The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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           I Need Your Cooperation



August 13, 2014 – 1:04 a.m.

L.: O God, it is 1:04 a.m. on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, at Saint Theresa’s Church, in the Emmaus Blessed Sacrament Chapel.  N. and I have just received the inspired message from the Holy Spirit. With the events that have happened in the last few days, please God, come so that we receive the teachings from You, so that You can give us more strength in our life of faith, in the encounters that we are facing, so that we can be worthy of the invitation that You give to us, for us to live worthy to glorify You and to praise You in our lives. O God, at this moment, I am ready to receive Your message.

Father: L., N., My beloved children,

At this moment, both of you have recognized things that you are encountering and are facing. The inspired message from the Holy Spirit this afternoon and the message this evening are sufficient for you to understand and recognize everything that is happening in the world; individuals, communities, even the chosen people have fallen into situations where they lack patience, sacrifice, forgiveness, living in the narrow-minded human perspective. The chosen people have been selected yet they lack humility, they act in the limited vision of their education and knowledge, they do not have an open vision and insight in the graces, in the miracles that I give to the world in general and to the individual in particular.

My beloved two children,

This is to allow you to understand all the things you are able to see, hear and know, while the others, though they have very important roles, do not know, do not hear, and do not experience these things. The graces that I give to the world are abundant but if people do not live a spiritual life to have the good will to learn then nobody will be able to understand and to receive.

My beloved children,

It has been 2,000 years, yet because of stubbornness, people still do not recognize the salvation that I give to them; they still do not recognize and understand the value of the eternal place, a place that people need to go to, and they need to be determined to go there. They do not see, they do not listen, they reject all the things that I have given, that I still give; this is the reason why there are still wars, revolutions in the world – from civil wars to foreign wars – and sins are committed due to the lack of determination and trust in the commandments, in the teachings that I have left and given to you. The miracles that you cannot have proof of, cannot figure out or understand where they come from, if they are miracles then only I have the power to give and only I have the power to heal, from the soul to the body. The only thing that I want is that you must believe, because only faith can explain, only faith can help you not to doubt, not to question. Faith will help you not to rely too much on your knowledge; faith will help you to see with optimism and with trust so that you are able to widen your view to see the graces that I bestow on this world.

My beloved children, as the Apostles 2,000 years ago, the people who are chosen, the graces that I give in particular at this place and in general to the children around the world, depend on faith, and if you long and seek, you will be able to hear My voice, My message, to receive the healing that I give as comfort to this generation.

My beloved children, though the events that happened and are happening are a surprise to you, you have to endure them, you have to face them, you have to accept them, because if things are normal there is nothing to evoke the miracles that I give to you to strengthen those who are at this place as well as the children in the entire world.
My beloved children, the works that I do and realize are in the plan but I need your cooperation. You are the witnesses who have heard and known and you are the ones who continue to testify for Me in this life, so accept everything; do not doubt, do not question, do not be anxious and do not be restless. As you know, since you have walked with Me you have received many things that the other brothers do not know and do not believe in; since you believe you will see, and when you receive you will realize how great the graces are, and these graces continue to be poured down upon you, who have believed and keep on believing. I bestow to those who long for and who seek the great graces in the remaining days, and for those who deny and reject the graces, I will take and bestow all of those graces on those who believe, so that they see and feel the living presence that I give to this generation.

I ask that you cooperate by accepting the way others are treating you, because they do not see, they do not believe, they follow the human way – the way they think is the best resolution. People suffer from the other brothers who, for selfish reasons, have rejected what is good though they have seen and known. This is what I want to remind you; these are the matters that you encounter and I hope that you will not fall into the same situation. If you treat them in the same way they treat you then you are not different from them; you have the same narrow view, you act without thinking, you lack the ability to understand in depth all the good things that I have given and give. So remember every word, every sentence; do not have the same view as the people who are mistreating you but strive for a wider view – for forgiveness, for compassion. People who did wrong never saw their own mistakes but you are the ones who need to practice so that they can see their mistakes, in order to see the graces that I give, in order to see the liveliness that I give in particular to this parish and in general to those who have received and are receiving.

Children, remember, do not be sad, do not complain, do not treat the people around you in the way people treat one another. Selfishness does not bring any benefit to you and only causes you to be isolated by it. Be ready to accept, whether happiness or sadness, whether things happen as you wish or not, whether success or failure; keep having faith in My providence, in My invitation. Accept everything – even sadness, even injustice, even suffering; this is the best way I want you to face, to test your faith in regard to Me and the graces that I give and have given.

I want you to be aware of all the events that are happening at this place so that you understand that everything happening to you during this time comes from Me, to give you the opportunity which you prayed for. I want you to testify to the things that you hear, that you see, but because your capability cannot overcome your own weakness you do not yet practice, you do not yet have the opportunity to seek the truth. With the events that are happening, I allow you to see the beginning of the Gospel, the miracles, and human eyes will be able to see the things that will happen at this place, which even if people do not believe, they have to revere and understand that this is not something normal, that this is not something that comes from the mind of people – but they need to look at the divine and look at the extraordinary way of My Presence at this place.

My beloved children, I do not need the deeds that you do that you think are necessary to bring good results to the works that you serve. I just want you to accept My invitation, to sacrifice in silence, to be happy in your daily work so that your work is your answer to the opponent who does not know of the signs that I give to you, of My presence in you, using you in this world.

My beloved children, try harder and learn how to remove the ropes that bind you with the view lacking faith; look at the things that upset you and offend you as normal in life, live with the blessings that I have given to you, which are smiles, joy, entrustment, acceptance, and zeal with each work. Recognize this so that you can conquer all misunderstandings with the things that I want, which are love, support, peace, sacrifice and acceptance. Only this way can you reap and help the brothers with reminders, with the awakening, with which they compare themselves, with shame for their mistakes in regard to the graces that I give to you and to each person to receive.

My beloved children, these are the difficulties you face at this place, but take a look at all the sufferings that each of the brothers in the world are encountering – they are living in places where they are being oppressed, persecuted, killed by the sins of selfishness. Today you are listening to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who has brought many things for you to see everything that is true. Today I remind you so that you see the happiness that you have, that this is just a small portion of life when people need to walk the way of the Cross, with some having certain challenges, others having other challenges. Every time you have a challenge you need to grow stronger to recognize whom you are walking with, for whom you are working, and for whom you are serving in the mission that I want in the world. Love the brothers who are facing miseries, sufferings, tragedies of death, the bad and repulsive ways that people treat one another; they have spilled the blood of the righteous and done monstrous things.

I will not wait for people to be aware and to rise up; this is a period of grace that I give to the world but this will not last, because of the Justice of God the Father – He will strike down on all the evil, if people do not repent, if people do not return, and if they do not implement all the things in the years in which I have poured down the graces and given them more time to awake, to decide to leave evil and return to a life that I desire. My Blood, My Divine Mercy will help people be sanctified and transformed, but they are still hardened, still stubborn in their sinful acts; they have been disobedient, they have wrongfully treated the brothers when they did the things that you have seen, from their stubbornness. You do not cooperate, you do not unite, you do not love and thus you create an opening for you to rebel, to be violent, to kill one another, to follow what you think is a religion worthy of worship. God the Father is very offended with the children who have made such mistakes in the world today; this is also the opening for evil to control and rule you.

Many events have happened and they do not end at this point; the events that you are able to know and to hear about are just a small portion – there are great events that are going to happen in the coming days. The world has to go through these stages; as I have repeated many times, these are the remaining days of the end of the century (1), the days that people need to repent, to return to righteousness, to be aware of what is good and what is evil. God has established and given you the opportunity so that you do not live a senseless life, so that you do not act in the evil ways as you do in your treatment of one another.

My beloved children, because of the righteous, because of the children whom I choose, I continue to be concerned; I continue to give the children in the world the opportunity to recognize My Love, the opportunity to recognize the infinite compassion with which I always patiently wait, giving them a chance. Everything has its time limit (2) so do not take things for granted, do not look at the present and think that your souls are secure. It is most pitiful for the nations, for the religions that do not follow the truth – they are living with illusion, they create their own religions that lead them into destruction, in their violence and disobedience, with the disgusting and scary ways such as demons raging in today’s world and today’s century.

My beloved children, all the events that have been forewarned in the Book of Revelation will, in turn, proceed in a clear way; you have seen the start, so today My invitation to the entire world is to ask you to repent and return, starting with the family. Live with generosity, with tolerance for one another, with forgiveness toward one another – guiding each other, with concern for one another. Look at the events in the world that have brought turmoil and so many things that you need to be concerned with to help yourselves and those around you to live a life in the truth, to believe and to trust. When you return, when you know that there is a Supreme Being of Love who is concerned and who will intervene when you return, when you reject evil and sin, I will have the power to help you with the tribulations, with famine, with war; but if you do not believe and you do not know in advance about the warnings, you will be very frightened and horrified when you learn of the events that will happen, that will threaten this world.

My beloved children, I want to repeat it one more time: everything that has been forewarned in the Book of Revelation will definitely happen in the remaining days of the end of the century. This is the start; it starts with the wicked events filled with the repulsive iniquities that people embrace. In turn, the diseases will spread everywhere, then famine, and even if there is food you will not be able to eat because of the infected poison (3) caused by the wickedness of humans toward one another. With the expansion of the destruction of humanity today, evil seeks to control all mankind because all of you have been stubborn, and only a small number are returning and embracing the things that I give through the Church, such as this invitation. Be alert, return, repent. There is a good number of people returning but it is only a small number compared to the population in today’s world, and the people who have recognized My voice will be protected when the tribulations come. Even though there are challenges there is the spiritual foundation, and if they believe there is always a way from the divine realm for an intervention that will come from the Holy Spirit who will guide and help each one individually and collectively in the world.

If people cannot find what I give to this generation, if they still live according to the ways of the world; with greediness, with selfishness; in fame, money; relying on the talents or the material things that they have in life then when things suddenly occur, how pitiful for their souls. I do not know what else to say and I do not know what else to advise you in these tragic days. I just want you to wake up and to take a look at all that is happening and has occurred, which is not something as in the previous years, as in the past centuries, with your thinking that you do not have to care about these events that will not affect each individual – but this is the beginning, starting externally and gradually it will turn internally and will become the focal point in your lives in this generation.

The appearances do not happen naturally; people have to believe, to know and to recognize this. Because I have seen this and I want to save the righteous in this generation, I appear to provide for the children who live in sin when they do not know and they do not receive what they should know and hear. I continue to send a message for you to see the liveliness of the appearance through the Holy Eucharist, to meet each soul, to invite people to return, and to give them the opportunity to recognize the sublime graces.

I want you to have unity in life, to do something, to have good will in the prostrations, in the kowtows (4), to be sincere in the practices, to ask God the Father to forgive for the things that He will strike at this world in the near future. The time has come, everything has become very tragic in the world today, with the offenses committed by people, with the incidents that never happened before, such as the arrogance in performing the rites of Mass (5) to offend God, disobeying the laws, living in lust. People have done evil things, have sold their souls to evil, have allowed evil to rule. So many people are falling into the present conditions and situations, especially the young people who have not lived according to their education, knowledge, and because of their immaturity they have sold their souls for a debauched life to satisfy the flesh, lust, passion for money, spending in a world where people do not keep the virtues or the basics of a life with conscience.

My beloved children, each of the roles, each of the ranks is in chaos in the world today with the selfishness, the arrogance, the disputes; people still do not recognize Divine Mercy, do not recognize the return, do not recognize that they need to be awakened in the present life. Each person needs to sacrifice a little; to have a little patience, endurance; to guide each other; to help each other on the path of progress where they have been surrounded by the snares of evil, by the bribes for pleasures to lead people into a life in debauchery.

My beloved children, it is too painful. How much longer it will take to be able to see the things that I want to proclaim to the entire world to invite each soul, to save each soul? This is what I can do for you and I leave you the freedom for you to return in your own free will, because it is only with your own free will that you will see results, for every person to have the eye of faith to see the graces in the remaining days so that they can continue the rest of the way, with the days of challenges, with the days facing the tribulations, the famine, the disasters, the earthquakes, the hurricanes, the events that have never happened before but will definitely happen in the remaining days of the century.

Things have not yet started to happen and already the brothers are trying to kill each other; because of famine, because of the lack of basic necessities they have started to kill one another. If you do not strengthen your life of faith and you do not seek the truth, then you will not believe in the power of My coming to bring you back, to bring the righteous people – the people who repent and all the children who are worthy – to a place of shelter for the period of purification.

For the world to start anew and good as God the Father plans and arranges, it must undergo the hurricanes, the storms, the struggles between good and evil that it is fighting and encountering in this generation through the children whom you have seen, who use the most evil, most horrible ways to treat one another. They kill the righteous, they spill the blood of the just ones, they spread the crimes, they surrender their rights so that evil rules and controls all things in the present. The things that you see are the works from the outside, but inside are plans in wicked and repulsive ways to kill all, to reject the right of the Most High, to do many horrible things, to do many things to cause suffering with diseases and tragic deaths in the world. Their hands have grown wide; they have partnered with the souls that are weak and immature in faith; they do not believe in God, they reject all the holy things that I give to the world – the messages as well as the teachings that I have left through the Gospel, with the Book of Revelation being reminded in reference to all the events that are happening.

Today I want to let you be confronted with the facts you are experiencing; these are the little things that you need to conquer: you need to pray, you need to have absolute faith, to be more zealous, patient, to forgive each other more, because, you see, the way you treat each other, the way people react when they think their individual rights are being infringed upon, they immediately fight back in a way they should not but still do. That is the role of those who have been selected but still live selfish lives with the mistakes; these are the signs that you see, so you need to conquer, you need to understand, and you need to pray more for your brothers because more and more people need to know of My graces, to recognize the graces that I give.  This is better than for you to see the brothers doing wrong. Your sacrifices bring them back and your devotions are the signs that I use through you; you bring My Love to share with the brothers by the sacrifices that I invite you to.  So do not hate, do not rush into thinking and judging in a human way but accept everything – whether happy or sad, whether challenges or even unjust – accept everything because I need you to do that, because you need to love and forgive them, you need to pray and lift up all those accomplishments for Me to grant them to return, so that I can give them the awareness, so that I can allow them to see what is right and wrong so that they are able to know that My Love is alive in each of you, that I use you – each chosen person – to testify for Me in the midst of this world.

Children, you need to understand more of the teachings that I give to humanity; I invite each individual to return to Me, to cooperate and live a life with truth, with righteousness, which will bring you to the eternal place that I have prepared, through death – I had died for you so that you may return to the place that I have prepared for each of you. You have to change; you have to enter into a life where souls have some quiet time, to rest in the graces, to practice in your works, in your speech, in your actions, to bring love, support and holiness for one another. You need to sacrifice more because you know, you hear, and you feel, but others do not yet know, do not yet hear, and do not yet feel. Though they do not believe, pray for them with patience, forgive them for the things they do intentionally or accidentally, so that they return and recognize the works that I do through you, and how I use you to convert the brothers.

Cooperate with Me, embrace everything as you have received, continue further and deeper in the understanding of the mission for which I want to use you in this world. Only love, only forgiveness will bring the brothers close to you; only with love, forgiveness, sacrifice, patience, faith will the Holy Spirit guide you, step by step, on how to handle things, how to face and follow the signs that I choose you in the midst of this century.

My Love and My Divine Mercy wish is for you to continue to fulfill the role in order to set an example for the people here and for all the brothers and sisters in the world, when they believe, when they recognize My messages, and they practice. I wish for you to practice at 3 o’clock each day at the Hour of Mercy, to gather together to pray My Divine Mercy (6) at the time I died 2,000 years ago. At this hour My Divine Mercy will pour down more and will spread all over so that the children enjoy the sublime graces through Divine Mercy that I bring to humanity today and for each individual when they are aware and recognize the great importance of the hour of Divine Mercy that I want to give to humanity in these tragic days, living in the present calamity. Only salvation, only the grace of Divine Mercy will give you a new perspective in order to change, to be more patient, to trust more, to bear more, which will allow you to see the divine, the extraordinary things that I give to you, which people cannot see with the human eye; but look at the life of faith, through the eyes that I have given to you to recognize the intervention, the help and the great graces through Divine Mercy where I meet everyone.

The time that I allow you to be close, to recognize and to understand is what I want to show the world today, so that the churches, the places, the parishes continue to invite the laity to visit the Holy Eucharist, to have moments of silence for adoration, because in those moments of calmness, I strengthen and I heal the sufferings, the diseases of the body and the soul when you believe and you seek. I will definitely sanctify you, giving you peace so you can realize the path you need to continue on, in a life where you need to sacrifice, to recognize the truth, to live in the justice that each of you needs, which is the foundation of morality, so that no matter what happens, you stand firm in the graces to bring good results for the soul and the body in the days when you are facing suffering, trial, success or failure.

These are the things I invite each family, each one personally – try to help each other in the spiritual life, to return. Those who are fathers, who are mothers, be more patient with your children; pray for them; create opportunities for them to know that the most important thing in life is to have piety, love, forgiveness; walk together on the righteous path. Those who are children, listen to and obey your parents so that starting from the family morality will continue to spread throughout the world. Each person needs to have the basic ethics in the solid foundation of the truth, to recognize the truth and to recognize the teachings that I establish for each of you. When you recognize My Love through the truth, there will no longer be sorrowful days of turmoil, hatred, conflict, murder, but it will be a life with My presence in the midst of your lives, in the midst of the family, in the midst of the soul, and you will see fruits resulting from the good things. When you are aware and you ask for an intervention regarding evil deeds, I will have a way to help good things come to you and slowly destroy the evil from the families, from the nations, from the communities where you are suffering the torments of the wicked, the evil acts that people do to each other.

Continue to bring to each other what the Church invites, which is to make peace with God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I desire that everyone be conscious in the life of a Christian; you must receive the grace of reconciliation, be determined to avoid sin, to keep a clean heart to be worthy to receive My Body and My Blood, so that My Body and My Blood sanctify and transform you. All the things that you practice under the guidance of the Church are to listen to the Gospel, to practice the Gospel.

This is the period when I bestow upon humanity My Divine Mercy, the things that you meet in a private way, with the Holy Eucharist, spending some quiet time to meet Me, so that I can help strengthen you, so that I can give you power of the soul, of the spirit, so that you can face all the situations where everyone needs to endure the Cross in their lives. The Cross is in the difficulties of life, but overcome them, accept them, be happy so that you are able to walk the path to earn your accomplishments, and someday – with those sufferings, those sacrifices, those acceptances – I will be by your side to support you, to help with the heavy load when your shoulders cannot carry the illnesses, the diseases or the challenges that everyone has faced and is facing. All things that come to you are the best from God the Father’s providential arrangement; He continues to invite everyone in order to be perfect, to fully understand all the good things.

You have to come to My Divine Mercy, to keep the Divine Mercy (7) in the hours dedicated to a life of faith in worship, in reverence, and in the caring, charitable prayer for your brothers, the world and the events that have happened and are happening in the nations where you see violence, wickedness and evil in people. They live in disobedience, they follow the cults that cause the abhorrent violence and absurdity in people who continue to kill each other and threaten all with that evil.

Children, remember this, if you consent, if you cooperate, if you recognize these things then My Divine Mercy will intervene for the world. If you prostrate (8), along with the intervention from Mother Mary, you will have new changes; this depends on the cooperation of the world in order for God the Father to be less angry, for Him not to strike down the sword on the raging evil that is offending Him in this world. Remember, all this depends on each individual, on each nation, on each soul: to recognize My Divine Mercy, to cooperate in unity, to lift up prayers from the heart with absolute faith, and though the events with the forewarnings given through the Book of Revelation will definitely happen, if you cooperate, then God the Father’s right hand of Justice will decide. He can act, but with the things that you repent of, I and Mother Mary will intervene for you in the world; it would be a lesser punishment that mankind has to endure because of the sin of disobedience, because of the betrayal and stubborn persistence in sin, the offenses against the commandments that God the Father has given in general to humanity and in particular to each one of you.

Today’s is a message that I want everyone to awaken to recognize the warning of the coming days. I let you awaken and repent; return as soon as possible for each of your souls, to strengthen the life of faith in regard to the events that have happened and will happen. You must trust in My intervention through Divine Mercy and help, leading you in the spiritual guidance by the Holy Spirit. I give warnings through the messengers, the prophets of the events that will happen and will happen soon. Today is the most recent message that I give through the messengers for you to listen to, the messages that I give through the Holy Eucharist vividly for you. Do not miss the opportunity, do not refuse, open your hearts, hear the truth that I want you to recognize so that you return to the guidance that I give in general to humanity and in particular to each individual.

This is all I want to say today. It depends on each person; I leave the freedom for you to choose the future path for your souls, in the current days in which you need to face and cannot deny the events, with the turmoil, with the horrors of the recent events, to reestablish a new world. It will be implemented according to the plan that God the Father has predestined, has arranged, and whether it is serious or not depends on whether or not mankind cooperates and returns with sincerity to God, depending on each individual.

I hope you will carefully meditate and decide for yourselves at this moment as well as for the days in the near future; do not overlook all that is heard, take immediate steps to implement the most essential things that I give to you in this period of blessings and graces. When this time period is over you will see the misery and suffering that have been arranged according to the justice that each person needs to face; the justice that I give to the children who have sacrificed with their own blood for righteousness. You choose your own paths, either a path heading for the abyss, a path walking in sin, or a path walking in the light to return with faith and trust – to justice – in righteousness and in truth. My peace be with you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: Father, I thank You. I do not know the great importance in the message today that Father has given to us; this is an awakening call, the invitation in the remaining days that we receive through the graces of the Holy Eucharist. Father, please help us to do what is needed, at the time decided by You, please help us to accomplish the things that You want – for our brothers and sisters to awake soon, to arise, to return to You through Divine Mercy, to meet You through the Holy Eucharist, to hear Your invitation through the Church as well as throughout the world, to bring the Body and the Blood of Father through the Holy Eucharist to the laity so that they come to adoration, to ask Father to teach, to ask Father to forgive – in repentance – to obtain the physical and spiritual healing through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist today, through the revelations that Father gives to humanity in general and to each one of us in particular.

Father, please help the people we meet so that they open their hearts to believe, especially the priests so that they receive, so that they learn these important things in order to spread the messages that Father gives to mankind in these remaining days with the graces that Father gives to us. Do not let it be too late, because of our stubbornness we will not be able to help our brothers, as we and others are on the way back, on the road looking to return to Father. There are a number of people who have repented, asking Father to forgive them, give them a chance as well as give us a chance so that we unite in love, so that we prepare for the day when we should battle between good and evil – with faith, with absolute trust in Father, in the grace that Father gives to us today.

This is the important thing that I pray to Father – please enlighten us, guide us, and help us to complete all the works that You want each of us to practice according to Your teachings. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank Father, praise Father and glorify Father. L. completed Father’s message at 2:03 a.m., on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, at St. Theresa Church, in the Emmaus Blessed Sacrament Chapel, where we receive the messages from Father, and though the Sacred Heart picture and the statue of Our Lady of Fatima are not here yet they are forever imprinted in our hearts, in our minds, at this place where God chooses for us to receive His messages.

May we continue to proclaim in absolute belief the messages of Father, to practice to glorify Father, to honor Father, to be worthy in the mission, to bring Father’s messages to the world through the new revelations. This is what we aspire to complete, all the things that Father gives to humanity in general and to each one of us in particular, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen. I thank Mother, for Mother’s presence at this place; I know Mother has a lot to tell us but it is already 2 a.m., so we ask Mother to allow us to go now. I ask Mother to allow me to come back tomorrow so that I can continue the mission in which we need to serve quietly. I thank the grace of God. I thank the grace of Mother; please continue to intercede with God for us, so that each of us lives in a more worthy way with the things that God has given us – to live with love; to live with patience, forgiveness, acceptance; to always pray; to believe and to trust; to pray that God to brings justice to us and that God takes back all the things that we are facing, that we are enduring, so that we have the time to continue with our mission, in faith and in the companionship of the Holy Spirit guiding us. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ I would like to thank God, praise God and glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

(1) It seems that in all these messages, heaven is referring to the time of Christ until now as a “century,” and that the world is about to enter a new “century,” which seems to end at the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the world. It seems, therefore, that the word “century” refers to a period of time not equivalent, of course, to 100 years – it appears to be more like an “era” or “epoch.” The new “century” may refer to the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima.
(2) While God’s Mercy is infinite, so is His Justice. This is why Jesus says, “Everything has its time limit.”
(3) Apparently the food supply of the future will be intentionally contaminated.
(4) See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014. In this same sentence: we must ask God the Father for mercy.
(5) Black Masses
(6) The Hour of Mercy is from 3 – 4 p.m. This is the prayer known as the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy.
(7) The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy
(8) “Prostration/s” in these messages always refers to “The Six Kowtows.”

New Revelations through the Eucharist
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