The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Only the Divine Mercy of God Can Save                Our Humanity Today



November 3, 2016 – St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows.

L.: O God, it is 10:34 a.m. on Thursday, November 3, 2016, at the Vatican, in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Today, one more time, we are able to come here to give thanks to the love God reserves for us, so that we can kneel before the tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, and the picture of St. Joseph holding Jesus. At this place where everyone is facing the tabernacle, to lift up to God, we come here with a mission; to lift up to God, soul and body, to offer the kowtows that we need to offer on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the group, on behalf of every individual in the entire world, especially on behalf of those who are chosen to be the witnesses in this century, and also on behalf of our Church, to offer to God with heart, with a contrite heart, with the imperfections in each of our lives – by the surrender, by the prostration.

May God accept and embrace us so that we may lift up prayers from the bottom of our hearts, from a contrite heart; God, please accept – for us, for the whole world, for the people from all nations, especially for those who come here, to recognize the human condition, to lift up to God Almighty. It is such a joy for us to be able to lift up to God in the Vatican, in St. Peter’s Basilica; the place where the Church is, the place with the Good News, the place where God established the Church, for that Good News to resound all over, in the power of God, who gives to all the children – both to the laity as well as to those in the ranks of the Church. The clergy, from all over, gather and return to their Father’s house in the world, asking for the special protection of our Church, for each person in the Church, especially Pope Francis, and the cardinals, the bishops, the priests, the religious, the people with the functions to proclaim the Good News and to live to glorify the Good News of Jesus Christ, forever and ever. May we gather and return, asking God to accept us with each kowtow we offer to God.

O God, today we come here to offer the First Kowtow to God the Father. O Father Almighty, O Father rich in mercy, O Father our Creator, with the countless graces that Father pours down upon us, helps us recognize what we encounter, with all the extraordinary and amazing graces in the past centuries, so that today we have the Vatican, a great place for us to worship Father, to serve Father, to honor Father; a place for everyone, every gender, every class, every role, with a pair of eyes of faith to see the grandeur, the many wonders, marvels completed by the human world, but bestowed by Father Himself, and from Father giving to the people, as well as to us, to our present Church, to be in union with heaven, so that we may continue through Father’s doctrine and laws so that lasts forever, to bring mankind back to Father, to recognize Father, to receive salvation from Father’s Only Son.

O Father rich in mercy, our understanding is limited; the eyes of faith and human vision are also limited; if without the Holy Spirit, we are people in weak bodies. However, Father does not abandon us but He uses these weak bodies to do extraordinary feats, even our Church (1), so that today, everywhere, every nation recognizes the great things that belong to Father. Therefore, today, there are many matters that we need to take action on – by deed, by thought, by heart; to bow in worship, in praise, from the bottom of the heart, from the heart, from what is in the heart to offer to Father with the Divine Mercy, to ask for Father to forgive our sins and to look at us, the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe, who do not yet understand, who have not yet experienced – offering our little hearts. Father, please have mercy; accept our humble hearts, accept us, for our hearts to have Father, with Father; please remain with us; lead us to love, to grace, to Divine Mercy, to the path of truth that Father desires in the human world. I just know to say the words on behalf of the people in the world – every nation, every role – especially the people who come here, the people in the Church, the clergy, and every sinner. Father, please accept, with urgency, our prayers asking Father to intervene for humanity, for each role, so that we may live in righteousness, so that we may return to the truth, to live worthy of the Divine Mercy that Father reserves and bestows. I worship Father, praise Father, and glorify Father. Amen, Amen.

We offer the Second Kowtow to Our Lord Jesus Christ, our God, and the Second Person of God. He came to remove the sins of the world, to cleanse humanity, to bring us out of the darkness and back to the light of the Good News. O Father (2) – Father’s Name is Jesus, our God; when we hear this Name, everyone must prostrate, even purgatory and hell must also fear the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. Today, happy are the people who are the children of Father, who are the children of the Savior: to have reformed lives, to be transformed with a new life. Father, please forgive the days of darkness, the days with unintentional and deliberate actions, the days committing sins, irresponsibly lacking in our duties and our roles – in every class, in every role. We acted unintentionally and deliberately in our daily lives; Father, please forgive us; Father, please receive our Second Kowtow for countless people and for each individual to be enlightened; each class, each role, each part to recognize Father’s Love and Father’s salvation, with faith in Father, for us to have life, to have eternal life, to live with happy and meaningful days, full of hope, in the world.

O Father, please have mercy on us. O Savior, please continue to let us see the path that Father walked, to lead us in the light, to remove the darkness, to remove the sins in human life. Father, please help us – every class, every role – to come to Father with heart, with sincerity, with a beseeching heart, by the prostration, with a heart determined to worship the only God whom we believe in, with a united heart. Father, please rule over the world, over all people, rule over our hearts and our souls. Father, please remain with us and with everyone in the world who comes here; in the days people are able to travel, maybe they come here out of curiosity, or with a distressed situation in life, with diseases in the soul and in the body. Father, please look at us and give us the best. We ask to follow Father’s Will, not ours, for everyone to gather and realize that only Father can truly bring real peace to humanity, to each family, to each individual. We lift up to Father all the days with sufferings, with diseases; may people look at the path Father walked, the Way of the Cross, and give glory to Father by the life, by the doctrine that Father left. May we be determined to persevere, to entrust, to hope, for the love and the Divine Mercy to be abundant through the salvation; thanks to the salvation we are able to rise – strong in faith, in deed, in action – to continue on the path, and to trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us to live worthily as the children of Father. I ask this on behalf of everyone, of each brother and sister; on behalf of every class, every role, in faith, in order to worship, to praise, and to glorify our God, now and forever. Amen.

We lift up to God the Third Person. O Holy Spirit – He is the light, He is the truth, and He is the Love leading us on the way. O Holy Spirit, please light the flame for us in today’s world, the flame that was given but we extinguished, because we do not unite, we do not cooperate, and we deny in this respect and that respect. We put our ego, our personality, and our needs in life above all things from God and His laws; therefore, we have fallen into the snare of evil, into the trap of the devil, and today, the world has the answer (3). O Holy Spirit, everything we do that does not come from the truth will be exposed to the light; today, everyone, every nation, all people can see the truth; with the path chosen by humans without the doctrine of God; we will live with suffering, with selfishness, with the misery of diseases – spiritual, physical – among humans.

O Third Person of God, today we come with an entreaty, asking Him to have mercy upon humanity. He is Love, He will never abandon us; may He kindle the flame of the Holy Spirit, kindle the flame of Love, kindle the flame of solidarity, kindle the flame of duty in each Christian, in each child of God, in each of our roles – to be done according to the Will of the Father. Help us realize what charity is, what evil is so that we may remove evil in life, remove the personal ego, for us to unite together, to receive the best blessings bestowed by the Holy Spirit, to lead us back onto the path of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, onto the way of the truth bestowed by God the Father, and onto the path of happiness and love that we have the right to choose, with the inherent rights to either recognize the light or to lead ourselves onto the path of the ego, of the personality. Father, please help mankind today to distinguish between good and evil, to distinguish between the darkness and the light, for us to return to the truth, to the flame brightly lit in our souls, burning bright in all of us, burning bright in the Church, to become a great torch that the Holy Spirit reserves for the first generation and for the last, remaining generation. (4)

O Holy Spirit, God, please help us, please help the people recognize and pray to ask for the forgiveness of all our past mistakes, to forget all the past, and to apply what is newest in the grace that God reserved and bestowed; for us to unite together, to remove our ego, to remove the disputes in life and return to the weak condition of humans, to ask for help, to prostrate, to surrender, to repent and remove all that used to be our own thinking – the arrogance – to let the Holy Spirit rule over us in the human world, in all classes, especially in our Church today. For what is most needed, O Holy Spirit, please help people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, to listen to the Divine Mercy of God the Father, to listen to the goodness of the truth and the goodness in the perfection of the Holy Spirit, so that everyone may gather and return with the heart and the beseeching in the Holy Name of Jesus. In this time of urgency, when countless people surrender to His Love and His Mercy, please help every ear to hear, every eye to see, every heart to experience; to be grateful and to say thanks. Everything is to be entrusted to the Holy Spirit for Him to act, because it is only in Him, with Him that all things become good and perfect; please listen to our prayers. We honor Him; we thank, we praise Him – may He remain with us, accept our contrite hearts, accept our apologies with the Third Kowtow that we offer exclusively to Him. May every person, every nation, everyone, surrender and return, for the Holy Spirit to act, to enlighten, to lead, so that we may enter into the world that belongs to God. Amen.

We offer the Fourth Kowtow. O Body and Blood of God that remained with us 2,000 years: it is He Himself, with Him and in Him (5), waiting for mankind to mature, waiting for mankind to return, waiting for things to be confirmed in faith and deed. He waited for us throughout the past centuries, waited for humanity to recognize what belongs to God, in His doctrine and His law, for the world to have peace, happiness, love, and be filled with the graces in joy. Unfortunately and sadly for each individual, today, the majority follows the ego, the personality and the freedom, in the clever, sophisticated ways of the civilized era that caused us much degeneration in the life of the laws and the life belonging to God, through His doctrine.

O Jesus Christ, I know for sure that His presence will not let the world fall into the hands of the devil, into the hands of evil, into the hands of the unjust; He is looking for every way to lead us out of the siege of darkness and the bondage of sins. May He have mercy on us with the beseeching today, calling upon the Holy Name of the Presence in the Eucharist that we believe in, that helps us receive the abundant, divine graces – the only Presence leading us into the earthly paradise when we recognize Him. It is the Presence that helps us in the dangers of the tribulations and of the other events surrounding us that prevent us from having real peace in the human world, so that with Him and in Him, He will not let the people who are His children, the people who live in the doctrine, the righteous people, fall into the hands of the devil. Therefore, it is for those righteous people, for those truths, that today we go to the places, to listen in faith in order to prostrate on behalf of our brothers, on behalf of the pleas beseeching Jesus through the Eucharist – to ask Him to intervene, to ask Him to use the power so that people may see that only He is the loving God who rules by love, that He is the God who has the right to give us life, for us to be happy and to have a meaningful life. Only He is the Almighty who can exterminate all the unrighteous people who do not belong to Him.

O Jesus – He is tender, gentle; He is meek, humble, and He is very fair, very just over each person and each soul; may people listen to His voice, believe in Him, know His Holy Name and rely on what was heard, what was known. His remaining through the Eucharist today is a sublime sacrament; a great sacrament; a little, hidden, divine place that God uses in order to come to every soul. He does not want anyone to end up not knowing His Love; waiting there for over 2,000 years, it’s time to show mankind the extraordinary graces and the supernatural works that belong to our God. Today, nothing can urge us besides the love of the Holy Spirit helping us, for us to plead earnestly, on behalf of all people, of all nations, all roles, all classes; to ask Him to help us recognize Him, for us to come to Him, for us to believe in Him, for us to be comforted and to be strengthened in the life of faith, with the extraordinary works, with the wonders, with the mysteries that God reveals to us today. The Eucharist has come, with the light and the hidden, heavenly kingdom, with the saints and the angels helping us today, in regard to faith. (6) May He continue to allow us to go everywhere to do what the Holy Spirit guides us to do – to lead the people, for the people to gather, to surrender to the God to whom we lift up the prayers that we greatly need to offer to God today, with a respectful heart, a grateful heart, in response to the Divine Mercy. All of these things do not come from humans; we will be able to find out who the Person teaching us is in the next moments. I worship God and praise God; it is through the intercession of one Person that today we know this.

May God accept our return, accept our repentance, accept our surrender, our prostration; please intervene for the human world, please lead everyone to Him. May people come with a beseeching heart, to ask for His grace and His power to work over us – in each person, in one’s role and duty – for the whole world to soon have peace and happiness, in the love that God reserves for our human world; please teach us to know of the doctrine in order to belong to Him in all circumstances. I worship God; I praise, honor, and thank the Holy Name of Jesus, through the Holy Eucharist. Amen.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow. O Five Holy Wounds of Jesus – the mark of God of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – the mark of the Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist remaining with us and the mark of the Five Holy Wounds. Today we cannot forget the death of Jesus; the Five Holy Wounds are imprinted in each of our souls and our hearts, in His redemption, taking away the sins of the world for each soul, each class, each sinner, and each one of us. (7) Today, what can we give in return? What can we give out of gratitude? What can we do to be worthy? We are only aware of our weak and sinful conditions, coming here, on behalf of all people, of thousands of people, to venture on behalf of every class, every role in our Church today, to ask God to accept the earnest, beseeching prayers of thanksgiving, of blessing; please accept our surrender, our prostration, our repentance. May everything belong to God; may we surrender everything to God, return to God and belong to God, now until the last moments in life – of each Christian, of each parishioner, and of each person, in every class.

O Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ, may these be the triumph for our souls to have the eternal refuge of heaven; please help us realize the doctrine and the truth daily, hourly in our lives, with the love of God through the Cross. O Five Holy Wounds that triumphed over death, please lead us into glorious victory; O Five Holy Wounds resurrected, lead us to be resurrected together with Jesus; may we rely upon the nail marks and the Five Holy Wounds – the great grace that God reserves and bestows upon humanity – so that in any circumstance, at any moment, with sinful moments, there is still hope through these Five Holy Wounds: the eternal mark. When we repent and return, He never refuses; may everyone – every nation and all people – believe in Jesus Christ through the Five Holy Wounds, so that thanks to the Five Holy Wounds we can have an encounter; we can be touched, be reformed, and we can return to the meaning of a human being knowing God, being a child of God, and believing in the Redeemer of the world.

O Jesus Christ – today He allows us to come here to pray on behalf of the voices, to pray with heart – with a contrite heart, in surrender, in prostration – especially on behalf of the people who are in the Church today, to return to God with a humble heart, with a simple heart, with a heart of love, thinking of others. On behalf of all nations, of all people, God, please have mercy, for them to also see in the way we see – to unite with us, and together with us, to return, in surrender, in prostration, to ask God to bestow upon us the Precious Blood with which God covers the entire world. Do not let anyone be lost because they are sinners and need the precious drops of Blood for them to also become holy people, become righteous people, and become the children of God.

O Jesus, Five Holy Wounds – through His victory, help us overcome (8) the miseries and sins in today’s current state; help us overcome evil that uses every cunning device in order to kill humanity, in the clever, sophisticated ways under the disguise of civilization. Today, countless people have fallen into depravity, countless people have violated the laws of God; please bring us back to the Five Holy Wounds, please bring us back to the light of the Cross. Please bring us back to the victory and resurrection of the glorious triumph of Jesus Christ, to receive the Divine Mercy of God the Father, for mankind today to soon recognize the truth in order to return to God, to believe in God, to be closer to God, to totally belong to God. May we receive the protection, the defense, and the enlightenment, for us to live in the way God wants, for each person, each sinner, and each class; may we be united in heart to surrender, to belong to God’s own people, thanks to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus. I worship, praise and glorify Jesus, on behalf of everyone, of each one of us, for us to continue with what is present in the divine realm, for us to be enlightened and guided, for us to practice – from inside to outside – to revive in people faith and action, for us to belong to our God, to remove the human viewpoint and return to the human condition of earnest beseeching, to ask God to have mercy and save today’s humanity. I worship God, praise God, glorify God, with gratitude and thanksgiving for the Five Holy Wounds that God bestowed upon us, and the life that God gave us. Amen.

We offer the Sixth Kowtow. O God the Father, we thank the grace of Father for giving us Mother, the Mother who lived a life of humility, in quiet meditation. In all of Mother’s works while on earth, every day Mother continued with one thing, serving God. Today, with the grace God bestowed upon Mother, Mother is the Queen of heaven, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of humanity; today, what Mother teaches, what comes from Mother’s help, God accepts. Today, I ask Father for us to offer this kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the Mother of The Divine Mercy (9), the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of Love, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, the Mother of mankind, the Mother of each sinner, and the Mother of each soul in purgatory. May we recognize the title of and be grateful to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and for the complete triumph of Mother, for us to worship God through the teaching from Mother, for us to listen to the words Mother taught; to belong to God, to be accepted by God. Please look at humanity today, please look at the events that abound, and look at everything that is happening to rescue us daily; let us listen to Mother for us to become the children who belong to God and to Mother in this world.

Mother, please continue to remain with us; remain with humanity, with everyone – accept us. Guide the Church, shelter the Church; may everyone completely unite with the Church in obedience: to return to God, to the Divine Mercy, to the door of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, to receive the forgiveness, the deliverance, and the plenary indulgence. Please accept us, for everyone to recognize the new life, the belief, and the new Presence in Jesus Christ, through the Eucharist. (10) I worship God, and praise God, and glorify God, and give thanks to Mother Mary. May the Immaculate Heart have complete triumph and lead us back to the peace in humanity today. (11) Amen. Amen. Amen.

O God, please allow me to continue with the completion of the Six Kowtows; today, God allows me to come here to offer the Six Kowtows, which is also the teaching that Mother Mary gave to today’s humanity: each meaning, with heart, with the surrender, the prostration, in deed – from the soul to the body – to offer to God. God, please accept our prayers and forgive us, for us to be somewhat worthy with the Divine Mercy that God reserves for us, with Mother’s teaching, through the response to the Divine Mercy, with the little, humble human condition. Please accept us and allow us to act on behalf of the brothers and sisters around the world, in each role; eventually, everyone needs to surrender and return to the Love and the Divine Mercy of God – only the Divine Mercy of God can save our humanity today. If we are alone, if we act on our own, with the human inferences or human rules, then we are subject to limitations, so let us listen to Mother’s teachings, to Mother’s instructions, to receive the coverage from the Holy Spirit. This gift is not just reserved for us but for each one of us, each class, each role, and all of humanity, so that we recognize what is most essential and learn from Mother humility, the life of entrusting, the life of faith, totally belonging to God, wholly and absolutely perfect in our God. Help us understand the meaning of reformation, understand the meaning of perfection, understand the meaning of holiness, for us to be worthy to receive the grace that God reserved and bestowed upon the world in general and in particular upon each one of us – for each of us to grow in the grace and blessing of God, for each of us to understand the prayer and understand the sentiment reserved for God above all things; for His Holy Spirit to direct and guide us in holiness, in the perfection that people need to know and need to practice.

O Mother Mary, these things do not come from humans; Mother Herself taught us and allowed us; today, the people who are ordinary and banal know how to speak, how to be brave, how to go to places, for nothing else besides the only thing: to give glory to God, living from the heart, for everything that belongs to the glory of God. Though little, though quiet, yet very profound, the heart that Mary teaches to humanity today, with everything in faith, for us to move forward and to receive the divine grace in the special way that God intended for mankind, through the intervention reserved for mankind, to receive the grace that God poured out abundantly for humanity to know the path back to God, which is the path of holiness, the path of perfection, the path that God desires and longs for, waiting for humanity to mature.

Today, I thank the grace God reserved for me through the Six Kowtows, in the Vatican, which is also St. Peter’s Basilica. This is our first time; this is the grace and blessing reserved for us, the people who have roles in the pioneering and the proclamation of the Good News, with the revelations to the world today through the miracle of the Eucharist. Let us not forget that coming here is not from our own doing – we believe we are here from the intercessions of the saints. The saints, gone in the course of history: St. Peter, St. Paul, all the saints, and a saint we cannot forget, St. Joseph – a saint God chose right from the beginning to become the foster father of mankind. Today, when we pray to him, nobody returns empty-handed; He is the patron saint of the Church; we ask for him to look at us and what we need regarding courage, asking him to continue to intercede for us. We do know this mission is very important; whether we like it or not, no matter what, in life we must complete what God allows – Mother is helping and leading us to evoke in today’s humanity a reverent heart toward God.

Each kowtow has a meaning, with the earnest and beseeching words to ask God, on behalf of each voice, each sinner. We are able to see that in what we do, we do not walk alone in this world but we are walking with the angels and the saints. We ask for the three Archangels (12) to continue to protect, to defend our Church; to help us on the path of unity, in silence, to help all the sheep of God – for all people, all nations to surrender, to keep away from the evil spirits, from evil luring us in today’s world. May the three Archangels not only protect but intercede for us; we thank them – please continue to support us when we come here or when we complete our works at the places, when we return, for us brothers and sisters to be united in a life of testimony, in a life of pioneering; for everything to be done according to God’s Will for the human world in this era and in this century. I thank the heavenly kingdom – the angels, the saints; please continue to shelter, to protect us, for us to be faithful and to persevere in the mission God assigned to us, and to give us the opportunity to continue with what belongs to the divine realm that is present and urges us with actions that need to be done: to glorify God, in deed, in action, in the mission of bearing witness.

I thank the saints, all the saints at this place, at this sacred place that is the burial place for many popes, many saints, many clergy who served their whole life; they are in heaven, but certainly there are also those who still have to answer to God’s Justice in purgatory. Thus, this is an opportunity – we ask for God’s Mercy, especially in this month of prayer for the souls; we are the people who are still living, and there are people who are longing in purgatory, including the people who belonged to the Church and the kings of each era. Certainly, there are still people who are longing and waiting for justice, in order to be reunited with God, so today, I offer the Six Kowtows, the gift that Mother Herself offers to humanity, on their behalf, at the Vatican, a sacred place, a place where God chose, for His Church to prevail. May the power of God, through the Divine Mercy of God the Father, bring the souls and the people with duties and responsibilities in the ranks of the Church – the people with errors in their past duties – back to God in this Jubilee Year while the door is still opened.

There are only 20 more days left; the people who still live with sin, the people who do not yet know, who do not yet believe, or the people who knew, who believed but who left – God, please forgive them. This is the opportunity to realize what is not too hard, yet not too simple; teaching us to have faith and to be humble for us to be forgiven and to return to the grace and the love of God through Divine Mercy; to receive the renewed water and grace, to be sanctified, to be transformed, to receive the great gift through the door of the Jubilee Year and the Love of God, renewing and transforming each one of us, transforming all of humanity, and transforming us to have a vision in unity and love.

L., A., D., M., H., H., X. – we have the opportunity to offer to God, directly or indirectly, each individual, on behalf of all the people present here. God, please have mercy and accept our prayers, for people to be touched and to feel, so that they may have this gift for themselves when they encounter the tribulations; to be able to pray to God, with the gift from Mother for us to call upon His Name. I conclude at noon today, in thanksgiving, in gratitude, in praise; may the Church soon realize one day soon what they also need – for everyone to work together, to act together, to be united, to glorify God in our lives; especially the Christians, the people who join the Church, the people who believe and return to God.

L. completes at 11:59 a.m. on Thursday, November 3, 2016, in St. Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican. I am kneeling in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, and a picture of St. Joseph holding Jesus. This is a sacred place with the saints – please help us with intercessions to God for us to fulfill our responsibilities; in the coming minutes, to hear the words of God, for us and for the entire world in general, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God. Thanks to God the Father, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, and thanks to Mother Mary; please accept our gratitude, our appreciation, and our recognition to the Immaculate Heart of Mother. Mother, please accept from us – continue to lead us; we trust Mother’s Heart will triumph completely so that we may enjoy the days of happiness and peace, united in Mother Mary’s teaching.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of

  1. The faithful in their weakness form the Church. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ as taught by Pope Pius XII and St. Paul.
  2. Since the Second Kowtow is offered “In honor of God the Son,” “Father,” as is usual in these messages, refers to Jesus.
  3. This is saying that a tree is known by its fruit (see Luke 6:44, Matthew 12:33).
  4. These are two ages for mankind: the period from Creation to “the great tribulation” referred to in Revelation 7:14, and the period from “the great tribulation” to practically (see Revelation 20:7-10) the end of the world / the Second Coming. This second period is the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima and it will last an indefinitely long period of time (“a thousand years” in Revelation 20).
  5. This seems to mean that the Eucharistic Body and Blood are Jesus, and that they are with Him and in Him.
  6. All the luminous, miraculous images and messages given to L. are “through the Eucharist.” The Eucharist is the focal point of this private revelation; Divine Mercy and end times elements are secondary, relevant to their time – Divine Justice will come and the end times revelations will come to pass if man does not repent, but the Eucharistic spirituality embodied in these messages will be relevant until the end of time.
  7. Jesus has redeemed every person who was, is and will be, but the individual must choose whether or not to accept this grace He won for us and be saved; He has opened the door to heaven (redemption) for all, but each person decides whether or not he wants to go in (salvation) by one’s faith and works that prove that faith (James 2:14-18). So the mark or imprint of the Five Holy Wounds that all people have refers to the fact that we have all been redeemed by Jesus in His Passion.
  8. This is all addressed to Jesus. We do not to fix every grammatical error in the messages because L. is a simple person with very little education and often God speaks through her and to her in this way (see the “God Uses His Most Simple Language” message of November 13, 2013). It seems God wishes to show that this great mission is from Him, not from any human being.
  9. Jesus is “The Divine Mercy,” as revealed to St. Faustina.
  10. This seems to refer to this private revelation.
  11. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will precede the Era of Peace She promised at Fatima: “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph […] and a period of peace will be granted to the world.” The “end” She refers to is not the end of the world but the end of this historical era, the end of the period of tribulations Our Lady of Fatima warned us about if we didn’t repent.
  12. There are more than three archangels, but apparently the ones that protect this mission are the ones whose names are in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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