The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

The Gift of The Six Kowtows


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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Recognize and Understand the Meaning                       of the Mass



January 11, 2014 – 12:45 p.m.

Father: My beloved L.,

This morning I let you receive the message inspired by the Holy Spirit with the thoughts that I want to send to My children in the entire world, especially to the brothers and the sisters who are serving. For the majority of people nowadays, the celebration of the Mass is something that they are familiar with and they do not understand the important meaning that you have heard from the Holy Spirit, which I have reminded through the Church, which many members of the clergy have learned and shared. Only a certain number of people can realize and understand this; as for the majority of people, they consider the Mass a routine and a formality as you reported in the message inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I feel that faith is decreasing more and more each day because people no longer pay attention, and even the children who are chosen to preach My words, even those who have roles in their lives do not truly delve deeper into understanding the meaning so that they can recognize the great worth through the Mass that I have left to the world. I am still anxious; I am still worried; I always desire that the clergy – those who are learned in theology, who have understood – preach to the laity, because as Christians living a life receiving Me, they have to understand the meaning of My Body and My Blood. They have to understand the meaning of the Mass; they have to understand that the Mass brings them eternal life, that the Mass brings them life – reminding them in their spirits, bodies, souls, spiritual lives.

The Mass teaches people to become benevolent, to become virtuous, to live a zealous life – a life according to My teaching, to be united, and to recognize the love that I reserve for each person and the eternal life in the place that I have prepared for all. Learn to be benevolent; learn to be holy; learn to understand the value of the Mass, to recognize the Mass as the grace that I bestow through the Church, to be celebrated daily, to nourish the souls of Christians, to nourish the soul of each person on earth (1). When each of you recognizes and understands My Love, My Body and My Blood nourishing the souls and the bodies; when you are aware and recognize My liveliness coming to you, then I am present in your lives, in your hearts. I want you to know the truth, I want you to know righteousness through the experience from which you can feel the things I give in a divine way, and I want to remind you to not do things swiftly, to not do things according to the formality that humans are accustomed to. The value that I give – every heart, every soul can receive; nobody can explain it except that particular person, who will understand and who will begin to feel the peace, the love, the attraction of love, starting from the ways that you learn from benevolence, from holiness, from understanding the miraculous meaning of My coming to you, in a divine way, with My own Body and My own Blood.

You are able to truly hear, to meet Me through My voice (2), to meet My liveliness, so that I can heal your souls, your bodies. I want to remind each soul, each person, to recognize and see the meaning of a spiritual life – the meaning of the life that your souls need so that you can train your bodies – through the days of your journeys, to have the will to differentiate between right and wrong, so that you can find the righteous things and the teaching that each of you need to learn to help you escape the lures of the world, a world where people always have selfishness, greed, sins, ambition, things that do not belong in the teaching and in My invitation (3).

Because of all the lures, this generation has distanced itself from My Love, from My invitation. People are indifferent, hardened; they only do things according to their routine, but I still give them My Love in order for them to return. I greatly desire and long for them to understand the meaning, to understand deeper, to look into the miracles that I give them, to recognize the happiness of the eternal life that I promise and give to each of My children, to have the happy life from the divine blessings that I give.

In life you encounter bitterness, difficulty, things that humans do to one another, but through those challenges, through those trials, through those experiences, you recognize the things that you pray for. In the things that you encounter daily, when you encounter Me daily, you need to speak up, you need to pray, you need to have a heart that longs to trust, to entrust, to come to Me in a sincere way; I will look at the things that are suitable, the things that you pray for, to be worthy with the life that I give you.

The things that I want you to experience in the celebration of the Mass – whether you are worthy or not – I still give, but you need to avoid committing sins, committing offenses, and if you consider everything as routine, you will not even know when you are able to receive, you will not even care when you are able to see. You do not understand, you do not believe, and you do not see the sublime value that I give to you in each celebration of the Mass; I will protect all those who come and listen to the words that I reserve for each person, for each encounter in your lives. My Body and My Blood nourish My children when you truly examine your consciences in order to receive My Body and My Blood, and I continue to give you wisdom, understanding, along with blessings, but there are many things that make Me anxious and worried because My children receive Me as routine, they do not even greet Me – not even one word – when they receive Me in their hearts. On the contrary, in their hearts they have disrespectful thoughts, sinful thoughts, and deceitful thoughts in regard to their personal interests. They do not recognize their own mistakes in order to be ready to receive My Body and My Blood; they continue to do it as routine and they continue to receive as if It is just a simple piece of bread, without faith and without depth to understand and to recognize the miracle of the Holy Eucharist.

There are many of My children who still do not understand the value of the Mass, who still do not understand when they receive My Body and My Blood; they do not recognize all the divine blessings that I give to them. The Church has also reminded because there are many priests, as well as those whose role is to preach, who have become inattentive and lacking in their preaching in order to help the laity understand the value when they attend Mass, when they receive My Body and My Blood. Even the priests have imperfections in their lives; they need to train and to learn, through theology, to be able to explain, to teach, to guide, using the words that are most needed for the children in the entire world to have more concepts and to understand better the life of faith, through their experiences with the celebration of the Mass.

There are many things I remind all of you in the entire world so that you are able to understand the signs that you presently have Me through the Holy Eucharist, bestowing blessings upon you so that you are touched and able to see with your human eyes. (4) If you have a life of faith, this will open up many graces, many miracles and many sublime realities through the miracle of the Holy Eucharist that I give to this generation. I want to speak up so that all of My children will be aware and understand that every time all of you receive My Body and My Blood, I give you eternity for the next life, and life for the present days. Receive with a zealous heart, with a pure heart, so that you can grow in the life of faith, to recognize the sublime gift of My giving Myself to you, so that I can protect you, so that I can guide you. I give many divine blessings when you understand the Holy Eucharist, when you receive My Body and My Blood, when you attend Mass to nourish the life of faith, the spiritual life, which each Christian needs to have in their lives.

My beloved children,

I am grieved when the children attend Mass but they do not understand and they have no notion of the meaning of the Mass; they continue in this way their whole lives. They do not understand the sublime meaning when they receive Me, and when they return to their families and the environment they face, they continue to scourge My Body, which is present in them, with their acts, with their words, with their deeds and their lack of understanding the value of the Mass. They are breaking My Heart; they are offending Me grievously; they continue to face the brothers with their selfishness, with their insults, with their practices in the ways of the world, without trying to understand that through their offenses they are scourging Me – just like in the past, just like on the day of My Passion, with the daily scourges through unkind words spoken, through betrayals, through hatred, through jealousy, through actions that are grieving My Heart.

There are also the offenses committed by actions in gestures, in the ego, in lust; people no longer have the eyes of faith to recognize how serious sin is; you have offended My Body, you have grieved My Heart that has to witness and see the practice lacking comprehension, the practice of sins, the practice in the foolishness of humans. You do not recognize the things that are divine; you do not practice what you learn, what you know; and you do not know the great value of what I give to you. Day after day, the offenses continue; indeed, I am grieved. I do not know how to make you understand and recognize the acts that you have done, not knowing the value, not knowing the consequences of the offenses that will become a habit leading you into sins, with your consciences no longer understanding the purposes and meanings in a life of faith.

You are Christians, you are Catholics, you are the people who daily practice in your roles; from the laity to those who have functions, you need to look back and see the things that you need: a daily repentance, a training to see the things that are right and wrong, to see the important things that need to be practiced so that they do not become a routine of not understanding the value, of not understanding the great offense to My Body and My Blood. I see many other offenses committed daily by My children; you continue with the daily tortures, one way or another, which you cannot see with the human eyes; in the eyes of faith, you are even blinder and you cannot comprehend the sublime and valuable things that I have given so that I can help you, save you, and live in you. How can you then feel the liveliness that I want you to recognize? Practice in life through the way you think; allow your hearts each day to recognize; look back at the deeds done, the actions, the words spoken so that you are conscious of the deeds that you do – you want these deeds to be good, to be the deeds that you need to do, yet in practice, you refuse, and you do the opposite.

The life of faith requires living with the truth, with the heart, with the practice of the truth, with the rejection of sins, with the practice according to the teaching that I taught you. The majority of people nowadays have fallen into the situation where they do their works but when they come to receive Me, they do so casually without realizing what is sacred, what is valuable, what they need to revere and to be aware of so that their lives will not be easily swayed with any situations they encounter in life – when they encounter happiness or sadness, when they differentiate between right and wrong and what needs to be done, so as to stop practicing acts that are deceitful, with the sins that people always commit: through their thinking; through hatred and jealousy; through greed, selfishness; through the things that people have in their ego.

Instead, replace with love, replace with the things that I want each of you to practice so that you can come close to Me, through faith, through the blessings that I have given to you – so as to be aware of your deeds, of the meaning of the actions done to the brothers, so as to have all the examples that you need to be good role models for others when they hear, when they listen to the invitation that is humility and obedience. You accomplish the daily formality yet there is jealousy, greed, personal interests, foolish acts, with many other intentional offenses, and you receive while your souls still have sins, committing many disrespectful acts. You cause My Heart to bleed daily, to suffer because you do not have the recognition; I wait daily, I remind daily, I want you to understand and to hear My voice, through the revelation of the Holy Eucharist that I give to you today.

O hearts, O souls that have understood and recognized that you are Christians, that you receive many blessings and you are aware of the value of the Mass: come to meet Me through the healing of souls, of bodies (5). You cannot let things become routine, you need to grow daily in your life of faith, you need to live with your hearts through the practice of benevolence, spending time to understand the meaning of My Body and My Blood. You have to remember to avoid the sins that you commit daily; you have to reject the wrongful acts, the sins, the crimes, so that you can experience happiness, in order to understand the meaning for the things that you face and practice in life, in order to come close to a life of faith, in order to come close to the love and the grace that I give to each person – along with many other things that I give to this generation.

I desire that you understand the meaning when you attend Mass; you have to understand that you come to meet Me, that you need My graces, that you need My Body and My Blood in your souls, so that I can help you change your outlook – so that you can be happy, peaceful – to live a life in which I give you My Body and My Blood to help your souls for the next life. You need to reject everything that does not belong to the invitation so that your souls will not suffer with anything that is not righteous. If you look with the eyes of faith in the blessings that you receive, you are living in the heavenly world on this earth, a world that you need to see with the eyes of faith; you will receive divine protection, one way or another. Whether you are aware or not I give divine protection to the children who listen, who recognize and understand the value of the Mass, who understand the meaning of receiving My Body and My Blood, who understand the things that they need to reject and to avoid, who are determined to return. This is something divine that you feel in your souls, through My grace, which you cannot explain, which is something each person feels, in the blessing I give of Myself and the heavenly life, the eternal life.

In your lives, through the understanding of the Mass, of receiving My Body and My Blood, you are aware that the life of a Christian has value and depth in the soul, every time you pray, every time you practice and every time you recognize the teaching. The meaning I want to speak of today is about the Mass. I want you to try to understand every time the clergy is preaching about the meaning of the Mass, and you can also read the books written by the saints so that you can be clear and have a better understanding; especially the chosen people, the people who have started on the path of learning the meaning of living the life of a Christian: to know My touch, to know their roles in service.

You have to learn to understand your lives, to learn to live more benevolently, to train yourselves to understand and practice according to My invitation through the Gospel, through the commandments; you will have peace and happiness, you will recognize the blessings that I give to you. I protect you so that you can stay away from the lures of life; you receive these divine blessings and when you recognize and understand the meaning of the Mass, it bestows many graces upon each person, when you understand the value of the Mass, when you practice according to the teaching and the guidance through the grace that I give to you.

This is all I want to say today. I hope that this message will be the exhortation in My children’s lives in this generation, a reminder of the liveliness in the things that have become routine to be more meaningful. In these days, I want you to understand more about the Holy Eucharist, about the life in which each person needs to have some quiet moments so that you are able to recognize. I am Present through the Holy Eucharist to bless you, to help you, to guide you, to give you a new outlook in faith, to help you live a life of practice according to the teaching that I left to My children, in order for love to blossom in you, through sacrifice, so that you are able to understand the value and the meaning of the important graces that I give to you in this generation. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much.


Completed at 1:18 p.m.

(1) To receive Holy Communion, one must be a practicing Catholic in the state of grace. It is God’s Will that all of His children become Catholic (see John 10:16). He is the only true God and He started one Church.
(2) His voice is these messages.
(3) “Invitation” is a word used very often in these messages. It is heaven’s invitation to a new life in Jesus.
(4) This refers to the miraculous images of the Eucharist that L. is able to record on her phone; a small number of these are on .
(5) Through the Eucharist, which is not hard to believe considering It is the true Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ

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