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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Let us Bow our Heads and Return to God with our Hearts



November 30, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows (1).

L.: O God, it is 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and the picture of the Divine Mercy. I thank God for reserving this morning for us, which is also the last day of the month to pray for the holy souls.  Especially in this month dedicated to the souls, God allows us (2) to go to the cemetery every Wednesday to pray for the souls in purgatory, to pray for the brothers and sisters who are still living yet their souls are dead. God, please sanctify and transform them. Today, I would like to represent the brothers and sisters in the group.  Every Wednesday, we also represent the souls to offer to God the Six Kowtows to ask God to have mercy on these souls.  Among them are our relatives, our brothers and sisters, and all the orphaned souls. These are souls in the ranks of the Church, kings, soldiers, victims who died abroad, as well as those who died at sea; so many souls still wandering without shelter. God, please have mercy; grant all these souls to see God’s face through the light and the Divine Mercy’s love. God, these are also the months that God reserves for us to come near Him through the meaning of each kowtow.  At this moment, we do not forget our duty and responsibility when we come to attend Holy Mass to listen to the Word of God through the Gospel and the Good News (3), and also to come to receive God into our hearts, with a heart in reverence, in veneration and in worship. We act on behalf of all the brothers and sisters (4) around the world – boldly – on behalf of every class, of every role, especially of our families and of the brothers and sisters in our group, to lift up on the morning with the First Kowtow that we offer to God the Father.

O God, our God – God deserves glory, honor and power because God created the universe; it is from God that all creatures exist and are created. We praise and thank the Supreme Being who sits upon the throne, who is the living One, forever and ever. Amen.

O God – first of all, we offer to God the first words; these are the words of the Old Testament, of the prophets and messengers that were recorded in the first period of the Old Testament. Today, we borrow their words recorded in the history pages of the Good News to offer to God, to respectfully remember the Almighty who is our God, who was, who is, now and forever. O God, today, we come here on behalf of all our brothers and sisters, especially the people in the group.  Usually, we gather together on Wednesday, in a special way, to prostrate and lift up to God on behalf of St. Theresa Parish, on behalf of the people who today still do not embrace, still do not know – and on behalf of the people who are rejecting God, who have left the rank of the Church. God, please have mercy and forgive; give us the chance to return and to be immersed in God’s Divine Mercy – this is the opportunity for us to prostrate, to entrust. We offer our hearts, our souls, by the prostration, by the surrender, by our whole, contrite hearts, on behalf of the brothers and sisters who are on the way back, the people who still do not know, who still do not understand, who still do not believe. God, please have mercy and give them the chance to recognize You; it is only by returning, by recognizing the origin that we are worthy to still exist and to continue in the midst of this life with the countless graces that God pours over us, in us, in each one of us.

O God – God does not stop with those graces but He continues to pour them abundantly over us in life, for us to recognize God’s lively presence in the divine realm; we have the opportunity to see the brothers and sisters around who also benefit from the breath, the air that God reserves for us to still have life. O God, just that is enough for us who cannot fully express our gratitude. In our lives, there are countless things in disorder, sufferings, diseases in the soul as well as in the body – in countless phases in life – yet God still loves us, still forgives us, still gives us the chance, for us today to have the opportunity to kneel in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross. We believe God is Present on the altar daily when we attend Holy Mass for us to experience the presence of the Trinity – to urge us, to remain with humanity.

God, please continue to allow many to recognize God, for the cold, hardened hearts to become warm, for the people who still do not know to recognize, for the people who never recognized to hear the Divine Mercy because today in our human world, we recognize God’s intervention and countless sublime mysteries that God manifested to humanity for us to recognize, to believe, and to return.  These are the most essential things in our lives – to understand the reason why we need to lift up what is in our lives to God daily; we are born into this world to serve God, to serve our brothers and sisters, to live a life knowing the doctrine and the truth, to live a life pleasing to God, but in this generation and countless others, we have forgotten this main point – we endlessly continue with years of unintentional and deliberate offenses, in this way and in that way, toward God and toward our brothers and sisters, lacking in our duties and responsibilities.

This morning, the First Reading said: “For one believes with the heart and so is justified, and one confesses with the mouth and so is saved.” That is something God distinctly promised and gave us in the Good News, the Gospel, let alone in our daily lives with things so obvious. God never refuses us anything; we just need to live in goodness, in faith – then our lives remain in peace and happiness.  This is an endless and priceless gift He reserves for our human world, for each of His children.

Today, we are the little, lowly, imperfect people but God still gives us the chance to experience, to recognize what is inherent in our lives, that sometimes we forget and do not know, but thanks to this prostration, thanks to this surrender, thanks to this absolute trust, this total repentance, God allows us to become His little instruments, though in silence, yet we can feel the happiness, the peace, enveloping us – and everything seems to have God by our side, with concern, and to take care of us thoroughly, every second, every minute in life. O God, we are so happy to be Your children; we are so happy when we can address God as Father; and we are so happy to represent our brothers and sisters – the deceased brothers and sisters, the deceased relatives and helpers – they yearn for and desire the moment when they can bow down and prostrate even more than us, but there is no more opportunity. Today, we represent them through God’s grace to ask for an opportunity for them. O God, when people are still living, we do not listen, do not awaken; when we are gone, we will regret it and everything will be too late, but God’s Divine Mercy is still reserved for our current generation, for the generation of those who have gone, the souls in purgatory.

O God – God is the King of Love, God is the tender Father – God is also the Person whom no one can compare to; God’s Divine Mercy is eternal. Today, we worship, praise, glorify, honor – on behalf of all our brothers and sisters, the people who reserve the time to sacrifice and pray for the holy souls, especially on the last day of the month to pray for the holy souls; especially at this moment, God, please accept our prayers and open the door of purgatory for the souls to enjoy the light of God’s face – God, please have mercy and accept our prayers.  Also, in today’s world, especially in this country in which we live, there are so many protests, so many disputes among people over each other’s rights, through authority; there are still many offenses toward God, one way or another, especially with the offenses against impartiality, yet people still act stubbornly and arrogantly.

God, please give them a loving heart, a just heart, to recognize the words that are reminded and given, which today each person cannot deny. God, please have mercy; God, in Your way, protect the United States, protect the place where we live. Please let everyone recognize Your intervention for them to be united in one heart, in a sentiment of return, in a sentiment of thanksgiving, of praise, of gratitude, of repentance with a contrite heart, which is also completely the surrender and the prostration – to ask God to decide for us, for the country where we are residing, to decide for each nation, each soul, each community, each individual; and especially, asking God to be the master of our Church today, to continue to bring the words of God, the Good News of God, to everyone all over the world, for all to hear, to know.

Today, through the Good News and the Gospel, if we are not the witnesses, if we are not the people to speak up, if we are not the pioneers, if we are not the people to speak about the works God reserves and gives, then who are the people to be able to do this? God, please bless us; God, please lead us and allow us; God, please remove everything in our human lives that is outside of His graces, outside of the works He reserved for us in life, for us to bear witness. God, please help us remove all the pride, the arrogance, the haughtiness of the imperfection, of the inference; we ask You to give us a heart, for us to know duty and responsibility, for us to recognize Your will in life; for all of God’s works to be realized in us, and over us. As for what does not belong to God, please remove everything for us to become an instrument, a little instrument, a sharp instrument when He uses us by His own words to help our brothers and sisters awaken, return in the love from solidarity; to prostrate; to worship; to praise; and to be united together in the same mind to worship God in heaven. With only one faith, one baptism, we are united in the same mind to glorify God through our life of testimony with the little, silent works, but we ask God to bring our brothers and sisters back, and for the souls to get out of that miserable place (5) to return to God.

There are many more things; we lift them all up to God in this present life, the people who have power in the nations, and still there are people who are silent, the clergy, who still need to have the enlightenment for them to lend a hand with the great programs in which God brings His words to the world, for them to lessen their personal rights with their ego and personality, to recognize the responsibility, to prepare for the most important day – for that is their souls and hearts according to God each day – that day is also the last day in the life of each person that no one can avoid. Help us recognize the responsibility to speak the words in the Gospel to remind ourselves that we are the people to bear witness to the Good News, who pioneer to guide many brothers to know God, to return to God; especially in today’s era in which everyone rejects and follows the clever, sophisticated ways of a civilized era, forgetting what is inherent in the life of the conscience, of the heart, of the truth. God, please use Your power to bring them back to the truth, back to the justice that everyone needs to hear, to know, to practice in daily life. Amen.

I offer the Second Kowtow.  O our Lamb of God – we thank Him, we thank Him who died for us to have life, we thank Him who came into this world to redeem our souls, we thank Him who cleansed the sins of the world for us to still exist today, for us to have the chance to represent our brothers and sisters, to represent the souls in purgatory, to receive the gift Mother gives to today’s world, to return with beseeching words by pleas, with fervent words, with feelings from the bottom of our hearts, with soul and body, inside and outside, for us to reverently lift up our thankful hearts, our grateful hearts, to express our appreciation, to ask God to forgive the unintentional and deliberate acts in our present lives – for each individual, and the community in particular, for all of us; in the indifference, the disrespect toward our God, with our rejection, our immature faith, our shortsightedness, and our weakness, in daily life.

O Lamb of God, we thank You for listening to us, for being patient with us, for remaining with us, because all of Your deeds forever will be proof of the love, in that God died for us to have life; that price of Blood purified our souls and bodies so that today, each sinner, each person has hope in God’s love. O Second Person of God, today is a special day at the end of the month to pray for the holy souls; we lift up to God all the holy souls in purgatory, the souls that are still wandering. These souls, when they were alive, did not know God, and now that they are deceased, how can they have a secure place when they died to receive the light? Are there people who are quite belated when they learn of God’s Light?

This is a reminder for us, for the people who are still living on this earth; God, please have mercy. God loves us very much but God is very just – please help each person to awaken when their hearts are still beating, for them to know to run to God; to beseech; to pray; to live a life worthy for God to give, for God to bestow, and through prayers, for God to accept for the souls, among whom are our relatives and our helpers to have the chance to return with God. Today, we especially lift this up for the souls; God died for us, God died for the entire world, God died for souls to have the chance to recognize the light to return to Him. God, please have mercy because when they no longer have the chance, they no longer have the opportunity to choose; there is only one way left, which are the prayers of people who are still living, to remember them; they are relying on our sacrifices, they are relying on our beseeching, and through the gift Mother teaches us, for us to beseech to God the Father, to beseech to the salvation from Jesus, to rely on that salvation, for Him to have mercy and allow the souls to return with God in heaven.

I also ask for the brothers who are still living in the human world; they still do not know, still do not believe, still do not recognize – this is also the closest time for them to know what belongs to faith, the life of the soul, the life with the heart, returning to the truth that God is giving them, manifesting for everyone to recognize that there is only one God that mankind cannot reject, because without God in our lives we are anguished, we are in darkness, and our lives are miserable. If we have God, we are happy, peaceful; we have joy to continue on the meaningful path, but we forget and we do not repay what God bestows and gives – please help us to look into God’s sacrifice, to need nothing else besides the most important thing, which is for our souls to meet God. God, please agree to us continuing to be the children who bear witness to the love, the children who bear witness to the mystery that God manifested to today’s humanity; to visit us, to heal our souls and our bodies, and also to teach us through a life of prayer.  Each time we bow down, then it is no longer us but is the guidance of the Holy Spirit who teaches us word by word to say to God the Father and express everything in our souls and our hearts, on behalf of the people who still do not know, who still do not understand.  God, please have mercy and enlighten them for them to be together with us in unity, to return to the love God reserves for us.

I thank Jesus, I thank the Second Person of God, with a heart in reverence, in worship, in praise, in honor, in trust, to apologize to Him, to ask Him to forgive, to continue in a life of testimony, in silence; for that silence, we ask Him to have mercy on our relatives, on the people who still do not know, the people who still do not believe, for them to also have the chance to be touched, to experience, when they act by the heart, when they come to God by the prostration. The people who know use this way in their lives, to ask to be sanctified, silently, each one individually with a reverent heart reserved for our God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We offer the Third Kowtow. O Giver of Life, You are the Third Person of God. We thank Him. Thanks to Him, today we know to say, to pray, to live for others, to sacrifice; thanks to Him, today, we are bold and brave – we no longer have the natural and commonplace look in the midst of people. We only know to put God first, through silent pleas, because our hearts really know only one God whom we worship; we represent and we bear the responsibility to help our brothers and sisters to recall the reverence due to God, and to also let our hearts learn humility, to remove all embarrassment and human limitations inherent in our lives among people. It is time that each person must kneel, must prostrate, must call upon God’s Name; because in today’s world, if we continue to be stubborn and hardened, then we no longer have days of true happiness for us in particular and in general for the world; also, there are days under threat of disorder – without peace – and today we are mostly living in chaos, in debauchery with license.

O Holy Spirit – God, please help us kindle the fire for each person to see the perfection in the goodness God reserves and gives – to help us know what is from goodness, for us to recognize what is best in a spirit that we need to have; for us to lift up to God; for us to treat each other – there are many greater and more noble things that we have forgotten and neglected. O Holy Spirit, please enlighten and teach us what is best for us to continue; continue with a life entrusting in You. Please be our master, please kindle the fire of love, the fire of unity, the fire of sacrifice, for us to know the duty and responsibility in our lives to follow Your voice, Your guidance, Your enlightenment, and Your urging – to hear the words You teach through inspiration; that every meaning brings a learning experience for us. Please help our hearts know, experience, contemplate – do not let us become indifferent, cold; do not let us become selfish; do not let us have a heart but no feeling, that does not look at our brothers who are shouting and waiting for help, especially the souls in purgatory, forgotten, neglected and ignored, whom no one remembers.

O Holy Spirit – He is the Supreme Being who knows everything; He understands our hearts and souls. Please help us in our proper, suitable roles to be complete with what we can be – to lift up to God with a heart, a reverent heart; with a heart fulfilling our responsibilities in sacrifice, to be worthy to lift up to Him. We thank Him for the years remaining with us; please forgive us for the times we do not understand, the times we refuse, unintentionally or deliberately, to practice everything most essential in our lives. Please help us remove pride, arrogance, selfishness, haughtiness, thinking, inference, and especially judgment, for us to have a sincere heart as He wants, a true heart for God to guide, promptly; for us to love each other, to help each other, in clear wisdom; for us to remove sin, to avoid sin, to not sustain sin, to not remain in sin – because we are still indifferent and we think that in the human world each person needs to cover up one’s own sin. We must know that light is light and darkness is darkness, for everyone who walks with us to not accept the confusion that bring us the blindness we do not know in life.

Please help us clearly understand that in our lives there are many things that must be removed, must be eliminated; what is most essential is the glory of God through work, the glory of God through life, the glory of God through the voice. Please help us dismiss our personal opinions, to put God above all, to let God decide in our lives, yet we must obey in order to recognize the light of God shining and for the fruits from God to flourish over us; each of our works, though done in silence, makes us happy and peaceful, to bring the brothers and sisters close to each other, to love each other, to bring the souls who yearn for and wait for our prayers. O Holy Spirit, please guide us to continue, not stopping with what we already have, but abundantly and irrespressibly more through the graces God pours down. There are many things we do not have the chance to complete yet, so, God, please help us to not think of the other works beyond our domain and our roles, but to focus in all the most essential work, which is to bear witness for God in today’s world through the Six Kowtows. At the same time, our works are so busy, God; please enlighten us to understand better, for us to organize and to be flexible with what is most essential to bring God’s words given to us to the world in time, for everyone to hear, to awaken, to return.

God, please help us; we cannot do it with our own strength, but thanks to God, we trust in God – then everything will be completed, everything will become perfect: everything in the Holy Spirit – He will help us. Please give us peace of mind, please give us patience, please give us joy for all things to be done in love and in the Holy Spirit’s arrangement and plan. Please heal our illnesses, please heal our bodies, please heal obstructions regarding our health problems for us to boldly proclaim; and in His Name, please heal everything, for us to boldly continue on the path, which is the path to serve, in one way or the other, for which God chooses us. Please help us to keep our solidarity, to forgive each other, to support each other, to help each other, for where there is love, there is God; where there is unity, God is always there and blesses us. Please help us always remember that; we only know that we have this day because God chose – we are together because God chose. Please help us respect each other, love each other, support each other, and remove what we see are wrong things for us to continue to help each other daily, in maturity, in holiness, in reformation, in perfection, to be worthy as the children whom God remains with, supporting us and helping us grow and mature till this day.

We worship God, we praise God, we glorify God. We thank the Holy Spirit; please continue to remain with us and guide us, especially today, when we will go to the cemetery to pray for the souls, in this last day of the month. O Holy Spirit, please enlighten us for us to lift up to God the Father; for us to lift up to Jesus, to ask Him to have mercy, forgive and intervene, for many souls to have the chance to return with God this afternoon, with the light God reserves for us every time we come to that place to pray. Amen. Amen. Amen.

O God – we offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ; we thank God for allowing us to receive Him on this morning.  He is in our souls, He is in our hearts. God, please listen to us and accept us; we represent the souls to lift up to You with the grace (6), with the gift God reserved for us in this generation – they have gone ahead, they did not know and they did not receive. God, please have mercy for us to lift up this gift to God; at the same time, may Your Divine Mercy save these souls in purgatory; though they cannot yet really pay back the true justice due, because of Your Divine Mercy, please have mercy for them to have the chance to return to God, to the Light of love, to the life they long for in purgatory, suffering such hot days. There are many things; people are wailing – those who are suffering in pain and are writhing in the fire they must endure for the sake of justice, so today, we ask God, because of His Divine Mercy, because of His loving Heart, because of the gift Mother Mary reserves for the human world, for the living as well as for the deceased: God, please have mercy on us, for those souls to have the chance to return to God.

O God, through the Fourth Kowtow reserved for the Eucharistic Jesus, we thank God for coming to us.  Every time God comes to visit us by His light, we thank God for allowing us to always experience and see the Real Presence in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. We thank God for using all kinds of ways to support us, to urge our faith, to strengthen our life of faith by God’s Presence, by the light, by the vivid words, by the great and lofty works today, yet in silence, in humility. O Eucharistic Jesus, please continue to send us, please continue to use us as You have been doing, please help us be worthier, be more virtuous, for us to receive God’s words, to bring them to the places and the people whom God chooses, for them to take advantage, for them to have the goodwill to seek the truth. God is still the God who is hidden in the Holy Eucharist, not in the flesh, but by the Spirit of God, by the power, by the mystery in which God meets and heals countless souls when they come.

God, please help everyone recognize God’s Presence for them to have a reverent heart toward the Holy Eucharist, to respect the Body and Blood of Christ.  They must recognize the God who is hidden through the Host, who comes to us, to love, to protect, to help us receive warm-heartedness when we encounter ordeals and we need comfort.   May everyone awake and know that throughout countless centuries, countless years, if without the Presence today through that light, we would not know of that utterly priceless and valuable importance, which is also the supreme Sacrament, especially for the Christians (7), especially for the Church, especially for each of us – that is God. It is not God who died and went to heaven 2,000 years ago, but God remains and still lives with us through His Holy Eucharist, for each person to be aware when we receive Him, with a soul prepared worthily for Him to come, to also prepare the heart to welcome Him with words, with words of thanksgiving, with words of gratitude.

Please do not let human habits (8), do not let those things, like a need to cover up what we fear of others, to then end up in vile sin, in the unworthy stain and many things that that people do naturally when they receive Him and consider it as something normal for them to be self-sufficient in their own lives, to decide what to do. Indeed, it is a very painful thing, God is writhing in pain as He comes to the stench of sin, which is something He shared with us in the messages given. God, please help our brothers and sisters recognize that in our lives we have the right to make our own personal decisions, but we do not have the right to come and receive God when our souls are not prepared, when our souls are not worthy; we despise, we act unintentionally or deliberately, but we still do not understand, still do not know, and still cover up mistakes for us to continue to offend God, one way or another.

O Eucharistic Jesus, there are too many things that happened to the world today; people sell the Eucharist of God; they do things that offend Him. He is still silent, He is still silent to wait and see how we treat Him. He is the Almighty, who can step out of the Host, to not remain there, but He wants to see how we feel when we understand the Presence, to have God, the light of God, all the heavenly kingdom in the Eucharist (9) today, and the forewarning to humanity comes from the blazing sky (10), with many things emitting from the Eucharist – the only sacred place – for people to encounter and receive the wonderful things from heaven through His grace. May everyone look at that to awaken, look at that to respect themselves, and respect the most precious things that people need to know, in every class, in every role. The Holy Mass is celebrated daily by people who have duty and responsibility; even the laity, the clergy, must understand that is God, with the reverence, the respect reserved for God above all else, to prostrate, to bow our heads, to beseech God for forgiveness, to ask to receive God into our hearts, to ask Him to remain, to ask Him to guide us to recognize what is in the life of truth and righteousness, to live daily in reformation, in perfection, in holiness, to be worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ, to receive His Eucharist, to understand the meaning of the Eucharist so today we bow our heads and prostrate, worship and revere.

This is what Mother Mary teaches, and guides us to delve into a life of faith, a life knowing God, a life recognizing God in reverence, and reserved for the souls, especially for all things God hears, with all things God bestows; if we open our hearts, then we will receive countless wonders God reserves for us. Please help us honor the Eucharist, to worship the Eucharist, to live a life pleasing to God when we come to lift up and console the Eucharistic Jesus, to take the place of the people who still do not know, still do not believe, and still offend God daily in their lives. Please help everyone awaken, recognize and understand the meaning of service, of worship, of reverence, of respect reserved for the Eucharistic Jesus as we lift up to Him today. We worship God, we praise God. God, please forgive us, forgive humanity, forgive the people who still do not know, still do not believe, still do not understand, still do not experience; please help them stop what they do not know or know but act deliberately, for them to awaken to God’s Presence – that is the entire heavenly kingdom, the immense love God reserves for us, and the hidden God who dwells in every soul, for us to prepare in a worthy way in life to receive God into our hearts. Amen.

We offer the Fifth Kowtow. O God – we lift up the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ, which are the marks of love (11); 2,000 years ago, God used these to redeem humanity; when He came into the world. It is also the early days of Advent and we are preparing for the day Jesus will be born into the world.  God uses all kinds of ways to come to the world, God uses all kinds of ways for each person, for each class to understand and recognize that God is love, that only love can bring us life. Because God paid a high price for that love, the Five Holy Wounds were marked and were imprinted in the heart and soul of each person on earth.  Thanks to the Fifth Kowtow, God, please help us awaken.  Thanks to this Fifth Kowtow we meditate on – to experience, to contemplate the Cross with a more profound life, in the life of a Christian, to clearly understand why we do not choose other images but choose the Cross in the middle of the church, choose the Cross over each church, choose the Cross to be first. This is because this is a connection to guide us into the heavenly world, and is the forgiveness He reserved for us in humanity – proof to remove the sins of the world through the Five Holy Wounds that washed away the sins of the world, which is also the proof of the depth, the width of the life of a Christian, to recognize Jesus Christ as the one and only Person who brought salvation to the world. He is the Prince of the heavenly kingdom, He brings peace to all human beings.

The day has come for us to prepare for the day God will be born into the world, the day He will come into the world, to bring peace to humanity, but He Himself must endure and to take upon himself the extreme sufferings to enter into the way of the Cross. That Cross was raised high in the triumphant, glorious Resurrection; that Blood washed away the sins of the world, and forever is the mark for us to have eternal bliss.  But we did not understand and sometimes we did not spend time to meditate and experience, so we understand nothing when we act; we could have come to visit God, to know God, through countless years in life as a Christian, but that is all we know and we remain within the limit of rules and custom and tradition.  As for the depth, we absolutely cannot experience it yet. Today, Mother wants us to reserve some time for ourselves, to look at the Cross to recognize the God who is the King of the Universe, the Prince of the heavenly kingdom, whom God the Father consecrated and anointed, for Him to become the eternal Priest, to become the Lamb, the sacrificial Lamb – for the Blood of that Lamb will wash away the sins of the world; that Blood is worthy for us to be cleansed and redeemed.

Today this remains; history reminds us that God endured the marks of nails, the scourging, the crown of thorns; those writhing sufferings, on the day He entered into the way of the Cross, till the last minute, through the last breath completed; in the glory of the Resurrection, He still loved and forgave humanity’s sins. He also asks us, in the human world, for that doctrine to penetrate into us, and we also forgive each other, to guide each other to return to one direction.  That glory was given to us, and He became the King, Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, the King of love, the King of each soul, the King of each heart that is anxious and has concerns, reminding what for each of us? Do we very clearly understand the Five Holy Wounds, in this era? Are we the people who fully believe and understand that yet or not? God is the all-powerful King yet accepted to enter into the days of sufferings, the days of the Cross, to say what to us? To prove to us that the doctrine, that love, that justice, all remain in life, in the decision when we are still breathing and living.

Good and evil are always in our midst; for that final and ultimate decision, then let us look at the Cross of God.  We know that the condition of each person indeed has arduous days, days of the cross, and days in life that we cannot step away – the way of the cross of our lives, of ourselves. Let us look into that to move forward on the path; thanks to the companionship of Jesus, thanks to His redemption, thanks to the path on which His doctrine given to the world, thanks to faith in that hope, for us to become victorious people, as Jesus has won and resurrected through death for us to have this day. Let us contemplate the Cross; let us look – look at its inside and its depth. God triumphed. We are the people who were saved, the people who were redeemed from sin through His victory; let us be with Him, to ask of Him, to accompany Him, so that in this life nothing can be difficult to us – there is nothing we cannot overcome, and there is nothing we cannot handle, to move forward on the path to which God invites us. Because of the sufferings of earthly life, there are days we complain, we blame, we do not accept; we cannot see that God, the One who is all-powerful yet who also suffered, accepted to save the life of our souls. Our bodies will pass away but our souls are very valuable, so those Five Holy Wounds became the eternal mark for our souls and our hearts.

The invitation that today Mother points out is for us not to forget that that mark is still there, though we are sinners and are unworthy, but we still have the opportunity to amend and to return. That is the mark and is the light, is the return, is the decision that we need to return to God through the Five Holy Wounds that we lift up reverently, in surrender, in prostration, in repentance and in atonement. Those Five Holy Wounds are to remind us that God loves us, that God loves us unconditionally, that God comes to strengthen us, to forgive us.  We just need to return, to rise, to remove sin, to return with the heart, with a contrite heart. Let us not nurture sin, let us not maintain sin, let us not conceal sin, and let us not be obstinate and hardened because then we must face justice later for that.  God is the king; He has a way in His supremacy – by choosing the Cross to become the victory and the salvation for humanity, the Cross helps us enter into glory with Him. Through the way of the Cross in life, we certainly will encounter Him; through the way of the cross in life, we certainly must be victorious for us to unite with Jesus, and we are worthy to be the children for whom He used the Cross to save everyone, to save us – each of us is also one of those in the human world God saved through the Five Holy Wounds.

O Jesus of the Five Holy Wounds – I thank Him, I praise and glorify Him.  We are able to delve and to experience that the Five Holy Wounds are not a defeat that today people see as weakness, in ignorant shortsightedness, unable to understand, to feel, to believe. We have seen: God conquered death, sin, and God’s victory brought us an eternal love, an everlasting love, an infinite love, reserved for our sinful human race’s life. Because of God’s sacrifice, today the world still exists; because of God’s patience, today we have the chance to decide; because of God’s sacrifice, today the simple and lowly people like us, the weak people, have the opportunity to recognize the wonders – through the miracles, through the mysteries – that God manifested for those like us. God does not reveal to the wise and learned but God reveals to the simple people; the kings, the prophets long and desire to know but they do not know, do not see, and do not hear. We are the unworthy people, but that love, that mercy, that salvation, looked for sinners like us, looked for people who are unworthy. Today, God reveals the mysteries; thus, we cannot not pioneer, we cannot not speak up, we cannot not bear witness, and we cannot not continue daily to use our bodies, with a mind, with a beseeching heart, to repent, to lift up, to thank, to praise, to express our gratitude, now and till the last minute of our lives.

Please help us to be faithful, help us to persevere, help us to forever lift up to God what is the smallest yet will touch, will awaken our brothers, awaken the souls of the people who are hardened today, awaken the entire world, for everyone to also learn and recognize that we come from dust, with nothing to retain. Every knee must bend; we must prostrate, must return – soul and body – for us to understand the meaning of humility.  What we need in our human condition is to ask God to acknowledge, to ask God to forgive, to ask God to embrace and forgive us; forgive everyone in humanity in general, every class, every role, to forgive the soul of each of us, when we understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds. I worship God, I praise God, I honor God; please help us to experience profoundly what is most essential daily, for our eyes to see, to contemplate, to be touched by the divine realm, through beseeching and through faith with the silent works but which today are the strength to guide us forward in the life of testimony and pioneering, to represent all the brothers and sisters to thank God for the graces poured out abundantly over today’s humanity, but people still do not experience, for them to be touched with what they need. They must lower themselves for God to raise them up; humility will help us with the wonderful things God manifested and gave us in a special way through the meaning of the Six Kowtows that today we lift up with the Fifth Kowtow, the Five Holy Wounds.

We praise God; we worship, we honor, on behalf of the people around us who still do not know, still do not hear, still do not understand – even their lives are still obstinate, though they know yet they do not want to act, they do not want to perform, because they are not familiar with what is inherent from human condition, with the most needed proclamations that we must have and reserve for God. Whether the world believes or not, whether the world practices or not, we know this is the truth with things God reserves for the little people, and also for the children when they recognize and live in humility to seek the truth; then this is too immense a gift for today’s humanity – to encounter God, to be close to God, to recognize our conditions. The miraculous work of the Holy Spirit over us, in us, in each one of us – to teach us to mature, to grow up, to clearly understand our conditions, for us to return to God, to love our brothers, to sacrifice more, to serve God, to serve the brothers, in love, in the interior way in which God wants to see the heart of each person in humanity today. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of God, now and forever. Amen.

We lift up the Sixth Kowtow. O God the Father – we thank Father. Each day, we come here, each day we lift up a kowtow, I can hear the words, not coming from humans and from books that people can write, but I am certain, I can confirm that everything comes from the Spirit of God, who enlightens, teaches, guides those who have a sincere heart in search of the truth, who practice in the truth, who experience the wonder in the mystery God bestowed upon us in this era. With what we practice by the heart, prostrate and surrender – this is not from our own doing, but Mother Mary is the Person who taught us.   Mother desires that we give ourselves the opportunity; with our duties, with human conditions, the day has come for us to recognize everything around us. We cannot remain indifferent, with ordinary and banal matters; we must look at the depth of the sacredness, which is very broad, very deep, and very great. We just need to clearly understand that we come to God not merely by ordinary speech, or concept, or doing things our own ways, or in the ordinary and banal way of humans; but what God wants to hear is the heart – God wants to understand the depth in each of us, and in the power when He pours abundant graces, to be able to embrace all those graces to understand better, to comprehend more, to experience more of the great graces God reserved and gave to humanity.

O God, in our lives, the majority of people continue to be indifferent and goes on; for that reason, we do not understand the most essential things the Spirit of God will guide in a direct way while reserving for us an exceptional sharpness that we need for us to embrace. Mother Mary was the Person who remained silent the entire life and was the first Person to receive the Holy Spirit’s grace.  What was needed most were Mother’s silence, Mother’s humility, all the deeds Mother did in Her life.  Daily, Mother prostrated (12) and completely lifted up to God, dedicated to Him with the heart. Everything Mother did had a meaning yet Mother remained silent. Today, in the world, there are countless tribulations; people have the most basic concerns but they have forgotten and have followed the rules that humans impose on each other – they forget that our human condition needs to be reserved for God in an absolute way, that things should not be confused for us to lose focus, and have concerns such that when we pray we end up unfocused. So, Mother teaches us to come to God with feeling, with each meaning in the kowtow that we lift up to God, that each Person must have. We need to know, in our lives and in the life of each Christian, to focus with all the noblest things that we ask for and lift up to God, through the status of a child, to offer each kowtow by the feeling and the meaning that we lift up to Him. We also have the Holy Spirit who agrees to teach and guide us, for us to speak to God the Father, and with the words from the Holy Spirit, God the Father will accept; He will intervene and accept us.

With all the tribulations in this generation, people have gone astray.  They act against the laws while faith seems to no longer exist, along with days of living by the heart, by faith; we just rely on what is reality, what is of the era, of rules, of mankind’s ordinary and mediocre things. There are many things that became great traditions – very grand, very elegant, very respectful – but inside the soul of each one of us, it seems as if each person has a huge distance, feels strange, seems unable to feel the presence and the closeness that we desire and long for, which are the feelings people seek. God reserves and bestows upon each person in a different way; God also looks for all kinds of ways for us to understand and feel His presence, but what is inherent in the truth is that we need to always turn to God and to fully surrender. We can let God be the master in our lives, each second, each minute, for our daily lives to belong to Him; there must be solidarity – with body, mind, heart, and faith in God – for us to attain in the sublime mysteries God reserved and gave.

Mother is the Person who received this, Mother is the Person who was able to do this, Mother is the Person who teaches us this, but our human world is living with days rejecting God, in a free and civilized world. We forget what was and still is sacred; we do not recognize, we do not embrace, we reject, we follow human reasoning, which is evidenced by its own reasons and logic for the human world, but we forget that God is full of power. There are many ways we do not understand but He still bestows and gives.  There are many ways in His abundances and many ways in the graces that we cannot explain and comprehend; we are limited in our human reasoning, so we reject many things God did and bestowed on the world. Today we let everything in reality control us, with freedom and personal right leading the way; we remove the respect and the reverence needed in the divine realm. We have seen a world, a world entering into the last days, a world living in aberration, a world in which freedom goes against morality and ethics, a world that is upside down, deceived, for today we really see a great nation, and the person whom we voted for, with signs that we see were contrary to the doctrine, contrary to morality, in violation of God’s laws. (13)

People must open their eyes of faith, the eyes of the soul, the eyes of the heart – of each person in our shortsightedness – because we do not rely on God’s grace, we eliminate them, we continue with the months of only allowing the freedom in a civilized era; we have been lured by those clever, sophisticated ways that cause us to languish and to not know what faith is and the life God reserved and gave us. The day has come; we must awaken. The day has come; we must embrace what we choose. The day has come for our eyes to see imperfect things that are offensive to God, one way or another. We may no longer have days of stubbornness and hardness, because among our human race there are people who do not know, who do not believe, yet there are those who knew, who believed, who found the truth; so, the truth remains and continues to be the blessing – the truth will be the righteousness that brings about the victory for those of us who live in the truth.

Today, Mother has seen what needs help; if without help, if without Mother’s teachings, we continue to be arrogant in our lives, but that arrogance has limits; if we do not rely on the heavenly kingdom’s forces, if we do not rely on faith for the power of God to abundantly pour over us through the eyes of faith, then we will not understand anything – we will not know and we will also be deceived in a modern world that today, through its clever and sophisticated ways, under the disguise of a civilized era, has harmed countless young people, countless souls. People start to become like machines, without a loving heart and without a life with responsibility; we are being deceived and we are choosing that path which is the path of the languishing days with death, the path of days of shallowness on earth, while the path of faith and the life of the soul are choked in life with today’s prosperity and modernization. This is the confirmation: the days we are living in, with the exhausting struggle between good and evil – if we do not know to return, if we do not know our origin, if we do not know what was given to the world – even we ourselves, our souls, our bodies belong to Him – then we have to live in blindness, in the darkness, and that is something we must answer for in justice through the Almighty.

God does not come to chastise us; God never wants to chastise us. God wants us to live days of happiness, of prosperity, of peace, with His blessings; but we refuse Him, we ignore His rights, we provoke Him, and we do things that are contrary to His laws. Is this going to continue? It depends upon each person, upon each soul to decide, which is the answer for each person, but today, Mother is Mother; She never wants Her children to continue on the wrong path – She has been waiting for so long. The Eucharistic Jesus was here 2,000 years ago; before the Last Supper, He already promised to remain with us, and where there is the Eucharistic Jesus then there is Mother Mary. Mother already shed tears countless times (14) – tears of blood were shed on Mother’s mantle; those tears of blood remind and urge people to awaken and return – countless times reminded, through places and nations, and still in this day. With those divine signs, we cannot deny, we cannot reject, we cannot look with the view of human reasoning; they cannot be explained but, in the divine realm, with faith everything can be explained, because God has the power. Mother is also the Mother who received graces abundantly from God the Father; Mother also has the power to help and to bestow upon us one way or another, through the healing, through the closeness when we come to Mother.

This is a Mother anxious for humanity today; if we do not listen to Mother, if we have no way to help people in the most urgent circumstances, in the most intimate ways, and in a most urgent life, to call upon God’s Name, then we absolutely do not understand and do not know, because the Gospel has so many examples, but we do not spend the time to meditate, we do not spend the time to realize and live with the Gospel – we have let things become ordinary and banal habits, through every role and every class. We continue to offend the Eucharistic Jesus, we do not have a reverent heart to recognize His Presence, so our lives start to enter into months of darkness, months with the covering of the devil, months stepping into crimes. So today our souls are very important; Mother desires that in the most urgent moments, the value She wants to remind us again is that the Five Holy Wounds are an eternal and everlasting mark for the soul and the heart, which still have value when we are those who are overwhelmed with sin, but when we understand this: repent and return. We just need to repent and return, we just need to feel sorrow, we just need to surrender, to prostrate, to call upon God’s Name in the most earnest ways – by the surrender, by the prostration, to return to Him; then He will save us and help us in each tribulation, in each situation, and in each period.

Therefore, there is only this one matter – that at the last hour, Mother asks of God the Father the graces God the Father reserves for Her, then She brings those graces fully to give to the human world. Through Her beseeching and prayer, God the Father agreed for us to receive this gift (15), for us to directly speak to God, for each of us to speak to Jesus through the salvation, to ask the Holy Spirit to kindle the fire, for us to understand what needs to be done and to be practiced in life, for us to understand the unique stay of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist, which is a lofty, sacred place to receive the divine graces through the mystery God manifested to us, which is also the place to help us recognize what the heavenly kingdom reserved for us to see, to hear, to understand those great mysteries, in that unique place – the Eucharistic Jesus.  We already had His intervention, in our midst today, but we did not know, we denied, we hardly paid attention; this is the period to evoke for people to know God’s Presence. The reason for God, in the Last Supper, to institute the Eucharist, is because of many purposes, many important matters that we cannot embrace with ordinary eyes but must go to the Eucharistic Jesus, for us to receive the most essential mysteries, in our lives in the remaining days, in the last days, with the events happening to the human world in general and in particular to each person.

Therefore, we must understand the meaning; the Sixth Kowtow is what the Holy Spirit teaches us – Mother never said we must come to Her by the kowtow. She never said anything about us coming to Her, one way or another, by the way that we offer today. The Five Kowtows Mother teaches us are the kowtows to offer to God, especially the Fifth Kowtow, which is very important because it is a mark, imprinted in the soul, in the heart, for us to have life when we beseech, when we see and recognize, when we realize the salvation and that God never forgets us. So Mother teaches us each meaning of the kowtow to beseech to God; when we use this way, we use our soul and body and heart, the surrender and the prostration, and in those moments we bow down, we no longer pay attention to what is around us but we only know to look at God with feeling and a contrite heart. God wants to look at us by the heart; He is calling us now. We must have a heart; then we will be able to hear the sublime, divine Presence, and it is only by the heart that God will accept what we ask and are beseeching Him to intervene.

These are things Mother taught, but we were also taught by God about the Sixth Kowtow; the kowtows Mother taught, with the signs, the evidences related to the heavenly kingdom, to the creation of God the Father right from the beginning, with very important matters when we go into the times of the Old Testament, or into present life today, are related to the number six. Mother Mary is the Person chosen and recorded in history; the Immaculate Heart of Mother is the complete triumph of virtue and perfection before God. Mother became the Queen of heaven, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars – a symbol for the radiant glory of the light that the heavenly kingdom has chosen from the beginning, through the law of God the Father.

Today, the Holy Spirit Himself teaches us to offer to Mother the Sixth Kowtow, with a reverent heart, with a thankful, grateful heart; let us listen to and embrace the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of Love, the Mother of each of us, the Mother of humanity, the Mother of each sinner, the Mother of each soul in purgatory. These are titles we cannot deny, these are also the works that God the Father inaugurated and arranged – the connection with the heavenly kingdom; what we need to know is the number God the Father chose from the beginning. This is the symbol for everyone to know and to hear, the hidden sign of the remaining days of the end of the century, and the last book of history (16).

Those are the essential matters – we need to hear, need to surrender, need to prostrate and fully understand the meaning of the number six that is to be concluded by the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We do not understand; every time we come to church or have great, solemn ceremonies, we all see the six candles symbolizing on the altar; we do not understand the Good News mentioning the four animals; the four animals along with the twenty-four elders surrendering and prostrating as St. John himself saw and described in the revelation that God had given to him. He clearly recorded: “And the four living creatures, each of them with six wings, are full of eyes all round and within, and day and night they never cease to sing, ‘Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!’ And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who is seated on the throne, who lives for ever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before him who is seated on the throne and worship him who lives for ever and ever; they cast their crowns before the throne […]” (Revelation 4:8-10). That is the surrender, the prostration, offering with the words: “Holy, Holy, Holy…” and together with the heavenly kingdom, these have meanings with greater, more sublime things.

We stop here with the great relations to the number that God the Father chose right from the beginning. His creation and His masterpiece has something special that we do not understand; we have been betrayed and the first traitor was Lucifer – Lucifer was the proximate one, and indeed is the one who knew about many things in the heavenly kingdom; so he uses that number today, not only one, but he wants to spread what is important to deceive the human world; he uses three number sixes, and those three number sixes have appeared in the world right from the beginning, when mankind started to offend and to separate with very important things. Today, the world uses that number in silence; it continues to spread in the world, and he can use that number to control humanity. We are the children of God, we do not know what the devil is doing, we do not know about the deceits, because we are too weak to open the door, we have been deceived by him.  We do not understand science and technology, we also do not understand that today people are using their bodies but they have sold their minds and souls to the devil, and that control has become contrary to morality, frightfully and disgustingly deceiving, in which people do not live in the truth, do not allow the conscience to be the standard, and do not live in the doctrine and the truth.

It is time – the day has come for us to know and to be clear on why we practice the Six Kowtows and why with a heart in prostration. That is the number six we practice and the last number six; the number six that is the solution and the key to lead us to victory – Mother Mary will intervene and come to the world. That is the Queen, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars to receive a kingdom; an expression (17) to lead us, with the intervention. Today the Six Kowtows belong to Mother Mary, who is the author, with a depth so deep, so vast in the divine realm, manifested to today’s humanity. She does not teach us what is against the doctrine, She does not teach us to violate what is in the practical life we are living, She does not teach us anything else but this is the meaning of something profound that we do not know anything about; this is also the one and only opportunity given to this human world in the last days, after the days the door of the Mercy of the Jubilee Year closed while the Divine Mercy of God is still available.

What can we use to make a return to the Divine Mercy? What can we use to attain the victory? Today, we have been controlled in the world by all things from science and technology, with all the sophistication and ingenuity, clothed in a civilized era, that we have not fully understood, known or believed. Therefore, today, Mother just wants the number six to become a victorious number six for today’s humanity by the spread through technological means; but the number six that Mother teaches us in humility, inverts and reverses what is inherent in our own victory (18) – the devil who used all kinds of ways. For countless years, he was everywhere, waiting for the day of recovering his numbers six that he scattered by the three number sixes whose symbol can no longer be denied today. Those were silent days but today evil people are exposed because they are people who do not live in the truth, who deceive, who are unrighteous and who offended God. We are the children of God; God died for us to have life, and Mother Mary is still here. God cannot look away while mankind enters into the last days, enters into days of sin and death; God already came to save us from death and darkness – He will not let us continue with the days as we are encountering, as in the first century, with the fall of our ancestors.

Today, Jesus replaced Adam and Mother Mary replaced Eve, to bring victory to humanity; at the same time, we fully surrender, we fully prostrate before God the Father through the Six Kowtows so that today, we enter into the main point: there is nothing wrong, there is no error, there is nothing against the doctrine, and there is nothing that people least pay attention to. Though 2,000 years, things were clearly written, but today the conclusion with the works that we most need is for each of us, from our hearts, to call upon God’s Name, by the meaning of each kowtow we offer to God, through the power God reserved for Mother, for Mother to intervene and help us in this last era. That victory certainly is not a dispute between powers, not a dispute by weapons, not a dispute in which people are divided and have rebelled, but by a recovery, by an intervention from God, because only He has the right to decide, only He is the Supreme Almighty; when He acts then everything will be a victory when we are the people who belong to Him.

Holy and good things are mixed in today’s world; if we do not have the eyes of faith and the spiritual perception for the divine grace bestowed upon each individual, then we cannot understand what belongs to God; we are surrounded by the snares from human reasoning but what is most essential, the proof is the heart, the surrender, the repentance, from which God will lead us – by our memory, by our mind, by the experience, by the sacredness that God reserves and gives us, through the mark in the soul and in the heart. We will recognize Him and His rescue; this is an expression for everyone to surrender and to prostrate before God. He is the King we must worship, He is the only King who gives us life in this world and in the afterlife, He is the King to whom humanity must prostrate and surrender, to prepare for the day we must face God.

This is what is being reminded today to help save us, through Mother Mary’s teaching, through silent days, to become the victory that today we receive in the remaining days of the end of the century, to start with a new world, when we understand the meaning, we practice, we experience, we are heard through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and teaching. This does not stop here with the heavenly kingdom and the number that today we clearly know the reason why we do this (19). Before God, we are nothing, we are not worth much, and God does not need anything from us; whether we kowtow or do not kowtow, God is still the King and forever is the King, the Supreme Being with sovereignty, the Supreme Being rich in mercy, the Supreme Being full of love; but we need to have our responsibility, we need to act, we need to return, to receive the graces to enter into a program, which is to become God’s own people – then God will protect and shield. As for the people who are hardened and obstinate, they already choose their own path, which is the path that they decide for their own souls. God always respects our freedom, God never forces; we have rights when we return, united with the works Mother teaches and shows us, for our lives to be more meaningful, for us to live with a clear support, for us to have advocacy and protection.

Everything is in the providence that we must practice; we must be determined and we must understand the meaning of living a life with peace, with happiness, in trust, in reliance. In everything, God is the Providence, the Sovereign One; He will not let those who believe in Him, those who entrust in Him, those who completely serve Him, to fall into extremely sorrowful circumstances. God also allows what has happened and is happening with the freedom so we will distinguish what belongs to God, what belongs to the human world, what belongs to the wickedness that is controlled by evil in today’s world.  So today, let us listen, for us to unite together, to no longer be stubborn and obstinate with a life in which we only have a shortsighted look; let us have a look far and wide, to understand that everything must surrender and return to God, for God is the Supreme Being – God will be the Person to intervene and to prevent all the disasters, the tribulations, and many things that happened and are happening that threaten humanity today.  Only God is the Person to have the final victory; if we want God to come, if we want God to intervene then we must return, we must live in the truth, decide to worship and revere, reserve for God what He reserved for us. Let us not be shy, not be hesitant, but surrender, prostrate, proclaim; God is the Person worthy for us to surrender to, worthy for us to worship and honor, for us to proclaim among all people.

That is the reason that, today, through the Sixth Kowtow, we thank Mother Mary; only Mother teaches us this, only Mother helps us clearly understand what was in history, in the times of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, in the present time that the Eucharistic Jesus is manifesting so many wonders and the entire heavenly kingdom is supporting, helping, protecting, sustaining us, when we understand the mysteries manifested to the human world today.  I only know to represent the brothers and sisters to receive what God wants and to continue with the days we bear witness and pioneer.  Please help us continue with our roles, to go everywhere, in the hope that many brothers and sisters will receive and listen, for every class, for every role, with their own sentiments and hearts, with goodwill, to find the truth, because that truth still exists and is eternal. As for what does not come from the truth, we will see that people simply remain in limited shallowness; in all things, we must surrender to the truth in order to survive, to carry on, and to proceed with the works God reserves and bestows.

These are the works that today we thank Mother on behalf of the human world and on behalf for every class; with the wonders, the mysteries manifested to us through the Six Kowtows, especially the Sixth Kowtow, for us to hear, to learn more, to clearly understand what is needed to practice, to be bolder to know what is needed for God to be the Person to win this battle. We are the people who need God in this generation; we need to have Mother’s teaching and help, for us to be bold, to be brave, to pioneer to face the difficulties ahead and bring what is needed to help our brothers, to help them return by the practice, by a contrite heart, by the surrender, by the prostration. Thanks to the Divine Mercy and the water of rebirth that sanctify and transform us, for us to become worthy people, in the perfection, in the reformation, in the holiness God reserves for us through the special divine grace that today we bow our heads, we surrender, we prostrate, we repent, and we fully offer to God.

Please intervene for the world in general, for each community, for the Church, for all nations, for each person, for each soul, and for our families. Please accept our prayers for everyone to awaken, to quiet the soul and to listen, for us to practice, to surrender, because in all things, God pours out abundances but whether we receive or not depends on us; through the urgent supplications, the pleadings and what belongs to the Holy Spirit, certainly God will bestow upon us, one way or another, will save and intervene for us. Especially in today’s world, with the works we see are completely defeated, yet in the end, a great nation is present today, through the supplications with the urgent prayers of the Six Kowtows, of the brothers and sisters in silence. Then God acted, and chose what is best for us today. But this phase is the beginning phase; there will be things in progress in the future – if we know and keep practicing what is inherently needed to call upon God’s Name, then our world will have the intervention, will have days of peace, will have things to prevent all evil and to prevent what is happening through the disasters, through the tribulations, and many other things that are being prepared for the world. The devil who used this occasion – these are the final moments; the devil is writhing to lure souls, to acquire victory – even if he is defeated, he takes countless souls with him. But because God respects our freedom, God will not leave him free to decide what is up to us who have the right to decide.

Let us open the ears to hear, the eyes to see, the hearts to experience what is happening, what will happen and still will happen to remind us of what is coming, for us to rise and return to God, to remove what belongs to a proud life and to learn to wear the garment of humility; let us bow our heads and let us come to God by the heart, by a simple heart – to then receive that revelation as God wrote and bestowed in the Gospel, as the apostle-saints recorded. Let us become simple, for us to hear and to know what comes from the truth to practice in righteousness, to be worthy to return to God – through the forgiveness, through the intervention, and through the Divine Mercy God reserves and gives to humanity in general and in particular to each person. With a sentiment of thanksgiving to Mother Mary – Mother bestows this upon us, helps us know about this, teaches us to learn from Her humility, to learn from Her patience, to learn from Her entrustment, to trust, to learn from Her a life in obedience and consecration; in the end that victory is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that victory bring us close to God, to a peaceful world, to a new world, that we are waiting and longing for. Amen.

I thank God. Indeed, the past days were wonderful; we kept receiving things that did not come from humans – we know for sure we could not have understood and known profoundly what was being reminded to us. Every time we bowed our heads, every time we offered, every time we kowtowed, we heard many very reasonable things and also very essential for us in this present life; particularly, we are people who do not know, people who do not fully understand, but there are many wonders guiding us today to become more mature, to understand God’s grace, and to feel with all things, so that we do not look with our human eyes anymore, but ask God to realize His works on us and in us, for us to continue in the role of witnessing, to ask the saints. That is St. Joseph whom we are accustomed to ask; to ask him to continue to support and intervene for our Church, for people to learn the example of virtue, of holiness, of integrity, which is what people need to have in life.

We also ask the heavenly kingdom, in which are the three archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. The three Archangels who love, support and help us but we hardly know; today, we clearly understand the activities of these angels – they constantly help and protect our human race, so that the devil cannot rage easily. He is controlling the human world, so with the intervention of the heavenly kingdom, as well as the guardian angels who always protect us, we are safe from all accidents, from all disasters. In the end, we awake and we understand, just like today, with a grateful heart, through the Six Kowtows, to know that God the Father reserved for us from the beginning, for us to grow, to know the saints, the angels. At the same time, today, we can directly ask the saints, those who have gone into history, who bore the ordinary and common flesh like us, but they overcome all difficulties, all challenges, and in the end, they testified to the Holy Name of God. Today, we follow in that direction; please help us be complete, be worthy to be the people who bear witness, bear witness to God’s Love, who bear witness to the truth and righteousness, who bear witness to the doctrine that God left through death, for us to proclaim that God is our God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.

Please help us with the days on earth, to become the instruments, to become the people whom God uses to come to the world, by the silent works, by the affirmations in the prostration, in the surrender, in the pioneering; every knee must bend, in preparation for the day that each person must face God, in the remaining days and the days entering a new century.  In a sentiment of thanksgiving, of praise, may we forever remember Mother Mary’s teachings; Mother, please remain with us, guide us, protect us, for us to have victory till the last minute, with the proclamation of the Six Kowtows, with the testimony and the pioneering of the Six Kowtows. No matter where, no matter what situation, we call upon God’s Name with the Six Kowtows, something evident that people must practice, and to let ourselves have our own moments to lift up to God through our human circumstances.

That is the most essential thing; today, we complete with the Six Kowtows at St. Theresa Church, in thanksgiving and praise to our God. We praise, we thank the Supreme Being, the everlasting, Supreme Being, now and forever. I thank God, praise God, and thank the Holy Spirit; may the saints continue to intercede to God for us and ask the heavenly kingdom to support us, to protect us, for us to move forward in this life, to bear witness to the truth that people must embrace, must welcome, and return by this way.  Everyone should remove their proud hearts and learn to be humble – to encounter God, to receive God’s grace, to live a simple life, to receive the mysteries God reserved, with abundant blessings and graces poured over humanity, to strengthen the life of faith, to strengthen the life of the children who belong to God; and for the people who still do not know, still do not believe, to also have the chance to recognize that God is the Supreme Being with sovereignty, the Savior, the Supreme Being rich in mercy, the Supreme Being who has the right to chastise justly so that we do not to fall into the devil’s snares.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, may the doctrine of God, the truth of God, and the salvation of God forever exist, for everyone to believe in that, to have life in this world and in the afterlife, now and forever. Today, we conclude the Six Kowtows at exactly 10:58 a.m. on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the tabernacle, the Cross, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and the picture of the Divine Mercy. Please accept our words of thanksgiving, of praise. May everyone, every nation, all people, surrender and return, to revere and worship the one God with the meanings of each kowtow that Mother Mary teaches us today and teaches humanity in these urgent days.  May every ear hear, every eye see, and every heart feel, for faith to increase when we practice with what was manifested to humanity today. I thank God, praise God, and glorify God, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 

(1) Please see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.

(2) L. and the group that helps her evangelize this mission.

(3) This seeming dichotomy can be explained in this way: it seems “Gospel” may refer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while “Good News” may refer to the Good News of future salvation, which extended back to the Old Testament (for example in Isaiah 40:9, 41:27, 61:1).

(4) “Brothers” or “brothers and sisters” in these messages refer to all humanity. This is consistent with Jesus’ definition of who our neighbors are in the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). A primary objective of this divine mission is to very urgently bring all humanity back to God – through the Six Kowtows, Divine Mercy, and devotion to the Eucharist.

(5) Souls in purgatory

(6) The Six Kowtows

(7) Catholic and Orthodox Christians who alone have the Body and Blood in Holy Communion because of apostolic succession and true belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist

(8) This entire paragraph deals with the sin of receiving Holy Communion when not in the state of grace. Objectively speaking (that is, if the three conditions of grave matter, full knowledge, and deliberate consent are met), this is (another) mortal sin, compounding the problem considerably, especially since normally people don’t do this just once; in some cases, it goes on for decades.

(9) The Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus. That being said, “All the heavenly kingdom” can be explained in two ways. Firstly, God is all in all (1 Corinthians 15:28) in heaven, so “All the heavenly kingdom” is simply a reference to the fact that God is heaven for the angels and the saints (this is the definition of the “beatific vision,” the theological term for the experience of heaven: to behold God and enjoy His presence forever), and the Presence of God in the Eucharist is likewise “all of the heavenly kingdom” for men on earth. Since God is heaven, for us on earth, the Eucharistic Jesus is heaven (for example, on St. Teresa of Avila’s bookmark, she wrote: “Whoever has God lacks nothing; God alone suffices.”) – if we have the Eucharist, we have everything. Another, more probable way this can be explained is that the faithful abide in Jesus on earth and then ultimately in heaven forever (see John 15:4-9, 16:33; 1 John 2:24-28, 3:6, 3:24, 4:13; 2 Corinthians 5:17). The Lamb’s sheep follow Him wherever He goes (see John 10:3-4, 16, 27-29 and Revelation 14:4). It is also true that the Eucharist, the glorified Body of Jesus, now receives ceaseless adoration and praise by the angels and saints (see Revelation 5:13), even should He be forgotten, abandoned and unappreciated by men. This accompaniment is confirmed in photos L. has recently taken with saints and angels in the Eucharist.

(10) Whatever this phenomenon is, it appears in the miraculous Eucharistic photos L. was taking at this time.

(11) The Five Holy Wounds are the mark of redemption imprinted on the heart of every person since the Passion. (One could say that Redemption [to redeem] is not the same as salvation [to save] – redemption meaning the way to salvation that has been opened; salvation meaning individuals taking advantage of redemption in order to be saved, which means to go to purgatory or heaven. Salvation is accomplished by both word anddeed [see James 2:14-25].)

(12) In The Mystical City of God, revealed to Venerable Mary of Agreda, it likewise says that She prostrated Herself a lot.

(13) Regarding this last sentence, “last days” refers proximately to the days before the Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima (referred to as “a new world” later in the message), which will last “a thousand years” (Revelation 20); that is, an interminably long period of time before the Second Coming that will follow it. If one doubts we are in the end times, Jesus told St. Faustina, “Speak to the world about My mercy […]. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of My mercy […]” (Diary, 848). And, “You will prepare the world for My final coming” (Diary, 429). Some of the “signs of the times” given by Jesus (Matthew 24:3-8) are happening now. This message was given after the presidential election in the U.S.A. of Donald Trump; social liberals supporting Hillary Clinton manifested the chaos mentioned in this sentence of the message before, during and after the election.

(14) Please see the “My Tears of Blood” message of April 18, 2013.

(15) The Six Kowtows can thus be considered Blessed Mother’s gift to humanity.

(16) This private revelation in general is the final book of the history of God coming to the world before the Second Coming; there will be no more private revelations for the world after this one. There are other, concurrent ones, but none will come after this one ends.

(17) The Six Kowtows

(18) This seems to refer to our earthly victories bound up with the world and the flesh.

(19) The Six Kowtows (6) counteract and nullify the effects of the 666 of the devil and his forces.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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