The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

The Gift of The Six Kowtows


A Present from Blessed Mother Mary to Humanity

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The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Eucharistic Jesus


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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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On 6/3/2018, this miraculous photo of the Eucharist was taken by the messenger Lucia at her residence. The Holy Spirit revealed that in this photo was Jesus’ Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, in union of God the Father and the Holy Spirit, and the whole heavenly court.

Blessed Mother's Message to Everyone in the World

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Mon message à tout le monde dans ce mond[...]
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Blessed Mother's Message Received on April 19, 2013


Blessed Mother: My beloved Lucia,


Do not be afraid or worry about the words that I have given to you yesterday afternoon. Those words were My warnings for the events that will happen to this world, things that you could not know yourself. That was an important message that I, through you, wanted to send to all the brothers and sisters, and to the whole world.


Your tasks are the things that I have told you beforehand, for you to be aware of these things, right from the start.


God has allowed time for mankind to come back.


Things cannot stay the way they are, and there is not much time left, because you will not be able to deal with the unexpected events that will happen and that you have to face, in your daily lives.


There are disasters, calamities, murders, caused by mankind, in societies, here and there. The innocent citizens, the meek and the good people, and the people who have had to make sacrifices, continue to have to make sacrifices for the evil ones. The evil people are the ones who have to make changes, who have to come back, who have to leave their ways of sins, from all the past years.


The hearts of mankind are too hardened and too stubborn for them to recognize and to see the power of God. Everything that does not come from the truth will be completely and utterly destroyed.


For this reason, God has held back His hand, to wait for His children to come back, for the sinners and for those who are committing wrongdoings, to realize their mistakes and to come back, so that they will not have to face the sufferings that the people are creating, to harm their own brothers and sisters.


However, though God has held back His hand, to allow the people the opportunity to come back, the people keep on killing each other. They are harming each other, fighting with each other for their own interests, for their own countries, for their own reputations, following their own ways of thinking.


They do not know that at any moment, if God is intervening, if God is alive and present, then they should run to Him, they should come back to Him, for them to find the support, for them to find the help, for them to find the strength for their faith, to help them face the disasters that befall the societies today.


There are many more things that the people need. Not because of the bombs, not because of the killings, and the things that humans used in the past, but in these modern times, there are things that are so sophisticated that nobody can guess beforehand.


There will be a strategy, attacking the minds of people, using ways to terrify people, using ways to frighten people, for the people to be afraid in this society that is led by those whose actions are cruel, whose ways are from the darkness, with the plans from the evil one, who is behind those who have the power to influence the people in the world, who have the power to influence everyone with whom you are now facing.


For this reason, this is urgent, this is a message for people to find their way back, to prepare themselves, from their minds to their souls. Even in the works that you do, look for the things that you can save and keep for yourselves. This will help you to be prepared for any future situations, any disasters that you encounter; you have to have complete trust, for God to give you support, for God to give you strength in faith, for you to be able to wait till the last minute, for you to wait for the changes in the things that mankind will find, from its own mistakes.


There are certain changes in which people need to be challenged, with their egos, with their reasoning, for them to decide whether they should walk in the direction that has been determined by a society that leads the people on the path of denial, denying everything that is holy, denying everything that comes from the miracles performed by God.


The things that these evil people use are the things that are harmful to the brothers and sisters, one way or another, using a sophisticated method that will attack the minds of the people, that will cause the people to face certain situations that they cannot withstand – if they do not have a spiritual life, a life in perseverance, a life in holiness – for them to have God's intervention, and to have God travel with them in their life of faith, which everyone has to have, in an era such as this era.


There are also the changes that the people will see unexpectedly, and they will also face the tribulations that have been planned in this world to create chaos. People will lose their freedoms, their securities, which from their own actions, for their own interests, they have allowed these things to happen to the meek sheep, to the sheep that will somehow be affected, whether unintentionally or intentionally, with the situations that this world is getting itself into in these end times.


There are also those things that you have seen, starting with the destructions and murders of millions, from the plots of the evil people, for their own interests. They have been influenced by the wickedness of the devil to do the things that you will see and that you will face in the coming days.


I have seen and I have known those children of Mine who have fallen into these situations.


So this is the invitation and the reminder for the people to be aware of the things that they have to face in this world, which will be the days of calamities, the horrors that are happening all over the world, in different countries, without any peaceful days.


If you do not prepare yourselves mentally, if you do not have a spiritual life, then in your daily lives you will not be able to overcome the difficulties, and your minds will be tense, causing you to lose your faith, and to lose the determination to be able to deal with the situations and the reality of the coming days.


The situation of the people with famine could happen to any country, and when it happens from one country to another, it will eventually affect the whole world.


With everything reaching its highest limit, in these end times, the invitations that God is giving are a blessing to the people. God is also giving to mankind the opportunity, allowing mankind to see and to come back, so that they are not pulled into the actions from the societies and the nations that are looking into ways to destroy each other, fighting for their own interests. Those are the things that have caused people to have to deal with the competitions that lead to killing each other in absurd ways, so that in the end, the people cannot even see the last moments of these end times.


The people continue to compete, to fight, to look after their own interests, and they do not even think about anything beneficial to their souls.


They do not recognize the Love from God, throughout the ages.


They do not see the graces from God, in these end times, to invite everyone, whether they are Catholics or not, or whether they believe in God or not, God still wants them to see His Love for them.


God is truly the Father of mankind.


Only God has the power to allow mankind to live or to die, for mankind to find the truth, so that the things between good and evil will come to an end, so that there will be a new world that truly is what God is giving to mankind.


A new world, with no more hatred, with no more competition, and with no more destruction.


God is waiting for a world that is full of hope, for a world of love, for a world of peace, a world in which everyone can find their way to the light of the Gospel, find their way to the tender love of God, Who is blessing the world with His graces, for the people to have the opportunity to find their way to His Divine Mercy, to find their way to meet Him through the Holy Eucharist, to find their way back to the Church, with the people that have been chosen in the Church of today.


God is waiting for the people to understand their own positions, to know what they should do, to know what they should face and practice, for their lives to be holy, for them to walk away from their own egos, to walk away from their passions, to walk away from their deadly competitions, from their wants, from their actions.


In every era, there are people who do not act and treat others with their consciences, with their morality, but instead, always treat others with the wickedness of the devil, with the intention to hurt, to cause chaos, to cause wars, to kill, to create things that bring only sufferings, from the minds to the bodies.


Even their souls cannot find a place to rest, because they are evil people, they are from a world that does not recognize the Light of God, a world that does not recognize the Love of God, a world that does not recognize the invitation from God, and a world that does not recognize the last grace that God is giving to them, for them to be cleansed, for them to receive forgiveness, and for them to receive salvation in these end times.


This is My message to this world.


Children, if you continue with this situation, if you continue on not hearing, if you continue on not seeing, and your hearts cannot recognize the Love of God, then you will have to pay the price of your decisions, for the things that you are currently pursuing, for the evil ways of the days that you are living now.


If you do not come back, if you keep on living the way you do, then you will have to suffer the consequences.


God has given you the opportunity for you to come back, for you to have the moments of hope, for you to receive the Mercy of God, for you to receive forgiveness from God, and for you to receive salvation from God.


These are the words that I am speaking to My children, who are good children, who are the children living lives of sacrifices, and the children who are living a life of righteousness.


Continue to invite, continue to do the works that are essential, the works that are beneficial to the brothers and sisters. Invite the people to recognize God, for them to come back to God, for them to come back to the Divine Mercy of God, for them to meet God for Him to sanctify them, for them to meet God for Him to transform them, and for God to give them the opportunity to receive the heavenly light that God has given to mankind through the death of Jesus, Who died for humanity, and Who has sealed the Cross with His Love to bring happiness in these end times.


My invitation is for you children. Look at the opportunities that God has given to you.


God has given you many occasions for you to come back, for you to walk away from the plots that you are planning to kill each other.


If you go on committing more sins that keep adding on, then the path that you are on, where will this path lead your souls to, where will you end up with the evil things that you are doing, the evil ways that you treat the brothers and sisters, the innocents in this world?


Children, you are the children of God, you are My children.


Listen to My voice.


Come back to God.


Come back to Me, so that you will receive salvation for your souls. For the happiness that God is giving to you, you need to walk away from your mistakes, for you to be able to receive these graces.


If you continue to live in sins, if you continue to live with your mistakes, if you continue with your evil ways, then you will be punished with the things that you have chosen for yourselves.


Listen to My voice.


You cannot be victorious over the power of God.


You cannot earn the things that God has given to you.


You are His creations.


Everything that you have, your lives, all the things that you have today, this is all from the Love of God, from the Mercy of God, from the graces He has given to you.


You cannot do anything without the graces of God.


You have to recognize the Love of God.


If you continue on your path, then you will end up with your own destructions. That is something important for your souls, for your bodies and for your minds. Besides, the people who are just, the children of Mine who are living a just and good life, they will have to suffer the consequences too.


For the sake of the people who are living a just life, God is saving the people who are living in sins. The ones living in sins must come back so that along with the just ones, they can all receive the graces that God is giving to mankind in these end times, which God is inviting everyone to receive.


He is supporting and protecting you, children.


If you truly are listening to Me, I am inviting you to step away from your mistakes, from your sinful ways, to come back to the Divine Mercy of God, to come back and reconcile with God, to come back to His Church, to come back to the things that are righteous, to come back to the truth, for you to be able to receive, in these end times, what you can receive from His Divine Mercy, from His forgiveness, and from His Love.


This is My invitation, My call in these end times, with My tears of blood, to warn you about this great tribulation that will happen.


If you are not prepared in your spiritual lives, then with the lives that you are leading, you will fall into the pit, you will fall into such terrible situations that you would not be able to get yourselves out.


If without the graces of God, if the changes do not happen starting from this moment, then you will be destroyed along with the brothers and the sisters, in the situations that you will have to face, with the days of tribulations in these end times.


This is My message to you, this second message, which is very important.


I want the whole world to receive and hear this message, this urgent warning for humanity.


I hope that these words will be a wake-up call for everyone, everywhere, for you to be prepared, in your spiritual lives, and for you to come back to God, through the ways that you can recognize, to ask for God's help, to ask for God's support, and for Me to be by your sides, to help you in the days of tribulations, to give you shelter, to give you a place where you can find holiness, where you can find the protection and the intervention from God.


This is My message to everyone in this world.


I desire that you receive and hear this message, as well as spread this message to others.


If you have the chance, together, help your brothers and sisters, in whichever way you can.


Be prepared in your spiritual lives, be prepared in your bodies and your minds, so that when things happen, when changes happen, you are already prepared, you are ready, and you will not be too terrified, you will not be too frightened with the things that you will have to face, whether unintentionally or intentionally, in your lives, which you could not have guessed beforehand.


If you do not entrust yourselves, if you do not have trust, if you do not have a spiritual life, then it will be hard for you to overcome the things that will happen in the coming days in these end times, and you will have to deal with these things that are true.


This is My invitation.


I desire that you will put into practice, that you will accept, that you will trust and that you will come back to God, to receive His forgiveness and His help.


With trust in His Love, through His Divine Mercy, each of you will receive the help from God.


By entrusting yourselves to His Divine Mercy, by entrusting yourselves to the Holy Eucharist, with the faith that you continue to unite yourselves to the Rosary, I will be able to help, I will be able to bring My children, your brothers and sisters, those who need help in their spiritual lives, those who need help in their physical lives, those who do not know which way and how to come back, I will bring them back to God.


So then, there are many things that you need to spread, that you need to work on more diligently, to invite and bring back the large number of brothers and sisters who are living in today's societies, the brothers and sisters who have never known God, who have never received God, who are living in sins, whose hearts are hardened, who are living in indifference, with their hearts set on the earthly things of this world.


They do not know what to do to bring benefits to their spiritual lives, they do not know what will happen when they leave this physical life, when they encounter the tribulations.


That is a fearful thing for their souls, for those who cannot recognize the love of God, for those who cannot recognize the invitation from God, and for those who cannot recognize the support that God is reminding them about.


God is coming close to you.


He is giving His graces to mankind in these end times.


I have come to you, with My tears of blood, for you to recognize this most extremely urgent call, so that you have to decide for your current ways of living, for you to receive the things that God is giving to you, the benefits that you will have, when you decide to step away from your passions, which will lure you into the pit, with no way out.


If you do not hold onto the Love of God, if you do not hold onto the Divine Mercy of God, then you will not have the opportunity to change when things happen unexpectedly.


This is what I want to say to you this afternoon.


May My peace be with you.


I hope that you have understood, that you believe, and that you are clear about the current events that are happening at different places.


Slowly, they will spread and the people will end up killing each other, one way or another.


Be prepared in your spiritual lives.


Be prepared mentally.


Be prepared for the things for which you will need to have God’s intervention.


You need to live in faith.


You need to entrust yourselves.


You need to have the support from God, for you to overcome the days of horrible tribulations in these end times.


This is My message to you, for you to recognize this truth.


Goodbye My children. I love you very much.


- Mother


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