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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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  My Love Continues with These Lively                                   Words

Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
June 12, 2015
L., M.N., My two beloved children,

The words in the hours at the end of the day are the words I want to send to the children all over the world. First of all, I thank L., I thank M.N., for stopping here in the empty church in the last moments. You were busy with the people around you, with the works that you must accept, even though they are against your wishes or are not entirely as you desire, for you to accomplish the great work that people still have not recognized as a sublime gift and a grace I give in general to today’s world and in particular to you.
Since your brothers do not yet know and your sisters do not yet understand, I want you to be more generous, to be more patient, and to forgive them even more so that for everything that you do today, maybe they do not know yet, they do not see yet, they do not listen yet, they do not believe yet, but someday, they will know, they will see, and they will believe. This is the gift I leave for the children as they embark on a life of service; a life different from all the works inherent in a normal human world, looking for the quiet moments to meditate, for the moments to be profoundly immersed, in streaming tears, to experience My love and My way of the Cross.

My beloved children,

They are indeed very few in this world but at least I was able to find the children who come to Me with their hearts, because I just want to look to see how receptive are your hearts, which you reserve for Me when you meet Me, which indeed, is worthwhile with what I give, with what I pour down upon humanity today. Although there are many who do not embrace, who have not yet accepted, but at least there are a number of people, a number that includes you, who recognize the heavenly light, who recognize the invitation from Jesus Christ, whom they only believe to be in the pages of history, through the Gospel, when they see the miracles. They do not let Me be truly lively in the midst of this world, they do not let Me be truly lively in the midst of their lives.  They cannot see and they do not accept the fact that I was present and always am in each of your souls when you lift up prayers.

My beloved children, indeed, I clearly understood much about this in every generation; so, My longing is for you to meet Me, to meet Me with the heart that knows how to love, but before you really know how to love, you must believe in Me. You must believe in a God who is real, you must believe in the deeds I realized in humanity in the past days and believe in the fact that My doctrine continues to be lively for whoever understands and practices. That is the first step – for you to recognize your encounter with Me, and from there to understand the meaning of the practice.
I always manifest what I said; when you believe, then you will see, from the little to the big things; when you seek and yearn, I certainly will allow you to have an encounter for you to be touched and for you to see. When you knock, I certainly will not miss the opportunity to open the door for you; I definitely will wait for every knock, even if it is a light knock, not yet at the measure for the door to be opened, but I still wait for that knock and I am ready to open the door for you to come in and see. I just want My love to come to you and for you to understand that My love stems from age old, and right from the start, through the phases of history, through the phases I completed, and through which I wholeheartedly accepted to become a holocaust for humanity.
For that reason, when you feel and understand its meaning, it lies in the depths of the soul, in the depths of the heart. All the written pages and all the deeds of those who recognize love as the witnesses for love are enough for you to know about the life of love when you accept Me, when you believe in Me, when you agree to follow this way of life. The people whom I created have forgotten their roots, so this needs to be repeated once more for the rebirth in the water that I had to fully replenish in the sacrifice.
That sacrifice was to bring you a new source of life through the Resurrection; death went down in history, and the Passion, as with the days I was in the flesh, all of that ended through death, and entered a new phase – the Resurrection. The Resurrection was to help people recognize the light, the Resurrection was to free people from sin, the Resurrection was to renew every soul, and the Resurrection was to strengthen people in the opportunity to choose the path of truth, the path of peace, and the path upon which you recognize your own consequences.

My beloved children, throughout the ages, these words continue to always come to you.  My love never stops at a point, My love always follows you, My love continues to give you the opportunity, My love continues to help you recognize that light. I alone can comprehend all that happened and is happening to each individual, to each group, at the places that you do not recognize. Everything lies in the plan and the providence of a God, a God whom you cannot forget, because when you look through Me, you see a Creator.
That Creator is a God, forever and ever. He is a merciful Supreme Being, He is the Supreme Being who is providence, He is the Supreme Being who has the power – He is also the Supreme Being who has authority, and He is the only Supreme Being who can decide on the beginning day and the ending day. All of that is a history known and heard; because of the word “love,” time is waiting, silently and quietly waiting for the heart and the soul of humanity to be able to understand, to be able to recognize. These are also the last words for the remaining time of the end of the century.

My beloved children, all that was left through the Gospel, through the Good News is like a reminder to you. It is like giving you the handbooks in life to help you with the weakness in dealing with the things encountered, with the tribulations, with the human ego inherent in weakness, death and sin. For that reason, I still want you to recognize everything that you had as an inherited fortune – My Church. My Church has all classes; the Church that I left instructed and guided countless, abundant things such as the words reported by the Apostles.  Each person had a role; they each embraced the roles, they faced and knew the roles. That is the only way to help your brothers, the only way to repent, the only way to make up for those days when they did not recognize the love, the salvation, the light, and the source of the eternal, heavenly life.

So many generations have passed yet I continue to repeat over and over again and want all classes to see My presence in the earthly world, with the reminder, with My words through the Church, through the beings who bring the reminders to you on My behalf, to help you understand love, peace, sacrifice and charity, and to help you recognize a unique God. Besides Me, there is no one else for you to worship. So there were many things that people failed to see, to hear – neglected and ignored for generations.
Today things are reminded again because the world is facing a threshold that is the annihilation from your own actions in ruining one another. The doctrine is a doctrine to bring you to happiness, to harmony, and to give you a light source so that you might have peace, so that you know to love, so that you end with what comes from the conscience, the reason, the soul, with good and holy things, but indeed, in the first generation a crime was committed between brothers, who killed each other because of selfishness and of jealousy. To kill a life without feelings, to satisfy the ego, the passions, things that humans want to achieve is an evil act, a crime that evil instills in the people, in the life of the flesh.
So everything that you can see was redeemed at the price of My Blood, for you to know that only My doctrine can remove, can change, can transform, for those things to become holy, for you to decide between right and wrong – in the mind, in the soul and in the heart – for you to understand the path that goes along with My doctrine. That liveliness is the Church; although I left, although I returned to heaven, although the Apostles also returned to heaven, those words still echo today, meeting you gently.
In the moments you are alone you may also encounter My Word through the Gospel, along with all the Real Presences in the mystery that is ongoing in this world. That was history, the sacred things that I give you, through the history of My Body and Blood, through history, with the words left, with the reminders in a life of faith in each generation, with My words through the messengers, with My word alive through the prophets, with My word as a vivid reminder for the human heart to return to the path of justice.

Today, this is not something extraordinary; I already reminded you many times, but today it is again a reminder for what you do not yet understand and have not yet practiced for My love, for My Sacred Heart to continue to bleed. Those streams of blood are for you to see the proof of the forgiveness, the proof of the mercy, the proof of the heavenly world when you truly recognize My love, for you to return, for you to recognize the salvation. You must have known yet you do not believe; you cannot be categorized into ranks in the earthly days with the passions, the indulgences, surrounded by evil, with provisions only for the flesh. What is most needed is the heart, the true feelings in the depths of the heart that every person has, and the decision from faith, from reason, in order to have peace, to have entrustment, and the desire to stay away from the terrifying crime caused by human sin.

My beloved children, how many times, how many things that I continue with this statement that I came not to change (1) or to punish but I came to strengthen all of My children when they recognize My doctrine, My voice, My invitation and My Heart of love. The validation reminding you daily is the Cross, the Cross I had to carry, the Cross I had died upon, the Cross I had to endure through the sufferings to save you, to save your souls, to save your bodies, and to save a whole new truth for you. Do not let life go by worthlessly, do not let evil control you; do not let the ego inherent in human nature in the normal and banal ways to lead you into occasions of sin; they are very mild, you cannot see them, but slowly they encroach through the snares that you are facing in the world today.
There are still many things that you only do in your arrogant way of thinking; the offenses, the crimes you commit because of a lack of faith; you do not recognize My love because of the immaturity in your understanding of God. Because you do not yet feel the love for which I died for you, you do senseless things, you are rebelling, you act against morality, you are living with a life that only brings you death and extreme sufferings to what is inherent, to what human nature already had, is having, and will have until the last moment you leave this world for the other side.

So there is only the light of My love, only the light of the Cross to carry, which is a worthy accomplishment to carry and pay for your souls to enter into the heavenly kingdom. All things that are reminded are the things you receive in the world today, which is the love through the Divine Mercy, the heart that you are experiencing in the world today. Everything that is attached to the miracles came through the lively messages, through the reminders, through all the circumstances and roles that you are facing in today’s world. I want you to listen, to give yourselves a chance to experience My love for you, to return to justice in order for you to face it daily in your lives. You are not alone; lift up and entrust, seek to come to Me to meet Me; when you really open your souls, your hearts, and you long for that, I certainly will have a way.
I gave and give as I promised, but since you do not recognize, you are not clear, for you to understand and embrace everything that comes to each of your lives. If you believe then you will see, if you seek then you will find, if you knock then I will open and welcome you, for you to see the height, the width and the depth with a life when you recognize Me, when you believe in Me, when you realize the significance of being the chosen ones who are My children, the people who join the ranks of the Church, the people who are officially Christians, the people who already have a doctrine, protected by My word, by My Good News, by things that are real. You receive protection in a divine way through the Church and you receive My Body and My Blood through each Holy Mass.
As long as the Church remains, I will never stop pouring divine blessings through things I reserve for humanity, because this is something unique I give in the present world, for you to receive the sublime blessings, which cannot be seen by human eyes, but in the divine realm I protect and give to you. You will find the answers with belief; as for faith, through actions you will be able to see that effect, to see that liveliness, to see that truth, for you to recognize everything under heaven that I created, which the Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – always unite and manifest for each generation so that you may understand the meaning of God’s love for humanity. There are many things with which you can use your own thoughts to be able to think carefully about the words I remind through the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart today.
Thank you for being the people who take the time to come to Me with the heart, thanks to My children who heard My invitation, thanks to the children who actually live with the heart to meet love through My Sacred Heart. There are many children who act in silence but you are the ones who console Me, you are the ones who give Me the strength to continue to speak with this lively voice (2), you are the children who help the other brothers to meet My love, to meet My Sacred Heart, to meet the love through the Divine Mercy, to meet the real liveliness, through the Eucharist, which I constantly remind in order to coordinate with all the things that today you have and that I always give.

My beloved children, do not be afraid. In this world there are many people who refused Me, who caused My Heart to bleed every day; they rejected Me, they offended My love and My Heart – they demolished and did so many things. People remain within human limitations; what you do, what you are seeing is a number of people, ensnared by today’s civilized society, by the sophisticated snares of the evil spirits that satisfy the body with lust, with greediness, with selfishness, with the personal ideas of man in humanity, which removed you from My Heart of love and My grace of salvation, yet I still give you the opportunity because these are the remaining moments of the end of the century.
Everything that happened and is happening definitely must happen, to entirely conclude the days in which the world in sin, in crime, in disobedience, committing offenses, acting against morality, failing to recognize love, definitely will end completely in order to enter into a new world. So with what already happened and is happening, I know people like you can be embittered by the way fellow humans treat one another, by the way people challenge Me. People use that way to offend Me, they use that way according to how mankind pleads for wrongfulness, for the sophistications of society, for a debauched era, for an evil time full of crimes, for an age of immorality, for everything that they think ought to be supported that also attracts countless who are immature in their belief.
All of these things are up to you to make the decisions for yourselves – today while you are still in the flesh and for your souls later. He who has ears ought to hear, he who has the heart ought to feel, he who has eyes ought to look into morality and truth or into fairness and justice. That is a price they pay today, it is also a price for those who do not believe in God, who prefer the idols, the free world, the ego in which they are being taken advantage of, managed by the evil that is ruling and killing their souls and bodies in this current world.

For this reason, I continue through people such as you, the righteous ones, who can see there are things you cannot accept – let alone God’s doctrine, a decree from God the Father, who wanted mankind to live in truth, righteousness, and justice. There is only one thing left, which is the mark through the Cross, the imprint through the Heart of love, the seal for which My Sacred Heart still remains in the world to wait for mankind’s repentant heart, to show mankind in the last days with a light, a light for them to still have the opportunity to return, to practice, to repent, to meet with the lively words that I give through the Eucharist today.
What was reported and written was given, and in regard to the liveliness with these real words, if I truly do not come then you cannot have a close encounter as what you are having in this generation. So everything that happened and is happening is something poignant and heartbreaking for humanity today. That is what you were asking for from your own decisions; as a result, sooner or later, you will receive the warning for the days which you bear the responsibility for and you will go into a place worthy of the crimes committed in the world today. As for those who listen, who practice, who live in the doctrine, then that place is heaven, the eternal place where I am waiting for you at the holy banquet, with a chair that I offer to each, for you to understand and know the meaning, worthy to enter into a place where I wait for everything to be concluded, for you to welcome a new world.

Before the day of the conclusion there are many more frightening and fearful events that will happen; at this time, incredible and extraordinary things are already happening and appearing from the sky. Do not be amazed, do not be afraid; acquaint yourselves, get to know and understand what is foretold and given to you in the world today; those terrifying events, those unexpected events, with wars, epidemics, disasters, floods, and many frightening and fearful events that will happen in the remaining days of the end of the century, are for you to know that when you believe and you receive the seals of the remaining days, get used to knowing that the angels and the saints will help you in the final days.
These are the things I want to remind you on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart; My love still waits and gives you the opportunity, My love continues with these lively words, but the concluding day is a surprise no one can foresee. I just want you to be prepared, to repent and return; truly repent to be worthy to receive the remaining seals; the angels and the saints will help you in the times of tribulations. My love is everlasting and My love also has a limit, because the day that you hear and know about – which is the end – is something no one knows in advance, whether it will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in the future.
Prepare for the spiritual life, prepare for the life of repentance and return to encounter what you never before tried in your whole life. Believe in what the doctrine left for you through the Gospel, believe in the living message through which I meet you today, and see the great mysteries that have come as a reminder to the whole world to remind mankind to repent and return. Do not let the remaining days be the days where you can see the terrible and extremely frightening tribulations when you do not have the seal of the angels given when you actually return, prostate and repent.

All of this has been repeated over and over in many messages; today, I desire for you to clearly understand, to mature and to grow in what is reminded to you. Do not be too stubborn, do not delve deep with knowledge; you already missed so many opportunities because of pride, because of arrogance, because you still rely on theory but in reality there are things I give to humanity today that were never given in the previous generations. Today I want to come to give you My Body and My Blood, to give you wonderful things for you to see that those are the works. You need to awaken, to pray and to grow much stronger in faith for you to see, to know and to hear, and especially for you to practice in your lives, to give up the ego, the greediness, the selfishness, and the crimes.
Live in love, live in unity, live close with one another, live together with generosity, and forgive so that you may be forgiven, as I remind the world today. Use your hearts; when each of you has some moments of quietness, calmly look at yourselves and make amendments to all that needs to be amended in life, so that from those modifications you will receive the divine blessings in replacement for the things you push away, things inherent to human nature that are the sins, the ego, the personality, for your lives to be supported through My grace in this time of graces and blessings, for you to recognize, to be more flexible, to be more responsive, to welcome and to receive all the graces through the love I give, with the Divine Mercy, with the living water, with the sanctification and transformation I give and reserve particularly for humanity today.

Today, especially on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, the love of the Sacred Heart I reserve for you is once again My love, which always gives you the opportunity. My love is forever worthy for those of you who recognize and respond with holy things, with your hearts, in simplicity, in entrustment, in trust, in a life with practices through the doctrine learned, heard – and also respond to the love that silently, each day, you trust and serve. The charity and sacrifice you practice will bring so many things; be persistent, be patient, for you to hear, to know and to recognize the countless things I give to you in this world. My peace be with all of you. I love you very much. Goodbye children.

O God, I thank the blessing God reserved for me as well as for M.N. in the last moments. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Father, as Father reminds us, is a Solemnity the Church reminds for us to be touched by Father’s lively words sent to the world today; from the revelations, we can see and hear the mystery we receive through the miracle Father gives. We do not know what else to say apart from our prayers lifted up to Father with thanksgiving and with praise; that we may console the Sacred Heart of Father.
I hope more people can feel more profoundly, for them to spend time to come to Father through their reformed lives and through those lives being touched – through the words Father taught – to change anew, to really become the witnesses for the Good News, the witnesses for the words known and heard, to bring the words Father sent to pass on to the other brothers and sisters, so that we are together in unity, together in love, together in the understanding of the meaning of Father’s love and of Father’s Sacred Heart. We thank, praise, and glorify, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, Amen. Amen. Amen.
L. completes this message at exactly 6:39 p.m. on Friday, June 12, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, at the holy statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the holy statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the holy statue of St. Theresa, St. Juan Diego, where L. had the opportunity to receive the words from God, with sister M.N., who was also present this afternoon, on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On behalf of the brothers and the sisters in the group, I say thanks to God’s grace and praise God; we wait for tomorrow, the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mother; we wait together to have a meeting.

Father, please come to us; Father, please teach us and help us know which path to take and how to serve Your holy will, especially with the proclamation of love that Father manifested to mankind through the Sacred Heart, especially at this parish, and generally for the people to listen, to know, and believe. O God, I hope our brothers and sisters open their ears to listen, open their eyes to see, open their hearts to feel, and open their souls to be able to practice and receive the abundances, with the words Father gave us in the last moments. I thank Father – I thank the Holy Spirit for me to complete this message, and I thank Mother who is always present to enable us to complete every single work when we receive the words from Father. Amen. Amen. Amen.


  1. “not to change” here means not to change things that are not sinful or evil.
  2. In these messages, Jesus does not emphasize Himself as the absolute, transcendent God, but as the God who is like us, with emotions and even needs.


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