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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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    Have come Moments of Calmness




September 2, 2014

L.: O God, it is 10:58 a.m. on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, at the Church of St. John Vianney. I am kneeling before the tabernacle. Yesterday I had the opportunity to come here, and I spent an hour in Eucharistic adoration with God in the quiet church with no one else but me, kneeling before the tabernacle. I was sure I heard the sounds of pages from books being flipped, and the sounds of footsteps on the ground. Though I did not see anyone but I believed the sounds were from the angels and the saints who came here to spend adoration along with me. I could not see them with my eyes but from the sounds, I could tell there were many around me who came here to worship God. I was certain of that. God has helped me to no longer be afraid as I used to be. Before, whenever I was alone and I heard a sound, especially in secluded places, I absolutely would not be able to be by myself for I was very afraid, but I know that today, things are no longer the same as the first day, when I was still toddling, when I first started. God has poured down so many graces upon me and God has worked so many things on me, at the places where God also allows the saints as well as the angels to come and worship God with me, where the holy souls also have the opportunity to come to implore God to allow them to return to God through the prayers that God allows me to pray for them.

O God, today is also a day that You allow me and V. to come here. We just received a message from the Holy Spirit, with certain things that I have never heard before. This is the first time that God had given a message through the Holy Spirit in a very powerful way, as a confirmation for our world, for the things that we need to have in our mission. We need a zealous heart. We need to have the things that enable us to serve, for us to fulfill the role according to the guidance from God. O God, at this moment, I pray for You to come to me. In every message that I receive from the Holy Spirit, there are things that God wants to send, through the works that we continue to do for our mission, as the brothers and the sisters who have been chosen who silently work at bringing the messages of God to the whole world.

O God, there are still so many things for me to continue to listen to, in Your teaching and in Your messages, in the past days, today, as well as in the coming days. Every time that I am able to receive, I keep asking You to come to me with Your words. I just know to do Your Will the way You want me to, under Your guidance. I do not want to do anything else that is not Your Will and that is not Your plan. Please help me. Please come to me. God has the power to send to me. God has the power to create opportunities for me. I firmly believe that God has the power to guide my mind, to guide my heart, to guide my body, to guide my reasoning, my words, and my works, according to His Will.

Please allow me to have the things that we need to learn, because the body is still lacking, with a lot of shortcomings. We are not worthy yet to receive the great grace from God, for me to be able to serve through the brothers and the sisters. Please shape me. Please transform me, every single day. Please allow me to recognize the error, to recognize the mistake, to recognize the need to learn to be more charitable, to live a more righteous life, and especially to learn to be holier. We need to live our lives to fully express the holy Will of God, with the graces that God gives to me, as well as to the brothers and sisters who also live in the grace of God. At this moment, I am ready to listen to the words that God wants to give to us this morning, in particular for the brothers and the sisters who serve, and in general for the children of God around the world, to receive and hear.

Father: L., V., My beloved children,

Today I want to meet both of you. L. has the duty to receive My messages, and increasingly with each passing day, you start to become bolder, stronger, to have more acute recognitions in order to do the things that I want you to do according to the time and the place that I decide.

V., why do I want you to be close to L.? I want to let you hear the messages that I give directly through the person who has been chosen to be the messenger. I allow you to be able to clearly recognize and witness the works that I do, the things that I give, in general to the world, and in particular to each individual. Even you have received many of My messages.* If you absolutely want to be on the path that I chose for you, you definitely have to conquer yourself, conquer the things that you are experiencing in your life, conquer the challenges in the current circumstances, and conquer the future challenges in the spiritual life. There are still a lot of things. I select the people who can truly witness for Me, who have to go through the stages of the road that you are experiencing and will experience, starting from the smallest things, starting from the most ordinary things, from the encounters within the family as well as from society, so that from there, your heart will end up with more profound experiences in faith, for you to be stronger, for you to entrust more, for you to trust more.

I am very happy to see you as mature as of today. Though this is only the beginning with the days of training, today I have seen your progress in the life of faith. Continue to be on this path, and continue to overcome the difficulties ahead. You will receive the grace after the challenges that I want you to overcome. This path is the beginning and there still are many things to face, but once you have gone through this path, then the path ahead that I have arranged for you will be nothing to you in all circumstances. You will be the person who will direct others. You will be a guide for others to experience the profound power of the miracle that you have been able to encounter in your life. My messages, which you have listened to, are the evidence.

In this era you are able to hear and to receive all the blessing and the grace that I give in general to humanity, and in particular to each individual. Once each person is selected to go into a new century**, selected for the days of a return to peace and a return to love, a world that I bestow to all the children when they are selected to go into a new world, then you will no longer receive these messages directly but you will have certain indirect ways to experience and to see the things that I will give, by the power that the people in the new world will receive.

These days are the most recent days when I give the most intense training. These are the days when I want to manifest to each of My children when they open the heart and the eyes of faith, to be able to see the power and the extraordinary things that I pour down and give in a very close way.

My beloved children, all the things that were realized in the last few days, the latest messages that along with the brothers and the sisters you hastened and looked for the fastest way to bring to the world, are things that are most needed. Society is in a state of chaos today, and it is heading more and more toward an impasse, so if you do not strongly lend a hand to help your brothers then there are countless souls who still live in chaos. They are not the people who deserve to go into the place where they should be, but because the chaos has frightened them, because the chaos has made them confused, they do not recognize which path they should entrust themselves to, and which path they need to cling to, to return. So these recent days are the period of time that is most critical for you to work together, working hard so that the things that I give through the revelations can soon be available to humanity, for My children all over the world to receive, for them to have the strength to consolidate their life of faith, for them to have the strength to come to Me through Divine Mercy. I want each person to repent, to return, to prostrate***, and to receive. This is the path to salvation, the only path for you to be able to save the soul, the body, and the mind in the present time.

My beloved children, do not belittle all the things that you have been able to hear, to know, because there are limitations to the human understanding. You use ways based on your learning, on your knowledge, on things that were said and heard, but due to lack of faith, you do not look at the power, you do not look at the extraordinary and the uncommon, you only look at all the facts based on human reasoning, and thus your eyes are covered up, preventing you from recognizing the power from the miracles that I give to you. There is nothing contrary to morality, there is nothing that creates disorder for everyone, these are the things that people most need to listen to, that you need to urgently bring to the people in all classes of society, to the people who do not understand, who do not know who God is, and who do not know how to practice. These are the most ordinary words to help people in all walks of life, for them to hear My reminders, for them to listen to all the messages that I want to send to My children to save them. Even those with roles in life need to learn, to recognize, to open the heart, for them to recognize these wonders that have come to the world.

My beloved children, the messages that you have heard bring hope to mankind, they help mankind recognize the truth, they bring salvation to mankind, they bring consolation to mankind, and they bring the graces. These messages come from the Spirit of God, with My permission, so embrace them. Do not hesitate. Do not think too much in the way of human thinking, even if it is known that in your life of service, you are priests, you are the people who play a role in the ranks of the Church, you have a wide knowledge from theology to literature to all other matters, and you are very competent.

I give you the messages to protect all the things that come from the truth, to face all the things that are in the world, with people always looking for ways to refute. The learned knowledge that you understand belongs to the things of the world, unless there are certain moments when you are able to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The works of the Holy Spirit are extraordinary, and there are more wondrous things, but not everyone is able to receive the revelations, not everyone is able to receive in this very intimate way. However, over the past years and the past centuries, I have come and I have given to the world prophets, revelations, but as you have seen, it is a very small number, very small. This century is the same. The things that I give are not something that you are able to easily encounter and able to receive clearly, but the things that are true will go on, increasingly stronger each day, increasingly brighter each day, just like the things that you are able to hear, to know, in addition to the miracles in which I have manifested Myself, for you to see. These things cannot happen in the world unless they are the mysteries and the miracles that I give to the world. So the holy actions come to the people who are holy. The things that are holy come entirely from the Holy Spirit. You cannot explain, you cannot understand, and you do not know by what evidence to understand the works that God does.

Children, listen, these are the words that I already have in the Gospel, the words are being reminded vividly, the words that are realized only with My permission, with all the things that are true, through the miracles that I come to you. I am close to you. The thing that I keep repeating to you in this generation is that it is I, through My Body and My Blood. The days when I gave the whole human race My own Body and Blood, everything was united from the first time period to this day. At the Last Supper, I instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. I came and I gave to mankind. I gave and I wanted to go deeper into your hearts.

I want to conquer you by your hearts, by the recognitions, by all the things that you learn, and by your understanding of the meaning of the love that I have for the world, the love that I have for each soul, the love that I have for each of you when you listen to My teachings. Then you will realize that you are My children, the children to whom I had left the Church that continues to remind and continues to convey all the Good News. I want each person to receive and to know the truth, which you need to accept. Besides this truth, there is no other truth that will bring you happiness; there is no other truth that will bring you the authenticity of being human, with soul and body.

So these things have lasted through many thousands of years, and thus, are the concrete evidence. Only I can bring peace to humanity, only by the practice of My teaching. If you practice, and if each of you can practice with faith, with the willingness to return, with the recognition of the grace through the salvation that I give to the world, you would not end up with the current situations, you would not end up with all the things that result from your worship of idols, which caused the chaos in the whole world, which caused you to be in this dangerous situation.

Because you failed to follow My teaching, because you acted against all morality and against the teaching that I gave to you, this is a very clear answer for this generation. Apart from My teaching, no one can truly give you a life in soul and body, and an eternal life in heaven. I have come into the world, and My Blood has been shed in this world. The deeds that I accomplished were for the purpose of bringing you back, and to reform all the evil sins that mankind had done to each other. Mankind had acted in the same way through so many generations without changing, and this had created an opening for evil to rule. Evil ruled in the ego of each, and had caused the obstacles preventing you from receiving the graces, the things that I give, and that are true. Through the Church, I continue to remind and to bring to all the children the one teaching, the righteousness, for you to have in your bodies for the days you live on this earth, and for you to have for your souls in the next life, when you truly practice the teaching that I give to humanity.

My beloved children, with each event that is happening, I am calling each person in the world today. Indeed, because of one righteous person, I allow countless others to receive the things that I give to that righteous person. Because that person hears My voice, practices My teachings, I give what I promise. That person has truly helped you who are sinners, to have the opportunity to return, to listen to the truth. I just wish for the hearts and the minds of the children to receive, and to believe in everything that I have bestowed to the world.

If only you have faith, even as small as a mustard seed – I remind this again, as in the Gospel – that if you have faith, even as small as a mustard seed – you will be able to say to the mountain, move from here to there, and you will be able to say to the tree, be planted in the sea. These are the works that God does, the extraordinary things that you cannot imagine how in the world they could happen, but for Me, there is nothing that cannot be done, through the power that I will give. What I want is to meet your hearts. I want to meet your belief. I want to meet your firm standpoint.

You have to know My teaching, you have to know the commandments, and you have to know all the laws to help you reject all the sins that people always have in this earthly life, which lie deep in the mind, in the body. If you do not learn, if you do not use your reasoning, if you do not recognize with your heart, then how are you to choose between right and wrong, between good and evil? Every moment that you lack faith and prayer, you easily fall into error. This is a teaching that I want to keep repeating, that I want to keep reminding everyone, in all classes, in all roles. It is not too hard when you recognize that the things that you learn are bringing you to a happy place; are teaching you good and holy things on earth, for you not to fall into suffering, confusion, fear. The things that you learn are helping you to avoid the sins that are a torture to your consciences, when you do bad things, when you do unjust things, when you live a life in greed, when you live a life in wickedness, when you act in the ways that you have seen, because your consciences have answered and have recognized all the things that come from righteousness.

This is the creation when God first created mankind: He had given mankind a heart. He had given mankind breath. In the beginning, He had given so many things for mankind to live a happy life, but because mankind had the right to choose, mankind had erred with disobedience and had suffered from that ever since. This lasted till the century I had come into the world, for you to once again have the days when you are able to receive happiness, just like the things that God the Father gives to the world. However, mankind still has free will, and many have fallen into the snares.

If using the way in which you are being forced as in the way of the world, then for Me, it is an easy thing to do, because with My Power, I can do anything, but I do not want to. My teaching is a teaching that wants to meet the heart of mankind. My teaching is a teaching that conquers by love, and teaches to live life with heart, with sincerity, with truth and justice. It is not the teaching where I use authority to threaten and a way to force. That is the teaching of humans, the teaching of the ancestors, the people who have gone into history, who eventually had to pay a price. You have seen it, it was not absolutely perfect, even though they had tried, even though they had received so many things, but in the end they still fell into the depths of greed, selfishness, ambition, and lust. These are the things that are in the world, and so I had brought things to teach you, I had died for all the frightful and repulsive sins to give you a new world, to give you a new teaching, to give you things that you need to distinguish, because only I can bring these things to the earth. I still give you the freedom. What I want is the heart.

Even if you sin, even if you are depraved or fallen, you can still receive forgiveness. When you return, you will know of the things that come from God, you will know of the teachings, so you absolutely must become a truly righteous person, you must become an entirely new person as I desire and help you. That is the place where you are worthy to step into the door that I had exchanged with the price of My Blood, in atonement for the soul, in atonement for the body, and in atonement for the sins of the mind, and thus My Blood is of supreme worth for the human life, of supreme worth for the life of the soul. The freedom to choose belongs to mankind, but the truth belongs to the Supreme Being, and it is only by following that teaching, only by following that truth that you are welcome to enter into the kingdom that I have prepared for you.

My beloved children, there are so many more things, people still live in the reality of life, and because there is so much falsehood in a life without truth from the heart, this has caused so much chaos, this has caused so much depravity. Because you have given so much importance to money, to fame, to self-interest, to all the things of the flesh, you do not realize that the things that belong to the flesh will soon pass away, that nothing can be retained. Even your bodies will become dust when you die. This is the thing that people need to remember and that they need to remind themselves.

Only love, only salvation, only grace will give you and your soul happy and peaceful days that are full of joy, in a place where I allow you to come. For you to be able to go to that place, you need to conquer everything that belongs to the world. In life you need to have a teaching, you need truth, you need to have faith, you need to have coordination to understand the acts in the world, you need to act to have the results for later, and you need to act to teach with all the deeds from the life of each person, from each deed that mankind is able to understand.
I came into the world, why did I not use the power that would do everything for you with the intention to save everyone? I seek a way to conform to all the things that are in your lives in this world. I do not want to do things that are contrary to the plan that had been arranged by God the Father, who already had predestined for mankind. Things are different when you act only by the heart, by faith, and by all the things that you are able to understand, with your own free will, with a pondering heart, with a yearning heart. In the situations where you no longer have the opportunity, where you are forced, you will not last, you will not be loyal, you will continue with the rebellion, with more sins, because you have not yet recognized the path that you need to return to, you have not yet recognized the grace that you need to receive when you come to Me out of faith.

All of this consists of the things that I want to bring to you to remind you as the Holy Spirit prompted you this morning. My Love continues to pour down upon mankind. This is an everlasting thing that will never change, because God the Father has bestowed it upon mankind, out of His infinite Mercy. He had created mankind. He had allowed mankind to live in the world. He has sovereignty. He can either destroy or He can let mankind live happily. It is according to His Will. In regard to the deeds that He does, He is the Supreme Being with sovereignty, so the things that He said will be fully executed as He said, and the things that He had planned are definite.

Whether you are sinners, whether you are traitors, or whether you are the people who live righteously, you will live until the accomplishment of the deeds that the Power of God the Father had predestined, in the time that He had decided. So if there was a beginning, there will be an ending. With the progression of things in these days, you have to stand up, you have to rise, you have to seek to understand, you have to recognize all the things that come from God, all the righteous things that mankind needs to have, and all the sins that need to be rejected. Your trust has been shaken by the control of a civilized world, increasingly civilized and increasingly depraved, increasingly living in denial, increasingly offending the Love of God, increasingly offending a Creator.

What is the answer then for mankind and for each individual? God does not force, but the condition for mankind to be able to live with the happy and peaceful days in body and soul forever in a place already destined, is to have the truth. Mankind must know the truth in the righteousness that God had given. This was conveyed to the world. The detailed teachings are the commandments, the Gospel, to remind mankind to follow the path of truth, and all the things that God had promised with the sacrifice of His death on the Cross. This death had removed all the sins that people had committed in the betrayal. This betrayal was the reason for God the Father to send His only Son into the world, on behalf of mankind, to accomplish and to give mankind the opportunity through the union of the Love of Jesus, to be able to come to the eternal place. God the Father had opened the door to welcome His children, through the Blood of the Second Person of the Trinity, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, who had to die, who had to endure torture, who had to suffer from the things done by mankind, in order to change it. Only Jesus could have done this for humanity. The value of His Blood is very important. The value of His Blood is immense. Because of Jesus, because of the things accomplished by Jesus, God the Father continues to give mankind a chance, continues to give messages to the world, continues to give the graces that you are able to receive in this current century, continues to work extraordinary things through the miracles, continues to have the healings to strengthen the life of faith, and continues to bring up many things for mankind to be able to recognize God.

God has come. God is coming, and God gives us the opportunity, for us to return, for us to be aware of the wrongs that we had committed throughout all the years in life. We have acted against morality. Instead of worshipping God, we have allowed our children to worship the idols, to worship the people who have committed the most horrific, evil acts. Evil has worked its way to lead you to a place where you no longer recognize God, to replace the Sovereign that you worship, to cause chaos in the world, to cause the world to be in a situation in which you see the alarming violence everywhere, and even more frightening are the hideous acts against all ethics, morals, against human morality, against the truth that God had brought.

This is a clear and obvious answer, a present confirmation to you. For not following My teaching, the result is all the things you are experiencing in the present. Things will come and you will encounter them so that you are able to distinguish between the things that are happening and the laws of God, between them and the commandments of God, between them and the teachings of God, and between them and the Gospel of God, which give hope to souls, which bring peace in hearts, when you take the time to think, carefully. This is a teaching that was given right from the beginning. The conclusion is that God wishes for everyone to be in the way that He is waiting and longing for.

Only He can give to the world the promise, which comes from true love, which brings mankind back to God by a repentant heart. His forgiveness is for mankind to have days full of hope in the grace of a world that we will definitely end up with. As for the things that are still on this earth, we need to receive and to recognize soon, for us to practice His holy Will, so that we will no longer waver, so that we will no longer fear, and so that we will no longer be threatened by the things that are showing up in this century. The things that belong to the world cause us fear, cause us to deceive, cause us to have many demands from life’s enjoyment, cause us to act against morality, because we are greedy, we are selfish, in money, in fame, and in many more things when we still live in the ego.

That is the answer. We live a human life but we need truth, we need to have a law, we need to follow a teaching for us to learn, then we will not fall into these situations. So one thing that God wants to remind us is that the time has come for us to see the deplorable state of the world, surrounded by evil, which is threatening with all the things that we see in the prospects of the coming of foggy and dark days. This is the life of faith; that you will be able to see those things only when you recognize the teaching, but if you still live in the way of the world, which is without faith and with freedom for the ego to rule, then this is an era of chaos. If you do not distinguish between right and wrong, if you do not distinguish between good and evil, if you consider this to be a sophisticated civilization, you have been deceived by the devil, you have been deceived by a world that is using sophisticated ways to conquer, causing you to be captivated and bewitched so that your souls will die in those captivating and bewitching sins.

There are many things that you should not overlook, and you should not forget the words that I emphasize and give to you today. Recognize and take a look at these messages sent to the whole human race. These are the new revelations through the Holy Eucharist that I want every single soul to return to, and to receive. Receive these things that are true so that you will no longer be on the wrong path, so that you will return to the true love that I invite you to. I have left My teaching, and I keep My word about My Love and the salvation until the last day of the remaining days of the century. Whether you are able to return sooner or later depends on each person. If you truly recognize this voice that gives you hope, this voice reminds the soul and the body to return to righteousness.

Come to My Divine Mercy and prostrate with repentance, for Me, who am the Supreme Being, to bring you hope. Only Me, I am the Supreme Being who will sanctify you, who will transform you in the divine grace when you believe and you return. There are so many things that I still continue to give through the Church. Come and receive My Good News. Come and receive the things that you never knew about, and you will be able to receive, with the words that you need, to serve; with the words that you need, to practice; and with the words that you need, to believe in your own life in the soul and in the future world.

I allow this meeting today to remind you that you need to have certain moments of silence, certain moments of calmness every single day in life. Though there are busy schedules, though there are challenges, you still need to have the moments with peace of mind, the moments of calmness, for you to come to a place where I have given and manifested to you in divinity, for you to recognize My presence, for you to recognize My appearance, to meet the souls, the souls that are suffering, the souls that are longing and waiting, the souls that are looking to return to receive the righteous things that they do not yet know of. Then they will know, and they will recognize the things that bring happiness, the things that bring peace and justice to their lives.

You absolutely should never reject all the things that you have been able to hear, to know. These messages are sent to you in a divine way in today’s generation, given verbally, with actual words, for you to be touched, for you to receive. Embrace the miracles that I give to you in a clear way, with the feeling in your hearts, with the things that are heard, and with the messages that I send to the whole human race, so that you no longer make mistakes with your view of things in your normal eyes. There are many more things that you need to continue to confirm from within. Each of you, each soul needs to have certain moments of silence in order to meet Me individually, so that you can understand the things that I give, so that you can understand the things that I send.

The power comes from the Holy Spirit, working to give you more faith, when you are really looking to recognize the truth, when you long to find the truth, when you long to recognize all the things that I am doing in a lively way, to meet you, to wait to bestow you with the Divine Mercy that I pour down upon mankind today. I am waiting for the souls to truly repent and to return, for the souls that truly thirst to come and recognize these genuine facts, and to return on the right path. I am waiting for you to strengthen your faith, to practice the things that need to be done in your lives, for you to love, for you to forgive, for you to unite, for you to worship, for you to follow the teaching, for you to follow the truth that every person needs to practice in their lives. I invite all classes, I invite each role.

I give this new revelation to the world, which is the simplest thing in this generation. This is a new revelation, the newest revelation that everyone can receive, that everyone can listen to, and can easily put into practice. It is the most ordinary thing, yet it brings so many extraordinary things that people can practice in their daily life, to find the truth, to find the love that I meet you with through Divine Mercy.

Keep in mind, there are many more things that you need to continue to learn through the teaching that I have left to the Church. The sacraments, the miracles that I give to you are like a handbook that each of you is able to understand profoundly, when you use your mind, your soul; when you are quiet, to be able to comprehend the things that God gives through the Holy Spirit to open the minds, to open the hearts for you to be aware, for you to practice, and for you to learn from the things in the present. That is the invitation in all kinds of ways for Me to bring you back, in all kinds of ways for you to recognize the miracles that I give to this century today.

Today this is all I want to say. I hope you are able to understand the things that have been revealed through the Holy Spirit and through the messages that come to you, for you to practice the things that I call for. I want to meet you. In the days when you are able to, have some moments of calmness for you to come with a heart truly seeking Me. You will certainly encounter the things that I give to you, the blessing and the grace of the century. Today is a day of the remaining days, with the great graces that I bestow upon humanity. Do not wait too long because things will not be in the way that you have in the present. Who has ears should hear; who has eyes should see; and who has a heart should feel. Ask yourselves what can help you, for you to live happy days on earth, for you to have peace in the soul, for you to have a life with joy and hope. Besides My Love, besides the recognition from the bottom of the heart in regard to Me, through the graces that I give, no one is able to give it to you. No one has the power to give you that true happiness now, as well as for the soul later. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O Father, I thank You for Your grace, for the message that You gave to me today, as well as to all the brothers and the sisters who are serving, and the brothers and the sisters all over the world. Please give us strength. Please give us more of the help that You send to us, for each person to lend a hand to continue with the messages that You sent to us recently, the messages that are very important for our brothers and sisters all over the world to be able to hear and strengthen their life of faith.

I continue to pray, because there are people who listen, there are people who practice, and people who are seeking. Father, please open their hearts. Please touch the hearts of the people who do not know You. When they have not yet recognized, they are still hardened at times. They listen but it is as if they do not listen, they know but it is as if they do not know, they use words to oppose, and they refuse certain things as well. These are the gift of graces that they do not know the great value of, bestowed by You in this generation. They indirectly forbid the things that You give to the world. Father, please help that person to be conscious, to recognize through his role.

In regard to the invitations that come from Father, the things through the miraculous power that Father gives, accept them, and have certain moments of goodwill to clearly understand before reaching a conclusion, or lend a hand for the things that are needed in the world, to save the souls and to help the brothers and sisters who are lost. Father, please help those people to be conscious of the things that they did, that they can do, and for the things that they cannot do.

Then just pray in silence. Pray in silence to have a heart with goodwill to find out about the truth that Father has given and is giving to the world. Do not act because of self; do not act because of the powers we have with the roles to forbid all the genuine facts that are needed to be brought to everyone in the world. I am sure that whether people forbid, whether people do believe or do not believe, the works of God will definitely be realized according to the Will of God, for everyone in today’s world.

I ask Father to help us be faithful and persevere till the last minute of the days of witnessing for You, to practice the things that You want us to practice in the world, to help the brothers and the sisters, to bring their souls back to meet You through Divine Mercy, to meet You through the Holy Eucharist, for us to change our lives when we return to You, when we know You, and believe in You. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God, L. completed receiving this message directly from God this morning at exactly 11: 46 a.m. on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, at the Church of St. John Vianney, in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel where L. and V. were kneeling to receive this message. One more time, on behalf of all the brothers and the sisters, I listen to the message with the words that Father teaches us, I listen to the message from the revelation in this generation. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I praise God and I glorify God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

* Through L.
** In this paragraph and in all the messages given to L., “new century” and “new world” refer to the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima.
*** See “The Six Kowtows” message on the homepage of

New Revelations through the Eucharist
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