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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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                  Return in Unity



February 23, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. on a pilgrimage to Israel.

L.: O God, for the last few days, we have set foot in a nation we normally call the Jewish State. We first set foot in Jerusalem; today, Tuesday, February 23, 2016, we are in Bethlehem; it is 10:47. O God, first of all, I would like to thank God’s grace for what God did in the last few days; along with the pilgrimage group, we were able to come here – everything was peaceful. Our brothers and sisters, who travel with us – even the priest – do not know what we are doing. God assigned to us a divine mission and wanted us to set foot in His homeland, in Mother’s homeland, in the homeland where we must return to the salvation right at the beginning of the moment God first became incarnate.

O God, in the last few days we were able to listen to so many wonderful talks; history was relived through the explanations of the priest who is the leader of the group – those are the facts he discovered through the Gospel, through the Good News, that was left to us through a very thorough teaching, which is the truth that God is still lively. Today, in the divine realm, God leads us; we are just ordinary and commonplace people, we do not know anything more than what God reserves for us. We know that we come here not from our own decisions but for a divine mission; God wanted us to set foot in this place; together, we are also able to receive and listen, whenever we have the opportunity to see with the eyes, hear with the ears (1), and with hearts embracing everything around us, so that we have the understanding that truly is coming alive again through the Good News that God gave in the most recent revelations.

The last time we went on this trip (2), the way we looked at reality probably lacked a profound and wide understanding, and we did not receive the grace of God as strongly as this time. Today is very different – with feelings, God leads us through His grace so that we may speak and perceive faster through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and guidance (3). O God, first of all, we offer to God the Divine Mercy Chaplet on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in our group, on behalf of the families of the brothers and sisters in our group, for their prayer intentions, for the words lifted up, on behalf of the people who asked us to deliver letters to be lifted up to God when we arrive in this Holy Land.

Today, in the world, there are countless people who still do not know, who still do not believe, there are people living in sins and all the while each sinner still does not have a clear determination to seek and to return to our God. Today, we represent the people who are living in sins, the people who still do not know God, the people who reject God, the people who live a life continually offending the affection and the love God reserved for us through salvation. Today, we wholly lift up with our hearts, as Mother Mary taught us and revealed to today’s world the way to return to God. Today, we come with feelings – to ask God to forgive us, to forgive our human race, to forgive our loved ones, to forgive the people who do not know, the people who do not yet know as well as do not yet believe, who cannot yet taste how utterly sweet God’s love is.

Salvation is still waiting for people up to this day; the Divine Mercy of God in the Jubilee Year is wide open to lead us to this place. We know nothing about the future. Presently, we know that we are sent here to complete a sublime mission, which is still kept in silence but daily progresses in a beseeching sentiment, with prayers lifted up directly to the Holy Eucharist, as we directly embraced the Presence of the Eucharist, which God came and gave to mankind, to fortify and to remind mankind that God is truly alive and is supporting us in all aspects, if we recognize Him and we know that this world is entering a period of challenge and a state of imminent chaos. God came and God allows us to recognize that God never abandons mankind; God always walks with us. The love of the Cross is the eternal sign through the Five Holy Wounds, which with the Fifth Kowtow, Mother taught us not to fear and not to worry today when we testify to the meanings of the Six Kowtows. Perhaps this is something quite fresh, but this is the beginning and is also the turning point in the days in which we must return to God, united in both heart and soul.

Throughout countless years and months, throughout countless centuries, people still live in debate, in conflict, and though they worship only One God, they do not recognize that God’s doctrine is a doctrine united in fraternal love. Right from the beginning, because our human race had fallen into betrayal, the world had been dominated by the evil spirit; its influence still remains, up to this century. That is inherent in mankind, with the human ego and personality, with the selfish, personal rights that caused countless phases in each generation, in each century, to remain unchanged.

Therefore, God came in order to make changes, right from the beginning; that was more than 2,000 years ago, when Jesus came here with His presence in the flesh, as a newborn, which today we can contemplate, here in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. As for the event in Nazareth, with the angel Gabriel’s announcement, the word “Fiat” (4) from Mother had become the historical change for the human world, and that was the beginning. Today, we set foot here to return to the first century to bring the reminder that mankind seems to have forgotten and that has become a custom throughout countless months and years.

What is recalled to mankind in this day? What is recalled is the great divinity Jesus brought to mankind when He was still in the flesh; today, He returns not in the flesh but by the mystery of the Eucharist, and by the sublime Presence. In the dark sky, the Eucharist appears, in a resplendent light, with countless saints and angels who are also lifted toward a sublime action in which God wants to let today’s humanity recognize that God is alive and waiting for mankind to return, waiting for unity, waiting for unity in both heart and soul, so that God comes, fully as stated, as God left in the Gospel and written down by the Apostles: “I am with you always, to the close of the age.” That was what Jesus said that was written in the history books (5) and in the Gospel; today, what He promised is realized in our century – He comes daily to visit us. This is a sublime mystery through the Eucharist in which Jesus is no longer in the flesh but is present through a great sanctity, a wondrous mystery that has come to today’s world – to recall something to humanity; to bring something that belongs to God, so that mankind receives the grace of intervention and salvation; to have a spiritual life, a life for the soul and even for the body. O God, this is too mysterious, too sublime. Our human race cannot understand these mysteries if we do not have the Holy Spirit inspiring and helping us with what we must know, and we must return to the history back then in order to continue on.

These are the days in which we have the opportunity to recognize the mystery that is given in the remaining days we live in; with the present situation, throughout countless months and years, mankind still holds on tightly to hatred, unforgiveness, separation and lack of unity in their lives. That is the anxiety, the sorrow with which daily Jesus awaits His children while Mother continues to shed tears for humanity because unity is still lacking. The miracles that kindle the world today are the works we are embracing, the divine mission which is presently given to the whole of humanity.

It is a sublimity in which God came and allows us to contemplate, to encounter, and to bear witness, so that we follow the way of unity in order to return to what God wants to say, to what God wants to leave to our world. It is a treasure when we know Him, when we believe in Him, and when we embrace Him; then that is something that was promised just like the words God left to the world in those days in the past. We are caught in a situation between good and evil and we continue to fight with one another, with countless issues that cause the world to enter into a path that no longer has the light of faith and the light of a belief in entrustment to God. We are living in conflict; we continue to live in crimes, and this continues to further expand because we absolutely do not recognize the doctrine of Jesus who left it to mankind. We have forgotten the sign of love, the sign of life, the sign of the eternal future of the soul, and the sign of having life in order to practice while we are in the flesh. We cannot do anything if we do not have God’s grace, if we do not have God’s intervention, if we do not have Jesus; He came into the world to assume all the responsibility for the human sins as He bore them.

Today we return to the homeland of over 2,000 years ago – back to a history that continues to go on with the divine realities that God had reserved and bestowed upon mankind. Today is the evidence, so that we have the opportunity to kneel here, at the tabernacle, at the altar where many priests have celebrated Holy Mass; at this place, as we contemplate the picture of a newborn in the manger. That is a representation; tomorrow, we will go to the place where God was born; in this sentiment, we represent all the brothers and sisters in the group in our roles as the representatives, to bring the Good News and the new revelations through the miraculous power of the Eucharist to the human world. There are more profound meanings that God wants to bring to the whole of humanity – to all roles, to all classes – so that all believe and return to what God reserves for mankind in this time period; to have the confirmation, in the power in which God reveals the closeness through His Eucharist, for us to receive.

Today, God, please continue to help us be very diligent in the days we are here: to accept the responsibility of the role of a representative for the entire world, to represent the Good News, to represent the reminder and the revelation in the remaining days before entering the purification (6). We bring Jesus the Eucharist (7) back to His homeland; He first chose this nation as the place where He came in the flesh, and lived here, and died here. Salvation started at this place; and the Person who acts on behalf of all humanity, who continues to intercede with God, who is perfect in the eyes of God, is Mother Mary. There are countless stories throughout the centuries; today they are heard again – that mystery does not end at the cave in Bethlehem, it does not end with the Jewish nation, it does not end with Bethlehem, it does not end with Jerusalem, but is God Almighty all across the universe.

The place where God manifested was the Eucharist of Jesus that is becoming lively again; in this time period, through the Eucharist, He visits all the nations, visits the children when they recognize the truth, when they believe in Him, and He also comes to intervene for those who know and return to Him through the teachings of Mother Mary (8). These are the things that we continue to silently work on in the days ahead; what must be said, what must be done, from the Holy Spirit of God, will be done this evening before we go to sleep. Tomorrow morning, we will spend some time to visit God at the cave of Bethlehem, we will prostrate and lift up today’s humanity, the grief, all of the frustration in a human life, and everything that remains unresolved between good and evil. May God Almighty, over 2,000 years ago, who is alive again in this day, come to this place of beginning; may God intervene for our human world to return, though there are still many weaknesses in the flesh but this is the easiest way for countless people to recognize God, along with the miracle.

No matter how hardened people are, they still must believe; there is only one Almighty God who has the power to bestow and to bring this to mankind today. So it is our responsibility to take the Eucharist of Jesus back to His homeland and that Eucharist will be a sublime mystery through the miracle, so that He showers graces upon the nation He had chosen right from the beginning. He also pours down the graces upon the leaders who still remain stubbornly separated from God, who are worshipping an idol that is not God. This is something that people must recognize, and they must believe in all the deeds God established and brought to humanity. God, please open their hearts, open their eyes, open their ears, and open their hearts. What will happen to this place and what will happen in the future? O God, these things happen for people to open their eyes to believe; the Messiah came over 2,000 years ago, but today people are still waiting because they still do not recognize the Presence of God through His Eucharist. Today, He acts and brings about a huge event in humanity, which is something that is confirmed by the illuminated sky; there are countless other mysteries to be manifested to prepare people for the upcoming days, according to the plan as predestined by God the Father for humanity. It is the Alpha and the Omega, and is also the rescue in the days we still exist and still have before entering the Omega; thus, many events are authenticated based on history, but all the great mysteries belong only to a lively God – if He allows, then that will be realized. What He needs most is for today’s human world to return in unity in order to recognize the love of God that used to visit and to intervene for humanity, for those who believe and return to the truth.

So what we continue, continue to do is to ask God to help the people who still do not know and who still do not believe, so that they have the opportunity to come back to our God. Through the deeds in which we only let our hearts perceive what we can see and hear, it is no longer history but it is a God who is real, a God full of power, and a God who will bestow in a divine way when anything is practiced in the truth. He is Present and He will come in the future, but before He comes, our human race will have to face the truth in regard to countless sins, to render justice to the truth. Before that happens, God will come to visit the soul of every single person, every single heart, when people turn in the direction and the unique orientation of the place where God had made a promise – that is the Eucharist of Jesus Christ, that is the Holy Mass to nourish our souls and our bodies.

Let us recognize this perfection; God is not a God in the book of history that we are turning the pages, is not a God that we become familiar with through tradition and has become a human custom, but is a mighty God who is alive in every generation, who is alive in every period, who is alive in every time, and who is coming close to us – by love, by a reminder, by an interest and by something unique: a reminder that people must return to God, to righteousness, to the truth, returning with a believing heart, as His doctrine, with unity in both heart and soul, in submission, in prostration, awaiting Jesus who will come for the second time (9) to the world. Before He comes, many events will happen; they are happening as foretold and written down by Saint John in the Book of Revelation. At the same time, today, there is much phenomena that mankind cannot deny; those are the reminder for mankind to return to a God. If people continue to discard what is reminded, still remain stubborn on the path of separation from the Church, still stubbornly look for various ways to attack the Church left by Jesus, along with many who are still not yet awake, who continue to live in sins, in the darkness, then this is the final light to remind in a divine way each child, each role, each class, to recognize that God is coming close and reminding mankind.

There is only one unique God, a mighty Supreme Being, a Supreme Being full of love, a Supreme Being full of mercy, and a Supreme Being with sovereignty, who has the right to bestow, the right to take back, and the right to destroy everything, so that there will be only one world which He is longing for and waiting for mankind to submit oneself and to return to a God Almighty. There is only one unique God to whom we prostrate, to whom we kowtow, to whom we worship, to whom we offer our thankfulness, to whom we offer our gratitude. There is no other God besides our God. Today, this is certified in Bethlehem, in the Jewish nation as well as in Jerusalem, where we set foot in the last few days. Starting with this evening and with the days ahead, God the Holy Spirit, please continue to inspire, to guide everything that belongs to the final history; and in the upcoming days, in the future, new history book, there will be things that will proceed through the direction of the Holy Spirit in today’s world.

Who has ears then hear, who has eyes then see, who has the heart then feel, to recognize a God who is full of love and rich in mercy. Repent and return soon; be quick to remove the conflicts within ourselves, because for past generations, people disputed, hated, and kept killing one another, from one time period to another time period. Prosperous places will become ground zero, and eventually everyone will also be obliterated if we do not recognize God, if we do not have His protection, if we do not have His permission; at the assigned time, we will also be obliterated as in the past centuries. But if we want to survive, if we want to belong to God, to remain with what we presently have so that from this generation to the next generation we can receive the blessing from God, then only one thing is needed, which is for us to return in love, to return in unity, to return united in both heart and soul. Let us return and prostrate to God; then there will be an intervention as God had once intervened for His people over many thousands years ago – with Moses, who was a prophet, a predecessor in the course of history; as God’s own people, God will protect and bless them forever. It is from our father Abraham’s faith that today we become the descendants of Abraham; all that God promised, God will realize, but God also has the right to destroy what does not belong to Him and to destroy those who are stubborn and hardened. That is a reminder for today’s generation, which is the reason for the appearance of the Eucharist. The things that need to be said, that need to be completed in the remaining days of the end of the century, are the things I report today, on this evening.

I will end with a prayer for this nation, for this homeland, for the place where God was born, a place where God brought the Good News, a place where God left a great history with salvation, and also a place where God worked miracles for mankind, with healings from the body to the soul. It is also a place that grieves God because people are stubborn and hardened; they denied the love of God over 2,000 years, and now they continue to worship idols, they continue to eradicate their brothers and sisters, to eradicate God’s people, and to eradicate the Almighty God. So it is time, there must be an answer. God already waited and gave people the opportunity to look into their hearts and change their minds with everything given through the prophets and through the messengers, but with their own hands they killed the messengers and the prophets, so today, the foreigners come to bring the source of grace that God uses to manifest to this homeland, for the people to recognize the union and the visitation of God, a mighty Supreme Being who comes, not only in the flesh but also in a divine way – who is present, looking at humanity, waiting for them to return in the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy.

Today, we offer to God the feeling we have from the Holy Spirit regarding that side of our lives in the human world that concerns our brothers and sisters, who, though of different races, are wholly the children of God, in the entire human world. May they open their hearts to recognize the message, the divine sign that appeared in Nazareth, in Bethlehem, in Jerusalem, at these three very sublime places, and that returns today, which is the presence (10) of over 2,000 years ago. He comes to manifest for this city, He comes to manifest for this homeland, so that they recognize that God is an omnipotent God, a God who brings the grace of salvation, a God who saves, and a God who has the ability to intervene and to help humanity today. Apart from God, apart from His precepts, apart from His Good News, no one can help mankind to end the dispute, the hatred, the way that mankind continues to kill one another, with no respect for human life. God, please have mercy on us, have mercy on our human race, have mercy on us in the remaining days; to save the people when they recognize and return, to save the people who are living in sins so that they also have the opportunity to realize the things that we can do in our feeble conditions.

All these realities will come; the days of purification are not beautiful sunny days, with the skies as God once bestowed, once awaited, once pondered, to see mankind’s thankful and grateful heart. Indeed, throughout countless centuries, people still live in denial, they still live in stubbornness, they still live in separation; that is what today God comes to remind mankind of. God gives us free will, and there is only one thing that our God cannot refuse, which means that when He allows something then it will be realized and will happen in the human world. However, if we do not follow the doctrine then the example in this land is the town of Sodom and everything that happened in the deluge; that was the first step of the past centuries – there were countless destructions when we failed to live in the ways of the Lord, when we failed to live in the doctrine.

God just wants us to have peace, to have love, to have the graces that He Himself bestowed, is bestowing, and will bestow to humanity. Let us not be afraid and return with heart, to bow down in worship to a God whom we have forgotten throughout countless months and years; we have betrayed Him and we have offended Him. It is time He must take action; it is time He must intervene for the people who belong to Him. He has the right to render justice to the people who do not walk in the way, to the people who not believe in God, to the people who stubbornly rebel to live according to their own ways and to worship idols. Let us leave everything to our God who has the power, a unique God who has the authority to give to humanity; that is the sovereign, Supreme Being who comes and judges in an impartial and truthful way.

This is a time period for humanity to return; a time period of marking. Everything that happened and is happening cannot go on forever, from one time period to another time period, but will have to end one day. It lasted long enough and had been too long, over 2,000 years, and Jesus already came and marked 2,000 years. However, we still have a unique Person who remained for over ten years and that was Mother Mary (11), with tears streaming down daily to beseech and implore God the Father; remaining daily near the Eucharist of Jesus to pray for humanity, to remind humanity. In the final moment that we are able to receive, we officially receive Divine Mercy in the Jubilee Year, which the Church had announced worldwide; but in our human conditions, we still have not fully responded to what God bestowed over the past centuries – yet He continues to give us the opportunity. A favorable and unique opportunity to respond to the Divine Mercy of God in the Jubilee Year, to ask God to forgive us, to absolve us, to give us a chance, is the prostration with the Six Kowtows that Mother personally taught us, to directly ask God the Father – when we bow our heads, with our souls, our bodies, our hearts – to ask God the Father (12) to save humanity urgently; and we ask Jesus, who is remaining with us, but we still remain indifferent and we forget His doctrine.

Today, the Church continues to bear witness to the Good News, but in today’s world, how many people recognize and understand this meaning? The love of God does not end with the Second Kowtow that we offer to Jesus Christ who is our God even when He was in the flesh.

Today, we receive the good things in the choices we made; those are the lively words from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to be given to today’s world; please, continue to give us the light of grace so that we can differentiate between good and evil. All classes, put aside pride, put aside human stubbornness and the human hardness over the centuries, and return to God; through the guidance and the protection, which are from the Holy Spirit, let us return to the truth, to live in the truth, to experience the true love God bestowed and reserved for us throughout every generation, and especially in today’s generation.

What we forget is the Presence of Jesus through His Holy Eucharist which today with the Fourth Kowtow we personally bow our heads to worship and to lift up our grateful hearts reverently. The Eucharist came and was present as He promised; He looks forward to meet every soul and to help us in the period of time in which we recognize the extraordinary miracle that is manifested by the heavenly kingdom for people on earth.

The Fifth Kowtow, that is the sign of the Passion in the Lenten season, and we come to this nation in the season of the Passion as well. It is a place where Jesus had imprinted the everlasting love to rescue mankind from the darkness and from human sin, but we already forgot it and let it become a custom, so today this is rekindled with an appreciative heart, with a thankful heart, with a grateful heart, with a kowtow. That is the simplicity of a human being – to return, because apart from God no one can save us from the darkness of sin, no one can save us from suffering and misery. It was Jesus who fully accomplished it, who ended up on the Cross, and He returned in the glorious triumph of Easter, and today, allows people to understand that with their hearts on the way back, that they will receive intervention and help.

We also do not forget a Queen of Heaven who still silently cares for our humanity, who continues to let the human world know about the sublime and important value that today people cannot forget and lack in their lives with the return. That is the unity which we cannot fail to lift up to God the Father with a kowtow, asking God the Father to let us dedicate it especially to the Queen of Heaven. That is the Sixth Kowtow which we offer with a reverent heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; to the Mother of the Eucharist; to the Mother of the Divine Mercy, which is reminded to humanity today through the door of the Divine Mercy in the Jubilee Year; to the Mother of Love; to the Mother of the Second Person of God; to the Mother of the Church; to the Mother of mankind, and to the Mother of each one of us.

When we pray to Mother, no one returns empty-handed; Mother remains with us, teaching us, reminding us and reminding humanity to return to God. For the deeds Mother accomplished throughout her whole life, Mother became the Queen of Heaven, but Mother shows us what Mother realized in Mother’s life and from the signs, there was only the prostration (13). Let the doctrine of God be realized in our lives; that is humility, from the soul to the body; we cannot fail to act with a reverent heart reserved for the Supreme Being we worship, with the whole of humanity in unity. There is only one God who is King, who is Father, and who is also a God – rich in mercy, rich in benevolence – whom, as of this day, the people who sin, who live in sin, continue to offend, but still exists up to this century. Thanks to Mother; having Mother, we know what to do and what must be done.

Let us not wait, let us not ask, let us not make it a human habit as throughout many years; we still live in the days and the months when we do not understand what the meanings are when we return, to say it on our lips many times but in the end we fail to take any actions specifically reserved for our God. Let us put aside what belongs to humans, let us reserve for God worship and have a determination so that everyone realizes that God is the Supreme Being we should worship; which is a great unity and a return, so that we receive the protection and the intervention of a God who has authority and sovereignty over humanity. He loves us very much, He respects our free will. This is something that today needs to be said and must be said, with the essential matters that God reveals through the Holy Spirit of God to remind our human race.

We end in this evening for us to jointly offer to God the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for humanity, especially for the nation where we set foot to kindle in them something that belongs to the divinity. Let us unite with the heavenly kingdom, with the nine choirs of angels, with all our guardian angels; the three Archangels are silently protecting and defending our human race, to lessen the evil that continues to attack us and to lure us through the sophistication of the era, while separating us from God. But, with this return, with this unity, with the reverence, with the heart in prostration, certainly God will give and will intervene for us, through the prayer and through the intercession of Mother Mary, the Mother of the Second Person of God, and the Mother of our human race.

In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, L. completed the words inspired this evening from the Holy Spirit, the first moment we set foot in the city of Bethlehem. We just arrived this evening; L. completed at exactly 11:25 p.m. on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, in the Holy Land. We travel with a number of people; God, please bless these people; God, please help these people recognize what they are going to learn on their first trip, and help many others who were able to go many times, yet do not recognize anything from God and do not feel the divine in what God bestows. God, please open up their souls, open up their eyes, open up their hearts to receive this immense gift, which is a reminder with the days God gave to the world in general, in the remaining days.

The days to follow depend upon the decision and the providence of God over each one of us so that we may continue to extend our hands and together bear witness to the urgency through the meaning of the Six Kowtows taught by Mother, so that we return in time, so that we are strengthened in time for the tribulations that will come and are coming, and to prepare for the day that God will return for the second time to the earthly world. As written in the Gospel, “every knee shall bow.” That is Jesus who will return with a courtly, brocade robe, with a resplendent light, and everything that belongs to the darkness will disintegrate in the universe. What God allows will continue to exist and will enter into a new world; what does not belong to God will become ground zero as the words God said a few years ago, before the revelation started. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen, amen, amen.

(1) That is, to see miraculous visions of the Eucharist and for L. to receive messages. The “most recent revelations” in this sentence refers to the latest messages L. received.
(2) L. first went on this pilgrimage about six years earlier, when the messages started to be given.
(3) That is, L. has grown in the grace of being a messenger.
(4) “Fiat” is Latin for “let it be done.” See Luke 1:38.
(5) This may refer to some documents as in 2 Timothy 4:13, or to subsequent Scripture commentaries, or maybe to the Book of Revelation and the Acts of the Apostles.
(6) In these end times, there will be a purification of humanity and the earth (see Revelation 21:1-8).
(7) That is, this private revelation that focuses, above all, on the Eucharist, Divine Mercy and the times in which we are living
(8) This seems to be a reference to The Six Kowtows, the practice that is given to humanity now by Blessed Mother. At the end of this paragraph is this: “this is the easiest way for countless people to recognize God, along with the miracle,” which again seems to refer to The Six Kowtows, through which great numbers of people will return to God. “The miracle” seems to refer to the miraculous images L. takes on her phone, some of which are on the website below.
(9) This refers to the Second Coming of Christ at the end of the world, which is not imminent. Much has to happen before that.
(10) The presence of the Messiah
(11) Our Lady remained on earth for more than ten years after the death of Her Son.
(12) Here, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, L. begins a brief practice of the Six Kowtows (see “The Six Kowtow” message of August 19, 2014.)
(13) Blessed Mother’s life was a life lived with Her Heart and soul prostrate before God (and even with Her body, as revealed to Venerable Mary of Agreda).

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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