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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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 You Do Not Know What Tomorrow Will                                 Bring



November 2, 2014

L.: O God, I just received and completed a message inspired by the Holy Spirit, with the words that You want to remind us. I also pray for You to come to me at this time. God, please come and let me know what I need to do with this message and what I have to do to bring Your messages to the world, according to Your Divine Will, for our brothers and sisters to receive, to hear, to practice, according to Your teachings and according to the revelations that we receive in this time period. I pray for God to come to me, so that I continue to receive the messages from God, who wants to give the opportunity to each person to recognize His voice, to receive the graces that He bestows upon humanity, to know of the things to practice.

What we need is heart, what we need is our return without hiding anything from God. God is the mighty One. He knows everything, He sees our hearts, He only accepts the hearts that return in repentance, and when we return with repentance we will receive the seals (1) that God promises. As for those who live superficially, deceitfully, God knows everything; there is nothing we can hide from God. The messages received, miraculous yet true, are the blessings given to this world to save our souls and our bodies in these remaining days. I pray to God because there are oppositions – people might object to the things we receive, to the things we practice (2).

We know that the things we hear, that we know do not come from us and that they do not happen without the permission from God. If without the permission from God, then nobody can practice anything they want or do anything to change today’s world. Only God gives all the opportunities to help us recognize His Love; God loves us and gives us many opportunities – in all situations – to return to God, to receive forgiveness, to receive salvation. The Love of God continues to give us the opportunities before the ending with all the events foretold in the Book of Revelation. Today, as God remind us, whether Catholics or separated brethren, people who know God but have never come to a place where they can confide in quietness: let us spend some time and come to the Holy Eucharist, to have some calm moments to receive from the divine; whether we are aware or not, God will give to His children when we believe, when we return, when we come to lift up prayers to God, asking for God’s help. There is nothing that God cannot do when we truly return, when we long for holiness, and we will be able to recognize that the things that God gives today have been planned in His program since the beginning.

There are many things to help us, to save us – in all classes, in all roles – so that we can receive forgiveness and salvation in the remaining days when we face the tribulations, in the days when we need the help and the intervention from God. Only God is the Supreme Being who loves us, only God is the Supreme Being who died for us, only God is the Supreme Being who saves us when we pray with heart, when we return with heart. We do not know what tomorrow brings, but in today’s world the turmoil is threatening us and there is no peace in this world. God, please help us mature: to differentiate between right and wrong, to see the things that we need to practice, to not lose the opportunity to receive the things that are true, that God gives to this world through His graces.

I pray for God to come to me at this moment, to receive a message from God on behalf of the brothers and sisters. We lift up prayers for each of us and we lift up prayers in a special way for the holy souls in purgatory; as for our weaknesses, we pray for blessings from God, we pray to The Divine Mercy of God (3), we pray so that we return with a repentant heart. If we believe, then through His graces, God will protect us, and through the blessings God will give us joy, hope and peace for the days we are still on earth. Please do not let it be too late when we know but we do not practice, when we know but we take it for granted, when we know but we are indifferent, hardened, because everything in our spiritual lives depends on our decisions so that we can face God’s Justice, to receive the just reward or punishment when God judges each soul according to justice, according to the righteousness that God wants from us when we are still alive. At this moment, I pray for God to come to me so that I receive a message from God to know the things that God wants us to practice in this world.

Father: L., M., My beloved children,

Both of you have stayed to receive a message that through the Holy Spirit I allow you to report; the words I want this generation to know and to practice; to recognize what I recall to the world.

My beloved children,

You do not know what tomorrow will bring; you do not know the things you will face in the next moments, you do not know about the threats that are near you, so if I do not manifest for you to recognize, to know, to practice, to return, then it will be too late when you no longer have the opportunity.

My beloved children, since the first moment, the day I agreed to become flesh, from the plan and the Love that God the Father reserves for humanity in general, and to the chosen children in particular, the Love I have for humanity is still eternal, but everything belongs to the plan that God has arranged, and everything will come to a conclusion according to the arrangements predestined by God the Father in His Power.

My beloved children, the things that you hear, that you know – indeed, people in today’s world with its modernization have forgotten that they have to return, with humility, with practices from the heart, to show repentance and obtain the intervention. God protects the people who listen and who return, with trust in God. Besides God, nobody can help you, nobody has the power to protect you in this generation, because the final battle will not be a battle of a world with humans, such as in the case of the nations that are looking for ways to create wars, to cause hatred, to destroy one another in the crimes they have committed and are committing. This world is ruled by evil because evil is present in the immature souls, in the souls that reject faith, in the souls that do not believe in God, in the souls that live only for the things of the world, for the pleasures of the world. All you know is to fight to ensure victory for your self-interests; you do not act with love, you continue in the evil strategies of the sophistication of the time – hiding all the crimes – and you end up being the ones who are falling into the falsehood and deceit of the evil one.

You have seen it: in this time period, evil has shown itself under the guise of humans, acting against all the teachings, acting without conscience, without morals, without ethics, with the evil purpose to win over the souls and the bodies of humans, of people who do not believe in God, of people who live in sins, of people who give evil the opportunity to rule over them as their master. I am greatly grieved and I feel great pity for those children because of all that I have given, that I have done; I had died for you, I had redeemed your souls, and I want you to live a life with happiness because you have the teachings left through the Gospel. Every person has a longing to practice from the heart, to practice holiness – this cannot be refuted because every person has holiness in them; even if they live in sin, they have a heart, and so there will be moments when they realize they are either doing something right or wrong or they are either living in sin or in holiness. This is the reminder from the heart in the way God creates humans. So you all have the opportunity for your souls to live in peace and in holiness, to recognize the things that come from God. In the things that I give to you, I want you to recognize that in this world there are always miracles, there are always divine things that appear in every century. Everything happens with the permission of God to remind each of you, to remind the world, but you do have the right to choose, to believe, to practice, to reject, or to recognize the things that are needed for the soul or the body, in the days when you are able to hear, to know.

My beloved children, there are many extraordinary things in this world; you know that these things do not come from humans but they come from Me. These extraordinary things are realized by God, from the Power, from God who gives to this world, to bring people back to righteousness, to lead people away from sins, to lead people away from the things that dwell in evil. Only God can guide you, remind you, lead you away from sins, and as you can see, the pleasures of the world lead you into greed, selfishness, ego, pride, lust; to live for the flesh, for the pleasures, to continue a life in crimes. People no longer respect the right to live, they no longer respect the commandments of God, and they no longer respect the teachings, the morals. This world has been affected by the destruction of morality, by the rejection of God, by the rejection of the teachings, which are the teachings that lead people to peace, happiness, love, forgiveness, unity. These are the reminders for every century, confirmed through the Gospel, through My Death.

I had died for your sins; I had died in order for death to become the eternal victory, to help you return, to enjoy the heavenly kingdom where I wait for you at the banquet table. The days on earth are the days for you to expiate your sins, the days for you to conquer sins, to face your sins with the graces and the love that I give to you. The deeds that I had accomplished are the examples for you to follow, to walk on the path that I had walked to save humanity; each person needs to know and understand the reasons for these deeds. When you believe in God, when you practice holiness, you believe in the world that has been prepared for each person in the providence of God. The best thing that is happening to you is the days of your journeys on earth, the days for you to overcome the challenges, to endure the stages of fortitude, of patience, of perseverance, and when in faith you entrust and trust in God, the Cross will not be too heavy for you to bear. I am the Supreme Being who is Providence; I know your strength. The reason for your accomplishments in this earthly life, in a world that belongs to sin, is for you to overcome the stages that each of you needs to go through to be worthy of the seat that I have prepared for you at the banquet table in the eternal place. Come to this place to join the saints in a life in which you only see happiness, peace, joy, and days that you cannot imagine in this world; days of peace and happiness, days of celebration in the Light and in the Love that God reserves for the souls worthy to enter into this place that I have prepared.

My beloved children, follow the examples of the saints. Contemplate their lives. I do not force you to do anything you cannot do, but at least you are able to see the place where the saints ended up because they knew they had to overcome the things of the world, to conquer the stages in life, to endure, to persevere in faith, to stand firm in the truth, to be steadfast in what they most needed, which is the world of the soul, a world they believed in though they have never been there. The saints believed in God, they believed in My Love, in salvation, in the days of My accomplishments for humanity; the opening of a glorious world that I give so that the children continue to walk in the footsteps of the Stations of the Cross when they are able to understand and experience them, because the path that they need to walk is the path of suffering – to conquer what they have to face in life, with the teachings, with the truth.

There is nothing you cannot overcome when you live a life with faith, with entrustment, with trust, because you will not walk in the midst of this life by yourselves but you are walking with Me, with My hands caring for you and guiding you through the stages of the journey. The stages that you have to walk through, the stages that you need to conclude at the end of your lives are the stages in which you need to recognize holiness, to use reason to differentiate when you choose things that come from goodness or from evil, so that you live a life worthy of the blessings that I have given you – I had died for you, I had brought salvation, I had brought heavenly light to shine upon each soul, upon each body; I had brought the eternal truth of heaven, I had brought hope so that each person has the right to enjoy happiness. Spend some time to understand and believe in this truth.

My beloved children, time has passed; many centuries have gone by. There are many good deeds you have realized but there are also many evil things you have done, whether unintentionally or intentionally, but I will not delve deep into your mistakes in life. You do not know of the events that will happen in this era, that will happen at this present time, that everything will be concluded in the time period of the end of the century, and because you do not know you do not understand, so I just want to remind you that everything that I could have done for humanity has been accomplished.

For the days that you live in happiness, in this present situation, if you do not recognize Me, if you do not recognize the love, if you do not recognize and receive the salvation that I gave to you through My Death, then how are you going to be able to come to the place that I have prepared for you, where I wait for you? You do not know of the offenses that you commit, whether unintentionally or intentionally, so I want you to listen to these revelations to remind your souls and bodies, because in your present lives, do you really have peace? You feel happy living in this world with the things that you have, but where are your souls going to end up, when you do not accept Me, when you do not recognize My Love, when you do not believe in the heavenly kingdom? So the things that you are able to hear, to know, are the things that I manifest to this world; these extraordinary things that are true, that are appearing in the midst of this world remind each soul, remind each heart to return with repentance, with the practice of good deeds when you have the opportunity to see, to hear. If you walk on the path of holiness, if you accept salvation with your hearts, you will be saved and you will receive the seals to help you in the days of the tribulations or in the remaining days of the century when you are still present on earth.

My beloved children, every person has the right to choose for themselves, every person has the right to practice the things they have heard and known, but I do not want to see each of you in this generation falling into the snares of evil because you do not allow Me to be present in your lives, because you do not allow for the opportunity to believe in the sublime miracles that are coming to you in this world to remind you, to intervene, to help in your life of faith, to help in your present lives in which all roles are falling into the snares of evil.

My beloved children, I want each of you to have the freedom to choose everything that I give to the world. I respect each soul, I respect each person. Choose the path that you want but choose with heart, to truly return with love, with trust in God, with love in your hearts; only in this way will it be meaningful, only in this way will it last, and when you face the many challenges in life, faith is essential in your lives so that you live with the recognition of the purpose of the place that I have prepared for each of you (4).

My beloved children, there are many things to remind you of. The opportunities that you have are My teachings through the Gospel. The words that I remind, the things that are practiced continue to be realized through the Church: to help your spiritual lives, to help you practice good deeds, to help you have a strong determination to choose God, to believe and to practice in faith – through your works, through the signs that summarize the things that you need to hear and know, which are to love God above all things, to believe in God, to practice love for one another, to be compassionate, to forgive, so that there will be peace in the world, so that there will be unity in the world, with love and with one faith. You only have one God who is the Father, only one God who gives you peace, only one God who intervenes and rescues you from the snares, when you agree to return with heart, with the prostration (5), with repentance, to be worthy to receive the seals in the remaining days of the century, to be rescued in the days of tribulations, because you will encounter many events in the remaining days that will end all evil in this world.
Today I want you to recognize the graces that I bestow upon you in the remaining months and years because there will not be that much time left. With increasingly more evil in the world, you have deeply fallen into their snares because you are too weak, too indifferent, too hardened. Many events that have never happened before have happened in this world and the most evil, frightening events have happened in this century.

On the other hand, I pour down upon this world such abundance as never before, through the graces and the miracles in this century, to remind you of My intervention, of the things that I could do for you in the remaining days. Through the miracles, through the appearance (6), I come to meet you, to give you blessings, to intervene for you, and to strengthen your faith so that you are able to see, hear and understand. This is for your hearts to recognize the peace that only I can give to humanity in the remaining days. You have the opportunity now to choose, to receive the graces in the remaining days, which are the reminders, the prostrations, the repentant hearts, to prepare your souls and your bodies that need to be ready at any moment. The events will happen unexpectedly, with any situations, with evil that is lurking to rule over your souls and bodies. Only I who am the Supreme Being can rescue you in the time of tribulations in the world, in the moments of turmoil with the threat of evil, but to be worthy to receive the things that you are able to receive in this world, the only reasonable way is through repentance. I wait for you through My Divine Mercy; I wait for all the holy people to come to the place that I have prepared.

In the heavenly kingdom there are no sinners, no greed, no selfishness, no worldly ambition; the heavenly kingdom does not accept the things that are against the teachings and ethics, and the people who do not believe in God. If you go on living for the flesh, then how can you be worthy to enter into a place where there is only peace, love – a place filled with light and all the power that only God gives permission for you to recognize? You cannot describe with words the places that I will allow you to come to and if you really want to go there, if you really want to receive that happiness, you have to reject the temptations and the lures in this world that are leading you to all things evil. I want you to repent, to return, to practice the things that you know come from God, which are the things that you hear to help you stay away from the sins you have committed. You definitely have to stay away from sins, to reject sins to be worthy in the remaining days, to prepare yourselves for the events that will come unexpectedly, to prepare your souls, to return with the graces that I give to you in this world, to recognize that My Love still gives you the opportunity and allows you to meet Me through the things that you need to practice in today’s world, which are the prostrations and repentances with heart, when the most alarming events happen to each person and to the entire world.

The special graces that I give are to remind you to return by your works, by your rejection of the things that do not follow My teachings. Not only do you need to return but you need to live a life in constant prayer, you need to practice by showing signs of love, signs of support, signs of the teachings that I have left to you. You have seen the things that I leave to the Church, so unite with the Church, and through the Church, through the Gospel, continue to spread these things to the world. Learn and practice the righteous deeds so that you can intervene and protect the works that need to be protected to keep a life of conscience, of virtue; to not fall into the snares.

People are committing the offenses today because they do not follow the commandments of God, because they do not follow the rules of the Church that is defending the right to life, defending morality and ethics, defending the truth that God is the Creator of mankind. Follow His commandments to avoid falling into the situations in this generation, which are the murders, the lack of respect for human life, the modern life that is destroying all morality, leading people into a life without conscience and without reason, so that they are unable to practice righteous deeds and end up being subject to the evil that is trying to find ways to cause the world to be at war, to be unhappy, to face crimes and bad deeds. Do not be hardened, do not be obstinate, because if you continue you will see many frightening and repulsive problems that humans inflict upon one another. Return to God, return to the true love that I give to you, return in the remaining months so that with the brothers and sisters, you will be worthy to receive the seals – these seals will enable the angels and the saints to rescue you from the dangers of this world. This is a revelation that I give to you through this message.

My beloved children, whoever has eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to differentiate: give yourselves the opportunity to come to My Holy Eucharist, to seek the Holy Eucharist that I gave to you in the first days and give to you in the remaining days, so that you can be confirmed in that miracle regarding all the things that come from heaven and the false things that come from the devil. Everything that comes from love, from repentance, from good deeds belongs to the world that I manifest to you in the midst of this world – by love, by invitation and by the Divine Mercy given to you. My Divine Mercy will sanctify you, will transform you, and when you
believe and meet God through the Holy Eucharist, your souls and bodies will receive healing.

You need to recognize the sign of love that still remains till this day from My Cross; My Cross is forever the sign of My Love for humanity. This is the opportunity for you to return, to prostrate, and to accomplish the things you need to do in the remaining days, with the graces that I bestow, with the forgiveness which I give to humanity. Believe and practice; continue to look with good will to differentiate what the truth is, what the essential things are so that you will be able to return to Me. I continue to remind you of My waiting. Return soon; you do not know how many days are left but it will not be much longer for the world. The things that are warned, the things that are getting close are pressing, so return soon to the love that I give in general to humanity and in particular to each of you, to each one accordingly. This is what I can do for you in this generation. Return soon to receive so that you have the opportunity to know and to recognize the heavenly kingdom through the seals that I give to you. Do not let it be too late because you will have to face the actions; when you stay indifferent and stubborn, you have made your own choices.

These are the things I want to remind you, the words inspired by the Holy Spirit are the most clear, most recent, most realistic, which you need to listen to carefully, the things that I remind humanity in general and each person in particular. This is all I want to say today. I hope that you will understand, recognize, practice, and give yourselves and your souls the opportunity to know the sublime things that your souls long for, in your bodies as well as in your souls: peace, hope, and the things that I pour down upon today’s world through the blessings and the graces that I give to you.

L.: O God, I thank You for Your Love, I thank You for the messages to each person and to the world, which are a surprise in the beginning, yet the truth is still the truth. The things that come from God are boundless, unending, and we have to respect, practice, have good will, seek, understand and practice the things that are beneficial to the soul, to the body, so that we will receive forgiveness, peace.

These are the places where we receive the graces that we know and hear in the most recent days (7). I do not know about my brothers and sisters, but in the role of a person who receives and hears, I pray to Father to help the brothers and sisters to open their hearts, I pray to Father to help them to practice and understand the meaning of the sublime things that Father gives to us in His Mercy, the things that are urgently needed for us to be saved in our bodies and in our souls. Father, please open the hearts of Your children so that they are able to know of Your Love, Your Divine Mercy, the Love that Father continues to give so that we have the opportunity to practice, to unite, to return with our repentant hearts, to be worthy to receive the forgiveness that Father gives to humanity in general and to each person in particular, through the miracles of the Holy Eucharist, through the revelations that Father gives to this world.

The things that we are able to hear and know do not end here but will continue to spread all over the entire world, for our brothers and sisters to also receive these blessings, to experience the healings that Father gives – to the soul, to the body, to the spirit – so that we receive the righteous deeds and practice the things that Father gives in order to have the opportunity to return to meet Father, to practice the righteous deeds for our bodies and for our souls. L. completed this message from God at 9:36 p.m. on Sunday, November 2, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, at the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Theresa, and St. Juan Diego. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.
(1) These seals are mentioned in the Book of Revelation (7:2-3): “Then I saw another angel ascend from the rising of the sun, with the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm earth and sea, saying, ‘Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God upon their foreheads.’”
(2) This refers to heaven’s messages and the Six Kowtows (see “The Six Kowtows” messages of August 19, 2014).
(3) Jesus
(4) The purpose of Jesus telling us He has a place prepared for everyone is so that we have the hope and courage to live a life worthy of such a gift.
(5) “Prostration” and “prostrations” in these messages always refer to the Six Kowtows. See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014. God will give the seals to those who sincere practice them.
(6) The messages L. receives and the Eucharistic miracles she is able to see and record on her camera. Some of these are on the website below.
(7) This apparently refers to the various places L. had received messages recently.


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