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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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In this message the Holy Spirit leads L. in her writing on several topics.

August 10, 2014

L.: O God, it is 4:11 p.m. on Sunday, August 10, 2014, at Saint Theresa’s Church, at the Emmaus Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Today is the fifth day since the picture of God and the statue of Our Lady of Fatima were moved to another place, and this is the second time I am coming here to continue to receive the messages from God. I also continue to silently offer the Rosary to Mother. I know they have put the statue of Mother and the picture of the Sacred Heart of God in a place where maybe no one comes to visit and to pray. It is probably lonely for the statue of Mother, with no one praying. I still come to this place where Mother allowed me to meet Her, where God allowed me to receive His messages, right from the beginning. Though the picture and statue were removed, in my heart, God is present here, and Mother is here with me. With my heart lifted up to the place where the picture and statue are, I pray to console God. I pray to offer the Rosary to Mother as I have made this promise to Mother, so I will offer this to Mother, to pray for the people who do not yet believe, for the people who do not yet understand and who do not yet know the works that God wants to manifest through the miracles, the many extraordinary things that are happening at this place through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist.

Today, after the Rosary, I still have a little time left before I will leave to attend Mass. At this moment, I pray to receive a message from God, and these are also the prayers I offer to Mother. I know there is nothing I can do, and I cannot say anything when everything has been decided. Maybe this is something that God wants for the people who are witnesses, to face the challenges, from small ones to big ones in life. The revelations that God gave to me in particular at this place, and in general to the brothers and the sisters in the entire world, I hope that one day, my brothers and sisters at this place as well as the people who have the authority, will recognize the grace of God, and the blessing that God gives through the message that He especially chose to give at this place. Every day I hope for this to happen soon in order to have the picture and statue where we had received the miracle, where God had given the revelations, through the picture and statue, for our world.

O God, may all the brothers and the sisters in the entire world live with love for each other, accept each other, and always look at the spiritual life. Just as the brothers and the sisters who come, who sometimes have shortcomings, but their hearts are strictly lifted toward prayers, toward worship;  so I pray to God for those brothers and those sisters to look at what is best that man practices. Though there are many shortcomings, but overall is the love for God, the reverence to offer prayers, as they are also the people who pray according to the call that God gives to them, so that the best times that we come together, with our hearts, with calmness, with things to be compared between good and evil, between right and wrong, we are together in unity in the love that God wants to see in humanity today. God wants to come to them for them to recognize the Love of God and the Divine Mercy, which each of us has to deeply recognize the impact that God wants each of us to have in this generation.

O God, You are very close to us. You are not far away but the human eye cannot see. O God, I pray for You to give us more faith, to give all the brothers and the sisters more faith. They are the people who serve, the people who are diligently helping with the things that are needed for the parish. I pray for them to open their hearts to see the presence of God in their souls, in the brothers and the sisters, in the people who are serving, in the people who speak a different language, in the people who come from a different nation, because we are all children of God, we were all created by God. O God, the day the world can see things this way, the day when the world actually practices the teaching and the truth of God, then there will no longer be misunderstanding, hatred, jealousy, doubt, prejudice, the things that are inherent in us when we lack love, when we lack faith, when we lack the presence of God in our works, in our views, and especially in our life of practice, with the word “love.”

O God, I know that You assign each person a role, as You look at us, with our different capabilities, our different lifestyles, with materials, fame, money, or talent. You do not look at that but You look at the hearts. Each heart is invited by the word “love,” because only the word “love” can bring peace, forgiveness, compassion, so that we can advance and be united, for us to have the same sense of purpose, to receive God in our hearts, in every work accomplished with meaning for others, for our opponents, for the brothers and the sisters whom we have to think of. We start with all good things, but when we lack love, forgiveness, compassion, charity, service, then it brings no meaning to the spiritual life. It is just a habit, it is just an outward liking, it is just reputation, it is just because of the satisfaction to have praise and fame, as well as for the desires of the ego. I pray for our brothers and sisters, especially here at this place, as well as in our families, and the people that we meet, to be able to avoid that way of looking at things, to be able to not think that way, for us to truly be the people who are worthy to receive the graces that God has given in general to this place, and in particular to each person, when they open their hearts to receive and to believe all the things that are happening, the Good News, the good deeds through the revelations.

God wants to come close to us and to manifest to each of us, individually as well as collectively, for us to have a firm faith to stand up and rise every day, for us to live more righteously, for us to live with more compassion, with more humility, with charity, with patience, with forgiveness for each other. This is the way for us to bring peace to a small parish, peace to a family, peace to each other, and peace to the brothers who speak a different language, but we need to have the support, we need to have unity in peace, and support, with our hearts, with the sincerity in the way God invites all of the children in the entire world.

Whoever lives in righteousness, God will reward for the things that we practice; as for those who live in selfishness, in disobedience, in jealousy, then they reap what they sow, and what they have are lack of joy, lack of peace, and lack of meaning in the things that they had done. When we serve in the way of humans, there is no benefit to the soul or the body, and we cause others to lose peace, as well as bringing to ourselves a habit, a personality that tends toward what is bad, and thoughts that lack charity, that lack sacrifice, that do not conform to the teaching of God. This then becomes the deception that we do not recognize, and this starts from the smallest acts to bigger acts, then to arrogance, to haughtiness, to pride. This is what we always encounter in life, and in every environment. If we do not truly and firmly receive the grace of God in our hearts, with a charitable view, with a worshipping view, with the teaching in love, then everyone will fall into this situation. In life, it does not matter which position we have or which responsibility we have, but when we look at things with truth, when we face things according to the commandments, it is not as easy as we think it is, and it is not as difficult as we think it is.

So in every work that we encounter, God does not demand too much from us. God wants us to stop at one point and to have some quiet moments in life for us to have the calmness to differentiate between right and wrong, to choose what is best and what the benefits are for ourselves, for the spirit, for the soul, for the opponent, and for the brothers. In life, there is nothing better than when our hearts recognize, and we sacrifice. To sacrifice for others is a joy; to give to others is also the peace that God gives to the soul. With everything that we fight for, in order to win, to always allow our ego to lead, the answer is already in our hearts. We can win when we are in an advantageous position to do so, but do we have joy in our hearts, and our souls? Indeed, if this is a just thing to do, then it is the right thing to do, because God invites us to live with truth and justice. If it is not just, there is a lack of justice, of righteousness, depending on self, because simply in losing a bit of personal interest, we already begin to be irritated, we already start to look for ways to thoroughly eliminate the things that we do not like, that we do not want, and that we do not see.

This is indeed something that happens in every class and in every role, so in every work, if they truly come from God, then it does not matter whether people fight, or compete, or treat each other, the only thing that we can see is the response with a touch of love, with a touch of charity, with the opponent accepting everything in the way that we treat them, whether it is deserved or not, whether we have the advantage or not. The people who have God, who work for God, they always bear disadvantages, they always make concessions, they always forgive, because what the doctrine of God teaches is harmony, love, giving without expecting anything back, sacrifice, patience, humility. Everything that God teaches is completely different from the ways of the people in the world, because people in the world have to win, have to compete, have to always take on things to their advantage, and especially when they suffer a bit of disadvantage, they start to look for ways to slander, to eliminate, even though they see that it is not the right thing to do, a thing not to be profaned, or a thing in which they can see the good of the other person for them to learn from. In this life, people thoroughly destroy and ban the things that are bad, but when they see the good things, they are also not pleased, they are jealous, they dislike, and they look for ways to eliminate and demolish. Indeed, the hearts of mankind are incomprehensible, with the evil from the smallest matters to the biggest matters that are happening in all the classes.

O God, the things that you do, the works that you realize, the teachings that You teach, the laws and the commandments always remind, reserved especially for the Christians, the people who follow the teachings of God. The Catholics attend the weekly Mass, and there are people who also attend the daily Mass, who listen to the discourses to understand more about the spiritual life, about the life of faith. To listen is easy for anyone to understand and to embrace, but to practice is something that God always invite us to, that is the teaching that God always emphasizes. If we hear with our ears and we see with our eyes but we do not practice and our hearts are not touched, then indeed, it is as people usually say: “The potato leaf receives nothing when water is poured on it.”* So, if people can use this saying, so can God, who knows the hearts of mankind, who knows our weaknesses, who knows about our lack of strength in rejecting the greed and the selfishness that each individual has. God already knew, because mankind had fallen into the situation of the first parents who had sinned, and because mankind is born in sin, and lives in sin, mankind ends up with death, with evil. In everything, God has seen the weakness of mankind, the fragility of mankind, so God always forgives, and God always gives all these ways for us to have the truth, for us to have the true practices through the works that God has arranged for each era. The words of God continue to spread in the world, the reminders, and the stories brought to the world, everything is from God who gives to all the children.

Out of love, He does not chastise us when we still commit sins, some more, some less. He sent His only Son, who is Jesus Christ, and through death, through the Cross, through fortitude, He teaches mankind so many things through His actions, in a teaching, a teaching of love, a teaching that brings justice, and that also brings eternal truth, for us not to follow the way of sin. The roots of sin cannot be present with the teaching that He teaches to us. Because of that, He had to step fully into death. He had to step into His own annihilation for us to be able to see. Because He had to redeem our sins, He had to suffer through so many ways of the Cross, which everyone knows.
In the end, He ended up naked on the Cross to bring victory to mankind, to bring us hope, to bring us days of peace and happiness. If we do recognize this, and if we practice as well as collaborate, our lives will not head for the abyss of sins, our lives will not fall into the snares of evil, as humans already have. Since the moment mankind disobeyed God, everything came true. God does not want all the changes, because with His power, He could do anything He wants. In this world, people had known God in so many things, and there are also those who do not know God, those who reject God. There are so many who lived worshipping idols and the majority live for their ego, for their own self, for the sin that is inherent in humans.

Wanting to change an entire generation, wanting to change an entire truth**, God always gives us the opportunity and the time, because time will help and justice will give us the true meaning of human life. The things that God wants, the things that God needs … God wants to meet the heart of mankind, God wants to meet us by our own will, by a decision in righteousness. As for us, if we need to come to God to ask for Him to accept, then we have to reject the things of the world, the bad thoughts, the sins, the wrongdoings, the greed, lust, envy, money, materials, talent***.

Even worse than all of these is the pride that has veiled us to everything that comes from the truth, from the conscience that each person needs to apply, in justice and righteousness. God gives and God wishes, and at the same time God is looking and giving us more and more graces for us to be able to come close to and reach the life that He has given us, freeing us, saving us from the sins that we have committed. He had taken onto His Body the scourging that we cannot endure in this world. He can accept that suffering for us. No one is willing to die for us so that we can have life, but we were indifferent, we had acted against and betrayed the One who brought salvation to us. So 2,000 years later, in this generation, the number of people who know God and who follow God is indeed a very modest number.

In this century, let’s take a look and compare again with all the things that have happened through history, the days in which we are seeing evil around us. Everything is happening as predicted in the Book of Revelation, and the Gospel mentioned many things that the prophets and the apostles had written over 2,000 years ago, but there are still signs that continue to be realized in this generation. We are living in a world where everything had been decided by God the Father; every work that He does, the promises that He made as well as the deeds that had been written in the Gospel, even if only a small thing, it cannot be erased. This is still being practiced in each century, especially in the century of the ending days.

We will see that everything will happen according to the warning that God gives to us. We have to see the writhing of humanity today, the horrible turmoils, the killings of the righteous people, and the killings of the brothers that they**** consider to be the people they have to kill. They kill innocent people, they worship an idol that they do not know the origin of, or its history, and even if there is a history, it is still only a history of this world in a human body, and not a history such as the history of Jesus Christ. From heaven, He was sent by God the Father. His history is a history that we have to remember forever, because He alone can save the entire world. His Blood had been shed to cleanse the sins of humanity. He accepted death for our souls to have life. From the moment He died to the moment He rose from death and resurrected, we were given hope and were committed to an eternal life by Jesus who is the bridge for us to enter into an eternal world, for us to be able to meet God the Father. From that moment on, we have the right to be a child of God, through the death of Jesus and through His glorious, triumphant return.

We cannot reject this and we still have the teaching that we still can hear, that we still can learn through His Church that remains to this day. The things that are divine and the works that are being practiced continue to link righteousness and truth. In the divine realm, or in the present, they are still the teachings that bring to mankind the things that mankind does not need in the thinking or in the body, but it is something that comes from the divine realm, something that cannot be described or compared to materialism, to money, or what humans look for, but is a love, a love that is everlasting, a love that is alluring to show the virtues of a religion that Jesus left for the earthly world.

His chosen leaders also live by that truth. We see the Popes of every century, of every era. More or less, when they were chosen to be a Pope to lead the Christians in the entire world, we are able to see the differences. They are not like the normal people, they are the chosen ones. More or less, we cannot compare because the works in the divine realm that God establishes through the Holy Spirit working through the Popes, give them, in a special way, an extraordinary understanding. No matter which situation, the Popes are still the people that Jesus had assigned, starting with Saint Peter, who was the first Pope of the Church, and there had been many Popes succeeding him throughout the eras. Of course, in life there is nothing that is perfect, even the way that God created right from the beginning, wishing for Adam and Eve, who were our first parents, to be close to God, to have everything that God gave in the earthly world, yet in the end they still committed the sin of disobedience. When we look back roughly 2,000 years ago, closest to the time when Jesus came, there were many Popes but not everyone has shortcomings. There are also certain things that we need to engrave in our memory, the Popes living in sacrifice, in virtuousness, and there are also certain things mankind cannot be perfect in such as the things that had happened to the earthly world*****.

Because we are humans in the eyes of God, because of love, God had forgiven us, and had given us many opportunities, just like the way He uses love to reconcile, to change, to conquer, and to transform. From the human condition of clay, we became humans through His work. He used His breath to give us life and breathing, to last throughout the centuries to this day. This does not mean anything in the eyes of God because He loves us, He loves our bodies and He loves our souls. He knows that if He does not raise His hand to lift us and save us then no one can still survive and no one can be worthy in the eyes of God. That is why love is an extraordinary thing, that transcends space, that transcends time, and it is something boundless and unending that God reserves for mankind.

In our thought, the works that God does are entirely contrary to those of the earthly world, but those contrary things are to teach us, and because of those contrary things, we still exist to have this day. Though we are people who are treacherous, though we are people who are still wicked, though we are people who are still obstinately hardened, as long as we are still alive, we still have the opportunity to be repentant. This is love and the infinite, generous compassion that God reserves for mankind. He does not stop but continues to teach us, close to us, for us to feel His presence one way or another. His words through the Gospel have lit the way and are the manuals for the life of each person.

Apart from all of these things, God is alive through the works that God does. It is the Holy Spirit who works through the prophets, through the messengers, to help us to be more active with the things that we need to know, that we need to recognize as from God. He manifests His power for us to hear and for us to receive more of the grace and the blessing that He gives more to humanity. In everything, He gives the best to mankind, according to the superior way that He gives to mankind. Because the works that God does, the superior works, if He does not allow us to, then no one can fully understand the work of God as well as His blessings through the graces. So in everything, He gives us the knowledge for us to be clear in a life following the program of the Church, following the program of humans to know that the truth – or the precepts and the commandments – are the concrete evidence for humans to be able to recognize and follow according to His teachings.

In addition, He also gives us the deeds from which we are able to see the Divine, in a way invisible, but present. He lets us recognize the miracles that are the healings of the diseases, the healings of the soul and the body. There are many, many more things that we cannot explain with theology, that we cannot explain by language, but we only know that the Love of God will allow us to see, to see His kindness, to recognize His forgiveness, to recognize the love that He gives us, leading us back to the truth.

Recently, we can understand the revelation that He gave through Saint Faustina, for us to recognize His Divine Mercy, which is the period of time that is most recent, when He wants to gather everyone in the entire world to immerse in the Divine Mercy in which God saves humanity. We see the first time that God came to us, 2,000 years ago, through the Cross, through the torture, through death to resurrect in triumphant glory for us to have hope, and since then till today. Today are the most recent days and we cannot deny the writhing of the world in sin today, and this is also the period of time that God comes in the revelation with the Divine Mercy.

Today we are able to receive and to listen to the messages that God gives to us, by a real link to the proof that 2,000 years ago, in the Last Supper, Jesus had left us His own Body and Blood. Today is an immense design that we are able to contemplate and receive daily through the celebration of Mass, which is the sacrament of the Body and the Blood of God. We already have the opportunity to worship and visit the Holy Eucharist, which is the most supreme, sacred sign that Jesus left to the world, His own Body and Blood.

So we are not surprised to receive the things that we receive in the sacred miracle that God gives to us, for us to be able to hear His latest messages, to receive His teachings. He meets mankind with messages, the messages that we have received, that we are receiving today, and continue to receive. God only reminds us to return to receive the love and the Divine Mercy that we most need in this world. The actions that we encounter are His messages, the messages that help us to return to the truth, that give us the strength, the love in faith, for us to entrust ourselves, for us to come to Him with our hearts, for us to recognize the Presence of God coming to us in the sacred things.

He is alive in the heart of each person when we open up to embrace the things that we believe in, that we see and that we understand in the recognition that God allows us to be close to Him through the Divine Mercy. Our souls need to have moments of quietness, of calmness, to come to the Holy Eucharist, a great, divine sacrament where God is present, waiting for each of us. There are many more miracles that He manifests for us, with His Body and His Blood, through healing, through the extraordinary deeds that we receive today. We cannot deny all the things that He has done and is doing. Today, to be able to receive these messages is not something absurd, or is not something that cannot not be believed but we need to recognize, for us to know the things that God gave to us in a special way.

God is everywhere when we pray and we believe, but at the places where He decided to work miracles, for the people to recognize that He had decided to be alive for us to see with our eyes, to hear with our ears, and to feel with our hearts, then that is the place that God chooses for us to come to Him. These are the things that we are able to hear and to know about in the past months, and today as well. I am just the person who reports the things that I am able to hear and to see. The things that God wants are the brothers and the sisters in the world, the children who are lost in the world, who have not yet recognized His Love, who have not returned to Him. Come to Him with heart. Believe and return. Entrust and trust. God is always by the side of each person when we open our hearts, when we open our minds to receive the messages that He gives to us in particular and to humanity in general. Let us not lose the opportunity that God gives to us in this world, through the miracle of the Holy Eucharist.

Today, I have the opportunity to report all the things that are in progress and are going on at this place. In the Love of Jesus Christ, we thank Him, praise Him, and glorify Him. Let us return to Him, with the things that He had blessed and promised to us, in the Divine Mercy, for us to have forgiveness and salvation in the remaining days, so that we have life when we are still in the body, aware of the works. The miracles that He gives to us are to strengthen the life of faith for each of us. Let us return to the truth. Let us reject the sins as well as the evil of mankind, to ask God to heal us, from our spirits to our bodies, to heal us from our souls to the entanglements that we cannot escape with the sins, more or less, in life. May God give us the opportunity to meet Him, one way or another, with faith, and with heart. We definitely will be touched, for us to become a true child of God, through the grace of forgiveness, and His Divine Mercy coming to us. L. completed this message this afternoon, from the guidance of the Holy Spirit at exactly 5 p.m. on Sunday at the Emmaus Blessed Sacrament Chapel, at Saint Theresa Parish. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

* Since L. is an American citizen of Vietnamese origin, this is a Vietnamese saying that means: it is useless when we say something to a person who is not listening, because, like water wasted on a mere potato leaf, that person does not receive or retain what was said.

** This seems to be a reference to the present destiny of mankind, and to God’s extraordinary “mission of mercy” that He initiated through His revelations to St. Maria Faustina of the Most Blessed Sacrament. This is the last chance for mankind. Some 80 years later, the “Era of Mercy” is almost over and Jesus and Mary, through L., are shouting to us that we must take advantage of it now; if we do not it will be too late when the “Era of Justice” begins soon.

*** That is, a disordered appraisal and/or use of “money, materials, talent”

**** Evil people

***** This may refer to the three effects of original sin: a darkening of the intellect, a weakening of the will, and a diminished unity of body and soul.

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