The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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       You Must Reconcile With Me



September 3, 2014



L.: O God, every single time I receive a message inspired by the Holy Spirit, I also ask You (1) so that I am able to receive Your message, Your words, to remind the brothers and sisters in the world in general and to me in particular, as well as to the chosen brothers and sisters with the duties and the responsibilities whom You want to silently continue to bring Your words to the world. Today God continues to let us know what we need to do in order to accomplish His holy Will in our lives; we have already received the wondrous deeds and extraordinary mysteries through the miracles of the Holy Eucharist that He bestows upon us, so that we, on behalf of the brothers and sisters, genuinely see and embrace the graces bestowed by Him. We must communicate and bring to the people who need to know, who need to hear, so that they are strengthened more, so that they return, and so that they believe more in the matters they are keeping an eye on, waiting for the words from God through the Holy Eucharist.

Father: My beloved L.,

Today I want the Holy Spirit to inspire in you a very important message because your role can easily receive and report in a clear and more suitable way, so that your brothers and your sisters in the entire world can receive and hear. These are the true words I want to point out to all of humanity, the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, to remind mankind in the time period of the remaining days. With the miracles I let you see, I want you to be more strengthened and confirmed for the works that need to be proclaimed soon to the entire world, and for the brothers and sisters who are serving to zealously rise with the works that are true. It is not the same as in the past days and the months when you worked with the ways you have, because now time is of the essence; regarding all the most essential things, act urgently, use the way I will show you – every single person whom I call is filled with graces from the Holy Spirit, to strengthen you in the way you serve: bolder, faster, and more zealous.

Unite with one another in one spirit in order to see the great importance if you do not practice, because I choose you to be the people ending with all the lively graces through the Holy Eucharist, which are the Good News of the remaining days and the liveliness through the Gospel, to be brought to the entire world. So, that importance is the only thing you must focus on in order to walk in one direction along with the brothers and sisters. Distribute the work to each person, immediately post all the messages you are able to hear through the Holy Eucharist for the entire world – from the Church to the clergy – whoever has ears, to hear, whoever has eyes, to see, and the heart to recognize My messages through the Holy Eucharist, the latest revelations to the world today.

You have seen many miracles; if you do not rise, if you do not practice, then the things you will encounter and receive will come in a day very close. You have seen the frightening phenomena, the things endangering you, because of what you are asking for in a common generation, so that you open wide your eyes to see a religion in which every single person is divided in order to worship idols, to worship those things that you like instead of looking for the truth. (2) You do not look for the Mighty One who is true; you do not look into everything I accomplished for humanity, so this is something that must be experienced, through those trials and hardships for the day when you must be steadfast in your faith to know who the Sovereign over humanity is. That is the most essential thing I recall to all of you; it’s not that I turn a deaf ear and it’s not that I do not intervene – I intervene with the hearts that know how to listen, that know how to long for peace and return. I point out to every single individual who knows how to listen to what I left in the Gospel, what I revealed to the prophets – in the miracles I allowed them to be able to see with the eyes – they recognize the graces that come from Me, and the graces that I bestowed upon today’s world in a lively way, so that they are able to see that besides Me there is no one else who can save them and help them.

There is one unique path, which is for people to return to righteousness, to come back to love and the Divine Mercy, so that I grant forgiveness to all of you, because the sins and the crimes are shrouded in the wicked snares you embraced in the name of a sophisticated, modern era. You have distanced yourselves, forgetting morality, forgetting the teachings, forgetting the laws and the commandments; you are constantly engrossed in living in today’s world, forgetting the soul. You live in a debauched world in the flesh and there are so many beliefs you consider as points of worship, but in the end, you have seen the wickedness people brought about because you do not unite, because you do not walk in one program, because you do not recognize the Supreme Being to worship or the Supreme Being you should venerate. It is a pity for humanity, through so many generations yet still obstinate and hardened in their lives. So all matters must be paid by the ways you embraced them: what has happened will continue to happen so that you see the brutality; the wickedness; and the ways people treat one another in the way that you worship (3), a worship that is not a true worship where you are able to meet a Supreme Being, a Supreme Being with power – a Sovereign, a Supreme Being who brings love and peace to humanity in order to live in security and good health. (4)

My beloved children,

There are so many more ways you are still hardened; you still live a life relying on all the things you can have in the world – in all classes, in all roles. The messages in which I still continue to bring the teachings, the reminders, and everything have been waiting for 2,000 years. That dedication still continues yet you are still indifferent, you are still cold; if there is any return at all then it is only a small number; if there is any comeback at all then it is only a small number in humanity today. So, there was not enough time; all the events will definitely come in the final moments – once more, I leave you your freedom. I have manifested for you to see; My Love still keeps the promise made in the past – I will stay with you, intervene, and bestow upon you pure love, to bring you back.

That is My Divine Mercy: the places I promised, the Holy Eucharist, the Presence, though invisible yet I still see you daily; I still wait for your hearts to recognize My Love, to genuinely recognize your spiritual life in the eternal kingdom, which your souls must meet. There were many more graces I poured down and manifested to today’s world, through the miracles, through the undeniable facts, through blessings you never received in the world. I poured down graces through the Holy Eucharist so that you would be able to see with the eyes My Presence, My appearance, so that you recognize the closeness. The day has come for Me to come, the day has come for Me to come to support your spirit so that you return, the day has come when you see the extraordinary actions from heaven, which appeared among humanity, those extraordinary graces that can only be manifested in these last moments so that you see My closeness, see that My coming is close, see that the day of purification is getting near.

Thus all matters from the extraordinary will appear in the human world; you are able to see them and they were foretold in the Book of Revelation. You have thoroughly watched everything in the world today, but you do not recognize, you continue to be hardened and you do not practice in your lives. You cannot continue with the days and the months in sin, you cannot continue with the days and the months in debauchery, you cannot continue with the days and the months when you continue to worship the idols; those idols bring you misguided passions, senseless and bloodthirsty convictions, and because of the violence brought onto your souls by these perversions, it caused innumerable harm to a multitude of people.

The threat came through the door you opened for the evil spirits to enter into your lives, to enter into your souls, so evil is spreading all over; that you freely decided for your own worship and from that you can see the consequences, because you embrace them, you reject My Love, you do not embrace the salvation I bestow, you do not see the whole history given to you right from the beginning. My Love still gives you the opportunity, My love still gives you the opportunity to meet Me, My Love still remains in the remaining days, in the final moments, the moments in which I dearly love My children in humanity. I love righteous people, I love holy people, I love My Church, I love people who embrace the messages and practice in their lives, I love sinners because they were immature and naïve, subjected to the promotions of the modern world, to the deviations in a life outside of the teachings; they only know to enjoy in the flesh, which is a pity for their souls, and pitiful for their present lives: sufficient, affluent, and with interest in talents, in roles, but the life of the soul is withered, empty, sorrowful, lacking peace. If they continue like that, they will live in wickedness with everything that belongs to the human world, not knowing what tomorrow will be, keeping on racing according to the way of the human life; having sold their bodies, having sold even their souls, having sold that which they do not see as the important values in the future life for the soul and even for the life of the body. After the fun has ended, after all the wicked and sinful matters have been accomplished, what do they have in the soul? Those are the unfortunate souls, the souls for whom I died, the souls for whom My Blood was exchanged for their souls to have the moments of repentance and contrition.

So, the graces I bring to you with the remaining moments today are the graces that never happened in the world; I have bestowed upon this century My authentic messages, the messages that through the littlest messengers in the world, I have brought to all people, all classes, all roles. The graces I give so that you see in order to believe are the miracles, the graces I never manifested to the world in such a clear way for you to be able to see My holy face, to be able to see the reality that I, through the Holy Eucharist, by My own Body, have come to the world to cleanse you by My Blood manifested through the Holy Eucharist.

There are so many wondrous blessings in the heavenly kingdom that I manifest for you to be able to see. That is the truth; these are the beginnings – you definitely must return in this time period because there is not enough time for everything if you do not prepare yourselves for the life of the soul, if you do not prepare yourselves for the life returning but only live for the life of the earthly world. Of course, in life you will have to differentiate clearly, because you have the strength, you have the talent, you have to serve with all the things that need to be in accord with the present situations, but you must spend time for the soul, spend time for the matters which require you to return, to give up that which is in chaos, in sin, and in wickedness. Be decisive; you must train yourselves in the present time – to come with feelings and to come with a calm heart, a serene soul, to receive My graces through the Holy Eucharist; I want to personally meet every single person, personally meet every single individual.

I ask that in the entire world, My children in the rank of the Church who are the clergy, that they must, in a special way, have a deep affection for the Holy Eucharist, that they need to fight for their parishes, to fight for the places where they definitely must establish My Holy Body, establish My Holy Body in order to preach and to voice the things that are true. The laity must come; they must come to spend some quiet time to help their souls awaken, to help their souls be nourished with the graces I bestow through the Holy Eucharist. Besides, you must have the moments to train, to bring all these miracles that are true, to quickly communicate to everyone so that they are able to receive and to listen.

These are the remaining graces of the last days of the century; so many wondrous and extraordinary graces that people definitely must see with the eyes and believe in these truths because only I can bestow upon you in the remaining days to save you, from the soul to the body. Whoever believes will see, whoever seeks will have, whoever knocks then it shall be opened, just as I have promised; I come to save your souls, to prove to you concerning My appearance. 2,000 years ago I instituted the Holy Eucharist; today, I come again with the Holy Eucharist to meet you, so that you see that although that great miracle is a divinity, yet it has been manifested and has appeared in today’s era, by My appearance, by the miracles, by the mysteries of My miracles, by the true liveliness that you cannot disregard and not believe in.

I invite and call upon people in today’s world, in every class in society, to cut down on all the days hustling with works, the busy days in daily life, to give your souls 15 minutes, to give yourselves 15 minutes to quiet your soul in order to face all the surrounding circumstances. You see the daily threat, in life, that hustle, in the end where will you end up, can life resolve all matters when you cannot even reserve a bit of time for your spirits and for your souls to be able to rest? It’s not that I force you to do what you do not like but I just want you to see this is the most indispensable reason of the remaining days because there is not enough time left. You do not give your souls the opportunity to reflect, for 15 minutes, for half an hour, or for the moments you have, for the serenity of the soul.

Come to the Holy Eucharist, be silent and believe in all the great miracles I bestow upon today’s world, by your coming in one faith, by a heart in prayer, with the things you must clearly differentiate in regards to what you need physically and the things necessary to equip your souls. The calamities are surrounding, the final days will come, and there are so many more disturbances that every single day is being threatened with, by the evil spirits. You cannot withstand the tribulations that will happen to the world: the plagues, the floodings, the violent storms, the hailstorms, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the cold and the heat, and many more realities that never happened in the world. These are the days when things will happen, everything foretold in the Book of Revelation, which you can see with normal eyes, through reason and with undeniable proof, but there are also things in the celestial realm that are extremely horrifying and frightening for the final resolution regarding the world of evil and goodness; but goodness will one day return to the century. (5)

I long for every single person because I created you, I gave breath to your souls, I brought My teachings to the world, I died for humanity, I tried to find ways to save every single soul at the price of My own Blood; I could not let you be engulfed in today’s century – you live in error, you do not know which place to entrust in the remaining days when you encounter countless calamities that come rushing unexpectedly. These are the last words I want to remind and send a message to the entire humanity, to all roles. You definitely must return, return to My Divine Mercy, return to My Love, which I am prepared to give to you, bestowing the graces and the blessings of the remaining days; I want to meet each soul to strengthen your life of faith, to have the quiet moments for you to set right the things that are needed, the matters that you must give up.

You must reconcile with Me so that you have a less stressful and more relaxed life; to know what you need to do and need to prepare for the world that you definitely will come to, because any souls that feel and return in a strong and absolute way will be saved in the days of the calamities you will face. You cannot walk by yourselves, you cannot improvise and you cannot cope because your bodies cannot withstand all the realities that will come rushing in this remaining century. So the fearful threats from human actions toward one another continue to rage on, because the evil spirits work; those are the matters to be feared with the rise of wars. People are still under domination in regard to many things because evil is certainly fighting at all costs in the remaining days to lure souls, to lead you to the place you know is a place of wailing and grinding of teeth; if people do not want to avoid it, do not want to stay away and give up all evildoings then that path is the last remaining path in the concluding days between evil and good.

These are also the moments you still have, just like today, which are the moments for you to be able to change, which are the moments for you to return to the righteous path, which are the moments you must come to rely on My Divine Mercy, to lean on the love so that I will be able to cover you and I will shelter you, leading you to the place of refuge I prepared for the remaining people of the century. Children, if you do not listen, if you decide for yourselves, I respect that personal right; with the faith of every single person today in recognition of the things I have done and that I am doing, I only want your hearts to recognize the truths. You must return with a repentant heart, with the prostration, to beg God the Father to intervene and to help you to have a path of refuge in the days of encounter, with everything struggling between good and evil, struggling from the allurements, from the snares covering the immature souls, the souls that do not know to live in the teachings, that do not know to seek to return to Me in sincerity, to practice for their own lives, to strengthen the life of faith. The people who completely do not know, the sinners, the people who are on the way back, and still many more: I do not want any of you to not be fully aware about the events that happen. You will be surprised; where will your souls end up, to whom do you entrust your faith and who has the power to help and to intervene for you?

Therefore, this is a period filled with graces, a period that was concluded, but by infinite clemency, God’s benevolence allowed Me to come to you in a closer way, to manifest to you so that you see the great miracles from which I will save and help you in the remaining moments. (6) Since I promised to remain with you, this promise definitely will be fulfilled, so I want you to boldly see the miracles in which I appeared through the Holy Eucharist. I come to meet you face-to-face, I come to meet you by the healing, I come to meet all of the children who come to Me with their faith and with their trust, I come so that you see the miracles that have never appeared through the Holy Eucharist because many wondrous deeds were bestowed in this century for you to be able to see.

You cannot disregard all My reminders through the lively messages – recalling and teaching – to bring you closer to Me, for you to give up all wickedness and sins, to give up everything that belongs to the earthly world, to repent. These are the moments I let the Holy Spirit inspire, with the reminders to everyone in all of humanity; I want you to be more assured – I come to save souls when they know how to listen, how to reflect in order to believe and to return with that which is true. For the souls of My children to be able to rise, do not live in hardness, do not live in indifference, do not live in obstinacy, because that is something your souls will have to pay the price for, with the actions and disobedience, just like the refusals of the graces I bestow upon you in today’s generation.

This is something very important, you need to prepare yourselves for the spiritual life in these days and months, you need to reconcile with Me, with a repentant heart. Come to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for that to be your first step in the reconciliation; next, for you to end up with a serene soul, in the days and the months you come to the Divine Mercy to keep your souls worthy to receive My Body and My Blood; then continue with the Sacraments I bestow upon you for you to embrace the moments when your souls are serene in order to recognize the tribulations that are happening to the entire world. Each of you is being threatened spiritually as well as physically; stay calm and trust, in prayer and entrustment – trust with faith in the places where I will protect and defend you, which are the Holy Eucharist, the Divine Mercy image, which you constantly pray to daily.

There is still much needed; you need to pray for one another, to support one another – in unity, in love – to help the people who are suffering, spiritually and physically, so that they have the opportunity to meet Me, so that they have the opportunity to have their souls and bodies healed by Me. The period of graces, the period of blessings is not that much for humanity; it is just a period of plenary indulgences that you are able to receive in today’s period – quickly return, quickly embrace those graces. Once this is over, you will receive everything according to the laws God the Father predestined and arranged for all of humanity with His providence. Those are the things I desire for you to prepare for yourselves, to have nourishment ready in the spiritual life, to have nourishment ready for the body as well; you must also have the time for one another in the places where you need to help one another, to love one another, and to provide support to one another through the graces.

The saints, the angels will help you in the days when you truly return with a trusting heart, with an entrusting heart, with a heart practicing what I bestow upon you. Give up the wickedness and sins, give up the self-interests of the ego and the personality, give up the things you must repent of to make up for the periods in life spent in sins and unworthy things. You must help your brothers with much more – to bring them back, to help them by the heart; they need you to help save their souls and even their bodies that are subject to the peril, the danger of the days of tribulations.

You see the present situation over the entire world; there are realities you do not know yet that you will suddenly encounter – the plagues, the situations that will happen unexpectedly, with masses of people killed, with masses of people subject to the domination of those who are supposed to protect you but who turn out to be the people killing you. There is nothing you can believe in in today’s earthly world because it is too close between truth and falsehood, except a life believing in one God, entrusting with faith in the Divine Mercy, trusting in the appearances and in the graces I manifest to today’s world to the people whom I have chosen, to bring you to a place where you will be guided in the spiritual life, guided to a place in order to remove all wickedness, sins, suspicions and the things people tend to have and still do to one another. Give up all those things in order to return to righteousness, to return to the guidance in the teaching I left through the Good News of the Gospel.

You have seen the leaders whom I have chosen, in their present lives there is only one thing, which is to voice unity, to voice love, to voice the return and to live a life in poverty of spirit in today’s world; they are the people whom I want to go on serving and bringing My sheep back. Those are the blessings I bestow upon today’s world as well as the graces for you to be able to see the appearances of holy things in order to bring you back. You must absolutely give up everything that is against the teachings and morality – things compatible with the earthly world that are things the evil spirit is enticing in a modern world; hiding behind the sophisticated ingenuities, it has caused your souls to sink into vice, it has caused your souls to not know that it is something leading you far away from the spiritual life, far away with the days and months in which you let your souls wither, suffer, without any warmth, without any inner life.

You live a life in which you must practice, you must carry out all the laws and practices with the support from one another; the days are very near when you need to have one another, to live together in one faith – with forgiveness, with patience, with acceptance regarding everything. I want you to return to a normal life, like the that which you received in a previous time period, because only those normal things do not make you feel uncomfortable and make you seek at all costs things that serve the ego, that serve the flesh, that serve the conditions of plenty. The realities that will come are the realities you need to conquer – with the sufferings, with the difficulties – in order to start over with a new generation, to start over with the beginnings of holy practices, starting from natural things, starting from things that do not depend upon controls – controls from modernization, controls from science and technology, controls from inventions that people create to kill one another, to end up with greed and selfishness, to end up with self-interests and to start forgetting, denying the Mighty One. Only I am the Supreme Being with power, who bestows happiness and peace to humanity.

These are the words I give for you to examine and embrace in order to understand what is true and what is happening. See with your eyes, hear with your ears, feel with the heart, and then with a decision in faith, you will be able to recognize what is necessary for you to prepare for the life of your souls. I want you to have the opportunity to meet Me; come to the Holy Eucharist, let your souls have some moments of quietness, come with faith, come with the prostration – I desire to meet you in this generation. There are many graces given through this new revelation; you need to meet together and practice very soon in order for everything to have the intervention from the divine grace that God the Father bestows upon you. Mother is the person who helps you, who gives you much guidance in the remaining days for the practice of the spiritual life.

This is the message I give so that today’s world is able to see the many wondrous graces at the places I choose for you to come and to embrace many blessings from the miracles I bestow upon you, to strengthen the life of faith for My children in all of humanity. I do not discriminate against anyone; those who come with faith, who really recognize with entrustment in order to return to righteousness, will receive what I bestow upon them with the reasonableness I deem appropriate for every individual. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O God, I express my gratitude for Your grace, for the many words You gave us this morning through the inspiration from the Holy Spirit, through the lively message You gave us so that we are awakened and prepare for all the things You point out to us, to prepare for the spiritual life, to prepare for the physical life; the days we must repent with the works we need to do – to practice so that we have the assistance, from the works through which we must come to God with a prostrating heart, so that we receive what God teaches us, to receive what we need to know, to serve in a program God gives to all of humanity, with the divine graces, with the miracles, with the mysteries that have happened and are happening closer with every single day, which is the awakening for everyone in humanity – to awaken their faith, to awaken the rise by which they must boldly come to Father, return to the Divine Mercy of Father, come to the Holy Eucharist, come to Holy Mother Mary in order to have the assistance of the saints and the angels.

Please help us lift up toward the divine realm; as we believe then we will receive, and that door will be wide open for the souls that devoutly give up all wickedness and sins, give up all that belongs to the human world – to come to God by the heart, by the guidance of God the Holy Spirit. Today I do not know what else to say besides the words of gratitude for the grace of Father, to praise Father, to glorify Father, for the message Father gave us this morning through the inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Please help us to be able to continue with the role of bringing the messages from Father to everyone in the entire world. I thank the grace of Father, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

L. completes this message received from God at exactly 12 p.m., on September 3, 2014, at home. L. is facing and kneeling in front of the picture of God the Father, the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Fatima, the picture of the Holy Eucharist, where L. was able to take a picture of the revelation of the face of Jesus, a picture with the bloodstream moving in the Holy Eucharist, as well as the holy statue of Saint Joseph and all the holy statues, a place where L. always has the time to say a prayer, to pray and to worship God. I thank the grace of Father. Amen. Amen. This is also the hour for me to lift up the Angelus prayer to offer to Mother to ask Mother to intercede to God for us and to lead us in the most urgent days – what we need to do, what we have to do according to the holy Will of God and the guidance of Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. L. is speaking here to God the Son.
  2. This seems to be saying that there is not one Christian who has not been compromised by interacting with untruth that, in the end, is at odds with true worship; worshipping that which is not God. The Servant of God Fr. John Hardon defines an idol as “Any creature that is given divine honors. It need not be a figure or representation, and may be a person. In fact, it may be oneself, or some creation of one’s own mind or will. An object becomes an idol when it is treated as an end in itself, with no reference to God” (Modern Catholic Dictionary). See also footnote 4.
  3. Jesus says, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:34-35).
  4. Religion not focused on God is not, of course, authentic. This sentence also seems to refer to impure religion: “If any one thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this man’s religion is vain. Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world” (James 1:26-27).
  5. The events in the Book of Revelation will unfold in this century; evil events will end in the dawning of the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima, which will last roughly “a thousand years” (see Revelation Chapter 20). The Second Coming of Christ in the flesh/the end of the world will come after – not before or during – this Era of Peace.
  6. The current “period filled with graces” is the product of mitigation; it should not have occurred according to divine justice, but perhaps due to prayers and penance, it has been bestowed on mankind by God the Father in His Mercy.

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