The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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Messages for the World 


The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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I Want to Invite All of My Children in the                              World



January 24, 2014 – 8:59 a.m. 

Father: My beloved L.,

I want you to receive everything from the Holy Spirit, working in you.  Since the beginning, you have known that I have chosen you, for you to receive the messages, for the Holy Spirit to guide you, for you to give My messages to all of My children in the world. I have repeated this to you many times.  Do not be afraid about what you do know or do not know.  Remember that your mission is to come to the place where you can meet Me*, and when you pray, the Holy Spirit helps you and guides you to receive the messages that I want to give to you, that I want to give to the brothers and sisters who have been chosen to be of service to Me, through the Holy Eucharist.

I want to send My messages to all of My children in the world.

I want to remind the children today for them to come back to everything that they have known, that they have heard, through the teachings, through the Gospel, and that they have forgotten about.  There are so many temptations in this world today, with all the modern ways available to them, that they fail to recognize the things that they have to be cautious about.  This world has many sophisticated ways to lure the children in this generation, from the movies to everything else that they are facing at this present time.

With all the convenience in the modern ways of this world, the children need to remember that the modern conveniences have their advantages if used in a proper way. They need to understand what they should do and what they should avoid in the use of these modern things in this era. There are certain actions that the children do in these modern times which they know are against the commandments, and when they are too absorbed by the material things in the world, their spiritual life is being replaced by machinery.  When they no longer have morality, then they become dependent on the ways of the present world. They no longer have the time to practice for their spiritual life; they no longer have the time to look for the truth.

What I want to say today is that because of the many sins committed, all the current offenses have become a habit for this generation.  You have seen the graces that I give to this generation, the invitation for them to come back to the truth.  They have to recognize the Love of God. They have to recognize the salvation that I brought to the world.  They have to recognize the need to treat each other with love, the need to forgive each other, the need to help each other, the need to live with charity, the need to live in unity. Because they are not united, they have opened the door for evil to enter their lives.

The darkness of this world lies in the leaders, in the people who have power, in the people who do not live a moral life, and in the people who only live for their own interests. These people live for worldly status, for money, and they do things that do not come from their hearts, they do things that do not come from their consciences, but only for their own interests.

You can see the many temptations in this generation, people falling into the abyss, committing sins that are graver with each passing day.  From the young people to the adults to the seniors, there is no longer any basis for morality, in the situations of this generation.

The young generation no longer knows Me, they no longer go to church, they no longer know about the teachings. They only follow the ways of the world, because their families also follow the ways of the world, and because their ego is leading in their lives, there is no longer a need for morality, there is no longer a need for things to be learned. This is something that is frightening in today’s world.  For this reason, I want the Holy Spirit to work in you to clearly describe the things that all the children need to understand and to practice, for them not to fall deeper into the situations of today’s society.

I want all of My children to hear My invitation. I want all of My children to come back to My Love, which is My Divine Mercy, for Me to save all the souls that have gone astray, for Me to save all the souls that are buried in sins, for Me to save all of the children who used to belong to Me, but who have betrayed Me, by following the pleasures and the lures of this sinful world.

This is the miracle that I want all the children to see, this new revelation, to invite the world, to invite all of My children, to come back to the truth, to come back to the faith that they have forgotten in life.

This message from Me is to save any souls that can be saved.  Only I can bring them back. Only I can protect them, for the days when they will have to face the truth, when they will have to face the disasters, the floodings, and the hurricanes.  They will have to face many more frightful events in this world, and if they do not believe in Me, if they do not live a life of faith, then they will succumb to evil in this world, in the battle between good and evil.

My beloved L., your duty is to practice the things that you have heard, that you have known.  When you receive all the messages, you need to give them to the brothers and sisters, for them to send the messages to all the brothers and sisters in Christ in the whole world, for all of My children to read, for all of My children to receive. As to whether the children will practice or listen to My messages or not, I will deal with them in My way. I will have a way to deal with them for them to repent, but I still will leave them the freedom to make their own decisions.

My Love is always waiting, and I always give My children the opportunity. My Divine Mercy wants all of the children to come back, to offer up everything in the present, all of their sufferings and challenges.

Remember that in all of your journeys, you all have to carry your crosses, whether light or heavy. These crosses will teach all of you to understand the meaning of life, and when each of you encounters these crosses, you will seek Me and you will come back to Me. Whether you come back to Me soon or not, I still wait for you, to give you a new meaning in life, for you to truly come back to My Divine Mercy.

This period of time is also a period where I give abundant graces through My Divine Mercy, to save all of My children in this world. If the children truly repent, I will definitely transform them, to give them a new life, for them to prepare themselves to face the events that come from the truth** and that will happen in this world.

I want to meet all of My children in the world.  I want to meet the children who had believed, the children who believe at this moment, for them to share with the others about the things that they have heard, and for them to testify to the truth.  I want to invite all of My children in the world, to help each other as witnesses to the truth. All of you can practice in your lives, to help bring the brothers and sisters in Christ back. The children who believe in Me, only you are able to practice the things that I want, for all the other children to recognize My Love, which is the last salvation, through the forgiveness of My Divine Mercy, which I give to all of My children in this world.

I want to meet My children, through the Holy Eucharist, for them to have these calm moments to look back at their errors, for them to make a decision regarding their spiritual life, especially for their souls to have perseverance, to have repentance, for them to be forgiven, for them to be transformed, for them to learn to make sacrifices, and for them to learn to be patient.

My Love continues to invite and wait for each soul. If all of you believe, then I will definitely meet all of you through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist, which I give to all of you in this world. I am healing each soul that seeks to come back to Me.  I heal the souls, the bodies, the diseases. Believe in everything that I give to this generation, the graces and the blessings.

This is My message to invite all of My children in the world.  Come back to Me, while you still have time.  Do not wait till it will be too late, when you will have to face the Day of Justice, when I will definitely meet each of you.

I hope that this message will touch your hearts for you to come back, for your hearts to recognize what you have been longing and waiting for.

My peace be with all of you.

I want those who have been invited, who are the witnesses to the truth, to continue to work with zeal, to bring the brothers in Christ back, through the way you live your lives.

I love you very much.

Goodbye children.


Completed receiving 9:14 a.m.

* In adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

** That is, the events foretold in the apocalyptic literature in the Bible, the inspired word of God; as such, they are predestined.

New Revelations through the Eucharist



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