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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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    God the Holy Spirit in the World




June 8, 2014

L.: O God, every time I am able to receive a message from You through the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit, it is also the meaning of the feast of the Pentecost. We greatly long for and we wait, along with the brothers and sisters who are silently serving, the people chosen to bring the Good News of God to today’s world – through the messengers, through the prophets – all are waiting to receive the grace of God the Holy Spirit, especially on today’s feast (1). These are the people who have served and are serving, asking that He bestow upon us more essential graces, so that we are able to serve, so that we have more knowledge; to be abler, more lucid and wiser, in order to discern and continue to serve with the graces God bestows upon us through the current works, the works that bring to many brothers and sisters the words from God and the Good News from God – reminding and teaching the world; teaching His children who are on the way back; training His children for them to be able to know righteousness, to practice righteousness; helping the sinners who are in the darkness to be able to return to the light, to return to the true light, to return to the light that their hearts must follow, must believe in and must trust.

God wants to give us all things abundantly in today’s century. God is not as far away as we think; God is close by our side; God is close by to help us and to manifest to us so that we are able to see His intervention, especially His Love that still waits for us – to give us the opportunity to understand more about the meaning of the spiritual life that we need to have – in the body, all the more in the soul – that is very valuable for us to enrich and for us to practice the things needed for life. Our souls are being trained in the months and days we still are breathing so that regarding the things essential to a person, which are the soul, the body, the mind and the conscience, the meaning is to have the strong heartbeats as the Heart God offers to the human world, so that we do not fall into the snares of today’s society, so that we do not to fall into the sophisticated realities of the modern era that supersede the positiveness we need to have in our minds, in our hearts, and in our experiences.

However, we missed the opportunity: we do not use the machines in the right way, not according to morality and not according to true understanding toward God, toward all matters and toward others, so we are prone to be controlled and we become similar to the machines that do not know love, that do not know charity and sacrifice. Life goes on, bound to all things in the present, which are money, fame, wealth, self-interest, or the constant, busy works that do not allow the soul – not even one’s own body – to have certain moments of rest, in the heart and the mind, in order to understand that a human life receives abundances bestowed from God. All things are happy, are peaceful when people can feel and can understand the meaning of a life we embrace from God the Holy Spirit; His instructions teach us to be wise, to deal with all situations when we encounter them, whether sufferings or tribulations or difficulties, because when we have God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, all things end peacefully and all things are easily accepted, when we are able to understand the meaning of life as a human being.

We have a soul, we have the faculty of reasoning, we have the right to choose and we have the right to recognize the divine graces God bestowed upon each of us, which need to be discovered, to be practiced, so that we are able to understand the meaning of being the children of God, to understand the meaning when we are baptized, of the invisible divinity (2) that cannot be explained yet is still realized in the earthly world, so that we have the extraordinary and wondrous stories from God’s deeds; though supernatural, they are still real and can be encountered in the earthly world. At this moment, I ask that God to come to me, that we are able to receive a message from God, as the children who greatly desire and wait on the feast of Pentecost so that God gives us a message in which He reminds us in particular or all the brothers and sisters in the entire world in general; especially to the people who are silent, quiet, yet who are serving in the mission of proclaiming the Good News in which God is inviting all of His children in the world.

Father: My beloved L.,

Today, you just received a message; especially today, God the Holy Spirit is working and wants to say many things to teach you in today’s century. There are certain things people really do not know and they missed a lot of opportunities, because in their human bodies, if without the assistance from God the Holy Spirit, if without His grace, then no one can become complete, no one can become perfect before Me. So, for that reason, I have known since the beginning that, because of the weakness of the lowly body, there are so many things in a human being that cannot be removed easily. So, for that reason, I have bestowed My Holy Spirit upon the world, to come to make the decisions regarding all matters from God the Father’s program; because everything has been arranged; if I, Jesus, did not really leave (3), then God the Holy Spirit would not have come; so I had to leave, and everything was accomplished for God the Holy Spirit to come and to stay with you till this day.

The encounters, the reminders and the divine deeds still continue to be bestowed upon the human world and God the Holy Spirit is also working and giving to you, because from the moment I ascended to heaven everything was given to God the Holy Spirit for Him to realize. He is close to you; He has many things to realize in the earthly world, in every single soul, in every single individual, in every single person, in the community as well as in the Church, and in the entire world as well. Everything has rules, has laws; in regard to the encounters, no one can explain every single event encountered in divinity and if it is supernatural then it is even more difficult to understand. The life I bestow upon you is one of faith; faith will have an explanation, faith will have a profound way of looking, faith will recognize the deeds from God, faith will accept the wondrous and extraordinary deeds that only God can realize for the earthly world.

So today is also a day to remind you that God the Holy Spirit is present among you. He has given the world certain visions in the logic and conformity of the earthly world because there are orders and customs and laws in regard to the matters God predestined for the human world right from the beginning, along with all the wondrous and extraordinary works from God the Holy Spirit, from the arrangement of God the Father from the ages, with the invitation for people in today’s century to not ponder too much, to not think too much, and to not follow too closely the narrow way of thinking of the reality of the earthly world. Instead, look at a God (4), look at the love I want to remind and to teach people about from benevolence – to step into the training of a life of virtue, which every single person needs to have in order to understand the meaning in general for humanity. There are so many settings, so many families, so many children whom I see are really suffering and are being tormented in the darkness of sins; there are also many people suffering with diseases and there are also many people who are living in a free world, with talents and plenty of comforts, with a whole life in materials, in money. There are many things common as well as peculiar in the world, in every single nation, at places, with holy people as well as sinful people, with many in poverty and also many in affluence.

All and all, in general, in the earthly world there are many colors, in the evil deeds, in the holy deeds, in things from people; in an era, in a century with many centuries gone by, there are many things reminded that delivered people from sin, that saved them from the shackles of the darkness in which they are being tightly bound by desires, by greedy and selfish interests, as well as issues from either their talents or their competences, that have obscured their consciences, that have obscured their compassion, that have obscured truth and righteousness. So today is also a day with the distinct calling from the divine graces that I pour down upon today’s generation – to prove and to show My appearance and My intervention in the human world, with the complete manifestation from God the Holy Spirit, for the world to see, for the world to look at and to know of God’s reminder, of God’s intervention for mankind, which is also a reminder about all the events foretold in the time period you have seen in humanity today – of everything that exists according to the law of nature from God the Father’s decision from the ages. And regarding the events encountered in the present, the day has come for them to be concluded and completed.

My beloved children,

It has been thousands years since the day I came into the world 2,000 years ago. I wait for you, I wait for the return of mankind, I wait for the recognition of the entire world; I wait with the graces I shower upon humanity so that people seek to return to holiness, so that people escape from the snares of the world, in the flesh in the short days on earth, in the necessities that people need in the world, in regard to every single nation or to every single individual. Right from the start, life and the earthly world have encountered a succession of trials and sufferings and ordeals because iniquity controlled and became the master over matters from the people who belong to the earthly world and are facing adversities, miseries, bustling in life. What helps people are the truth, the appearances that I worked for you (5) right from the start, so that the human world would have an example to follow and to practice in life, with all the burdens of misery that people imposed upon one another; that kind of treatment forever retains the greediness, the selfishness, the slander, the arrogance, the self-interests, and much more that includes dishonesty, cruelty, sin, but which cannot be explained thoroughly in order to voice the evidence.

My beloved children, if the earthly world continues to be submerged in sins that people do not recognize and renounce to in order for them to return to the path of righteousness, then what can the conclusion be and what will be given to them? People can recognize between evil and good, between right and wrong, let alone the laws of God, let alone the rules that existed from the ages, but in everything God does there are certain aspects people cannot fully comprehend because only divine grace can help and bestow upon people, with what has happened, what is happening, what continues to be reminded – these graces continue to be realized and to be given so that people have the opportunity to return, so that they are able to recognize the light – to be able to seek and return to the truth and to righteousness.

My beloved children, the present blessings in the world, today’s invitation, are the blessings you received and are receiving; they are the graces, the love, to lead people out of the darkness of sin, to lead people into learning to live life meaningfully as a human, to be able to understand the things that humans can realize, can do, and can conquer. A shining example was given, history was left, and everlasting life – a life in which everyone is being reminded by My words and My protection through the graces, with My arrangement for the appearance and the presence of God the Holy Spirit in the world – all in all, are the graces, the love, the salvation brought to the human world today. There are many events to be concluded so that, before the conclusion of a world, there has to be a change in every single person when they are aware, when they recognize, and when they find the real truth.

This is also a time period to witness the wondrous, extraordinary, incredible stories that are still appearing, in the century you live in. What is to be reminded and to be evoked in people in this century, which is also a century in which many things have appeared, from holy deeds, present and past, and from the wickedness, the sins, committed to such an extent that you have seen the deep engulfment of humanity in today’s generation, in which the control of evil increasingly dominates and strongly expands?

If you do not look into the truth, into the reminders and into the everlasting word, through the Good News, daily, to be reminded through Mass and the words of the people attending (6), then how can you understand and retain the good and holy things through the truth left to mankind – to teach every single person, every single nation, the community, or all of humanity? Today, people still continue to dispute, still harm and kill one another, still have cruel strategies, annihilating one another through power and authority, through the appropriations for their own nations, through the appropriations of the things that follow the ways of the humans, using oppression, using the cruel and violent ways of one human toward another. What will uphold justice, what will be given for people to have the opportunity to receive all the teachings that were left to the human world, that keep reminding people of reverence and worship? There is one unique action in order to face one another – in every generation, in every century, and in every single individual, from the family to society – and that is love; to forgive, to see in one another the goodness God bestowed upon mankind, in spite what happened and what was taken away because of the crimes, the human sins, the wickedness that people still practice and retain till this century and that continues to be maintained so that you end up fighting between good and evil.

My beloved children, there is nothing that I cannot do and there is nothing that I cannot realize for your human world, but what I desire is the heart, what I desire is for you to understand the meaning so that you can be conscious of the value of the life of the soul that I redeemed for you at the price of blood. Today I still wait, still invite, still pour down graces, and still let God the Holy Spirit work to help you in the world, but there still are occurrences, there still are cruel disputes, there still are fearful and repulsive events in the human world. For that reason, I want to leave to people the freedom to choose, the freedom to choose to voluntarily return on the path from which they recognize the goodness, the essentials that mankind needs to have in the world so that mankind truly has peace, for that period to be the final days when people recognize that the truth of a God is the real truth, the righteousness that allow countless people in the century to survive, to live in peace, in happiness, filled with the meaning of the love God bestows upon the earthly world.

That invitation still continues to wait for people till this day; I still continue with these words through the Holy Eucharist, I still continue to be present here and there, to save My children, by this way and by that way, for you to be able to see the presence in the supernatural realm in which God appeared and bestowed upon you abundant graces, gave messages and reminders in a direct way, made all things really simple. Do not look at everything you deny in a complex way; you do not recognize though you know it is the truth, the righteousness, because there is still pride, arrogance, haughtiness in not recognizing and not reckoning the things that need to be proclaimed, the things that need to be faced, and the things that need to be practiced in your lives – to continue with the other brothers and sisters, who greatly need to hear, to receive, in order to recognize the love I continue to pour upon the world, in the final days and months of a century in which you are present.

Graces continue to be poured down to save your souls, to save those who are able to listen and who are able to escape the entanglement when they live and rise, from the truth, from righteousness and from justice; they are still the children who always have My protection and love and they are also the children whom I redeemed at the price of blood just like you. There is no one who does not receive that grace but because you do not accept, you do not recognize the meaning of the life you must have while alive to give yourselves the opportunity to make up for the imperfections in life, the imperfections in the life of the soul, the imperfections in the present life that you face. All things are not as difficult as you think, busy with jobs, busy with livelihoods, busy with what needs to be fulfilled in a human life. Of course, since I bestowed upon the world, everything must be practiced according to the law of nature, just like the reminders about what you need because in a daily life you need to face and to have certain necessities, but for the life of your souls you must have certain moments for you to give your souls spiritual nourishment. These nourishments for the soul are most needed and they greatly support the physical life because the spiritual life has a big influence upon the body and human thinking, but since today’s world is so mixed-up with everything coming from people and the reality in the flesh, it has submerged the spiritual life and the soul. So the realities of the present have too much priority in the earthly world, while the spiritual life, the life of the soul, and the value of a human, which people need to practice and to face, have become weak and inferior in a world where they are rarely being mentioned.

The graces I still give to all centuries are My Church, My Good News that continues to remind, the good deeds that still have a voice, even though in a wide world such as today only a small number of people can recognize the truth and return, but there still are some. This is something I want to remind the children: when they know the truth then they must also have the duty and the responsibility to continue to help the brothers and sisters in the entire world, to help the children who do not know about a holy life, a spiritual life, a life with a God who intervenes, a life with a God who is Love. He died in order for humanity to live, He died in order for mankind to step out of the darkness of sins, and He died in order for you to have everlasting life thereafter.

There are still many things that you have forgotten and have denied; today these things are evoked to remind you again, and today they also come to you; they have been brought to you, through lively words like those in the days I was still on the earthly world. 2,000 years later, I still continue to come to you but I no longer come to you in the flesh as in the first days; I come to you by the lively words. I am coming to you in a divine way, present among you, to meet you, to remind you, to continue to remind you with the Good News in the remaining days. All the children need to return and to come meet Me in order for them to see the appearances and the interventions in today’s world, by the love, by the salvation, and by the extraordinary things, for them to recognize and to believe in this truth.

You are given the opportunity, and today is also a day to remind the Church as well as all of humanity. God the Holy Spirit came as I promised 2,000 years ago; He is working in today’s century to teach you holy things, to bring you back from the darkness in order to complete the remaining days of the end of the century. You are able to receive many abundant graces, to receive many messages, for you to be healed – from the soul to the body – and even to strengthen the life of faith for humanity today, for you to have the opportunity to see the abundant gifts I bestow upon the life of the soul, the spiritual life, which you receive. Do not refuse, do not deny; seek to understand to recognize My voice, to recognize My reminders, to recognize the work of God the Holy Spirit, in the days going by in the century; even stronger, even more zealous, and even closer, such as the things you have been able to hear, to encounter and to feel.

I remind you of all matters in this generation because you must come to the Divine Mercy, you must immerse yourselves in My Divine Mercy for My Blood to redeem the entire generation (7), and for the Water to cleanse all the sins with the offenses you are committing and encountering in this century, in order to return to holiness – in faith, in entrustment. Boldly come back, boldly face, boldly practice, boldly return to My Love that is waiting for you through Divine Mercy. All the wondrous and extraordinary blessings in the healing of the soul and the body through God the Holy Spirit working in today’s century, and the extensive graces, the graces for mankind to be able to see that all aspects have abundant goodness from which God leads mankind away from the darkness of sin to meet the light, the light of faith, the light of grace, the light of a new change, so that you return to the path of righteousness, to be able to receive and to recognize the love God bestows upon the human world. Return, for you to be worthy to receive the gifts God gives through the messages, with the Holy Spirit working and helping you to step out of the place of sins, to step out of the entanglement of a world of crimes, for you to become holy people worthy to receive the salvation of the remaining days of the world.

Today, this is something I remind you and bestow upon all of humanity, and to remind you also of the feast of God the Holy Spirit so that you ask Him to support and to help, to protect and bestow the graces upon the hearts that open up, for the longings that they are waiting for, the things that people are able to know, to hear. God the Holy Spirit will bring mankind back to a life of faith – to believe in God, to return to a united Church, to return to the Church that has only one God, who is the Father of humanity, who brings you happiness in the remaining days, when you recognize My graces, and also to bring mankind to come taste love in the remaining days. I am opening my arms to embrace humanity, which, even though in sins, even though in ordeals, must return and must have a volunteering heart to be able to feel, to boldly come and return to Me in order to be able to receive the forgiveness and the salvation of the remaining days.

The longing and the waiting I desire is the unity of humanity today – to give up all the things of the world, which are greed, selfishness, hatred, jealousy, and human arrogance, in order to come close to the grace and the love of the remaining days of the end of the century. This is all I am saying today; there are many more things I hope to continue to remind and send to you. Believe and meet Me through the Holy Eucharist; come and seek Me with heart, with a heart in recognition, to calmly listen and embrace the matters that continue to advance in the days in the present century; you are able to receive so many graces and so many blessings which I continue to pour down and bestow upon your world.

My peace be with all of you. God the Holy Spirit will continue to help the hearts of those who truly welcome Him, to help them escape the snares when they need the support of God the Holy Spirit. The strong action of today’s century, the wondrous and extraordinary deeds, through the graces which you are able to see, through the children who are able to receive the extraordinary and wondrous deeds that came upon them, are from God the Holy Spirit, who is intervening, who is working, with My appearance through those little people, the messengers whom I command to walk in the midst of this world. Through the prophets, you are able to meet Me, you are able to know the things I remind and send to you, which is the invitation to return, which is for you to repent, to return to meet Me, and to rely on God the Holy Spirit to guide you to do the works that you will do through God the Holy Spirit, to be compelling in the world, which is also the program God bestows upon the human generation in the remaining days – the rich graces, the graces as well as the blessings He bestows in general upon today’s world, to invite and call upon the children to return.

The matters that you face, if without the grace of God the Holy Spirit and the intervention, then you would have to deal with and pay a price when you retain the things of the present world; these things will lead you to perdition, from the soul to the body, facing ordeals, tribulations, tragedies, because you fail to boldly decide to return to God. Today is a day I remind and send a message to you, hoping you will embrace and recognize the words I remind and send to you in today’s generation. I wait for you and I bestow upon you, through Divine Mercy, in order to meet the hearts, for the hearts in sin to have the opportunity to return to Me in order to receive sanctification. I will bestow and will help you on the path of return in the remaining days. My peace be with all of you.

L.: I thank the grace of God for having allowed me to receive a message from God this evening. I complete this message from God at exactly 7:34 p.m. on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of God, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Theresa, the holy statue of Juan Diego, where L. has the opportunity to receive and complete a message from God this evening. I thank the grace of God, I especially thank the grace of God for having given to us on this feast day of the Pentecost. On behalf of all the brothers and sisters, I thank the grace of God the Holy Spirit for having guided us and helped us to complete the message that we receive from Father. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank the grace of God, I praise God and I glorify God, I thank God the Holy Spirit, I thank the presence of Mother, I thank the presence of St. Theresa and all the saints in the divine realm whom I believe are present here, helping me to complete the things that God wants me to realize in the past days, today, and in the days ahead. One more time, I thank the grace of God, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. Pentecost
  2. The Trinity starts to dwell within a soul at Baptism.
  3. “Nevertheless I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you” (John 16:7).
  4. There is only one God, but it seems “a” is said because humanity today questions whether there is such a reality as “a God.”
  5. This seems to refer to the messages L. receives and the miraculous images God allows her to capture on her phone.
  6. Those who read and the priest in his homily
  7. By bringing others to Jesus, The Divine Mercy, they can be saved individually. Also, begging intensely for God’s mercy, in a special way through the miraculous power of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, can save many, many souls. All things are possible with God, but will everyone respond? In this private revelation He is throwing out the lifeline to everyone, anyone.


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