The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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October 19, 2014

L.: O God, it is 9:03 p.m. on Sunday, October 19, 2014; we are kneeling at the altar, at the Cross. Today we came back here after dinner; usually we come here to pray and then we leave, but today God has led us back here. All the lights are off; I came to say goodbye to God, but today God let me take a picture of the altar, and His Cross and the Eucharist appeared. I have never been able to take such a clear picture, as extraordinary as today: the Eucharist covers the Cross, covers the altar, in a bright white color just like the things that God has given and God has allowed me to know in the past days – that God will allow me to see many wondrous things at this place (1).

At this place, as God has said, everyone will come, even if they do not believe, they will have to, even if they do not recognize, they will have to, because this is the truth. God wants people to open the eyes of faith in order to see the wondrous things that God has given and is giving, especially at this place, the place where God wants to meet all the children in the entire world. O God, no one is able to know the work that You do, and no one is able to truly comprehend; we are simply the people who are able to receive the messages from God in the past days, we only know to do the things that the Holy Spirit guides us to do.

Today is not a coincidence; yesterday evening, God came to my house, and early in the morning, at 5 a.m., I received a message from God. I prayed, I have felt very anxious every time God has come to me because I have not been able to accomplish the things that God wants me to do, especially at this place; the administrator as well as the pastor definitely need to be aware of the things that are happening, yet I still hesitate, I am still afraid, because to me the [new] pastor is not ready and has not expressed belief so I do not dare to meet him yet. When a person does not believe then even when things happen right before their eyes they still will not believe, so I am very reluctant in regard to the things that I need to give, to testify, because I do not want to come back empty-handed as in the past.
Today, I pray for God to say everything God wants to say to me; God, please allow me to know, with Your words, so that I can act according to Your holy Will. I know God has come to my house; God wants to meet me early in the morning with the message that God wants to give, in general to the world, and in particular to the individuals whom God has assigned in the program. Today God wants me to receive the message in which God wants the people on earth to recognize the Presence of God, and at the same time for the pastor as well as the laity to have the duty and responsibility to recognize all the deeds accomplished by God, because God has come in this time period to save us; besides God, no one can save us from our present situation.
All the other nations, all the threats, the diseases spreading everywhere … God has allowed us to know, through many revelations in this world, which is the closeness that God has manifested through the Holy Eucharist, to meet the people on earth through His Eucharist. O God, today I can strongly feel that there will be something wondrous that You will allow me to know; I have prayed for this meeting and I feel very anxious because I have not done much for You, and I feel as if I need to do something. Please God, help me, maybe this is a push for something that You want; You have answered all the things I prayed for, You have given me all the documents, for the things that need to be done will have to be realized according to the program that God has planned in the past years and months. O God, today I came back to the church, and at Your altar, You have allowed me to see Your Eucharist – bright, in a color I have never been able to take a picture of throughout the past years, and not in the way that I longed to see. I am praying to God so that God gives me a truly clear and bright picture of Your Cross so that I can have clear evidence to present to the pastor, to present the true works from God through the Holy Eucharist, as well as the Presence of God, for us to be able to testify to all the events that have happened throughout the past years.

Today, God also allows all of His children to know of the things that He has done and is doing, the miracle at this place has truly happened in this world; the most essential thing we need is that we have to believe, to open our hearts to receive the thing that God wants us to receive so that we can return to God by our hearts, by the truth, by the prostration, by repentance. The Holy Eucharist will be the place where God allows us to entrust our souls, to entrust all the anxieties in regard to all the events in this world that are threatening us and surrounding us. The Holy Eucharist is the Presence of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago, when He had come to the world in the flesh; today He comes to the world through His Holy Eucharist as He had promised at the Ascension: “I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

The appearance (2) today has never happened in the past centuries, but since this is the remaining century, these are the graces that God gives to us in these remaining days to save our souls, to save all the children, in all their roles, in all the classes, in order for all to be able to return to God; through the Real Presence, God wants to lead His children to return, with healing for the soul and for the body. The Divine Mercy of God will transform us, for those who believe, for those who truly return, for those who pray for the things that God reveals to us, which is the prostration, the repentance, the return, so that we receive the seals (3) through the Cross. We prostrate – in repentance – to return, and we truly repent in order to meet the Holy Eucharist, to pray for God to intervene, for God to sanctify us, to transform us, to strengthen our faith, for the things that are seen, that are heard, and we truly return with our hearts, as God wishes to meet us.

O God, these are all the matters that You want to remind all the children in the entire world; today with the pictures that I just took, I know that God is present, that God is here with me, with the message that God reminds me as well as all the brothers and sisters in the entire world. I pray for God to come to me at this moment. What does God want us to do and what can we offer to God at this moment? O God, it is 9:17 on Sunday, October 19, 2014, at Saint Theresa Church, in front of the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of Saint Theresa, Saint Juan Diego; as with any other day, I have the opportunity to come here to receive the messages from God.
O God, today is Sunday, all the children of God come here to attend Mass; today should be a day of rest for God but God wants us to have the opportunity to come here to stay with God. We have been able to take some very special pictures that God manifests through the Holy Eucharist, to help me, which is the answer from God for my longing, in order for me to boldly testify for God. O God, I no longer hesitate, I no longer fear to know the truth, I definitely have to give to the pastor the things that You wanted the pastor to know. O God, all the works that You do upon each of us, the miracles that You have manifested through each era: all have certain ways that only You can carry out; these wondrous deeds. If we do not have faith then no matter what happens to us, we will not believe, but when we have faith then even with just one sign or gesture – whether ordinary or not – we have the eyes to see that they are miracles from God, and the things that God manifests to us in a special way are for us to know the evidence that God wants from us and the decisions for us to strongly believe in this truth.
This evening, I pray for God to come to me, for the Holy Spirit to cover me, for my spirit to belong to the Holy Spirit, I offer my body to God. God, please use me according to the Holy Spirit, for Him to work on me, I just want to be quiet, to be calm to receive the message from God this evening. God, what do you want me to do and what should I do to accomplish Your Holy Will in the life where our roles are to spread the revelations, the miracles through the Holy Eucharist, to all the places, which clearly are the testimony of the works of heaven, for people on earth to recognize the Presence of Jesus, through His Holy Eucharist?

Father: L., M., My beloved children,

Nothing is a coincidence – this is the answer – and I allow L. to recognize My Presence for L. to be able to see more and more all the wondrous deeds that I bring to this world through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist. I want you to receive the messages in order for you and the brothers and sisters to know about the important matters that are beside you. These matters are the important ones that you need to spread, and you need to be zealous so that the brothers and sisters, as well as those who have duties and responsibilities, may know of the Presence that I manifest, in general to the world, and in particular to the places that I choose to have My Appearance, as well as to each person who has the duty and the responsibility in the mission to bring My revelations to this world.

My beloved children, do not be troubled, do not think and do not infer too much; just know that you are walking in My program, a program I have informed you about since the beginning; for the works that are most needed, you have to keep all the important documents that I have manifested to you, through the Holy Eucharist, in the past days and months. Today I bring you to this place, a place where I will appear by miracle to help save the people in today’s world, with the disasters, with the plagues, with the floodings, with the tribulations; there is only one place that I want to manifest to you for you to receive the protection and the remaining graces that I give to those who believe, to those who return, to those who understand the precious value of My work through the Holy Eucharist, to meet all of you in today’s world.

My beloved children, do not be too hesitant; do not look at things with the reasoning of a normal person, like many who do. What is the reason for Me to want to come closer to you, for Me to manifest to you, for Me to choose you for this important mission? The reason is because you are different from the people who are learned, who have a wide comprehension of all things from the beginning till this day through the Gospel. I just want small souls, simple souls, the most normal people, in order to recognize and to know that these things do not come from humans; you also do not have the knowledge and the level of education to be able to make things up or to argue about the things that come from the technology that you have in this modern world, because only simple-minded people like you can see all the truth that comes from God, the wondrous deeds that, when seen through the eyes, people see as normal or coming from the instruments that you are using (4).

My beloved children, I just want you to be able to see, and whoever has the eyes of faith, whoever believes, whoever has patience and perseverance, whoever seeks with a loving heart, truly seeking Me, truly loving Me, is able to receive many things that I manifest and give to the world. I choose you to be the people to lead, to be the pioneers, to be the people I choose to proclaim the wonders that I work in this world, through the graces to help strengthen all the children in the world.

My beloved children (5),

You have seen the prevailing situation in the world today – the people who are totally devoted to serve and who follow My program and My teachings are indeed very few in this world. People have changed the laws to include a lot of the reasonings of the world; they follow the convenient ways of the world, with all the arguments according to the human ways, according to the flesh. People have gradually removed and rejected many spiritual things and thus they can no longer see the miracles, they can no longer see the divine things that I give to the world.
You do not embrace things that are divine; you act according to the human laws, according to the ways that conform to today’s society; you no longer recognize the intervention of God and of the divine realm, and thus you have fallen in the present situation of today’s society. If the events come from humans, in the nations and in the places, then how is it possible to have those events that you are seeing, that you are encountering, which are the divine miracles that I give to the world? Recognize My teachings, practice My teachings, the things heard from the Gospel that I have left for you, with faith, with a sincere heart, so that you receive the things that I have given from the beginning until this day, so that you continue to enjoy and to receive, just as you did in the past months and years.
You can see that the things that come from God belong to God, and the things that belong to the world have the answers from the world; you can see that the best things that result from the intervention of morality, of the conscience, will remain, and the things that are against the teachings of God, that belong to the ways of the world, end up with the foolishness from the laws that you are facing and practicing, and this has allowed the darkness to take control and to spread in the entire world. What are the matters that you can put an end to, when you do not recognize the truth and you do not have the determination to practice the truth, from the things that I have left to the world? Everything that has been through every era has been applied to the time period that you face, from the laws to everything else that conforms to the ways of humans. Today as you have seen, in all matters, you judge according to the ways of society, according to your reasonings and the modern era, completely removing the life that I want for each of you, which is for each person to live with conscientiousness, with heart, with sincerity and with truth, but the children follow the ways of today’s society, led by talents, by self-interests, by the modern conveniences, by the ways of the world rather than by the decisions according to the commandments that I have left in the Gospel.
My beloved children, I do not force you to do the things you cannot do, but the deeds of God are immutable. Everything has to come from the heart, from the conscience, and all services have to follow the truth, so all of these things cannot come from humans, and the things that follow the ways of the world need to be removed, which is the situation in the past months and years. Still, I let you resolve, I let you see for yourselves the good things – to bring the brothers back, to bring the sinners back, to bring the Christians back, to recognize the mercy and the love that I reserve through Divine Mercy, to bring you back.
All events are nearing their ends, because the time has been allotted so everything on the whole will end with all the events that are true. I wish for all the children in the world to have a life where you simply know that you need to collaborate, to unite, to have peace, to have love, in order to truly have a peaceful world, to have a just world, so that the peace coming from each person will spread to the entire world, so that you are able to live normal, happy days in the graces bestowed.
You have seen the opposite of the teachings that I have brought to mankind because you have allowed for the sins that each of you has to interfere: greed, selfishness, self-interest, ego, money, reputation, lust, deceit, hatred, and many more innumerable sins from the evil that is inherent in humans, so if you continue this way in each role, you will be able to see the ending result, and you have recognized the threat – all the things that you practice according to your ways, according to the human ego, the snares that you cannot escape from. This is the justice with all the things I give to humans, which is also the reminder for those who are living an immoral life to return by My voice that is reminding you with the extraordinary events – through the miracles – because I want you to rise up, to awake, to clearly know the life that you choose.
There are not that many days and months left for you to rely on yourselves, for you to rely on the ways of the physical world and to live in wickedness, in greed, in self-interest and in immorality. Your actions, your words, and your practices are completely erroneous in regard to the things that I want from you, those of you who have the duties and responsibilities to make known. There are children who till this day have not known who Jesus Christ is, who also completely do not understand the Cross, My death for humanity, or salvation. There are many places where people completely do not know yet, so they live without laws, without following their consciences and the good things that a person needs to have in a good and holy life.
So My beloved children, you have let all those easy matters, the unrestrained thinking from the human ego, from the individual to the community, to easily comply with the personal preferences that humans always have. Today as you can see, from the family to society, everything has been stirred up, because of your rejections and because of the matters that you consider as modern civilization, as knowledge, as science and technology, to achieve the things that your own hands can do, the things that you recognize as your own. You reject God, you reject the commandments that you need to learn in your lives, that you need to practice, in order for you not to fall into the snares, and so, from there, you do not know what faith is and you do not know who God is.
The works that you are serving, that you are facing, that you are doing, are for your self-interests, are for the self – the things in greed, envy, desire, the big ambitions for the personal life or for all those who have power. So from there, society and the family have incorporated into a way of life as you can see today, with no virtue, no morality, and no faith. This is able to persist with all the things that you see are sins, are frightening things, are things that offend God through the actions; there are many crimes that people still continue to accept as the decisions that come from society, in order to be able to support all those immoralities.
So today, in all matters, as you can see, because you are not fully devoted to your roles and to your responsibilities to make known, to live according to the Gospel, to live according to the virtues that come from the conscience and the heart, you have acted against morality, you have distanced yourselves from righteousness and morality, and thus the price paid in life is the openings for the devil and the evil spirit, which has dominated and entered into your immature life, in your faithless life, not recognizing what faith is and not recognizing who God is either. So the devil has been your master – in money, in fame, in the ambitions, in lust, and in the many things that you are encountering in this world today, with no concern for those around you, thinking only of gaining for your self-interests. There are many crimes, many sins committed from the plots to gain for your own self, ignoring the times, ignoring the brothers, ignoring the people who are in the same situation as yours who have to suffer, who have to be sick, who have to suffer due to the greed and the selfishness of the people like those who have a role and responsibility in the ranks of the leaders or in the ranks with functions in all classes, not just in particular in society but in general in today’s world – from the family to society.
So this has caused your world to be surrounded by evil, a world that is surrounded by all the conveniences in sophisticated ways that have caused the death of your souls and caused your souls to err in the midst of this world. If you do not put an end to all the disorders in order to be able to change everything to save your souls, to give yourselves the opportunity, then no one will be able to survive and no one will be able to remain in the upcoming world. I greatly desire to see the children recognize, be conscious, return with heart, with soul so that you are able to receive a world where I want you to enjoy happiness, harmony, peace, love, unlike this present world.
You are disputing with one another, you are looking for ways to harm one another, trying this way and that way to have the victory for yourselves; you do not keep your roles as the people who have duties and responsibilities – even the roles of those who have chosen a consecrated life are mixed up with the worldly life, because of money, because of fame, and even because of lust, so this is something critical that is spreading everywhere. Even the laity – because of too much freedom, because of the lack of proof regarding all the things that you need to receive, the miracles, the mysteries that I give to the world in every era, to spread the messages heard, to spread the things learned in a life of faith and righteousness – has removed all the places where heaven has manifested to you the presence and the appearance of the holy things, the things to strengthen the faith, the miracles that you are able to receive, in each era.
From there, you have divided, with all the things according to each of your preferences in worship. Today, you have seen the terrifying result, a gruesome thing, because the evil spirit has taken control, has completely trained your mind, your thinking and your deeds, to become bloodthirsty as in the case of the nations in the present. There is no longer respect for one another; you keep killing one another, you can see the oppression, you can see that people use only violence – they use things that do not truly come from righteousness but follow only the oppression, the power from the people today, using weapons to oppress the meek people, using brutal weapons to kill the righteous people.
My beloved children, this is the beginning of the remaining days with the tribulations that mankind cannot overcome, with the bouts of misery that will come, through the choice of your world living in a state of jeopardy.
My beloved children, many nations are living in misery, in famine, and many nations have entirely relied on the things that they trust in, which are science and technology, from which people are able to do what they prefer; they reject Me, they reject all the things of nature, they reject all things that I have created for humanity. You are also the accomplishments that I have created, yet you do not see the things that come from God, you are not grateful, you do not accept the blessings and you live with indifference, denial, stubbornness, and offense.
Can this last or can the things in the way of people’s thinking last? Today, I want you to look back at the things that you are having, that are happening, the day and the month are not yet imminent but everything will definitely be concluded in a day that will be very close, that is not that far away. You have to be able to see all the things that you need, to strengthen your faith; you have to hear, you have to believe in all these truths, the things that I manifest to you in this world – by all means – through speech, through the liveliness (6), through the prophets, through the revelations.
These are the last miracles in these remaining days, in the blessings and the graces; I appear so that you recognize the things for you to return to, 2,000 years ago, through My appearance in the flesh. I have left to the world My Holy Eucharist, the things I give to the Church; the Church still continues to proclaim the Good News, continues to practice the sacraments that you are able to receive from the divinity, through My Body and My Blood, and the connection through My Holy Eucharist is still present in this world for you to be able to receive the divine graces. I am still among you; invisible yet Present in this human world, I remained quiet in the past years and months, quiet in the past centuries, quiet in the past period of time for you to be able to recognize that My teachings still continue quietly to bestow graces upon you, upon those who seek, upon those who spend the time to truly understand and recognize those graces. I still continue to heal the soul, the body, for those who believe, for those who return with heart; they will be able to receive those graces – a number of people, indeed not that many, are able to understand to receive them, because you still have in yourselves the limited vision of the world, you only accept with your human eyes, without faith.
Come to seek the things that you might encounter, come to meet Me to pray for the things that you need; aside from that, your present lives stay the same, without any changes, without anything that can be reserved for the spiritual world for the soul, and since then there are so many things that I have given and that I am giving, yet you cannot receive. Today I want you to be able to look at all the things that are true and that are present in a powerful way, through the eyes, through the extraordinary works, through the healings, through the lively messages that are sent continuously in today’s world.
You have never been able to receive from the Holy Eucharist so many graces as I give to this present world, so this is the real proof of the blessings and the graces of the remaining days of the end of the century. You can witness that in no other century you are able to receive as in this world today, you have seen and witnessed two Popes in one time period (7), and though many things have happened, I want to reserve especially for the children of the Church, for the Christians who listen, this is the grace that I bestow upon you. All the evil things that surround you have taken over your lives, but still cannot overcome the Holy Spirit of God working in the Church, quietly, yet still allowing you the freedom to choose, because I want the evil and sinful people, even the unrighteous ones, to also be able to receive the generous clemency that I bestow upon them, those people are also invited to return. It’s not that people do not know regarding all matters, it’s not that God will be defeated by all the things in the human world or by the evil spirit, but because it is not yet the time, because everything has been predestined.
Those who assume roles with responsibilities: you can see what is indispensable to remind you of the life with the roles that you have received, to proclaim the Good News; your roles in proclaiming the Good News also bring to the laity the strong consolidation in the life of faith, by authentic deeds, by the practices of the priests, of the people who have received the holy sacrament that is the Sacrament of Orders, to become My priests, to become the children in the Church, the people to proclaim the Good News, the people to bring the laity back, the people who represent Me in the ranks, who replace Me in practicing the laws to bring people closer to faith, to help people proclaim faith, to help people recognize the benevolence, the meekness, and the clemency of God. You are also able to receive all things, because the meekness, benevolence, love are very just in each work, just in all things, but you really have to recognize the justice, the righteousness, the truth, and as for the immoral things, the things that do not come from the truth, that follow greed, selfishness, fame, self-interest, lust: these things have to be repaid with every role, with everything that is present and expressed in this day.
My beloved children, all these tribulations happen to the entire world; you are the just people so you need to recognize all just things that are practiced in this world – you are able to recognize My voice through the Pope who invites My children to repent, to return. God is a just God, a loving God, who does not condemn those who still have the opportunity to return, with their consciences, with honest works, which they have to realize in order to return with the truth.
All My beloved children, the time has come; all matters seem to almost come to an end – you have seen the great tribulations that have never happened to the world before. Nations are using ways to oppress and kill people, causing people by the masses, by the millions to have to face misery, death, famine. These are your brothers and your sisters; these are the nations that have used the violence and cruelty of the devil, which have followed a religion that you see does not come from God, which have erred and fallen into the urges from the darkness that have caused these tribulations today. All this does not end here; these tribulations are to remind people to return to the truth and to righteousness. What will help you recognize that God is the only God, that God is the Supreme Being who can bring you peace and is the God who intervenes with good things to support you and allow you to entrust yourselves, from your souls to your bodies? When things do not belong to God then you can see the danger, the threat, and you will encounter all the sins, the crimes and the immoral acts when things exclude God.
My beloved children, because human life has limitations and humans have limited understanding, you can only understand the realities in life and you do not understand which are the things that belong to the divinity, which are the things that belong to your consciences, which are the things that your souls need for now and for the future; you have forgotten the signs that I have given and that I have accomplished for humanity. For the sins of humanity, Jesus Christ came to the world to redeem them; He accepted death to cleanse the sins of the world, to save you from the darkness to bring you back to the light, to the Good News, to give you hope, so that you have the opportunity to change, to have the opportunity to step on the path of righteousness, to take the path that leads to the truth, with the teachings, with the Gospel.
This does not end here but continues; even the Church keeps reminding, over and over, that you have to return to righteousness, that you have to give judgments with justice and that you have to live with the justice from your consciences in regard to the other brothers in the world. There are many teachings to help lead you onto the righteous path, onto the path of faith, in order for you to recognize that only God is the God who gives you all things possible. God had saved you from a sinful state, and from the darkness He had brought you back to the light through the death of Jesus Christ, and through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, everyone was transformed in His Love and in His graces, but you have made your own decisions, you have refused and you have lived a life according to the flesh, according to your preferences of lust, passions, sins, money, fame, disobedience, and many things against the teachings that you have learned, known and heard, so things cannot last because you have reached a most alarming level; you have fallen into the snares of the devil because you have followed all the matters of the flesh, while your souls wither, and you continue to sin, to offend – so the next step will be the end in the death that you are now facing.
My beloved children, everything has been predestined by God the Father, so when the time comes, in that month, in that year, everything will come to a conclusion according to the deeds that God the Father has seen from mankind. The reason that you still have this day – to be able to receive the graces, to be able to receive the miracles that I give to the world – is because of the righteous people who still remain in the world, who continue to offer sacrifices in their lives, and who persevere in their life of sacrifice to help the other brothers. Even though the number is small God is attentive to those people, and because of them, God has come – because of them I come to intervene with all the matters in this world. From those people’s sacrifices, the brothers and sisters who live in sin return and recognize the compassion and the charity from the people who live a life of sacrifice to be able to bring the lost ones back to God.
The number of people who are living in wickedness, who are living in the misery of the world … if they truly open their hearts to the Real Presence of God, they could also have risen and returned. This is the opportunity for you to recognize that the Divine Mercy of God has waited for you until this century, and the time has come for that patience to end; everything will be fulfilled as predestined and as reported through the Book of Revelation to the world. So the days will no longer be as joyful as you see now, the days will no longer be the same as you face now; you have to prepare your souls, your bodies, and prepare especially for the spiritual life, for the life of faith. You have to return, you have to repent, you have to pray and use the time you have to help the other brothers; to bring the voice of truth to those who have erred, who are distancing themselves from My teachings, who are distancing themselves from a life in which they should live with virtue, with justice, with the truth from the conscience, in order to be able to continue to live in a remaining world, to live in the days when you are able to recognize the good people; as for the evil ones, they will end up in the place that they have known about when they practiced the things that they did while they were still alive.
My beloved children, today the reminders that are heard and known are for your bodies and for your souls to have the opportunity to recognize My voice, to realize the deeds that you have never done. Give yourselves the opportunity to return to My Divine Mercy, to return to the infinite Love that I reserve for you in the remaining days of the century before the tribulations that you will have to face, because when the tribulations come, whether you can still remain alive or not depends on each person, according to the faith of each person, according to the repentance of each person, according to the return of the repentant heart of each person. No one can help anyone else (8), no one can rely on anyone else; every individual must seek his own spiritual life, with the graces that I give, for you to practice the teachings that you have forgotten in life.
This is the opportunity to relive the days knowing God, to return with a repentant heart, to reject everything that comes from the ego, from self-interest. Return to a collective life – to see the poverty, to support, to live a life knowing to share, to love, to unite, to help one another and together to be able to reach a place that you can recognize comes from My teachings. The one thing I desire is for you to return, to believe in My Love, to believe in My salvation, to believe in the God who is truly alive and who is intervening for you in this world.
You should not err; you should end all crimes, end all offenses, and end all the deeds with which you have gone too far with the offenses committed in the past days. You have allowed evil to rule, you have allowed the devil to enter your bodies, your minds, and you have treated one another with cruelty. You are now facing the truth; the nations are using the most terrifying ways, which can only come from the devil, to harm one another.
These are the things that you most need in order to know and return to Me, and I keep reminding you; you need to remember that there is not much time left, so you can no longer allow yourselves to hesitate, you can no longer allow yourselves to procrastinate, because you have to prepare for the events that will happen. This is a warning for a disease that will spread in the entire world. Who will be able to survive, who will be able to overcome the tribulations that will befall this world? This is a great final war for humanity that is also the end of the world (9), in which you will be able to see the deaths, the sufferings of the children when they end up in the situations as in this day, with no more choices.
Every individual has to know that the things that you are able to hear and to know through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist are the last ray of light, as part of the salvation 2,000 years ago, and that I continue to give, which appears like a flame, to save the souls and bodies of the people on earth. Those who return, who repent, who prostrate and truly return from the heart to the Divine Mercy that I give to you: you are able to see with your eyes the miracle and My Presence through the Holy Eucharist, to help you and to bestow upon you the graces that I have promised in the remaining days, but only those who return from the heart, only those who truly repent will be able to receive the seals that I give.
You definitely have to recognize the important graces that I bestow upon the world in order for you to see the things that I intervene for in a special way for you, and for this, you have to acknowledge the new revelation in order for you to be able to understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows. You have to return and to prostrate yourselves before your God in order to receive the seals that I give in a divine way so that you can be saved when you encounter the tribulations, the plagues, the sufferings that you cannot overcome by yourselves; but by faith and trust you will obtain the seals, because these prostrations and the important things related to the transformation in your personal lives are so that you are able to recognize the graces that I give to you in this world. These are not the conditions that God needs from people, but this is the moment for people to be able to show their acts, with all their minds, with all their hearts. This is the reminder for you to return to your positions, to prostrate yourselves before God; for you to recognize that you were created by God. If you seek to return to God then you also have to prostrate in order for you to recognize, because you have forgotten about forgiveness and salvation, in the sinful years, in the years when you have offended the Heart of God the Father and provoked the wrath of the remaining days.
So what else is there that can be done besides the prostration before God, by the things that have been clearly revealed to transform your lives, to transform the arrogance, to transform the things that have led people into a modern way of life, forgetting to worship, forgetting to revere, forgetting the indispensable things that you most need in life? All these things need to be practiced in your lives, when you listen and you seek to recognize the things that you did not do, the things that you are not conscious of, the things that you do not accept because you do not recognize your destiny. You have to recognize that you were created by the hands of God the Father, who molded you, so the destiny of mankind is to return to the position where you have to recognize God, you have to show gratefulness, you have to know to prostrate, you have to recognize your mistakes, you have to truly repent, to be able to receive the seals that I give to My children, in order for them to be worthy to receive the graces that I give so that they will be able to survive, with My protection, to be able to survive to enter into the new world. The tribulations will happen, they will not end; the people who survive these tribulations will be the children who repent, who receive the divine seals that I give to them when they agree to return by the prostration, by the heart – to receive the forgiveness that God gives to humanity. They have to practice in the days while they are still alive, to return to righteousness, to return to the truth, to practice the most essential things that people have to practice according to the teachings and the commandments that I have left to the world.
My beloved children, this is true; remember the places that I want you to be able to meet Me are from the divine acts that I give, which is the miracle of the Holy Eucharist, which is the Real Presence of the Holy Eucharist in the midst of this world, giving you the opportunity to have your souls and your bodies healed, and to receive the remaining graces of the final days of the century. Believe and return, practice with a repentant heart, come to My Divine Mercy, come to prostrate before My Holy Eucharist – to prostrate and repent in the salvation from the Cross that I have left for humanity, in the places where you worship daily, to be able to receive My Body and My Blood to nourish your souls and your bodies. Be conscious in life with the words that you hear – you receive the divinity that I give in the bread, in the wine, with My Blood and My Body. You have to believe, you have to change, you have to live life according to the invitation, you have to unite, you have to revere, you have to prostrate, and you have to love, to be patient, to forgive, and to be charitable.

There are many more changes that people have to make so that the focal point of the conscience, of a person who follows the truth, has love as well as the commandments, so that you will not fall into the snares, into the things that come from the ego. People who are proud, who are arrogant, are being ruled by the darkness; they do immoral things because they lack faith; even those who have duties and responsibilities also lack faith, which has caused you to end up with confusion, in the choices you make – living for the appearances, living for the realities that become the habits in your roles. You do not truly recognize the things that come from the divine world, the things that come from God through the miracles that I have worked, that I am giving to My children.

This is the Appearance to bear witness to all the true things that you have heard, this is the beginning of a century when you are able to recognize the Presence of the Holy Eucharist, the Presence and the healing of the soul and the body that I have manifested for the world – to see, to witness, and to receive this miracle. You cannot understand all the things that come from the divine Power, which I give to strengthen the faith of those who return from the heart, who have the eyes of faith to see, the ears to hear, and the choice in faith to return, with all their hearts, with all their strength, to be able to receive the forgiveness through the seals that I give, and I also allow these people to remain and enter into the new world.
You have to prepare yourselves for the plague that is surrounding the world; this is a reminder for your souls, with no place to trust, that the only way left is to return to God – with all your hearts – to reject all the sins, to reject all the offenses, to become children who are worthy to receive the graces in the remaining days, with the practice of the signs that I give. These are the things that I remind you so that your faith be strengthened; even the clergy need to recognize the things that are true, the extraordinary things that I give, for the priests to have a strong spirituality in the life of faith, because when they celebrate Mass, when they offer the prayer of the Eucharist for the bread and the wine to be transubstantiated into My Body and My Blood, they need to have a heart truly lifted toward the divine world.
I want to manifest to you so that you recognize My Love, My Justice, My Power, and for all the children in the world – in all roles, in all classes in society – to recognize that you need to return, which means that you need to prostrate yourselves in repentance; then you will have the opportunity in the remaining days, but if you do not believe and you ignore these matters, then you will end up with the consequences that you have been able to see. This is not something normal, this is not the threat that you are facing, but this is an event that will happen in the entire world, to invite people to return to a life of repentance. Who has ears, then hear, who has eyes, then see, who has a heart, then feel, who has a mind, then decide; every person has to face the things that they have done – whether in goodness or in evil, they will have to pay the price for the things they bring upon themselves in the final days of the century.
This is all I want to say today. I hope that the things you see, you will know. The people who have the duty and the responsibility, make known the things that I want, and create the opportunities, for you absolutely have to let the clergy who have duties and responsibilities know about this Real Presence in order for them to spread the news for the children everywhere to be aware of the places where they have the Holy Eucharist, for Me to be with you, for you to return, from the preaching of the clergy, who remind the laity, who encourage the laity. There are certain places where people need to have tranquility in order for them to return to the love and to the mercy, through Divine Mercy and through the Holy Eucharist, for I will give to the people, when they truly recognize, when they prostrate themselves with all their hearts, when they return to righteousness by rejecting evil, rejecting sins; they will receive the seals when they prostrate themselves, when they repent, when they return to the path of righteousness, to a life practicing love, patience, unity, so as to be able to receive forgiveness in the remaining days of the century. You no longer have the time to be able to choose; the events will come unexpectedly – certain people will stay, and certain will be taken away – but have faith, because this is the last opportunity before the events happen to the earth, everywhere.
My beloved children, this is not something that you hear every year like a routine. There are those people who rely on science and technology, who think that all things that could be attained and accomplished come from humans and not from God; this is the kind of answer that derives from the arrogance and the pride of the people who reject God. You will be able to see the acts that God does, to see the thinking and the works of humans, and because of your immaturity, of your shallow ways of thinking, the devil has ruled with his sophisticated ways and he is leading you into death, from the soul to the body. Only I am the Supreme Being who can see that, only I am the Savior who can rescue you from his snare, by your rejections of all things that belong to the flesh: greed, selfishness, self-interest, lust and money.

Arrogance will not bring any benefit to your present lives but will kill your souls, your bodies, your consciences, and the future life in the eternal place, so these are the moments that I invite you to awake, in all roles, especially those who have the duty and the responsibility to proclaim the Good News. Awake soon in order to bring the laity, to bring the sheep back through the revelations that I urgently give to save your souls and your bodies, by the Presence that I manifest through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist. Only My Power can rescue you, only My Love can give you this opportunity today.
This is all I want to say today. I hope that you understand and that you are conscious of the life of those who have been chosen for the role of proclaiming the Good News. Be more zealous, try harder to proclaim all things you are able to know, to hear, through the works that I manifest through the Holy Eucharist, in order to help the brothers. When the laity is able to hear, they might not yet know, but they could seek to return, so do not let it be too late because when you finally are aware regarding all matters, it could already be too late to save your brothers.
This is the grace that I give through My Divine Mercy, to help save you, those of you who prostrate, those of you who repent, who return by the heart, who can truly keep the commandments, who reject evil and sins; you will receive the seals when you prostrate yourselves before the Cross, when you prostrate yourselves before My Holy Eucharist, when you prostrate yourselves before the Divine Mercy, when you prostrate yourselves before the altar, the place where you receive the ritual, where I am present daily to bestow upon you peace for the soul – to bring you hope and joy, when you practice with the Good News, with the teachings that you are able to hear, through the celebration of every Mass, listening to My reminders that continue to come to you in this world.
These are the remaining hopes in the end of the century – for you to hold on, to live a life of faith and to truly return with repentance; even if you are sinful or wicked in any way, I do not judge you; I want you to see the mercy, to return with the prostration to be able to receive the seals, in order for every person to have the opportunity to enter into the new world after experiencing the tribulations that humanity is encountering and will encounter in the days ahead. To prepare yourselves is to return, to reject sins, to repent; you need to spend time for prayers, you need to meet God, and you need to strengthen your life of faith, to reject all things that belong to the world. Allow your souls to have some moments of rest, to have calmness, to receive the graces that I give through the seals – when you prostrate, when you practice in your lives. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.
L., the things that you are able to hear today are to strengthen your role further, and also for the brothers and sisters who have been called to this mission to witness for Me, in regard to the truth of My Appearance through the Holy Eucharist. These are the things that you are able to see, to receive; this is the place where I have manifested, which is very important, so let the brothers and sisters in the entire world know so that they return soon to receive the healings. My children, upon receiving your responsibilities you have been able to hear the special things in the past days as I chose the roles for you; remember My advices – I will let you know about the works ahead, which I have assigned to each person, in your roles, in order to help your brothers in the plagues that are coming in the near future.
L., be alert for the hours that I am training you because I can come visit you unexpectedly and I want you to be prepared, with an alert mind, to be ready to receive anything that I give to you for you to inform the brothers and sisters whose roles are to announce for the others to be able to hear the latest revelations that I give to this world. Do not fear, do not worry; be alert, be calm in order to know what needs to be done, what needs to be made known, for the brothers and sisters who have duties and responsibilities to continue with the mission and to continue with their roles. In this time period, if any of you are weak, if any of you are not clear with your roles, you will be attacked. It will be very tense, C., so support one another with love, be alert to be able to differentiate between right and wrong, do not be confused, and do not allow any individual to influence the work that you are serving together. Be more zealous, pray for one another, love one another, help one another return in order to take care of the works that I give to you through My miracles. This is all I am saying today. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O God, I thank You; we have received a very important message this evening, along with the picture, to strengthen us as well as the brothers and sisters who have the duty and the responsibility to spread the things seen and heard. We need to believe in order to be able to do the work and we need to be zealous in order to be able to serve God. When we do our works this means that we do believe, and when we persevere this means that we make the sacrifices because of the charity and the love that Father wants us to practice, to live according to His teachings, in order to bring our brothers back and to spread the things most needed in order to save the brothers, in the most recent days, which are also the days to prepare for the tribulations that are forthcoming.

I do not know what else to say besides these words to thank Father, to praise Father and to glorify Father. These are the things that allow me to feel the closeness of Father in this evening when I was able to see the Eucharist of Father appearing in a white color, unexpectedly, and like this evening, Father appeared in just a few minutes and then everything was back to normal. Today, the things heard will be the testimony for the Church, the testimony for the entire world, the testimony for those who have the duty and the responsibility to proclaim the miracle of the Holy Eucharist, appearing at this parish, at the church where Father chooses to meet all the children in the entire world, to heal them, to cure the diseases, to heal the souls, for all roles and all classes in society. Today I thank Father, I praise Father and I glorify Father, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

L. completed this message from Father at exactly 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 19, 2014, at Saint Theresa Church, after L. saw the picture of Father’s Eucharist through the miracle of the Holy Eucharist. On behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the entire world, one more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God: Amen. Amen. Amen.
1.This is the adoration chapel in L.’s parish – its location will be revealed soon, which is touched on later in this message.
2.The miraculous images of the Eucharist that L. is able to capture on her phone
3. The seal in the Book of Revelation (7:2-3) can be obtained through sincere practice of the Six Kowtows (“prostration” or “prostrations” as they are often referred to in the messages) as often as possible (see the “Receive the Seal from God” message of November 1, 2013).
4. Part of this sentence seems to be saying that the miraculous images are authentic, not doctored or manipulated.
5. Here starts the major part of the message addressed to all mankind.
6. The miraculous images and messages given to L. for example
7. While there are at least two other times in Church history that there were two “Popes” (one who resigned and one who succeeded him, both alive at the same time), this statement is part of why this century is unique. This statement sets the stage for why God called Pope Francis to be Pope at this time: to express the “generous clemency” of God, who is calling all mankind, even or especially the evil people, back to Himself.

8. This simply means that, in the final analysis, no one but ourself can make the decision to follow God or not.
9. Now is not the end of the world, but we are entering into the most terrible events in the Book of Revelation – the first battles of the larger war that will culminate in the end of the world. After these most terrible events are completed, the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima will begin, which will last roughly “a thousand years” (Revelation 20:2-5). After that will be the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ in the flesh.

New Revelations through the Eucharist
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