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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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   The Meaning of the Six Kowtows



The Holy Spirit leads L. in this message about the meanings of the Six Kowtows. (1)    

August 8, 2015

L.: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, it is 12:22 a.m., Saturday, August 8, 2015. We just attended Mass this Friday evening, stepping into the new hour of Second Saturday of the month. After every Mass, we always offer to God the Six Kowtows (2); from the day God started to give us the opportunity to listen to the revelation from Blessed Mother, we have silently practiced this – we have also practiced this at other parishes. Today, we practice – to offer to God, especially on this First Friday of the month, as well as for us to offer to God in this first hour of Saturday.


O God, I thank God’s grace (3). First, to thank God’s grace for so many blessings God reserves for us; today especially is a day God gives us so many graces, which is the answer of the brothers and sisters from all over who, with the Six Kowtows, have testified to the practice of prostrating to worship God at the altar, at the Cross, at the Divine Mercy picture as well as the place where we always go to, with a grateful spirit, with a zealous heart, to reverently offer to God – the Blessed Sacrament. Today we have the opportunity to be reminded at the Mass to venerate the Heart of God and to venerate the Heart of Mother Mary.


The First Kowtow is offered to God the Father, to thank God for the grace He reserves for us and for giving us the opportunity to understand the meaning of the First Kowtow to Father (4), the Creator of heaven and earth and all things, who created me and all the children in the entire world. Today we have the opportunity to express our grateful hearts – thankful, a heart in absolute reverence worshipping an unimaginable God who is Father, to whom we have the opportunity to offer this First Kowtow today. O Father, we offer on behalf of the brothers and sisters in the entire world, the children of Father who are in the Church as well as the sheep of God who knew Father but who have left the Church. In today’s situation, many things are happening all over, with personal preferences, with people choosing freedom; many things have caused the Heart of Father to be very sorrowful and grieved for today’s humanity.  O God, there are also many people who are on the way back to Father, seeking Father and recognizing Father, they are the children who are living in sin, who are living in immorality, but Father’s Mercy still gives us the days and the months for us to recognize the repentance through the Six Kowtows – with a repentant spirit and heart, with a thankful spirit, with a grateful spirit, and with a contrite spirit.


Father, please forgive us and allow us to offer the First Kowtow to Father. Every single time we bow our heads in prostration, with our hearts, we find out that we are able to say and lift up to Father many things in our souls, things from our hearts that we have never been able to mention. There are certain things in the soul – the concerns, the remorse, the regrets – that we never have the opportunity to mention, but when we offer with all our hearts, all our strength, then we can say with our hearts, with our bodies, with our souls to Father: “O Father, I thank Father’s grace, I praise Father, and I worship Father, I should have known this a long time ago and should have understood this” deep in our hearts.  In the past months and years in life there were many days we have caused the Heart of Father to grieve because of our actions, because of our behaviors, because of our ego and personality. Today Father continues to forgive us and to give us the opportunity to receive Father’s Love – the everlasting love, the infinite love, the complete love, and the love as known in the sentence: “God is still full of Love.”


Today we have the opportunity to speak of this with a spirit to worship, to kowtow in atonement to Father. We forever remember the things revealed in today’s world, through the teaching from Mother; with all our hearts, we are the people who receive on behalf of the brothers and sisters everywhere – also, as the pioneers in the remaining days, we offer to Father at this church, which is also the place where Father has manifested the miracle through the Holy Eucharist for us to be endorsed, to be strong and to be bold in order to speak of this, to practice this.  Now and in the remaining days of our lives, we are solely determined, with one spirit, to offer to God the Father through the First Kowtow.


The Second Kowtow, I offer to Jesus. O God, because we have You – with You, in You, Your Presence and Your history – today we have the opportunity to understand and receive. We offer to Father the Second Kowtow. O our beloved Jesus – God died for us, God came to the world in the flesh, and God transformed us through the action, through the determination and the courage to accept death, to leave us the source of sublime grace so that we have the opportunity to bow our heads to kowtow.  The Second Kowtow is full of meanings, but it is not from our own ability that we know and understand, but from God Himself who left us this sign, this vestige for us to be able to experience – through the Love of God the Father in Jesus and through God the Holy Spirit – for us to understand the meaning of the Second Kowtow, for us to prostrate with our hearts, our souls, to offer to God in an absolute way.


O God, what other happiness is there than for us to have the opportunity to speak up with our hearts, in the days living in immorality, in the days living unworthily, in the days of ignorance and indifference and stubbornness facing Father’s Love, facing the love and the invitation that Father gave us 2,000 years ago, and even longer than that; yet we are still indifferent and we are still only very few to be able to recognize and understand Father’s Love.


Love gives us life, Love gives us the light, and Love gives us hope, for us today to have the strength to bow our heads to worship a Jesus who is alive, who is Present. We are the ones who believe in everything that God did, is doing, and still does upon us through His Love – to transform the world, to transform every single one of us while still respecting every single one of us who entrust with faith in God. On behalf of all the brothers and sisters, there are still abundant things to say and to lift up to God; we offer to God the Second Kowtow to voice our grateful spirit, our thanks, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, who died for us and who brought us to the source of eternal happiness, of the heavenly kingdom where He is waiting for us to understand, to experience, and to practice.


O God, I ask for God’s Mercy for all of the children of God all over the entire world, in today’s time period; they are the people who do not yet believe in God, the people who do not yet know God, the people who are living in sin and who are living in immorality. Please help us, help us to open our eyes, help us to open our ears, help us to open our hearts, to recognize the infinite Love of God still waiting for us today.  On behalf of my brothers and sisters, with the Second Kowtow I thank, praise and glorify, offering to God the Second Kowtow, offering to Jesus who is our God. Amen.


O God, with the Third Kowtow, I thank the grace of God the Holy Spirit. How do we know there is God the Holy Spirit?  It is because of God the Father’s Love through Jesus, and in God the Father’s Love and Jesus (5), for us to have God the Holy Spirit. God the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us – deep in our souls, deep in our hearts; He is the love, the life, the hope, the light of every single person, which we had and have in the soul.  O God, if there is no God the Holy Spirit, everything from our mouths, our thoughts and the holy things, if there is no God the Holy Spirit, we definitely would not know.


Therefore, everything that happens comes from a God, from whom we already know the mystery of God the Holy Trinity. Three Persons in God, but there is one and only one Holy Trinity.  This is not easy to explain; today, the entire world and even the Church still cannot explain this great mystery of the Holy Trinity, but we believe and we know that only God can realize the visible and invisible deeds that we are able to receive – the great mysteries in the divinity were realized upon us, the little people, the sinners, but God loves and forgives us, so that we have the opportunity – the opportunity to speak up, through our hearts, through the prostration, to offer to God with a grateful and appreciative heart.


O God the Holy Spirit, in the past months and years, in each of our lives and every single person in the world, many times, You have been patient, You have taught us good deeds, but we probably did not listen and we let those good deeds sink into oblivion; searching for the realities inherent within us, we become people who are hardened, people who are stubborn, people who are obstinate. But that love lasts forever; God always leaves us the freedom to choose – God is still a God who lies in wait intensely for the return of souls.


So many generations till this day have also received many special graces that God pours down for the hearts that respond to His invitation, receiving the abundant graces bestowed upon us from God the Holy Spirit; we accept so that we understand that that abundance is present among us, especially today, so that we understand the meaning of the Third Kowtow, which we revere and cherish, in a prostrate way – to offer to our God, a worshipped Being, a Being we must worship, and forever worshipping God the Third Person; Three Persons in One God, in the Holy Spirit, who today, teaches us Himself. He is a wise Being, knowledgeable and enlightening, who helps us understand the meaning of life in which we have the opportunity – the opportunity to prostrate, the opportunity to offer, and the opportunity to atone with our hearts.  God, please forgive our mistakes, forgive the mistakes of our brothers and sisters who have known, who do not yet know, and who do know, so that they be on the way back, along with us, which is a day that we are determined to gather from all over – from the East, the West, the South, the North – to gather, with our souls and hearts lifted up toward one God alone, with the prostration.


Today we have the opportunity to prostrate to offer the Third Kowtow to our God and to offer to every single Person, especially to God the Holy Spirit whom we heard from, whom we knew of, but rarely have the opportunity to recognize and rarely have the opportunity to understand the deep meaning God the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us. We ask Him to continue to help us, we ask Him to continue to be patient with us, to give us the opportunity, on behalf of all the brothers and the sisters all over the entire world – the people who do not yet know, the people who do not yet believe, the people who are on the way back, and the people who are living in sin.  We ask Him to save us, to help us, to open our minds, to open our ears, to open our eyes, and to open our hearts, so that we return with the days of grace, the days of blessing, which God manifests and reveals to today’s world.


That is the Third Kowtow, which we eagerly and sincerely offer to our God the Holy Spirit. We ask Him to continue to teach us so that we understand the meaning of the next kowtows, in the spirit that people have forgotten, that people have neglected, and that has become a habit in life, not understanding the sublime meaning.  There are many divine things that should be recalled for people in this time period, that should be recalled in the soul of every single person; we must recognize our weak and sinful nature, our fragile nature that is always in need of God’s grace – we must always have a spirit to express reverence, to ask for the intervention to save us and to help us in this generation.


The Fourth Kowtow, I offer with a reverent heart to the Holy Eucharist. We receive His Body and Blood into our hearts every time we attend Mass, yet the awareness in regard to purity or the awareness in regards to worthiness seems to have become a rut throughout many months and years since the day we received Communion for the first time in our lives. O God, till this century and the moment in the most recent months, every single time that we bow our heads to prostrate, we are thus able to understand this sublime meaning, because the Holy Eucharist is a sublime, divine sacrament in which Jesus gave us His own Body and Blood.  His promise back then to the Apostles as well as to the entire world: “I am with you always, to the close of the age,” including all the things said by God in the Last Supper, today is still going on every single day at the altar; as long as the Church exists, the Mass continues to proclaim this, and this continues to be received by the laity, by the sheep of God. Therefore, the Holy Eucharist is very important and sublime, which we did not know. Throughout many generations, many times we were unworthy; we still are today, and so are the children who completely do not understand and do not yet know, many times in their lives, because we are deliberate or unintentionally, but in the end the Holy Eucharist of God is still the place to entrust ourselves, in the days of nourishment for our souls and for our bodies, in the human world.


That sublime divinity – whether we know it or not, God still keeps the promise bestowed upon us – that sublime divinity is for us to receive the divine grace of the heavenly kingdom and the protection for the soul as well as for the body, showing the connection in the encounter between mankind and God in the divinity, through the Holy Eucharist, in which we are able to receive Him into our hearts.  Especially with certain things that we further comprehend when we experience and understand that sublime Presence in our hearts, we recognize peace of soul when we receive Him worthily, and we can feel the love bringing to us a wondrous intimacy, which God reserves especially for us; yet today, the Holy Eucharist of God was Present and bestowed upon mankind, by the mystery God manifested through the miracle of the Holy Eucharist.


Throughout the past months and years, the most recent days at this church, at this altar, God was present in the Holy Eucharist, which we contemplated as if the entire heavenly kingdom was present on the holy altar.  He met His children when He manifested to them; that Presence is an intimate way to bring to people and to strengthen the life of faith in people, from the rank of the clergy to the laity.  These things are not easy to encounter, but since God allows, then we have the opportunity to witness, to contemplate and to clearly see; this has proof, which enable us today to understand the meaning of the Fourth Kowtow, which we offer to God. These are the things that we must prostrate in gratefulness with the signs that God bestows upon mankind; we need to express by the heart, by the spirit, by the sublimity that God reserves for us through the Holy Eucharist. When we prostrate to offer to God, we offer all things in our souls as well as the abundance, and offer to God the heart as well as the prostration with a repentant spirit.


Today, this evening, I speak especially about the Fourth Kowtow, with the things inspired from God the Holy Spirit; there are many things that do not end here in this time period. There are still many things when we silently offer to God; that intimacy, that peace and that happiness – only God and only in God can we have. On behalf of all the brothers and sisters, by prostrating to our God, through the Fourth Kowtow, we bow our heads in worship of the Body and the Blood of God, which is also the Holy Eucharist of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Fifth Kowtow we offer to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus. Today, we have a comfortable life, a free life, a life with the right to choose because of His Five Holy Wounds, because His Five Holy Wounds have redeemed for us the inheritance of the heavenly kingdom, paid at the price of the Blood of the Second Person of God.  Only heard of sparingly, barely understood, when we contemplate the Cross, yet, truly, the Cross and the Five Holy Wounds are hidden in a divine and sublime way in God’s Love for mankind – in the love given, closely connected to the Five Holy Wounds.


That seal, forever in our souls, benefits us when we can understand and know the everlasting meaning of the Five Holy Wounds. Even if mankind lives in sin and disobedience and there are many things that can be chastised according to the Justice of God, yet when thinking of the Five Holy Wounds and the testimony of the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus, we still have the opportunity, the opportunity to reform, and the opportunity to repent.  This is something that we must pay attention to, because God is full of abundant graces, He lets us be clear about the things we need to do and must do – hidden in there is the connection to the love and especially the grace of salvation; we cannot depart from it, cannot deny, and also cannot erase in the human life.


The destiny of mankind was redeemed by God through the Five Holy Wounds, so that we have this abundant life as well as the afterlife, but whether we choose and understand its meaning or not depends on every single individual, according to every single accomplishment and according to every single one of our individual choices. Everything was recalled in the Six Kowtows, and through the Fifth Kowtow, we have the opportunity to clearly understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, which, in our lives, we seem to forget and we hardly understand this profoundness. Today this is recalled through the revelation for us to understand the importance of the Fifth Kowtow; let us seek to return with a reverent heart, with the seals that God bestowed upon us, so that by the Five Holy Wounds, we still exist and we still have this opportunity to bow our heads to thank and to praise a God whom we can never forget, through the sign and the deeds with which He brought us back from the darkness of sin to glorious triumph, through the resurrection that God, in humanness, accomplished for mankind.


Let us recognize that the redemption from those Five Holy Wounds was not a normal thing because it required the price of blood, through a noble sacrifice, through an absolute humility, through everything given up, which only God can do for us, and only God can bring us from the place of sin back into the light, so that we are able to enter the heavenly kingdom, when we truly understand and practice the meaning of the teaching that He left to the human world through the Five Holy Wounds. Today, that word still resonates through the Gospel, through the Good News to remind us; today, we certify and bow our heads boldly, with our souls and our hearts, by the return, to offer to our God, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters, including our families, our children, our loved ones, and the brothers all over the entire world.  Sinners ask for God’s Mercy and forgiveness, through the Five Holy Wounds, asking God to give us the opportunity to recognize His Divine Mercy, to be immersed in the living water; if anyone understands, if anyone agrees to return and understands the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, then we bow our heads to especially offer the Fifth Kowtow to our God.


O God, we offer to God the Father the Sixth Kowtow. I thank Father’s grace because Father is the Supreme Being and the Mighty One, with everything that happened, is happening, Father is the Being who can make the decision to save our human race.  O Father, I offer to Father the Sixth Kowtow, asking Father to let us offer this kowtow to Mother, with a heart venerating the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary (6); we offer with a heart venerating Mother, the Mother of the Holy Eucharist, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of Perpetual Help, the title of the Mother of the Church and the Mother of the human race. The things that we are able to know, that we are able to understand thoroughly, and whose meaning we are able to comprehend come from Mother Herself. Mother is the Person who lived a whole life according to God the Father who chose Mother among our human race; the things Mother practiced in a life of obedience – all the virtues and deeds Mother accomplished and cooperated with the only Son of God on the way of the Cross – were in obedience, throughout Mother’s whole life. From that silence, from those sublime virtues, today we have this.


Therefore, everything that Mother did was chosen by God the Father. Mother is the Queen of Heaven; Mother is the Mother of the Second Person of God and the Mother with the titles that we just mentioned minutes ago.  Today in relation to the Holy Eucharist, Mother is the Mother of the Holy Eucharist; Mother is always with Jesus, sees the things that He, through a piece of bread, through a small window of the halo, is looking at humanity – with desolation, with anxiety, and with grief for the human world. Especially in this century, there are so many sufferings, and the price paid by the Five Holy Wounds, the price paid so that today the Cross is still there for everyone to see and to understand the meaning; but today, this has become familiar, this has become a habit, and this has started to fade in people.


So many things have happened in today’s century; people no longer practice and understand the Good News as in the first days. We have seen how in this time period the world is being led by the sophisticated ingenuity of an era controlled by the devil, by the evil spirit, who is looking for different ways to lure the soul and the body of people on earth – with the ego; with the personality; with matters; with money, fame, self-interest, and all aspects of human needs. Mother saw, Mother knew and Mother can understand the meaning of human life because Mother lived for many months and years in this world; lived among people and practiced the things that God wanted for Mother and in Mother. Therefore, Mother is the only Person who understands and teaches all of us the things that need to be done and must be done in the remaining era – in which we can see that the violations against God have reached a level of human unworthiness – an era with a terribly frightful licentiousness. That is not to mention the things that people continue to do with obstinacy and indifference, continuing to deny God, and continuing to resist the natural things and the nature bestowed from God. He is a one-of-a-kind Being, but people still remain in that hardened state, in that obstinacy, in those small limitations to continue to offend our God.


If there is no Mother Mary, if Mother is not nearby to pray daily, if Mother is not near Jesus to ask Her Son to continue to be with us in the midst of the human world, we will not exist till this day. This is something for us to be clearer with the Sixth Kowtow, regarding the reason why we ask God the Father – so that we offer reverently, in a special way, to our beloved Mother Mary. We greatly need Mother; Mother, please stay with us, help us as a Mother is helping, and Mother is letting us know about the last day with the things that we need to do and must do, in an eager way, in a prostrated way, to ask God to have mercy with the days of utmost misery that people definitely must soon undergo in the coming day of purification.


There are so many things in the midst of this world; we are living but we do not know the great significance that God still gives us the opportunity – we still continue to live a human life with ego, with greed, with selfishness, with lust in all things, and the mistakes in today’s world. With all those things we have agreed to enter into death, for the evil spirit is controlling and is covering us with a heavy snare, preventing us from escaping that dark snare of sin. For this reason, today, there is phenomena happening in a clear way, because people have chosen and are choosing – not choosing God but choosing idols to worship, and choosing things from the decisions made in regard to ephemeral things.


People have stepped into a place that we have seen is a place of chaos; that is the answer that people receive from themselves, for pushing away the things bestowed by God, and making the decisions to bring to one another much misery, to bring to one another much hatred, to cause one another to end up with no peace and no harmony, to continue with disputes and many more things according to the evil way that people use in order to annihilate one another. There are many, many more things we can see in the most recent days; we act against morality, we violate the creation of God the Father, which is something that people need to put an end to and to recognize the things that one must be responsible for, to say nothing of God.


These are the most essential matters that we received from Mother; Mother knows the things that will happen to people in the name of justice before God – Mother also understands that people must be responsible for the deeds they chose.  So there is only Mother, Mother is the Person who can speak up, asking for us to have the time, for us to have the opportunity to repent, to have the opportunity to return, to have the opportunity to recognize the remaining time with the grace and the blessing that we are able to have in today’s century. We definitely must prostrate, return, with the meaning of the Six Kowtows – to spread to everyone in the entire world today, to listen to Mother so that Mother can help us. Mother promises that Mother will help us when we really agree to prostrate with the Six Kowtows, with the profound meaning that Mother revealed to humanity.  With a reverent and a cherishing heart in prostration, we ask God to forgive us from the perspective we realized from the righteous people and also on behalf of the sinners; we ask God to lessen the wrath, to lessen the chastisement that people must bear in this time period, especially in the remaining days of the end of the century.


O God, I thank the grace of God’s Love for us, to allow us to have Mother. So, today, we can say to God that we greatly need Mother in our daily life, in a virtuous life, in a life with things that Mother has done in life.  Today, we follow that sign for Mother to lead us to come closer to God; Mother is a complete Person before God with Her word; Mother is also the intercessor to defend us before God – Mother is the intercessor defending all the children in the entire world, waiting for their remorse, waiting for their repentance, through the prostration with the meaning of the Six Kowtows, which Mother is waiting for, in order to help us and to intercede for us in today’s world.


To all the brothers and sisters who receive, who listen, the meaning of the Six Kowtows is very important, which we must urgently practice, urgently implement, at the assigned places, at the place where we obviously have the opportunity, because we come to worship God, and we always say the prayers, and even the Gospel preaches: “worship God.” We hear and read about worshiping God, but as for the practice of worshiping God, this seems to be done internally with no action yet, and it seems to hardly be in today’s world. So this is something Mother wants us to practice with heart, with soul, with body, and with a truly repentant heart, in order for us to receive the answer in Mother’s intervention in the remaining time and in the things that we cannot fight against (7), the devil and the evil spirits in today’s world.  We definitely must come to Mother, to rely on Mother and the legion of angels; the saints will help us when we truly return with the Six Kowtows. The Six Kowtows also help us when facing the danger of the tribulations in the remaining days; they are the light of the imprint in the Five Holy Wounds that Jesus bestows to every single one of our souls, for that imprint to light up when we prostrate with the Six Kowtows.


There are many things that we have not yet fully understood; we just know that in God we have Mother; Mother will help us with the things that need to be done and must be done in this urgent time to help our souls, to help the souls of the brothers and sisters and the people around us and the people whom we pray for.  God, please forgive and have mercy for every single person who must answer to justice before God in the remaining days of the end of the century. So today we have the opportunity to speak of these very special Six Kowtows; let us continue to proclaim to one another, let us continue to spread to all the brothers and sisters, the Christians who are the children of God.


We definitely must return; we bow down and we kneel in worship to a God (8); definitely, that must be realized in our lives in the remaining days in order for us to be saved, in order for us to receive mercy when the world is in the days of the agony of death, with an excessive number of people in a state of sin and rebellion and violation. We definitely must sacrifice, in order to continue silently, in order to continue boldly to move forward; the important thing is for us to recognize that God is Father, an unimaginable Being to be worshipped, which we need to express with heart, with soul, with the return in prostration, and worship our God. Besides, when we fully realize this then Mother is the Person who steps out to ensure, to guide us, to intercede for us.  The whole legion from the heavenly kingdom is ready and the angels await the response of mankind for the situation to be changed and there will no longer be the frightening tribulations threatening us in today’s world.


This is the only extraordinary way to ask for God’s Mercy and to ask for Mother to intervene for us, to help ease the suffering, the misery and the tribulations in today’s world. Today, this is something that could not be coming from a human person but from the Holy Spirit of God, who is working and inspiring, so that we understand the importance of the Six Kowtows, which today we must testify to, proclaim and spread wide.  Regardless of role, regardless of circumstances, regardless of class, when we return and recognize God, there must be certain signs to offer to God, and when we do this, then we give up pride, we give up arrogance, we give up the things that are inherent in humans who, from the dust, were created by God.


We must act and we must worship one and only one God because He is the only Person who can save us from the wretchedness, from the misery, from the tribulations; only He can bring us happiness and peace in this life and the afterlife – only He is the Person who accepted death on the Cross for us.  He always reminds us of that mark (9), still within us, in the soul in which we must allow for it to have the opportunity to recall, to ask God to forgive according to His way, to ask Him to allow us to return to God in the heavenly kingdom, or to be able to remain with a new world before which we must undergo the moments of misery and the moments in the days of purification of the end of the century.


To offer the Six Kowtows from the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit is to speak up and to testify to all the brothers and sisters in the entire world, even to the children in the Church for them to be able to understand the things that God has done and is doing. The Holy Eucharist of God allows the witnessing of the things that were true and are true, in order to bring people closer to God, so that they return to God, and relying on Mother Mary, Mother will guide us to come to God, to recognize God, to receive the intervention and the clemency of God, through the help of Mother in this time period.  In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Let us not forget to thank St. Joseph; we always remember Him, because He is a being who was chosen to help our human world; with the blessings, St. Joseph was chosen by the Church to be a guardian.  God also bestows to all the children in the entire world in the family life through St. Joseph so that we come running to him – no one returns empty-handed. The graces bestowed upon us through the saints help us in a life of faith to recognize God, to believe in God and to worship God.  Let us not forget the three archangels – Michael, Gabriel and Raphael – and the entire legion of angels in the heavenly kingdom, the nine choirs of angels, and there are many more angels and saints who are always waiting to help our human world; through the words we pray and our collaboration in the divinity, they help us, for us to return with heart and for us to receive the help of the angels, of the saints.  Let us not forget the words to thank them for their blessings and to thank especially the guardian angels for every single person present here today.  There are many people who have forgotten about their guardian angels, who never thought about them, but they still silently continue to protect and guide us till this day.


There is a great abundance we receive, especially at St. Theresa’s church; the saints to whom I pray, the names of the saints whom I always pray to, those are the saints whom I continue to silently pray, asking them to intercede to God for us. At this moment I lift up words of gratefulness, of praise, to God, and thanks to Mother for having helped us. Please, help us to continue in our roles and our testimonies in the days ahead; we also ask the angels, the saints – especially the saints who are present here, so that they continue to help us complete, from the starting place to the other places that God allows, the testimony of the Six Kowtows, to be proclaimed to the entire world, so that people recognize, return, and understand the meaning of the Six Kowtows in the remaining days. We definitely must prostrate, worship, and choose only God who is the Worshipped Being; we must bow our heads, we must kneel, we must return, we must repent, with a thankful spirit, with a grateful spirit, and with a penitent spirit, to ask for God to forgive and to have mercy in the days when we are in danger and misery, in the midst of the situation in today’s world.


One more time we thank God’s grace, we thank the grace of God the Holy Spirit who helped me complete the meaning of the Six Kowtows today. It is exactly 1:08 a.m. this morning on Saturday August 8, 2015; today is the day that the Church is celebrating the Saturday in veneration for the Heart of Blessed Mother (10), and this Saturday is the day to commemorate Saint Dominic. Today, in the first hour, we prayed to him, from Mother helping us to understand the meaning of the Rosary; especially today, there are a lot of things going on at the monasteries with the name of Saint Dominic. The preparation for this memorial started in the past recent days, and today is also the closing day, after a day of receiving much information and the opportunity to hear the history of Saint Dominic. St. Dominic, please continue to help us with prayers in the heavenly kingdom; we believe that today you have understood the things that we pray to God as well as to the saints and to Mother Mary.  St. Dominic, please protect us and help us to understand the meaning when we come to Mother, to rely on Mother, and to ask Mother along with the saints, united in the heavenly kingdom as well as on earth, and in purgatory – to all lift up toward God, to help one another believe in God and to help one another to live pleasing God, to live realizing the teaching that God left and bestowed upon us.


One more time I thank God, I thank God the Holy Spirit, I thank Mother, and I especially thank St. Dominic, asking Him to come to us today if possible, and if there is the opportunity, please help us with the words that He wants to say as well as the words He can help us with in a life of faith, to help us understand the meaning of the Rosary that we usually offer to Mother, because maybe not that many people fully understand the mysteries when we offer to Mother.  We ask him to help us recognize and to unite in solidarity to pray for ourselves, to pray for the brothers and sisters around us, to pray for the world and for the life of every single person, when we understand the meaning of the Rosary, so that we rely on Mother – with Mother, to ask Mother to guide us in the midst of this world.


Completing the message of the Six Kowtows in this morning, one more time, I ask for the testimony from the heavenly kingdom by the sign that we always have, with our whole bodies shaking as well as having goose bumps. That was a real testimony today that God allows, through the Six Kowtows offered in front of the altar and the Cross of God as well as the Holy statue of Mother Mary.  I thank the special grace that God reserves for us today, along with the saints, the angels; the inspiration for the meaning of the mystery of God the Holy Trinity is too sublime, too lofty, to be given to the little people such as us in today’s world.  Please help us open our hearts, help us be zealous, help us be sharp, help us be more fervent in order to testify, and be more fervent in order to serve God according to the way that God guides and helps us – in the past days, in the days ahead – and for us to have a faithful and persevering heart till the last minute of our lives.  Amen. Amen. Amen.  One more time, I thank God.  Amen. Amen. Amen.



  1. These messages are categorized as “Inspired Messages” since they are locutions from the Holy Spirit.
  2. Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.
  3. is a very simple person, a Vietnamese immigrant to America, with only the equivalent of a third grade education. This sometimes very simple language is how God and she speak to one another. (See the “God Uses His Most Simple Language” message of November 13, 2013.)
  4. Here is a case of how clear it is regarding the use of “Father” in these messages. In almost every instance this refers, as a new revelation, to Jesus as a Father, but when it does not it is sufficiently clear, as in this passage: the First Kowtow is in honor of God the Father, so “Father” here clearly refers to God the Father, not to Jesus. In the following section, devoted to the Second Kowtow, “Father” is used again, but clearly it refers in this case to Jesus as a Father because the Second Kowtow is in honor of God the Son. Finally, for the Sixth Kowtow, God the Father is mentioned again, and so “Father” in that section refers to Him. For a more thorough explanation of this new revelation of Jesus as a Father, please see our homepage on .
  5. As this suggests, the Holy Spirit proceeds from both God the Father and God the Son, as in the Bible and Church Teaching.
  6. The Sixth Kowtow is “In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.”
  7. This is not saying that we should not fight evil, but that the time for mankind to win this battle has come and gone. The war will be won, but things have been set in motion at this point that cannot be turned back; the prophecies in the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled. We must, however, pray for mitigation and for more time for mankind to repent.
  8. This expression, “a God,” appears regularly in the messages. It by no means is saying there are other deities (Scripture is clear on that), but seems to be directed to those who do not believe that there is a God, a God who loves them, a God who is merciful, etc.
  9. This refers to a mark, which is “the seal” mentioned in Revelation 7:2-3. This seal can be received by those who practice the Six Kowtows. (See the “Receive the Seal from God” message of November 1, 2013.)
  10. That is, the optional memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturdays during Ordinary Time



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