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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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   The Murders of the Unborn Babies

January 22, 2014 – 2:04 p.m.

My beloved Lucia,

Today, I want the Holy Spirit to work in you and guide you for you to receive the recognition of the situation that mankind is in these days, acting against the Commandments, committing grave sins. I can see each soul that is heading for perdition, falling into the snares of this modern society. My children no longer live with their hearts, they no longer live according to My teachings, they no longer live according to the truth that they have known and heard of.

My beloved children,

Everything that is evil will one day come to an end. If you do not wake up in time, while you have the opportunity to do so, then you will have to suffer the consequences of what you have sown.

My beloved children, My Love for you never changes, whether you are aware of this Love or not, whether you accept this Love or not. I Love you, and I have done everything I could for you.  History reminds you of My Love, and My Good News continues to be given to all, up to this generation. Everything in this world has been predestined, so while you are alive, you still have the opportunity to choose between right and wrong, you still have the opportunity to mend your ways now, or you will have to suffer the consequences later for the things that you did.*

My beloved children, you can see the evil in this era, the horrors committed, by those of you who have forgotten about your consciences, by those of you who have forgotten about your morals, who continue with the murders of the unborn babies.

My beloved children, let the Holy Spirit guide you, for you to recognize the consequences of your evil ways, of your hardened hearts, of your indifference, of your wrongful actions. Once you open the door to evil and allow evil to lead you in your actions, you are no longer able to think conscientiously or righteously. You will become hardened in your hearts, you will become indifferent, and you will persist in your evil ways. For the evil that you do, you will have to suffer the consequences.

My beloved children, the things of this world only last a short time. With the eyes of the world, you cannot see the sins that you have committed against the unborn babies, against the souls of the unborn. The soul of a human being lives and never dies. You will have to answer to each soul that you harm, so you need to understand how your actions affect the souls of others.

My beloved children, in this era, you have forgotten about the divine worship that you need to have, and in its place, you worship the modern ways of the world that have caused you to err from your consciences and from the commandments.

My beloved children, in the beginning, you had seen everything that I had given to your ancestors**, but because of the mistake they made in their decision, they have allowed sin to enter the world.

Today, with the murders of the babies, do you not know that the souls of these babies still live? Once they are conceived, the fetuses are truly alive human beings. They are alive in the wombs, and when they are harmed, their screams reached all the way to heaven. You have killed all these fetuses on purpose. You have not allowed them to live. You have usurped My Power, taking into your own hands the decision to terminate a human life. You have committed the utmost offense for which you will have to pay for the consequences.  Do you not see the price you have to pay, and are you not thinking about the consequences of your actions?

My beloved children, in the teachings that I had left to mankind, I had reminded you that you need to live righteously, choosing right over wrong, choosing good over evil, to understand the things that you need to do and the things that you need to avoid, but the trend in this generation, from the government officials to the citizens, is to yield to the freedom for personal decisions, even if these decisions lead them on the wrong path, and to collaborate in sinful acts.

My beloved children, you are sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness. You are falling deeper and deeper into the abyss. You deny and you reject the blessings I had given to mankind. You reject My commandments. You have rebelled and acted against My teachings, and the consequences are the sins committed in this generation. You kill countless human lives, and yet that is considered legal.
You agree to do things that are against nature, and yet that is acceptable. You live life according to your ego; you live life according to your own interests, thus causing all the current problems.  It is precisely the selfishness of this generation that is the cause for you to act without a generous heart, for you to act without compassion, for you to act without love.  There is only a small number of people who live righteously, who listen to My teachings, who practice My teachings, who help the brothers whom they meet, helping them to improve their spiritual lives.

My beloved children, in every era, there are prophets, there are messengers whom I send, there are the righteous people who live according to My ways and those who live in evil ways. These are the end times, and everything will happen in this period of time, as written in the Gospel, as predicted in the Revelations***.  This world has to accept and has to be resigned to these tribulations. This is the time for you to come back with a repentant heart, for you to recognize the faith that you need to have and the righteous life that you need to follow. This is the only way for you to have a solid life of faith, besides the graces that I want to give abundantly to this generation.

Sin is rampant. In the justice that I had promised, what is predestined will never change. The time has come, and in this battle between good and evil, it is up to each person to make the decision to choose between the things that are evil and the things that are good. Things that have never happened before will happen in this generation, which is a wicked generation. If you do not listen and repent and come back, then you have made your own decisions regarding your souls and your bodies.

I had to intervene, I had to remind you, because you live in a sinful generation, because you are surrounded by evil, because you are being lured into the modern and sophisticated ways of this era and many of you are falling into the snares of this world.  I am speaking to you through My messages to remind you of the blessings I had given to you in the beginning, in those days when I was living on earth, with the Good News, with the truth. This is the opportunity where I give abundant graces, reminding all of you about My promises, for you to find the way to come back.  It is time for you to make a decision for your spiritual life.

My beloved children, everything that I do for this generation has a reason. The sacrifices I had made for you are to help you overcome the sinful ways of this world that are luring you into its snares, luring you into the darkness where the evil ones are fighting for your souls. So in this world full of sins, full of evil, I give abundant graces to save you, to free you from the snares of the world, to free you from the chains of sin.  This is the reason for My messages from the Holy Eucharist, to remind you of My teachings, to remind you that you need to live according to My teachings. 
I want to remind you about My Divine Mercy. You need to come back to Divine Mercy. You have to pray to The Divine Mercy, for you to be saved through Divine Mercy, which is the salvation that I give to this generation.  I had known about the situation that the world will be in today and that is the reason why I had given My Divine Mercy to this world.  Because you live in sin, you have rejected My Divine Mercy and you have followed the ways of the world.
Because of your self-interests, because you have acted according to your ways, to the ways of the world, you have forgotten about the blessings that were given to this generation. Because you did not come to Divine Mercy, the consequence today is the spreading of evil, which you have to face today.  You no longer have respect for a human life, you no longer think about the soul, and you continue to live in your evil ways.  You have fallen deep into the snares of evil.

Today, I am coming to you, through My grace, I am speaking to you, to remind you to come back to Divine Mercy.  My Divine Mercy will definitely save you when you seek the way back. I invite each person, I invite all the sheep of God, I invite all the clergy to speak up and to come back to Divine Mercy.

Be brave, face the reality, come back to Me.  Through the Holy Eucharist, I am reminding you to come to My Divine Mercy.  Through The Divine Mercy, all the saints in heaven are praying with you, and in purgatory, the souls are waiting for the intercession from The Divine Mercy for all to be saved in the remaining days of this century.

My beloved children, this is the work of the Holy Spirit, if not, you would not have been able to see the fierce battle between good and evil, raging on in the life of the children who are evangelizing the Good News. You need to discern the things that come from the truth, you need to understand the things that I sent to you, to warn you of the upcoming tribulations.

Today, through the Holy Eucharist, I have made revelations to the world, to remind everyone to come to Divine Mercy. All of you need to be united in love, to reject the lures of the world, to come back to Divine Mercy. My Divine Mercy will definitely bring you back to Me. My Divine Mercy will forgive you. My Divine Mercy will free you. My Divine Mercy will allow you to feel inner peace, will allow you to feel My healing and My intervention in this generation.

I also want you to recognize My Presence, My voice, from the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Eucharist that I left to the world 2,000 years ago, in the Last Supper.  My Presence in the Holy Eucharist is to give you graces and hope, in these end times.  Look at the works that are happening in this generation, I have healed many souls, many diseases, for the children who truly believe in the miracles that I do and give to this world.

My beloved children, this is the first era to have these miracles, directly through the Holy Eucharist, and these miracles continue to happen for you to pay attention to, for you to know the graces that I have given, that I am giving, and I continue to give to you, at this moment, to everyone in every rank of society, to this world.  You have to fight evil. You have to live according to the truth and to your hearts. You have to come meet Me. You have to come to My Divine Mercy.

You have to come to Divine Mercy, for Me to purify you, for Me to transform you, for Me to help you with your faith and the offenses that you are committing daily.  As Christians, you have to follow the teachings that I had left to the Church, you have to follow the guidance of the Church.

Everything that you have today comes from Me, for you to understand and for you to come back to My Divine Mercy. I want to meet all of My children, through the Holy Eucharist.  With your repentant hearts, you will definitely be able to deal with the disasters and the tribulations that will happen in the world, as predicted in the Revelations, as written in the Gospel.  The tribulations will happen in this century, so have faith and entrust yourselves in the power that I give through these revelations, and remember to look into the graces that I give to this generation, the graces that will help you to recognize your evil ways and to reject the errors you have made in life.

Repent and come back to Me.  You need to practice to live a life that is righteous, a life that is just towards all, a life with love, with compassion, and with forgiveness.  I am the only One Who can bring you peace for your souls. I am the only One Who can bring you hope and forgiveness, through Divine Mercy.  I also want you in this period of time to learn to have some quiet moments in life, from your busy schedules. You have to improve your life of faith, for you to learn to act righteously, for you to come back to the teachings that you have forgotten. 
Stay away from the lures of life, stay away from the things of the world: fame, money, pleasure, envy, revenge, which are the causes for you to lose the righteousness that every person needs to have.  When you do this, then you will recognize the salvation that I had given to you 2,000 years ago. Everything will come to an end as predestined, as written in the Gospel, as predicted in the Revelations, so you need to have a deep comprehension for you to receive the last graces. I just want to remind you of the events that you need to pay attention to, for these events will happen and will continue to happen to the world.

Today is the day that you are praying for the right to life, praying for the unborn babies****. Evil is working at harming the life of the babies, and also at harming your lives, by luring you into sin, by enticing you to act without consciences.  Evil is luring you into the modern ways of this era, and your souls are falling into the sophisticated snares of society.

I want to remind you of one thing, to help you to come back, to help you to know Me and to recognize Me. You need to hold onto My Divine Mercy, to My Love, for Me to save you in this era. Believe and come back to Me.  Repent and reject sins. Be united in love, in the Love that I had left for you, to support you, to help you to come to Divine Mercy, which I give to this generation, to bring you back and to save you from the snares of society and the world, with its evil ways.

I hope that this message will be heard by every rank in society, by everyone in their roles in this world. Continue to help each other when you see the brothers falling into the snares of this generation.  Continue to help each other. You, who are the ones who have been able to find the truth, who can see the brothers who are being lured into the snares of today’s societies, speak up. Speak of My invitations, for all of My children to come to Divine Mercy.  My arms are wide open to embrace you, to meet you, to give you the graces in this century. I also invite you to come and meet Me, through the Holy Eucharist.
I am Present there to meet you. I want to meet the souls who come to Me with their hearts, who come to Me with trust. I will heal those of who need to be healed, from your souls to your bodies. I will heal you from your diseases. I want to strengthen your faith, when you hear, when you see, and when you feel with your hearts, facing the Holy Eucharist. Come to Me with your hearts. Remove the burdens of life, come to meet Me, I will give you what I have promised.

Only I can bring you peace. Only I can bring you joy and happiness in this life and in the next. You need to understand clearly these things that I have revealed in this generation. My peace be with you. I love you very much.

Continue to fight evil. Continue to fight for righteousness. Help the brothers to act with their consciences and speak up with one united voice.

One more time, My peace be with you. I love you very much.

Father, I thank you for this message to all of your children in the world, for us to know of Your Love through Divine Mercy. If we know how to listen, then we will be able to receive all the graces that are given to us from heaven. In this earthly life, there are many temptations, and we are easily deceived by evil, with their cunning ways.  In this generation, there is so much evil in the hearts of people that we have to pray for Your intervention.

Only the people who are righteous, only the people who are chosen, are able to see the errors of the brothers; are able to see the offenses committed against You; are able to see the wrongdoings of this generation, a generation that is heading for perdition. If this generation keeps its evil ways, then we have fallen deep into the snares that are set for our souls.

As we have heard in the Gospel, in the predictions of the Revelations, we will have to deal with what is coming, and if we trust in God, if we entrust ourselves to God, if we trust in the Divine Mercy of God, then we will be able to overcome the tribulations.

There is nothing that God cannot do. There is nothing that can stop God from intervening if the righteous people pray, so have faith and pray to our Father Who is in heaven, pray to Jesus Christ Who died for us, pray to the Blood He shed for our salvation.

We believe that You are the Most High over all creation. You are the Most High Who gives us life. You are the Most High Who saves us under tragic circumstances as in this day, with our prayers for Your intervention for the life of the unborn babies. We continue to pray to Your Divine Mercy. You have given the world Your Divine Mercy. We need the collaboration of all the clergy, all the laity, to pray to God, for His intervention, for His forgiveness, for Him to sanctify us, for Him to transform us to be worthy of being His children, for us to face the tribulations, for us to be firm in our faith so that we can stay away from the evil ways of this world.

The Divine Mercy of God frees us.  The Divine Mercy of God gives us faith.  The faith that we need to seek, to come to You, to worship You, through the Holy Eucharist, for us to hear, for us to see, and for our hearts to recognize the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist.

You have blessed this generation with Your Presence, giving us many messages, to remind us, to teach us, for us to know about the graces that you give to us, for us to believe, for us to come back to You, for us to seek to meet You, for us to persevere through the challenges in life.  No matter how sinful we are, You are merciful towards us, You are ready to forgive us.

No one besides You can gives us happiness. You are the One who gives us hope, You are the One who gives us eternal life.  Help all of us to come back to You, to recognize Your teachings, to accept Your intervention through The Divine Mercy. Forgive us and gives us the salvation that we need to face You in the truth.  We need to change our ways while we are still alive.  Heal us in our souls, and guide us to live according to Your Will, for You have planned the best for each of us.

We believe in Your Love. We believe in Your Mercy. We believe in Your messages through the Holy Eucharist. Father, help us in our lives, today, tomorrow and in the future. On behalf of all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank You, and I praise You Father.

One more time, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I thank You, and I praise You Father. I thank You.  Amen. Amen. Amen.
* Since predestination is common word in these messages, time will be taken to explain what it is and what it isn’t. Here, in this one sentence in this message, Jesus condemns the heretical teaching held by some Christians that individuals are “predestined” to heaven or hell regardless of the choices we make with our free will. Without a doubt, each of us, irrespective of our situation in life, chooses where he or she will spend his or her afterlife; it is not determined by an unloving, merciless God before we are conceived. The issue of “predestination of souls” was settled at the Church’s Second Ecumenical Council of Orange in 529, which authoritatively rejected the doctrine of predestination to evil and declared that salvation is within the reach of all of the baptized. (Here we must understand the Church’s rather broad understanding of Baptism [Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1257-1261].)

No one in the world is predestined to hell. 1Timothy 2:4-6 says that Jesus wills that all be saved and that He gave Himself up for all; from this point, it is up to the individual to reject salvation or to accept it, through the grace of God, by life (not words alone) consistent with salvation. There is much more that can be said about predestination, such as its mystery, but this is as far as this note can go. All this being said, “predestination” in these messages refers to the eternal decisions of God, especially those revealed in the apocalyptic literature found in the Bible.

** Adam and Eve

*** This seems to be a reference to the apocalyptic literature found in the Bible, principally, though by no means exclusively, in the Book of Revelation and Daniel.

**** Providentially, this message was given on the day and at the time of the 2014 March for Life in Washington, D.C. (L. is an American.) Also, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was conducting its nationwide “Nine Days of Prayer, Penance and Pilgrimage Novena” to end abortion during this time (from January 18 – 26).


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