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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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Messages for the World 


The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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            The Story of King David



January 23, 2014 – 6:23 p.m.

Father (1): My beloved L.,

Today I will let you recognize the things that the Holy Spirit reminds you, as you prayed to Me for you to be able to have more recognition, and to be more aware of the works that you are doing with each passing day.

My beloved L.,

You need to remember that everything that originates in you cannot be accomplished with the things that you are able to hear, to know; it is the deep recognitions in you that motivate you to do the works that you need to do. Be strong and continue with the role I chose for you. I want all of My children in the world today to know about the revelations that you receive, to know about the history of the time period I came to the world, with the things that are reminded and further revealed for this generation to be clear.

My beloved L.,

Regarding all the works that I want you to do, keep in mind that there is nothing that you can do by yourself through the messages that you are able to know and to receive. For the things that God has assigned and planned, just follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help you with the messages that I want to send to today’s generation. When speaking about revelations, remember that the works are not realized from a human comprehension but from the Holy Spirit who decides and guides so just do the works that the Holy Spirit guides you to do.

Today’s message is a message to let you see the concept of human life, of thinking, of feelings, of the heart lifted toward the things heard that touch the soul, toward a point where you feel the emotion from the true stories that happened in the world, such as the story of the life of Mother Mary 2,000 years ago, the historical event of the Christmas season, the story of a Supreme Being who was born into the world to bring salvation to humanity, and through this history to have all of the facts mentioned provide more details for today’s generation, for people to have recognition, depending on the era in which they experience the miracles. People need to remind themselves; to remind their lives of the history, of the things they need to remember; to be grateful and to feel the emotion in each heart, each heart dedicated to the Redeemer whom they worship, recognizing His Truth.

My beloved L.,

Today there are many things that you are able to know and to share with all the brothers and sisters; I understand your feelings, you have been alone, guided by the Holy Spirit, with the Spirit working in you, and now is the time when the brothers and sisters want to know, to be close, to understand My Love, to understand My grace and My blessing – so help the brothers and sisters so that they recognize the life of faith and the things that are truly happening in the world. When My children recognize the life of faith, they will recognize the world of heaven, and the world of the sacred might appear in the midst of the world in which you presently live, because the eyes of faith allow you to have a different view, the eyes of faith will enable you to know and to recognize the deep meaning of the life that you are living and to understand the truth of the teaching that I left for the world.

My beloved children,

Through the stories of the readings (2), it depends on each person to focus their minds and hearts to recognize in each reading each word that they are able to hear, to know; to look into the depth of these stories, to look into the depth of the words. When the words touch their hearts, their thinking will be different; they will be able to understand more profoundly when their hearts are touched, by compassion, by realizing that it was a reminder, one way or another, in life. Perhaps with the modern techniques in this life, certain things need to come either from the heart for people to be able to know the meaning in the accomplished deeds, or from the thinking about a story or a history – then the heart will truly be open to embrace the truth. From the heart of each individual they are able to know and to recognize the truth that the Holy Spirit gives to them, for them to be able to understand the concepts through the stories, through the compositions, the songs, the verses, the readings and other similar stories.

My beloved children,

Riches are poured into the graces that I give to the world, in all eras, not for any particular era or for anyone in particular, but for anyone who has a heart and who has a life of deep contemplation, because that will touch their anguished hearts and they will understand the story that incites their hearts to recognize the reason of love. People live to be able to know love, to be able to feel the love of a father for a child, the love of a God for humanity, and the love of a mother for her children, continuous in all eras, and when there is recognition from the heart, the feeling is more profound.

My beloved L.,

Today there are certain unexpected things from which you will feel and know that they are not the things that you continuously think of, that there are certain things that the Holy Spirit reminds and prompts you, for your work not to end up as a daily routine but for your work to be alive in every matter, alive with every word, with every sentence. When you feel that history is being reminded, that is a story to summarize all the things that I want to manifest to the human world, the things that need to be known in order to understand clearly the truth and the things that I leave through the Gospel. This is also the era to experience the liveliness of what is given, to see that My words are always lively, that My words are always being reminded, with the stories for you to see more clearly in life, all from a single Author.

My beloved L.,

You have been able to see through the readings these past days the stories that I wanted to leave for past generations and for this generation. In the stories, you can see that in a human life there are disputes, there are things that need to be overcome either through belief or through knowledge of the truth. Just like the story that you have heard through the readings of the past days, the story of Saul and David, which in this day and in the days ahead, is a history about humanity, a history that the Gospel reminds; these real stories from the past eras, with similarities that always occur in the era that you live in.

You have heard of the Prophet Samuel, a prophet that I chose in the century in the time of David. Through history, more or less, you have read and you have understood that in every single era I choose a person symbolic in their lives. I gave them the recognitions, the reasonings that help them to avoid wickedness – the judgments of the Kings throughout the centuries, most of whom lived a life of power in ways that were unjust, bloodthirsty, among many other things. Throughout all time periods, people live in sin, in wickedness, so their ways of life and their lives continue through every generation with their ways of ruling, even if they have important functions – are kings – they still are in the state of being a human person, a state where they are surrounded by greed, corruption, lust, desire. There are so many things that you have understood in the past days, through the Gospel, through historiographies – the stories of the kings, the stories of the prophets, the stories that are written in the Gospels, and in the Old Testament – in the history books (3), from the eras written in the history books left in this world for you to learn from.

My beloved children,

The story starts from the day I sent the prophet Samuel to see King Saul. Everything had already been decided so look at this point to understand that if people are truly faithful, listening in obedience, then everything I planned has been arranged into a program, that a person I choose will definitely be the person to accomplish his role when he is still living in this life; whether the person is a king or a courtier, they all are in the program and they are the representatives for the stories written and left through the Bible. Saul did not obey and did not follow My counsel, though King Saul at that time had been selected, had been anointed, and always worshipped God as the Lord God of Israel.

The time period of the Old Testament is a period that perhaps you do not fully understand the history, but this is a story I want to remind you of, because of the similarities that relate to all eras so that you are able to have a clearer comprehension with your ways of thinking. There are certain decisions people make on their own; they do not follow My way and by doing so they create their own problems; they are not able to see the important works for the future, they only see within the limitations of life. People just look at the present and they look at the things around, but they do not see the greatness of the future; they do not see the harmful effects of the mistakes, of the disobedience, of the things that conform to their ways of thinking, of the conveniences in life. They do not think of bringing to the brothers or bringing to the people around them a look on a life where they need to have compassion, love, solidarity, and support. Human greed is always there with the desires that are inherent in the human body, so even if many things are completed but one thing does not follow the predestined program, which requires things to be done with heart, then none of the things completed count because the things that have been predestined are immutable.

You have been able to listen to the story of Saul. King Saul had been warned by the prophet Samuel; it was also the time period when King David was anointed and though King David had not actually assumed the throne, through the stories I want you to be able to see the lives of people in every role in society, to see how in all the classes of society people look at the ways of living and facing matters, such as the decisions made from their desires. Right from the beginning I wished for obedience from mankind, because when you accept you will be able to see that the path that you had taken, that you are taking, has been arranged in the truth and set in a predestined program. People still have the freedom to choose, the freedom to accept, to reject, to oppose or to act against the decisions made by mankind. In all things, I am the Supreme Being who brings love, who always gives people the opportunity; My Love conquers and waits for people to return because the things that are just and the things predestined will happen.

My beloved L.,

I know that you have many things to think about, that you are eager to understand history. This is a very good thing so I want to remind you so that you report and speak about the story of King David, a person whom I had chosen in a family with several brothers, a person whom I chose for the heart, though I knew he lacked knowledge, though he was not as talented as the others. I do not look at people superficially, I do not look at their appearances, I do not look at their talents, I do not look at what they do, and I do not look at the ways they rely on the human world. I just want to look at the heart and the emotions of people that are formed at the beginning of life, because it will clearly show when facing events in life whether a person is sincere right from the beginning or is mixed up by intrigues, by calculations, by deceits – for these will become the things that people always deal with, that will affect everything from within the family to society and even the environment.

My beloved L.,

You have reported a lot about the story of King David. Today I just want to remind you, for you to see and to know the source of the prophet Samuel. I brought the prophet Samuel to meet King Saul, and from Saul to meet King David, whom I had anointed as king though not yet officially. There are people in the world, who from their appearances may not seem to be a smart person or a person of knowledge, but I do not choose the people of the world, I choose those who are absolutely genuine. First of all, they need to be obedient, to listen, to practice, and to know the fear of God. Fear of God is the source of all the subsequent things and the things enforced in life, because when they know fear then they will refuse to make the wrong decisions, even for the things that they encounter and face; if they know fear then they will not commit the offenses.

The family of King David was selected, a family with many brothers. David was a shepherd and at that time when the bow and arrow were in use he was very good with what you call a sling in this time period. You see the fighting of King David with the Philistine troops was without sword and without weapons as people usually face each other in a battle or at war; there was only faith – King David knew that God would protect him. David had survived many attempts on his life and because he prayed for help and he believed in God, he overcame the great attempts on his life when he was sent to be a bodyguard for King Saul. It was a program that I had arranged, for King David to be a replacement for King Saul; it is not just a story to tell but to listen to so that you know the way King David served, knowing fear, knowing what needs to be done and what not to do. That is what is needed in the mind, in the heart of mankind – to be aware when they are near God, when they know the laws of God, when they know love, when in their hearts they actually realize what is right, what is wrong, what is bad, what is good, with a need to have justice to be truly worthy to be chosen as a king.

King David was not yet really officially a king, and David seemed to understand the works that I did, yet life still had its challenges, with the works of the kings. That was the way I test the human heart, because people change, because there are many lures for people not to hold on to the principles of their hearts. You have clearly heard when David gloriously returned after he won the battle with the Philistines, how the entire population praised as they looked at the facts. Saul was the king, but in the human heart there are always jealousies, and people always try to look for reasons to eliminate everything that does not please them, especially when they are afraid of threats to their thrones or to their positions.

You have heard the next story through the First Reading (4); following the victory over the Philistines, the country celebrated the triumphant return of Saul as well as of David but because of the jealousy in the human heart, there were thoughts and conspiracies to eliminate a person who was a talented person, who when needed, had volunteered to fight for the victory of his country; because of the selfishness, because of the hatred and the fear for what they think are threats to their positions, people attempt to dismantle the truth but the reality still depends on the talent of the people. In every matter, I help the children whom I have anointed to not fall into the web of wickedness from mankind who has gone too far, and with the evil intrigues, the minds seem to be darker, to be surrounded by evil, so people cannot see the things that need to be done and need to be decided; in that time period they wanted to kill David – it was to satisfy the jealousy that people in high positions always have, due to a lack of humility, of the foolish way of their positions.

My beloved L.,

I want at this point for you to always remember, for you to be able to understand the stories in history; that this is not a story to just listen to but this is a story for all times, that happens in every era, in the same ways and even worse. People have acted against morals and the human conscience, and they continue to do so; it is at the moments they decide not to step into evildoing and they truly know their mistakes that I always give them the opportunity. Never let the lamp be turned off when the light is about to turn off; if the heart can be directed toward the truth and not toward evil, then the lamp continues to burn bright because it absorbs the air of the righteous things that people recognize as laws. The things that people sow in sin, in wickedness, in hatred, will be returned to them with evil deeds, with hatred and even more disastrous acts.

My beloved L.,

I want you to continue to report about the story of David, to feel, to understand that in the first era and in the era of the past generations, people need a heart to be aware of and to understand the things that come from God as well as their limitations. If people know how to truly live, to act and to treat each other with righteousness and dignity then it definitely will last, so as you have known in the story, the hatred and jealousy had escalated to the point of eliminating each other. In the end, I had arranged for Jonathan, the son of Saul, to feel compassion for David, so in this story things did not end in a serious offense and this is a story for this generation and the next one to recognize. It is a story in which people can interpret the things that David did; that David really had done his best with his abilities, to achieve victory from trust in God.

The story of David, Saul, and Jonathan did not end with fierce events to eliminate and murder, because of jealousy, a man who was chosen for leadership. The story continues with a person who has a gentle heart, a heart inclined to make peace; Jonathan was that person, who had affection for David, and because of that love, he was able to bring peace between Saul and David. So the story did not end with a murder over a great person; with King Saul, however, disputes continue to happen over small matters or in the works of that era, as people always have in every era. In this era you also have the life of the family, life with the functions at work, life in the places where you serve or at many other places where you always have disputes, selfish motives, treating each other not by your abilities but treating each other unjustly; and the story goes on, because this will always happen between humans, because of the original sin from the disobedience of the first parents.

The story of David continued in the days when you had the First Readings, and it will continue tomorrow until the end of the story between David and Saul. I want to remind the heart of every person in this present life that today’s generation is also in the same situation, with the ongoing disputes, with the ongoing wickedness in sins, because of commercial or personal interests, similar to the time period of over 2,000 years ago. In times past and in the times remaining in the world, the same situation continues due to the human ego and due to sin. There are so many things that cause sufferings to one another in the judgments in life, and for this reason, in every generation I continue to desire that the world live in peace, in love, and in forgiveness.

My death has allowed you to see the example of sacrifice; I want people to realize that what comes from love will bring you peace in the soul. For the things that you give away, you already have received something in return; for the things that you seek to take, you already have lost the peace in your souls. You can see for yourselves that the human ego still remains the cause of disputes and of selfish motives, and so in every generation I continue to give so that you understand the liveliness of every single era – in the people who hold important functions, in the laity, in the ordinary people. If you can find the truth, the truth of righteousness, the truth of love, the truth of compassion, the truth of a teaching in which you know worship and you know fear, you will be able to detach yourselves from the things that originate from the self, from the ego, where there always are those tendencies of greed, selfishness, disputes over personal interests, which start with small matters and will end up with big matters, because one wrongdoing will end up with a lot of other wrongdoings in life.

My beloved children,

The story of David and Saul was in the First Reading today, it will continue tomorrow and in the next days. I want to call mankind to the awareness of this generation, I want to call upon My children to be aware of their actions, of the wrongdoings that they do to each other in today’s generation; of the things that only benefit the present life, without thinking of the spiritual life and the soul – with disputes for selfish motives, with disputes for self-interests. People do not know what the life of the soul is or the spiritual life; they only know to contend for the realities in the present life; they do not recognize the needs that are essential – that every person born into this world has a soul. I had to pay at the price of My Blood for each person, to allow you to truly be able to have divine encounters and a life in which you need to have faith, so that you know the teachings that I had left, the history that was left, the Gospel that was left – to meticulously remind My children in the entire world.

In today’s generation there is still wickedness, in today’s generation there is still dispute, and evil is still rampant to allure people into a generation that you consider as modernization, as the clever sophistication of the times. All the realities of today’s society lead people on a wrong path with all the works that they are serving, are doing, or are worshipping. There are wrongdoings, mistakes because people do not look at the truth from the start; because people have been wrong in their view of faith, in the daily life that they face; because the self, the ego always leads and always takes priority; because they do not look at what is needed, at what is good, at love, forgiveness, the charity that they need to have with all the brothers and sisters who live in the world. This needs to be reminded and continues to be reminded for the past generations, for this generation, and for the next generations (5).

My words continue to remind My children to look back and to return from all of their mistakes; to return to the truth, to return to the love that I bring, to peace for the soul and hope in your lives – in harmony, in love, facing all the things that you need to have peace in every environment. These are the things that I invite the world to today – from the family, from society, from the community – to spread everywhere. When you are aware of this and you live with the truth, you worship and embrace the salvation that I give through the Cross: true life to a person so that person can have the right to receive happiness in this world, to receive the happiness of heaven, when you recognize the truth, the righteousness in worship and in practice with love.

There are many more things that I continue to give to you, in the hope that you will understand in this century.  I am truly alive in this world today to bring you the stories that have gone into history but are still being reminded again for this century, so that you are aware of My Presence and learn that My words continue to bring the teachings, the reminders, the inspirations to the soul and the human body, in this time period when you receive abundant blessings and graces to invite people to renounce their mistakes; to invite people to return to a life trusting in God, in the truth, in the things heard, seen and felt by the heart; to truly be the children of this world to receive the liveliness; to be reminded by Me, so that all the children in the entire world are strengthened – by the miracles, by My own Presence, by My intervention and by the true liveliness; through the healing, through the meeting with you, through Divine Mercy, through the extraordinary acts that you can see in today’s generation.

Today I just want to say this. I hope to continue with the next stories, which I want, in the next daily readings for you to be able to listen to, about the things that had happened in the previous centuries but that are also the things that are typical in the hearts of men, so that you see the lessons, the choices, the decisions, so that your path is righteous, so that your path finds happiness and peace right now in this present time.  My peace be with you. Goodbye daughter. I love you very much.  Continue with the things that I want to send in the coming days; complete all the lively works (6) through the Holy Eucharist that I want to send to all of you – to touch the soul of mankind and to let you see the liveliness of the Gospel. The Bible is not simply a book that you just flip through; it is a book that speaks of things that are real, of things that have happened, and today the Gospel still continues to be lively so as to remind again, through the revelation that you are able to receive in this time period, which is also a century when I bestow many things to prepare for what will come and will happen for the times that you are facing, because the things that were written in the Bible and the Book of Revelation will happen. Before the time of My coming, everything will happen in the lively way that you have heard and have known in this time period. My peace be with you. Goodbye daughter.

Completed receiving 7:14 p.m.

  1. In these messages Jesus presents Himself as a “Father.” If a priest, who ministers in Persona Christi and as alter Christus (Latin for “in the Person of Christ” and “another Christ” respectively), is called “Father” because of his spiritual fatherhood of the faithful, then we can see another reason why Jesus is referred to as a “Father” in these messages: He is relating to us as the great High Priest (see the Book of Hebrews). This makes a lot of sense since so much of this private revelation focuses on the Eucharist. He is also the Teacher, the Master and the Good Shepherd. (Please see our website homepage below for more on why Jesus is a “Father.”)
  2. The true stories in the Biblical readings at Mass
  3. “History books” right here refers to the 16 “Historical Books” of the Old Testament, which include 1 Kings, 2 Kings, Judges, and so on.
  4. The First Readings at Mass at this time were about Kings Saul and David and the prophet Samuel.
  5. Mankind will continue past the world as we know it to a “new world,” which is the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. Many terrible events in the Book of Revelation will precede this era, but it will not be the end of the world (it will be a transformation/purification of it).
  6. This refers to receiving the messages (but could possibly also refer to recording miraculous visions of the Eucharist on L.’s phone).

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