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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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December 6, 2014


L.: O God, it is 9:21 p.m. on Saturday, December 6, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, at the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Theresa, St. Juan Diego, where I just received the message inspired by the Holy Spirit. Every single time I receive a message inspired by the Holy Spirit, I always ask God to allow me to receive a message from God. All the confirmations today and everything seen and heard confirm the teachings from God to us who are the people who have the duty and the responsibility to spread all the things seen and heard through the miraculous revelations of the Holy Eucharist. This is so that the brothers and sisters in the world hear the voice of God, the voice they are expecting, so that they are able to recognize all the reminders that God gives us in the blessings and graces of the remaining days.


How is it possible to hear God’s voice? How is it possible to hear the things that Jesus taught to us as He taught the Apostles 2,000 years ago? Today, 2,000 years later, Christ does not appear in the flesh as in the first day that He came into the world but God comes to us by a living voice, teaching us meticulously, allowing us to see the sublime miracles from His Holy Eucharist and the things that will happen to the world in the last remaining days of the century. These are the special blessings that God reserves in general for humanity today and in particular for those who have the duty and the responsibility to spread this important mission in the time remaining, to save the brothers, to help the brothers step out of the snares of sin, to help the brothers step away from the attachments of existence, ruled by evil in today’s generation.


God loves us, God gives us the opportunity, and God also gives us the freedom to choose to return to Him. When we believe in God and when we return to God with our hearts, that is a proof of the power of love and the power of the Holy Spirit working in us so that we return to God with our hearts. This is because only belief, conviction, full trust in the things that we hear, that we know, will help us to believe in God, to follow the way of God, to follow the teachings of God, to live practicing what is preached from the Gospel every day at Holy Mass.


His Church continues to lead, to repeat all the teachings that He left for mankind, teaching people to love, teaching people to forgive, teaching people patience, teaching people about the Source of the truth that they have forgotten, especially in this century. Because of the weaknesses, because of the lack of faith, the things abandoned become the bad habits that people practice in life and then become the realities in people’s lives. The life of faith is cold and dry in every role while the things of this world have become things that are needed, that are close to people, which are snares from the evil one, who has known, who has been clever in his cunning ways, as in the way he deceived Eve who was the first parent in the early years of history. Today the evil one is using the same way to deceive people, in these days of writhing, with the permission from God in a world that is nearing its ending. We are the people who live in the remaining days of the end of the century, we have encountered many things that had never happened before in the world; we are experiencing them because these are days of writhing, the ending days for the conclusion of a world.*


So these are the days when we have to face all these extremely frightening and horrific threats for this century … a century that has never been filled with so many graces, with the things heard and seen through the blessings given from God in this final time period. All these things come from the grace of God; thus we have been able to witness, to see. The descendants who completely lack the knowledge and who are naive turn out to be the ones who receive many great things from God, the love that He gives in this century in the remaining days.


Unlike the way of humans when they choose, requiring everything to be reasonable and logical as seen with the normal eyes, God chooses all His children, the children whom He has created; He knows the heart of every person and He knows the role that He selects. Let us not be hardened and let us not refuse when we lack the good will for us to look for and recognize the things that are proclaimed and given to us in this century, to help the life of our souls, to help us fulfill our roles in this life of service and the roles of the people who are being reminded by God directly and indirectly. He uses His children, and those who listen and believe will be able to return to prepare for the life of their souls.


I am ready to receive the message from God this evening – for me, and especially for the brothers and the sisters who serve, as well as for the children in the entire world. While everyone is in a peaceful sleep, I and M., we are still in church, kneeling before the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God to receive the message that God wants to give to us in particular and to humanity in general, so that we hear the words that God wants to say, so that we see the wondrous deeds, great things, things incredibly frightening to warn us about the events that will happen in the days ahead.


Father: L., M., My beloved children,


Today I want to spend this time for L. to report everything that is seen and known as well as heard.** Do not let time pass with all the things witnessed, the things that I want you to report fully in details and all the things that I let you see with your own eyes.


My beloved children,


This will happen to the world on a day very close; the hour is determined by God the Father who will strike down on mankind one day very soon. It is not certain at which hour and in which time period this will happen; all that is known is reminded in the Book of Revelation, recorded in history. Today you are the ones who are appointed to speak of the things that you see, the days that will be ending with all the deeds from God’s plan, a plan that has lasted far too long in the world. Today you know more about these things – for humans what seems to be a thousand years is for God just one day, so with patience God continues to give you the opportunity to see the facts that have happened and are happening as of this day, surrounding you with all the things that you are able to see; with this confirmation from mankind, with things happening as foretold in the Book of Revelation, with the facts regarding all the deeds coming from God, the start of the ending has begun with the world, so you no longer have days of indifference, days of taking things lightly, days of routine, with things that were done in the normal way of the world.


My beloved children, the things that are being reminded in the most recent times are not things that happen normally in your daily lives. The extraordinary things that you see, that you hear, that are confirmed, come from the graces I had promised for the century, so in the days and the time period of the bestowed graces, receive and return in time. When this time period is over, you will no longer receive anything from the revelations, you will no longer be able to see anything with your eyes or hear with your ears; you will only have the books left through the Gospel, recorded 2,000 years ago, and today the Gospel is reminded in a lively way so that you to know that the hour has come.


My beloved children, with all the things that the world has collected, researched and recognized, you still cannot research and understand all the miracles, all the mysteries, all the things that God the Father bestows to humanity. He has given you the graces for the past days and continues to give in the present days and in the days ahead as well, but the things that need to be concluded will soon happen because mankind has continued to live in chaos, in rebellion, with rejection, with hardened hearts. Your souls will have to pay a price for this stubbornness.


My beloved children, the words inspired by the Holy Spirit are the things that I want to say, that I want My children to fully understand, for you in your roles to recognize and to be conscious of these great matters. These should become urgent matters for mankind today. Do not take this lightly, do not ignore this and do not let this become a routine as the days you live in the world. You continue to be passionate about the realities of the world, and the ones who have duties and responsibilities are still hardened, living a life with decisions made from self-interests, from relying on talents, subject to the advice of the world of darkness, which resides in you, in the current century, in the sophistication that people are following, with the modernization in an era where you are being deceived by the evil one.


My beloved children, for everything that has gone by in the first century, I want to leave you everything that was heard and known from the time I came into the world, so that you see the vivacity, the things that were recorded and practiced in accordance with a primitive world. Use your hearts, your thinking, your reasoning to conform to the deeds that you choose – the righteous deeds, the answers from your hearts for the things that you are practicing, the life of being called. You need to unite; unite in love, unite in duty, unite in charity, unite for all the deeds that you have not yet done, for the divine things that you have not yet understood the meaning, which you need to have each other. Everything that I want to leave to mankind is the invitation for mankind to end the wickedness and for mankind to end all the evil. Mankind has fallen into the snares of a world ruled by the darkness.


My beloved children, I am the Supreme Being from whom you can recognize Power and all the deeds that can be realized in the human world, but I want things to be realized by the children who are obedient, who recognize Me, who trust and who believe in the things that I have left for the world. The words that continue to be reminded to you are My teachings, the Gospel, the way of truth, which every person cannot be separated from. For you to be able to understand the meaning when you are a human being, you need to follow the teachings, you need to follow the path where you renounce all the snares of evil that are always by your sides. I am not forcing you with the things you cannot do when you have made your decisions; I just want you to understand what righteousness is, what is right, what the path of virtue is, and what the path is for you to renounce evil, greed, selfishness, the lures that lead you into the snares – from the smallest things to the greatest things. Your lives become routine, hardened, lacking love, lacking unity, and you keep on acting with selfishness, while the people who recognize My invitation live a life of charity, a life of love.


In this century, in each century, indeed there are such people, and because of these people I came into this world, because of these people I continue to be the source of consolation and I can speak up with a lively voice in the remaining days. Though these people consist of only a small number in this generation, these people are the ones who can see the things that are the evidences and the righteousness; I want them to testify to the works that I reveal – I use the messengers so that you are able to know about the works of the heavenly kingdom that are accomplished in the world in the remaining days.


With your own strength you cannot oppose and you cannot escape the snares from the sophisticated ways of evil; you have to live with faith, you have to learn and understand My teachings – the Gospel, the precepts, the commandments – so that you know that these are the essential foundations to avoid all the evil that surrounds you. That is not to mention the crimes, all the controls of a society, all the things that evil is preparing to lure you into its snares, and then from there you no longer recognize who God is; you only know a life with the realities of materials, money, fame – under the control of evil. This time period is the time for you to see the wickedness of the things you face when you do not follow the way of God, when you do not choose God and when you do not believe in Him. You have seen the increasing blood thirst of humanity, the spread of crimes and sins all over; you no longer have days of peace, true peace, in the world. When you do not recognize righteousness and truth you will live with a life as in the present, with no peace, in the way set by evil with snares ready to lure you because of your naiveté, your denials, and your lack of recognition. You do not have faith in God so you have fallen into the snares of hatred, of jealousy; you look for ways to harm one another, and this way of life continues from one century to the next century, in blood thirst, greediness, selfishness, in self-interests for each individual, for each nation – and things continue to happen all over the nations, all over the world. When will you be able to settle back, in order for you to understand the meaning of the spiritual life, which each of you needs in your life?

My beloved children, I had died for mankind; I had accepted the most difficult, the most painful things, the things that people have to pay back before the Justice of God, yet I am the Supreme Being who had accepted that responsibility to redeem your sins, accepted everything that you have to go through in your present journeys. Each person has to go through the sufferings that no one can avoid in life – some more than others. Everyone must face challenges, so what are you going to use to face them with, if not by your beliefs, by having a spiritual life in order for you to entrust, for you to accept?


When you accept, when you entrust, then indeed, the things that you are able to do, the things that you are able to practice do not come from your own capability but from the Holy Spirit who is traveling with you, who is with you. Open the eyes of faith and open your hearts so that you recognize the Real Presence that God gives to mankind. You have received the Holy Spirit of God who is working, who is in every person when you recognize Him, when you officially receive the Sacrament of Baptism, when you become part of My Church. That is something special that I reserve for the children of the world, even the pagans; I create them, I love them very much, and I want them to receive all that I have given to you as well, but because they do not know, they refuse, they do not listen, so then how are they able to receive from God, from a Mighty One who gives to mankind?


So each of you still has the freedom to choose, and the days that I give are for you to see, to hear, and to make the decisions. For those who already believe, you are able to see that they have lived a righteous life, a life with everything they have learned from the teachings. All the things from the teachings still remain until today and are reminded through My words from the Church; My words help bring mankind back to justice, to give them peace in the soul and a life in which all situations will be resolved when they believe, when they recognize, when they are conscious.


My beloved children, unlike a book that lies quietly for you to open and then close, there have to be lively accomplishments by your deeds, by your consciousness, by your hearts, by your return. Today everything that is mentioned, that is reminded by the messengers, by the prophets – things foretold for the century – will happen, and will happen to each person, so every person has the duty and the responsibility to unite with love, with support for one another, to contribute to righteousness, to work on the foundation for a peaceful world, a world where you receive love from each other. When you lack love, when you ignore the spirituality that is within you when God created you, when you do not truly act with heart, when you do not cooperate closely in the recognition of right and wrong so that you renounce the ego, all the bad habits, the things that lead you on the path of sin, that leads you to things that belong to the ego; you no longer have a wide and deep perspective in the world so that you are able to act from your hearts, with faith, with love, practicing and acting with consciousness.


My beloved children, all these things are being reminded over and over again, the words that I want to say to mankind: return, live with love, live with forgiveness, with support for one another. You have only one way: only God is the Most High who can bring peace to humanity, to each individual, to each family; only God can tend to the wounds of your hearts that you encounter in the life of a human being; and only faith will help you overcome the trials in life – even the diseases – because only faith can provide nourishment to the body, to the soul and to the mind. If you lose your faith then you no longer entrust, you no longer have hope and you have destroyed yourselves in this world, because facing all the realities of life only brings you snares – things that belong to the ego, greed, selfishness, self-interests – and from there they lead you to wickedness, to act against all morals and ethics, to act in cruelty and dictatorship. These are the snares the evil one wants people to step into; evil is always setting up snares for you to fall into.


My beloved children, the time has come and everything will soon be completed because God the Father wants to meet His children in the flesh, face to face. He has waited for too long. For God, as I have said, one day is the same as a thousand years, a thousand years is the same as one day; all matters on earth and in the century have to go on but what comes from God stands still as in the first time period, as in the final time period. God wants an end to all the evil, an end to all the sins, an end to all the things that God does not give and does not want for mankind – to culminate in a place where nothing will come to rule or disturb the children whom He creates.


This is a battle between good and evil, between the evil spirits and the angels in heaven, so this is an extremely important battle for an ending to everything. When mankind recognizes and is conscious of this: that mankind has been redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ who had come into the world, who had become the bridge to give mankind the opportunity to enter heaven, from the Blood that had purified and had brought mankind back to the light; and that evil belongs to the world, to the flesh, then God has given mankind the options so you have the choices, the freedoms and the miracles, but with your hearts, with your reasoning, you need to differentiate between right and wrong. You are not just living in the present world; only with the permission from God the Father. You also have the guidance from His Holy Spirit who is living in the midst of the world. You are able to listen to the words left in the Gospel, and the Church continues to guide you and continues to give to those of you who have the ears to hear, the eyes to see, the hearts to feel, who have made the decisions to return to righteousness. This is the decision created for the world.***


There are more lively things that I give through the messengers to remind you, and I continue to work the wondrous deeds that you are able to see, to hear. There are many more things to remind hearts, hearts created to embrace love, sincerity, all that belongs to the truth, so that mankind uses the heart as the focal point, to use the reasoning from the soul to recognize love, to recognize that salvation is a great accomplishment that I have given to humanity. I want to leave all the things that were said so that you are reminded in the remaining days, so that the Gospel is reminded, and this liveliness is reminded through the Holy Eucharist, so that you are able to see My Presence, to see My liveliness and all the promises made to mankind.


Today, one more time and the last time for mankind, are the things seen, heard, the graces in the last days of the century, which are also the days for Me to end with all the sheep or to end with all the goats as mentioned in the Gospel; that day is the last day, for those who truly believe and who choose the path left by the Gospel, who have practiced a lifetime of service, who loved, who supported, who lived a life of truth and righteousness, and for those who did things superficially, who did things to deceive the world, they will not be able to deceive God. Justice will be handed down on each person in the human race. This is also the time I want all the children to return. Though you are sinners and have deliberately or accidentally committed sins, all sinners are invited in this century through My Love and My Divine Mercy, and I will use My Blood to purify your souls again with My Divine Mercy; by Water, the world will be cleansed for those who believe, for those who return, and for those who truly repent.


In the most recent times, the things that are given to you and that you receive through the revelations for the remaining days are the prostration**** and the worship. This is an opportunity for you to see the present situation with the events happening unexpectedly; you do not know what tomorrow brings but each person will face justice, every person will face a Judge, for the decisions you made when you were still alive – in the end, your souls will have to pay the price for the things that you have done, that you are doing, and that you will do.


Today I repeat that everything you have heard in the past days, through the messages inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the truth. The events that will happen will be more terrifying than what is happening in the present; this is the beginning. This is not to threaten the human race but there will be more events coming; they will come one day very close, so that you see the immensity of the universe, so that you see the horror. This is not surprising for man, who is just a tiny dust particle compared to all the events that will occur as the wind sweeps things into a new world, with nothing remaining in this human world. With the destructions of the planets, God the Father will come at that time and everything will enter into a plan to conclude all things that have to come to an end, because evil will not last forever and evil will not be present and remain on the earth that He created by His hand. He just wants his children to live in His precepts, to live in love, to live in worship, to live in obedience, and to live the happy life that He wants His children to have.***** He will not allow evil to rule, He will not allow evil to have the opportunity to continue setting up snares for His naive children to fall into the abyss.


Due to your naiveté, you have been made prisoners because you did not choose the path of righteousness of your own free will, renouncing all things evil; instead, you sustain all the sins that keep accumulating, increasingly offending the commandments that God had given to mankind and acting against morals. He already had to wait for too long. I have also waited for each person, I have waited for each soul. I bestow the graces. I remind all with each message, with tenderness, with seriousness, in regard to the things that you need to pay a price in the name of justice, but who are the ones listening?


That is the freedom for which I am still waiting today. I do not want anyone to have to enter into the eternal place where there will be grinding of teeth or scorching fire. I just want souls to be with Me, to recognize and to be conscious, even those who sin and those who are living in a life not knowing, not recognizing a word that I had brought to the world through the Gospel; I want to give them the opportunity to know Me, to hear and to receive salvation, which is a great blessing to humanity, without distinction. Mankind needs to know, recognize, believe, return; that is God’s way for mankind to be saved, that is the way that will help you come to a world where you have the right to receive and enjoy the eternal happiness of heaven, but you have to journey through this earthly life where you must understand that the meaning of the final ending depends on the choices that you make.


You must decide and you must definitely follow that way; everyone has the opportunity, everyone has a path to choose from, everyone gets the chance to embrace the graces that God has given, is giving, and continues to give, along with the opportunity. The heavenly kingdom receives the righteous people, the heavenly kingdom receives the sinners who repent, the heavenly kingdom forgives all the children when they know and they return with their hearts to receive forgiveness, worthy to enter into a place that has been prepared with the banquet table ready for them.


This message today is to let you know that the things that you are able to see will be destroyed; in those remaining days there will not be a rock standing and nobody will be able to survive without the permission that God the Father gives through the seal to the children in the remaining days of the end of the century. So the seal that will be impressed on your souls is very important in the days of return; when you prostrate and you return to proclaim that God is the Father******. When you repent, your souls will receive the seals in the remaining days; then when the events happen, the angels will lead you into the places that have been assigned in the way and in the plan of God. As for all those who do not belong to the group receiving the seals, they have chosen the things of the world, chosen the things of the flesh, chosen everything that follows the ways of this world. If you do not believe, you reject, you refuse, you do not embrace; then you have made the decisions for your souls, you will have to face the tribulations and the total destructions when you do not have the seals impressed that God the Father gives to those who return with a truly repentant heart.


The righteous ones receive the protection because they continue with a life spreading all that is heard and known; they are protected in a special way for following the teachings of God, the way that God has left for mankind. All the people who are like you, who are being invited, will receive that special protection. There are still a lot of people who are on the way back, so, for love, contribute, lend a hand and spread everything that will happen to the world. You have the duty and the responsibility to spread this mission around the world, to help the brothers and the sisters to recognize Me, to return and to repent in the prostration and the repentance in the remaining days of the century. Through the revelations, I have mentioned the places where I meet you, through the Holy Eucharist, through the Divine Mercy; I meet mankind with the Heart and the Cross where I am waiting*******; I meet you so that you return to My Church to receive the Sacrament of Baptism, to receive the Holy Spirit in you to help you on the path of righteousness.


There are many things that you need to cooperate with each other on, in each role, in all classes: you must live together in harmony, in love, in good faith – and you need to recognize and believe in the truth that I confirm with you by the revelations that I have never given the world in past centuries. In this century you are able to hear, to see, and to receive these sublime graces. Unite in love, lend a hand with all the righteous acts, remind all roles in all classes so that you return together on the path that I give to the children when they recognize the prostration, the return, the repentance, and the choice with all that was given in the messages in this century.


In addition to the way that you choose, there is only one way that can touch and show the love and forgiveness that I give to you in today’s world: believe, trust, be open to all that is reminded for the century by the things that I let you see when you open the eyes of faith, so that you see the facts that I give to humanity, so that you feel with your hearts: to hear the living words, to be reminded at a time when the Gospel is being reminded in a lively way, by My voice, by My reminders, by the revelations that I give so that you see through the miracles of the Holy Eucharist.


This is all I want to say today, I hope that the things reported through the inspiration from the Holy Spirit are clear as well as the reminders for the remaining days of the end of the century. You need to prepare yourselves because no one knows the day and the hour, everything will happen in a sudden way such as a tornado sucking up everything in its immense power. God the Father will strike in the remaining days and only those who have the seals that God gives will remain and will be protected in a divine way by the angels who will come and will help those children to enter into a new world. God the Father will choose and will give to the children when they listen, when they practice, when they return, when they realize what virtue is, what they worship, when they are conscious of the spiritual life, and practice the teachings that I had left to humanity in the first time period and in today’s time period, which is a time of graces. The sins will be forgiven when you actually repent; My Divine Mercy sanctifies and transforms those children.


These are the words that I want to say today, including all the events that have happened in the most recent days, so that you are prepared; nobody will be able to avoid the unexpected days that will come, that will end with the destructions. God the Father will strike down on those who know yet do not practice, who know yet do not listen, who know yet do not come back, who do not want to repent, to ask for forgiveness in the remaining days so that they enter a new world. When you are able to fully understand love, peace, the love and the benevolence that God gives to humanity, My Love continues to give you the opportunity to listen to this liveliness. This will not last forever, so listen and practice before the defined time for the graces and blessings is over. The ears that hear and the hearts that feel are conscious of the voice with which I invite humanity – every role and every class – today.


My confirmation for you to see and to believe is manifested by My Presence through My Holy Eucharist, by the presence of the miracles that only God can perform and give to mankind, so open your hearts to believe in the facts that are unfolding and will come to the world. Return soon, give up all bad habits, give up all arrogance, give up all human perspectives. Embrace the messages, the things that you can see, that you can hear, and that you can receive in the era of the remaining days, which I give to you. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. I hope these words will help your decisions be definitive, will help you have faith and will help transform your lives. You definitely have to return with your hearts, with the prostration. Never leave My Divine Mercy because only Divine Mercy will save you in the moments of danger when you truly return to the Heart of Love, where I wait for you. One more time, My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.


L.: O Father, I thank Father for the love reserved for us, especially tonight, with the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, which are also the words Father reminds each individual, each community, the Church. I can see the presence of Father with my eyes; the light in the image of Father comes and allows me to receive these words. On behalf of all the brothers and sisters around the world, I thank, praise and offer our gratitude for the message that God gives to humanity, especially for those who practice righteousness, for them to continue in their ministry with zeal; as for those who have yet to understand, for them to hear and to embrace their own divine missions, to lend a hand with the works that are needed, to spread the Good News and to lend a hand with the important things because the hour is getting closer.


Help us understand the meaning of the divine mission that Father entrusts to us and understand the meaning of each person who is called to proclaim all that is needed to the world in the remaining days. We recognize the greatness and we are able to see the incredibly frightening and fearful events that are getting close in the remaining days that Father has revealed so that the world knows in order to prepare for the life of faith and a life coming back. On behalf of all the brothers and sisters in service and all the brothers and sisters all over the world, I pray for them to open their ears, their hearts, to be conscious of all the advices, the things that could be seen and all the events that are currently happening in the world so that they return to Father, to trust in Father, to entrust Father, with a steadfast heart, with determination to overcome the arduous challenges.


Father will not leave us helpless, will not let us suffer. We will receive when we are conscious of the prostration, and when we return to Father with heart, with repentance, we will be rescued by the seals that Father gives us. At this moment, one more time, on behalf of my brothers and sisters, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank Father, praise Father, and glorify Father. L. completed this message received from God at exactly 10:11 p.m. on Saturday, December 6, 2014, at St. Theresa Church. Along with sister M. I bow in worship, in praise, on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the world. Please help them to open their hearts, please help them to return soon. Please help us to be conscious so that we pray to Your Divine Mercy to purify us, so that we embrace Your message to prepare ourselves for a world that will definitely end, in the days of justice when we will have to face Father, to face all the deeds done while we were alive, accomplishments worthy for us to enter through the gates of heaven that are open to welcome those who are righteous, to welcome those who are worthy, to welcome those who were sinners but who have repented and received the graces from Father. Amen. Amen. Amen. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.



* Up until now has been the world that man has known; however, a new world is about to take over: the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. The present era and that era will be so different that it will be as an old world and a new world.


** L. has miraculous visions (not of heavenly beings as in other private revelations), especially of the Eucharist. She is able to record these images on her phone’s camera. Some of these images are on the website below.


*** That is, for us to decide “for God” with our free will is why God created the world. To definitively decide “against God” in this life, therefore, is the greatest failure. To go to heaven and hell is our choice.


**** “Prostration” in these messages always refers to kowtows or kowtowing: see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.


***** See Isaiah 65:17-25, Revelation 20:1-3. This refers to the Era of Peace that will last an indefinitely long time before the Second Coming.


****** One way these seals (see Revelation 7:2-3) will be received is by practicing the Six Kowtows (please see the “Receive the Seal from God” message of November 1, 2013).


******* The “places” where Jesus meets us (and where He desires the kowtows to be performed whenever possible) are the monstrance, the tabernacle, the altar, a crucifix, and a Divine Mercy image.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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