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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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January 27, 2015

(This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when practicing the Six Kowtows).

L.: O God, I firmly believe that today is not a coincidence for You to let me and sister K. share with one another all the works that we do in the life of bringing Your messages to the clergy and bringing Your messages to the brothers and sisters in the entire world.  Regarding all the works done as of today, God lets us see the result every time we have the opportunity to meet the brothers that God wants; God wants them to receive His messages; that confirmation is becoming clearer with each day through the messages of God to those brothers. We are the bearers of the roles He uses so that, through His voice, He meets His children all over the world, no matter where, and if He wants, through His permission, all deeds in this world are extraordinary and phenomenal. At times we feel that if we have the eyes of faith then we believe in all things God arranges and provides – the things God bestows that transcend the works that we look at to see only the divinity, the mystery in them – but if without the eyes of faith then we cannot believe; we deny and consider these acts as myths, as the things people never accept and choose. That is something reserved for the majority of people today, those whose faith is weak, those who do not accept the deeds God does, but for those who have faith then no matter what comes, with the eyes of faith they recognize God’s voice, they recognize God’s permission, they recognize the good and holy deeds, they recognize the invitation to rise in a life of faith and to become more diligent in the normal days, in the days of a life of faith.

There are many things God manifests to the world today, through the messages that God reminds, with the Holy Eucharist, with the messages that God reminds the world in general through the revelations that God gives, for us to meet Him, for us to see that the mystery is still there, is still evolving, and is very close to us in today’s generation.  Mother Mary is by our sides, Mother is by the side of the Holy Eucharist of Jesus. Wherever Jesus is, Mother is there; Mother is always by His side, Mother sees His worries, Mother witnessed the Passion, Mother is the Person who witnessed from the beginning, and Mother also collaborated in a perfect way with Jesus. So for the Passion Jesus came into the world and saved mankind with that Passion; Mother is the Person who testified to the deeds God did – Mother also testifies that in our lives, if we are not being reminded over and over, if things are not manifested to us then we probably would follow the course of life, follow the things of this world, follow all things in reality, and forget the life of faith.

If we do not listen to the Good News, if we do not listen to the Church reminding every person about the spiritual life, from the children of God through the Sacrament of Baptism to the people who do not know God, then this would also follow the course of life.  So in all of these things, Mother is the Person who clearly sees, Mother is the Person who clearly witnesses the deeds of Jesus, Mother’s Son. Let us look into all the things that are given in this time period, which are very special because Mother Herself revealed them, for us to know that we must practice, that we must return, and that we must have a heart belonging to God, because the grace of salvation has come, and we might not have the opportunity since we may be alive today and be gone tomorrow. Everyone has to cross that bridge; everyone has to walk the path and the steps arranged by Jesus, who wants to meet us in the heavenly kingdom.  We were cleansed by His Blood, our sins were redeemed since He died to redeem them, and He resurrected, to bring His light into the darkness, into this world, into the sinners, into the immoral things inherent in us. He brings love, benevolence, patience, and gives us hope.

That was the light from Jesus, and He continues to bring that light to shine in the hearts, in the souls, in things people encounter in this world, through the diseased people, the sick people, the people who suffer, the homeless people, the people on the streets.  Jesus is always concerned and loves them in a special way, so in this world we now have a Pope whom Jesus is working in, through him, with him, to seek those lost people, the people who are lonely, who are forgotten by society, by the world, in a civilized life, with people looking only for pleasures, for immoral things, for modern things. People are engulfed by the darkness, but today there are also the children of God who wait for the light, there are also people who seek to return, and there are also people who long to meet the true Supreme Being – that is Jesus. His love, His salvation is kindled in the heart of every single person, by deeds, by speeches, by actions, and by the visits just like those made to various places by the Pope, whose program is to continue to bring love to unite, to remind us that Jesus is still in our midst, that Jesus is still with us.  Jesus represents the Church, with the Pope acting as a lively Jesus, who comes to help us and to bring us closer to God.

Do not be reluctant because of poverty, do not be reluctant because of diseases and being rejected; Jesus will support us, Jesus will give us new hope, Jesus will bring the light, as He died, and that light continues to shine over all the souls, into each life, into each situation. He still meets, still comes, still heals the wounds of the hearts, and still consoles us. Let us trust in our Jesus, let us trust in the love of Jesus, let us believe in the things that are lively that only God can realize; that only God can bestow upon us; that only God is the source of the true light.  Let us return, let us recognize and look for the way that Mother revealed to us, for us to meet God at any time, to meet God when we call upon His Name, and confirm that our lives belong to Him, for us to always have the divine protection, in the blessings, in the happiness that God bestowed upon every single person through the imprint of love that today we are being reminded of in a lively way. The people who do not have the opportunity to meet the priest in the last hour of their lives need the blessings that God bestows, need the things that we have through the Church, reserved for those who do not have the chance and who die sudden deaths.

The Six Kowtows remind us to prostrate before God, with heart, saying to God the Father: “O Father, I thank you for giving me life, for giving me the sky, the earth, this body, this mind; this soul belongs to Father and Father is My creator; I cannot forget this gratefulness though I came to know Father too late, though I never spent time with Father, though I never knew Father, but today the time has come, the time has come in the danger, the time has come and I no longer have any time left, I only know to bow my head to ask Father to accept me, to ask Him to accept my return, to ask Him to give me a chance, to ask Him to accept my apology to Him in this last hour of life.” If that person cannot do it, we are the people who are able to see and who have the opportunity given by God, let us do that with sincerity and ask those sick people whether they truly want to meet God for the last time or not.  Ask them to have conviction, to desire with heart, to repent with heart, because God knows everything in their souls and in their final hours; that is something to help this world with the calamities that happen unexpectedly. Let us look into the Six Kowtows that Mother revealed, that help us return to God, through the divine grace when we call upon His Name, we will see the support of the Holy Spirit in the divine realm, especially for those souls, especially for that community, especially for those people who have fallen into these situations.

With the Second Kowtow, we kowtow to Jesus. God came into this world; God came for the purpose of saving us. God cleansed our sins, God came to die for us, that sentence was for us and not for God but we could not do it since we are humans and we could not see the wrongdoings, the things that we did to God, but God does not mind, God does not blame, God loves us, God died for us. God made the decision to leave the throne of a king to come into this world, to live among us, to live with us, to bring the words that we hear, and we receive the miracles since the time of Jesus who healed the sick, who healed the souls, the bodies, with the doctrine left to teach us peace, the doctrine left to teach us to love, the doctrine left to teach us to worship, the doctrine left to teach us to return to the source.  That was an accomplishment by Jesus that we cannot forget; that sign is still here today through the Church; that sign continues to remind us individually, by the simple deeds that we encounter through the Second Kowtow, which today we reserve especially for Jesus, our God.

The Third Kowtow, we offer to God the Holy Spirit because in this world, if without the deeds of God the Holy Spirit, if there is no God the Holy Spirit, then we do not hear clearly, we do not know clearly about all the divine things – the revelations, the deeds that God does in the divine realm, because the divine things have a divine way that God, in His supremacy, has arranged.   His title is God the Father, Jesus, and He is also God the Holy Spirit; so the Trinity is a mystery and the mystery is also the Trinity.  That is something that is inexplicable, that is incomprehensible, but God has His own way; we are only the people who receive, who listen to the revelations. Let us always remember God the Father, Jesus, God the Holy Spirit, and that the Trinity can never be separated; so when we see Jesus we see God the Father in Him, when we see God the Father we see Jesus in Him, when we see God the Holy Spirit, we see God the Father and Jesus in God the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity is One and is forever, everlasting. If God does not allow, then we could not have explained this and we could not have known; God is the Mighty One, a Supreme Being, and a Supreme Being whom nobody can explain. We hear, we know, through this Trinity, through this power we are able to meet God; we really are the people who have the divine protection bestowed by God.

We can understand things in the program in which we can see the Church sorted by the ranks, the positions, the titles of those beings, helping our spiritual lives and spreading all over; the children, especially those who have received Baptism – those children live in silence yet still testify for God; they live in silence yet continue to worship, to revere; they live in silence yet continue in life because of faith.  All these things are in the program of God, they cannot be explained; spiritually, we cannot deny all the hopes that can only be explained by our faith, and only with faith can we see all the deeds that God did and is doing. He continues to be with us, continues to be lively with us such as today. So for all the deeds that we want and need to practice, let us open our hearts to receive God the Holy Spirit; let us listen, let us renounce all things that do not belong to the invitation from God, for us to be sharper, for us to know the works of God the Holy Spirit teaching us the good and holy things, to show us things that with our human strength we cannot understand and cannot plan. All things belong to God the Holy Spirit, as Jesus said to the Apostles: God the Father promises to give you God the Holy Spirit [Compare Luke 11:13], and from that moment on, they went and preached.

Let us be reminded that, today as well, we have God the Holy Spirit working in us, and He resides deep in our souls; let us be kindled in the grace of God the Holy Spirit; He is kindling us, He waits for the good and holy voice to be realized upon us, for us to renounce to all the sins, to the things that bind us to the world and that we always fall for in life.  Let us teach ourselves to have the good and holy moments that we must have, in the way of thinking, to teach our lives to have some morality, with the thing that God taught us through the teachings and giving us the opportunity to meet Him, the opportunity to meditate, with God the Holy Spirit in us and teaching us. There are many mysteries and many riches in the graces of God. In this world there are many ordinary and commonplace brothers and sisters just like us, with souls similar to ours, yet how come they have those graces?  Because they quiet their souls, they listen, they pray, and God manifested to them; so let us be similar to those brothers and sisters, let us focus on God, seek God, practice the things He teaches, spend the time to quiet the soul to listen to the words He wants.  Everyone has worries, everyone has sufferings, everyone has struggles in life, but let us believe that everything that happens in our lives is from God’s providence, because all creations in heaven and earth, all the immense beauties of the universe, all are given by God. We are people with souls; the souls are from God the Father, giving to us and putting into us, into our minds, into our hearts, which God always protects in a divine way.  Let us remember and know that this is essential: let our souls meet God, let us train our souls to have good and holy deeds, which include the seal in our hearts and our souls. So God always reminds us to be quiet, to quiet our souls to listen to God’s voice, to listen to the reminders from God the Holy Spirit to each of us, in particular for those people who have received the Sacrament of Baptism, and in general for humanity. If we believe, if we seek, if we know that our origin comes from God, then we know that there is only one God, that He is the king; He has power over all creation, He is alive, and His power can do everything, from space to time – because nothing can be still with love, with something within the depth of the soul seeking truth, goodness and holiness, looking into the truth that God gave to people in the world.

O God, we are now facing the Fourth Kowtow; the Fourth Kowtow is for the Body and Blood of God. It was Jesus Himself who instituted this for the holy Apostles – the words that He left, the words of love that He wants people to unite, to forgive, to love. The action that God did in the washing of the Apostles’ feet: the washing of the feet for people showed the high order of being God yet one who humbled Himself because of love. Only love can enable us to do everything for one another, only with love can we not fear and not deny anything, when that brings and kindles love in one another; hence the sign from God in the washing of the feet, the sign through which God taught the Apostles to unite in love, to love one another – by deeds, by the things that we do in order to bring goodness, to defend, to protect, and to love one another.  From that love we will see the presence of God, because a song was composed and all the others also know that anywhere there is love then there is God, anywhere there is charity then He will bless [Compare the “Ubi Caritas” hymn sung at the Holy Thursday Mass]. That is something that will never change. Jesus said: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” The truth will forever remain the truth, so the truth is in God, because it is just that God advocates for righteousness, truth, honesty, which started from the beginning till today, the day that Jesus comes to bring the clear evidence for us to enjoy the divinity through the Body and Blood of God. God is still with us, He said to us: I am with you always, to the close of the age, so whoever eats and receives His Body and Blood will have everlasting life. This is said for our souls, for the life in which we receive God’s permission, so let us meditate with the Fourth Kowtow, for us to see that it is full of meanings when we really prostrate and bow our heads to worship God at the places that God allows – before His Holy Eucharist, before the altar, at the foot of the Cross.  What God wants is not for us to flaunt things when we do not come from the heart, but God speaks for us to know in order to recognize the prostration.

We have nothing in life to lean on, no one to lean on, especially in this time period as we have seen. Everything will pass; if we live without God’s approval, allowing us to be at the Holy Banquet table, then our lives are wasted because our souls were cleansed by Jesus’ Blood. So the sign given is to especially remind the Christians, the Catholics, and whoever seeks to understand and to know the history of Jesus; His Body and Blood is the connection, the encounter, the divinity that still remains in this earthly world. There is nothing to refuse because that Presence, that divinity, that mystery still remains as promised by God, so everything from the reminder, from the meaning of the kowtows, are from God’s permission, because in this world there are many nations, many faraway places, where people also receive God – the local people there have also known God. We can see in this world that there continues to be a growth in the number of the clergy, an increase in the number of priests, and an increase in things undivided that follow the laws of God; then this can accommodate the essential needs for the spiritual life in the entire world. Unfortunately, in our human life we have been divided by all the situations, by civilizations, by the sophisticated modern things. We have the right to choose, so if we do not go deep and quiet ourselves in the love that God reserves for humanity through His Body and Blood, if we do not believe in that divine existence, if we do not see His lively encounter which He bestows upon us, then we only serve the present world with our functions, with our roles. If we only look at the shortest part of the present time period, then we do not allow our souls to quiet down, so how can we enter deeply into the spiritual life, how can we see the great things – that spiritually God is present and with us, bestowing upon us so many things in His protection, for every person, especially the priests? The people whom He chooses in the ranks of the Church, He loves in a special way, and He chooses that person to replace Him in this world, to proclaim His Body and Blood, which is love, and to retain in the souls of the faithful, to retain in the children of God something truly spiritual through His Body and Blood.

Probably this has become a habit for the majority of people in today’s era, but there are the pious people, the people who have profound experiences with the Body and Blood of God, so this continues to be reminded for those who receive out of habit and have not yet meditated in regard to His Body and Blood.  Let us remember that the Fourth Kowtow is a kowtow to ask for forgiveness in regards to the things in life that we have done unintentionally or intentionally, the things that we are not zealous enough about, not respectful enough, not complete enough in the worship of a real God, through His Body and Blood in the celebration of Mass, which is also a reminder for the priests, the faithful, the people who are really serving in life, who know God and recognize God. That is the supreme divinity that we cannot fail to bow our heads to, to worship and kowtow to a marvelous God who is Present under the form of bread, who is with us when we call upon His Name.

That is the Fourth Kowtow, for us to recognize the sublime Presence that is still tangible, still answering to our needs, through the liveliness that He reminds through His Body and Blood today, a clear explanation regarding things that are left. People in this world need to have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and they need to be moved. That is the clear explanation and the connection of the first day because in the Last Supper Jesus left to the Apostles and to us in this present world. Today, I receive the confirmation that God, Jesus Christ, is present through the Holy Eucharist. Every single time He gives us the opportunity and we pray, if accepted, then He will come, for us to see His Holy Eucharist, to see His Holy Eucharist present and coming to us at any time, anywhere. This continues incessantly in this world, from the day He allows it; this is real so let us not deny and look with the eyes of the world; the things that we deny are the good things that God bestowed and gave to us, which are becoming increasingly clearer each day. This is to strengthen the faith of people, for all roles to know the Body and the Blood of God that He always bestows upon us spiritually, giving us so many things that we do not yet know are the immense graces, in order to be close to us and to save us in today’s world. Through the grace of salvation, we look into the Cross, we look into the Passion, we look into the Good News, and we look into the things that Jesus left today, spiritually and tangibly. Jesus comes to us for us to see His Holy Eucharist, to see that liveliness, to see in a strengthened life of faith the healings for the bodies and the souls, for us to recognize the Real Presence of Jesus, meeting us today, in this time period, as He said: I am with you always, to the close of the age. 2,000 years ago, Jesus came to us in the flesh; He came for us to be moved, for us to see all the deeds He accomplished. In this time period, as He said, as He promised, I am with you always; that is the Holy Eucharist of Jesus, His Body and Blood. Today He comes and visits all the children when they call upon His Name, when they come to prostrate and to ask for mercy through the Presence that Jesus manifests for us to see the Holy Eucharist of Jesus Christ.

The Fifth Kowtow is a kowtow that we should never forget in each of our lives. Nobody can say that we do not know the cross, the Holy Cross, or the Person on that Cross.  The Cross that we look at daily, that we wear on us; when we come to the churches, we see the symbol of the Cross forever reminding us that this is a debt we owe to God, that this is a debt that forever people will never be able to leave behind, and if we remove ourselves from this debt then we will not be able to enjoy the Face of God in the heavenly kingdom.  Though people commit sins and no matter how debauched, the love of God had been marked through the Cross, lasting forever and ever, because He is the Faithful One, because He is the Mighty One, because He is the Supreme Being above all things that nobody can compare to. So the Cross reminds us of that everlasting debt; that we must be thankful and grateful toward a God, even if we do not know Him and do not yet know Him, but let us not deny the history of the Cross and what happened through the Cross that Jesus chose to save everyone in the human race. So we must know and enter deeply into this Cross.

The Five Holy Wounds through which God was nailed with all the sins, all the sufferings of mankind, all the betrayals of mankind: He bore them all to bring us victory, to bring us life, to bring us the heavenly light, to bring us triumph when we conquer our reasonings and sins. People have earthly tendencies, but Jesus had lifted high and stepped up high on the Cross, for His accomplishments to be above all things, the things that we lift up to God spiritually, lift up to God in faith, lift up to God in the ways that we believe – then definitely we will also be lifted high as He had lifted high and saved humanity. So these Five Holy Wounds are an everlasting gift to humanity; every single time we look at the Cross we cannot forget the Five Holy Wounds with which Jesus had redeemed us, for us to have everlasting life, for us to be unburdened in the days and the months when we trust in Him, because with the Cross God had taken away the human sufferings in the world, to leave us a light yoke when we believe, when we seek, when we practice the teachings that He left to us through the Gospel.

These are things He arranged in a program, so let us open our souls, our minds, our hearts to understand the Five Holy Wounds that Jesus always reminds us of. He loves us so much that He must die, He loves us so much that He must sacrifice, He loves us so much He still remains and is still in our midst till this day, so the fact that we must prostrate is something natural, that must be done, something worthy to bow down to, something to completely kowtow to, to a Person who saved both our souls and our bodies. We cannot refuse with the things that throughout many years, many months, many centuries, we have done according to the world, which has become too liberal, too everyday, and have become the things in which people no longer have the reverence and special ways in regard to God.  We have nothing else to say regarding our gratefulness to a true God who is present in this world, who is with us, in our minds, in our souls and in our hearts, when we receive His Body and Blood. The Fifth Kowtow is reserved for every single person who has the time to quiet the soul, to meditate, to enter deeply into the Five Holy Wounds; we cannot deny, we cannot forget; because of this debt, we definitely must spend time to be thankful, to be grateful to the Five Holy Wounds that redeemed us, from the body to the soul, that gave us a new doctrine and an everlasting place which is the heavenly kingdom, where Jesus awaits us daily at the Holy Banquet.

With the Sixth Kowtow we cannot forget the Cross of Jesus through the Five Holy Wounds; we cannot fail to see the Person who travels with God right from the beginning of His coming into the world.  That Person is a Person whom we lean on today through Her virtues – Mother Mary.  Mother Mary is the Person chosen to be the Mother of the Second Person of God and the Person who acts on behalf of all the children in humanity, with a life of obedience, with a life trusting in God, with a life in which Mother lived in silence with all the virtues and a heart absolutely belonging to God.  We were given a new world since the moment Jesus and Mother Mary realized the great plan of God to be the new Adam and the new Eve, for the days in which we are present today. From the day God the Father gave His only Son to the world, we cannot forget and not remember the one who took the place of all of us in the world to offer to God the word: “Fiat.” That was the word given to the angel Gabriel at the Annunciation; Blessed Mother without hesitation, said “Fiat.” Since that Fiat, Blessed Mother underwent many ordeals, many sufferings, and many things happened to Mother, because this is the plan of God the Father in His supremacy.  All the deeds Mother did from the time before the birth of Jesus had been in sufferings, in atonements for mankind, through a Mother who took the place of all humanity – to carry the sins, the darkness, the sufferings that mankind had in the period of Adam and Eve. Thus everything changed in Blessed Mother’s life with the word “Fiat”; from then until the moment Mother gave birth to Jesus, we have known in history, with the Church’s reminders and many books with the revelations allowed by God the Father with detailed descriptions of the Mother whom we are being reminded of today.

Mother never let Her deeds be known to others; Mother’s life was spent in humility and always in silence, in quietness, with only practices and not with manifestations as by the way of life of people in the world, so because of those silent deeds, because of that obedience, because of those virtues, God the Father does not let Mother remain in that silence. What we know today is that God the Father conferred upon Mother the title of Queen of Heaven, the Person whom God the Father chose to be the Mother of God, to be the Queen of both heaven and earth and who is also the Mother of humanity. The Person to whom we pray to ask for intercessions and that have been accepted the most are with our Mother Mary, so we cannot be without Mother in life, we cannot be without Mother in this world, we cannot be without Mother when Mother conveys the prayers for us. None of us is worthy, none of us can be complete before God the Father, none of us can be selected, but because of the love of God the Father through Jesus in the grace of salvation, the Person who takes our place is Mother Mary, so all the things that Mother did and all the changes that we hear and know are things that enable us to have this day, through the places where Mother was present, through the places where Mother reminded, through the messages of Mother in the world.

Mother already knew about mankind, Mother saw the weakness of mankind, Mother saw the sufferings due to sins, Mother saw all the people who do not have the eyes of faith, who do not believe in God. Mother is worried, Mother loves us infinitely. If we only know of God’s accomplishment, if we only know of God’s providence, if we accept, if we listen, if we obey, then in our lives we do not walk alone in the midst of the world while we are still alive, we do not bear the burden by ourselves, but we will have assistance in a special way in the divine realm as Mother had in the past.  So we receive the love of Mother; the earthly mother still finds this way and that way to love the children with her sacrifice, let alone our Mother; our Mother is the Mother acting on behalf of the human world; Mother is the Mother of the Second Person of God, with a virtuous life, a holy life, a life with all the details that Mother undertook, in Mother’s silent life of service – we cannot forget this, we cannot fail to know about this, we cannot fail to run to ask Mother to help us. Mother is a Person who received many graces which God, through Mother, gives to Mother, for Mother to give those graces, those gifts that Mother has, back to us in humanity.

So today the things that are evoked are the hearts, and all that could be done in the days when you see the tribulations happening – in the places, in the nations – the disruptions, the chaos.  This world is not a world as in the first day, not a world that knows repentance, not a world that recognizes and practices the things of God, but a world in which we are being shaken by all the human realities, by money, by fame, and allowing the evil spirits to have control over this generation today. Jesus is the Supreme Being who respects every individual, every soul; He remains with us but He does not force us to follow His way; He still wants us, the children, to see the life we live to have peace and happiness; He wants to give that to us and to our brothers and sisters.  Mother sees that, Mother is the Person whose role is to be our Mother, Mother sees that aching, Mother does not want anyone to end up in a world that does not belong to God, so Mother just wants us to recognize the things that God the Father bestowed to Mother from the beginning. Then there will be a woman and her seed will crush the snake’s head. Let us remember this. Jesus accomplished His feat by means of the grace of salvation and returned to the heavenly kingdom, but He is Present and He still remains with us in a divine way through His Body and Blood. God left certain things to Mother and empowered Mother, so Mother indeed did come to this world, Mother healed us, and Mother let us recognize the many miracles over the centuries, but the final act in the crushing of the snake’s head still has not been realized in the earthly world, thus the final hour in which we can have the intervention and the acceptance we are waiting for is this time period, the time period of the Omega that everyone must embrace. God established the time period for the Alpha and the Omega; the time period of the Alpha had passed, we are now waiting for the time period of the Omega, and that time period will come.  If there was a creation then there will be an ending, that is the law; so let us listen to the messages of Mother reminding us because there is only one way that is the fastest, a complete way for us to repent with all our hearts and with all our hearts in prostration so that by the power of God, we ask for His Divine Mercy to forgive our mistakes, that throughout so many years we have forgotten, have refused, and have offended God’s laws, offended God’s commandments.  So many people today have been enticed by the snares of sin.

The darkness is the devil in human disguise; it has raged in merciless crimes, in extremely horrendous acts that offend our God, so if we do not repent, if we continue to let our brothers and sisters remain weak in their faith, not recognizing God, not returning to the love because we have the opportunity to testify to these brothers, then they will be deeply engulfed in the flames burning them from the bodies to the souls in today’s world. The only thing that Mother wants in regard to the prostrations of the Six Kowtows to God is that they have much depth in life, so we definitely must understand the meaning that Mother wants.  Let us perform the things we must do for God the Father, let us manifest with all our souls and our hearts for Jesus; we have seen His works for which we must repent.  To God the Holy Spirit, we definitely must rely on His divine grace to protect us and to help us overcome and do the things that can be done in the earthly world. It is indeed a divine reminder for this to be given and the divine liveliness to be given to this world, in addition to the revelations, in addition to the things that we can see with the deeds coming to the world, with the liveliness allowed through His Body and Blood.

Let us evoke in our hearts the gratefulness that we cannot be without; we must prostrate, repent, through the redemption that Jesus redeemed us; we cannot look away and ignore; we cannot refuse that love because as humans – with a soul, with a heart, with depth in the soul, with God, with good things – we can choose.  Mother will remind us for this Sixth Kowtow, for this prayer along with the promise of God the Father to Mother for Her to use what He bestows to save us in the remaining days.  So let us offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother Mary, our Mother. This kowtow is a kowtow that many people today really question as to why we kowtow to God, why we kowtow to Mother; they have doubts, and they have their own tendencies.  We do know that Mother never wants us to kowtow to Her (1) – Mother wants us to lift up toward God in the salvation from God the Father through Jesus – the only Person to save us in this chaotic time period, the Person whom God the Father bestowed the power to but has not yet realized in this world in which we are present. This is something that is related to the extremely high importance of the remaining days of the end of the century so let us take a look, though we do not have many thoughts regarding the kowtow, but we must do this kowtow and we must do it with all our hearts and our souls, through the strong help from Mother whose role in helping us was allowed by God the Father and who is also the Person to take the place of all humanity in dealing with the remaining days of the end of the century.

So this kowtow is a kowtow that we must especially dedicate to Blessed Mother and pray to Mother; we must always have a grateful heart for Blessed Mother; we must always have a thankful heart because this is what Mother taught us. Mother wants us to absolutely return to God and we must prostrate, we must repent, by the heart, by receiving God with all our souls, all our hearts, to prostate before our God. We must do this and we definitely must unite with one another in this last era, because when the tribulations come and we do not have the time to have things realized through the Church, this is something that is most needed in people’s lives. We need to train right now for the prostration and the confirmation of our return to God, our prostration before God, and belonging to God. This is not something normal according to our view but what it gives us is the divine seal in the remaining days, the special seal that He gives to protect us, from our souls to our bodies, so that when we encounter the calamities with the difficulties in life, we definitely will receive the support and the help from the heavenly kingdom, from God the Father allowing the intervention from Mother, for us to have the support of the angels, with the saints in heaven to help us in the remaining days, with the tribulations concluding the century when we are still present on this earth. The new world will be reserved for the people whom God chooses to give the seals to, which is the prostration, the love that we practice, and, in the grace of salvation, forgiveness is given again through Jesus.

In our lives, when we prostrate to God, when we return to Him, we must separate from our sins, we must try to become virtuous people, we must stay away from all the bad thoughts in the mind, with all the inherent sins.  We can train; we can do it because we act in the power of God the Holy Spirit when we believe. There is nothing we cannot do but because we forget, we do not practice, and we do not collaborate, we do not see and we cannot do, but when we collaborate then we will see that we must definitely practice those critical things and we must definitely renounce. God will support us and help us realize these things.

The meaning of these Six Kowtows brings us peace and brings us the conviction of faith in God in the days we call upon His Name, in the moments we face sufferings, in the moments we face in the present.  These Six Kowtows also have a way of greatly changing the evil world that is controlling our bodies, our minds, in the things that we encounter. There are many things in which we are being controlled, but in all aspects, let us believe that no matter how accomplished people are, that no matter how the evil spirits have all kinds of ways to enable it to conquer with the naivete of humans, God is the Creator, God is the Almighty One, God is the tender Father, God is the Supreme Being who left history to the world; the things that exist in this world are created from His hands – He will not let us fall into the abyss, the creations whom He indeed loves and allows to remain till this day. So we need only one unique thing: we must listen, we must obey taking that final direction that will save us from our souls to our bodies. That is something we need to spread today. Let everyone with the meanings of the kowtows train every time we come to the church of God; after Mass, each of us with our personal feelings, use a way in the heart rather than outwardly, just like Mother reminded us that if we bow down outwardly but not from the soul then we will not be able to receive, because God will know our souls and our hearts. The kowtow is actually a kowtow in both the soul and the body, for us to have flexibility in the confirmation that we really choose only God, to return to God, to ask for His forgiveness, to respond to all the things that God did and bestowed upon mankind. In the end, people are still given the opportunity to be saved from their souls to their bodies and will see the mysteries that are very close and are the realities in this present life.  Let us give ourselves some time to recognize that when we kowtow to God with our hearts and with our souls – then our souls have something that really lies in our hearts to speak of the presence of God and His forgiveness.

Let us stay close to the revelations in the days that God bestowed upon this world through the Six Kowtows and through the reminders that He brings to every role, to every class, to every person in humanity in order to submit to and return to God as in the first world. Let us remember that in the first day when God came into the world, the first day when God chose and allowed Moses to see Him in the burning bush, He said: Moses, remove your shoes and kneel down. (2) That was the prostration mentioned by God to Moses right from the beginning; throughout many generations the prostration seems to have existed, right from the beginning. Time passed and there were many changes in the world because God allows us to do things to conform and to have the opportunity to come to Him with our hearts and souls, but the time of the remaining days has come, the time for the conclusion has come.  The time period for Omega, reminded through the Gospel, has been realized in this world; what was in the beginning will return in the final hour, thus we are able to encounter the blessings as never given before in the earthly world throughout many centuries and we are able to receive the great mysteries as never revealed before in this world.

So the beginning time period and the final time period will fully conclude in a day not far away; these things are related to the spiritual greatness of the mystery that God bestows upon us. Let us practice; let anyone who has ears, listen; eyes, see; hearts, feel and repent, for us to recognize the encounter that God allows. The prostration God bestows upon us is for us to be unburdened in the life of the soul, of the heart, in regard to God and in the experience that cannot be described but that in the divine realm we know is God’s Real Presence, for Him to support us in the moments of sufferings, in the moments we encounter the calamities, in a world in which every single person has to bear the cross in their lives. Let us believe in God, let us pray, let us entrust, and let us believe in the presence of God, always there when we call upon His Name; thus we meet God, to prostrate and to ask for all things, and when we pray, when we trust in Him, our hearts become stronger, more receptive.

Let us never forget that Mother Mary knew that and so Mother asked God to allow us to know in the remaining time, with the things that we can practice in this world; this is why we cannot be without Mother in life. It is impossible for us not to run to and ask Mother to intercede to God for us, to continue to help us, for us to become good people, to become virtuous people, to become holy people. It is impossible not to look at the example of Blessed Mother, for our lives to be accepted by God, to receive His forgiveness, and to have what God gives us the heavenly kingdom where He is waiting for us every day, every hour.  That is the truth that was revealed to us through the Holy Eucharist today, which people in this world have the opportunity to listen to. We still have the opportunity in that we still have all the saints. Let us look at their examples, for us to ask for their support, through the prayers, through the words asking them to help us pray, to help pray for our families, to help pray for the world, to help pray for the entire world today, so that everyone can recognize God, know God, return to God, and prostrate to God by the heart, by the body, by the mind, with the kowtows that we start to learn – to return with the prostration and to fully dedicate ourselves to our God.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank the grace of God. God gave me the opportunity to be with sister K. to speak about this, which is something that we completely did not plan beforehand, completely did not have the opportunity to bow down to worship God today. This morning God lets me take my time every time I sit up with my head bowed to kowtow to God, but God allows this in order to wait for sister K., who was active with all of God’s messages and served God night and day wholeheartedly; God wants to let sister K. directly listen, in a strong way, to the Six Kowtows. She is also the person who testified for God since the revelations of the Six Kowtows, so it is even more special that God lets sister K. and I hear more about the kowtows, with many things to experience in them, which every single person, every individual has the right to experience with the Six Kowtows, in order to speak to our God spiritually – in the heart, in repentance, in the practice, and in the things that we lift up to God. He will have a way to give to us spiritually, in an era that God said is full of blessings and graces in order to wait for today’s humanity. These are the things that more and more God manifests to us to help us clearly see our roles and our missions, for us to continue to testify, to continue to proclaim, to continue to practice the things that God teaches.

I, sister K. and all the brothers and sisters in the group, with silent days of works yet we still continue, increasingly confirmed in the spiritual life because God is still present to train us and to guide us to be the witnesses for the brothers and sisters in the entire world in the remaining days of the end of the century. In regards to this blessing we do not know how to express our gratefulness; we only know to act on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the entire world, for the people who are listening, the people who do not yet know whom we are praying for so that they ask God to open their hearts, to ask God to give them the opportunity for them to open their ears to listen and to embrace. If we receive and are able to see with the eyes in a life of faith then it will be full of riches, full of opportunities for us to return to receive more of God’s blessings in the present days and in the remaining days in each of our lives.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, L. and sister K. offer to God the Six Kowtows, with the meanings from God the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and guidance, for us to have a profound experience regarding the Six Kowtows. We completed this message at exactly 1:13 on Tuesday, January 27, 2015, at home, where I and sister K. completed the Six Kowtows, entering more profoundly into the words guided by God the Holy Spirit in the meanings because we have the opportunity to daily prostrate before the holy altar to worship our God.  For those who do not yet know, the diseased people, the sick people: if they concur and they truly believe in these things that are true, then we are the people who can act on their behalf to help our brothers recognize God, to have God’s intervention and to return to God.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, Amen, Amen, Amen. I never forget to thank Mother for being present. I know that everything I do and the things that we realize always have Mother’s support and intercession, for me, for my sisters. I thank Mother and I cannot forget God the Holy Spirit, helping me complete every word, every sentence, for the mission that God assigns to me. Please continue to guide me, continue to guide my sisters, and continue to give us the strength, from our minds to our bodies, for us to continue in our roles, to testify for Jesus through the Holy Eucharist with the revelations from Mother to our human world. One more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, Amen, Amen, Amen.

The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. In God’s design, we always kowtow to Her in the Sixth Kowtow in veneration (not adoration). Before doing so, we thank God the Father for Her and ask His permission to kowtow to Her.
  2. Though the Scriptures are inspired, inerrant, infallible, and have historicity, the Bible is not to be considered a 100% complete, scientific account of events and words (summaries and literary forms are employed, and translations cannot be perfect); it is possible that there can be small variances or discrepancies, but discrepancies are not the same as contradictions. Therefore, it is possible that these words were said by God but not recorded as such in the Bible.


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