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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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                Jesus is the Healer



December 4, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L.

L.: O God – it is 7:05 p.m., on Sunday, December 4, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the tabernacle, the altar, the Cross, the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus, the holy statue of St. Josemaria Escriva, the holy statue of St. Joseph, the picture of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, and the picture of the Divine Mercy. We are kneeling to lift up to God the words from the bottom of our hearts, words of thanksgiving and of praise; after an entire day, in these remaining hours, we lift up words of thanksgiving, of gratitude, as we recognize what God reserved for us in a special way, with the experiences, with what happened to me, to countless people in the world, to the children of God, male and female, to the children all over the world – to recognize that what we need in life is determination and patience in order to trust, to entrust, to pray, to boldly move forward, to overcome things that happen to us as well as the diseases in the soul and in the body. O God – we thank God; God gives us such special experiences – today is also a lesson for the brothers and the sisters around us; we just need to move forward in life with some efforts. As God said, let us believe, but in that belief, there is a need to challenge ourselves, to challenge the works we face, we know God’s graces will crush everything and with His acceptance and permission, there is nothing that cannot be. As God used to say, everything might not be possible for the human world but for God the Almighty, everything is possible, and He always does things that are impossible.

O God – one more time, we thank and we praise the God who gives to us and the children who listen to the messages, especially through today’s experience, December 4, 2016, the Second Week of Advent. I also thank God who reminded me that God allowed me as well as the brothers and sisters, along with the group of pilgrims, to be in Paris, on November 4, my birthday.  We were on a pilgrimage to the shrines of France – we visited Our Lady of Lourdes, a place known to all; we felt Mother’s presence; many graces were poured upon us at this site where Mother appeared; then we were able to visit the saints who have passed away in history, especially St. Theresa, the saint that my parish is named after – a place with so many things God has done, is doing and realizing for us, such as the closeness we receive today.

Thank You God; a month goes by so fast. God allowed me to visit these places where I could pray, testify, pioneer, along with the brothers and sisters, on behalf of the ones who remained home; with the brothers and sisters, we came to the places God allowed, to silently pray and testify to the meaning of the Six Kowtows. We continue to go everywhere to testify and pioneer; we believe the purpose of the work we do is to remind people of the reverence, the earnest prayer; a life of fervent prayer for self, for others, for today’s world. Countless graces were poured upon each one of us; we received blessings, and everyone returned to St. Theresa Parish safe and sound and from there, each person grows according to the way God bestows. As for me and the brothers and sisters in the group, we continue to listen to the words we received in Rome, in Lourdes, at the Basilica of St. Theresa, in Paris, at the places God allowed us to visit; through the prayers, we were completely united, from the soul to the body, to offer the Six Kowtows to God, on behalf of the brothers and sisters, which is exemplary for the country, the nation, the parish where we are. There are certain things we cannot describe with words, but we know are from the Spirit working over us, for us to praise, to glorify God, in a life in which we receive the intervention, the permission, in a sentiment to pray, to be humble, to live a simple life, to receive and practice, not from our own action but from the Spirit of God, in the faith God reserved in general for humanity, in every class, in every role, and in particular for me today.

We talk about last month, when the days were still days of going everywhere in France, days filled with graces; tomorrow is the 5th; last month, on this day, we were on our way back to the United States and the parish where we are present today. Today, as we speak, we recall our experiences, with all the weariness, the laziness, the matters we cannot overcome physically, the unintentional acts, the things we cannot resolve. There are certain matters that at times we deal with strongly, at times weakly, at times we are unable to deal with, because of the food we eat, because of things unsuitable, we completely have no way to deal with what are the most normal, banal ailments – headache, dizziness, nausea, and many other things that affect us physically – we cannot fight back the bouts of illness in our bodies.

O God – I already know what happened today; this morning was a morning I wanted to spend time, to ask God to come, for me to receive the words from God as well as from Mother; I long to receive from St. Francis Xavier also, for yesterday was his memorial. I long but maybe what I want has not been arranged by God as I asked Him before starting the work I am accustomed to do, but today, I cannot handle the work because of the dizziness, because of the headache, caused by the food I had; but I believe I must kneel before the Eucharist, which is the time I desire and long to be with God, with a zealous heart, with a spirit that for a while I have not had the occasion to completely feel as my heart longed, as in the beginning, to completely kneel before the Eucharist, to completely lift up to God all sentiments and all duties, reserved daily for Him through prayers. We represent all the brothers and sisters in the group, our families, our family members, especially our children, our loved ones, all the brothers and sisters who asked for our prayers, and also for everyone in today’s world – the indifference of people, their denial, their lack of understanding the meaning of Jesus’ wait for countless years at the Eucharist. This is the Second Week of Advent; what can we do for God in this Advent season?

We heard the words of John the Baptist who reminded us to prepare the way for God. Let us prepare the soul and take care of the clutter in life, of the accumulated misery in the soul and body; even the most ordinary diseases interrupt all the time we have directly with God and in God. We need to be determined and believe in God as the God Almighty, the God who is hidden and in our midst; He is looking at us, He knows everything in our minds, in our hearts, everything that happened to us, whether it is a minor or a major illness – for us to be determined that at this moment we need to sacrifice and lift up to God. O God – we believe that even with these diseases, we do not end up with burdened days, we do not end up with the soul’s death; our bodies have control thanks to God’s graces and faith in prayers, the Spirit of God in His power crushes the diseases in our defeated and weakened bodies, and from that weariness we arise to ask God to help us control our diseases, to control what happened and is happening in our own bodies.

On the evening of the Last Supper, when the Apostles went with God, God asked them to remain at a certain place while He Himself went to another place to pray; when God returned, the Apostles were tired and sleepy so He said: “Could you not watch with me one hour?” [Mt. 26:40] That was a moment of compassion; God was in the flesh; He saw the coldness, the treachery, the indifference of people; God saw the Apostles sleeping. As He said to the disciples in the past, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” [Mt. 26:41] – those were the words from Jesus, from the master to His disciples; today, it is as if He is speaking to humanity and to us in each of our roles: “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Thus, we must have challenges like this for us to understand that we can have control when we trust and we invite God to come, for Him to be our master. As we lift up the disease, the weariness, the weakness, certainly God is with us and He will help us overcome the phases when our bodies are weary, when we are lazy, when we are ill, when we need to strive. For only a moment, if we do not boldly trust in God with faith and with prayer, we will succumb; because when we are ill, we must rest and what happens next is that we will yield to the flesh.  Today, God gives us a small challenge, for us to challenge our bodies with illness, which is something we can ask and have control of; as for the disease of the soul, there are many more things – if we do not run to God, if we do not trust, if we do not have a life of prayer and fully trust and believe in God, then how are we to overcome the challenges, the trials in the days when we encounter the lures for the soul as well as of the flesh, into death and sin?

O God, it is so wonderful. Today, God allowed us to taste what we never had; even though the last six years were spent in silence, with the matters I encountered, with matters against the wishes, with heartbreaking matters, with misunderstandings, there still are many challenges in life to overcome; the challenges with illness are indeed not easy. With all our brothers and sisters who are ill, we can feel their illnesses are incurable and cause them to no longer have the calmness and the mind to turn to God, to no longer be determined to recognize the challenge in themselves to overcome that illness, to ask God to be with them, which is something attainable when people have the heart. Let us remember one thing: we need to challenge ourselves, not only regarding illness but with many things in our lives, for us to ask God; we cannot do it when we do not have faith, when we do not have the heart to come to God with entrusting faith and trust in God’s power that He reserves and gives what is best, when I yearn and everyone yearns. Today, there are these small matters that are real incidents of fighting amidst faith in the divine realm as we fully trust in God, and amidst challenging ourselves through bouts of illness, using prayers, using our faith, using our trust, to overcome illnesses – minor illness, major illness, illness leading us into death.

When God came over 2,000 years ago, for untold times, with hands laid over people who were ill, they rose up, they stood up, they became healthy, such as the case of Peter’s mother-in-law; she was feverish and could not stand up – after Jesus laid His hands over her, she became healthy, got up, and served God and the holy Apostles; that was a true story, reported in the Gospel and the Good News. Today, God still lays hands over us in the divine realm, He still lays hands over each one of us in faith, He still lays hands over each soul that trusts and contemplates His word. That is a wondrous act and a mystery God still does for humanity; today, we are ordinary people with illnesses we cannot fight and overcome, but we lift them up to God; we trust and we yearn for the time, for the moment spent with Him; we treasure every minute when we contemplate the Eucharistic God, when we experience. Our eyes cannot see but the heart experiences the love with which God awaits us in the moments we forget Him, such as the important days in Advent. It is the Second Week of Advent; it is getting close to the day God is about to be born, the day He is about to come to each one of us, the day He is about to endure taking on human nature, to be born in a cave, in the cold of winter, over 2,000 years ago; repeating the history of the salvation brought to humanity. Today, who is the person to meditate, to experience, to remember what God reserved and gave us, with the inner life, the life of the soul, for us to relate to God?

Each year, the Church reminds us of the day He came into the world over 2,000 years ago, for us to return to the day that God wants our human race, as well, to experience 2,000 years later. His Heart, His eagerness – to see how many people in the human world today understood this, believed in this, came to Him in this – is to evoke what in the world? The life of faith has been corrupted by a civilized life based on sophistications; this was evident by the cathedrals and the countries we visited that in the past were probably crowded with people who believed and came from the cities, from the villages, to worship God; they came to praise, to find the God they believed in over 2,000 years. There were true stories that became history, that became the Good News and brought people back to God, through the love in the Christmas season, as we come together to embrace peace and a heavenly world; it was the Prince of heaven who came to bring peace to all humanity. Over 2,000 years later, the cathedrals we visited seem deserted, the days are no longer busy days; there are no more people coming to worship God; only a few at certain places and they no longer have the belief and faith as in past centuries.

What is being reminded today is that the God of the first era, the God who was born into the world, the God who brought history, the God who died and testified to the history of love – He will never forget, He will never abandon; the first God, the God through countless generations, is also the God of the last days, the loving God bringing harmony, peace, love to humanity. What about today? People have forgotten God’s presence; people have forgotten the human condition; people have forgotten the weaknesses for which we need faith, strength, challenge, for us to overcome the inherent weakness in the body, in the flesh – weak and stumbling, spiritually and physically, into passion, into pleasure, into enjoyment, into ambition, and into things that we allow in the life of ordinary and banal human beings, to fall into addictions, into lures, into fun, that lead to the consequences of disease, of imprisonment.

There are many things in today’s life of reality that cause us to be without His love, and as we do not accept His love, we reject the great graces God reserved and bestowed upon us right from the beginning – that was when God came to us as a little infant; He brought us peace so that we may have calmness in life, to face everything gathered in faith, belief, with a heart in truth, for us to become perfect, reformed, as He intends for us. He follows a sequence, He led us to love with an infant born, and the infant grew up; from there were deeds He accomplished for us, to give us a new world; to change an evil world to become a good world; to give us a world with hope; a world in which we have the divine graces bestowed and given by God in our belief. We will definitely overcome the diseases and no longer have days of misery; as in the First Reading today, from Jesse a shoot will spring up and that young shoot is Jesus, the Messiah over 2,000 years ago. Today, we are being reminded, in this century, for each one of us to return to Advent, with our lives as busy as with each year, each Christmas season; what can we do for ourselves and especially for our souls?

Jesus is the Great Prince from the heavenly kingdom, with a Name above all names; apart from God the Father, He is the Supreme One who could come into the world in the most magnificent castles, through the power of the God who bestows and gives, but He does not use this way to come into the human world; He comes to us as a little infant, born into a place that is the poorest, a cold cave reserved for donkeys and oxen, with unpleasant animal odors. He still comes with a smile to all, He continues to embrace everything when we come in faith, when we come to adore the infant that the angels and saints rejoice over and praise. Can our human race understand that or not, or just the shepherds of old? That is history; today, so many people are His children; so many people are trained by Jesus Christ; so many people are trained by the Good News and the Gospel; yet today, how do we live Advent, how do we live with the season in which we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ? Today, what can each one of us do for God, in our bodies, with ambition, with sin, with greed? We do our duties, but what is required comes from the soul, what is spiritual cannot be explained, when our souls meet God and we spend time with Him.

We understand that in today’s world, the majority of people remain at a certain level; they do not make use of all the graces given to them from God, they lack the faith to overcome the sufferings, the diseases in the flesh, as God told the holy Apostles, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” That is the situation of today’s humanity, falling into this disaster; from there they do not see, they do not hear; they just believe in the book that was opened and closed, they just live with what was given from God; things He established (1) – but He is the living God, the God who still answers, the God who still encounters, the God who still loves, the God who still looks to meet each of our souls when we beseech, when we respond, when we believe in the God who can do it all, for us to live in grace, in happiness, in peace. God is waiting for each one of us; we may be present in this year’s Advent, but for next year’s Advent, may we still be on earth or not? Therefore, to have what is wonderful in life, let us come to Jesus, to the Eucharistic Jesus, to everything God reserved and gave to each one of us; He gave each of us a soul, a heart, to meet Him in joy and happiness, waiting and preparing for Him. God does not require us to do things that are too high; He just wants us to remember Him, to think of Him, to visit Him as a friend, as a Father waiting for the children to return. Let us take a look in our families, in our lives; we need God, with Him we will have the graces He bestows, for us to be strong, to meet the brothers and sisters, to forgive them easily, to live a life by the heart as He invites humanity and each individual.

O God – I thank God for giving us this sentiment today; if it was a normal day I would not be able to overcome the illness with what is inherent in me, but I believe that Jesus Christ in the Eucharist has done and is doing great things; this illness is nothing because God can do everything. God has worked impossible deeds; He continues to give, and we long to stay close to Him, to spend time with Him; we do not want to lose our time relaxing or doing things we end up suffering for in the flesh. In life there needs to be challenges for us to know our own strength, to know our hearts, to know that strength means to have faith, to trust in God; then certainly we will be able to do that, even with little things. We definitely need to give ourselves the chance so that it is not just talking about faith, and when we face trials we become weak, we become incapacitated, we struggle, we are unable to overcome the trials we encounter in life, the diseases in the body and the diseases in the soul.

O Jesus Christ – I thank the grace God reserved for us at this moment, for us to know of the life of faith and the life with trust, even if it is only little; as God said, if our faith is only that of a mustard seed, we will be able to move the tree on the land to the sea. That is faith, a great spirituality only God can bring about; today, it comes to me, which I can experience, through the past six years, through the silent days, with the graces poured out over each phase and at all the places arranged by God for me to be. I still am an ordinary person in the world; sometimes I wonder whether I am able to do that, but truly, I am sure I cannot, because only God can do it for me. My faith is unlike the other brothers; I know that in this life when I have days in peace, in happiness, meaningful days as in these days, it is God who offers that to me; and what I see and hear is not from ordinary people but from Jesus; though He is not in the flesh, He is in the divine realm, with a divine, sublime presence – to take care, to love, to protect the children, to protect the entire world. Today, we feel that gratitude and appreciation do not come from words, do not come from theory, but from the bottom of the heart with determination; in spite of the way people look at us, our hearts are with God. When we are truly with God, then peace, happiness, strength cover us, for us to move forward, in silence, to follow the choice God reserves for me, for the brothers and sisters, and for the people who embrace and listen.

O God – we often look at the individual, at the role, at the talents, at the talents inherent in that individual. As for God, He does not look at us that way; He looks at us by our souls, by our hearts, by what we reserve for Him in faith; that is not from our own decision but from the Holy Spirit who decides for us, so that we live in the midst of a world that God intends and gives, with happiness and peace, while at the same time He visits us with mysteries. The truth is that only God can give that to us; how is it that we can see the light of the Eucharist, how is it that we can see the angels in the divine realm coming to us, how is it that the light comes to meet us, how is it that words in us flow like a stream, without anything to block the life of the truth that today we embrace? O God – only this much and we already lack the words to thank God; we have nothing to reciprocate and repay for all those graces; not only that, but He continues to pour abundant graces and blessings upon humanity. God’s blessings are abundant in the soul of each person, His blessings are abundant in the faith of each individual; we just need to come to faith, to be determined, then Jesus is present; the love of God the Father and His Divine Mercy continue to be poured upon His children; seeking each child, seeking the faith from people’s deeds, seeking the strength that each of these people receive.

O God – it is not only myself; there are many brothers and sisters who are also on the way to have an encounter, to remain with God, but they cannot overcome certain things such as the things that happened to me, in the moments of suffering, of weariness; with bouts of illness, the mind and the soul need to see clearly. I know with God and in God, I trust that He will act and continue to give me the opportunity, because my desire is to represent all the brothers and sisters, to represent this era, all classes; there are many things I just venture to say to Him, to remain with Him on their behalf, to adore Him, to lift up to Him the prayers from the saints to replace ours, to remember the days of the Second Week of Advent, to remember the countless graces poured out over us, over humanity, over each individual. Without God’s blessings, we will not have days of happiness, of peace; let us say the words He waits to hear, with the reminder in Advent to prepare the way for Him.

Have we prepared the way for God yet, or are we still in the shopping malls, in the shops looking for superficial things, while the soul is lonely and deserted? We do not know anything, we just respond; we can come to attend the Holy Mass or we can go to adoration but our souls are still frozen, our souls are still icy, our souls do not listen to what He is saying; He is encountering, He is bestowing and giving, but we completely do not understand; we cannot take another step to receive the gift He gives. We can manifest our faith in God, for us to experience that He is with us; He wants us to come to Him a bit longer to receive the divine graces with which we need to challenge ourselves, our minds, our hearts, and what is in our lives, for that to be imbued in us, for us to understand that what He requests is not too much. When we achieve the spiritual presence inherent and given, we definitely must overcome human weakness and be determined to embrace and accept what people are facing in the truth. With a normal illness in the human world, we know it can make us feel defeated, but because of the mind, the determination, the belief, Jesus is the healer, Jesus is love, Jesus is the hope of humanity; Jesus has come, is coming, and is in the midst of this world.

The history has been over 2,000 years – the day God came into the world, the day He remained with us through the Holy Eucharist, the day He instituted the Holy Eucharist – today we encounter that, today we strongly believe in and bear witness to a life that was and is, today we are no longer shy, afraid, confused; we no longer have moments of thinking and reasoning as people do. God is in our midst, He is real, He deserves to be recognized, we believe in Him through the Eucharist; there are many things that He has allowed us to see, signs and wonders, which are things foretold that we need to prepare ourselves for – for this day, for the present moment – so that the future will belong to Him, for us to welcome a meaningful Christmas season which He reminds us of in a direct and indirect way, through our present lives. This voice does not originate from humans, but this voice comes from the Holy Spirit, teaching us to speak up from the soul, to speak up with what belongs to the truth, to speak up with what is in the heart, for our faith to have the chance to receive what God has bestowed and is bestowing, giving us the opportunity.

O God, I would like to represent all the brothers and sisters in a sentiment of thanks and praise; asking God to help us so that we may know what are the minor diseases in the body and the many things our souls are encumbered with, living in the darkness, enslaved by passion and pleasure, enslaved by lust and greed, enslaved by everything in unrighteousness, so that our hearts become hardened, dry, unable to feel and recognize what is in the divine realm, for our hearts to return, for our hearts to become like an infant in the same way God came to us, to remind us of the beginning; that at birth, in a manger, He became small, for us to grow in faith; to bring us harmony, love and peace, which is what people most need in life.

O God – God came and He has given us so much in life, He has looked for all kinds of ways for us to understand, to meet us, for us to receive those graces; today, He used this way and that way to lead us to His love, to His grace, to the grace He reserved – to forgive, to save, to deliver us from the darkness of sin and death. Starting from birth, starting from Christmas Day, and at the start of every Christmas season, in the course of our lives, what we have in life according to God through faith: please help us forget what was in the past, the years of mistakes, the years indulged in pleasures, the years waiting for Christmas, for us to go shopping, to enjoy, to have our own parties, leaving God alone and cold in the stable. Our visit was simply part of a custom in life, and we do not have any feeling inside.

Today, there are many things we ask God for help with. God is speaking to us; let each soul become calm again, with the very important moments in life, which are the silent moments, the quiet moments, to meditate, to experience, to understand what He reminds us, for each person to have a meaningful Christmas, a Christmas with sacrifice, a Christmas to experience the God who took on human nature. Out of love for humanity, He came into the world to give us love, salvation, harmony, peace, which each of us should recognize and aspire to receive, for us to live a life in calmness, for us to distinguish between right and wrong, to realize what is imperfect to return to love. Only love can bring us a new source of life, only love can give us hope, only love can help us understand the meaning of the grace and blessing God reserved and gave, to lead us forward in a life full of meaning, to live with days of peace and happiness in a heavenly world when we experience and we trust in the Presence when we come to the Eucharistic Jesus.

There are many roles we practice; we practice with our own selves, we practice with popularity, we practice with everything that used to be in human thinking; we do not have joy and depth, we easily feel annoyed, envious, hatred, and we do many unrighteous things in life. But when we come to God and His teaching, when we have a loving heart, we do not pay attention to what surrounds us and we strive to be like God. He sacrificed for us and we sacrifice for each other with little things; we easily forgive, we easily sympathize, we easily recognize what should be in life, which means to give away a little, to sacrifice a little, to listen to Jesus’ teachings. We look at God – the great Prince who humbled Himself to become a normal human being – born in a stable, in the cold of winter, without a house, without a place for shelter, with only donkeys to give warmth, as the great Prince, the King whom God the Father has named the King of the universe. Because He accepted, out of love for mankind, let us not hesitate to come to Him with love; in the moment we return to Him, we return to Christmas, to the Advent season, to the invitation and the request from the Church, reminding us today through John the Baptist: “Prepare the way of the Lord.” Have we prepared the way yet? We prepare by our souls, by our hearts, by removing our personal wishes, for us to live a life in which God calls each one of us today.

O Eucharistic Jesus, I thank You; the stories are little but remind us of the common things people cannot yet overcome, which are the diseases in the body; as for the soul, there are still many important things; God, please come for people to recognize that the most important thing is when God loves and forgives. God does not require anything from people; He only desires that – regarding what we committed, are committing, by leaving God, by living in indifference and spiritual dryness – we give ourselves the opportunity for our hearts to burn once again, because while there still is a beat, there still is hope. We cannot do it alone. But let us believe and come to receive God’s grace so that we may have peace and joy, especially during the Christmas season, and to adore the Infant in the Christmas season. We adore the God who humbled Himself, the God who, for love, accepted everything to remain with us, for us to learn a lesson, a doctrine that does not stop at Christmas but that also encompasses Jesus’ entire life – He who in the end died on the Cross for love, as a testimony of love. Today, that value still remains – what can we give in response to God with our human condition? What can we do for Him, so that we lift up and remember that in life, what we have are the moments for us to offer our hearts, our souls, the humble heart that we need to offer to God that is the mark of every kowtow we are practicing, for us to learn and discover a doctrine that was and is. It is very easy; every class, every role, in silence, privately: let us come to God, let us come to the Eucharistic Jesus; He never rejects, and that encounter forever belongs to us from His bestowing.

This is something to be reminded for Advent, for Christmas; to remind us to remove what is inherent in humans, to not follow human customs, to not follow matters that supposedly involve faith, action, but cause us to become lonely and deserted, to become a person that can only feel what is superficial. For strength to be affirmed, for God to be present, for a life of faith by action, by the depth of the heart, to love and sacrifice with what we have done and are doing, we must come to God, meet Him, and personally have some moments of reflection for the Christmas season. God is waiting for our hearts; He is waiting for our prayers; He is waiting for the words we confide; He is listening for us to come to Him and embrace the Infant Jesus, for us to look at His smile, to not reject the Infant Jesus’ love – He who comes to each one of us, in joy, in hope and in happiness, which is something people need in these most peaceful days that we welcome and that will soon come.

I thank God for the sentiment of Christmas this year; it is also the Second Week of Advent – I believe many people listen, and their hearts are eager, their hearts are excited, their hearts listen to the words of John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Lord. Let us have the heart to truly meet Him in love; He really does not blame us (2) but He needs the love from our response, by deed, by belief, by the reverence we reserve for God on the day He will come, is coming – to prepare ourselves today, to prepare our souls for the day we leave the earthly world. This is a year in which we hear, a year in which we prepare for Christmas, a year in which we are close to God, a year in which we experience God’s presence through the Holy Spirit’s reminder, enlightenment, guidance. Without any distinction, every class, every role: let us give ourselves the opportunity to come to God through the Holy Eucharist, to experience what already happened and is happening, so that the Eucharistic Jesus, in His power, will bestow upon us, when we spend time with Him, give Him the time that belongs to Him, for our faith, for the graces to be poured abundantly upon us, for us to understand the meaning of love, to understand His waiting, to understand the graces given in every generation, especially in our generation.

Let us not be confused but convinced in the presence of the God who comes to us with the light, the God who comes to us with the love, the God who comes to us with all the mystery, in the arrangement we need to believe in, for that to grow and we will feel it with stronger faith in Jesus Christ, our God, in this year’s Advent and in the coming days; forever, God is the merciful God, the God who loves us, but we need to respond with a heart, for us to meet Him. In every matter today, God does not require anything too difficult from us; if we want to experience it, then let us give ourselves the opportunity to meet God, to meet His grace, so that we may understand the meaning of life, the meaning of our lives, the meaning of the days on earth, with peace, with happiness, with hope, in the Christmas season, which is what everyone needs, to have peace from the Infant Jesus.

L. ends on this evening through the words enlightened and inspired by the Holy Spirit and concludes the message from the Holy Spirit’s inspiration this evening, reminding us in the Second Week of Advent. Each heart is cold, each soul is icy, each human being has become a habit, the day is no longer an important day – people mention the name of Christmas but their hearts are completely cold and lonely; their frozen hearts do not feel the presence, do not feel the peaceful love. We busy ourselves with life, with shopping, doing things that are customs; we spend our days and our time for things of reality, for our enjoyment, but we do not give ourselves the opportunity to understand the meaning of Christmas, to understand the God who came into the world because of love; the God who, because of love, took on human nature; the God who sacrificed, who chose a cold place in a cold region, in a “Christmas season” to be born to save us, to give us hope, to give us days full of meaning through His sacrifice. Today, we live in comfort; we forget what He did to remind us, to awaken us, for us to recognize God; God does not require us to respond, but lets us live and love our brothers, love the poor, love the people who need help, love the people who are sick; God is in the little people, in the sick, in the poor, looking at us; that is love, charity, in sacrifice.

In each role, let us offer what is in our souls to the Infant Jesus, with the invitation in the year from which we are filled with the abundant graces poured out from God, from the Door of the Jubilee Year, which just closed. As we enter into the Second Week of Advent, in every class, in every role, let us keep the meaning God recalls to us; this is also for us to recognize what is inherent in us – the circumstances, the challenges – for us to grow in God’s grace, for us to mature in faith, so that we may experience and be determined. God will do it all for us; He always understands us; He is the God in His supremacy to arrange all things in the deeds He bestows, filled with meaning and reasoning, for people to embrace and believe in this truth.

That is what God reserves for me today, as well as to all the brothers and sisters, and reminding those in the group, those who have been selected, the pioneers and the witnesses – to continue with the love God reserved, for us to grow, to mature, to no longer be afraid and shy with everything in the human world, for us to come to God with our souls. We have nothing to offer God, just offering the heart to God by the prostration, by the surrender, by the invitation, by the testimony, by the reverence, with our contrite hearts, to ask Him to accept, to ask Him to embrace, for us to be renewed in the love of the Infant Jesus, to be renewed with the gift we offer so that we may feel God’s presence in faith, to practice with the words God teaches, through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and reminder today. There is nothing excessively abundant or burdensome and beyond what we can do; we just need to have a heart for us to experience what is inherent in life, in faith and with good things – then God will certainly help. Nothing is impossible; we just need to boldly believe, we just need to boldly be determined – then what is impossible will become possible when we have the Eucharistic God, when we have the Holy Spirit’s presence, when we have the Infant Jesus, reminding us, especially in this Christmas season.

L. concludes today with M.N. and with M.L., at exactly 7:57, on Sunday, December 4, 2016, at St. Theresa Church. Through the past years in silence, what needs to be heard, to be embraced, to be experienced, and to be contemplated helps us understand the significance of the invitation God wants, for us to prepare our hearts for God, to prepare the way for Him, to prepare the soul. God wants to be with us, to love us, to forgive us, to strengthen us, to bring us peace and give us hope. God does not come to chastise us; He comes to invite us and to remind us of His love, to lead us back to Him in a good direction. We need to move forward in faith, in sacrifice, then certainly, we will be able; God’s grace will help us experience; God’s grace will sanctify us and transform us to become the children who recognize the graces poured out, for this life to be happy, for the afterlife to be happy, for a meaningful daily life, despite challenges, despite ordeals. If we trust in God, there is nothing impossible for Him; let us believe, for us to see what is meaningful in life in every situation, in every role, in every class; let every ear hear, every eye see, every heart feel, for us to live a life as God invites today – to have a returning heart, with faith, with deed, with feeling, and with the graces abundantly poured out for our humanity. Amen.

One more time, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank God’s grace, I praise God, I glorify God; I thank the Holy Spirit for helping me complete this message. Thank You Mother. Mother’s presence helped us – the silent days with counsel; today, Mother allows us to continue to speak these words, from the enlightenment, form the urging, and from the guidance, for us to receive the message inspired by the Holy Spirit, especially on this evening that is also in the Second Week of Advent. Only a few more days and we will celebrate the day Jesus came into the world over 2,000 years ago; He came to transform our lives; He came to us through the years; and especially this year, we hear the divine messages given to us with the words from the Holy Spirit’s preaching, the words from the Holy Spirit’s urging, the words from the truth that God lets everyone hear and trust, to move forward on the path that He teaches, which is neither too difficult nor too easy. We need to open our hearts to listen, to have the goodwill to recognize the truth, by witnessing with the eyes, the ears, the hearts, for us to believe so that we may recognize God’s presence, God’s intervention, and the Holy Spirit’s words addressed to today’s human world.

One more time, L., M.L., M.N., complete at 8 p.m., on Sunday, December 4, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the tabernacle, the Cross, the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus, the holy statue of St. Josemaria Escriva, the holy statue of St. Joseph, the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the picture of the Divine Mercy. I lift up thanks and praises, in St. Theresa Church, a place where the revelations took place in recent years, the start of the days God allows; we rejoice knowing God will have a more dignified place; we are prepared for the day He is Present, the day He comes to us individually and to everyone in general, at the chapel we wish to see remodeled in the coming days. This is the last day at this place; they will take the Eucharist of God to a different room, they will remodel the chapel to be more spacious, newer, cleaner, for people to come visit God, to come worship God, to come experience what God reserved for us as a new beginning this year, with the superficial things, with things in the soul that He desires. God does not come to opulent places, He does not come to places where people are too cold; indeed, God seeks us at poor places that may be little, imperfect, but He still comes, because He seeks each soul, He wants to reign and remain with these souls. He does not seek opulent places; there are opulent places, beautiful places, but people are cold; at the places where people refuse and are concerned only with appearances, He is also present, but in sorrow; He seeks the children at the places even though poor and lacking comfort, yet are the places where there are simple, gentle, little hearts, strong in faith. What God desires is a heart to respond to a Heart, a heart to respond to love, a heart to trust and practice, a heart to experience the encounter God intended in general for today’s humanity and in particular for each individual. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads an intense prayer life that focuses on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture miraculous images of the Eucharist on her cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of


  1. That is, people live a spiritual life limited to what has been revealed and taught (good though it is), but are not open to a dynamic relationship with God.
  2. This is saying that God is not interested in blaming us but in our return to Him. A similar statement is made later in the message, which must be understood in a like context: “God does not require us to respond”.

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