The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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This Is the Last Opportunity, The Six                             Kowtows




This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

This Is the Last Opportunity, the Six Kowtows

August 19, 2015

L.: It is 10:11 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. It is late but we share many responsibilities and together we accomplish the essential things that need to be done. In the past days, we have shared our works’ experiences with one another to see our works which have results that God blesses us with so that we continue to recognize what comes from God and what we need to be more active and to try harder at. Today we have much to share with one another and we have only one, undivided mind, which is to thank the grace of love that God reserves for us. In the past months, there were times we were procrastinating, sometimes also were very busy – we didn’t finish our duties and our responsibilities, but all works came to an end and also today we can see all works brought the fruits that God gave us in our sister’s unexpected accomplishment. (1) All these accomplishments are not ours but are in God’s program and remind each of us to progress firmly on the path of witnessing to the miracles that we saw and we heard (2). These are real revelations that we hear, we witness and we are able to contemplate as we go on with peaceful and happy days.

We lift up everything to God; these are the works that we continue daily to lift up, unceasingly giving thanks and praise to God. We are just lowly people but in the end we recognize the truth, we testify to the truth so that our brothers and sisters also receive the happiness from God, the graces from God, and the blessings God reserves for the children who open up their souls, their hearts, their eyes of faith to receive the gifts of grace of the remaining days. We stand side by side together to continue a life in a program of returning to God with our hearts, with our souls, and with our minds – to ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness for humanity in general and in particular for each individual, and for each of our souls.

At this moment, we would like to offer to God the Father the First Kowtow (3). O Father, everything comes from Father; if Father does not give permission, if Father does not give us the opportunity then today we would not have the chance to be together in one spirit, in one belief, in one loving heart – to prostrate and always be united in one heart to testify to the things seen, heard, and known. O Father, we are nothing, we are sinners, we are little people, we are unworthy people – because of our sins, because of our wretchedness, with aspects we do not know, and with aspects we do not yet know, with aspects that are unintentional and deliberate in life – but because of the greatness of Father’s Love, Father’s Love always sees each of our souls, each of our little persons. If Father does not allow and Father does not create the conditions then indeed we will end up with the days of purification facing justice before God. If we wait for that day then we probably will not have the opportunity, so everything that happens today – the things known and heard – are from Father’s Love; the opportunity Father gives. Father gives people like us the opportunity to recognize Father’s profound love in each of our souls and the love with which Father waits till this day. Father gives us love in the remaining days so that we prepare our souls, prepare our lives of faith, prepare for the works never done before – the works need to be done, that need to be discerned and that need to be decided on for ourselves today, for the future of our bodies and our souls.

O Father, all these things are not from us but from the guidance and the teaching of God the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the One God in three Persons, the sole Holy Trinity. We prostrate, we worship, we revere, we thank and we apologize to our God; there is so much more for us to constantly express our gratefulness to God for. We cannot let go of the bad habits and the ego in our daily lives; as long as we are still in these frail bodies, as long as we are still on this earth, we still have the intentional and unintentional actions, the wrongdoings, or the sins that we deliberately offend. Father, please forgive us because in our frail condition, we still have so many virtues we need to practice, so many words we need to hear, so many decisions we must make for the day that we have to face the events surrounding us, which is a matter of life and death for our souls, which is the confrontation with the righteousness, the truth and the justice before God.


O God – God has arranged a plan for the entire human world; God already have a plan for the day of the Alpha and the Omega, the events encountered in the world, encountered in the past centuries and the remaining days. Today we can see with our eyes: the acceptance with the laws against consciences and in the places where these are accepted in the human world. These are laws which we cannot accept, the wrongdoings from the hearts of people who continue to be stubborn, cold and hardened; they do not recognize the greatness, the goodness and what is already in them deep in the heart, in the soul, which is the salvation of God, the love of God the Father for His only Son, His sacrifice so that His only Son come to this world. This is the reason that we will offer to Jesus the Second Kowtow.


With the sentiments for the next kowtows, we offer to each Person in the Six Kowtows. Today, everything comes from a God who is God the Father, the Sovereign Being, a King above all kings, a Supreme Being with the power to give, a Supreme Being with the power to take away, a Supreme Being with the power to judge, and a Supreme Being who always gives us the opportunity to receive God’s Love in the remaining days when we can understand the love of God; He is still the Person with a complete love for the human race and for each of our souls.

Today, with all of these sentiments, we sincerely offer the kowtows to our God, in reverence, in adoration, in prostration, in gratefulness, and in repentance. God, please forgive us, please forgive our loved ones, those who do not yet know, those who do not yet believe, those who betrayed, and those who are living in error and in sin. God, please be merciful so that this kindles and reminds humans of their frail condition; we need to return, we need to speak up and be grateful, because God is the only Person, the only One who gives us life and breath, the only One who has the right to judge everything, whether we know it or not.

So that is what today we must listen to, we must pay attention to understand that our life has been through many stages with days of exile on earth, with miserable and hard days, but in the end where are we going to end up, where is the place for us to be, where is the place of eternal happiness? Or we end up back at the place we are in at this moment, a place of darkness, of sin, of the ego – to receive everything according to justice. God loves us but is very just with each of our souls and with each of us. Today, we still have the opportunity, we are still alive, we still have our heartbeat, we still hear, see, witness; with the reminder, let us return with sincerity to recognize the errors, the imperfections, the mistakes – let us return to God because He is the only Person who loves us, He is the only Person who saves us, He is the only Person who intervenes for us in the dangerous situations that we are encountering in the present world.

This is the reason that today I would like to offer the First Kowtow with my feelings and my heart on behalf of all the brothers and sisters who, through God the Holy Spirit, help me lift up these prayers to Father. Please help to awake our brothers’ and sisters’ souls to listen to revelations in the days that they must return with heart – to amend the wrongdoings in their lives, the disordered realities in the darkness of sin. Let each one of us examine ourselves – to spend some time for our souls to have the opportunity to meet God, for our souls to rest in the moments we contemplate and meditate so that we amend our way of life – to be more on the path of righteousness and of the doctrine that God left and that still exists so that we have the opportunity. The doctrine God left still gives us the opportunity to learn, to amend, and to return to Him. That was the First Kowtow I offered to God the Father. I thank His grace, and we would like to continue with the reminder regarding the Second Kowtow that we would like to offer to Jesus.

O, our beloved Jesus, the Heart of Jesus is the presence of God the Father; in the love of God the Father and in the love of Jesus, He remains with us – the Holy Spirit is with us, wrapped in a unique love to inspire the words that today God the Holy Spirit teaches us, the words to say to God the Father and to Jesus who exists and is present with us in today’s world. Everything stems from love, rooted in the patience of one who is God; He is still hidden in the Holy Eucharist; He still hides Himself to meet us through the Holy Mass and every single time we receive His Body and His Blood. Today this voice resounds strongly to remind our human race that God is still full of love even though people make mistakes, commit sins, with many misdeeds, and continue to sink deeper into the darkness of sins with much immorality. But God is still here waiting to help us and to allow us to meet Him because the doctrine is available, because He came into the human world in the flesh and He performed many miracles and accomplished many deeds in order to transform wickedness, sin and death so that we might have hope and true light.

Let us take a moment to meditate, to contemplate; then we will clearly understand because these truths are in the Bible, in the Gospel, which is the proof and the place for us to lift up to God, to talk to God, when we understand and we feel that we can be God’s children, that we can get to know Jesus. He came with the purpose to bring salvation to mankind, to deliver us and to help us recognize a new doctrine, a doctrine from heaven, a doctrine of love, a doctrine of unity, and a doctrine of peace for all humanity. Today, after so many centuries, have we had real peace or not? Have we learned how to really love or not? Have we learned how to unite or not? Have we recognized Him yet and have we believed yet in a God who was, who is and who will forever be with us, and who is present with us, in our midst? That is something we lack in our lives because mankind is mired in sin and they become stubborn, rebellious and obstinate in faith; today there are many disasters and many events that are happening and surrounding us to let us recognize a God who died for humanity; because of our sins, because He still loves, He still waits, and His voice still resounds to remind us, to come near us, to come near us through the Gospel. Who is the person who can give us that? Who is the person who can promise us that? Who is the Sovereign Being who rules over our souls, our bodies, and our present lives? God gives us the right to be His children, the freedom to choose and the right to reason, to differentiate between white and black, between sinfulness and goodness, between good and evil. There; we had the rights – the right to recognize, the right to understand, the right to practice – so everything repeated today is because of love. The conclusion will come soon on a day not too far, in this century we currently live in.(4)

Therefore, for the ways we continue to live in life, we could be holy people, we could be righteous people, but we still are imperfect before God, so we have to be flexible with our souls, flexible with our minds to learn more about all the good and wonderful blessings in the richness where God’s graces bestow upon us abundantly, especially for this century. Every century always has graces and today there are more because this is a period of grace, a period of blessings, to remind us of what has become a habit, what is repeated over and over and has become hardened to us. How are we to know and how are we to guess if we are not looking for higher graces, not looking for greater mysteries, not looking for miracles? What was written belongs to the past but the present and the future are in the hands of God, in the guidance of God the Holy Spirit, so if we open our eyes of faith, if we open our fervent hearts, we will be able to receive so many graces, so many good gifts. God wants us to be close to Him, to recognize those abundances to help us with our weaknesses, to help us not to fall, to help us lessen our lukewarm and hardened hearts, but if each one of us does not encounter, does not listen, and does not feel moved, then we will still live with ego in the forefront, with individualism, with the right to freedom inherent in us – all of which are a burden to us.

So the acts Jesus did were the shining examples to help us recognize the most essential realities in life; we need to look back at ourselves because there are still a lot of lessons to learn, there are still a lot of imperfections. Let us learn to be humble because God is a humble and meek Supreme Being; He is God but accepted death, embraced the scourging, embraced the nails because of our sins. What are we? We are just dust, so let us look at ourselves to see the infinite love God reserves for humanity. Today Jesus’ voice resounds for us in this world; Jesus’ voice, through God the Holy Spirit – Jesus’ voice reminds each heart, reminds each soul to stand up, to rise up, and to return, because when the day comes, every single person will face the court of fairness, of truth, of justice, and righteousness before God.

So we do not have much time, we do not have time to hesitate, we do not have time to let realities in a sophisticated world continue to dominate us, to wear us out, to continue to follow our ego, because the world knows we have weaknesses, we have imperfections, and when we fail to look at issues with faith, we do not look at the deep sense of the human being and of reason, then today’s world will pull us in as a black net enveloped with all the sophisticated ingenuity, under the guise of civilized times, incinerating our souls, incinerating our bodies and incinerating all the age groups in the human world. Let us stand up, let us rise up to recognize God’s Love, pouring so many riches upon us. We look for a place where we can have peace in our souls, and who can give us that, who can save us, who can give us those riches for our souls, for our beliefs and for our hearts? Only God can, so let us embrace and recognize the riches in the Second Kowtow, when we confide in Him, when we are alone, when we recognize and we stand under the immense sky.

Whether we do believe or not, whether we do accept Him or not, we still live on the earth created by the Sovereign Being, so we cannot forget to say thanks, we cannot ignore, we cannot remain hardened, stubborn, obstinate. We will end up with the death we deserve if unknowingly or deliberately we still refuse to listen and to open up our hearts and we continue to live hardened, because by doing so we have chosen for ourselves the price to pay while we are still alive. As for God’s Love, He wants us to recognize His Love, but we need to understand that when we receive God’s Love we must amend the bad habits, the ego, the sinful elements, the evil inherent in death and sins. Let us clearly differentiate: God loves us, but God is just with every single soul, so we can either choose the path to eternal life with Him in the heavenly kingdom or the path with sufferings because of what we choose, and when we die we will end up in a place of wailing and grinding of teeth, where there is no light.

Those are the two paths for us to choose: to either return to God or to live in the midst of a world surrounded by realities that we want, that we like, that we prefer, in our ego. Material things will quickly pass; these human bodies will also quickly pass – they will be annihilated. There is nothing we can retain; what is valuable is the soul – the soul will never die, so we need to think for ourselves and to think of our souls. Let us rise up to listen to what needs to be done, what must be done – for ourselves, for our brothers, for our loved ones, for the members of our families and for our neighbors, as taught by God’s doctrine: love God above all and love our neighbors as God loves us. That is the invitation in today’s world. Let us live in love, in support, in charity, in sacrifice; if we are able to do so then we will have real peace in the family, in the soul of every single individual, and peace in the entire world. This is still a doctrine that cannot be realized yet; this is still something that today is reminded for each one of us.

If we give ourselves the opportunity to listen, to return, to prostrate, to ask God to help us understand the meaning of life, we will be happy to hear the lively messages Jesus gives us at this moment through God the Holy Spirit. I thank the grace of love that God reserves for us with the Second Kowtow, with countless riches, with so many reminders for each one of us. Since we are still selfish, there are still many acts we do and practice that are not completely done with the mind and the heart as God requires and desires. Please help us understand how to act with heart, how to repent with heart, how to understand and practice with heart in order to face the brothers with charity. Only when everything is done from the heart will we be able to meet God, and for that goodness from the individual, from the family, from the community, be spread all over the entire world.

So we rely on the grace of God through the Second Kowtow. We earnestly beseech this, because Jesus is here; He is present, He is in the midst of the world, especially when we come in silence to reverently meet Him in the Holy Eucharist. In that quietness and in that silence, we are reminded in a divine way that we are facing a God who is still in our midst. Will we still have the opportunity to forever have God with us or not? Or must we leave in loneliness and in sin? If we do not listen, if we close our ears and our eyes, then we will continue to walk on the current path with a string of troubled days, of perplexed days, of days looking for what satisfies the flesh while neglecting the noble and important matters for the soul. Please help us remember these words today so that we have the opportunity to recognize what is noble and good, which still depends on the decisions in our reasoning.

That love still remains deep in the soul; everyone still has that holiness from God the Holy Spirit – He is the Supreme Being whose role is to help us, to guide us, and to lead us to a place of righteousness. Let our hearts listen to the voice of our souls to lead us back to holiness; to seek to return to a place where we can meet God; to ask for His help to sanctify us, to lead us, and to let us meet the Divine Mercy – today, tomorrow, and in the end of the remaining days that we are facing. That was for the Second Kowtow. I thank the grace God reserves for me on behalf of the brothers, with the words God wants to send us; please help us recognize and understand the Second Kowtow so that we live – and return to God – with a repentant heart, with a heart in prostration, with a heart desiring to practice and continue to better understand what needs to be done, what must be done while we are still alive: to not let it be too late for the hour in which we must face righteousness and justice before God. Today, I thank the grace of God; all of our brothers and sisters are present to continue with the kowtows to offer to God as an example for the earthly world – every single one of us, with one’s feelings, with one’s experiences, with the intentions we lift up, with every single meaning we have the opportunity to lift up to God in a special way today.

The Third Kowtow we offer to God the Holy Spirit. O God the Holy Spirit, You are the source of life, You are the light, You are the love, You are the truth; the path I take. We offer everything to God the Father, to Jesus, and through God the Holy Spirit; please teach us, please teach us and help us to understand more about everything we have, living in the love of God. He is the Sovereign Being, He gives us the opportunity today to open our minds and to clearly understand the meaning for which we bow our heads – with heart, with soul, with spirit, with the countless words of thanksgiving and gratitude lifted from our hearts to God the Father, and with the feelings lifted from our contrite hearts to Jesus.

We ask God the Holy Spirit to continue to help us; we need to speak to God, we need to act, and we need to rise up to face the current situation. Besides Jesus, we have no other person to run to, and besides God the Holy Spirit, there is no other person who can teach us holy things. God dwells deep in our souls and is teaching us many good things in life so that we have a new horizon, a new life, a new heart; so that our lives are filled with hope, in the love we recognize in God: to be near God, to know God. As a Person dwelling deep in our hearts, He always guides us and helps us on the path of holiness, so that we understand the meaning of God the Father allowing us to be His children, and the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds, through Jesus’ death – that sign of love is deeply engraved in the soul, in the mind, and in the heart of every single one of us; those holy realities, those good realities – realities our human race cannot know, and if they are known it is only within the narrow limitations of knowledge and education – but our God’s Love cannot be compared to knowledge and education. We use the heart, the feeling in the soul to recognize God, to know Him in the Spirit given to our human race from God the Holy Spirit; those are the Seven Gifts (5) in daily life through which – if we can experience, realize, and practice – we will become righteous people, people who live in the truth and righteousness that God the Father desires for our human race.

O God the Holy Spirit, when we speak about this we cannot forget to apologize, for though we hear, nevertheless many times in our minds we fail to follow because of our weak flesh, our many falls, our persistence in arrogance, in indifference, in stubbornness, and many more sins we prefer by yielding to the freedom, the tendencies from the ego and personality. We know about good and holy actions; indeed, these actions are very good but we rarely do them, and for the sins we try to avoid, we know they are wrong but we keep on doing them in life. So for everything that belongs to the ego, to the personality, to the normal and banal human realities, there is nothing else to say and compare to, but there is a God, who is the Holy Spirit of God, who taught us much, from the inner life, from all aspects of life, in wisdom, in lucidity: to know how to act in everything; to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil; to understand that in life there must be struggles, there must be sacrifices and there must be

righteousness in order to walk on the path God left to us through the doctrine of Jesus.

It was God the Holy Spirit Himself who came to us and remained with us to guide us. His role is to always be patient, to love and to lead us, yet He still respects us. Whether we accept or not, listen or not, or practice or not depends upon every single individual; God is always ready to help us, waiting for us to open up our hearts, waiting for us to open up our minds, waiting for us to agree to practice and choose a path that will bring us peace; peace in the soul, peace in the body, peace with everything good and hopeful that we have in the midst of this world. God created us to worship, to know Him, to believe in Him, to learn and practice His doctrine so that we have a good life – a peaceful and happy life – which is what God wants for every single one of us, which is something that we used to have and still can have.

We need to continue to recognize so that we keep on listening, reflecting, and following the teaching guided by God the Holy Spirit. Please help us in our moments of weakness because in those moments, if we do not listen and if we do not understand, we probably still remain bound within the daily limitations of life, still going round and round with struggles to serve the needs everyone is scurrying to satisfy; the necessities and the realities of life – a mixture of self-interest, greed, selfishness, as well as the individual rights that the ego and the personality always fight for. So there are many things that if we do not recognize from God the Holy Spirit so that He helps us and comes into our lives; if we do not open up our souls, our hearts to embrace, to understand, then we cannot distinguish and we continue with this momentum in our normal and banal lives that at times are deplorably mired in the darkness and in sin.

O God, today we thank God’s grace, and we cannot forget to offer words of thanksgivings, of gratitude to God the Holy Spirit. Please help us so that we understand the meaning of the Third Kowtow, with the words inspired from the guidance of the Holy Spirit who enables us to receive the Six Kowtows to give to our brothers and sisters, and continues on with these additional words, each day more abundant. When we meditate, when we experience, we certainly will find much to help us to return to God, to help us to continue to be close to God, because God is a wise Supreme Being, a meek Supreme Being, a merciful Supreme Being, a patient Supreme Being, who bestows upon us, who waits for us to embrace the countless blessings, the countless riches He bestowed and is bestowing upon us. Please help us to choose the path of righteousness, to renounce all the evil and the sins inherent in us that we unknowingly and deliberately commit. Please help us daily so that we return and live in holiness in order to receive in this period of blessings and graces. What is seen, heard, and learned is to help the life of the soul, the life of faith, the life of the spirit so that we make the decision to achieve and accomplish in the days and the months while we are still alive.

Do not let us be too late with all matters; we have sunk too deep, we have neglected, we have been obstinate, we have lost so much time, we have lost so many opportunities to live in peace, in happiness; let us return to the days we have forgotten too many times in our lives, including those times in our lives when we were indifferent, cold, in denial, and mistaken. God the Holy Spirit, please guide us back; God the Holy Spirit, please help us to recognize God’s graces through the Divine Mercy that we receive in this world. Please teach us; help us to love, to unite, and to return will all our hearts to the Heart of Love, to Jesus who is waiting, who still waits, and who gives us the opportunity today.

We offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Jesus, the Body and Blood of Jesus that we receive into our hearts every single time we attend Holy Mass. This is forever a strong, divine attraction that we feel in our bodies; this is something that was and still is, a truth that throughout many generations many people testified to. Today the example is there for us to see that it is not something vague; the Holy Eucharist of Christ is given to the people who are sick, who do not have the opportunity to attend Holy Mass, who are waiting with no strength left in them, who are suffering, who have incurable diseases, but if they are able to receive the Body of Christ, the Holy Eucharist of Christ will lessen their sufferings and allow them to calm down in the moments of crisis which people tend to have.

There is much more in the divine realm that cannot be explained but it still exists and remains till this day. We think that this is possible only in this present time but the source dated back to the promise given when Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper 2,000 years ago; indeed His Body and His Blood were given and still remain in the midst of this world so that we have the opportunity to receive Him and to be in direct contact with the Holy Eucharist. God loves us though we no longer have the opportunity to meet Him in the flesh as in the first days He came into the world; He is a God who is all-powerful; everything He intended for humans is deep – only a God can reserve such wonder for humans who consider that as a legacy, a great legacy for our human race, and through the Church, He continues to bring the liveliness that today we are able to encounter. We receive so many blessings through the Holy Eucharist of Jesus, given to humanity to help us spiritually and physically for the steps we receive, for us to believe in God on the day we receive the Sacrament of Baptism (6) and progressing to the first day we can receive the Body and Blood of Christ; then whenever we have the opportunity to attend Holy Mass, we can officially receive Him truly in our hearts.

In the divine realm there are many extraordinary realities that cannot be explained but He allows us to have that encounter and gives us that protection with all kinds of divine ways to help us avoid the numerous disasters, the numerous events that happen unexpectedly. We do not know that many blessings bestowed from God cannot be explained but that is the truth that is manifested today with all the lively miracles to remind our human race. That is something unique God gives to us, this great treasure from Himself – His own Body, His own Blood – from Jesus present in the divine realm and forever present with us till the end of this century.

That is the continuation of the first day, the days and the months that have gone by in history, and presently with the final days. We cannot deny the great mysteries through the miraculous signs of every single century, those extraordinary events and the truths that we witness with our eyes, the bread that becomes the drops of blood soaked in the piece of human flesh from the heart of a living Person, which throughout many centuries the experiments, the evidence have shown are indeed the truth Jesus promised to humanity – His Body and Blood left to our human race. Throughout many centuries, in our human eyes, that has become a habit, something normal, and at times we even take that for granted, so we fail to understand the meaning of the Body and Blood of Christ and therefore many people have offended, abused, and still do not yet understand the profound meaning, and thus, we continue every single day to grieve the Heart of Jesus that continues to bleed, to suffer, to grieve for the sins of mankind because the human indifference, the human immorality, the human ignorance are causing pain to the Heart of Jesus

– every second, every minute.

This is something we need to know so that we open up to the great mysteries that still happen and are happening, with the Presence that we are facing; to encounter Him through the Holy Eucharist. Jesus visited us countless times through the Holy Eucharist that we receive into our hearts, into our bodies; in the presence of an extremely bright piece of bread so that we recognize that Jesus is real – in the flesh as in times past. (7) Today, with the words He promised, it is indeed Jesus who really allows us to encounter and receive Him; He desires that we meet Him, He desires that we understand, He desires that we recognize the infinite love He reserves for humanity. That infinite love has a price that He Himself had to pay by His death on the Cross, with the marks of the Five Holy Wounds.

Today we learn about these things that remain in our hearts, deep in our souls so that we understand the extremely precious meaning of the Holy Eucharist that we receive daily when we attend Holy Mass, every time we are able to receive Him. Let us not follow the normal, banal way that has become a habit, causing us to lose so many opportunities; when we quiet our souls to come to Him reverently we will experience the divine blessings God gives so that we are close to Him. There is no comparable happiness to the peace when we receive Him into our hearts because the sufferings, the sorrows that we have are heard by a God who understands and is always with us.

So we must kindle the belief and understand the meaning of the Holy Eucharist that today we have the opportunity to be further clarified through God the Holy Spirit’s guidance so that we clearly understand the Body and Blood of Christ that was given to us; to receive Him and to have Him with us. Please help us to be spiritually prepared every time we receive Him, to keep the minimum that is required for us to repent, to keep the purity in order to receive God into our hearts. For the actions by which we believe in God, for the actions by which we offend God: God, please have mercy on those unintentional and deliberate actions; please help us to experience and understand the meaning of being the children of God, of being the faithful, the Christians of the Church. Please help us mature in what we hear, we know, with the continuing teachings of the Six Kowtows; we are prostrating with every single meaning we lift up to God in a special way today.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of God. The Five Holy Wounds are not often mentioned, the Five Holy Wounds are hardly noticed by people, but these everlasting Five Holy Wounds still offer to mankind through the sufferings, through the nails, through the crown of thorns, through the scourging, through the wounds that still bleed and still ulcerate because of the sins of our human race. Today we enter deeply into the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds so that we understand that Jesus exchanged for us freedom in this current life and an eternal refuge in the Five Holy Wounds. He exchanged for us a new happiness, a new light full of hope when we repent and return, and in the Five Holy Wounds exchanged for us is hidden a very great sign, a sign of love, a sign He hid in the depth of the soul and the heart of every single person.

Today this reminds people who neglect and ignore those sublime graces, who continue in the momentum in which our human race is becoming indifferent, apathetic, taking things for granted. Since starting out in a state of betrayal right from the beginning, today mankind continues on till the final day to be in state of not accepting; of not understanding; of being hardened, indifferent, stubborn; allowing the ego to lead, allowing arrogance to take over; relying on talents, on realities with their limitations, with a normal and banal point-of-view, going round and round with the material and the human needs. Everything that comes from God is sublime; if we know how to use and recognize and experience from our hearts then we will not be too troubled, too perplexed, and too grieved with our falls in this world. If we believe in God, if we believe in the grace of salvation, if we believe in Jesus who died out of love for humanity, who accepted the Five Holy Wounds to redeem the sins of mankind, those wounds are the signs of a God who is present and lively; we are being reminded so that we clearly understand the Five Holy Wounds in order to understand the signs of love.

Today, this is something reminded so that we understand what needs to be done, what must be done in order to return to God with a grateful heart, with a repentant heart, with a thankful heart; to recognize what we had and what we have that was given to us in exchange for us to be touched, to return, to repent, and to recognize the accomplishments Jesus did and is doing. And it does not end with the Five Holy Wounds but in the mystery we still continue to be touched and we continue to receive through the invitation of Divine Mercy in this world; Divine Mercy cleanses our wounds, our spiritual and physical diseases. These are the points that today we are being reminded of through the Five Holy Wounds so that we understand what needs to be done, what needs to be decided on in order to return with a truly repentant heart, so that we fulfill the role that was assigned to each one of us from God’s providence.

Look at His Five Holy Wounds so that in this life we do not look at realities in constant pain with moans and complaints, so that we can give up everything that is precious to us interiorly so that we entrust and lift up to God. There are no sufferings that can be compared to the sufferings Jesus endured; there is no Cross that can be as heavy as the Cross Jesus carried; there is no other death that can cleanse us and give us a new world, an eternal world for the soul, for us to receive later; to be comfortable and happy in a peaceful world that we can recognize right now in this life. O God, the meanings in the Five Holy Wounds are so abundant that if we understand and we practice, these meanings will kindle in our hearts the faith and the practice we must do zealously so that we can understand the meaning of the doctrine God left and gave to our human race.

At this moment I just know to say what God the Holy Spirit guides and allows me to say, so that people understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds. May every single person be free to decide, be free to recognize what was neglected and disrespected throughout so many months and years in life; to recall those wounds, those Five Holy Wounds that today we are free to pay attention to, in order to return and to recover with the things we still have the opportunity to practice, to encounter, and to do what needs to be done first before everything else. We will face the purification of the remaining days so we need to rely on the Five Holy Wounds for the signs to be manifested as God promised for those who return with a repentant heart, with a heart truly in prostration in order to recognize and to rely on His intervention; we will receive the help from the saints and the angels in heaven, along with Mother Mary’s intervention. Indeed, it was Mother who revealed to us, so that we recognize the six meanings in the Six Kowtows, which today, we have the opportunity to kowtow with the Fifth Kowtow through the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds.

O God the Father, we cannot forget to lift up thanks and say to You: O Father, Father is the Supreme Being, Father is the Sovereign Being; forever everything belongs to Father’s sovereignty. Father is the Person who sees everything beforehand; Father saw the human world – what is in the past, in the present, and in the future – so Father’s selection brings deliverance to humans, with sin and death that befall us, with our offenses and our betrayals. O Father, today we thank the grace of the Love You reserve for humanity in general and in particular for each of our souls; You have chosen for us a Mother, a Person among the multitude of human beings to embody all the beauties and the graces in Your heavenly kingdom, the Person whom we call Mother Mary. The Immaculate Heart of Mother is something to revere, to behold; we need to know and must know in life when we recognize that we are the children of Father, that we have a family in heaven. Today we are able to understand more so that we recognize the completeness and the perfection of a Virgin Mary chosen by Father; Mother is the Person who brings us triumph, a triumph not in the battlefield but a triumph in benevolence, a triumph in holiness, a triumph with absolute faith, a triumph with acceptance, a triumph with the word “Fiat.” (8)

All these truths have become a sublime and an extremely important history for each of our souls, so that we deeply understand the abundance that we had, that we have, at a time in which the Church still propagates the Good News, still goes on today. The remaining days are also the days of the Good News: to tell of the liveliness of Jesus encountering people through the Holy Eucharist that still remains with us, and through every single sign left on earth from Jesus’ accomplishments that mankind cannot neglect. Today, Mother Mary is a Person whom God chose to be by Jesus’ side; Mother is the only Person to first receive the Holy Spirit of God in Her, a meek woman, a humble woman, who today is the Queen of Heaven, which is the title of a Mother whom we always remember and whom forever we cannot deny. Mother is the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Holy Eucharist, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, and also with the title of the Mother of Perpetual Help; Mother of Perpetual Help, please help us.

I would like to offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother, with a reverent heart, with a grateful heart, with a thankful heart, with a heart praising Mother’s works, accomplished in silence, in fortitude, in meditation, so that today, our human race may reap the benefits from those accomplishments and rewards. Mother Herself accomplished all that was good then returned to God soul and body; however, Mother does not enjoy in that place as the Queen of Heaven but Mother still continues to be in the same way as in those days on earth – still with that humility, still with that silence, still thinking of the children who are on earth, who are suffering days of miserable ordeals. Because of sins people have distanced themselves from God; they did not know what needs to be done, what must be done to rise up in faith; they have missed so many opportunities, missed so many graces till the last minute. There are people in purgatory, there are people who completely left God, so they end up in a place of wailing and grinding of teeth. Mother grieves, Mother cannot look at humanity going on with days mired in sins, Mother cannot continue to look at mankind’s shallowness, foolishness, and weakness in faith. So Mother still continues to help one way or another by coming to our human world, to teach us countless things, to guide and help us to come closer to God, and Mother always sheds tears to kindle our souls, to remind us by these words: “Children, return to God, repent, come closer to God through the Rosary, through the Divine Mercy; to ask Him to forgive, to support, and to help you on your journeys in the days of exile on earth.”

Who can give us these words, who knows these words, who has the right to bring us these words besides the Queen of Heaven whom today we have the right to call Mother, to come close to Mother? Mother holds our hands; those who run to Mother, even though we are unworthy, even though we are sinners, even though we are wretched. We cannot escape from certain realities that surround us in life, that cannot be avoided, but Mother can always understand that weakness, Mother can understand those actions that we cannot accomplish if we do not have God’s blessing; so Mother looks for one way or another to help the human world, to help every single soul, to help every single one of us who is still on earth. Mother does not want us to be late, Mother does not want us to be too late when we do not yet know and we do not yet return to receive God’s Love, to receive the love He still gives, and He still waits for us till this day.

Nowadays, Mother’s voice is known, is heard clearly because there are not that many days left in the world for us to continue to be hardened, to continue with the stubbornness, to continue with the haughtiness. We must bow, we must give up personal preferences in order to live a life in which we must recognize humility so that we come close to a clear understanding of what must be practiced in life, so that Mother guides us to come close to God, to understand the meaning of life, of what needs to be chosen, of what needs to be removed, of what needs to be avoided so that by the grace of God helping us in life, we have the opportunity to return to the heavenly kingdom, forever and ever, to contemplate the Face of God and to be with Mother. So for everything that we had and have, Mother wants us to look back at what is happening today, to look back at the tribulations we are encountering, with evil surrounding us from the wretchedness and the vileness that people do to one another, the cruelties from people who still continue to overrule the laws, to overrule the morals, committing offenses against God’s creations.

People cannot continue in a situation that has reached its extreme. We would no longer have the opportunity if the time allotted for the day God planned the purification had passed; probably no one can go on knowing about this day and the chance to understand the meaning. With things that happened and things remaining and progressing, these are clearly the days and the months when things can no longer continue with the evil that overtook us, that covered us with the ingenious sophistication wrapped up in the modern civilization that caused people to stumble, with so many falls from people relying on natural reality and denying God. Mankind’s faith was misguided and all of these things are like an affliction threatening us spiritually and physically. This is something Mother sees; Mother stands in for the entire human race – to be with Jesus, to constantly pray to God the Father.

This is the last opportunity, the Six Kowtows, which people need to do, which people must do, with a sincere heart, in order to return to the only path left. Mankind does not have a second path to choose from, so this is an abundant grace, in this period of blessings and graces, for us to have the opportunity to ask for God’s forgiveness, to have the opportunity to come into a new world, to have the opportunity to survive the day of purification through the rescue from the saints, from the angels, and the help of a Mother and the intercession of a Queen. Mother spoke up and interceded for us in this world; that intercession is still there but Mother desires the collaboration of the human race. People must rise up, must recognize the wrongs to be renounced, must be united in love in order to prostrate, to ask God to lessen His wrath caused by the offenses committed against Him and the violations perpetrated against His laws. This is something that people must pay a price for, sooner or later; that day will be a day of misery, a day of conclusion, and a day of purification for the entire world. Will we be able to overcome those phases and will we still have that day for us to face?

We have seen the situations of the world today with so many urgent matters for us to ask for God’s help by the prostration that is the fastest way that every class, every role can understand; Mother’s special invitation was revealed to this world (9) so that with all our souls, all our hearts, we pray to God and ask for His forgiveness. We absolutely must return, we absolutely must ask for help; we must pray beseechingly to ask for God’s mercy, by our actions, by our deeds, by the prostrations of our souls and bodies, so that we no longer are arrogant, so that we no longer lack reverence, with many more intentions that we must act urgently to ask God. So this is the unique way Mother wants us to do so; Mother is ready to help us overcome the miserable ordeals of the human world; this is also the teaching so that we make the decision as to whether we do or not, practice or not; to allow the ego, the thinking, the childish inferences, the stubbornness we still have through the functions to crush and prevent the truths to be spread so that one more time we dismiss and lose the opportunity to listen to the great mystery from Mother’s latest revelations to this world… These are the graces given in the revelations that Mother continues to give to our human race through the inspiration of God the Holy Spirit.

Today, I as well as the brothers and sisters, have the opportunity to acknowledge and to report what is taught in order to remind the earthly world to continue with the Six Kowtows, which we know and bring to the world, and to continue to explain the meanings more clearly, more profoundly. We only have one, unique way to return to God, united in love; we ask for Mother to intercede so that our human race unites, returns to the worship of one, unique God, who is worthy to be worshipped, who must be worshipped. Besides God, there is no one else to help us and to give us the opportunity to remain in existence for the opportunity to enter into a new world; if we die in the days of tribulations, in the days of purification, we will still be able to return to God forever and ever in the heavenly kingdom.

Let us not be too late, let us not let chances go by because of the lack of patience to seek to understand, the lack of good will to recognize between right and wrong, between what we must practice and that kindle our souls and consciences. Let us act with heart, let us practice and prostrate to pray to God on behalf of those brothers and sisters who do not yet believe, those who live in sins, those who do not yet know, those who do not yet understand, and those who do not yet act. This is something we practice to help the other brothers and sisters, in the unity of love, according to God’s doctrine, to love God above everything, to love our brothers and sisters, to do these practices for ourselves, for our families, for our loved ones, for all the brothers and sisters who are in great need of the kowtows we currently pioneer and testify to – by our deeds, by our actions, and with our hearts and souls in unison, to return to God with the meaning of the Six Kowtows revealed to today’s world, to go on with the messages given to us, especially with the Six Kowtows message we receive at this place today.

At this time, just like many times before, we cannot fail to thank St. Joseph who is the person being chosen by the Church to be the patron, the Head of the Holy Family in Nazareth and also the patron for the children in this world who run to him; whoever comes to him will not return empty-handed, through his intercession. Let us run to the saints and the angels who are ready to help our human race; the angels and the saints always support and help those who listen, who practice and who return – especially in today’s world, in the moments when we have the opportunity to contemplate the Holy Eucharist, the saints and the angels are present, when God allows us to gaze at the lights from the angels and the saints who continue to appear at the tabernacles, at the churches, at the places up in the sky. (10) Please help us to continue to recognize everything bestowed by God while we are still alive so that we do and practice what is needed, asking the angels, the saints to help us, to intercede to God for us in today’s world. We especially ask our guardian angels to continue to help us in this period of blessings and graces, so that we listen to them, so that we rely upon their help and their support to overcome temptations, so that we overcome the miseries in life, which are the snares surrounding us. Please help us to walk and return to the path of righteousness, to understand the meaning of returning to God with heart, with soul; to live a life according to the calling and the providence over each one of us, so that we live in patience, acceptance, entrustment, love, support, sacrifice, charity.

There are many more issues within the soul that we need to deal with in order to conquer all the difficulties and sufferings so that we receive the help of the angels, the help of the saints, and the help from Mother, with the intercession Mother already promised and the help Mother already gave to our human race. In everything today, whoever believes in God, whoever comes to Mother, we can see that the heavenly kingdom has manifested for the earthly world to recognize that closeness – to recognize God’s Love, to receive the graces and the blessings in the months and the years of this century. Please help us to awake, help us to rise up, help us to be determined to soon return to God before the day of purification that we must face in the days ahead. With our human strength, if without God’s grace, if people do not believe in God, if without God’s intervention, if without Mother’s help, we have no other way to triumph over the evil spirits, we have no other way to escape the snares of the darkness that surround us and cover us in this human world in this century. Please help us, please help us.

These are the additional insights received regarding the Six Kowtows to help us better understand; there are still many more significant aspects that people need to know and acknowledge in order to practice and choose in these present days and in the days ahead. These are the graces bestowed by God to further enrich us when we have the courage to do what must be done to help the brothers and sisters all over the entire world to recognize God, to return to God, to repent, to prostrate with the Six Kowtows that help us in this earthly world. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, L. completes this message on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, at St. Thomas Church, kneeling before the tabernacle where we have the opportunity to prostrate and to offer to God the words taught and inspired by God the Holy Spirit for us to complete this evening; one more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, Amen, Amen, Amen.

  1. A work of evangelization by a woman in the group called to spread these messages
  2. The messages and miraculous images given to L.
  3. This message was given on the one year anniversary of probably the single most important message given to the world through L., “The Six Kowtows” (August 19, 2014).
  4. This does not refer to the end of the world, but to the end of the current era and the start of another, the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima.
  5. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, fortitude, counsel, piety, and fear of the Lord
  6. That is, we become Christians when we are baptized; it is the soul that is changed.
  7. Jesus was in the flesh during His earthly life and is now in the flesh in the Eucharist.
  8. “Fiat” can be explained in the Latin translation of the Bible, where Mary says, “Be it done to me according to your word” in Luke 1:38. It is Her “yes” to God’s Will.
  9. It is Blessed Mother who has given the Six Kowtows to the world in a message through L. The invitation is for the world to repent through the Six Kowtows.
  10. This refers to angels and saints appearing in the miraculous images as streaks of light and other visual phenomena.

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