The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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Messages for the World 


The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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           The Meaning of Christmas



December 16, 2013 – 11:38 a.m.

Father: My beloved L.,

This morning, in this message, which I have the Holy Spirit working in you, are the words that I want to say to all of My children in the whole world.  I want to send this message for them to stand up and to awake from their slumber.  At the start of every Christmas season, I wish that all My children also could be starting anew. I came with the purpose to bring My children back, to bring them closer to Me. I came to bear the sins of the world, to bear the sufferings of life, because sin had brought death and sickness to mankind, to their souls, to their bodies. For this reason, the Church reminds all of My children, in every class of society, in every rank, about the meaning of Christmas. You have received My invitation.  Come to Me.  This Christmas, come to Me with your hearts, so that you can feel the beginning of My life, as a baby, born in a humble, poor manger 2,000 years ago.  A baby born, in the Christmas season, whom everyone can come to adore, to love. Through the birth of this baby, may everyone feel the beginning of their lives, the beginning of a life in faith, the beginning of hearts opening up to the spirit of the Christmas season, the return of every soul to God when everyone recognizes the meaning of Christmas.

My beloved children,

The history of Christmas is in the Gospel, and My priests have also preached every Christmas, to share the Good News with you.  There are many opportunities in which I want to meet you, to meet you through divine ways, to meet you through friends.  Nothing happens by coincidence in life, if you recognize this and you believe in it, then you will receive the joy and the peace that I want to give to My children.

My beloved children, life has been busy for each of you, with your works, with your services, for society, for family, for the community, but there are certain things in which you can recognize your personal meetings with Me.  I want each of you to save some time for yourselves, to rest, for your souls, for your bodies, so that whether you know or not, whether you remember or not, you have those restful moments for your souls to rest and to feel the peace, to help you to see the things that you most need in your lives, the things that you most need in your spiritual lives, the things that you most need to help you face the situations in your daily lives. I know, this year, the Church wishes for everyone to believe in God*, and for everyone to look at your shortcomings, at the things that you have not done, that you have never done.

With the invitation, through My teachings, through My Gospel, through My commandments, I want to remind you of the things that you have forgotten, of the things that you can practice to bring you the joy, to bring you the peace, and to bring you the hope that each of you needs in this life, though you let yourselves be taken by the obligations of your situations and the needs in the present. I know, in this life, you have to toil, you have to work, you have to deal with the realities of a human life. A human life has to have a purpose in everything, once you recognize the meaning of your lives.  Every human life needs to have peace, to have happiness, to have joy, for every family, even if there are issues to deal with, or difficulties to face in daily lives. If you have the time, practice for your spiritual lives, because your spiritual lives are necessary in this world, and with the unity of your souls and your bodies, along with your hearts, mentally and physically, you will end up with the joy and the peace when you recognize the things that are righteous and the truth in your lives.

You will also know the differences in life, the money, the fame, the attractions, all those things that will end. Every party has to end, every meeting has to part, everything that happens in life has to have an ending. Nothing goes on forever, you will not be busy forever, you will not enjoy something forever, you cannot own something forever, the materials in life, money, fame.  What is everlasting comes from your souls, the anxiousness for something that you have forgotten, that you have not yet found, that you have not yet put to use. You cannot forget because you need to have a soul, you need to have a conscience, for you to live in this world, for you to live a righteous life, for you to live with worship in your lives, for you to live with the issues you have to deal with regarding society, reality and your physical needs.

My beloved children, I just want to remind you that the Christmas season is a season in which the program was arranged by God the Father, regarding the time that I had to come into the world, even though I already knew about the things I had to endure, the bitterness, the misunderstanding, the false accusations, the great anguish, and especially the cruelty of humans, who lead one another to death. My Love was greater than anything I have been able to see. I accepted it all, I accepted the tortures, the ill treatment, the indifference of mankind, the obstinacy of mankind.  Mankind, living in this world, only knew power, money, or the ways that came from their hearts, which have been imbibed by their sinful ways of living. I came to free, I came to save the souls from being in the state of sin, where you treat each other with your ego, with your wants and your demands as your priorities, whereas your spiritual lives are being forgotten.  You do things according to your wills, you do things the way you want, you do not understand the Will of God, you do not understand the mystery of God, you are unsure about the path of faith to take, how to believe, how to live to follow the teachings, how to live without wickedness, without impurity, how to avoid living in the ways when a person does not follow the commandments of God.

My beloved children, everything that I have given to you, the messages, the personal meetings with My children, all over the world, are the blessings that I give to this generation, the miracles that I want you to be able to see, the graces that I give to you through the brothers and the sisters in Christ, through the people that you meet in life.

My beloved children, I just want you to know that My Love does not end at a certain point. I came into the world, born as a baby.  I lived on earth, grew into adulthood, accomplished many things, taught many things, for your spiritual lives, on the realities of life, how to treat each other. So learn from the truth, the truth will bring you back to righteousness, the truth will help you in all situations in life, will help you discover the graces and the infinite Love that God has for mankind, through His only Son, Who had sacrificed Himself, Who had borne all the sins of the world, for the purpose to redeem mankind, for the purpose to bring the light into the world, to bring mankind from darkness back into the light, and for the purpose for mankind to have eternal life in heaven, for which the Second Person of the Trinity had prepared the way for His children.

My beloved children, I want to send you this message for the day** that God the Father had arranged for His children on earth. What is the meaning for the celebration of this day?  It is the most celebrated day which the Church is inviting everyone to see the Love that God has for you, not only for this generation but for all generations, until the end of the world. This celebration is to remind each soul, may it be the soul of a child, or the soul of a person who just knows how to think, or the soul of an adult. Have you been able to feel the Love of God yet? Have you been able to understand the mystery of the Second Person of the Trinity being born? Have you been able to understand the way that God had met you, one way or another? Especially in this generation, where there have been many miracles, with the miraculous ways for God to meet each person, if only you open up your hearts to receive, if only you open up your hearts to the truth.

My beloved children, in every era there are messengers, and there are messages from God to remind everyone about the anxiousness of God, waiting for all of His children.

My beloved children, this Advent the Church has reminded you a lot, and for each of you, I also wish that you will learn to experience the days that I was born into the world. I was born into this world to bring you closer to Me, to allow you to understand the truth, to allow you to understand the meaning of life that you need to come back to, to understand the things that have happened in life, that you need to make sacrifices, that you need to have patience, that you need to practice so that you can live your life with more righteousness, with more holiness.

My beloved children, this is also the opportunity for your relatives who are living far away, to come home and to spend time with you this Christmas season, for children to visit parents, to visit brothers and sisters, to visit friends.  It is in this spirit of treating each other, of understanding the meaning of love, of having these exchanges from the heart, that I want each of you to receive.

My beloved children, there is nothing like the moment when you finally recognize My invitation this year. Every year I have a message, through the Church, through the discourses of the priests, and for this year, I have a message through the Holy Eucharist, to all of My children.  In this Christmas season, look for the way back, look for the salvation that was given to you 2,000 years ago and still to this day, for you to change the ways of your lives, for you to look at your own responsibilities, for you to look at the benefits of a spiritual life, for your souls, in the roles that each of you has, to face society, to face the brothers and the sisters in Christ that you meet, to bring them faith and peace, which you have received from Me.  If you have faith, then you will understand.  If you have faith, then you will see the value of the blessing that I give to each of you. This message is to remind you of the things that you have forgotten, the things that you have not paid attention to, the things that you only look at out of habit, only as a tradition. You do not use your hearts to give yourselves the opportunity to see the mystery of God, bringing salvation to the world, but today, in this generation, you are able to receive the truth, through this message that I send to everyone in this world.

My beloved children, you have committed many mistakes, you have distanced yourselves from My Love, you have denied Me many times, you have rejected Me many times. But today, I am still waiting for you, I am still waiting for each of you to come back to Me, I am still waiting, looking at all the children who are living in sin, and I am anxious about the things that will happen to all these children, when you do not believe in God. Only I can bring you salvation, only I can bring the salvation for each soul, only I can give you the teachings for you to live in this world, and for what happens next.  None of you can avoid death, and with your death, you will be able to live your next life.

Everything that I am reminding you about has meaning, so take a look at the things you have forgotten, come back to Me, come back to Love. Through Divine Mercy, as a newborn baby in the manger, in the cold of the Christmas night, I await your return.  Come back to the Holy Eucharist, in which I am Present, giving you this message, to remind you about the meaning of Christmas, to remind you of the life of the Savior, to remind you of the Passion, to remind you of the miracles of the Holy Eucharist, to remind you of the Love and the Divine Mercy that continues to be by your side, to bless you with ways for you to come back.  Everything has been explained to you, that everything that has a beginning has to come to an end, that everything that was created has to have an ending, according to the life of each person, according to the life of each of the children of God.  The life of each Christian has been arranged in the plans that God has for the world.  So nothing happens from the way you think, but everything happens as planned, by God the Father, to remind all of you that living in this world, since the beginning, you have had to pay the price of original sin, up to this day.

L.: Jesus*** the Christ had come into the world, He was born as a baby, He grew up in the world, He had to die on the Cross as a result of the way humans treat each other.  All of this to remind you of the sins of mankind, surrounded by the pleasures of the world, unable to free ourselves from the snares of the world.  So we continue to live in sin, in wickedness, in rivalry, from the individual to society.  We need to die to our own ego, we need to reject greed, pride, arrogance and many offenses committed against God, all these sins that abound in every era.

Jesus Christ had come, He had taken up all the sins to bring us His teachings, to bring us the truth for us to have the strength to reject our wrongdoings, to find our way back to God, one way or another, when we feel the Love of God for us, saving us, the Love of God that awaits us when we come with repentant hearts.  God is just with the things He does, He keeps His promises, He is just with the children who do not keep His commandments and His teachings. So we all have to choose, we all need to know when we have sinned, so that we can come to God to ask Him to forgive us.

Come to God to ask Him to teach us, to transform us into the children that Jesus Christ wishes for His children to be, to live with love, to be patient, to be humble, to bring peace to each other in life.  As for the things that we have received from God, God wants this world to hear His voice, to hear His reminder and His counsel, so that in this Advent and Christmas season, in every rank, in every age group, God is giving us the opportunity to know Him, for us to love Him, for us to worship Him, for us to praise Him, and especially for us to serve Him, because He is Father, He is Father of mankind, He brings us peace and He gives all of His children blessings. There are so many things we have forgotten about, we have gone astray from His teachings, we have fallen into the ways of the world, we have been lured into the passions of the world, the pleasures of the flesh, and we have not been able to think lucidly, we have not been able to recognize the importance of having a spiritual life.  We have the right to choose, to find a way back to a place of rest for our souls, to find the ways of the truth, to find what we need most in life.

No one can reject love, because we were born out of the Love of God.  We are humans who have a soul, who have intelligence, and love is in our hearts. Jesus Christ has come to help us, while we are still alive. Even if we are sick, but if we are still alive, then we can still make the decision to live in a way that will enable us to meet God, to serve God, to live as children of God.  It is during the Christmas season that God is awaiting His children, the children who are still far away, the children who have not been able to feel the love of the Christmas season, who have not been able to feel the peace of the Christmas season, which the Church reminds us of every year. God is inviting us to have Christmas in our souls, in our hearts, for us to meet Him as a newborn, to receive the salvation from the baby Jesus, for us to be transformed, for us to come back, for us to come close to the Love that Jesus, through a newborn baby, in this Christmas season, had come to meet all of us in this world.

He is waiting and continues to wait, anxious to meet all of His children. He does not refuse anyone, He wants to meet everyone through the Holy Eucharist. This message is a reminder to everyone, a blessing for all of us, a grace for all of us. God came not to condemn us, God came to save our souls, our bodies. We have to believe in Him, we have to receive His words, and we have to see the healings from Him, through Divine Mercy, of millions of people who have been transformed, who have been brought back by Divine Mercy to meet God. Everything is made possible through the people who have been chosen, so that through Divine Mercy, we are able to understand that we have fallen into the snares of the world, the dangers that surround our bodies and our souls.  God came to meet all of His children, if we open up our hearts to receive Him, if we open up our hearts to receive His blessings.

He had come into the world to give to each person His blessings, for us to recognize His invitation, for us to come back to Him, for us to reject the ways of our ego. We are proud, we are arrogant, we live in foolishness, we live in haughtiness, we rely on money, on fame, on our talents, we do not recognize God, we err from small to large deeds, we live in wickedness, we live in sin, we live against the teachings of God, we live against His commandments. God does not want to see us heading towards death.

God does not want to see us lost in the passions of the world, in the sinful decisions, caught in the snares of the darkness, the darkness that is raging in this world, through technology, through the movies, through the games, leading us to live a life without hearts, without faith.  The things that we encounter each day lead us into sin, and we allow the world of darkness to lead us, into the modern ways of technology, into the fashionable ways of the era, through the phones that we like, for us to simply push a button and to see all the things that do not belong in the teachings of God, all the things that are taking us away from the commandments of God, away from a spiritual life.  They are taking us away from thinking about our responsibilities of living a life with love, with humility, with patience, and other things that we need to practice.

God had given us a body, a soul, and a mind, for us to act as intelligent human beings. Everything has its own reason, for us to understand and recognize what we need in life, including the teachings for us to learn, to feel within our hearts and our souls. What will teach us most in reality?  What will bring us true peace in our souls? It is the joy on the faces of the brothers and sisters in Christ, the joy in the happiness of a family life, the joy when we see our accomplishments from our hearts, when we see hope in the things that we face, the difficulties, the sicknesses, and when we have hope, we still have joy.  This is the truth that helps us to think, to come back, in every era, in every situation.

Jesus Christ wants to meet each of us, one way or another. He always waits for us, to remind us.  If we know how to think, and we recognize that our lives have a meaning, then we will never deny that we have a soul, that we have a heart and mind.  God gives us His own Body and Blood. God gives us salvation.  God gives us daily nourishment through His teachings, with His Body and His Blood. God gives us forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and He waits for us, daily, to help us, to heal us, through our faith in Divine Mercy.  Every day, we need to have some moment of quietness, for us to lift ourselves up, to offer all the difficulties in our lives to Him, to ask for His help.  With faith, we will recognize the blessings from God, Who gives to us, one way or another.

In this world, the messages that God gives to us, through the Holy Eucharist, are a way to meet us, to remind us, to bring the Good News to us, for us to see the blessings from heaven.  God has a way to save us, to bring us out of the snares that this modern world has ensnared us in. Are we going to collaborate with God?  Do we want to be saved by choosing God?  Do we give ourselves the opportunity by listening to His messages?  He has given us the means, but He leaves us the right to make the decisions to choose, for His Love to be able to grow in us, for His Love to transform us, for His Love to conquer our hearts, for His Love to bring us to love. He has embraced us with His Heart, which is His Divine Mercy that He gives to everyone in this generation, despite our sins, our offenses, God still gives us the opportunity.  God has a way to save us, because we are the price He had to pay with His Blood, the Blood that the only Son of God had to shed, to redeem our souls.

We hear about this and we are reminded of the history of this, this urgent reminder for the remaining days of this century. Jesus Christ, through the Holy Eucharist, is reminding each of us, when we look at the baby Jesus, that He is coming to each of us every time Christmas comes. This year is a special year, for we know about the warnings that will happen, as written in the Gospel. There will be a day when God will come, though we do not know by which way, at which period of time, but when we look at the events that are happening in the world, we can see the events that are happening as written in the warnings of the Gospel, the floods, the natural disasters, the deaths, the killings, the sins, the wickedness of mankind.  Everything has been warned in the Gospel, the threats that we see in our economy, the diseases, and more things that we will have to face. These events are happening for a reason, because though we do not know in advance the things that God does****, He had let us know from the warnings in the Gospel, and what was written in the Gospel will not be changed, and will happen in this era that we live in.

We have been able to hear the messages from God, through the Holy Eucharist, through the revelations given to us.  He spoke up, for us to recognize right from wrong, for us to come back to the path that we have forgotten, to come back from our rebellious ways against the Church, against the teachings, that had divided us.  Today, He gives us the opportunity, gathering us, from all over the world, to unite ourselves in love.  God brings us back to the Church that He had established.  The day that God will come back, we do not know when, but God is reminding us today, in this year, in the Advent and Christmas season of the year 2013, with a message about Christmas. We need to come back, we need to repent, we need to change our ways for God to come, we need to be ready to receive His graces, to be ready to face God, to face His Justice.  Jesus Christ will not be forever a newborn baby that comes to us every year.  Every year, God reminds us and gives us the opportunity.  This year, we have received and heard His message that the baby Jesus comes to each of us, as a Just God. Jesus Christ comes to us, not out of habit, but He is reminding us that we will have to face a judge, who will judge us in all our ways.  Our wickedness will be judged when we face truth and righteousness.

Let us not lose the opportunity when He gives it to us, especially this Christmas of the year 2013. This is the message from God for us, to bring us back to His Love, to lead us to His Divine Mercy, to come to His forgiveness, to receive salvation for our souls.  Are we going to come or not?  Are we going to collaborate or not?  Are we going to listen or are we going to keep living in denial?

We have the opportunities to recognize a spiritual life, to have faith, to come to the truth, all the things that we need to have, to receive, to accept, for us to become the children of God, for us to be protected. We still are obstinate in our ways, we reject God, we live for our ego. There are no benefits and help to us when we have no hope, when we do not believe in God, and we have to face the difficulties, we have to deal with our failures, when we do not look for God, when we do not entrust ourselves to Him, when we do not come back to Him, one way or another. God brings us Love.  He has many ways for us to meet Him.  We can meet Him, as we come back to meet God the Father, or we can look for a way to meet Him, through Jesus Christ, as a brother, Who has brought us the truth, as a companion in life, to remind us, to bring us the teachings through the Gospel.  We can meet the brothers and the sisters in Christ that God gives to us, through whom He gives us His messages, sending us the messengers, sending us the prophets, for us to recognize His teachings, the Good News, for us to come closer to Him, for us to open our eyes, to see His miracles and His power at work in this world, to save our souls from sin, to heal many from sickness, to bring many back from their wrongful ways, for everyone to come back to God.

There is only one way for us, that is for us to come back to God.  We have to make ways for God and we need to be ready to receive Him in our hearts, for us to receive the forgiveness and the salvation that He gives to us. The message for this Advent and Christmas season of the year 2013, is reminding us of the love that awaits us.  He continues to Love and will never refuse anyone who is looking to come back to Him.  He is a judge to those who follow the ways of wickedness, of sin, and if we reject the truth, then we will have to pay a price, because we make the decisions for our lives, in the past or in the present.

Do not blame God for not giving us the opportunity, because He had given us too many opportunities.  He had come to give us many opportunities to meet Him.  He had come with Love, He had knocked on the door of each soul, to speak about the Love that He has for us, to give us the opportunity to come back to Him, to meet Him.

He reminds us of His Good News, through His Church.  Today, with the messengers, with the prophets, and the miracles that are happening to individuals and to the world, if we have the eyes of faith, we will recognize, if we have ears to hear, we will hear the messages, through the Holy Eucharist, that Jesus is sending to everyone, for all of us to come back to Him, to prepare ourselves to face His Justice when He comes back as a judge, Whom everyone will have to face in righteousness and in truth.  We need to be ready, for we have been warned. Let us not lose the opportunity again, for we will have to face the consequences when we are no longer alive, the consequences of our wickedness, of our rejections of God, of our rebellions against God, because we heard, because we knew, but we did not take action, we did not collaborate, and thus we made our own decisions.

Today, God had allowed L. to receive His message, and had allowed L. to report, through the work of the Holy Spirit, this message, that through the Holy Eucharist, He had come to meet all of His children, to remind us in the remaining days of the century, to remind us of the meaning of the baby Jesus coming into the world.  This is a revelation from God, for us to prepare ourselves for our spiritual lives, for us to take a look at our lives, to make the decisions for the things that we have forgotten, for our lives to receive forgiveness and salvation from God, with our decisions to come back, with our repentant hearts, and with our readiness to receive the graces that God gives to us in this generation.

* This is a reference to the Year of Faith, proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, which ended on November 24, 2013.

** Christmas Day

*** At this point the Spirit of Jesus leads L. in writing.

**** This may refer to the “day when God will come” mentioned two sentences earlier.

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