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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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     Leaving the Throne of a Queen




This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.


June 8, 2015

L.: O God, it is 3:25 p.m. on Monday, June 8, 2015, at home. O God, today, although I do not feel good because I am a bit tired with my breath and my voice, I have this great desire in my heart – I would like to receive a message from God and from Mother. The past days at the festival (1) as well as the things Mother worked on me were a clear confirmation for my life of faith and for the brothers and sisters in the group. I know – there are a lot of imperfections in me, but I really long and desire for God to understand my soul and for Mother to understand my heart. I just want to strongly lift up toward God; there is much I still have not done – much that I want to do – but at this time, I need to stop to have some moments of rest for my voice, for my throat, and also because of the days and the months I stayed up late and slept little; at times I feel tired and my voice seems to be out of breath.

Today I, along with sister K., and M. – we offer to God the Divine Mercy Chaplet and at the same time we also commemorate the Seven Sorrows of Blessed Mother (2). Listening to the sentences summarizing what Blessed Mother endured; when I hear the sentence describing Mother holding Jesus Christ to Her Heart, His Body completely lifeless – that He was dead – I can feel how broken Mother’s Heart was while holding the Body of Jesus Christ, with only a few moments remaining before people wrapped Jesus up for the burial. At that time Mother was also a human being just like us, Mother did not know anything – and though Mother already knew about that situation (3), how much Mother suffered, just like God looking at us in today’s era. We have a body but no soul, surrounded by sins, and it’s as if God, greatly grieved by so many of our sins, held our bodies.

God looks for this way, for that way, to meet us; Mother also – Mother is also very grieved. The deeds Mother did, the deeds He accomplished in life – Mother cooperated with all her Heart with Jesus in order to complete the mission of salvation, Mother agreed to suffer. Just think about we who are the mothers on earth; we already grieve whenever our children talk back to us, and when they disobey, how much more do we grieve, let alone Mother’s enduring heart; but Jesus was obedient, Jesus was a really good Son; when He had a human nature, Jesus was completely submissive, greatly pleasing Mother. In Him, there was His divine nature – how Mother treasured Him; while holding the lifeless Body of Jesus to Her Heart, how Mother’s soul suffered, reminding us that Mother loves humanity as much as Mother loved Jesus. Mother loves Jesus so Mother does not want to see Jesus sad; Mother does not want the price of Her Son’s Blood to be needlessly wasted.

For this reason, today, for me, little L., a little sinner, Mother does not spurn me, Mother still comes to me, supports me, and Mother gives me many blessings. I can see the love God reserves for me, and Mother’s love supports me and supports the brothers and sisters whom God chooses to walk on the path of witnessing, along with Mother. That grace is so great, that grace is so immense that even I do not seem to know it yet, to be clear yet. In the past days I saw very clearly Mother by my side; Mother plans for me in minute details – I am the head start of the brothers and sisters in the group, so what Mother does for me, Mother does for each chosen brother and sister in the group. Mother comes close to us so that all these graces that Mother gives for me are not just for me but Mother gives to each brother and sister with duties and responsibilities, so that we see that our divine mission is all arranged by Mother’s hand, from Mother planning matters step by step – at this place, at that place, and anywhere else.

Mother is concerned looking at us; Mother was the person who counseled the apostles back then – in this time period Mother also counsels us the same way. Though Mother is not present in the flesh with us, Mother did remove the crown, Mother fell down to be close to us. (4) Mother sent God the Holy Spirit to be with each of us (5); we are still afraid, we still falter, we still have many hesitations, we still do not know what to do, we still do not dare to say, we still do not dare to boldly testify to the things known, heard. Mother, I am sorry. Mother, I am sorry. At this moment, I just know to ask Mother to forgive our imperfections, forgive us for the times we were indifferent and did not clearly understand Mother’s program. Mother, please continue to help me, continue to help my brothers and sisters; though I am tired, I cannot go on but I still say this because this is the truth.

O Mother, You know that I long, You know that I desire to do what You want me to do. I do not want anything to come from me; I do not want to know anything else besides the path that Mother leads me on, as long as others can recognize Jesus. Jesus loves them just as Jesus loves me; Jesus loves humanity, Jesus loves His shepherds, Jesus loves the sinners, and Jesus just wants them to return and to recognize His Love.

In the days we lack faith, if not for the help from the angels, from the saints, if we do not truly listen in order to return then we will not be able to overcome the calamities, the sufferings, through the events that will happen unexpectedly to today’s world, with the frightening and fearful tribulations that people create in order to harm one another instead of waiting for the day God comes. That is something extremely horrifying and fearful, yet, today, people still do not believe, still do not listen, and still do not understand how grieved God is, how anxious Mother Mary is. Mother fell down from up high, Mother fell to be close to us; Mother removed the crown to come to us, Mother removed the crown to be with us – Mother lets God the Holy Spirit work with us. What else is there to falter, what else is there for us to hold on to our ego? Please help me and my brothers and sisters to open our hearts, our minds, our ears, our eyes, to see the things that are happening to us, which are very frightening.

If we do not believe in God, if we do not let Jesus come to us and trust in Him, then what else is there for us to pursue in order to overcome the difficulties in life? There are many things that come to me daily; may we seek and come to Jesus, may we seek and come to His Divine Mercy, may we prostrate and return – with all our hearts, with all our strength, with all our souls. Let us not hesitate any longer; there is not much time left – Mother removed the crown, Mother fell from up high to be with us – there is nothing to make us afraid, to hesitate. Let us not look with human ways anymore; Mother not only slowly but also fell in such a way as to be close to us – because of us, Mother agrees to fall one more time to help us. May we open our hearts, our ears, and our souls, so that we do what needs to be done: to prostrate and to return to God.

Today I just know to say the things from the bottom of my heart, the phenomena that can be seen, that can be heard; by the tears, by the heart I am speaking with God and Mother, with anguished hearts – we are nothing, we are unworthy sinners if not because of God’s Love, of Mother’s love. Mother taught Sister Lucia, many years ago, in a small, poor town – at that time in suffering, in persecution, in poverty; today Mother comes to us, L. and the apostles chosen by the Body and the Blood of God, in an era when we can truly, clearly see and know the phenomena – the silent things, the divine things, the daily meetings. God is present in the Holy Eucharist; Mother is nearby to guide every second, every minute. It is the truth, the grace God reserves for all of humanity today; God reserves for the people who believe, the people who seek to come to understand these profound meanings. May we be the people with duties and responsibilities, not because of something that comes from us but from the love God gives, the love with which God leads us back.

That is the help and support from Mother in today’s world so that we look into that to see our own feeble condition. God, please have mercy and let us know what we must know and do, what must be done to return to God, to prepare for the day we must receive the seals that God bestows – through the prostration and the return. The things that we know, that we hear are the proof for today’s world so that the other brothers and sisters have the opportunity to return to God, to recognize God’s Love, to repent, according to Mother’s guidance and teaching.

O Mother, today I only say this because, just coming back from the festival yesterday, I am still very tired but as I can speak about this feeling help me feel relieved because my heart is very anxious if something cannot be said and cannot be reported in regard to the things that happened and are happening. Mother, please help me be healthy soon, from the soul to the body, from the voice and from the heart, to have a regular breath for me to listen very clearly to what Mother wants to say to humanity in general and in particular to the individual, especially for the Thien Tam Monastery, the monastery where, together with the brothers and sisters, I come to attend the Festival of the Holy Eucharist for the sixth time. In everything from start to end, Mother is the Person who teaches, the Person who guides, and the Person who brings me there.

I know my duty and my responsibility is to voice the truth, to voice the things that are seen, that are heard, that must be done on me (6) and in me, the person who is an example for the brothers and sisters in the group. With the brothers and sisters, the first thing we do is to start to enter into the schedule of the past days; today, Mother is with us and helps us, as Mother promised after the 33 days of consecration. All of us have certain things we must know in order to realize the works for which Mother came; the crown was removed, and with us, all the more the Holy Spirit of God helps us in the important works that God assigns to us in today’s world to remind people about the Holy Eucharist of God, to know to revere, to know to respect, and to know the unique and great value that according to the heavenly kingdom, can be divine connections (7).

The angels, the saints, when they see those seals, they immediately help us – to lead us out of the calamities, out of the tribulations that are the events that will happen which people are unaware of. Those are the graces with which Mother saves Her children in the most urgent days; even for all the brothers and sisters, the people who understand also need to see those phenomena to understand that in regard to God’s works no one can guess – that God’s works cannot be looked at with theory, but God’s works definitely must be felt in the heart, recognizing the yearning for the truth from the heart. For this reason we need to be prepared with things that are not based on knowledge and intellect – blessings that are needed in a human society, everywhere, to be able to face all the difficulties.

Today, with God’s Love, God just wants people to give up everything and to return to His Love, to give up everything to recognize Mother’s help. Those are the most essential matters; we must give up our egos, our personalities, give up the individual ego and personality, to live a life that is in accord with the circumstance – to live really good, to live by the heart, to live by the soul, to give up all wickedness, all the sins that people have – in scheming, in hate, in envy, in jealousy, in revenge, for the purpose of gaining personal interests or reputations. Let us not live superficially but live by the heart; live to support, to love; live with charity and sacrifice; live with what needs to be done, what must be done, to help the brothers and sisters, to help the souls that God redeemed at the price of Blood.

This is what Mother wants today; those are the realities that people need to understand the meaning of. Mother comes to help us but we must cooperate with Mother; as Mother promised, for the final battle, Mother definitely will be the Person devising, so Mother greatly needs our cooperation. Mother needs us to gather together, Mother needs us to connect, Mother needs us to unite with all our hearts, all our minds, to prepare for the battle in the days ahead. These are the things that happened in today’s world: things with the darkness of the devil within human disguise; things in which people are taken advantage of; things that happened without our knowledge because they were shrouded under the veil of sophistication and modernization, hidden in the essential conditions of necessities. So people sold their consciences, people sold their morality, and they did things that are extremely wicked, that offended God. This cannot go on for much longer, so these extraordinary things happened: the angels, the saints came; Mother removed the crown and Mother came to us, leaving the throne of a Queen to be with us to improvise in this life.

Let us quiet down our souls to listen to Mother’s teachings; let our souls be obedient, so that with that obedience we will be able to see the Holy Eucharist of Jesus working in today’s world. The Holy Eucharist of Jesus meets and strengthens the life of faith for mankind; the Holy Eucharist of Jesus is present to heal humanity; the Holy Eucharist of Jesus is waiting for the sinners to return; the Holy Eucharist of Jesus meets, forgives, and gives to sinners the substantive moments, the remaining moments. That is what Mother wants, that is what Mother hopes for humanity. We definitely must prostrate to return to God’s Love through the Divine Mercy that is recalled in today’s world, through the living water remaining in the days in which we definitely need Mother’s support; we definitely need Mother’s help through the prostration. Mother wants humanity to return by the heart; to prostrate to God; to live humbly, annihilating ourselves.

In the urgent moments, we do not rely on anything that belongs to science and technology or rely on the human realities from the past till now, so let us bow our heads to God so that we receive the support, receive the seal of love, examine our spirits, from our bodies to our souls, with Mother’s help. To do so we need to remember that in everything we rely on the Word of God; let us listen to His teachings, let us practice the things God teaches that we have forgotten and discarded in life. Let us review everything God wants us to practice daily; let us accept the sufferings, the difficulties; let us love, support, live a sincere life – with heart, without deceit, to not live as we lived, deceiving and living a life simply to enjoy the appearances, being superficial externally and empty spiritually, with persuasion or smooth talk, practicing bad things, without God in our hearts and in our souls. It is time to expose everything because God already sees, God already hears, God already knows and sees the falsehood that has deceived for too long.

Time is expiring for us, so Mother came; Mother knew everything, Mother does not want to see on the Day of Judgment that none of us will be able to face God because everyone has fallen in the situation of today’s world. Therefore, before the day of God’s coming, Mother comes to help us, Mother comes to hold our hands, to guide us – so let us rise up, while we are still alive, while our hearts still beat, while we still have the opportunity to have Mother’s help through divine grace. Let us not worry, not be afraid; just let it be as Mother desires – let us come to God’s Divine Mercy, come to Jesus’ Love through the Holy Eucharist, and come to Mother’s love through the Rosary.

Let us be dynamic; let us be strong to return, by sacrifice, by fasting, by mortification; let us live with charity and love – to spread everything that is known, that is heard, to tightly connect with one another in one love. God will come a second time; before He comes, everything will be accomplished, everything will be purified – whether we can overcome that purification or not, right now we can have encounters with God. Do not let it be too late when our bodies are no longer breathing; we still have the opportunity to accomplish our penances in the moments we decide to repent, because with repentance, God will have mercy and will forgive, no matter how we sinned, no matter how fallen we were, rejecting and failing to recognize God.

This is the opportunity for Mother to guide us so that we do these practices through the bold return and ask for the grace of forgiveness through Jesus’ Divine Mercy – to meet the Holy Eucharist, to ask Him to come and to be with us through the calamities, tribulations, and trials of life. Today L. has the opportunity, with K. and M. present, to receive the message God the Holy Spirit gives to L. on behalf of the brothers and sisters. That is also to especially remind the people in the group to recognize their own mission; in our working moments, let us be zealous, let us try harder, let us bring the messages from God to humanity. For the elements that were forgotten, for the people who have not done it, let us try harder in order to bring God’s messages to the world, to all classes, to all roles, so that they recognize His voice teaching them, so that they recognize Mother’s voice reminding them, so that they recognize God’s Love – to be close to God in the time period when He pours down blessings and graces. No matter who – all classes, all roles – we have the opportunity to receive God’s Love, to receive God’s Divine Mercy, to receive the forgiveness in the remaining days of the end of the century.

That is what Mother wants to remind us today; Mother wants to come so that we see, Mother wants to come so that we are bold coming to God through our Blessed Mother Mary’s support and help. Today, L. acts on behalf of all the brothers and sisters all over the entire world; on behalf, especially, of the brothers and sisters in our group, with the silent days of service. The day has come for us to be more active, to strive harder; Mother came, God the Holy Spirit was with us, so let us do what is best and let us strive harder – to overcome the difficulties, to overcome the challenges we are encountering and have to endure. We need to endeavor even more, to receive the divine graces God bestows upon us after the 33 days we consecrated ourselves to our Mother Mary. We come to Jesus through Mother Mary. We are reminded that this is the main point – God allows for us to be able to meet Him countless times, through the Holy Eucharist, and Mother comes in a lively way; Mother comes so that we are able to see Mother’s support by our sides.

Believe, then you will see; knock, and it will be opened – all those points are repeated over and over again to us. With everything that God requested, let us serve God first then God will take care of the other matters later. Let us not worry with everything we are encountering, the worries in life regarding money or the necessities in which we see urgency. Everything we see is a miracle to us in the present; in all situations, God will take care of many matters for the children who are serving with the important work for which God chooses them in the midst of this world. Let us not be afraid of what belongs to the reality that people always look for. We already came to God, we already worked, we already listened to God’s words; we are trained by Him and are reminded by Mother.

Those are the miracles in today’s world that we already encountered and are encountering; we already faced the first steps so there is nothing left for us to be afraid of – we already walked a distance that was not too far, not too long, not too short, according to every single person. Today, we must be bolder to face the forks in the road by making the right choices, we must carry the Cross to follow Jesus, because He came into this world, He carried the Cross, He died, and finally He resurrected in triumphant glory and brought that victory flag to humans on earth. That was hope; that was the moment He opened the doors of the heavenly kingdom so that we would be able to come to stay forever and ever.

For the days of exile on earth, let us follow the path that Jesus took; let us choose well when we encounter forks in the road; let us rise up and give up all the deceits and sins that delayed us, that blinded us, that made us ill and disabled from the body to the soul. Let us rise up and rely on Jesus’ Love through the Holy Eucharist; let us rely on the help and the support from Mother Mary; let us look at the love that Mother reserves for humanity. Mother is the Person who, on behalf of every human being, prays to God the Father so that we have more time in this present period. Let us return and let us look at everything in the past; there is nothing that does not have the intervention from Mother’s hand, with the blessing from God the Father; the intervention lessened the sins, and Jesus acted for us and saved us in today’s world. Let us look at that opportunity for us to come back and to make the decision to do what we can for our God, to do what we can according to Mother Mary’s teachings in order to help the other brothers and sisters; to help the other people who still do not recognize God, so that they return to God, recognize God, understand that the price of Blood is more valuable than our present sins.

Let us not sell our souls to the devil; let us not sell our souls to today’s human vanities; let us not sell our souls to that which follows earthly realities, which are realities wrapped up in civilization that actually harms our souls, harms our bodies and our mentalities, preventing us from seeing things with love, from seeing the salvation from Jesus, from seeing Divine Mercy, and the living water with which Jesus cleanses us to prepare us to be worthy to step into the heavenly kingdom for which He opened the door for us, where He waits for us at the heavenly banquet. God did that, so let us be determined. By His side is Mother Mary, who is also by our sides; Mother Mary helps people on earth; Mother Mary helps those who seek and come to Mother – no one returns empty-handed.

We have seen, we have known, we have heard, so let us rise up to be the instrument. Mother, please use us, so that we live in such a way as to glorify God in the midst of this world; to live in such a way as to bring God to everyone; to live in such a way as to give up all the ego and personality; to live in such a way as to be worthy to be the apostles to bring the Good News of God to today’s world; to live worthy to worship our God by following the way that we kowtow – to worship and return to our God. That is something that today we are able to receive, we are able to hear, to know; this does not come from humans but from the Spirit of God, from the Holy Spirit of God – to remind us, the people on earth, indirectly yet useful and conforming to today’s period. Let us remove the arrogance, let us remove the knowledge and embrace the most essential matters, the simplest yet most extraordinary matters – to truly practice what is needed in life.

God wants to see our hearts, God wants to see our returning hearts, God wants to see real prostration in order for us to receive the seal of love that Mother Mary proclaimed and reminded us about in today’s world. In today’s era there is one and only one thing left for us, which is to show that we no longer have the opportunity to act according to our own will but that we need to unite in the love of God – to prostrate and to return to Him. That is the proof we embrace in asking for forgiveness, for ourselves and for today’s world, in asking for the intervention.

Mother is the Person who devises in today’s world for us. Let us rely on Mother, asking Mother to continue to help us, to teach us the way to ask God to forgive and to give us more time. There is no one that will not come before a just Judge, and speaking of justice and righteousness, we might not have the opportunity to come to the place God prepared for us (8), so let us look at the imperfections, the mistakes, the shortcomings in life and let us repent and return to what is heard, known; from the messages given to the world and to each individual.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God, I thank the grace of God for allowing us to experience this from the heart, from the soul: to speak the words through the tears streaming down, in a way that is not from within ourselves but from the bottom of the heart, and from the Spirit of God – to testify to the facts that we had the opportunity to receive about Mother; these words for us to voice from God the Holy Spirit. We only know to bow our heads, to thank, to praise, and to obey the Holy Will, and to ask Mother to guide us and to help us. We are still weak, we still have imperfections; may we return and grasp the virtues that God wants from us, and may Mother lead us to be whole, according to the guidance from God the Holy Spirit – in the way we return, in the way we prostrate, in the way we sacrifice, in the way we forgive, and in the way we proclaim everything known, heard, and seen.

L. completed the message at exactly 3:57 p.m. on Monday, June 8, 2015, at home, where L., K., and M. were present to receive the message inspired by the Holy Spirit this afternoon, after L. returned from the festival of the Holy Eucharist of God. One more time, I thank God, I thank our beloved Mother Mary. Mother, please continue to be with us, continue to intercede for us, to teach us, so that we follow the Holy Will of God and follow the help and the guidance from Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. was returning home from a celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi (the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ) at a Vietnamese monastery in Texas.
  2. This is a devotional prayer revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden.
  3. Her knowledge of the Passion seems to have been only general in nature before it unfolded.
  4. At the monastery, L. and a friend were going to be late for the Mass, but in a procession of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima at that time, the statue, including Her crown, fell. L. saw this as a sign that Blessed Mother is coming nearer to us, humbling Herself to be closer to us. This is in line with the teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux, a Doctor of the Church, who taught that She is more Mother than Queen, which is amazing considering that She is Queen of the universe.
  5. Of course Blessed Mother does not send the Spirit in the same way as God the Father and God the Son; She does so as, in the words of St. Francis of Assisi, the “Spouse of the Holy Spirit”; God refuses Her nothing.
  6. “Done on me” means the action of the Holy Spirit.
  7. “Divine connections” seems to refer back to “the important works,” which would include the spreading of these messages and the miraculous images L. captures on her phone.
  8. This does not refer to heaven but to a safe place during the greatest tribulations.

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