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This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

July 5, 2015

L.: O God, it is 1:27 p.m. on Sunday, July 5, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, before the Cross and the altar. Today I had the opportunity to attend Mass here at noon; like every week, I had the opportunity to come here – especially today – to attend Mass.  Since the day America signed a decree allowing for same-sex marriages, from June 26 until today, July 5, it has been almost two weeks. There are so many anxious souls; everyone realizes that everything seems to be a challenge – to have a signed decree to condemn one’s own soul (1) – yet those who are in that situation, they rejoice and revel in the celebrations, especially yesterday, July 4. With all that is contrary to morality, especially in regard to what God gave to mankind, with His creation of a man and a woman; with that being reversed, how can the children of God not feel sad and anxious regarding the matters that are stepping into a frightening and terrifying time?

That is due to the veil of the darkness, of civilized times, of the matters used in a direction contrary to everything belonging to the truth and the doctrine God left to us. With continued arrogance with all the freedom in sexuality, every single person commits so many sins unacceptable to the conscience and the sense of right and wrong of ordinary people in the human world, then according to a God, how do these sins look to Him who sees all? He allowed that freedom for people to reach the last measure, to embrace what they choose, and to accept its consequences, because God is a God, looking not with a pair of normal eyes as humans do but God is looking at us with a soul, with a frame of mind; God wants us to be able to recognize the things that He knew, that He arranged to help mankind in the earthly world. It was Jesus, through the Cross, the Supreme Being who came to reverse evil and the sins of mankind, so that we would have hope; that love forever is the imprint in the soul of every single one of us and cannot be changed, because the doctrine was established and because of the creation of God, with things He Himself planned and that supremacy forever and ever is something that brings goodness, happiness and peace to the human race.

In the first era the ancestors were enticed by the serpent; that was the symbol of evil and the devil existed right from the beginning but God used His way to save us in the earthly world.  It is not only something done in order to save with what He can do in His power but He gave His one and only Son and brought His Son here – through a plan arranged in a logical and intelligent way – to be in the midst of our human race, to be a human. All the deeds He accomplished, the sufferings He endured to mark that imprint, delivered us from the sinful circumstances of the world.

All the wrong things we do and commit in a human life in the world does not bring any benefit to the soul or bring any other benefits; these are just frivolous days in the human world. God has a way to save mankind because we still have our souls; we still have innermost feelings; we still have the hearts to distinguish between right and wrong, to love and recognize everything that brings peace, brings joy, brings hope, and brings the light from Jesus Christ who had come to bring that victory to mankind. We do not end with the points we had and have; life goes on as normal with a lot of people who still do not recognize and still do not see God’s Love, who do not see what He accomplished and arranged for mankind with the word “love” – in the hope that mankind will understand that love will bring victory to humanity, including all the necessities, when we truly recognize one God as Father and we wholeheartedly follow His teachings.

Our lives are really blessed in every way from what God established and taught us regarding everything God did. That proof forever remains on the Cross because the victory of the Cross is to bring glory and deliverance to mankind.  Over many years and months the world today has become accustomed to the human practices in the ego, the personality, the individualism, which has corrupted people and dimmed their life of faith, their trust in God. The things people trust in are only lusts, passions, pleasures, financial profits; things that come from the evil spirits, who in their sophisticated ways see the weak points of mankind, see the love God reserves for mankind, and look for all kinds of ways to overturn and destroy it.

We, too, were mistaken because we were too weak in the flesh and we could not overcome all the demands – the selfishness and the greed that are inherent in sin and death. We were wrong and it is because of that wrong that God wants to bring His doctrine for every day, and to leave His Church to remind us of everything that He wants to teach us, which is to know Him, to recognize His Love, and to recognize the love that is with us, together, as the children who serve, who worship, who live in the laws of God, in the eternal happiness He bestows that never ends; but we were wrong, with many things within us, we could not see that love, we could not see what He wants us to see and to have on earth, so we let the world control us, we let our ego control us. Today we move forward on a misguided path, which is the opening we create for the evil spirits and they won the battle with what we allowed – with the freedom of lust; the freedom of personal thinking in the ego, in the personality; the freedom with things that we thoroughly hurt ourselves with – spiritually and physically.

God’s Love never leaves the earthly world, Jesus’ Love forever remains an eternal love that never ends with the flowing water, the living water that allows mankind to be cleansed in the love and the Blood with which He redeemed the sins of the world (2). Everything has happened and is happening; they are the events so that we realize that these are the remaining days of the end the century – so that between what we chose throughout the past centuries, we recognized and we could see God and what the present circumstances in the world bring to us. Do they bring peace and happiness? Do they bring war, dispute, evil into the world? This is something that stands out with all the human decisions; we see America is a free country, a blessed place, a place because of which yesterday we celebrated together the freedom, the victory, with fireworks in the sky. We forget that it was God the Father who bestowed and blessed America and we failed to see that blessing in the freedom and the fireworks. In freedom we have acted against morality; today we are surrounded by the darkness, by evil and death that have spoken. We are in the middle of a situation of embracing what is contrary to morality, we are under the control of the evil spirits that made us enter into a world where it is even worse for our offspring and the people who are falling into that abyss.  But God is still a God of Love, a God who is Love, a God who always rescues and delivers mankind.

Today we have the opportunity with a small church called St. Theresa, with a pastor whom we feel is simple and commonplace, with shortcomings and imperfections but who today has spoken up to advocate for the truth God created, for a law God gave since the ages until today. Today, the parishioners feel very happy and can see that the Holy Spirit of God especially saved St. Theresa parish by letting that pastor speak up to touch the soul of every single parishioner like us so that we know what we must do as our duty. We have the right to change the laws (3) because they do not follow the laws of God with the voice of justice, the voice of truth, the voice of the heart. We can testify for the truth when we unite, when we love, and when we guide one another to look for the specific thing God sincerely wants, which is for every soul to rise to help one another on the path of truth on which we need one another in order to have a voice among humanity, to have a voice among all people, to have a voice among many things surrounded by the roles and authorities of the nation.  O God, today is a very special day, marking it as a victory for this place, though a small place – the victory in life that we receive in the soul, between wrong and right. God, please bless the pastors, please bless the faithful like us so that we continue to boldly speak about the truth, about the righteousness that God wants us to voice in life.

O God, today I offer to God the Father the First Kowtow, which is the thanksgiving, the praise, the glory to our God. The light has dawned through the days of languishing, of suffering of the children who are living in situations surrounded by evil and darkness, which people are accepting in their weakness and in the narrow human views.  Nonetheless, God is still full of love; He never abandons us, He never wants to see the children in their efforts – with simple souls, with sincere hearts – to be choking in the conditions surrounded by evil, so the voices resounded, the souls lifted up, and the acceptance came from God so that we see the light and hope in each of our hearts.  At this moment, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters around the world, especially St. Theresa parish, the people who already knew and people who do not yet know, with reverence, adoration, praise and glory to our eternal and only God.

The Second Kowtow I offer to beloved Jesus, because it is from having Him – with Him, in Him and His Presence – that we have the grace of salvation. He still remains with us today; that resounding voice and that liveliness still remind people and strengthen our life of faith, so that we boldly rise to advocate for the truth, to boldly speak up for everything that belong to the laws of God, so that the descendants like us have the opportunity to continue to testify to things seen, heard, through the reminder that Jesus is not simply a person, a place that we seek to come to, but Jesus is in each of our hearts when we recognize His teachings and we get to know Him. We cannot keep silent facing the situations in which mankind is stepping into sin and crimes with terror. O God, please have mercy, please help us and help America, where we are residing. God, please help all those children around the world to see righteousness and to return, to rise with a life of faith, to prostrate to God to ask God to intervene and to protect us now and in the days ahead. I bow my head in worship to our beloved Jesus, with a thousand thanks and praises, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

With the Third Kowtow, I thank the Holy Spirit, for Him and to have Him in our midst. He Himself instructs these words (4), and the enlightened wisdom to discern between right and wrong also comes from Him. Please open our souls, open our hearts. He is Love; Love will bring victory, Love will be full of hope, and Love will bring the light to all people. God will definitely be the winner of the war, and we are forever the children who worship, who prostrate and honor the Trinity – One God in Three Persons, Three Persons in One God.  I believe, I trust, and I venerate our God. Amen.

I offer to God the Fourth Kowtow with all our hearts and our souls.  This is only the beginning; in the future all children must also bow and worship, to thank the Body and Blood of God that nourishes us – from our souls to our bodies – so that we are determined and affirmed, so that we boldly testify, so that we boldly defend the truth that God left to us in His teachings. We do not know what else to say because He still nurtures us and is still with us so that we have the opportunity to speak up and testify to the truth: that His Love forever remains with us, through His Body and Blood.  Please heal the body, heal the soul and heal the children, especially at a time when the whole world is confused with all these events that are exploding, with the evil spirits that are raging, with naive people like us and our brothers. Please, help us to boldly worship, praise, thank, glorify God through His own Body and Blood, with the Fourth Kowtow.

With the Fifth Kowtow, I thank the Five Holy Wounds of God. It is because of the Five Holy Wounds that today we still exist in the world; we have the opportunity to speak up to voice justice, to be worthy to choose and create our own accomplishment.  The love, from Jesus Christ through the Five Holy Wounds, forever and ever remains in our souls, never forgotten and never faded; may we bow our heads in worship on behalf of the people who have forgotten, who are forgetting and are offending, in return for the love and the grace of salvation through the Five Holy Wounds that bring life, light, and save mankind in the world in every period, in every century.  We are present at this place to bow our heads to reverently worship the Five Holy Wounds that we remember forever. Amen.

With the Sixth Kowtow we thank God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – the Trinity, and One God in Three Persons. We offer this kowtow to our beloved Mother Mary and the Immaculate Heart of Mother to whom we are bowing our heads to ask for Mother’s intercession. Mother is also the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us.  Mother, please help us in the state of the world today, please help us in the state of overflowing sins in which people do not yet know what direction to take in order to return.

Mother is the Person who came at the right time, Mother is the Person who teaches, Mother is the Person who brings us closer to God. Mother is the bridge as well as the cradle to lull us with the peaceful days on earth; as for the sufferings we lean on Mother; Mother is also the bridge leading us closer to God and straight to the heavenly kingdom.  May we say to Mother these words: O our beloved Mother Mary, we need Mother every day – every minute of our lives; we cannot be without Mother in this life because Mother is the perfect Person before God; Mother knows the weaknesses of the flesh. We cannot stand up to the evil spirits in the world, especially nowadays; they are looking to destroy our world, seeking to kill our souls and our bodies. Mother, please save us, only Mother is the perfect Person who can scare evil away because of the grace and the power that God gave to Mother. Mother, please help us, please save us so that we may continue to listen to Mother’s teachings, please intercede for today’s world – so that we enter into God’s world, completely peaceful, happy, full of love, full of harmony; so that mankind loves, worships and reveres an unimaginable God. At this moment, that is what I ask for, in prostration with the Sixth Kowtow, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Amen. Amen.

O God, I thank the grace of God. This morning we had the opportunity to lift up to God; maybe at this time no one can understand yet but these are the words from the Holy Spirit to help us.  There were days full of hope in the world; we ask from all, especially from Saint Joseph and the heavenly saints and angels whom we are able to witness and to see their appearances as well as all the divine manifestations that appeared at this parish.  To our patron saints, our guardian angels – especially St. Theresa, please continue to pray for St. Theresa Parish and the parishioners at this place – in faithfulness, in thanksgiving, in praise – to voice the truth and justice.  I complete this message at exactly 1:49 p.m. on Sunday, July 5, 2015, at St. Theresa Church, in the sanctuary and the Cross of God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  1. Same-sex relations qualify as mortal sin (see St. Paul), but like any mortal sin: “For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: ‘Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent’” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1857). At the same time, same-sex relations are a flagrant violation of the natural law, so it is clear that many, many, many such people damn themselves by these actions if they do not repent of them before death.
  2. “Living water” in the context of this sentence does not refer to the Holy Spirit but to the Water that flowed from the side of Jesus on the Cross; the Church has seen this Water as symbolic of the Sacraments of Baptism and Confession, which cleanse us of our sins.
  3. That is, man-made laws: for the good; for the better
  4. The Holy Spirit is inspiring L. with these words.

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