the graces that Mother always interceded for you to have, to help you. Mother was the Person, through the Holy Trinity, to keep all the treasures that God the Father had given to Her, for Her to give to the world. You need to reflect upon this day, for you to recognize the mystery in this solemnity day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for you to revere, for you to recognize the concern, the love.

The intercessions from Mother, through Her prayers, had touched the Heart of God the Father, these prayers for you to be able to listen and to repent.

Today, I want to remind you to strengthen your life of faith, with this message that I am sending to you, through the Holy Eucharist, for you to recognize My Presence, for you to be the witnesses in this century, a period of time when you are invited, with the graces to remind you to come back to God. With the blessings that God had given to Mother, in this day of solemnity, it is also the beginning of the days when you are getting ready to celebrate the Christmas season, the days of Advent.  You are being guided and invited to come back with repentant hearts, and I continue to help you, in this message that you are able to hear, to help you to face the things that you have known, the things that were warned about in the Gospel that have happened. Come back to Me, get rid of the heavy yoke of the world and come back with a heart that recognizes the Love that I have for you, come back with a heart that recognizes the forgiveness that I have for you, come back with a heart that recognizes the grace that I give to you in this generation. You need to come back, you need to understand My invitation in this world, in the love, in the unity, in the forgiveness, for you to have days of peace, for you to have days free of wars, for you to have an end to hatred, for you to have an end to wickedness.

This is My message to you, on this solemnity day of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to remind you to have a deeper understanding of the graces that God gives to the world, that these graces are part of the divine plan, that to this day, you still cannot explain, and you still have not been able to fully comprehend, all these graces that God gives to you in this world. If you believe, then you will be able to receive the graces.

I made a promise, to meet all of you in this period of time, through the Holy Eucharist. Through the Holy Eucharist, I will heal you, from your souls to your bodies, and I will give you the graces if you truly come seeking Me, and if you believe in My invitation in this world.  I will forgive you if you come with repentant hearts, if you come back and you reject your sinful ways, if you come back to My Love, if you come back to the Heart that the Virgin Mary has for the world, for you to receive the love that I and My Mother always have for you, supporting you, protecting you, helping you to have this day. My Divine Mercy is waiting for you, for you to come to offer up all of your sufferings in life, all of your trials, all of your diseases. Believe in My power to sanctify, believe in My power to heal, believe in My power to transform.  You will be able to become transformed in this century, when you are able to hear this message that I am sending to you, with words of love from Me and from the Heart of My Mother, to invite all of you to come back, to invite all of you to come to receive the graces that I give to you, through the Holy Eucharist, for you to see, for you to hear, for you to recognize. This is the truth that I give to you in a divine way, the graces for you to receive in this generation.  Everything will come to pass, if you do not come back to Me in time, to receive the graces that I give to you, abundantly, in the days of My invitation. This is My message to you today.

May My peace be with all of you.

Goodbye children.

I love you very much.


* This refers to Revelation 12:1: “And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars”.

** Her existence at this point is only in the Mind of God; this is not saying, of course, that She preexisted Her human conception.

*** This could refer to learning only about Mary as a normal human and/or it could refer to the heresies regarding Our Lady that are widely taught by various Christian and non-Christian groups and popularized through the means of education and secular and religious media. These can be summed up in a general statement that she was and is no different than any other person. It is a Marian heresy to deny any of the four Marian dogmas of the Church: that She is the Mother of God; that She was a virgin before, during and after the birth of Jesus; that She was conceived immaculately; and that She was assumed into heaven, body and soul, at the end of Her life. Dogmas are revealed either in Sacred Scripture or the Sacred Tradition of the Church. Set against the backdrop of this Marian minimalization (the Modernist, popular understanding of Mary), Jesus teaches the sublime truth about Mary and Her miraculous conception.

**** This is a work in four volumes containing the private revelations given to Venerable Mary of Agreda on the life of Our Lady and its great significance in salvation history.

***** “Fiat” is a word from the original Latin translation of the Bible; it means “be it done” and is found in Luke 1:38: “And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.” So even before the Incarnation of Jesus, She was living “Thy will be done.”

****** That is, the Bible and perhaps other books that have “salvation history” as their subject.

******* See Genesis 3:16-19 and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, 402-406 and 416-418.

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