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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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      The Meaning of the Prostration




September 12, 2015

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God, it is 8:25 p.m. on Saturday, September 12, 2015, at Christ the Incarnate Word Church. All of us are here together – we attended Mass together – sharing stories among ourselves; this is not a coincidence but really is a guidance from God the Holy Spirit, leading us. God wants us to be heard and to hear the normal words of the brothers and sisters whom we do not think have within themselves. Those are the things God chose, and God wanted His children – each person – to receive the blessings from God in their own ways; God wants us to share with one another about those strong points, so that we understand realities in life. We greatly need one another; there still is a lot we do not yet know although we have had many experiences throughout many years but in regard to the stories that are very normal, we still cannot experience what God reminds and wants to help us with so that we overcome the matters that we are encountering and have encountered.


Today we know that God’s providence is always present in everything; that no matter what roles, what situations, God still finds the way to help us and to lead us out of the darkness that surrounds us due to the weaknesses that are still inherent in us, because any day that we are still alive then that day we still have weaknesses, we still have aspects that belong to the human world. Today we are able to hear; these are not the words from the children who know in this human world but are words from God through the small people, the simple people, the humble people. They believe in God, they recognize God so they are the wise ones to help us step on the paths that we encountered, are encountering, just like God’s reminder through the people that we especially meet today.


O God, we thank God’s grace of love. When we look at this point, we can see that God loves us tremendously; God looks after us, God is always with us and is concerned every second, every minute. God never leaves us; it is we alone who leave God, it is we alone who do not listen to God, it is we alone who did things without recognizing God’s Holy Will and are determined to follow what is wrong or the ego. This is the reason why we suffer alone because according to God, God always gives us the opportunity and God is always by our sides to lead us on the path of light, a path full of hope and full of joy as we had and have, which is peace in the soul, the feeling that we truly live with our own hearts.


Today we recognize the abundance God bestowed and is bestowing, in general to the people in the world and in particular to every single individual who looks for Him, who meets Him, and who has the opportunity to listen, to reflect, in order to understand the meaning of the Gospel, the meaning of the good words, the meaning of the people with the experiences that we have the opportunity to embrace and to encounter. There is no need to know how long but once touched by God the Holy Spirit then things will be realized in the truth, things that are reasonable and completely in the way God wants on every single one of us. Today there are so many blessings that we cannot fail to say thanks, to be grateful; for everything today we thank God’s grace with the First Kowtow.

O God, we offer to God the Father the First Kowtow. We thank God for such great love, so great that it is hard to believe and describe by words; the abundant richness that God reserves for us in today’s human race. So today we meet with one another; these stories do not come from our own thinking but are providential and arranged – God gives us the opportunity to understand the path and every single person’s role of being a witness in this divine mission that God has chosen. We thank the grace of love from God, who is God yet pays meticulous attention and loves the children thoroughly so that we have the opportunity today to know more and to be stronger in the life of faith. We must strive to learn more for our lives to belong to God, to keenly listen to God in order to realize what God wants us to do.


In everything God wants us to live in the love God reserves for us, using our own duties to say to God: “O God, I thank God, I praise God, I glorify God, I worship God.” That is the duty that every single Christian; every single child of God born in this life needs to know and must realize. Today we offer to God the First Kowtow so that we are able to hear, to know, to receive, from the realities foretold in the revelations from Mother teaching us. What we did and are doing are in a program with its own reasons, which is something that will help us to be more open and to better understand the reason why we should do and must do these things. That is the reverence reserved for God; in the moments we prostrate then we can see humility, we can see the fact that we always need to have God, that we always must have God, and that we always belong to God, so that we become righteous people, good people, worthy to have the happiness and the peace God bestows upon us in the midst of this world.


We offer the Second Kowtow to Jesus. I thank God’s grace because from having Him, with Him, today we are able to know a whole lot about the truth, about the doctrine God teaches us. His words remain forever in every single one of our souls, from young to middle-aged to old age; when seeking to come to God, every single person will not return empty-handed, if we are sincere in order to recognize God’s voice – and we are really happy and peaceful in the love that God blesses with that reminder.


Today we have the opportunity to clearly recognize before our eyes that we receive from a miracle that is not distant but very close, and is with us when we experience and delve deeper. God is in our midst, is with us. Forever God is always near us, forever God is always by our sides, to love us, to guide us; for the children to receive the rewards that God did and is doing on the Cross, which is a sign of love, forever and ever in the soul of every single one of us in the world. Today, we offer thanks and praise to receive the messages that Mother revealed, the Second Kowtow, which is indispensable that we know about. In the Name of Jesus Christ, in us and with us, forever and ever.


We offer the Third Kowtow to God the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to Him for everything; it is with Him and in Him that today we know about the many riches – from being people who do not know, from being people like us who cannot even understand ourselves, how can we understand, how can we speak, how can we believe, and how can these things happen? But to God these are the gifts God reserves for our human race through the Third Person of God. God has loved us from the beginning. The day we receive the Sacrament of Baptism we belong to God, and we belong to the Holy Spirit of God; so whether we know or do not know, we still belong to God, we still belong to the Third Person, the Holy Spirit, whose role is always to be in us, to guide us on the path of righteousness, to bestow upon us – in the moments we accept and open our hearts to receive – the many graces and blessings through God the Holy Spirit. O God the Holy Spirit, please continue to teach us, to lead us; we greatly need You – please continue to open every single one of our hearts so that we love God more every day, recognize God more, live more according to God’s teachings, and live in the truth God bestows upon today’s world.

O God, we thank the grace of God’s Body and Blood with the Fourth Kowtow. God allows us to receive God into our souls like an eternal imprint, forever and ever remaining with us. God pours down abundant graces in the spiritual life and it seems as if we have many things related in real life for us to recognize what originates directly in the flesh and what originates directly in the soul; all receive the spiritual nourishment God reserves for us. That is the Body and Blood of God, for God’s Love to be full in our hearts when we are aware and we understand everything we had and have from God. Today we are bolder in order to testify to all that we knew and know in the life of service, and we bow our heads with the meaning of the Fourth Kowtow that we offer to God today.


What we are able to say does not come from us but from the instructions of the Holy Spirit of God, and we are aware in life when we spend time to experience in order to understand all the aspects that exist in a program arranged to invite mankind to return to God in today’s society, especially in regard to the meaning of the Holy Eucharist to which we must bow our heads in prostration, to thank and to always remember, with unremitting pleas of thankfulness and gratefulness to a God who is invisible yet is present in our souls, present in our hearts. That is the love evoked to remind mankind to return to righteousness, to return to what God is waiting for and bestowing upon us abundantly, like a treasure and like a key that we hold firmly to open the treasure – the treasure of happiness, the treasure of peace, the treasure that mankind has forgotten and that has become a habit. Today, our lives are being kindled by the meaning of the prostration (1), the meaning of humility, the meaning of what people still retain personally, for us to recognize that when we prostrate then that peace and all that is good will come to us abundantly, through our way of thinking today.


The Fifth Kowtow is for the Five Holy Wounds. We are actually lifted up toward the altar, actually lifted up toward the tabernacle, actually lifted up toward the Cross of God. On Monday this week, we are reminded by the Church regarding the day of the Exaltation of the Cross. Why the phrase “Exaltation of the Cross”? There will be more profound revelations for us to proceed with on Monday; God the Holy Spirit will guide us further in regard to the meaning. The death of Christ has left the Five Holy Wounds to us and those Five Holy Wounds have become the imprint of everlasting love which forever is the link that God never abandons mankind in the human world. God is still reminding us because this imprint is still deeply marked in every single heart, every single person, through the grace of salvation, so that we live in happiness, live in peace, live in abundance.


There are many insights we can receive, such as being a human, with a human life, if we know God, if we let God abide in our hearts and we listen to Him, listen to His teachings, listen to the Good News, listen to the Gospel – to understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds that God reserved for our human world. In this spirit, then, wherever we are, we still have the opportunity to bow our heads, to prostrate, and to ask God to help us in the dangers, in the ordeals, with the events that happened and are happening to the world. Today, in all matters we no longer fear, though we look at them with human eyes yet it is with a mind and a heart to be the pioneer. (2)


As for the deeds that must be done, which are the signs through the Five Holy Wounds, then we continue to ask God so that we witness, so that we continue to be the pioneers in order to recognize all the important graces that we need to sacrifice for – in the initial moments, in the initial time, to bring back to this generation, to evoke in people the reverence, to evoke in people the prostration, the humility to recognize that our weak condition needs God’s help, that we always need to have God abide with us. (3) We thank the grace of God’s Love through the Five Holy Wounds, so that we continue to become humble people, so that we continue to recognize our conditions, and so that we continue to recognize what we have and can receive, in the moments we bow our heads to prostrate – to fully entrust and trust, asking God to intervene for us.


With the Sixth Kowtow, we thank the grace of God the Father for allowing us to offer these words to Mother: “O our beloved Mother Mary, we offer this kowtow; it is our tribute to You, to Your Immaculate Heart.” Mother is the Mother of the Holy Eucharist, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Church and also the Mother of the human race. For all of Mother’s deeds, today, Mother is the Queen of Heaven, the deeds that Mother accomplished years ago with everything that was signed by the word “Fiat,” (4) the words offering up Mother’s whole life, which is the humility, which is the prostration, fully entrusting and trusting in God.


Everything we have and learned up to this day are from Mother’s teachings that we receive from Mother; Mother is worthy to receive the Sixth Kowtow – Mother is worthy for us to lift up to God the Father and to ask Him to allow us to honor Mother, so that we forever belong to Mother because Mother clearly knows about the weaknesses in the human life. Mother surpassed everything, overcame everything, and left a proof for people like us. Mother takes our place before God the Father (5), perfect regarding everything – in virtues, in holiness, and in a life of faith wholly serving God. God also desires that the people whom God created have the graces recognized in Mother. Mother is the Queen of Heaven but Mother is still humble in everything done; and we who are weak human beings, who are sinners – why can we not learn and understand the meaning of what we have in order to become a righteous person, a person worthy to be a child of God, to receive the gift of the life we live, have lived, in a world given by God, and also of the heavenly world that is reserved forever and ever for the righteous, reserved for those who repent, reserved for those who come back and who live with all their hearts in the truth in order to be worthy to return to that place?


Because we have Mother and Mother is with us today, we can understand the meanings of the Six Kowtows, so that the people in this world change with all the pride and arrogance, with all that they did not believe in, that they denied, that they rejected. The days that people are still acting in pride and arrogance: then those days will still have deaths, calamities, and will remain in death, since our human race still does not recognize God, does not believe in God, and does not prostrate, because we cannot cope with the evil spirits, we cannot cope with all the frightening events in this generation. Mother, please help us so that we do what we can from the guidance and the teaching; I hope Mother will help today’s world recognize, so that many more brothers and sisters prostrate together with us – to worship, to return to God in an absolute way, to unite with one another to ask for God’s intervention: to bestow upon our world harmony and peace in the remaining days. We need to have Mother’s help and intercession, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


We ask all these blessings from St. Joseph; please protect us, guard us, guide us, and guide our Church. May all the heavenly saints and all the angels support, protect, guard, and help our human race to be united with the heavenly saints and angels; in acclamations, in thanksgivings, in praises – praying for the world, praying for those who do not yet know, praying for the sinners, praying for the brothers and sisters who are still in purgatory, with our intercessions in unity with the heavenly saints and angels, in unity with the people in purgatory – in adoration, in reverence and in prostration to worship, to unite together to revere a unique God: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ who is our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


L. completed this message at exactly 8:41 p.m. on Saturday, September 12, 2015, at Christ the Incarnate Word Church where we have the opportunity to offer the Six Kowtows with our souls, on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the entire world, and on behalf of the people to whom we have given the CDs (6) with the messages, especially at my parish, in my own language, with my own people, all the brothers and sisters, the sinners, the people who do not yet know, and the people who do not yet believe. God, please help them open their hearts to believe in what needs to be done, in what must be done. God, please help us prepare for the unexpected day of the coming of the new world, with the sudden purification, so that we are prepared to enter into the new world. Amen. Amen. Amen.



  1. “Prostration” in these messages always refers to the Six Kowtows.
  2. With the confidence of consistently practice the Six Kowtows (as of the date of this message, still as a pioneer), one learns not to fear the terrible events. Practicing the Six Kowtows regularly gives fortitude to the soul and trust in God since they are a means of initial conversion for those coming back to God and continual conversion for those who have come back to Him.
  3. This sentence again speaks of pioneering the practice of the Six Kowtows … so that others witness the action, recognize its truth and value, and start to practice them themselves. This is why the Six Kowtows are performed publicly (as well as privately) – so that people see them practiced and want to learn more about them; so that the practice spreads – spoken or read words are not enough.
  4. “Fiat” can be explained in the Latin translation of the Bible, where Mary says, “Be it done to me according to your word” (“fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum”) in Luke 1:38. It is Her joyful and enthusiastic “yes” to God, entrusting Herself completely to His Will.
  5. This is not regarding judgment. She is, according to Catholic Doctrine, our “Advocate” before God; She is also the “New Eve,” the mother of all men in the order of grace – Jesus gave Her this office when He said to Her on the Cross, “Woman, behold, your son!” (John 19:26).
  6. These would be compact discs of a message in Vietnamese.


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