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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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   Always Come to the Divine Mercy



April 12, 2015 – Divine Mercy Sunday

L.: It is 4:56 p.m. on Sunday, April 12, 2015, at the Emmaus Blessed Sacrament Chapel, at the place where I have had the opportunity to receive the words from God in the past months, and today as well, behind the tabernacle, I have the opportunity to directly receive the words from the Holy Spirit. At this time, I ask to receive the words from God, I ask for God to come to me for me to receive and to bring these words, or whatever else God wants us to do with the words inspired from the Holy Spirit, the words God wants to send to humanity, in general to the brothers and the sisters over the entire world, and in particular to the people who have duties and responsibilities in the ranks of service, who silently work throughout the months and years.  Now is the time; God wants us to proclaim the things seen, heard – to testify to the truth that through the miraculous power of the Holy Eucharist, Jesus brings to mankind countless extraordinary things, for us to open our eyes of faith and for us to be touched by the lively voice of God in today’s world.

Father: L., M., My two beloved children,

With the two messages yesterday as well as with this message today, I let you report all the words through the Holy Spirit, to bring the meaning, in the hope for mankind to rise up and to have a transformation in life, as I desire.  Children, do not be too complex; do not be too absorbed by all the principles people tend to have, so that in the shortest time, in the fastest time, you may have time for an encounter so that you progress faster in real life.

My beloved children,

I left so many things in the past era, over 2,000 years of history; everything recorded through that time testified of My presence on earth. Each era continued to have people like you and I want these children to bring their spirit, to bring everything that was known, was said, was reported, was narrated, to the world.  My Holy Spirit is working on these children, on the people whom I use in the midst of the world. Do not be too rigid regarding all aspects when you have many inferences; though today’s world has a lot of false things, it also has many true things I want to manifest for you to know, so in regard to what you are able to hear, to know, do not rush into things according to the human way. Let it be in a spirit in which you know it is goodwill, that in this time period, if I do not quickly manifest ahead of time there would be many things still unknown and many things done contrary to what you already have, to what you are having, influenced by the inferences or by the present pressures that cause you to do many things wrong and to act contrary to My doctrine.

My beloved children, there is only one kind of love; love in the beginning and love in the end is still the same love, but the love I speak of is a true love from the depth of the soul, from the heart. People’s hearts nowadays are tightly shut because of selfishness, fame and wealth, self-interest, and because of circumstances in life that are so modern and sophisticated they become the binding ties that transform you into machines, with no love, with no affection.  What you do is the opposite of morality and with your abuse become sins that spread all over the world today.

My beloved children, do not take for granted everything you face; because you do not respect the love I give, as the Person who made the first sacrifice to bring it to you, to invite and to gather you back to My love, back to the grace of redemption, back to the Divine Mercy as a reminder to each of you – your generation has been considerably lured by the world. If with every element in your lives, you really know to love, you really have charity, you really listen properly to My Good News, then the world would not wind up in a situation with such scary days and negative matters as today. Indeed, it is because of the selfishness, the greed, the arrogance that each individual allows to influence – and the disdain, the lack of respect for one another – this is the cause of the negative spread in today’s world, starting from a small block, spreading to a big block, and expanding across all the classes. You do not cling to the holiness of the Holy Spirit, you do not cling to the Good News, to the true Gospel; you rather follow things of reality, you make mistakes and you do wrong, becoming like the machines, the tools of civilization and sophistication; so evil ensnared you and corrupted you in the events happening to the world today.  With My love, I know what you will encounter, what will happen in today’s situations, the circumstance by which you fail to see what comes from the truth, what comes from love, and what unity is. You become subject to the things you allow to be practiced on yourselves, to be practiced personally, in life, and end up with frightful, negative results.  You are under siege by the enemy; as you already see, there is no freedom, no harmony, no peace; the foundations of this current society are self-interest, fame and wealth, money, lust, greed, selfishness, and the countless evil things you carry out make today’s depravity even more deplorable.

My beloved children, this is something I just want to remind in general, for you to see that the ordeals you suffer stem from the freedom in your actions, for always allowing the ego to lead, which generally affect you. Even though some people return to the truth, they do not practice as you do or like those people who quietly live in a life of charity, of sacrifice, devoted to living with what they have. Indeed, that is just a small number in humanity. So it is this way because you do not rely on the sanctity I bestow upon the world, which are the marvelous and extraordinary revelations to remind you, as well as the Divine Mercy I give to the world; when you believe then you will receive, when you encounter then you will know that that the truth is, and that I continue to create opportunities for you. Do not be hardened, do not close your eyes, do not be indifferent, because that will bring the results you must face in the present time.  Time is nearing the end; all the incredible, extraordinary works already happened; I lifted the veil of the world for the earthly world to see the horrible and frightening events. If you do not really spend the time to meditate, to read the Book of Revelation, in which everything – not even a comma – can be changed, as the things I give to the world, then this is the opportunity for you to further open the eyes of faith; this is also the opportunity I give in this unique time for you to see the situations and the things anticipated for the current generation.

My Divine Mercy is embracing and giving faith to anyone who believes and seeks to return; I pour down and give more graces for you not to be afraid, not to falter, and for you to keep the faith, to be steadfast with the life as I invite. The tribulations will come, the events will happen unexpectedly in the earthly world; there will be many more extraordinary things; certainly, the time period of the Omega (1) will end very soon.  Time has passed, with the words left through the Gospel, with the reminders, with the Good News, the lively things through the revelations I give in every era, through the messengers, through the prophets. You must listen, you must look for the truth; you must accept for those miracles to come into the world so that the children who embrace them believe and connect with you, and together spread the Good News, spread love, and help the brothers and sisters who are mistaken, who are sinful; also, for those who acted against you and distanced themselves from you, to return, to recognize the things I give – the invitation, the reminder, the liveliness – for ears to hear, for eyes to see, for hearts to feel, so that mankind no longer does wrong in the ways they are offending God in this age. Do not be indifferent, do not ignore this.  Since this is an age when you no longer keep a strong faith and you do not practice things as God invites, as I invite all My children all over the entire world – I want to give so that you can see that closeness, that liveliness, that reminder, to bring you back; to bring My love to meet you; to bring the lively words to those who hear, to practice, to return to righteousness, justice and truth.

The strengthening of faith comes from being able to see with your eyes the mystery I reveal to the world today. I come to intervene for you, to remind you; I come to bring you back, for you to prepare in the present world, in which the body must also contend with the spiritual, in which the soul must keep a strong belief, for you to practice with a life in which throughout many years you do not know what is good and holy because you follow the ego, the personality, which is contrary to what I brought, which is the Good News, which is My doctrine.  So, you already see some of the consequences; people already start to use the cruelest ways to treat one another, to kill one another, to enter into impasses which are the debaucheries, while morality is thought little of; you are led by the sole desire of perpetuating in the wrongful worship of idols and you continue to walk in that direction.  Can evil remain for a long time?  This is the chance and the opportunity, the day of the Divine Mercy, which everyone and the Church is commemorating, to remind about the things I want to remind you.  Time has gone by, things cannot continue as in the days when you were indifferent; you definitely must feel with your hearts, must hear, must know.

My Divine Mercy was given to help you, to cleanse you in the Living Water, to remove your sins, but you must collaborate, you must return; you must recognize that it is something you must be determined to do, to return to the path of holiness. That path of holiness is not reserved personally for you but also for those around you, for you to help them, to bring them to live a united life – in charity, in patience, in sacrifice – to revere with heart, to return in order to prostrate together, and together to recognize that only a unique God can save you in this generation.  Only when you believe in God will your lives be happy, peaceful, and abundant, with a look in faith and with feeling in the soul.  This is what I want to remind you, with every sentence, with every word, through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration for you to recognize and to be conscious in the life in which I invite you today. Return to the Divine Mercy, be conscious of the fact that you must change your lives, to have charity, love, to practice the changes that you need to make, in the ego, in the personality, in the self, in each of your abuse from having too much freedom. You must return to the truth, you must prostrate together, you must recognize the faith that you must have, and you must practice by deed; I want you to encounter My voice, My promise. You must also have the time to be deeply immersed in prayers, in quiet moments, to look into yourselves, for you to return and to have the opportunity to know that I am present, that this is the truth which is happening in today’s world. I am pouring My graces upon you, I am opening your eyes of faith to see that Real Presence, through the words I gave and promised to the human world.  Today it is My Holy Eucharist, My lively words, given for you to encounter; they testify to the truths that are coming and will come for you to be prepared for your spiritual life, for your present life to become righteous, for you to return to the truth, to repent, to prepare for a world that you certainly must face and must answer according to the justice of God, which is something neither you nor anyone else can refuse.

Today is also the day I see My children from all over the entire world together, gathered at the places, on the last day of the Novena of the Divine Mercy, with the blessing I give through the Church for you to receive the plenary indulgence. Each person can receive today, with the preparation for you to be worthy to receive that indulgence, to lessen all the sins people forget and commit in the world today.  It is that grace, that plenary indulgence that will forgive those who are mired in the darkness of sins when they repent and return; when they really renounce sins and come wholeheartedly with faith to seek the Divine Mercy; I certainly will rescue them, I certainly will allow them to experience, to see, to recognize My presence in the grace that I give in a special way today and especially for those who always come to the Divine Mercy, who always reverently remember, who always worship the Divine Mercy, for them to be transformed and to be sanctified. I give through grace, in order to lead people back; they are also the people who are being used in the ranks of the messengers; they are the people who spread the words from the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit continues to give, for them to continue to testify to the important works.  When people have goodwill, a sincere heart, a truly repentant heart, they will become the children in the ranks of the chosen ones, who continue to spread the words I remind, to testify to the things seen and heard, to become the disciples in the remaining times. I greatly need you to help your brothers, those who are called; maybe you have not yet met one another, but when the time to gather comes, then you will know about the people who are in the same, silent roles. They are the ones who continue to work silently, who continue in their roles to testify, to help the children all over the entire world to return, to be immersed in My Divine Mercy, to meet My Holy Eucharist which I give to strengthen you, to heal you, to sanctify you, for you to have a complete life with meaning, in the months I pour down the blessings and the graces to remind and save mankind.

My beloved children, this is all I want to say today. With the words received through the Holy Spirit, for the people who have duties and responsibilities, continue with your duties, bring these words to the brothers and the sisters in the entire world, without exception in regard to either people or roles. Bring My words to the world as soon as possible and bring them in a lively way with the things I want you to practice in the past days for people to know, to hear; then it is up to each person to return and to receive the things forewarned to the world today. My love always waits for you so that you can have the support when you really understand, when you really return and you experience that love.  You certainly will have peace in life and you will have hope within you when you face the tribulations or the sufferings in life; I will help you; you will be able to experience that life indeed has more meaning when you have to undergo challenges on the path of life, through the phases of the cross and through the phases you encounter today. This is all I want to say today; I hope you are the people who feel, who embrace, and who practice the things I remind you, especially in this [Easter] solemnity day of the Divine Mercy.  My peace be with all of you. I love you very much.  Goodbye children.

L.: O God, I thank the grace of God’s love reserved for me today as well as all the words I received. I greatly wish to receive the words from Mother, but time does not allow me to, because in a few minutes I must be in church to be with the parish to hold the picture of the Divine Mercy and to start the procession in time for us to pray the Divine Mercy to conclude and close the Novena of the Divine Mercy in this Easter season.  O God, I do not know what else to say. On behalf of the brothers and sisters all over the entire world, we thank God’s grace, we praise God, we glorify God. I, as well as the brothers and sisters, will listen and practice what God just taught, and as God wants, we will bring these words to the brothers and sisters all over the world, for them to have the chance to hear.  We will definitely complete our duties and our responsibilities, but as to whether the brothers and sisters will listen or not, we lift that up to Father. Father, please open their souls, open their hearts, open their eyes of faith, for those brothers and sisters to recognize Father’s invitation, Father’s reminder, for them to live in joy, for them to return in time as Father wants, for them to soon be strengthened and be prepared for what every person must face in their own lives or must deal with, the situations that are happening in general to the world or to the nations. I do not know what else to say besides these words of thanksgiving, to lift up to God for the love God reserves for us in this meeting today, on the [Easter] solemnity day of the Divine Mercy, on the last day of the Novena of the Divine Mercy, which we receive from God.  There are still many things in the past days that we need to do and must complete as well as things in the coming days. God, please give us more strength and support, from our health to our spirit; give us a steadfast and firm faith for us to be brave to do the things God wants us to do, to say the things God wants us to say, and to practice the things God wants us to practice, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

One more time, I need to postpone receiving from Mother. I was hoping that I would be able to have the time to hear the teachings from Mother because Mother’s words help us, especially in the final day of the Divine Mercy, but there is no more time today, so I ask to receive the words from Mother next time. I say goodbye to Mother now in order to go to the procession this afternoon according to God’s will and Mother’s approval. Mother, please choose a place where You want to meet me; I will be there to receive Your words.  Mother, please help me and my sisters be stronger; help the children who receive, who listen to God’s words to be touched in their hearts, in their souls, for them to soon return and to recognize the holy things we need to practice to strengthen our life of faith, to believe, so that we will not waver with the situations in today’s world. Mother, please save us (2), intervene for us, intercede for us to God daily; all the children of God must return through Mother’s intercession, and come to Mother. Mother, please teach us how to live to please God, how to live humbly, how to learn to be virtuous, for our lives to be abundant with our position, for us to have peace, to be blessed, to live in the joy God gives in our lives, in the remaining days, in which we must live according to our own roles, with faithfulness and perseverance. This is what we ask from God, and we ask Mother to intercede to God for us. One more time, L. completes this message in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, at 5:24 p.m. on Sunday, April 12, 2015, at the Emmaus Blessed Sacrament Chapel, right behind the tabernacle where L. often comes to receive the messages from God, from Mother, from the saints, and to pray for those whom God wants to meet. Today I complete and report all that happened and is happening in the present; these are the signs given from the works God did, is doing, and is bringing to His children all over the world. I thank God and thank Mother. I thank the Holy Spirit; please continue to support me, to help me be bold, to help me be firm, to help me do things in which God creates the opportunity for me. I thank God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives the messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone’s camera. When Jesus gives L. messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. There will be two endings regarding “the world”; the first is the period from the Incarnation to the Era of Peace, and the second is the period lasting “a thousand years” (an inordinately long period of time) mentioned several times in Revelation (Chapter 20) – from the start of the Era of Peace to the Second Coming of Christ in the flesh at the end of the world.
  2. “Save” here can be explained in several ways. While Jesus is the Savior, Blessed Mother, as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate for the People of God, nevertheless has a role to play in salvation. Also, St. Dominic reportedly said that one day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Blessed Mother will “save the world.” Finally, the salvation being spoken of here is not necessarily the salvation of a soul, but could be something more like, “Mary, save us from this storm” or some evil. God has given Her a great deal of power as Queen of the Universe.


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