The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

The Gift of The Six Kowtows


A Present from Blessed Mother Mary to Humanity

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Sáu Lạy Kính Dâng Chúa Giêsu Thánh Thể

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Kinh Nguyện Sáu Lạy kính dâng Chúa Giêsu Thánh Thể

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The Six Kowtows Reverently Offered to the Eucharistic Jesus


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Ang Anim na Kowtows

Magalang na iniaalay

sa Eukaristikanong Hesus

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Las Seis Kowtows


Ofrecido a

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Los Seis Kowtows Reverently


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Messages for the World 


The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

Heavenly Poems and Songs

''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit's Message

Regarding The Six Kowtows


Excerpt from a message dated 11-30-2016


This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through the messenger when practicing The Six Kowtows.


Lucia: These are things Mother taught, but we were also taught by God about the Sixth Kowtow; the kowtows Mother taught – with the signs, the evidences related to the heavenly kingdom, to the creation of God the Father right from the beginning, with very important matters when we go into the times of the Old Testament, or into present life today – are related to the number six.

Mother Mary is the Person chosen and recorded in history; the Immaculate Heart of Mother is the complete triumph of virtue and perfection before God. Mother became the Queen of heaven, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars – a symbol for the radiant glory of the light that the heavenly kingdom has chosen from the beginning, through the law of God the Father.

Today, the Holy Spirit Himself teaches us to offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow, with a reverent heart, with a thankful, grateful heart. Let us listen to and embrace the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of love, the Mother of each of us, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of each sinner, the Mother of each soul in purgatory.

These are titles we cannot deny, these are also the works that God the Father inaugurated and arranged – the connection with the heavenly kingdom; what we need to know is the number God the Father chose from the beginning. This is the symbol for everyone to know and to hear, the hidden sign of the remaining days of the end of the century, and the last book of history (1).

Those are the essential matters – we need to hear, need to surrender, need to prostrate and fully understand the meaning of the number six that is to be concluded by the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We do not understand; every time we come to church or have great, solemn ceremonies, we all see the six candles symbolizing on the altar; we do not understand the Good News mentioning the four animals; the four animals along with the twenty-four elders surrendering and prostrating as St. John himself saw and described in the revelation that God had given to him.

He clearly recorded: “And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all round and within, and day and night they never cease to sing, ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!’ And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who is seated on the throne, who lives for ever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before him who is seated on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever; they cast their crowns before the throne […]” (Revelation 4:8-10). That is the surrender, the prostration, offering with the words: “Holy, Holy, Holy…” and together with the heavenly kingdom, these have meanings with greater, more sublime things.

We stop here with the great relations to the number that God the Father chose right from the beginning. His creation and His masterpiece has something special that we do not understand; we have been betrayed and the first traitor was Lucifer – Lucifer was the proximate one, and indeed is the one who knew about many things in the heavenly kingdom; so he uses that number today, not only one, but he wants to spread what is important to deceive the human world; he uses three number sixes, and those three number sixes have appeared in the world right from the beginning, when mankind started to offend and to separate with very important things.

Today, the world uses that number in silence; it continues to spread in the world, and he can use that number to control humanity. We are the children of God, we do not know what the devil is doing, we do not know about the deceits, because we are too weak to open the door and we have been deceived by him. We do not understand science and technology – we also do not understand that today people are using their bodies but they have sold their minds and souls to the devil, and that control has become contrary to morality, frightfully and disgustingly deceiving, in which people do not live in the truth, do not allow the conscience to be the standard, and do not live in the doctrine and the truth.

It is time – the day has come for us to know and to be clear on why we practice The Six Kowtows and why with a heart in prostration. That is the number six we practice and the last number six; the number six that is the solution and the key to lead us to victory – Mother Mary will intervene and come to the world. That is the Queen, clothed with the sun, with the moon under Her feet, and on Her head a crown of twelve stars to receive a kingdom; an expression to lead us, with the intervention.

Today The Six Kowtows belong to Mother Mary, who is the author, with a depth so deep, so vast in the divine realm, manifested to today’s humanity. She does not teach us what is against the doctrine, She does not teach us to violate what is in the practical life we are living, She does not teach us anything else, but this is the meaning of something profound that we do not know anything about; this is also the one and only opportunity given to this human world in the last days, after the days the door of the Mercy of the Jubilee Year closed while the Divine Mercy of God is still available.




(1) This private revelation in general is the final book of the history of God coming to the world before the Second Coming; there will be no more private revelations for the world after this one. There are other, concurrent ones, but none will come after this one ends.


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