The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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of the Eucharistic Jesus.

Blessed Mother's Tears of Blood

TEARS OF BLOOD (April 18, 2013).pdf
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Message Received on April 18, 2013


Blessed Mother: My beloved Lucia,

In your mind this morning, that is correct, I wanted you to go to the statue of Guadalupe at the church where you have been receiving the messages from God and Me, rather than at this place.

Now, since you have asked, I want to let you know and recognize the visions that you were able to hear, to see, and in the discussions of all the children, which I have seen in their minds, in their ponderings, in their concerns, that this is what they have been waiting to hear from Me.

My beloved L., this is not a coincidence, I have warned all of you, a long time ago, about all the events, in the messages that you reported, the messages that you received from God and from Me.

My beloved L., the last trip was a trip that God has planned for all of you to come to that place, and you have been chosen to come to meet Me through My statue of Guadalupe.

All the things that I have done and the works that I did on the statues, as you have seen, I have shed tears of blood, to call upon this world.

This is not the first time for Me to shed tears of blood. I have shed tears of blood, through so many months in the past, in the most recent days, and today, to clearly prove to you that I have warned you about the things that people will have to deal with, through bloodshed, with the brothers and sisters, the people of this world. People will, one way or another, for the resolution of certain things, come up with decisions that will result in bloodshed, with the most ruthless deaths, for you to see the horror, the fear.

This is the reason for My concern, and God is also intervening, for this horrible and frightful world, in these end times.

The people fight and kill each other so that the blood that you have seen are the ways for them to resolve things, by murders, for them to be the dominators of the world.

I have also spoken, and called upon everyone; a number of people have seen and they have come back, but the wickedness is still there, and is even more horrible. Nothing can happen by itself.

This is a warning for mankind which is killing each other. For this, My Heart suffers, and Jesus is fighting back tears, anxiously facing this world and today's societies. My beloved children, God has given you the graces, and God has given you more time.

I have hoped, and I have called upon a lot of people in this world. I have revealed to you, and to many others, as well as bringing God's words to everyone, to invite everyone in the world, for them to come back to the truth, to come back to the justice and peace for every nation.

That is what God is asking for, and the promises from God to mankind, if they truly put an end to their fighting, to their competing for their own interests, so that everyone, in this life, can have happiness, can receive the things that God has given to mankind, for the people to leave all that is wicked, for the people to recognize these end times, for the people to recognize the warnings, for them to put an end to their evil plans of destroying each other.

They deny the power of God.


They do things that are malicious and evil, influenced by the devil, in the darkness of a sophisticated world, to bring death, to bring sickness, and serious calamities to this world.


It is those people who have used the evil ways of the devil, with the brothers and sisters, to deceive the ones who lack experience.


They only think about their own interests, they betray the brothers and sisters, they take the lead in the countries where they live, so that the good people who are under their leadership will suffer death, and will be affected by the battles – battles that have been planned and are waiting to happen.


I have seen the horror and the terror of mankind toward each other.


God has held back His hand.


God is giving mankind more opportunities.


God is giving mankind graces.


God is blessing them for them to see that the Love of God is upon them. Only if they could leave their evil ways, only if they could run away from the darkness, then they will receive the things that they have from God, they will no longer plot to kill their brothers and sisters, they will no longer hurt others, and they will no longer deny the Power of God, they will no longer do those things that they plan to do, to allow them to be the dominators of the world.


They forgot about God.


They forgot about the Power of God.


They forgot about the things that their souls will have to suffer.


They forgot that their bodies and minds need to have days of peace, of happiness, so that everyone can come back to the peaceful places in this world.


Mankind always goes for the things that excite them.


They do not recognize God.


They do not recognize Love.


They do not recognize the truth.


They always fight. They always look deeper for those things from the darkness and the cruelty of the souls that are in the dark, in a world of sins, in a world where the devil is the master. For that reason, they cannot recognize the voice of their consciences, the voice of their souls, the voice of the innocents who were murdered, and they get involved in their plots against the meek, against the simple people, who will suffer from the consequences of the killings.


Even with repeated invitations, the hearts of humans are still hardened, still indifferent, and it seems as if they have to go through intense last moments in their lives, for them to know right from wrong. It is a critical moment, for the things that people will have to face, between the good and the bad, of a society that is drawn by the cruel ways of life which they have gotten involved in, buried deep in the darkness that is governed by the devil.


All the things that I have sent to you in the past days, although they did not strongly emphasize the point, they are the events that I am informing My children about. Act quickly, so that you will not be involved in the situations in this world, with their plans, and the presence of the evil spirits, who are causing trouble and creating threats to the whole world, with their horrible plots to kill the good people, to kill the just ones, to kill My children.


For this reason, I have shed tears, I have shed tears of blood to warn My children, I have shed tears of blood to remind My children. If you are aware and you have prepared yourselves mentally to face the coming days, whether distant or coming soon, I am informing you so that you clearly know.


I want to tell you that this world is in the end times, and I have let you see in the past days which path you need to take for yourselves, to decide for the things that you face in reality, for you to decide that you have to choose a holy life, with conviction, and to prepare for unexpected things that happen, so that you are well prepared, with the things that you have been warned about, and no matter if they are disasters or wars or anything else that might happen, you know those are the things that I have warned this world about, for the people to be clear and to be prepared.


I have seen everything in the hearts of mankind.


For the people who are living in sins, I also want to remind them, because for the things that they do, they themselves are mere humans beings who belong to the same, large group of humanity. Do not commit sins and do not harm the innocent ones.


These people who are living in sins, they are the ones who bear the responsibility, they are accountable for the things they bring into the world, and their decisions, made by mistake, will be the biggest regret for a nation, for the individuals or for the others who are under their dictatorship.


If they do not treat the brothers and sisters with their consciences, then they will be the ones destroyed in the events.


But things are what they are in this world, the people do not pay attention to the reminders of God, they do not pay attention to My messages. They only focus on the reality of the things that they are passionate about, the things that they desire in this world. They are drawn by the money, the fame, the lust.


They have the means and the opportunities to help the brothers and sisters and the people in this world to find their ways back to God, back to what is right and just, but they have not helped the brothers for the things that are beneficial, for the brothers to avoid the difficulties and the pressures from their minds to their bodies.


There are still so many people living selfishly.


There are so many people who have the ability but they do not do things that are just; on the contrary, they are doing those things that are harmful, that hurt others, creating problems for society and ending with unfortunate results for the world.


A world which God has given the opportunities, the graces, and the things for the people to come back, along with the people that God sent, for them to see those things and wake up, from their souls to their minds, for them to be determined and for them to decide to come back to the path of justice, of truth.


So that they will speak up for the brothers, stand up for the meek, speak up for the just, speak up for those who do not have the strength to stand, and for them to intervene in all the things that they are leading in the societies, in the nations, and those dark things that they are doing, using their power to deceive, to plot, to run things for their interests, to do the things that are evil, under the influence of the devil, to kill others, to kill all the things that are just, to kill all the people and the preparations that are good, the people who are on their way back, who are avoiding the things that they were caught in throughout their lives, in the darkness of sins.


There have been invitations, and to have progress in the things that are good, this world needs to have the cooperation, the unity, and the words which the people have heard, have seen, have spread, for everyone to recognize, to receive, and to prepare for their spiritual lives, as well as their physical lives, so that they can face disasters with faith, with trust, and to know the places where they can gather together, the places where there are the brothers and sisters who have devoted and good hearts to help and guide them.


Today, I am coming to you with My tears of blood to remind you of the urgency in these end times, and the days when you will have to endure the big disasters of these end times.


God is waiting for mankind to come back to Him. There has been some progress, though the number is still small, but there has been a number of people coming back. For this reason, God is blessing and He is holding His hand out to help all those who need His help. He is holding His hand out to help the souls who truly want to come back, to change, to return to the truth, and to help others, so that with the Divine Mercy of God, you will have more time and more opportunities to come back and to transform this truth by holding on to the grace and the love of God.


There are also the things that you need to see and stay away from, so that you do not fall into the traps, into the plots that they are planning in their quest to become the world leader. They do not see the power of God, Who can come at any time. The people who continue to act with cruelty, who continue to plot to kill the innocent ones, the good ones, then they will be influenced by their own decisions, without knowing what might happen in their lives, with the way they treat others.


These are the things that I am telling to My children, to strengthen them, for them to know what is good and beneficial. Continue with your practices for you to have a strong mindset, and with enthusiasm and diligence help the brothers and sisters.
Continue to spread the words of God to people, for anyone who is disposed to receive and hear, for anyone who can come back to come back, and for anyone who can come back soon, for them to be prepared mentally, for them to be able to face the battle from their minds to their bodies, with the things of this world.

Especially for all of you who have the responsibility to spread the words of God and to let the world know, so you have the responsibility to see the things that I warned you about, for you to be more zealous, for you to accomplish your duties, which God has revealed through His messages, to remind you of the work that you are doing.


Next, you have to understand your own brothers and sisters, the people who are living in a state of being attacked from within, so that you know that those are the things that you need to overcome, to triumph over the difficulties, for you to see the works that I am calling you to.


I also wish that you will lend a hand to help spread the words of God and My messages to the world, so that My children can be prepared morally, to come back to God, and to decide to leave their way of sins.


For them to be prepared also, to deal with the plots from the people who have power, who are planning to kill people, in the societies, in the world, the things that are happening, that you are hearing today, and there are also many other places that are in a lot of turmoil.


For this reason, strengthen your faith, to believe, to receive and to know the extraordinary things, and the revelations that you are able to receive, and to prepare yourselves for the things that are happening. From within families to societies, and in every other situation, from your mindset to your material life, and even for the entire generation.


So for the things that you are able to see, to hear, they are the urgent messages that I want to say to you.


God is also waiting. He is concerned and hurt with the things that He has given. He has given more time, but there aren't that many people who have left their wrongful ways. Mankind is still stubborn, indifferent.


So you have to see the concern, My tears of blood, My pain, and even the tears that God has shed for this world.


He has done all that He could do.


He has given all that He could give.


His graces have been abundant in these end times.


He has blessed the Church to see the things that need to be strengthened, the things that need to be improved, and the truth for things to be just, which He is calling for for everyone to be prepared spiritually, to be prepared for the things that have been predestined and will eventually come.


You will have to deal with the realities of things in the coming days, in future days, so that you will have a new world that God is wishing for, and God will truly come, and there will be days in which there will no longer be pain, murder, fighting, sinful things, threatening things, things that are decided by people for their own interests and their own desires to be the world leaders, denying the power of God, provoking His clemency, provoking the things that God has especially given to mankind, in these end times.


May My peace be with you. I love you very much.



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