The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Eucharistic Jesus


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Messages for the World 


The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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         To Everyone in the World




September 11, 2014

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O Father, we received the instructions and the revelations from Mother, reminding us about each kowtow that we need to know in order to speak up about what we need to say to everyone in the world.

With the First Kowtow we bow our heads to worship our God, a God who created everything in heaven and earth. God created us, He gave us breath; everything that we have in the world and our existence today is from God the Father. This is a kowtow that we offer with all our souls, with all our strength and with all our hearts, in gratefulness. We bow our heads before God the Father to thank Father’s grace for allowing us to be His children – to understand and to know to bow our heads to thank Father. This is the happiest thing, this is something that we must do, and must do right from the start. This is what I offer to Father on behalf of all the brothers and sisters around the world who do not yet embrace and do not yet understand the meaning of the kowtow; so today we would like to repeat this, bowing to God the Father. Father gave us life – to everyone in the world – and gave us an infinite love which Father left to the human world, enabling us to still exist today. We do not know what to say and what words to use to describe the love God the Father gives to humanity. In the days of turmoil, with all that is happening to the world today, we have nowhere to ask for help besides asking God for help, asking God for forgiveness, asking God to give us the opportunity to prostrate before God the Father so that we can do something to show the life of penance and our repentance to our God.

O Father, the Second Kowtow is a kowtow I offer to Jesus. Jesus, the only Son of God the Father, was sent to the earthly world; He brought a doctrine to us, so that we would have life in an eternal, heavenly kingdom; a doctrine of love, a doctrine that helps us to live a life free from sins, a doctrine from which He continues to give us hope so that we can meet our Lord Jesus. Now, His voice still resounds so that we receive His Presence through the Holy Eucharist that we bow our heads to worship today.  There is so much more He did, helping our lives in this world; I bow my head in thankfulness, with a grateful heart, to offer to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

For the Third Kowtow we would like to thank God the Holy Spirit. He remains in our world, staying with us. Since the day Jesus ascended to heaven, God the Holy Spirit was with us (1); He was patient with us, He loved us, He guided us, letting us know what is good from what is evil, and teaching us so many good things in our minds, in our hearts. We bow our heads to thank the grace of God the Holy Spirit, to thank Him for all of His works, for bestowing on each one of us the graces that we had refused. There is so much chaos in the world today because we did not recognize the Holy Spirit; this is the reason, on behalf of our brothers and sisters, we bow our heads to thank and to worship God the Holy Spirit.

With the Fourth Kowtow we thank the Body and Blood of God; the Body and Blood of God was left for us – to nourish our souls, to nourish our bodies, to nourish every single individual – when we recognize the divine grace received through the sacred Body and Blood of God in the Holy Mass, especially for the Church, especially for the brothers and sisters who are Christians, especially for those who experience in their hearts the sacred and great significance God bestows through His Body and Blood.  I bow my head in gratefulness on behalf of all the brothers in the world.  There are people who do not yet understand, there are people who are disrespectful when they receive the Body and Blood of God; may we offer apologies on their behalf, may we always thank and praise the Body and Blood of Father (2), remaining with us, still present in the world so that we receive the extremely sublime graces – whether we are aware or not Father still pours down the graces upon us, from the soul to the body. Today, we bow our heads to thank and praise Father through the kowtow.

With the Fifth Kowtow we face the Cross. The Cross is the Five Holy Wounds. Father died for us, Father gave us freedom, Father connected heaven and earth by Father’s love and the Cross; the Cross brought the grace of deliverance and the grace of salvation that Father continues to bestow upon us.  In the days we must repent, we remember the Five Holy Wounds Father gave to mankind, which will be a deliverance for all people when we recognize and understand the very important meaning of these Five Holy Wounds.

Father loves us and remains with us forever and ever, until the end of the world.  Today, we look at the signs that enable us to have and to hear, the Five Holy Wounds. Father died for us, so that we live in a period when we can hear the words from a God giving to the entire world the messages through the liveliness of the Holy Eucharist (3). These Five Holy Wounds have great relevance for life on earth; we cannot forget, we cannot pretend, and we cannot fail to recognize them. We must bow our heads – to thank, to praise, to glorify, with all our hearts and with all our minds – the grace of salvation that saved us in the wretched and sinful world today.

At this moment, on behalf of all our brothers and sisters, who are the Catholics, who are the Christians, who are the people who do not yet understand and who do not yet recognize the profound gratefulness we owe to the Cross, through Father’s Five Holy Wounds, giving us life, delivering us in miserable ordeals – from the soul to the body – we offer to Father on their behalf gratitude, thanksgiving. May we repent, kneeling before the Cross, apologizing to Father; Father, please accept our return, so that we rely on the grace of salvation as Father bestowed upon the earthly world to deliver us in the days of danger, the days when we will face everything, the remaining days of the end of the century that are also the days foretold through the Book of Revelation. This is true so we need to prepare and we need to return, to ask Father, with heart, bowing our heads before the Cross.

O Father, we ask Father so that we bow our heads to thank Mother Mary’s love. Mother’s Heart obeyed God, right from the first day until the day Mother was taken up to heaven, body and soul. Mother’s Heart continues to lift up mankind; Mother is a Person chosen by God on behalf of the humans on earth with what Mother does, with what Mother practices – and Mother’s Heart continues to constantly come to our world. Mother continues to heal and to remind the world to return to God, Mother comes to lead us closer to God, Mother comes to encourage us in our lives; that we must return to our God. Mother’s love continues to intercede for us daily; that is the reason for us existing in these days.

O God, we must bow our heads to honor Mother, to be grateful and to be thankful to a Mother who continues to pour down graces through the blessings God the Father gives to Mother; Mother receives those graces and pours them down to the earthly world. (4) We are the children of God, the children of Mother (5); we definitely must ask Mother to help us – there are times when our human world cannot free itself because of the events that are currently happening, from the individual, from the community, to the places where people have roles with duties and responsibilities. Mother is the Person who is always by God’s side, Mother understands the Holy Will of God, Mother helps us come closer to God and teaches us on the path of holiness.

Mother is also the Person to whom God bestows a great grace; we still remember the prediction in regard to Mother through the history books (6), through the Bible; Mother’s Heart will triumph over the world. This is the last hope; we ask God so that we cooperate with Mother, asking Mother to help us in the remaining days of the end of the century. We face dangers, with the murders, with the destructions of this nation and that nation, killing one another, doing so many other things that do not bring peace and stability to the spiritual life as well as the physical life. Mother, please help us; intercede with God for us – please act and help us in the remaining days when we must return to God. We certainly must come near God to ask Him to help us, to rescue us from the miserable ordeals of today’s humanity in sins.

We offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow. We definitely need to cooperate with Mother; Mother’s heart will triumph over the world, Mother’s heart will definitely bring the children of Mother back and closer to God. Please deliver us; do not let us suffer the calamities of the world today, and for so many others, for my brothers to return – Mother, please help us. This is the Sixth Kowtow that we offer to Mother; there are so many aspects with more profound meanings – we only know that what we need to do and must do the Six Kowtows, before the Holy Eucharist, before the altar, and before the Cross of God, which will be soon spread everywhere to everyone on earth so that Mother comes and helps to save us in the remaining days.

That is the reminder we hear in the world today, this new revelation through the Holy Eucharist, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters around the world, on behalf of all those who are on the way back; if they do not yet know, they will know; if they do not yet recognize, they will recognize. They will seek to understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows so that our lives have the support from Mother, have the intervention from the Holy Eucharist of Jesus, have the divine help through the saints and angels – with our hearts, with our souls, we certainly will escape the dangers and the killings of a century as intimidating and threatening as today’s. I thank the grace of God’s Love. I thank the grace of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  

  1. Pentecost came nine days after the Ascension, but, like the Bible, this message is not concerned primarily with recording historical facts in precise chronological order.
  2. In these messages, Jesus refers to Himself as a “Father,” not God the Father; when the latter is referred to it is sufficiently clear, without leaving confusion about the Trinity. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a tender Father to His children (compare Matthew 9:2, 23:37; Mark 2:5, 10:24; 23:37; Luke 13:34; John 13:33, 21:5), as a loving Shepherd to His sheep (compare Isaiah 40:11, Micah 5:4, John 10:11, Hebrews 13:20, 1 Peter 5:4), as the Teacher/the Master (compare Matthew 7:28-29; Mark 10:51; John 3:2, 13:13-16, 20:16), and as High Priest (compare Hebrews 2:17, 4:14-15, 5:5-6, 6:20, 7:13-28, 9:11-12). For these reasons, Jesus refers to Himself in these messages as a “Father.” Another example of this is found in Jesus’ words to St. Faustina: “My Heart overflows with great mercy for souls (…). If only they could understand that I am the best of Fathers to them (…).” (Diary, 367)
  3. This private revelation comes through the Eucharist. Through the miraculous power of the Eucharist, God bestows the miraculous images of the Eucharist (see the website below to see some) and the messages themselves. Jesus in the Eucharist is the source of the messages; many, many have come in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament but even those that don’t receive their impetus from the Eucharist.
  4. This refers to the Catholic Doctrine of Our Lady as Mediatrix of All Graces.
  5. See John 19:26-27.
  6. “History books” may refer only to the Bible (Genesis 3:15, Revelation 12:1-6) and to Fatima, where it was revealed that Her Immaculate Heart would triumph in the end. It could possibly also refer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, who was seen stepping on the ancient serpent, or to Our Lady of Guadalupe (Guadalupe literally means “She who crushes the head of the serpent”) – each referring back to Genesis 3:15. It could possibly also refer to the writings of some early Christian writers on Her as the New Eve.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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