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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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September 9, 2014

L.: O God, it is 7:35 p.m. on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at the altar and the Cross, at St. Theresa’s parish, where two days ago and in the last few days I have received so many things. This is something new that has never happened before. I have been assured, and I have taken pictures at this place, among all the other things that Father* wanted me to do. At this moment, I pray for Father to come to let me know about the things that Father wants to reveal to me and to remind me, about the things that Father wants me to do, and about the things that Father gives to the world and to the brothers and the sisters who serve. I am ready to listen, for me to follow the program that Father wants me to carry out in this world, through the witnessing I have received from Father.


Father: My beloved L.,

You know, in the last few days, to see the cruelty of mankind at certain places in the world has caused so much grief and pain to My Heart. So many righteous souls, so many of My priests, and so many innocent people have been killed.

My beloved children,

Why has this happened and why is this happening? I can prevent and save the souls whose lives are threatened by the nations that treat their citizens under their dominance with injustice.

My beloved children, it is heartbreaking to see that in today’s world there is no longer a nation that you face and listen to. It is a nation** that is typical with the crimes, with the use of their bloodthirsty power to treat the civilians, to arrest the righteous people, to arrest My children. In the nations that are civilized, their ways are even more fearsome and loathsome. These nations do not use guns to kill people, they do not use the barbaric ways you are seeing, but they are using science and technology and the sophistication of an era of iniquity. They have sold their souls to the devil; outwardly they are very civil, they show care and concern for the citizens, but ultimately, they will use the cruelest tricks in order to kill a number of people. They are preparing for all these things that will happen in this century. This is not a surprise. You have known about this. My prophets have announced these things to the world.

What I am concerned with are the children who are still weak in their life of faith, who are indeed foolish, who sell everything that they have in their souls. There are the families that are truly righteous, starting from the grandparents until this day, with the descendants scattered all over the place, and with the freedom they find from their talents, they have entered a world that causes people to no longer retain the purity of a life with feelings from the heart, with worship, with love, and with charity toward each other. Instead, they have replaced all that with money, with fame, with the things that are false, that are treacherous. People have become similar to a machine in the midst of today’s world.

My beloved children, more heartbreaking is that you are not even aware of the things that have happened and that are happening. The warnings I have given all these years, the things I have revealed, the places I have foretold to you, I have arranged for you to believe, for you to prepare from the body to the soul. The only thing that I want to see is for a corrupt, civilized world to bring something good for the individual, for each family, and for the human race. Take a look back at the previous centuries. Although there were crimes, although there were sins, but people still believed, they were still fearful and they still had the Most High in the midst of the world, so they did not fall into the serious situation as in today’s world. You have discovered the talents that I give you. From those talents, you rely on the things of the world to abolish a life where you need to be grateful, where you need to praise and to recognize the Supreme Being who is real. You do not accept that truth, and you reject it to follow the reasoning of the world, to follow a dead teaching to live for the individual ego.

The world has become civilized but it lacks morality and does not follow the laws of morals and of ethics. There are so many depravations that have caused you to act against the precepts and the commandments that I had left for you. The truth in the Gospel reminds people to become just and to always practice righteousness. The Gospel is like a lighted lamp for you to follow, but you have destroyed it by this way and by that way, because you do not seek to read it, because you do not understand the meaning of the Gospel, because you do not understand the meaning of the Good News, and you do not take advantage of the good things that I had left in order to feed your souls, your bodies, and your lives. You did not follow the precepts for you to understand and for you to have the stability to face the turmoil that you encounter.

So the separation of mankind occurs because you do not believe, because you do not know, and because you do not seek to understand the things that I have given from the beginning, a history that is real. You also do not care to understand the meaning of love, the meaning of the Cross that I bore for humanity, for Me to change the world, for Me to give you a life full of hope, and for you to be able to enter into the places that I have prepared for you. Those who are still in the flesh, who are still living their lives, children, for each of you, I give the freedom to choose and the freedom to discern all the things in the present. Naturally, you have to recognize the things that are needed in this present life, in the jobs and in the life to serve certain needs. These are the things every person needs to have, but you cannot let them control you. Do not allow your self-interests and your greedy aspirations and fame to have sovereignty in all things. Your souls no longer know how to worship, and you no longer know the people whom you need to lean on in the spiritual life for you to pray to, for you to know the place to entrust your souls, for you to know that life needs to have something in the divine yet still visible in the world.

My beloved children, crimes have permeated souls and the world, and the majority is in a century where you have seen the breakups of families, wives losing their husbands, husbands losing their wives, children losing their fathers, and fathers losing their children. You have allowed the modernization of the era to affect your family life. The things that you use, the things that you face, the things that you encounter have become your individual rights, your own decisions, and you act in accordance to human preferences and aspirations, without any feelings. The demands in your mind come from what you think is right, and the things that you obtain have to be in the way that you want. You do not follow the teachings, you do not need a support to lean on, and you do not know that the truth that I bring to the world comes from a heavenly place.

You are normal human beings with a human body, so how can you understand, how can you experience the things that require you to enter into a life of truth to understand? You need to understand the truth, you need to understand what a moral life is and understand morality, for you to be able to deal with yourselves, to deal with those around you, and to deal with society. This is why I want to leave you My Church, a reminder of My Gospel, the people who have a role to serve with all that is heard, who have the knowledge from a great teaching that has existed for ages till today’s generation, and that has been altered in all circumstances and especially in this century.

The things that I want you to hear, to see, and to know, are the things that are true, that had taken possession of the majority in this world. There are people who have lived a righteous life, but because of the present times, they have started to act based on what they think are their personal rights: “There is a need to change, there is a need to go into the basic necessities” – but those needs are not based on morality, those needs are not based on the Gospel and thus they are completely wrong. From there, you have integrated many things into a program, but it is not a program that I established for the teachings that I desire for the Church, for all the places, for the children in the entire world, for the nations and the societies, and for the places that are in a state of chaos today. At the places that harbor sin, that harbor the evil pleasures with all the things that belong to the world, human doctrines start to rise and grow, through power, through greed, through ambition, to become the doctrines that no longer follow the rules in which you need to use your own consciences and your own morals.

My beloved children, you have known that presently there are a number of people who have looked into science, and they are so educated that they have discovered toxic substances to kill people, to reduce the number of people who are living on earth. The right to make decisions regarding the life and death of mankind is Mine. I created all creatures. I created all things and the universe. This right does not belong to mankind or any nation. But in today’s world, because of their own fame and wealth, because they have sold their consciences, people have created an opening for the evil spirits to rule, so evil has entered into the places where you have harbored and accepted evil with your inhuman ways. From there, in your lives, you have followed civilization and you have started a very big plan, from the things concocted, from the ways in the modern era, you seek to destroy each other. Life continues in chaos, in war, in competition, endlessly. Today, it is even worse.

My beloved children, you have erred. You have not followed the teachings and the direction for you to worship Me, the only Supreme Being. You have followed your individual freedom, and in the freedom of your own thoughts, you have created idols. In the past centuries, your ancestors had also fallen into the same situation. These are the things that in today’s world you still encounter. You have lived in a chaos. You are divided in your religions. There are certain things that you need to keep, and you need to unite for you to be able to face all situations, but you concern yourselves with taking care only of your own self, with the improper worships that are not the truth. The things that you have to accept are the things that I have left for a teaching, a teaching of the Passion, a teaching of love, a teaching in salvation, a teaching that spreads

everywhere with forgiveness to bring people back.

My beloved children, evil has abolished all the things that the Church is doing. Evil has caused hardship to the brothers who are righteous, has caused divisions, and has destroyed with the plotting and the planning. You have seen it, because there is no unity, no love, because you are not following My teachings and My plan, there is no peace for humanity. Today you have seen the places where the crimes are happening. On the outside, the evil people are persecuting the people who are Catholics, but behind the persecutions the plan is to destroy one another, with the thirst for blood with which mankind has allowed the devil to rule, with the revolts that are happening all over the world.

What has caused mankind to no longer cherish their lives, what has caused mankind to no longer embrace love and peace and to embrace war, fighting, and hatred? These are the things that you need to discern very clearly and that you need to choose in a more explicit way. My teaching, My Truth, are the things that I have left to continue to help everyone on earth to have a way to return. This is something that I have prepared and have accomplished 2,000 years ago, and I am still waiting till this century. This cannot be realized yet with the hardened hearts of men, in their obstinateness, doing things that afflict each other, that harass each other, not doing the things that need to be done, and reasoning about the things that are not needed. Of course, human reasoning comes through organization, through nations, through trends in the places that have to conform to the people, to the places of worship, as well as to the nation.

However, you need to remember that the things that come from God and the things that come from the divine realm are the everlasting things that I have left to the world, the love that is irrevocable and unchangeable, the history that is eternal. From the beginning till the end, all these things are My invitations to bring the children back. In your lives, you should give up everything that does not come from the truth. You have to choose to be on a path where you have to feel with your hearts, because you will have peace in the soul when you recognize the truth and you receive the divine blessings that I give. Only I, who am the Supreme Being, can bring peace to humanity. Only I, who am the Eternal Teaching, bring you happiness without harm to your bodies and to your souls. In the other religions, you can see the flaws; you can look into them, because the other religions are not part of My teachings, because they are not what I desire for each of you. Only I am the Supreme Being who decides for all works to be carried out, and for all works to be recovered, in the time period that I have given to all of you in this world.

My beloved children, heartbreaking is the wait throughout the years and yet you still are not awake. You do not clearly realize that you need to return, that you need to practice, for your souls, just like those people who are in the positions to bring people closer to God, closer to the teachings, closer to the things that need to be practiced.

My beloved children, the things that I have given are the things that have been completed, as you are aware in the life of faith, the things that the Church has practiced. As long as the Church stands, the daily Masses are still celebrated around the world. This is to remind you of what? This is to remind you that I am continually present in the midst of this world. I am continually present with My Church, present with all the sheep of God, present with those who receive Me. I continue to give to the non-Catholics, to those who do not know Me – to know My teachings. I am ready to welcome them, when they recognize Me and they return to Me. I greatly need the children who accept the duty and the responsibility with heart, to complete their missions with heart, and to fulfill their roles in a life of service. Indeed, in this world there are many dedicated people, people who work with their abilities, people who practice My commandments. But there are also a lot of people whose lives have become a routine, even My children who are in a life of service are indifferent and are not accomplishing their duties, so, what are the things that will bring benefits to the parishioners and to the people around? This is something fearful. Because they have been influenced by a civilized world, because they have been influenced by the present realities that have affected a large number of people, even though they have a duty and a role, they still do not fully accomplish the responsibilities of their callings, which is My wish from the children, in the remaining years, in the years when you see the urgency. So many things have happened and are happening to harm the life of faith, to harm the people who have to truly live

as the children of God, as the sons and the daughters of the Church.

What has caused these things to happen in the world today? You have heard of all these things. Because you have done wrong, because you have not followed My teachings, your life of faith has become void, has been replaced by the ego. You do not believe in a spiritual world, you do not believe in you own souls, and you do not believe in the things to practice while you are still in your bodies. Today I continue to remind you. My teachings have to become alive again. The things that are reported through the Gospel, the things that are revealed to the world today, by the voice of truth through the Holy Eucharist, are the simplest messages for every class to receive, to listen to, to practice, and to understand that the meaning of human life has to come from good deeds.

Mankind needs the focal point of moral ethics to be able to understand the things that need to be done, the things that need to be faced, to remove the individualism, to be rid of all the human demands. When you have the flair to live life in arrogance, relying on your own talents, you no longer have love for each other, and you no longer live with the heart that I gave you. You have replaced your hearts with an engine, with the modern realities, and these things have made you stumble in your present individual life. It is the subtle ingenuity of a civilized nation, of an era of modernization that has caused mankind to forget the focal point, to forget their souls, to forget the justice that mankind needs, to forget the true teaching that I desire every person to practice, because it gives them true happiness on earth, because it gives them the meaning of a human life, and a life considering one another.

My beloved children, so until the day you discover and you accomplish all the things that you receive from each other, you need to love each other, you need to unite and you need to accept each other with good things. When you recognize the bad things from sins, reject the self, starting from the family, from the place where you have a collective life, to the crowded places such as the societies, such as the nations. If you are not able to keep the basis of morals from the individual to the family, how are you going to be able to stand firm in the middle of a community?

My beloved children, there are righteous people, and they still remain in this world, but they are a very small number of people. It is a number that I am always concerned with, because these people live in a world surrounded by many things yet they still are able to retain the laws, they still are able to retain the principle of faith, and they still are able to live as I taught, through the Gospel and through the teachings. They are the people that I need. I need them to continue, to sacrifice more to propagate, to sacrifice more to bring more brothers back to righteousness, in the way they have lived and in the way they have fulfilled their roles.

There are many people whom I am not able to turn a blind eye to. Today, in this world, a majority has rejected and has refused a life of morals, a life of virtue. You are caught in all the present realities of the world because you are immature and naive in your life of faith, because you lack stability in the things that you have and that you had. You do not allow yourselves to learn because of your idleness, because of your selfishness, because of the demands of the flesh and because of the essential needs to fulfill the desires for the individual. From there it spreads everywhere, in the works that belong to the realities of the world, the realities in science, in engineering, and in the things that you have, but there is nothing regarding the things that are needed for your souls, for your morals, as well as for the teachings to be carried out in daily life.

My beloved children, my Heart grieves. My Heart grieves for this century. I am sorrowful for all the children. If you do not firmly rise up then who is the person who can help your souls, who is the person to help your lives that need deliverance? You are the ones to decide from your own recognition, but you are too busy, in all the classes. The labor class has its own ways, and the people who have knowledge have their own ways. All are working to seek fame, money, pleasures; the only thing they know is money and money; they no longer think of the more important things for their lives. Some are too rich while some are too poor. There are so many people in the world who no longer have affection, who no longer have love for one another as in the past centuries. In this century, even those who live in poverty are being taken advantage of by the people who seem to act on their behalf but in reality are acting for their own sake and reputation, with their own scams, who are not acting fully with a loving heart as I wish.

My beloved children, there are so many things that I have reminded the world, so many things that I have warned through the prophets, to inform you, for you to prepare and for you to know that if you do not return to the truth and if you do not repent, then I have no way to help you in this present life. I have given you My Love, I have done the things that need to be done, and I have warned you for you to be prepared. In all fairness, all these things have been planned, and as the King of the universe, who is God the Father, He has the power to give to mankind and He has the power to take back any of the things that He wants. He has to treat everyone in the world with justice. He has to be just with all the things that belong to the power of a God, the Most High.

So I continue to stay with you because I can see that when the day of judgment comes for each individual, when the judgment comes in the last remaining moments of the end of the century, no one will be able to have the opportunity to step into that place, because you have been compromised by all the modernity of a generation, you have been covered by the webs of evil, and you have had difficulty getting yourselves out. This is why I have poured down upon you the graces in this time period. I have poured down so many things for you to recognize My intervention, for you to recognize My Love that continues to wait for you. The love that I wish to see your hearts returning to in your free will, in cooperation with all the good and the holy things that I had left through the Church for you to recognize that every individual needs to learn,

needs to return, needs to do penance, and needs to repent.

For those of you who have known and recognized yourselves on the path of righteousness, you need to sacrifice more for your brothers, with love, and with the things that you learn, that you know. Continue to proclaim to all the brothers for them to return to a life of righteousness, for Me to help them. The love with which I invite today’s world is My Divine Mercy, for Me to come closer to you, for Me to give you the opportunity to meet Me, for Me to give you the things that you most need in life, the necessities that you need in sickness, for the soul as well for the body. I want to show you, for you to receive. You have to believe. You need to recognize the true teaching that I had given. You need to recognize that I continue to be close to you.

Things have passed, in this world, in this century, and the things that remain are the daily things in life that have become routine, with all the roles, with all the classes, with all the laity, and so there is nothing else that can touch you, that can attract you with the understanding that you need to recognize, that you need to think about, that you need to open the heart to, for you to be able to recognize the living word that I had left through the Gospel for you to practice in your lives. So I have invited and I have repeatedly revealed to the saints who have gone into history, who have revealed to you all the messages that they have received from Me to help you with your spiritual lives, for your souls to choose one, uncommon path, a path that you need to return to, in contrition, to return to a righteous life, to the new life that the Holy Spirit is effecting in today’s century.

Through the Holy Spirit I meet all of you to give you the graces for you to be alive again with the divine blessings that I am ready to give to the hearts in longing that open up and that seek. These hearts will definitely receive the divine blessings, and from these divine blessings, continue to help the other brothers and sisters, and continue to testify to My presence in the blessings that I give to the children in their bodies, to the clergy, to the laity, and to those who have been selected as the messengers and the prophets that you have heard from.

These are the things that I have given and that I am giving to you. Especially in this time period, I am pouring abundant graces for you to recognize and for you to help each other on the path of righteousness, to return, to lessen the evil that humans are committing, with the daily offenses committed in deceit for the outward life. You complete your duties but you lack recognition because your life of faith is dry and cold, and you do not look into the roles that you need to touch and practice with heart.

My beloved children, there are so many reminders I want the world to receive, for all to be touched with the most ordinary things in life, with actions in all the classes, with actions in all the roles. I want to strengthen your life of faith. It is I who give you the true miracles to help you with everything you need for the healing of your souls, for your lives when you return to Me. Return and practice the things that you need to sacrifice, that you need to do to help the other brothers and sisters. You need solidarity. You need to be united in the love at the places where you experience My apparition. This is what I need to remind all of you when you actually return to Me. You have the duty and responsibility to help Me continue to save the souls of the brothers who are lost, who live in sin, who live in a chaotic world, in the sophistication of an era that has taken possession of their souls. This is the reason for sin to spread all over the world; your rebellions and your ways have offended the love that I have for you.

My beloved children, I want to remind you. I want to bring you back. I want to use love to conquer you, to bring love to replace the things that you have in the world today, for you to recognize that only true love will bring you days of happiness and peace. That is something every individual can experience when seeking to find and to meet Me. This is the surest way to remove and reject all the wickedness that each person is allowing to dominate in today’s world, to dwell in your souls, to dwell in your hearts, to be the master of all the greedy desires, to be the master of all the foolish acts of sin, with the bloodthirsty, evil acts that you continue to inflict upon each other.

My beloved children, I send many messages, with tens of thousands of words to say to you. Come to Me. Return to Me, for you to receive the things that I give to you in the divine yet still visible in the world. I pour down the divine blessings from heaven upon the world today, for you to be able to boldly step forward on the path to face yourselves, to face the people around you, to face the moral life that you need to practice in the world. Every class, every role has the responsibility to unite with each other to help each other and to love each other in the days that you are currently encountering. When you separate from each other you already allow yourselves to walk into death, because you do not live in this world alone, you have to live with your brothers. You have to live in solidarity with those who need you to help them. That is what I desire. It is a truth that I brought to the world right from the beginning, and it is still the same now. I continue to wait for that solidarity.

The things that I give at this place are for all the children whose things have become routine in their lives, in their roles to serve, among the clergy, or among the children who live a lifetime of truth, for them to believe, for them to live with a teaching that they always entrust with a life of sacrifice. However, there are also those who do not live in these circumstances. They are not like the other brothers, their thinking and the things that they face and practice are completely different. So I am evenmoregrieved because there is still somethinginthe way people think about unity. People stillcompete with each other overtheir talents, and that’s not mentioning theinterestsinthe works that theyhave a roleto fulfill, the role of those who bringthewords that come from the truth, andthey are the people who need to set the example regarding justice in alifethatcomes fromthe rolesthattheyhavein theranksof the Church. This is the most essential thing in the worldtoday, that through thePope, throughthe people who have the roles, the dutiesand the responsibilities, I continue to speak with the Gospel, with allthe good thingsin righteousnesstoinvitepeopleto return, to receive, to helpthemin this time period and in this era.

There are many, many more things for you: to protect each other; to unite in solidarity, love; to listen and to continue with the things that I pour down through the Church, for the Church to bring the lost sheep back, for the Church to bring those who are living in sin, for them to listen to My voice through the Church, through the priests, through the Pope, through all those who are called in the world today on My behalf, to bring the lost sheep back to My Love, to bring the lost sheep to the forgiveness that I give to them, for them to receive the sacraments that I give through the Church, that are practiced by the Church.

There are many more essential things that you need to receive in this century. As long as there are disputes, as long as you do not look at the life of faith, you have missed many opportunities. I have poured down from heaven to give the world the extraordinary miracles for you to see My appearance and for you to know that I have poured down many blessings in this century. I come to the Holy Eucharist, and without any exception, I want all My children to rise up and every parishioner to understand what the Holy Eucharist is, what power the Holy Eucharist has, to help you return to a life of faith. You need the divine blessings in your lives, so you have to believe and you need to be guided to understand clearly the meaning of the things that I give through the Holy Eucharist, directly giving to the hearts that believe, directly giving to the eyes when they really lift up, with a longing heart, with trust, to receive My blessings and My graces.

I have given you the messages in the present and I have met many people in the world. I meet them through the healings of their souls and of their bodies. There are many people who have accepted and have recognized My messages in their hearts; their hearts have recognized the things that come from the truth. But there are many people who, in their roles, they have to know and they have to recognize, but they do not, because they rely on the knowledge they learned. They do not realize what is sacred, they only recognize the things that are based on facts and that are based on their knowledge, which they think are right.

In regard to all the things that come from God, you need to be patient and you need to act with goodwill to learn all the things that have happened and are happening through My miracles. If they are miracles then who could certify them? With miracles, you need to have faith. Miracles can only be recognized by your hearts and by your faith, which is the answer to the hearts that recognize and understand a miracle, but a large number of people do not think about this, they only know about the facts of existence.

The miracles that I work strengthen your faith for you to rise up, for you to recognize the concern and the intervention. I want you to absolutely believe in a religion in which you recognize salvation, through Jesus Christ. The things that you learn, that you know, are for you to practice the true teachings of a religion that you believe in, and for this to be realized in each heart is the power that I give to you on earth. All the things that happen through the Holy Eucharist in this time period and through the meetings that I allow to many are for you. I wait for you to believe. I wait for you. At the right time, you will see that this is the truth. This is to consolidate all the works that you need to quickly share with people, for them to prepare for a life of faith.

Even if there are tribulations, even if there are things that happen to individuals, to communities, or to the world, you need to stand firm in your faith for you to follow what is taught. I give the messages from the revelations in this world, in this century, to help you come to certain places, to help you in the life of faith, for you to experience the divine seals that I give to you. By your actions, by your recognitions, by your prostrations, you will be helped in a special way by the divine blessings. My Holy Spirit will have a way to lead you and help you when you encounter the tribulations.

Especially in this century, in this world, you need to prepare to face all the crimes, to face good and evil. There will be a fierce battle between good and evil, so your life of faith must be built up for you to have a place to hold on to, for you to trust and to have hope. That place is My Divine Mercy. My Divine Mercy is given to humanity in general and to each person in particular when you recognize, when you believe, when you seek to meet the things to build up your life of faith, for each of you, whom I invite, to have some quiet moments in the soul. The divine place that I give to all of you and where I meet all of you is the Holy Eucharist.

I am Present in the Holy Eucharist all over the world, but the miracles that I work are for you to recognize the power, the healing, to strengthen the life of faith, and these miracles happen at the assigned places that I reveal to you. So these wondrous things have been happening at this place. I have chosen this place for all of you to meet Me. There are those who truly seek, who revere, and who know the meaning of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. They are My priests who live a consecrated life, who are really looking for something in the divine. They follow the rules, they look into the facts, they are exemplary, but I work the miracles for them to recognize My Presence. I give them the closeness for them to be more zealous in their faith, which they have lived with the sacrifice of a life devoted to service.

There are many more things from the Holy Eucharist, so that person, those children, they need to find a way for the things to appear from the interaction of the laity. They only work in terms of their duty, in terms of a person who is able to feel something but has never encountered My appearance, has never experienced the closeness with the truth that I give to them in particular, and to humanity in general. I have given them the graces and the recognitions in the heart and it is because of them that I want to give to a large number of people the graces that I give at this parish. At this place the children have a life of service, and even though in the life of service people do not follow the same direction, most of them have shown fear, have sought Me, and they have sincerely worked with each other on a common direction to provide the best services to the laity, as well as fulfilling their roles in order to bring the best things for the laity at this place. There are many more things that I want to give in a special way to this parish and in general to all of My children in the world. This is the place that I have chosen to show the extraordinary things through the miracles, for you to receive through the Holy Eucharist.

In the last few days I have allowed you to see. The last few days are the days to teach all of you to not be surprised when things come to you through the wondrous deeds that I manifest to you. I want you to believe and to recognize the great apparitions in the world so that you are able to call out to a large number of your brothers and sisters all over the world, for them to return. At these assigned places, I strengthen the faith, I heal the body, and I intervene for you. These places are also the places for you to take refuge, from the soul to the body, to be protected. My seal is stamped to the hearts, to the people who come seeking, to the people who have received, and who continue to come to receive the great blessings and the graces that I pour down upon the world in general and upon each individual in particular, especially upon those who are called to serve in the past years and months. When the time comes, you will know that this is true. I have sent the children and I have given My messages for you to have. That was the reminder and the strengthening for the life of faith and to teach you to face things in the present and in the days ahead.

There are so many things you do not know that will happen unexpectedly to the world in general and to each individual in particular, so this moment is the moment for you to wake up. You have to repent. You have to be more zealous and you need to sacrifice more to help your brothers in the world; to help the brothers and sisters who have not yet been touched in their hearts, who have not yet received the recognition of their faith for them to return to receive the graces that I give to all of you in today’s world. Particularly at this place, I allow L., who is the chosen person, to be the one to start the miracle of the Holy Eucharist in the most recent times regarding the things heard, seen, and known. As the program goes on, the events will happen continuously, so this is the beginning. Witness boldly and speak up boldly of the truth that I have done and that I am doing. Do not be afraid and do not worry about the obstacles and the difficulties that you need to overcome. There are still many things that I am doing here.

I select all the people who have the duty and the responsibility to propagate the things that are true to the entire world. This is the truth. In the last few days, you have received the miracles. I want to have you further assured with the things that you have to face, that you need to testify to. You need to tell this truth. It is the duty and responsibility that I assign to you. I want you to complete the works for which I allow you to be present at this place for you to receive the things that I give through the Holy Eucharist. You receive these things on behalf of the brothers and sisters, the people who were chosen who have to serve quietly in their roles, and they will continue to serve in the days ahead with the most essential things that I need to conclude in the remaining days, with the things that I reveal to the entire world.

There are many more things that I want to remind those who have duties and responsibilities. I just want to say to all of you that the things that are happening at this place are the confirmations of My Real Presence, for many people to come here to recognize the messages that I give. This is the truth that people will receive in this century. This is the blessing and the grace that I pour down in the shortest time. In regard to all the things that you hear, that you know, you need to immediately receive, to immediately return, and to immediately implement what you can do. Do not wait too long, do not halt all the divine blessings that I pour down upon you, because you are the people who are required to cooperate, in the days that you recognize My Presence and My intervention for your life of faith to be strengthened, for you to rise up, for you to understand the meaning, and for you to be assured.

With all the tribulations that have occurred, with all the events that will come in the remaining days of the century, if you are not prepared, there is no place for you to cling firmly to, with the things that you need to face, to practice. The things that you need to do in regard to Me, in regard to God the Father are your duties as children, your duties as the children who need to repent and who need to return to receive the intervention and the protection from the blessings that I will give to humanity in the remaining days of this century, through the divine graces that I pour down upon humanity in this time period. This is the message that I want you to recognize.

You have seen the revolt in a nation, and this will continue with other tribulations that you will see in the coming days. I do not want to see My children fall into those situations when they already know but they did not prepare. You cannot avoid the tribulations because they have been foretold to conclude a world that has to end in the remaining days.*** Gradually, you will recognize all the things that you need to build up now, which is the life of faith, the heart that truly has to rise, the heart that has to cooperate and discern between good and evil, between right and wrong. Return to Me, to receive with love, with heart. Reject all the sins and all the personal interests from your ego. Live in unity, in sacrifice, in patience, and endure all the difficulties and sufferings that the world will face. You will endure sufferings as you have been warned in the Book of Revelation: the flooding, the hurricanes. There are things that will happen to you if you are not prepared to face all the realities in the present, if you do not continue to trust, if you do not prepare for the places where I give the divine blessings to the people when they enter into these places.

My beloved children, with the things that are appearing at this place, I just wish for all the children to return to Me through Divine Mercy. I am waiting to welcome you, to help you, to bring you from the abyss of sin and human evil back to righteousness. I want to meet all of My children all over the world. I am giving you blessings and graces through Divine Mercy so that when you believe and you recognize that these things have happened and are happening in this century, you will be able to have quiet moments in the soul for your souls to rest, to have the moments that each person needs, to stay calm to distinguish, to choose between the things that they are encountering with the tribulations that are happening and that will happen in this century. I help you and I guide you, for you to receive the most recent things that I give to you, for you to see with your eyes, to hear with your ears, to practice with your hearts, for your lives to be more stable, for you to be comforted, for you to be protected, for you to overcome the difficult stages, facing the current circumstances of each individual and each family.

I wish for you to have peace, to love, to unite, and to support each other so that you are not lonely, so that you are not attacked by the realities that you have to face at certain places in society. Because you have been under the control of the law, because you have been under the control of the people who have power in society, you need to be strong to be able to remove yourselves from their control. If you are not strong enough, you will fall into their web, you will be annihilated by the sophisticated ways of the modern times, by the bloodthirsty crimes that you will find out in the near future. Only I am able to know in advance and speak up about this.

My children, from the righteous ones to those who are sinners, to those who do not yet know Me, I call out to you, let Me help you in this time period. Mother Mary will appear in the remaining times. Mother Mary has a final favor from God the Father, so listen to the words of Mother. Every single time that you come to the Holy Eucharist, listen to the teaching from Mother, who has instructed humanity in general, and each individual in particular.**** Practice the Six Kowtows. Understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows. ***** Go deeper into the revelations that I have manifested to the world through Mother Mary. Mother will continue to guide you. Mother is the last Person who can help you in the remaining days of the century.

There are so many more things if you open your hearts to receive. Live a life of faith. Return to Me with a strong life in faith to be able to realize the good things that each person needs to do for their own life, for you not to be scared with everything in the world today, heading toward chaos, for you to be firm in your faith and to believe in the place that I promise. You will definitely receive the seals that I give in the divine to each of you. In the end, when you practice and when you live according to My teachings, Mother is the Person who will help you in the remaining days of the end of the century. This is all I want to say today. My messages are the miracles that you receive, and there will be more wondrous things to receive. You need to believe, for you to be able to see and to further recognize My appearance to give you the divine blessings when you seek to come to receive. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

L.: O Father, I thank you Father. I am reassured because in the last two days, in the moments I was able to take pictures of the miracles from You, there were certain unexpected things that made me ponder. I did not know whether I needed to stop to be able to receive, or there were more things You wanted to say. I could not focus at those moments because I was so surprised to see so many Hosts at the altar where You have appeared. This is the first time that I was able to take the pictures and to confirm the miracles there, so I was not able to focus to receive the things that You wanted to say. Today I feel very happy. I feel as if I have completed a part of the things that You wanted to send in the most recent days, with the miracle of Your Presence through the Holy Eucharist, in the light. I know that things happen at the right time of Your choosing. For the things that do not happen at the right time, we have to wait and be patient because Father is the Supreme Being who has the right to give, and only Father does it for humanity. The things that Father does are things that bring benefits to the spiritual life, and the life of our souls, even for our bodies. Please help us recognize that the concern and the intervention are the love for us to be able to encounter these happy things in this world. Please help us be strong to experience more deeply with the graces that You give to us in this world.

When our brothers and sisters long to seek to come to Father, when the pagans or the people who live in sin want to return, Father, please save those souls, those brothers, for us to be one flock as You wish, with the brothers and sisters helping each other in brotherly love. We help each other, together on the path to receive the seals that Father gives to us in the divine. Those seals will be in the souls, in the bodies, so that in the hours that we encounter danger in the circumstances of the outside world, those special seals that Father gives to each one of us will help us unite.

In the days that Father arranges according to the Holy Will of Father, at the places where we can take shelter, the places of refuge, our bodies as well as our souls belong to Father. The place where Father meets us is the Holy Eucharist. Father is Present there. This is the divine protection that Father gives. The Holy Eucharist is also the place where Father gives us the messages.

The invitation from the Divine Mercy is for us to cooperate, with repentance, with return, and with sacrifice. We have to change, we have to renounce all the crimes, all the deceits and the sins that people always have, to give up everything that belongs to the ego, for us to return to Father, by sacrifice, on behalf of the other brothers, by prayer, by the words that Father wants all of us to unite to pray, to unite to ask God to give the world peace, to ask God to save us through the grace of Father and to have the strong intervention from Mother Mary. We continue to pray unceasingly, to pray unceasingly for the brothers, for the world, for all classes in society, and for our Church to be protected. The righteous people were killed by the evil persecution, by the evil people. Father, please give justice to their souls; please help us in this life where evil is setting up snares for us, from the family to the individual. The community and the whole world are threatened. This is terribly frightening, because evil is spreading all over the place.

The Love of Father invites and allows us to come closer. This is a great grace that each of us needs to return to. We need to give up everything****** to ask Father to save our lives, our souls, and to help even our bodies, when we survive the disasters in the remaining days of the end of the century. I thank the Love of Father who has manifested through the miracles for our life of faith to be stronger, for us to overcome the obstacles that remain in our personal lives, for us to come to Father with our hearts, with faith, when our eyes see, when our ears hear, and when our hearts feel. We need to reject all things for us to belong to Father, with a life of sacrifice for our brothers and sisters, with the prayers, with the time that our brothers do not have. On their behalf, we are the people who offer to Father the prayers. Father, please forgive, please save our brothers who are still lost around the world, for them to soon return, for them to receive Your grace and Your salvation in the world today, through the seals.

We need to practice the teaching of Mother, and the things that we continue to receive from the messages from Father. Today as well as in the days ahead, we continue to embrace the miracles as well as the messages, the teachings from Father through the Holy Eucharist, the miracles that Father gives to us with His messages, with His appearances*******.

This evening, L. completed the message that Jesus sends to humanity in general and to each individual in particular, to the community, to the Church, to all the brothers and sisters who are in a life of service, for them to know the things that they need to do, the things that they need to reject, and the direction that they need to follow as God invites today. We need to reject the personal ego to step on the path of justice that Father invites all of us, because when we live righteously and we live with our hearts, then we will receive the divine blessing that Father has manifested through the miracles, with the grace and the healing from the soul to the body, the strengthening that Father gives to us. Also, the Divine Mercy of Father will embrace us, purify us, as well as sanctify us and transform us, for us to be worthy to be the children to receive the seals that Father will give us in the remaining days of the end of the century. Regardless of the roles, regardless of the classes, we will receive the seals when our hearts return, when we repent, when we believe and when we look for Father to protect us, to help us, to have the intervention from Father in our lives.

And now in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, L. thanks the grace of Father, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters all over the world, especially the brothers and sisters who are serving, to be able to listen to the messages that are given through the miracle of the Cross, with the Presence of the Holy Eucharist, where we have received the messages in the past days, from the revelations of Jesus to L., for L. to complete the messages from Jesus with the sorrows that He wants to express to the world, as well as the reminders that He wants to give to the children on their way to coming back, for them to receive life in faith, for them to be assured with the things that are heard, that are seen, and for them to recognize the Divine through the Holy Eucharist, the blessings and the graces that God gives us in the remaining days.

L.  completed this message at exactly 8:46 p.m., on Tuesday, September 9, 2014, at St. Theresa’s Church, at the altar and at the Cross with the light that Jesus has shown in the past days. The Holy Eucharist surrounds the altar, the place of worship that L. was allowed to take pictures of. Once again, on behalf of the brothers and the sisters, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God, I thank Mother. Mother is always by our side. Mother always prays for us. Mother always helps us through our roles in the past days, and Mother continues to lift our spirits, to protect us, and to guide us when we encounter challenges. In the end we always need Mother. Mother is always by our side to help us. Mother is always by our side to support us with words******** to remind us; these words we have received are the teachings from Mother, for Mother to help us accomplish all the things received from God. Everything that is realized in me, for me to fluently recognize each word, each sentence, is from the Holy Spirit helping me to complete the duty that God gives to me.

And now, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank God, I praise God. I praise God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I thank Mother as well as heaven. I thank especially St. Joseph, who supports me and who continues to intercede with God for me. I thank the Archangel Michael for his protection. He is always by my side to protect me and to guide me through the places every time I have a mission, for me to receive the miracles, with the things that God shows to me, during the day as well as at night, no matter where. I have to thank the saints and heaven for helping me in the past months and days. Today I also need their holy assistance. We believe that they support and help me with my mission as well as the brothers and the sisters in the group, for us to fulfill our roles to fully serve God, to fully listen to the teaching from God, and to fully live a life of sacrifice, to help our brothers and sisters to return to God, to help their souls believe in our God. I thank God. I thank Mother and the angels, especially my guardian angel, as well as the saints who intercede with God for us. These are the words I offer up to God, to Mother, to the angels and the saints, for their holy assistance and intercessions. At this moment, L., V., we thank God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

* In these messages, Jesus refers to Himself as a “Father,” not God the Father; when the latter is referred to it is sufficiently clear, without leaving confusion about the Trinity. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a tender Father to His children (compare Matthew 9:2, 23:37; Mark 2:5, 10:24; 23:37; Luke 13:34; John 13:33, 21:5), as a loving Shepherd to His sheep (compare Isaiah 40:11, Micah 5:4, John 10:11, Hebrews 13:20, 1 Peter 5:4), as the Teacher/the Master (compare Matthew 7:28-29; Mark 10:51; John 3:2, 13:13-16, 20:16), and as High Priest (compare Hebrews 2:17, 4:14-15, 5:5-6, 6:20, 7:13-28, 9:11-12). For these reasons, Jesus refers to Himself in these messages as a “Father.” Another example of this is found in Jesus’ words to St. Faustina: “My Heart overflows with great mercy for souls (…). If only they could understand that I am the best of Fathers to them (…).” (Diary, 367)

** The previous sentence could possibly be a statement to the United States (“you”), in which L. lives, which has not intervened in the great persecution of Christians in Syria and Iraq in the time preceding this message, or it could be a statement to the nations in general. “Nation” in the second sentence would refer to Syria or Iraq.

*** The world that will soon end is the world before the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima; it will be as a new world with the coming of this new, great era.

**** Jesus is asking us to read the messages Blessed Mother has given through L. when we are in adoration.

***** See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014, and the “I Want You to Spread the Six Kowtows” message of September 3, 2014. Both can be found on .  


****** Everything that gets in the way of our relationship with Jesus


******* His miraculous appearances in the Eucharist that L. is able to capture on her phone’s camera


******** “Words” here refers to the messages She has given through L.




New Revelations through the Eucharist

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