The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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                 The King of Mercy



The King of Mercy

November 22, 2015 – Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows. (1)

L.: O God, it is 6:23 p.m. on Sunday, November 22, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar and the Cross. Today, on behalf of all the brothers and the sisters all over the world, especially for those at this parish, my family, my loved ones, we kowtow before Jesus, the King of the Universe and we reverently remember God’s Love for humanity. The Church reminds us that today is the final Sunday in Ordinary Time; we are entering the Advent Season. Today is also the day the Church chooses to worship a God who is the King of the Universe, the King of each soul, the King of love, the King of justice, the King of truth, and the King above all kings.  Today, we have the opportunity to listen to the words from the priests, and the Church especially emphasizes that Jesus is the Person who came into the world, that He is a King – a silent King, a glorious King, and a King triumphant over the entire world.

Today, first of all, we have this kowtow of God the Father. O God, I offer this First Kowtow to God the Father; God chose an only Son to come into this world; He anointed the One whom today we celebrate – the King of the Universe. Everything we have today, corporal and spiritual, was exchanged at the price of His Blood, for us to have a happy and peaceful life in the world, thanks to the love and the permission from Father for this to be realized. Today, we officially have a King of the Universe in our lives, in our world; the universe has a righteous King, a King of the truth, a King of love, a King full of mercy, a King who brought us from the darkness back to the light through His death, resurrection and glory.

All the deeds Jesus accomplished were entirely given to Him by God the Father. (2) The Heart of God the Father is always present in Jesus and in the midst of humanity; we officially recognize this love today. This is something to remind us in our lives – that we have a just King, a righteous King, a King full of love and mercy. Today everything revealed is only a portion in the things described, through the small words of the people on earth, in our limitations and hollowness.  There is nothing that can further describe the words that Father said, which exceed a hundredfold the praises that we lift up in our acclamation of the King of the Universe, in whom and with whom the love of God the Father is present forever and ever.

Today with this First Kowtow, we thank the love that God reserves for us. In our duty as children, as the sheep of God, as the people who receive the graces and blessings, who are living in the present time, we must never refuse what we need to do, which is to worship Father, to revere Father, to glorify Father, to praise and forever be grateful for the love Father reserves for humanity in general and for every individual in particular. Father unreservedly gave to the world a King whose feast day we celebrate today, which is also the final Sunday in Ordinary Time as reminded by the Church.  With everything that is inherent in us – that we need to have and that we need to do – these are the words we lift up to Father today; Father, countless words cannot describe the love Father reserves for humanity in general and for us in particular (3), and for all the abundant graces Father bestows upon us. Today we only know to bow our heads to worship Father, with praises in our daily life of service, with words of gratitude, of thanksgiving, of repentance, to our God. Please forgive our unintentional and deliberate acts; please forgive our indifference in regard to certain things and for not fully understanding the love, the benevolence and the mercy that Father still gives us today.

Today, we recognize the meaning of the kowtow that we offer to Father with heart, with mind, with soul and body, in prostration before the altar, before the Cross, with belief in the presence of God who is in our midst in this world. That is our belief, trusting in Father; Father, please grant the flame in our souls to continue to burn by a life of faith, by deeds, by the blessings we receive daily from Father in this present era.  Today, we cannot forget the daily, sublime graces that Father reserves in general for humanity and in particular for us; this world cannot be without them. That is right, we cannot be without Father’s graces, we cannot be without the blessings that Father continues to pour down upon us. There are not enough words to express our gratitude and our praise, so let us bow our heads, with heart, on behalf of the multitude, on behalf of the people who do not yet know, the people who do not yet believe, the people who are living in sins, the people who are living in immorality, and also on behalf of the people who do not fully believe, and all those who have roles and responsibilities in a life of service.

Father, please have mercy on us and forgive us; our world still has too many weaknesses, too many sins, so we ask Father to please continue to give us the opportunity, to be patient with us, so that we return fully – with heart, with soul – in perfect prostration, to worship the one and only God, to prostrate to the one and only God, a God worthy of our worship, whom we must worship, who is forever the one and only God: a God of love, a God full of mercy, a God full of might, and a God who is coming – who will come, and forever will be in our midst, when we truly return with heart and soul. That presence is already in each of our lives; please allow us to feel it in the present days and months for us to return soon, to repent, to be worthy to be the children of Father, and to soon be able to accomplish the mission in each person’s destiny in the world. Do not let it be too late; justice will come to each of us, to each soul. Father, please have mercy and continue to help humanity recognize Father, to know Father, and to return to Father.

O Jesus, I offer to You the Second Kowtow. Today, the Church reminds us, choosing Jesus as the King: the King of love; the King of mercy; the King of life; the King of hope; the King of love; the King of justice, of righteousness, and of truth – the only King who brings us harmony and peace in the entire world.  O Father, we thank the grace of Father’s Love; through the First Person and the Second Person, we have nothing left to deny, and nothing left to disbelieve the deeds that Father accomplished and is accomplishing. The power of Father covers all humanity and today it opens up the eyes of all the children over the entire world, for the little descendants in this present time to recognize and experience the Divinity in the midst of this human world, which is very close to us so that we can understand the meaning when we lift up to Father with the word “Jesus.” That was His Name when He came into the world over 2,000 years ago, a Name that no one can deny; it was He Himself who entered into the Passion to bring glorious triumph to the human race; the price of His Blood saved a multitude in the world, with the sinful days – today, tomorrow, and in future days.

Please help us to open the eyes of faith, to open our hearts, our souls and our ears to listen to what Father gives to the world. This is something unique; we cannot deny this everlasting truth, a truth from the heavenly kingdom, a truth that people must learn, must hear, and must practice, an everlasting truth for our present life and future life.  Please help us listen for us to return after the days and the months living in sins, after the days and the months succumbing to temptations, after the days and the months of living a self-indulgent life, after the days and the months neglecting the blessings that Father bestowed upon us.  It is time for mankind to end the stubbornness; it is time for mankind to renounce to everything that belongs to the human limitations, the weaknesses, and the shortsighted point-of-view – to face reality, to face a mighty God.

In this present time, there is no other place we can entrust ourselves, there is no other place for us to ask for help; there is only one thing left for us to do in these days, with our hearts, our beliefs, our practices: to come to Him, with Him, to ask Him to forgive us, to ask Him to save us, to believe in His salvation, to believe in His redemption, for us to be able to live, to exist – today, tomorrow, and for our souls as well. God, please have mercy on us, please continue to sanctify us and transform us, for us to recognize God, to believe in God, to live as God taught through the doctrine that leads us into a haven of harmony, of happiness, and of peace, which mankind needs today. O Father, Father healed countless people, Father healed countless souls, Father gave me life; in faith we have that evidence, with the Real Presence.

Father, please open the eyes of faith for mankind to be able to see the width, the length, and the depth of the Heart of Love that Father reserves for humanity. Today the Church reminds us that that King cannot be ignored in our lives; only that King is a perfect King, a King with supremacy, a King with power, a worthy King, a King whose infinite love each person must embrace; and we must be worthy to receive that King into our souls. That King rules over our world, our nation, and our lives; we need to have an eternal truth, to physically and mentally follow a unique doctrine in this life and in the afterlife. That is (4) the King of the Universe; it was Jesus who triumphed over death, Jesus who brought triumphant glory, Jesus who brought love to mankind, Jesus who brought the light to mankind, Jesus who brought hope to mankind, and Jesus who perfectly won peace, joy and eternal life.

We lift up countless words of thanksgiving, of praise, to the Second Person of God. Today, along with the Church, along with all the children everywhere, we celebrate the day we choose Jesus to be the King of the Universe, the King whom each soul is waiting for, whom each soul is longing for, whom each soul needs to know and to embrace. That is the joy and the peace that every nation, every person, every family needs to pray for – to receive Him as the King of the family, as the King of the soul, as the King of love, as the King of each individual, as the King of each nation, and as the King of the entire world.

We offer to God the Holy Spirit the Third Kowtow; because of Him today these words are taught in the Holy Spirit, to address God the Father and Jesus. We cannot deny the mystery that the Holy Trinity gave to us; what we know, what we hear, what we realize are from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who teaches us directly in our souls, our hearts, and our minds (5). For the closeness that we have today we thank the grace that God pours down upon humanity through God the Holy Spirit; the role of the Holy Spirit is to love, to always remain with us, to always help us on the path of holiness.

God the Holy Spirit is, indeed, truly rich. He teaches the world today; He taught the first world, He taught every single generation in the past, and He is still with us until this generation. All the best things come from Him and that teaching forever and ever is an eternal truth to save people from the darkness of sin; the beautiful and good things are from God who gives abundantly in each generation, for each of us to either receive them or not – each person has their own way to deal with all the blessings bestowed from God.

What comes from the truth, what is from God will never be depleted and will be endless, through the extraordinary, marvelous deeds that today cannot be explained but that with faith we will see clearly the closeness of one God in Three Persons, which is very mysterious, sublime, as the mystery we know – that of God the Father, of Jesus, and of God the Holy Spirit – who continue to operate in the world of humans, who always give us the opportunity, who always teach us holiness and lead us out of the darkness of sin, bringing us to the light of hope, with faith, to help us leave the alluring places that surround us in life. Everything that we encounter in life is a way to lead us out, to escape the encirclement of evil.  We have the right to either receive or refuse, but the work of the Holy Spirit continues to be realized in the human world because He is justice, He is the light, He is love, He is grace, He is alive forever in each soul (6). If anyone seeks to return, if anyone lives in justice, if anyone receives, then they will become true sons and daughters of God so that they know what they must do, so that they gather together to return together, to unite together, to prostrate together in front of the almighty God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

O God, we thank God’s grace; we offer to God the Fourth Kowtow for the Body and the Blood of Christ that we receive. In the past months of our lives, in the most recent days, we have been touched with the blessings we have; we contemplate everything that God gave in the Last Supper, on the day He entered into His Passion. The Last Supper was forever and ever a Last Supper that will last in each of our spiritual lives; the nourishment of our souls. It is the Body and the Blood of Christ that continue to give us life and continue to give us hope, when we understand the Presence, and the concealment of Jesus through His Holy Eucharist.

Today we welcome Him into our hearts – we are receiving the King of the Universe into our souls; a humble King; a King who humbled Himself to come into this world; a King who embraces us in love, who is still concealing Himself to wait for each one of us. The Eucharist of Christ gave us hope in the present life; the divinity of the Eucharist of Christ is manifested in a clear and visible way in the present life. The great mystery has come, is coming, and will come, always allowing us to see the horizon of God, visible through the Eucharist, coming closer to the human world, to shine for mankind, for us to enjoy that Eucharist, to welcome Him into our hearts, to welcome Him into our souls. What He wants is by the heart, by the truth, with a sincere heart, with a worthy heart, a complete heart, a pure heart, worthy to hear all that He gives us in the divine realm, the ultimate love He reserves for humanity.

With each passing era, He still waits for us, from the day He hung on the Cross until this day; the Holy Eucharist reminds us that the Passion of Christ concluded with the Cross 2,000 years ago yet we continue to receive in life, with a new doctrine; in Him, with Him, eternal life goes on through the Holy Eucharist of Jesus. We truly have officially received the King into our hearts, into our souls; please be our Master, please give us strength, please give us courage. We believe in Him; He is alive, He is in the midst of this world, He does not refuse anyone; though mankind refuses Him, His Love never refuses us. He is King – a true King, a patient King, a King who sacrifices, a King who loves, a King of truth, a righteous King, and a King who brings peace and joy to each of us.

Through the Holy Eucharist of Jesus, mankind is being reminded today to know and to understand the meaning of the Holy Eucharist of Jesus (7), who bring countless riches; so with the desire to understand and with meditation, we will be able to recognize all the graces given to humanity so that we see the moments of joy when we have Him, when we are with Him, and when we receive Him. Do not let these moments of joy become moments in which we fail to recognize the important and immense value when we are able to receive a King into our souls. Today we act on behalf of the countless people in the world who still have not recognized, who still are not aware, who go on living a normal and banal life with eyes that only look at things in reality that prevent them from understanding the meaning of the Holy Eucharist, from knowing about the sublime things, the best things, the greatest things that God reserves for humanity today, especially for the Christians, for the priests who celebrate daily Mass. This is a reminder for today’s world, for all classes to return to the Holy Eucharist of Jesus, who is Present; the Holy Eucharist that we contemplate is manifested through the lively words, repeating a doctrine left in history, which today is lively again with the words that are spoken, with the eyes that contemplate, with the ears that listen, with the heart that feels, with all the riches through the great mystery that God reserves for humanity today, through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist.

Today we see the great Sacrament that God gave to us, for us to receive Him into our hearts. With the months dragging our feet, with the months of denial, with the months of indifference, with the months of stubbornness, and with the months of ignorance, please help us today to open wide our eyes of faith from our normal and banal human point of view, to listen, to understand the meaning of a God who lived, who is living, and who is the only King worthy for us to worship. Today, with the meanings in our prostration, which is something that needs to be done, that must be done – with a repentant heart, with a remorseful heart, for us to be worthy to receive Him into our hearts – we lift up all the sufferings, all the challenges, all the worries of daily life on earth to that King who is the Supreme Being with a just judgment; the Supreme Being with a just intervention; a just, Supreme Being who forever brings consolation and peace to the people on earth. This is the Fourth Kowtow that we offer to our God through His Body and Blood.

We thank Jesus with the Fifth Kowtow. He died on the Cross for us – the Cross that today remains forever and ever a Cross of victory over death; the death of the soul, the death of the darkness of sin that mankind was subjected to from the beginning. He is the Savior, the Redeemer, and the Supreme Being who brought us out of the darkness of sin through the Cross. The Five Holy Wounds that are the proof of love remind people today of the scourging, of the nails’ marks, of the crown of thorns, of the beating, of the piercing from the spear. He is on the throne of a King, an everlasting throne; no one can act like Him, no one can triumph like Him, and no one can succeed like Him. The kings of the world are about power, they only live for the realities of life and they only use all that is inherent in humans to govern, to rule, but the King whom today we have to bow our heads to, whom we need to be aware of and need to recognize is the one and only King who loves us with all His Soul and with all His strength and with all His Heart because He died for us.

A King who entered into His Passion, in loneliness; a King who courageously agreed to face the cruelty in the way humans treat one another; a King who endured the scourging on behalf of the human race; a King who accepted words of wisdom and in whom people see meekness; a King who deeply touched the heart of mankind; a King who left a magnificent, majestic and accomplished deed through courage, sacrifice, fortitude, in order to save a sinful human race; a King that no one can be compared to; a King held up high and hung on the Cross… If, seen through the eyes of ordinary people then all of that was a failure, along with the atrocities that people did to Him, but if seen interiorly then all of that brought about a glorious victory, with the obvious evidence of a benevolent life – with truth, with love, with peace – given to a multitude and to the whole world.

That was a King whom today we cannot deny everything He accomplished; a unique, victorious King, a King of the Universe to whom everyone submits and genuflects in worship (8), a King whom today we have the opportunity to be reminded of by the Church. Jesus triumphed and brought salvation to the whole world; He is the King of the Universe. This does not end at a point seen by the human eye; this King has power – through the Five Holy Wounds He gave us an eternal mark; through the price of His Blood which redeemed us. That mark is still imprinted in the soul, in the mind, and deep in the heart of every individual, of every soul.

Today, with everything that we receive, with the world entering a time period when people make their own decisions – they see with their earthly eyes – we are the wicked sinners in our shortsighted views, we fail to see God, yet God is still a King – a King above all kings; a King who forever gives us hope, gives us life; and forever a King of justice, of truth; and a King of peace in humanity. Each of us needs the peace that only this King can give back to us; we cannot deny His deeds and we cannot fail to recognize Him in our lives that are coming to an end today. (9) Everything we seek in our autonomy, in the worship of other gods, how will this end? Who is the Person with the power? Who is the Person who saved us from the darkness of sin? Who is the Person who died and gave us the mark so that today, thanks to that mark, we can act and rise up to return? Through our repentance, with the prostration, with a trusting heart, let us honor God, for us to be saved in this world and for the salvation of our souls in the afterlife.

That King of truth teaches us the doctrine, for us to know what belongs to the earthly life – what is good, what is holy – to differentiate between evil realities and good realities so that we can learn from a King, a King who does not use swords to revenge, a King who does not use weapons to rule, a King who does not use human sternness but a King who uses only love, a King who conquers by the heart – requiring the heart, requiring love. There is no other King like this unique King whom today we celebrate in the Feast of Christ, the King of the Universe, who reminds us that through His mark He triumphed in bringing us back from the darkness of sin; He is forever a King, a triumphant King of the world, a victorious King – from the earthly world to heaven.

So we have nothing left to make us hesitate, nothing left to make us back down – nothing left but to bow and prostrate to ask Him to help and to have mercy on our generation today. So many dangers are threatening in the present, so many ways in which people are destroying themselves, so many events are happening that there is no longer a day of peace and no longer real peace in the world. We have asked for this and sought this, because we absolutely refuse to accept Him, to trust Him, to recognize His Love, yet that love still waits, still gives us a chance, still is an imprint in each of us through the Five Holy Wounds with which He redeemed us. So the words given today to remind our humanity – without the use of swords, without the calculation in looking for ways to eliminate one another – are for us to return with the heart, with the repentance, with the prostration, with love; for that to be the victory, as the King was victorious and as He continues to lead us on the path of lasting victory, in order for us to return to heaven, to return to the King who is full of love, full of mercy, who has the eternal truth, who brings peace, who brings love for every person, every individual, every nation, every community, and every situation. He is also the King who speaks through the Church to bring us peace of unity and love. Today we offer to God the Fifth Kowtow, with the Holy Spirit’s inspired guidance to what God wants to remind and to send to mankind.

With the Sixth Kowtow, O God the Father, we thank Father, because Father is the only supreme One who knows everything that will happen to the world, to humanity; only Father has the right to let us live free in one’s life choices; only Father is the loving Supreme Being who gives us life in this world and in the afterlife for our souls. Despite mankind’s imperfections and disobedience, Father still loves us and still includes us in the program in which Father saves us in the rationale we need and require – Father chose the Queen of the heavenly kingdom for us.

Today with the Sixth Kowtow we officially beseech Father with heart, with homage to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a Person whom Father chose in the world to be the Queen, for Her voice to come to today’s world, echoing in every generation, in every time period. Today that voice declares to teach us and to show us a doctrine not unlike what we hear from a King of love. Today there is the Queen of heaven, also a Queen of love who speaks up for people to return to what needs to be done, to what must be done, to what people neglect in life. Today, with gratitude, we offer the Sixth Kowtow to thank a Queen (10) who taught and revealed to the world; with these words we ask Mother, who is the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each of us, the Mother of all humanity; O Mother of Perpetual Help, please help us.

Today we are being reminded that the King of the Universe came into this world; He chose Mother to be a Mother for the days He was in the flesh, and Mother was the Person who was the Co-Redeemer (11) in the Passion so that today we have the opportunity to still exist in the world. After the Trinity, Mother’s love is reserved for humanity, so that love is an ongoing love to help us, a love which Mother devoted to our human race. Today all that is known and heard is a teaching from God and guidance from the Holy Spirit. All these words have meanings in this remaining era through the revelations that Mother gave to the world. We cannot refuse the meanings of the Six Kowtows that Mother taught our human race; Mother also clearly reminded us of what we need to say – to use our hearts in our prayers, with a reverent heart towards God. When Mother was still on earth, every action of Mother, every word Mother said, every gesture of Mother was in complete union with God, in every detail of Mother’s life; so with all these virtues, besides Mother, no one else can be perfect before God.

In everything that today Mother teaches us, there is no need for the use of swords, no need to deal with the enemy (12), no need to do all those actions mankind chooses in the present life. This world is struggling between what is good, what is holy, and the devil who is trying to harm us in a subtle, sophisticated way under the civilized guise of the times. There is nothing to be dealt with and to destroy; the devil already had his schemes ready in this normal and banal world. But we still have Mother who acts on behalf of the human world before God; Mother will not let us fall or let us die because if there is something that still can be saved then Mother will do Her best to find every which way among the things allowed by God the Father. God the Father had declared to the serpent a Woman, which was something that has not yet been realized in the human world, that Mother has not yet accomplished. (13)

Today this is a reminder for us so that in the most essential matters we have a chance to turn around when in failure. If with the revelations by Mother we fully practice with our hearts, we fully prostrate, we fully listen, with a heart to fully return as Mother yearns for each of our souls, then we shall be saved in the midst of today’s world of confusion and fear. This is something new that not many people accept, that not many people understand, that not many people of goodwill seek for the truth in the days that God gave and revealed to mankind, because in this life people are still looking for realities that are logical, that are reasonable. There are certain realities that belong to the months and the years in the past, with human rules, but what comes from God are the great realities in the graces, in the mysteries, in the miracles that He manifested and gave to the world, only in the last remaining days. Today everything that we are facing – hearing every detail, understanding every meaning – they are riches given to us; when we bow to prostrate before God with faith, those things do not end with the understanding, do not end with the words that are given to the children who do not yet know, who do not yet understand, who have not yet found this truth. God the Father handed over the whole remaining gift to Mother for Mother to give to the world today (14); it is a gift that is not to be looked at according to human eyes; it is a gift Mother always wants to share with mankind, with only one requirement, which is for mankind to have a repentant heart, to be united to prostrate, and together with Mother, ask for God’s forgiveness and intervention.

In Mother’s Heart, the word “fiat” (15) has been Mother’s whole life. Mother’s life is a humble life, Mother’s life is a life of service, completely entrusted in God’s Love; in the end, Mother is the Person who achieved a complete victory to become the Queen of heaven. Today Mother’s sentiments remain humble, quiet, in worship of God, forever by Jesus’ side; and with Him still in the earthly world in consequence of the Holy Eucharist; Mother kneels next to the Holy Eucharist to forever be close to a God whom Mother always reveres; a God who came into the human world, whom Mother took care of when He was living on earth. So all that is already there and is being reminded and given to us today is the truth, the words that Mother wants to send for us to understand what we need to know by listening through the meanings of the Sixth Kowtow.

We cannot ignore the Queen of heaven who teaches us the most practical things, the most recent things – things that need to be known because the time has come for us to see those things that surround us in this time period, with no more peaceful days, with days living in trembling fear of this world, and with days in which we face everything that ultimately leads us into death. In death we cannot see the light, we cannot see the love and we are hopeless. We act foolishly, enabling evil to start its domination and it controls the people who are immature in their life of faith, the people who eliminate the doctrine of God, who do not believe in God but believe in idols. We bring this upon ourselves with the current events, but God’s Love is infinite and the Queen of heaven cannot turn a blind eye to all the matters in the present, with Her children, with Her pastors, with the righteous people and with those who live a life following the truth and serving the truth.

Because we are sinners, who in our immaturity believe in the world, we do not understand God’s Love, we do not understand Mother’s love, we do not understand the help of the Holy Spirit from the beginning; all the mishaps in this present life are the result of our actions.  Since we ask for them, though we are not aware, we are responsible for these evil deeds; the evil spirit looks for every intrigue to kill humans, killing those who agree to follow him; as for what comes from the truth, it will forever be raised high, as the victory that forever brings to people hope, harmony, and world peace. Everything clearly has its own reality but mankind does not know and does not understand the power of a God who gives, who takes away, or who allows; because humans want things done their ways, God allows them to have that satisfaction. They deny the doctrine, they deny the King who saved them, they deny the truth they need in life; thus today the result lies in the things that they practice, which are immoral and evil.

They are practicing things that are against morals and the creation of God, and they continue to harm the righteous people, they continue to practice evil from the devil’s control. There must be a time for us to recognize who God is, a time to accept and bear the responsibility; when we see evil yet we continue due to our weak flesh, our sinful flesh, we cannot rise up to embrace the doctrine that remains everlasting. We must have a life that has depth in faith, we must rise up above the weak flesh, and we need to believe so that the strength from faith, from love, from truth, from peace will triumph over each person, over each family, over each community, over each nation, and over the entire world, especially for the Church that still continues to bring the reminders, to gather and unite all the children all over the world together to worship the King of the Universe.

Today, humanity commemorates the deeds God did, is doing, and continues to realize in the midst of humans. What we are able to know today – is it from the action of the Queen of Heaven, who has silently acted to remind humanity today, softly, what mankind needs to do, must do? Everyone must practice the doctrine left to the world; this is the last thing for God to no longer blame mankind (16) – God only wants to see our return and our repentant hearts, by the soul, by the heart, by the mind, with body and heart belonging to God. In the remaining days, let us prostrate to return to God for Him to forgive, to have the intervention from the Queen of heaven who is also the Woman whom God the Father had declared to the serpent of what is to happen. That Woman is the Queen of heaven, whose appearance will prevent the evil spirits from harming humanity, with Mother taking action, with us as the people who are in Her army.

So, today the reminder is clear, through the revelation of the Sixth Kowtow which continues to be manifested, with all the works to be realized in this world. Let us open our souls, our eyes, our hearts, in the months of the blessings and the graces, to embrace the meanings of the Six Kowtows. Everyone must prostrate, must return with heart, and that also is the last repentance that God reserves for us, to save us in this present situation, to save us in this world, if we truly practice it for our brothers – from charity, from the doctrine – for us to help those around us to also return to God when we practice this. The power of God will make everything possible, but if we do not fully have the heart to follow the doctrine that He taught then there is nothing we can do; but if we understand the power of God, if we understand all the teachings and the new revelations given to humanity to save us, by our actions, by our deeds, by our reasoning, by the heart, by the return with a repentant heart, then certainly there will be an intervention and certainly there will be victory in the days when we will overcome the phases of the purification; also with the promise of a new world from the words that we heard and received in this century.

All of us, all of His children, in unity, let us return by the prostration; Mother’s intervention will lead us to the day when all of us will kneel, will prostrate to welcome the King of the Universe. That day Jesus will come, in a royal robe of brocade, to rule over the human world. Everything today has a meaning from history and that is reminded today, to remind people of the doctrine written in the Gospel; today it is again lively in this present life through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist. That revelation is the latest revelation for the present world, the graces that God the Holy Spirit realizes through the reminders today.

Let us continue to lift up to Mother with a thankful, grateful heart. Mother, please continue to lead us to return to God; Mother, please continue to work in those silences for the glorious triumph in life, when people look up to God, with no need for swords, with no need for fighting, with no need for anything coming from humans – so let us listen to Mother’s teachings for that complete victory, spiritual and physical, to be manifested in the prostration before God. When everyone prostrates then certainly God will take action to protect His sheep, to protect the children who belong to Him, the children who listen, the children who do what today we need to learn to do and to practice soon, because each of us must face the justice and righteousness before God.  So that no one will fall into the snares of the devil and no one will end up in the eternal place of wailing and grinding of teeth, we certainly need to entrust our souls, our hearts, to return to the King of the Universe, to choose Him, to prostrate and to ask for His intervention.

Let us lift up everything in our thinking, with its weaknesses, to Mother; Mother will help us, Mother will intervene, and Mother will bring us back. We only need to repent, to act, to return, and to have absolute trust; then we will be able to see a new horizon, full of hope, with God and Mother in our daily lives, for us to proceed with matters we must face. There is nothing we have to fear or worry about; there will be many mysteries in the final time period, there will be many great graces that God will give and pour down for the entire world, for the children who listen, who trust and who realize the deeds that today we hear and receive through the Sixth Kowtow, from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, through the meanings that He teaches us toward Mother, and also to teach us to better understand the works that we need to know, that we need to spread to today’s world.

L. completes the Sixth Kowtow this afternoon, a day that the Church reminds us is the Feast Day of Our Lord, the Christ, as the King of the Universe. Only God is worthy to be the King whom we worship; the King whom we seek; the King who, forever, gives us life in this world and the afterlife; the King who forever brings harmony, peace, and an everlasting truth for the human life, forever and ever. We cannot refuse all the deeds that God does through the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit – to teach mankind to accept everything that we need to hear, to know, to have the presence and the intervention of a Queen who continues to support and help us with the meanings of the Six Kowtows. These are the blessings and the graces of the remaining days of the end of the century. Do not let the opportunity pass us by – the opportunity to better understand the things that God did and is doing, the opportunity with the Presence that Jesus manifests through the Holy Eucharist to humanity today; do not neglect the reminders, the advices of a Queen.

Today, Mother has come and manifested for us to hear the lively words; we rely on Mother and we continue to ask Mother to intercede for us to be wise and to be enlightened, for us to be ready to take the path where we need to practice, to unite, and to quiet our souls for us to be able to understand the meaning of the blessings and the graces. One of these days, all of us, countless people, in one spirit, will prostrate; every knee must bend, to welcome the King of the Universe, the King of each of us. The King of love will come to each of us, to triumph over all of today’s evil, from what Mother Mary teaches and which God accepts, for us to receive the blessings and the graces, for each of us to receive the triumph from the King of the Universe, whom we believe in and fully prostrate before His Face.

I would like to lift up words of thanksgiving, of praise to God; God, please help us to continue with the remaining days and months, for us to testify to what needs to be known and to be spread to the entire world – for the brothers who are living in sins; for the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe; for the people who lead an entirely immoral and evil lifestyle to also have the chance. God’s Love is reserved for humanity in this last era, and God’s Love is reserved for those who accept, who listen and return to an everlasting doctrine of peace, of love; a doctrine that brings life to the present, to the future, and to the afterlife for the soul. All of these things—only God has the authority to give permission to the human race. God, please open our ears to hear the words that God reminds; please open our eyes to see – further, deeper, higher with the graces – the triumph of the King of the Universe, present through the Cross. Please open our hearts for us to receive the drops of Blood God shed, which cleansed our souls, our bodies, our hearts, for us to recognize love, for us to return, to recognize a unique King, a sincere King, a King who saves us through the salvation that is given to the world in this day.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, we also do not forget to thank St. Joseph; He was chosen to be the foster Father of the Second Person of God, a person who shared in the days Jesus was in the flesh. He returned to the heavenly kingdom and today the Church chose Him to be her patron saint. St. Joseph, please continue to intercede for our Church, please continue to welcome the families who pray to you and who seek to learn from the example of the Holy Family, please continue to help us with your intercession to God. This is why we cannot forget to lift up words of thanksgiving to St. Joseph; every era has the saints that we always lift up prayers to ask for their intercessions and to remember us.

We do not forget to thank all the angels, our guardian angels, the three Archangels – St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael.  Those are the three angels who help our human world; they are protecting the Church, protecting those who pray to them; their tasks are to always protect the righteous people, the people who belong to God, the people who ask for help, to protect as we trust in God’s plan for us, to have the angels’, the saints’ protection, whose intercessions are accepted by God.  Let us remember that if our human world settles in faith and in grace then the heavenly kingdom is in our midst – in our beliefs, through our prayers, in what we pray for, asking for the angels’ and the saints’ intercessions. That was true and is true, with everything that can be contemplated, which God gave to the world so that today we can see the true presence of the angels and the saints who continue to work to help our human race. In a spirit of thanksgiving and gratefulness, I would like to thank all the angels, I would like to thank all the saints; please continue to intercede to God for us to learn from your examples so that one of these days, we will be worthy, and with God’s permission, to be saved, by your own hands, from the disasters, from the dangers, from the tribulations that are reminded today through the Six Kowtows, which Mother already revealed to us in the messages received in the past days.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, L. completes this message at exactly 7:29 p.m., on Sunday, November 22, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, at the altar, at the Cross.  L. completes this message with M. in front of the holy statue of Our Lady of Carmel, where we offer the Six Kowtows in the afternoon of the day that the Church reminds us is the feast day of Our Lord, the Christ, King of the Universe. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of  


  1. Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014. Regarding the title of this message, we did not know this, but this is a title of Jesus in Saint Faustina’s Diary (3, 83).
  2. Jesus is always God, but in becoming man, an infinite condescension took place (see Philippians 2:6-8). He who is Truth, Jesus, said, “I and the Father are one” (John 10:30), yet He also said while He was in the flesh: “the Father is greater than I” (John 14:28) and “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). This is the context of this sentence in the message.
  3. “Us” here is still rather general; it could mean Catholics, those following this private revelation, and so on; what it does not refer to is “humanity in general,” as it says in this sentence.
  4. Jesus is the doctrine mentioned in the previous sentence because, as He said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).
  5. This refers to the locutions L. receives; it may also refer to other messengers.
  6. In each soul that will be saved – this same assumption is made in the next paragraph: “in each of our spiritual lives”
  7. The rest of the sentence gives meaning to this.
  8. “Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Philippians 2:9-11).
  9. Very, very soon, our lives, as we know them, will no longer be the same due to various apocalyptic events that will be happening in the world.
  10. This wording, “a Queen,” is the same language used so often for God, “a God.” It is not saying that there is another Queen or another God, but it seems to be a way of saying to an unbelieving world that yes, there is a God; yes, there is a supreme Queen, etc.
  11. Blessed Mother is already acknowledged as “Co-Redemptrix” in Catholic doctrine; in the approved private revelation at Amsterdam, Holland, She promised that it will be proclaimed as dogma.
  12. Our fellow humans
  13. This refers to Genesis 3:15: “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.”
  14. The Six Kowtows
  15. “Fiat” is found in the Latin translation of Luke 1:38, where Mary says, “Be it done to me according to your word.”
  16. This seems to be saying that blame will be withheld from us if we follow the doctrine of God now.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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