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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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    The Graces from the Holy Spirit



This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

October 25, 2015


L.: O God, it is 7:06 p.m. on Sunday October 25, 2015 (1), at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar and the Cross. We are facing in the direction of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, near the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus, which is also the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Today, after returning from the Charismatic retreat, we have the opportunity to attend Holy Mass this evening that is also the first day of the final week of the Month of the Rosary.  We were sorry for not being able to have the procession for Mother because of the rain, but it was because of the rain that we came back to this place, where weekly we kneel before the altar of God and the Cross to offer the Six Kowtows (2).


First of all, I thank the grace of God for today; in the last three days we have received many graces from God the Holy Spirit, which seemed to rekindle the flame in our lives; the flame we receive from God the Holy Spirit brings joyful praise to the brothers and sisters in the quiet days at this place. In the past three days of retreat, there were many matters we faced, with the works that as the pioneers we are responsible to proclaim and testify to. There is much we must be determined to do, like challenging ourselves when we are in the midst of crowded places, meeting the people we are acquainted with, especially with the brothers and sisters who speak the same language (3). This is an opportunity for us to act with heart and feelings when we kneel before the Holy Eucharist of God; we do not know what is happening to us but we cannot keep quiet with all the works God does, giving us the opportunity – the opportunity to recognize what God is doing in every single one of us, starting with the day we received God’s grace – for every single one of us in a particular way, and for each person in their own assigned mission.


Today we have the opportunity to speak of the deeds God does, the graces God gives; we are able to receive graces that do not belong to us but that are from God, who gives so that we recognize His presence in power, which we already had the opportunity to testify for God; one person testifies to all the meanings of the Six Kowtows, another person testifies to the words and songs – we are neither musicians nor talented people who can compose, but by the grace of God, by receiving from God, from the love in our hearts, we were able to write the confided words to lift up in the songs offered to God with our hearts; the hearts and the feelings to be shared with all the brothers and sisters.  O God, this is something we were able to do in the past days – all the while we greatly longed for God the Holy Spirit to come closer, so that we feel the acuity of the Holy Spirit in us more, so that the flame that was kindled by God the Holy Spirit, which is burning, burns brighter in a life with belief, with faith, with our determination to be touched, so that we feel the presence of God, so that we listen and are sensitive to the Spirit of God. Today, there is nothing that can be compared to the feelings we experience daily when we lift up the Six Kowtows to God.


Today, we offer to God the First Kowtow. O God the Father, first of all, we cannot forget the daily words (4) we lift up to Father, with a reverent heart, with a worshipping heart, with a praising heart, to glorify our God – a singular God who gave us hope, who gave us this present life, who gave us everything we had and have. Today, we are still alive, we still exist in this world, we still can go to places, we still can see the brothers and sisters around us, we can see what we have today; let us not fall into sins, let us not fall into the sinful acts that people tend to commit and stumble upon in this life. Nevertheless, we are still humans, we still have weaknesses and imperfections, yet we are not criminals with horrifying and repulsive sentences in this life.  Because of the immorality and in the chaos of today’s world, many bad things happened, are happening and are in our midst, so let us not fall prey to and be submerged in the vicious cycles of life, which entice us with temptations and prompt us to commit sinful acts, leading both body and soul to sentences.


O God – God loves us so that we recognize His love, so we must thank God, we must prostrate more before God, and we must remember more, and be more grateful to God who allowed us to be His children. It is God, working in silence, who always protects us, whether we are aware or not; daily we receive the graces and the protection of a God – a God full of love, a God generous in Divine Mercy, a God who is meticulous and concerned for His children because we are His children.  With the First Kowtow there are so many aspects that we cannot say them all from our hearts, so we only know to kowtow to God; we thank God’s grace, we know that the first prostration we offer in these Six Kowtows is to a God who is greatly revered, but that for many years in our lives, it was not easy for us to understand, for us to know, for us to say the words that need to be said to Him. For that reason, today, we feel even happier to act on behalf of our families, on behalf of the world, on behalf of those who do not yet know, who do not yet believe in God, and on behalf of the sinners who live in immorality, who live a life offending and rebelling.  Everything that is in the midst of today’s world includes a lot of realities that are not just for individuals; there are also many events that happened and are happening to the lives of those chosen in the roles in which God uses them to bring His words to the world. In all of these realities, our imperfections are our inabilities to recognize so that we can lift up to God the Father, to a God whose throne is the first, to our God – to whom today nothing else can be said besides our gratitude, our thanksgiving, our praise, through the First Kowtow that we offer to God the Father.


I offer to Jesus the Second Kowtow. O Jesus, as we offer the First Kowtow, we know that God the Father sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, for us to worship today – to know Him, to recognize His truth, to listen to the voice, to understand the significance of having Jesus. Jesus died for us; He came into this world, and He took upon Himself the human condition to live among men. History was left to us, with that fact, which progressed in the midst of the world so that we may learn about the history of a God who humbled Himself to become a human being, who entered into the Passion so that today we may know and call upon His Name, which is Jesus Christ.  When it comes to the name Jesus, there is no one who does not know His accomplishments and there is no one who does not know that He is the Savior, that He is the Redeemer (5). He came to give us hope and light; He lived and lives, and today is still with us, with this echoing voice, with words from the heart, said from the heart; we cannot deny the gratitude, the words to be lifted up with reverence and in the Name of Jesus Christ.  He is in the midst of the world so that through Him, with Him, for Him, and in Him, we are able to exist in a world full of grace. It is from Him that we have hope, and it is from Him that today we are clearly aware of our duties, lifting up to God the Second Kowtow – with the prostration – to recognize all that was given in the doctrine that Jesus, the only Son of God the Father, gave to the earthly world.


With the Second Kowtow, I would like to act on behalf of all the brothers and sisters all over the world – for those who do not know, who do not believe; those who knew, who believed, and who are living a sinful life. They do not recognize the graces, they do not recognize God’s Divine Mercy, they do not recognize the salvation that today needs a resounding voice (6) to bring to the world the lively reminders for people to return. With a grateful heart, with a thankful heart, we offer to Jesus the Second Kowtow; in gratitude for the love bestowed by God, in gratitude for His Presence among us, for the abundant graces in the next kowtows that Jesus bestows upon us in this world, so that we are able to speak up, to practice with feeling – by the heart, by the prostration – to lift up to God the words offered to Him with the meanings of the Six Kowtows.

O God the Holy Spirit, we would like to thank You for Your grace with the Third Kowtow; we would like to lift this up to God in the Holy Name of the Trinity. We are able to know about the mystery of the Trinity, to whom we already offered the First Kowtow and the Second Kowtow; and with the Third Kowtow, we offer to God the Holy Spirit. We have received the grace of God the Holy Spirit the last few days; we were immersed in God the Holy Spirit – with the flame lit up and burning – which today was returned to us with the source of graces – despite our indifference throughout the months and the years. We are excited, joyful and happy when we have Him; He is always beside us, He is always the joy, He is always the hope, He is always the love, the life, the light of our souls.  Perhaps with the many distractions and many other things, many times in life, when we are not lucid, when we are not really calm, when we do not have peace, we cannot hear the voice of God the Holy Spirit.

Today, we have the opportunity to listen to everything Jesus taught us; at the same time, we are able to see all aspects to be dealt with, for which God is leading us to experience the arduous ordeals in life, the challenges in life with our own mission, when we meet and face all the brothers and sisters, people in all the classes.  There are many brothers and sisters who are with us, in order for them to be able to see, and there is much we need to sacrifice with patience in order to obtain the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that we learn about a life of practice: for us to pray, for us to sacrifice, for us to be patient. We can learn much from those Seven Gifts that teach us the basics of life, so that we understand what we need to have, what we need to give up – between right and wrong, between good and evil.  There are many good things the Holy Spirit taught us and is always teaching us and He leads us to the places where we have the opportunity to witness for God, to speak with the voice of truth with heart, to let our hearts meet God – through the Holy Spirit’s guidance and enlightenment.

There are so many elements inherent in happiness that we have neglected; today, we cannot fail to recognize them because in the moments we praise God, glorify God – immersed in the graces of the Holy Spirit, submerged in the fire of the Holy Spirit – we are filled with overflowing happiness and peace. We cannot avoid inherent realities that burden the body, the soul, so let us entrust so that the Holy Spirit removes all of that so that we become wiser, become more knowledgeable, become more diligent, become more advanced in life.  When we have the Holy Spirit, let us never forget the words to thank Him, let us not let things pass by and become a habit. Please, always remind us, give us the opportunity to recognize You; please be with us and help us, so that we are sharp to recognize You in our lives every day – every second, every minute – when working, when practicing, when encountering; and also in regard to anything else, please intervene and be with us so that we can receive Your teachings, and be able to always do everything.

God is the Person who arranges for us beforehand, and we follow with the Holy Will and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We do not know what else to say, apart from words of thanksgiving, of praise on behalf of the brothers and sisters who know and those who do not yet know, so that we learn to live a life immersed in the Holy Spirit, happy in the Holy Spirit, listening to the teachings from the Holy Spirit. That is the Third Kowtow that today we would like to offer to God the Holy Spirit; we greatly need Him and we always need Him because He is Love, He is hope, the light guiding our path. Let us be immersed in Him and ask Him to forever belong to us, to remain with us, to protect us, so that we are happy and live with blessings, like the things that God the Holy Spirit taught us and bestowed upon us in the midst of this life. No matter what and under any circumstances, we would like to live according to the guidance so that we always walk in goodness, in patience, in holiness, in the graces from the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, teaching us.

We would like to offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ that we receive, especially today, at the end of the month of the Rosary. In the past days of the retreat, we attended Holy Mass daily, we received Him into our hearts as we received His Eucharist. We thank Him for having sheltered us, protected us, guided us – for giving us the spiritual gifts unknown to us, for protecting us when we encounter accidents, disasters. There are many stories we are able to hear that are true; we encountered and fell into a situation we realized was really bad, but in the end we were able to completely avoid the terrible mishaps. That is something we cannot deny: that the Body and Blood of Christ is in us; these are divine acts that God is still doing, whether we know it or not. So we ask God to help us recognize the meaning of the Body and Blood of Christ, a very important thing that our Christian life greatly needs; especially for those who have already received baptism, who have already received the Body and Blood of Christ through the Sacrament of the First Holy Communion. It is also very important when we are pure, when we fully understand the meaning of the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that we welcome God with heart, with a complete heart, with true love, without any stains in our souls and in our hearts.

We can feel that spirituality very close – that God has given and is giving; God is meeting us each day, God is in us, and God always protects us to help us overcome everything. We know that in a spiritual life there still are many issues in the soul; only God is the Person who can clearly understand our hearts, understand all that we need and want. That is not something that just happens naturally; we already received the grace through the Body and Blood that God gave and is giving to us; so many times, with so many things in life, we cannot refuse and always say thanks – because of God’s humility, a singular humility; because of His love for us that He is in us, with us, through the Holy Eucharist, through His Body and Blood, so that we receive Him into our hearts, have Him present in us.

Whether we know it or not, He still wants to love us, to be near us and to bring that love to protect us and to lead us in the midst of this life, in the midst of sufferings and illnesses and many challenges and ordeals in life. God always loves and embraces us when we recognize the meaning of the Body and Blood of Christ. Today we cannot deny the words of thanksgiving, of praise, of gratitude to a God – a mighty God, a God who is hidden in the Holy Eucharist, a humble God, a God who lowers Himself, a God close to us and who gives us everything out of love and His forgiveness. Today we directly receive His Divine Mercy, the source of a new life for us, to give us hope when we are the sinners in the world.

O God, we would like to bow our heads in worship to God with the Fifth Kowtow.  We would like to offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of God; when we gaze with veneration at the Cross, we contemplate Him. Perhaps that has become a routine until now in our lives, but the Cross that we are looking at, that we are contemplating, that we have the opportunity to bow and prostrate to, is indeed a vivid Cross, a reminder to each of our souls, to the inner life of the soul, in the depths of the heart, like a voice echoing. Because God loves us, today He is waiting for us on the Cross, the Cross that conquered death, that brought us back from the darkness of sin, through the glorious triumph of God’s Resurrection.  Whenever we look at the Cross, it is a meaningful reminder for our lives today – we are walking in the midst of this life, we can still choose a path, we still have the opportunity to attend Mass, to gaze upon the Cross, to visit the places that we have the opportunity to visit because God died for us so that we may live an abundant life, a happy life, a peaceful life.

Today how many people could grasp the meaning when we look at the Cross? We forget about the five marks, the Five Holy Wounds with which God reserved and exchanged for us the imprint of love to protect our souls, and which is also a guarantee, like a precious thing, so that we can retain it in the soul when we face countless challenges in the human world – in the lures, in the depravations, in the mistakes. We have denied God’s love countless times, so today, O God, we are being reminded that that Cross was not a normal Cross as seen by the human eye but was a Cross that brought us out of the darkness and back to the light, a Cross that saved our souls, a Cross that took us back to God’s light from sins, a Cross on which Jesus endured tortures because of our sins, because of the sins of each of our souls and our bodies. Today we cannot look at the Cross in a cold and indifferent way, we cannot deny the Cross of God, and we cannot be stubborn and hardened in the ordinary and shortsighted human point-of-view.  Let us look at what we are able to receive, from love, from the grace of salvation, from the Divine Mercy, and from the forgiveness of a God; because of mankind, He endured all the blows, the scourging and the marks of the nails – piercing His Heart.

The Five Holy Wounds are a proof of love; we have the marks imprinted in our souls and bodies (7) so that we never forget – in spite of the days of indifference, the days of committing sins, the days that, indeed, we are unworthy and weak in the flesh, with nothing to link us, to ask God – but by the price of Jesus’ Blood, the Five Holy Wounds forever become the love we rely on, at this moment and until the final moment. So this is an opportunity for us to recognize the significance of the mark God gave us so that we can soon return so that that mark is officially recognized, and so that we understand the meaning of gratitude and thanksgiving. In our lives, let us look at the Cross to follow Jesus, to annihilate ourselves and die to ourselves to be the followers of Jesus, who died for us.

Everything has meaning in life when we experience the love of God through the Cross, when we recognize the Cross in our lives, through periods of sufferings – against our wishes, with many ordeals, with physical and spiritual sickness – so that we do not feel lonely in this life, do not feel lonely when people leave us, when people no longer respect and love us, because in the Cross we still have hope. The mark of Jesus Christ never leaves us, forever and ever, so that is the transformation when we hope, when we seek, when we are aware, so that we live again with a life that we neglected and ignored. God reminds us that the love and the mark (8) will lead us to a place where we can prepare ourselves to be worthy to enter into the eternal place that God exchanged for us through the Five Holy Wounds.

We offer countless thanksgivings, praises, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters around the world – those who already know, those who do not yet believe, those who believe, those who oppose, those who practice, those who seek, and those who recognize the significance of the Five Holy Wounds. Today we also act on behalf of the sinners – those who are still stubborn, who are living an immoral life and with many issues that challenge and offend God. God, please give them the opportunity to recognize the meaning of the Fifth Kowtow, the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, the meaning of the mark still imprinted in the soul; to return to God with a contrite heart – through the prostration – for us to ask for mercy, to receive, to be saved in the present time, in the days of tribulation, in the remaining days of the end of the century. And in the many stages in our lives, thanks to the Five Holy Wounds, we have the opportunity to be transformed, to return, and to have God welcome us in the end of the final hour of our lives.

With the Sixth Kowtow, O God the Father, I thank the grace of God the Father because God chose for us a Mother, a Mother for whom today we cannot forget to lift up to God with heart, with a kowtow done with a reverent heart, reserved for Mother Mary and the Immaculate Heart of Mother, because Mother is the Person who takes the place of all the children in humanity, to embody perfection before God the Father. Mother taught us so much, Mother is present and Mother continues to help us in this way and in that way. Mother appears at one place and at another place; Mother always helps us and reminds us to repent and return to God. The Mother we know is indeed Mother of the Holy Eucharist, Mother of The Divine Mercy [Jesus], Mother of the Heart of Love, Mother of the Church, Mother of each of us, Mother of Perpetual Help; especially this year’s jubilee mentions about the icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help (9).

Many times Mother helped the children around the world; Mother helped many nations; Mother still quietly helps each person whenever they run to Mother – even though they are sinners, even though they are unworthy, even though they are no good in life and in society, but today the answer is there.  According to God’s love, according to Mother’s benevolent Heart, nothing is impossible when we run to Mother; when Mother helps us then certainly what is the worst will become the best, and for matters that cannot be, Mother will help so that we become perfect before God.  So when in need we come to Mother with heart, with soul, with collaboration; then surely what is evil will become good and what is unknown will become known, in an abundant, grateful way, in a way we cannot imagine could happen, as in the stories, in the problems that we know, such as when Mother lovingly brought back certain sinners, people who could be removed from society, and they became useful. There have been many stories in today’s world about Mother’s help; Mother worked quietly and led sinners back – that is the reason why today we cannot deny the works Mother does. Whoever comes to Mother never returns empty-handed.

Mother always leads us closer to God; Mother always looks for ways to help us see that God loves us and from that love for us to receive and to return, through Mother’s help and training. O Mother, we cannot be without Mother in life, in all the daily works we do; with the meaning of the Six Kowtows, today we bow our heads and we are able to lift up the way we feel by the heart – all these graces are not from our own doing but from Mother’s Spouse, the Holy Spirit.  Mother already knew about that tight collaboration; Mother is filled with the Holy Spirit, and as Mother leads us we can receive the Holy Spirit as well – with Mother’s teachings we can accomplish normal deeds but they will become extraordinary and amazing because Mother saved and helped us.

O Mother, as long as we live in this life, there still are countless pitfalls, countless wrongdoings, countless challenges; we cannot be without Mother in our lives. Mother, please help us; O Mother of Perpetual Help, please save and help me. O Queen of Heaven, please intervene for our world, please intervene for this present world, please intervene for each family, each country, each individual to return, to learn about meekness and humility from Mother, to learn from Mother how to have absolute trust in God, to learn from Mother the word “Fiat” so that we can officially become the children God wants to see; God longs to see our obedience, our trust in Him, our entrustment in Him. We learn a lot of things from Mother in benevolence; we only have Mother as our example, the one and only Person to help us, to teach us and to lead us closer to God.

We do not know what else to say; there are many important graces in the Six Kowtows we received in the past months; even today, we continue to grow closer to the meanings of the Six Kowtows – especially with the Sixth Kowtow that we lift up to Mother with a grateful heart. Mother, please continue to teach us, continue to lead us; let us learn from You; we cannot be without Mother in our lives, so that we can be perfect and worthy before God’s grace, before Love and His Divine Mercy; and the benevolence of God is always full of love. We depend on Mother; with Mother, help us overcome the challenges of life – the tribulations, the sufferings, the sicknesses – so that we are worthy, in both soul and body, in the last remaining days of life, in the Holy Name of the God in whom we trust and in Mother’s deep love for every single one of us humans.

We cannot forget to thank St. Joseph who is the patron whom the Church chooses; He always intercedes silently with God for our human race, especially for the Church. When each of us seeks and come to Him, no one returns empty-handed – that is something we received and still receive in today’s world.  I also ask Him to continue to intercede with God for us, to continue to intercede for our Church, to intercede for each family to follow the example of the Holy Family, to intercede for the men, for the heads of the household to be responsible, to live in righteousness, to trust in God.

We cannot forget to thank the heavenly kingdom; though we cannot see, we do believe God is in our midst. The angels and the saints always support and intercede with God for us, in a special way; at this place, we have seen the light of the angels, we have seen a multitude of angels (10) who are always here at this place. There are many wonderful things we are able to contemplate; that is the truth that today we respectfully offer and lift up through the Six Kowtows; please continue to intercede and to help us.  We also ask the angels St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel to protect our Church, each one of us, each of our parishes, each of our cathedrals, so that the evil spirits will not attack the parishioners, the priests, the good deeds of each parish that always bring the Word of God to the world, bring the Word of God to the parishioners, to people like us.

At this moment, I lift up boundless thanks to God, boundless thanks to God’s blessings and His graces, through the saints’ and the angels’ intercessions to God for us. Please help us in life, to trust, to entrust, to always worship a single God, to cherish a kingdom that we have in the midst of this world – with faith, with belief in knowing God; please help us learn from His teachings, help us practice the commandments God teaches, so that we have an abundant life in faith: to have a life facing reality while we are still alive on earth and not waiting for the day we die. This is given in our earthly world while we are still alive for us to contemplate happiness, with what God gave and gives.

At this moment, I offer thousands of thanks to God, thousands of thanks for what God gives, for the graces through the saints’ and the angels’ intercessions to God for us. Please help us to trust, to entrust, to always worship one unique God, to treasure the kingdom that we have here on earth, with faith, with belief in God; please help us learn from God’s doctrine, to practice the commandments He taught, so that we have an abundant life in faith, with the heavenly world in our midst, through the saints, through the angels who always support and intercede with God for us. Please help us to rise up, to step out of the encirclement of the darkness, the encirclement of the ego and bad habits, the encirclement of sins and crimes, because we do not follow the teachings and we do not believe in God who rescues us, who saves us, who bestows upon us – meticulously – upon every single soul, upon everyone who becomes His child, through baptism.

We receive so much from the Church as well as the laws of a God – through His Church. All this is even more abundant when we spend a life in faith, when we recognize what we already have, and learn more through the Word of God, so that we can be calm, be wise – to embrace the peace from God, who gives to those who run to Him; to have a bolder life, to not fear in this life. There are many things happening to us but God is the source of light, God is the source of life, God is the source of hope, and God is everything in our lives, with nothing that cannot be done. Let us believe in God, let us seek to come to God, let us knock on the doors, asking God to open every soul, every heart, so that every single one of us is able to step over the threshold where God awaits us.

Today we lift up to God in a special way through the meanings of the Six Kowtows. After we came back from the three-day Charismatic retreat, we still have many matters to deal with when we face the truth, when it is not as our hearts desire. However, we cannot let those unfortunate matters slow us down on our path of testimony; on the contrary we must proceed faster, farther, and even deeper in the understanding of the meanings of the Six Kowtows. The Six Kowtows were revealed to this world to bring people back – to come closer to God, by their souls, by their hearts, by the prostration, spiritually and physically. We bow our heads to prostrate, to offer to God what is in our souls; the matters we need to lift up, the things we need to say to God, the prayers, the meditations, the words of repentance before our God, through the Six Kowtows. We are able to receive and understand more by entering deeper into its meanings like a key that opens the door in the days of tribulations, that opens the door to the next setting, that opens the door in the days we struggle to overcome, in the days of the purification, in the days of changes, and the days to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus (11).

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, in today’s spirit, we offer the Six Kowtows to God. Today is also a day to pray especially for the clergy, to pray especially for the vocation of priesthood. God, please help us with these Six Kowtows, the Six Kowtows reserved especially for the meaning with which we are praying for the clergy, for the people in the high ranks of the Church – the Pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the clergy, all the sheep of God – so that they are able to live a life recognizing God, with faith in God; with a life practicing charity, sacrifice; with the commandments that we need to keep. Let us keep faith, hope and charity, so that we act and really live in the faith that we need to have when we know God, when we recognize God, when we recognize the love and the salvation from Jesus who brought us life, hope, graces in this world – for us, for our families, for individuals, and for the entire world.

Now, I would like to conclude the meanings of the Six Kowtows; it is exactly 7:47 p.m. on Sunday, October 25, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, at the altar and the Cross, where we are lifting up to God, facing the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  We are present in the church, facing the altar this evening after everyone left. The Holy Mass ended at 6 p.m. but we stayed back; in that quietness, in that silence, we pray to God on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the entire world, especially on behalf of the people who do not yet know, especially for the people at this parish, for them to pay more attention, to come closer to the graces of God and to the teachings from the revelations received here at St. Theresa’s, the first parish to receive the reminders from Mother for us to pray for the sinners and to pray for those who are on their way back.  God, please, have mercy and help my brothers and sisters to listen and to know these meanings so that they practice and return to God, with heart, with soul, with the prostration, truly from their souls, from their hearts, lifting up to God. God, please accept, bless us, help us recognize in the spirit of our ongoing testimony, especially for the brothers and sisters who are called to a life of service in the past days, and for the people who receive, in order for them to feel the closeness; to embrace with heart and soul the encounter with God, to embrace their frail condition in the days of repentance.  L. completes this message at 7:49 p.m. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. This was the date of the annual celebration of “Priesthood Sunday” in many parishes in the United States; a day sponsored by Serra International that is devoted to prayer for priests – and to pray, invite, encourage and affirm priestly vocations.
  2. Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014, on the website below.
  3. is Vietnamese American.
  4. In offering up each kowtow, one prays from the heart to the Person being honored – in praise, petition and general prayer. In practice, each kowtow can, but does not have to, take some time since so much praise and thanksgiving is due to God and Mary, and since there are so many prayer intentions today.
  5. That is, those who know of Jesus know that He is thought to be the Savior, the Redeemer.
  6. These messages
  7. This refers to a mark of redemption, not salvation, that is imparted to every soul by reason of the Passion and Death of Jesus; His Five Holy Wounds.
  8. This mark or seal is different from that in footnote 7; it is “the seal” mentioned in Revelation 7:2-3. The promise, revealed earlier to L. (see the messages of September 3, 2014: “I Want You to Spread the Six Kowtows” and November 1, 2013: “Receive the Seal from God”), is that those who practice the Six Kowtows will receive this seal, is detailed here. To receive this seal ultimately means salvation to all who receive it, and for those who survive “the great tribulation” (Rev. 7:14) to come, it will also make it possible for one to enter into the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima: “a place where we can prepare ourselves,” as the message says, for heaven while here on earth.
  9. This does not refer to the Jubilee of Mercy, but to the Jubilee of the 150th year of the Congregation of Redemptorists being given custodianship of the famous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help by Blessed Pius IX on December 11, 1865. Pope Francis has granted a plenary indulgence for this occasion.
  10. These are not visions, but as L. captures images on her phone’s camera, streaks of light, etc. show up and these are angels. Luminous Eucharistic Hosts are in practically every image, which makes sense since the messages focus on the Eucharist, Divine Mercy and the times in which we are living. Some of these images are on the website below.
  11. This is not imminent. But preparation will start soon as the events in the Book of Revelation continue to unfold (the unprecedented weather, for example, is already wreaking havoc around the world). When the terrible events are over the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima will begin; this era will be a great time of preparation.

 New Revelations through the Eucharist


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