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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Walk Through the Holy Doors of Mercy



April 22, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows.

L.: O God, it is 12:46 p.m. on Friday, April 22, 2016, at St. Lawrence Church, before the altar, the cross, the tabernacle, and the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus. Today, we come to St. Lawrence, which is the nearest church. I would like to stay here to offer the Six Kowtows to our God – after every Holy Mass we have the opportunity to lift up these words before we practice (1).

I offer the First Kowtow to God the Father. Jesus said, “believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself” [John 14:1-3]. O God the Father, in the days Jesus was still on earth, still preaching, still by the side of the Apostles, He always talked about God, about God the Father. All the works Jesus did were substantiated through words and through actions; every single one of the deeds performed by Jesus was from God the Father Himself, who was within Him – with a reverent Heart, with a Heart belonging to God, a Heart knowing everything is ruled by God the Father – but concealed in Jesus was the image and the Heart of God the Father; and though the presence is that of Jesus, yet all of Jesus’ accomplishments belonged to God the Father. (2) O God, today’s Gospel lets us know very clearly that each of Jesus’ words and deeds belongs to our God; everything that was allowed to happen has happened and is happening; at the same time, God knows everything, with the supremacy of a God who is a God full of love, a God rich in mercy. Our eyes, our thinking, our knowledge have their own limits, we only know to become a simple, humble person; we offer to God the First Kowtow to express our gratitude to Father, to express our thanks, to express our prostration.

O Father, increasingly going into and recognizing our condition – weak, fragile and prone to sin – the more we see the love of God: immense, infinite, boundless, endless for each one of us and for each soul. O God the Father, there is no other way, no human thinking or reasoning but to rely solely on the words of Jesus, rely solely on a Gospel that was left by an unfeigned testimony and a truth that nowadays, daily, is being further discovered. O God, we only know that we come to worship God; to praise, to honor, and to do our duty as the children who worship God, from the heart, from the soul, with all our bodies and with all our minds. This is something we really need to do more; but truly, even if we do countless things, we still cannot be worthy of the love and of the Divine Mercy God reserves for us, but God does not look at those shortcomings, God does not look at the human things – that we are unworthy, that we sin, or that we deny God. Today, going in deeper, we see a God who cared for us meticulously, using all ways to lead us back to Him, using all ways for us to encounter Him, using all ways for us to receive His grace; for us to live, to know, to practice, to understand the meaning in the way we behave toward our God.

O God, we thank God’s grace; we are God’s children, we are able to say out loud: “O God, the Almighty God, the Creator, is our God. I offer my soul, my heart, to God; I offer all our human world to God; I offer all our brothers and sisters, our enemies, the people who still do not know, who still do not believe; every sinner in this world; I lift up to God with the First Kowtow, to ask God to accept, to forgive us, who are still cold, still indifferent, still stubborn, and still hardened.”

Today, there are so many things that God bestowed and gave for the human world to recognize the truth, to know the truth, to live closer to the truth, to realize that if we do not have God’s grace, if we do not speak up, if we do not seek to return to Him then there is no way for us to know the doctrine, know the truth, or know how to live with the days of happiness and peace that God bestowed, is bestowing, and forever bestows. Today, though life has so many ups and downs, so many perilous situations – with extreme sufferings of poverty earning a livelihood, with the circumstances surrounding the generation, with delicate sophistications that cause us to distance ourselves from God – God continues to open wide His arms, to open wide His Heart to immerse us in His Divine Mercy. Not only that but also using the last drop of blood to show us so that we know that only God loves us – loving us at the times we sin, the times we do not know Him, the time when we started to form in the womb: then an entire program had been arranged by the Supreme Being for each one of us in the human race.

May we open the eyes of faith; may we listen, tranquil, and meditate so that we realize to whom we belong, and who the Person who loves us is, who the Person who saved us is, who the Person that many times has given us the opportunity to belong to God is – for us forever to be protected, to be supported and in the divine realm, He bestows upon us one way or another. Even though these are belated days, unworthy days, God still gives us the opportunity; God never abandons us – yet we reject Him, we fail to understand, and many times we cause His Heart to continue to worry and grieve by looking at our shallowness, our foolishness, our nonsense. Today, these words continue to give us a chance, but all things will still come at a predestined time; the Alpha and the Omega; Alpha and the salvage.

All of this is love – love to remind every person, in a human condition yet with the right to be a child of God and entitled to receive salvation through His Only Son. Let us consider this to lift up words of praise, of honor, of gratitude, and apologize to God; let us be mature and grow through the First Kowtow that we just offered to Him. We cannot understand anything if God does not allow and if the Holy Spirit does not help us to understand more; it is not too complicated as people infer through words, through phrases, but it is an essential, simple thing, a thing through which people can express their feelings, their souls, and their hearts. That is a thing God needs, a thing that God wants to see, a thing that God wants to unfold for us a little more, for us not to rely on what is discovered in the wisdom of the world but to seek the wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

What is needed is the heart alone, the decision alone – a faith to recognize God and to fear Him; then in any circumstance, in any phase, when we lift up prayers through the Six Kowtows, certainly we will receive help and God uses all ways for us to know and encounter the gift of grace and blessing in days that we already received, are receiving, and will be receiving. May God open our eyes, our ears, our hearts and open the hearts tied to freedoms, by to familiar things, to habits that cause us to not understand what is most needed to offer to our God – to deny ourselves completely, to worship a God. A God whom, from within us to outside us, we worship overflowing with deeds, with all of our hearts, with all of our minds, and with a heart through which we represent all brothers and sisters around the world, with the First Kowtow that today we respectfully offer to God, who is God the Father, our God. Amen.

I offer the Second Kowtow to the Second Person of God, who assumed a human body, who accepted to go on the road with the days of pilgrimage on earth, who accepted a humble situation, accepted poverty, accepted betrayals, sufferings, and the misunderstandings of humans on earth. That love is a noble love, a wide-open love, a love proven by action, a courageous love, and a saying of yes to God the Father in order to assume the responsibility of bringing salvation to humanity. God alone took on the transgressions of all sinners in each era, who do not recognize the truth of the doctrine and the truth. O God, how pitiful for those who refuse, who always seek to oppose and do not believe; those are people with knowledge, with education – they are also people who have authority and know the law but they do not practice nor do they follow the law; they only practice according to an ordinary and natural eyes and limited understanding.

So, look at things that happened in history, things that occurred in every century, so that today we always rely on the words that God continues to reserve and give to us; the words were written, and yet there are prophets, messengers, lively words accompanying every era, accompanying all centuries to remind that what comes from God is different, is extraordinary, is contrary to human points of view, contrary to human arguments, and contrary to human rules. In every action, people can see that when they condemn others, they only look at everything others have but they fail to look at the beam in their own eyes, as written in the Gospel. Look at the others’ beam but the beam in our own eyes is even bigger and covers as a blind person, and yet we continue to search for all the faults in others, usurping that right from our God. We also see what was written in the Gospel about the adulterous woman, but which way did God use – and that is the truth – to forgive sinners?

We are also sinners before God; there is no one without sins – those who are in positions of authority have even more sins, because knowing the laws yet violating them, then how is it, even to God? Yet God is always merciful and clement, so that we know of His love; because we cannot repay for our sins, God the Father sent His Only Son, and the Heart of His Only Son is Him, is the divine power of God, coming to save our humanity. The deeds accomplished by Jesus are marvelous, are extraordinary, and cannot be ordinary through the eyes with which we look. We are receiving a doctrine, an extremely great and profound truth to teach us in terms of a human perspective and also for us to recognize that only God is the Person who loves us (3), who came to take our sins upon Himself. We are happy, and it seems as if the whole of heaven already intervened for us but we still continue to live in days of blindness – blind of body, blind in faith, blind in knowledge – and even we do not allow time for reflection so that the Holy Spirit can work in the divine realm to the point that we only follow the ways of humans, so we are wrong and do wrong. Up to this day we already opened the door for the devil raged, and continued to encroach on us, and apparently, he is getting ready to govern us in the world (4).

One more time, God again brings His own Heart; one more time, God again opens the door of His Divine Mercy to save us. Once is not enough; today, there are many ways in the divine realm for us to see and to be clearly determined that the drop of blood shed by Jesus is the Blood of a mighty God.  He came down from heaven; the doctrine of Jesus also came from heaven. He completed and accomplished everything after 33 years; today, he already returned to heaven as recorded in the history books (5) and the Gospel, but He is encountering us in a divine way and is present with us through His Holy Eucharist and He promised the words that are realized daily, at every Holy Mass, and each Mass offered. Those are the words He promised, the words He said, to give us life to nourish our souls as well as our bodies – His Body and His Blood. All the deeds that God does in a supreme way that we see earnestly and reflect upon are the deeds realized in the human world. Today, are we able to open wide the eyes or not, able to see the mistakes 2,000 years ago or not … or do we still remain stubborn, still live with days tightly bound by all the personal inferences and personal thoughts, still unable today to receive the grace of salvation of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of God.

We continue to turn away, we continue to follow the figuring out, the thinking – at the same time speculating according to the human world, continuing with days of waiting, still not yet finishing with what we are facing, have faced, and will face. Facing what? – Seeing the day that we hope for, because we live in a world without love, a world without unity, a world without peace in today’s humanity. Today, in terms of spirituality, in terms of abundances, in terms of the divine realm, in regard to what was bestowed, we still have not entirely embraced; those who embrace are the people who believe, who open the eyes of faith, who open wide the heart, who go deep into the doctrine, who meditate – but they are still are a very modest number in humanity.

So, God is still a patient God, a God full of love as He said, a God with much deep knowledge, and with supremacy – to meet us and to bestow upon us, to create the opportunity for us, to facilitate for us, to look for us in this way and that way; through the Parable of the Prodigal Son, through the works which today the Church continues to open the door of the Divine Mercy so that the priests, the shepherds of God, explore ways – using words, using examples, using stories – to lead people to encounter Divine Mercy, God’s love and benevolence. But we – how many already received, how many already understood, how many already recognized the ways that God wants, so that we easily understand, so that we are easily touched, so that we easily feel? But what happens in the end? O God, with all of these things, please help us to be bolder to declare as true everything that happened and is happening today (6). To conclude, what is being said today, what is being implemented today, what is being done today? What we submit ourselves to is the Divine Mercy of God, to the door of the Jubilee Year, which are things that people still close their eyes to, still close their ears to, with hearts that are still frozen, with hearts that are still hardened – the obstinacy still remains and is still interminable, till this century.

Everything is like a book with pages that continue to turn, with words that are no longer written by the apostles but by the Holy Spirit, who writes on the pages ready to be opened for the remaining days of the last century (7). We keep studying all the goodness from past centuries that were bestowed by God to help us, so today there is a number of people, still a number of humble people to believe and to know, and so, it is through that same number of humble people that today God opened a door for us to recognize the grace, and heaven poured down countless blessings to support and lead us in the last remaining days of the end of the century.

This does not end; on the divine side, we continue to see, to contemplate, to carry out in God’s program through the Holy Spirit; on the human side, there are the brothers and sisters who are also ordinary and commonplace people, so that when we look at their appearance, their faces, their life – if we see with human eyes – we judge them, we boycott them, we deny them, and yet they are the chosen ones. So God used our hearts through ordinary and commonplace people – the people that we reject, the people that we absolutely do not believe in – yet today they return to bear witness to God, going everywhere; one person does this work, the other does that work; one person shall heal, the other brings the living words of God to the brothers and sisters at the places they are sent. Others continue their works, knowing that those around them will not easily accept but they still go on because their hearts are purified by God of stains; and their grateful hearts do not forget the days of sufferings due to sins. Today they returned with a new life, with a new heart; they understood sinful and miserable days; today God has mercy on them, God brings them back, and God also uses them. Therefore, any ways they still can practice – although people look at them, their eyes expressing rejection or scorn or disdain, or with distaste or contempt, yet they still live a happy life because of they meet God.

Today, God wants to remind humanity that God wants to look at peoples’ hearts; God wants to look at the heart of humanity. God does not need any embellishments by words; nor does God need any embellishments by our talents, and God does not need any colorful embellishments for the outward appearances – God just looks on our hearts. Even if our faces or our bodies are mangled, we just need to have a heart to recognize that God is God, to know to fear, know to love, know to practice, know the duty to do what we receive from God. Share with our brothers, share with the people who receive and will receive, so that they are also the same as us, in order to help sinners, to help guilty ones, people who are rejected by the world – but when they hear the witness-stories of those sisters and brothers, they will also return and join the flock. It is a flock that many years ago was completely wounded in the heart – bearing the wounds of life, violated with so many foolish things, violated countless times – that denied God, did not know God, and never practiced the doctrine that was heard and known. But today, they have returned and have atoned for their sins by living a life totally belonging to God, going from one place to another, finding ways to witness, making every effort to witness to what God bestowed and gave to them in their limitations.

All of these good things are the opposite of what today God lets the world recognize; do not rely on what we did not live truthfully by our hearts. If we do not practice and act with love and forgiveness with the Supreme Being whom we worship with all our hearts and our bodies, then it shall not do any good; it will wither and fade, and today will not bring any benefits to us, to everyone around us, to individuals or even to the people whose lives are entirely committed to a life of learning or to a religious life, if we do not live a life as Jesus desires and yearns — with simplicity, with humility, with sincerity, and with heart – to know how to love as God desires.

The hour has come; we no longer have the days relying on the knowledge or the reasonings related to human laws – we must act with true, loving hearts being touched by the Holy Spirit in His divine grace. Let us embrace Him; then we will know that these things do not belong to our own actions – if we act through the flesh, only pretending, to have reputations, for others to see, then this will not and cannot last forever. But what belongs to the heart, what belongs to the Holy Spirit, then whether in front or behind of others, time will give the answer by love, solidarity, deed, and action.

So, it is time for us; there are many things that we must practice from our hearts (means doing kowtows by our hearts) in order to realize what God reserves and bestows; we must trust absolutely – then we will understand the meaning that today we offer to Jesus, with the Second Kowtow. He is a Person who practiced, He is a Person who came to us by the heart; He accepted to go through death, and He Himself went through those paths to teach us a real life between humans. We are guilty; we can keep on disputing with one another, killing one another, or we can stop, but it is still a unique doctrine – love and forgiveness – for us to be able to exist and to receive God’s grace, which is the best way for us to go: a world filled with meaning, peace and happiness, with the human life that God reserved and bestows upon us.

There are so many things; today, let us give ourselves a chance: if we want peace, we must meet God, we must seek Him, we must believe in Him – then from that peace, we will be calm to face everything that comes to us, whether joy or sadness, whether success or failure, whether misery or suffering or illness, everything is still from the providence that God arranged for each person, for each soul that He redeemed at the price of blood. Since we do not know the present, we do not know the future either, and we even forget the past, so we are easily thoughtless – forgetting easily, refusing easily, and have difficulty accepting. Today, Jesus teaches us; that is the doctrine already available to us, through the Way of the Cross that He accepted. Even though we are people who are unworthy, He accepted death to save us, so in this life there is no other pain to compare with the pain endured by God, and there is no other acceptance comparable God’s. Whether we know Him or do not know Him or reject Him and even killed Him, He still accepted because of love. There is only one single path – to embrace, to conquer, to love and to forgive; this is the simplest way that in today’s generation few are able to practice, and no one can fully practice this yet. God already predestined all things and waited for us throughout many past centuries, and today, there are many things that were reminded and completed as a program that God planned and arranged; so what needs to happen will happen, what should end must end.

With regard to God, the benevolence, the Divine Mercy of God pours down abundantly as well, so that those who embrace, those who believe will be saved according to the way that God gives to us. So He opened the Holy Doors of Mercy, regardless of how the sinners are, regardless whether we are worthy or unworthy, or we are the righteous, God desire our hearts belonging to God. Blessed are those who are truly righteous; use that righteousness to help your brothers, in the days in which they have not known yet, have not believed yet, and have not returned yet. As for those who are living in sins then this is the opportunity, the occasion to receive the holy grace first; then, relying on that grace, be able to practice, be able to survive, and be able to continue in the days of pilgrimage on earth, with the invitation and the calling God reserved for us today.

With regard to the world, God already let us naturally see the logic of the Holy Doors of Mercy and the invitation to return, as we plead to God. Come to God, with a conviction looking back at ourselves and ask for God’s forgiveness. God only wants to see us with a contrite heart – a heart realizing the things that we need His help with – and wants to see us become righteous. God knows how we are and what our mistakes are; whether we are worthy or not, He already knows – He just wants us to collaborate by accepting. That is the respect God reserved for us – to have the right to decide whether to accept to return to the Divine Mercy, or to decide to be on a path that we have traveled, that we are traveling on, committing sins, and continuing to live in iniquities. We have been lured by the evil spirit; it has used snares – things that we desire, things of the earthly world that we are passionate about and prefer; it obscures us in such a way that we are confused, are intoxicated, and today we have fallen into the snares.

Today, God uses a way, so that with regard to humans, coming to the Divine Mercy, the Holy Doors of Mercy, is the divine realm being present and in our midst to remind us. As for our part, we can see it is reasonable for us to walk through the Holy Doors of Mercy in the Jubilee Year; it is up to us to either accept or not, to either embrace or not, to either requite it or not; it is up to us to either receive God’s grace, to recognize God, to come to Him, or not. God already knows we are the lost sheep, the sheep that are wounded, from the soul to the body; God also knows that every role, every facet, every situation is falling into the abyss of today’s world, so God uses the Divine Mercy alone to welcome everyone – without any distinction.

All people – from the righteous to sinners or unworthy ones and also to those who commit crimes and who absolutely never believed in God in their lives, and even the wicked – have an opportunity. Today, God opens Divine Mercy for the whole of humanity to see – even for the devil to have the opportunity to see – that everything it is doing is dark, frightening, hideous; these things only lead oneself to end up in a place that belongs to evil, in the darkness forever. But the children of God who are still in the flesh still have a chance, so these are still days with the opportunity to choose, still days to receive salvation. Jesus will not forget the imprint of love, through the Five Holy Wounds that God endured to give us the chance to turn around and come back to receive salvation, forgiveness, and the last Divine Mercy in the days that are imminent – the days of the Omega (8) that we prepare to enter into.

At the same time, everything that happened and is happening is like an urge, like a warning, like a reminder, for each of us to voluntarily return ourselves or to voluntarily make the decision ourselves on the path which we are walking on, which we must walk on, which we will walk on. Let us never resent; God is a God who is full of love, a God who is merciful, a God who is rich in mercy, but we are also fallen in a situation with things that we choose, the sufferings and miseries in this life and even in the next life, with wailing and grinding of teeth of darkness and death, forever and ever unable to see the light (9). This is not a threat; this is not a theory that we always encounter and always guess according to our own ways, but these are the words brought to remind us, through the Second Kowtow, that the Holy Spirit wants everyone to know and to hear. That is the logical answer to all roles, all classes, in the hope that we do not continue to be stubborn, to be faithless, to follow our present view, to lose the great opportunity to be led back and be cleansed through Divine Mercy, with the living water through which God has given us the grace of sanctification and the grace of transformation in preparation for the coming days. That is a new world God already prepared for those who remain; God also already prepared for those who are worthy to go to heaven forever, and also prepared for those who do not belong to the flock – if they do not belong to God, if they do not believe in Him, then they will come to that place where forever they will no longer have the opportunity to meet and receive the graces that He already reserves for us today and forever.

So let give ourselves an opportunity, let us make our own decisions; no one is forcing us. God only wants a volunteering heart, God only wants a heart that truly encounters and returns, God only wants a truly repentant heart – to be able to receive Divine Mercy, with full forgiveness, to be cleansed at the price of the blood with which He already purified us, and at the same time to be cleansed worthily by that living water, for Him to lead us through the door, which is the door of the heavenly kingdom and the holy banquet that He already prepared. Each one of us has our own chairs; do not wait for the last moment – we might not be admitted to that holy banquet table and that chair will forever be an empty chair, when we do not respond to the invitation of God, when we do not come to be immersed in Divine Mercy, to be cleansed through the living water. If we reject and we completely refuse, then that is the last thing with the works that today God brought to us through the words “the Alpha and the Omega”; it is the Alpha and is the rescue in this time period (10). Whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, whoever has a heart ought to feel, and whoever has a mind ought to decide. Let us not lose the opportunity, let us not miss the chance; then if what we have decided is too late, then we must accept our miserable fate, then we will completely lose everything, even the light; we must endure days of darkness, of stench, living only in places where there will never be light; in misery and in darkness.

So the Second Kowtow is a kowtow that we must clearly recognize, because Jesus is the Person who directly brought salvation to help us overcome the days of the darkness and sufferings of the earthly world, which is also a world where we have the right to choose. Jesus is the Person who leads us to meet God the Father, so let us meditate clearly on our own about everything in the Second Kowtow. This is the grace of the remaining days; it is the fastest and the easiest thing for us to practice, with our minds, with our hearts, with the decision to belong to God – body, soul, and heart – in the days God reserves and gives this grace and blessing. Please help everyone open their ears, open their eyes, and open their hearts to act, to not be shy, to act, not dwelling on what has passed, but in this urgent time to take care of ourselves, to take care of our souls.

We still have our brothers and sisters, our relatives, the people that we are with – together we pray for them along with the brothers and sisters, who are the holy people, the virtuous people whom God uses in silent days, to join and to unite into one army, into one community. All things submit totally and return; we rely solely on one Person who is our advocate; relying on that advocate – our beloved Mother Mary – to intervene and to lead us, then certainly, we will not fall into the snares of evil; thus we will become the people who are able to enter the door that God already prepared for the days of purification. We can return to God forever, or we can remain with a new world, or we will end up in a place that today we choose for ourselves, in the freedom of egos, in the freedom of iniquities, in the freedom with things that we reject; not believing in God and absolutely and totally refusing to embrace what God reminds and brings to our world.

I offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit. O God the Holy Spirit, first of all I thank Your grace; before we start to bow our heads and to lift up to God, we do not know what to say, we do not know how to express ourselves, we do not know how to lift up by the heart and to express with the sentiment, the heart and the repentance. But exactly as He promised, just as Mother said, return by the way of prostration with a heart to God with repentance; then naturally, by the grace of God – that is the urge of the Holy Spirit in us – there is experience from within the soul, there is experience from the mind, and automatically the words are not from us but from the Holy Spirit, who will speak for us words that must be said, to witness to the world, and to say to God the Father, to speak sentiments that Jesus wants to say to humanity. At the same time, our humanity, in that moment, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we reply and learn more about what is happening and will happen, in the salvation that God reiterated through the Divine Mercy today – to meet and bring people back to what is most practical, closest, and the things that God needs most in our hearts, inner feelings, and minds.

O God the Holy Spirit, I thank His grace to act for so many things that today He shows to the human world; He is close and He gives us, who are commonplace and ordinary people, things that are extraordinary and marvelous. If we do not have God, we will not know the light, we will not know what to say, we will not know what the doctrine is, we will not know what is good, we will not know what can deliver us from things that bind us by the snares of the evils. They made us confused, they made us not to have our own mind, they made us rely only on the flesh, with the realities of being human, from the ego, only to serve the flesh – with greediness, with selfishness, with the demands, with the enjoyments, and all the nonsensical things so that we are senseless, unfeeling, with shortsightedness, totally immature in faith; we unintentionally offend God daily, hourly and we continue to be indifferent, to be hardened, and to be completely obstinate with our actions.

Our ancestors and those who have passed in history were stubborn people so today we also carry that stubborn bloodline, but God never left us. It is because of that stubbornness that we did wrong, that we did not see Jesus coming and do not know the doctrine as well. Today, we are still the same – we continue to be blind, having eyes but not seeing, having ears but not hearing, having the heart but not operating by blood but circulating and activating by hardness, by stubbornness, by obstinacy, by the look of the eyes between one person and another, with judgments, with disputes, and with various ways to win or lose; finding all ways to kill each other. From that, crimes spread everywhere and today are a common occurrence for humanity – there are no days of real peace, which today we saw (11), are seeing, and seems to be looming over us.

O God the Holy Spirit, You see all, You know all; and You are the Person who remains with us, who lives with us, through many past centuries, since the beginning and since the most powerful, clearest, and most defined moment when God bestowed the Holy Spirit of God upon Blessed Mother. Mother remained silently active in the world when Mother was still in the flesh, but the Holy Spirit descended, officially given to each of us ten days after Jesus ascended into heaven. Because of this, we received the Holy Spirit who continues to help us not to sink deeply into the darkness, because He is the Supreme Being who respects us, who gives us the freedom to recognize things that inherently belong to holiness, belong to righteousness, belong to sufferings, or belong to things that we saw today. We cause our own sufferings, we cause ourselves to be without any support and we create our own troubles from the ego, the personality, the self-interests in the realities of earthly life. Without faith, we do not know how to pray, we do not know how to practice good deeds, we do not know the doctrine, we do not understand the truth, so how can we know about the Holy Spirit? But He has not forgotten us; He still waits for us, waiting for us to awaken, waiting for us to return, waiting for us to know Him, waiting for us to start living again with the heart God placed in us – in our bodies, in our souls – which is holiness, meekness, belonging to the divine realm, and belonging to God. But we only look at things with the view of the flesh, with the closeness of earthly things, so we forget and we let the reasoning, and the realities, to master us; we allow ourselves to be controlled by our desire, which causes us more and more harm. We still have more, because we are lazy due to the flesh, not learning and seeking the doctrine, as well as not believing – then how can we practice? We lack awareness of God, believing in God, and if we do not seek God, then how can we receive and know the things of God still bestowed in the divine realm?

Thus, this is an opportunity for us to be more aware – we have the right to speak up to ask; when we speak up to receive the Holy Spirit, when we speak up to ask Him, then there is nothing that we cannot do because the Holy Spirit is the mediator for us to meet God the Father and God the Son, and also is the One who is active, who gives life in all aspects, in all roles. It is the Holy Spirit who leads us to the source of happiness, of love, of peace, and of grace. All that is good belongs to Him, is with Him, and is in Him, but how pitiful it is for us because we already missed many opportunities, missed many chances, and many times we do not believe, we deny, so today we cannot walk firmly alone in the human world. We have allowed the door of evil to spread everywhere and it is attacking on every side, so today we can no longer have the strength to stand up if we do not rely on the Holy Spirit, if we do not have the Holy Spirit, if we do not have people who persevere and work hard until this moment, who continue to bear witness to the Good News, to bear witness to the Gospel, to the living words that Jesus left through the Church.

So today there is still a place for us to lean on and to be brought to us, to nourish our souls and our bodies; nourishing our souls is His word in the Gospel, for us to practice and to study clearly, and nourishing our bodies is the Eucharist, His Body and His Blood. These are the most authentic things today; indeed, these are not too complicated, these do not have too many aspects as people conclude, but have so much actual closeness and so much spiritual depth – boundless and endless; we just need to reserve a little time for us to understand that the living words will help us to practice what needs to be practiced. When we call upon the Holy Spirit, He will help, and will not ignore the most essential when we call upon His Name with righteousness, with truth, with the good things that God desires in the human world and the practice of each one of us in humanity.

We just need to repent, we just need to understand the wrong, we just need to speak up, we just need to believe and pray. God never hesitates to help us and to deliver us from the siege of sins but we must also collaborate by a life with perseverance, by a life with the steadfastness, by a life in which we must be faithful, for us to discern between right and wrong, between good and evil, between reasonable things and things that we need to eliminate because they are evil,  which, through sophisticated and clever ways, have fascinated us and we do not have the vaguest notion of wrongdoings committed throughout our whole lives.

In the moments we are touched, we must be determined to follow Him; let us take a look at the Cross of Jesus so that we know that human life is a cross, which each one of us must bear. When we carry it and we understand that, we must take it up and accept it – then we know that the meaning of the cross will bring us happiness, and the reward of the cross is to be worthy to enter into the heavenly kingdom; and if we refuse the cross, we dismantle the cross; if we do not believe in the cross and love, then we end up on a path that today is the occasion for our eyes to be opened, the occasion for us to recognize, the occasion for us to see the elimination of the cross, of the Gospel, of believing in God, and of all the good things that we must accept on the roads of your life. As Jesus said: “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” [Matthew 16:24] As Jesus spoke to His disciples, Jesus is speaking to each one of us as well. No one is without his own cross; if we accept the cross that will bring us love, hope, and happiness, then let us accept and carry it; when we agree to carry it, we have all of heaven beside us. First, we know the master of the cross is Jesus, who was the first in humanity, and through the death and the resurrection through that cross, we are able to receive the Holy Spirit in a divine way, yet He is still present and remains with us in each century.

All that is beautiful, all that is good, as we understand the doctrine that God the Father, through Jesus, performed in Him, is so that we embrace and know the great mystery of the Trinity, and at the same time we receive the good things that Jesus brought along to save our humanity. How pitiful for us who are too ignorant, too stubborn, too hardened – who close the door over the years during which our ancestors had stumbled, so that today we remain in that situation, in that stubbornness, in that extreme, and we follow with inherent things, only relying on history books, on the Gospel (12). We must reflect on the fact that God is full of power, He has an abundance of graces for us to walk on a path of happiness and peace. His doctrine is a doctrine to know Him, to believe in Him who is love; these two things alone are key in human life; from there we will believe in Him and love one another; then the world will have happiness, the world will have peace – there will be no more days of disputes, no more days of unrest, no more sinful days, like the days when we absolutely did not believe and we killed our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we kill in a spiritual way, we forsake and are killing our own souls, so we cannot encounter anything and we receive nothing from God who died for us; we do not recognize that vicarious death, we are killing ourselves with the stubbornness, with the hardness, with the realities based on books, based on limited knowledge that do not let the Holy Spirit act and teach us. We did wrong and we keep on doing wrong, so there is no love and absolutely no support, absolutely no peace; not trusting in God with the love and the salvation then how can we continue to exist to enter into a new world, or to enter into the Divine Mercy and the salvation that God has given us?

So those who have not awakened, be vigilant; those who still do not know, be aware before everything will happen to us. What has happened and is happening? The extraordinary and marvelous things, which could not be seen, could not be learned, could not be known, with the words actually said in the moments we pray and bow down to prostrate with the Third Kowtow – then they are full of Spirit and full of words that we can hear to understand what God wants to say today, what the Holy Spirit inspires, what the Holy Spirit enlightens, and what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to in the present century. We embrace and listen in order to understand that on one hand we lift up to God while on the other hand we receive the teachings from Him and things that the Holy Spirit teaches us in response to the words that we lift up to God with the Third Kowtow.

O God the Holy Spirit, I thank God the Holy Spirit for allowing us to understand more and to receive more things that never have happened and come to the world, in the most recent days, with things heard in a most practical way, heard clearly about what is happening in the world today, and what we need to practice. Only God can understand us; only God can understand every role and every class and see the cunning deception of the darkness that uses all ways to conquer: through skillful and sophisticated ways, through words, through knowledge. We fail to act, we continue to be confused, we remain in their snares; so today, what God invites is to be lively as the Holy Spirit is lively, with loving acts, and returning by heart and by actions – to respond to God with what needs to be done; that never was expressed before but today we express to wholeheartedly lift up for God to decide. When we prostrate we no longer have anything that belong to us; God will be the master and God will help us with what needs to be done, what needs to be said, what needs to be practiced, so that we are protected, so that we have the intervention to save us.

We prepare to enter into the day of purification, to prepare for the day of a new world, if we are still present, and we also need to prepare to be worthy to enter through the door of the heavenly kingdom, to come to the holy banquet table to be happy forever and ever, which is also the final door; if we do not belong to Him then we will go into a place that belongs to us, where it is dark, with wailing, gnashing of teeth – things that if today we do not believe in, if we continue obstinately with the rejection, then that place will be a place that we deserve, lured into the snares that we hold onto, as we do not recognize the light, through the words reminded and sent through the Third Kowtow that today the Holy Spirit brings to our human world.

I would like to represent each sinner, each person, so that each person be mature and grow, receive and listen, and choose a path for themselves; this is also a most urgent time – there is no time to prepare for anything else except for us to ask God with heart, with soul, with our sentiments with a kowtow. With the Third Kowtow, we ask God the Holy Spirit to help open the eyes of our human world, open our eyes of faith, open our hearts and open our ears to understand and hear what is most needed. This time is not to rely on worldly things anymore but only on the divine realm that God reserved and gave, because the hour has come and the day, too, is nearly finished, so everything marvelous and extraordinary has come and appeared. We already have God who is an omnipotent God, but if we do not have faith then we cannot see that holiness; if we do not believe in God then we do not know about the help that is provided to us intimately and in the gentlest, most touching way, a way that each individual to ask for the intervention, for the assistance, for the rescue, in the closest way, through the Holy Spirit who is giving and guiding us through the Third Kowtow that we lift up to our God.

O God – we offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and the Blood of Christ. We just received the Body and the Blood of Christ through the Holy Mass that just ended; the Body and Blood of Christ to nourish the body, to nourish the soul, to protect in a divine way – they (13) are present in the earthly world.  This is also the proof that Jesus promised, which He said and realized in His time and which lasted throughout generations and remains up to this day (14). Those are the sacred things that God bestowed and gave us; being a Supreme Being and a God, we cannot understand His deeds – we only know that the gift He gave is His Body and His Blood, which is a connection and a sacredness encountered explicitly in faith, rooted only in the Eucharist of Jesus. It is due to the Presence of the Eucharist that today we can closely receive through sacred things that are presented to us and given to our humanity. This is a divine world that is being made present in order to manifest so that humanity can see so many miracles from the heavenly world; there are so many miracles that today the light of the Eucharist radiates forth for our human world to see. We continue to learn more about things occurring in our world, about things that belong to the heavenly light, which we already heard through the revelations and messages, through the words from Mother, through the words from God (15), through the words from the Holy Spirit, and through each kowtow in which often we are reminded of the light of the Eucharist.

All these things have been explained, in a sacred way, with books, and the Good News and the Church, but also utilized in many past centuries; it is impossible to describe and no words can explain everything related to the Eucharist of Jesus, but today we shall hear, we shall see, and we shall also know, because God has appeared in His Eucharist to prove that He remains with us – that power is coming to reveal for us to see that it is the sacredness in the miracle that we seem unwilling to accept in life. Today, only God can manifest this to humanity, for us not to be confused by the darkness or the devil who can do everything but cannot be the light of the Eucharist, cannot replace the Eucharist, cannot appear through the Eucharist, and has no power whatsoever over the Eucharist. Today let us formally, clearly look at what God wants us to know, especially about the power of God; let us not be afraid of being confused by the devil and everything that he does. True, the ancient times were the times of Moses; God sent Moses to deliver a number of people and to lead them to the Promised Land. Everything that Moses did, the sorcerers and the evil spirits of darkness also did, but today is a world we are able to see; we have also been foretold about the day when God will soon come.

Everything appeared – even things that never have occurred before – have been made present as well.  What God has said has gradually occurred, as written in the history books, so today, we must recognize and accept, because God is still God; no one can do as He does Himself, no one can love us the way He does Himself, no one can keep the promises as He did, and no one has the right to do anything over Him. That is the Eucharist of Jesus Christ our Lord, the Supreme Being who exists, who continues to exist, with His eyes looking down at the earth to protect, to defend, and, at the final hour, to manifest for mankind to know of the His sublimity that He is manifesting and has already manifested; at the same time let us rely on that to prepare for the present days and for the days ahead.

Nothing is a coincidence; throughout countless past centuries, the sky could not pour down huge rainfalls from the skies, in which were hidden the work God was doing to help us in the human world; could it be that those rainfalls were a forewarning, the water being poured to wash away the shadow of darkness that is surrounding us the human world? So (16) the lights from the rainfalls, from the storms, on a beautiful sunny sky, in a dark night, in the break of the light of dawn, then the Eucharist appears, in such a resplendent light, shining with a light incomparable to anything in this world and no other light can be equal to the radiance of that light of the Eucharist. Hidden in that Eucharist are the heavenly saints and at the same time, there is this sublimity with the most spectacular colors that do not even exist in our world.  Even if the scientists today could attain the highest level of being capable of seeing everything in space and in time, they are still only people with limitations.  There are planets we cannot reach and even if we are aware, we do not have the time to find out and understand more about those planets, so how can we possibly comprehend a God who exists and is in the midst of our humanity?

Let us not be stubborn and hard-hearted but let us receive what is a warning from this tiny Eucharist that becomes a fully lit-up Eucharist taking up the whole sky, a sky with the light of the entire Eucharist, and the appearance of the angels and saints, moving in the darkness of the evening sky or moving in a church, where there is absolutely no wind, where there is absolutely no storm, and where everything becomes active. All this sublimity comes from whom and who can do this?  Only God, who helps and who reminds us of that day for which we must be prepared; therefore that is what He gave to us. The light will be an eternal light, and from that light, for us to be integrated, but while we are still in the flesh, how do we integrate with the light of God? This has been emphasized with the Fifth Kowtow and has been stressed – we receive the mark of the Five Holy Wounds that God has imprinted into our souls through salvation; today, God allows us to receive and when we put into practice through our actions, to receive through our returning, to receive by eliminating from our thoughts the evils of sin; then we will surely become the light like the mark He imprinted upon us.  But, if we cover up to prevent that light from shining then we will become the darkness, because we fail to act as He wants and we do not believe in Him, we do not return to Him, we operate in the darkness of sin, we hold onto the things that inherently are the bad habits of our ego and of our personality, of the preferences which with we are killing ourselves today, so how is it possible for that imprint to become the light when we do not return and come to Him?

It is for this reason that the Fifth Kowtow is very important.  We need to continue to listen to the next kowtow because that light is related to the Presence of the Eucharist that Jesus explicitly reminds the human world – since the Eucharist (17) belongs to the divine realm, Jesus is the Person who agrees to use that divine power in order to meet with us, to bestow upon and to give, but it requires our collaboration so that the light from our human aura and the heavenly aura through the Eucharist are integrated and return to the Light when He comes.  Things will happen to the world in the days of purification; if we are in the dark and that light cannot be integrated with the light of the Eucharist, we will be destroyed by the light of the Eucharist where He remains. Let us look at the holy Host hidden through that little halo, which is a manifestation that speaks of the love, of the humility, of the patience, of the nearness, of the intervention and of the love of God who still exists and give to us, but when the time of that decided-upon day arrives for the final conclusion of life and death, between good and evil, then the Eucharist will no longer be a little Eucharist which we have seen but will become a giant Eucharist; the entire sky will become radiant, with a light that our eyes will not be able to gaze upon without the permission of God, to see as if through a veil, or else we would go blind. This is a thing that is foretold for humanity today: the light of the Eucharist will be even brighter than the light of the sun, because God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit will come to the world and purify our entire human world.

Today we are warned through the most important things that we increasingly explore in depth with each passing day, which is the Fourth Kowtow that Mother Mary teaches – for us to come to prostrate, to worship, to honor and to do what needs to be done and must be done in our human lives. That is the Fourth Kowtow, from which we already have a wide and deep understanding of the things that are starting to unfold.  When we kowtow we will experience many mysteries that are manifested in the human world; from there we connect with the divine realm and, combined with our faith, we will be enabled to see great and mighty things that today have been foretold to humanity. With limitations we had seen terror.  With our limitations, we had seen terror, things we cannot believe and we will think it comes from science and technology, but science and technology has no way to make things happen in just a few seconds, and they do not have the sublime mystery in the works that God did and is doing. Let us not allow the clever sophistication of science and technology blind us, making us not to believe, making us to have wrong beliefs.

When we trust what we can only see, we are under the control of the evil spirit. Today we must listen to what is essential.  The necessary things are for us to return with humble sentiments, with a simple heart, and reserve our hearts, our souls, our bodies; we come and talk to God, we come to meet God, we come to prostrate and worship with the littleness of our humble humanity, with our lowly and sinful condition, but where is the worthiness to deserve to stand and talk to God? Is there anything in us that is worthy? So many things today were given by God but we took advantage of what God gave and with our free will we acted in a way contrary to the precepts of God. So, if we want to know more and understand better, let us become like little children as God said: become like little children – then we will be able to meet God.

Today, Mother teaches us about the Fourth Kowtow. Let us come to the Holy Eucharist because God is still present with us, before those days that we have not yet seen – that will come in horrific terror – in the end. Let us look at this as our opportunity to strengthen our faith, to be determined to return and to look forward to this encounter with God, for us to know, to hear the most essential things that people need to hear, to know, to believe, and to practice, in order to understand the meaning of the Fourth Kowtow, which is also spreading this practice to the world. It is not just words but it also with the pictures that we captured through the Eucharist which God manifests through the Eucharist today. What we are seeing today is not the end, but God will manifest to humanity extraordinary things, His incredible greatness in the last remaining days.

We can see the evil spirit that is enveloping us in this short-sighted generation, having the vision of only the things the eye can see but God will not abandon us, He will use things that we will be able to see. Let us completely eliminate all the clever and sophisticated things that the devil is using in the darkness to ensnare us. God loves us. God uses all kinds of ways to lead us out of the darkness and back to the light, but it is essential that we collaborate; we must return, we must accept the gift that Mother already gave, to help us in our lives to work with and act with our God, and then, and only then, will we understand more – it will be clearer, and we will be more aware and we will learn more about the graces and the blessings for us to receive.  We were warned of these days in which we are living in this generation – the riches which are bestowed, the encounters, as well as those that were announced for the days in which we will live through.

I thank the grace of God’s love for us through the Fourth Kowtow, for us to be able to learn more and to discover more about the foretelling words. Through each kowtow, each day we go deeper, as with a book that continues to be written by the Holy Spirit for us to know what needs to be known, what must be known; what needs to happen and will happen in humanity must happen as well – everything will come to a time of conclusion between good and evil. God also wants us to live with days of happiness, of harmony and of peace, and that will be a new world in which He will destroy everything that does not belong to Him; He will destroy the darkness that does harm to us and makes us to fall into decay, that stains our souls and causes us to be tarnished, as we live in the days and the months of burden under the clever and sophisticated snares entering into days that will weigh heavily upon us. God uses all ways in the life of reality, in the life of faith, and in the spiritual life, and in the extremely precious, sublime and sacred revelations of today’s world as well – to help us recognize what belongs to God, what belongs to our physical world, and what belongs to the world of darkness. We have the right to decide to return; we also have the right to decide right now for our souls in the present and for our souls in the future.

I represent all our brothers and sisters around the world, represent each sinner – to thank, to praise, and to glorify God through His Holy Eucharist. The Fourth Kowtow is rich indeed, and is a sacrament left in this time and in this place.  It is a mystery and is also a miracle that even people who do not believe must believe, that even people who do not know will know, and if people still have not yet found out, then the Holy Spirit will help them to find the truth that belongs to a God with power, with mercy, and in a God who brings salvation, a God full of love and also the goodness that the children will finally believe in and will return. God respects our right to decide, but if the decision is to continue to live like those previously misled, like our fathers; and to continue with days of obstinacy, of hardness; and to continue with days of the doors to our hearts being closed, of being extreme in our way – then that will be something we will have to answer for to God, through the justice that we are heard about today, through the Fourth Kowtow.

I offer endless thanksgivings, glorifications and praises to our God; I lift up all of my brothers and sisters, I lift up our world, I lift up the people who believed and who are practicing, the people who still do not yet believe and still do not yet know.  I also lift them up to God with His Holy Eucharist, for us to understand from now on what the meaning of the prostration is, and when we come to the Eucharist, when we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, may we grow stronger to be more steadfast, may we be protected when we understand the meaning, and when together we return in the prostration, and when together we worship our God through the Fourth Kowtow that we  are taught by Mother Mary – to help us know and understand more clearly every day why we must prostrate and why we must practice this, because this is a divine gift that God the Father bestowed upon the human world through Mother.

So those of us who hear, who believe and practice, will soon learn more, will soon experience more, and can prepare earlier and strengthen our own faith.  In every role and in every class, let us remove the stubbornness, let us remove our pride, let us remove all those things that we see in our shallow and short-sighted vision of our human eyes. Let us have a broader and deeper consideration to those things that pertain to God, let us come and prostate with a repentant heart in order to transform our lives.  God will help in all things and grant us the grace for us also to receive the Divine Mercy with the changes from the living water to sanctify and transform us – to be worthier, to be the children that God saved and is saving, and He will save whoever cooperates, accepts, practices, and trusts in His Divine Mercy. Amen.

O God, we offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus. God used the Cross to redeem the human race; God used the Cross as a dear friend in order to accomplish the passion; and God also used the Cross to attain glory and triumph through His death. That victory is brought to us today; we have the freedom to either accept or reject it, we have the freedom to recognize the works that God accomplished – only His Blood was worthy for our souls to be redeemed.  All the things we can fully comprehend are things that God had done. In the divine realm, these are even greater and more glorious.  It is due to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus that today we officially become the children of God the Father.  At the same time, all the saints of the earthly world are now present in the heavenly kingdom as well.  In their earthly pilgrimages they fully conquered all their sins and in all things were completely faithful; they persevered until the last moment and in the end they were able to understand that it was the Cross that brought them their joy and happiness and is the grace for them to be rewarded in heaven.

So the Cross is not just in the present; the Cross existed ever since the day Jesus was the first Person lying on the Cross – that Cross was a history in the doctrine and the truth. For average and commonplace people like us to become saints in heaven: that we can; this is something that was fulfilled with people in the past centuries, and indeed today.  Truly, it is not too difficult, except in cases when we reject and we do not accept, because the doctrine of God will help us with a just life, and the truth will make sure we will never be lost and be bad. Probably because we live in a modern and free world, free to make decisions according to humans and free to yield in pursuit of our weak flesh while at the same being lazy, we are slothful regarding senseless and irrational decisions; therefore, we allow our actions to be contrary to morals and we make mistakes, increasingly each day in our offenses towards God.

O God, no one is the blasphemer and knows how to blaspheme if not for that snake in the past, that was the serpent over 2,000 years ago that lured our Eve into sinning and was tricked by it. Today that snake is the spirit of evil, the devil, which causes our human race to endure countless sufferings; it does not die, it continues to live on, seeking out every single soul. It entered into the human world from the first disobedience to God, and today we must pay this price. God has a way to help us but because things happen according to a predestined law, God uses the way of God, in the hope that we follow and that we understand the doctrine and the truth, for us to become like those saints in heaven. But if we do not follow the doctrine and the truth, but rather follow the easy ways from the freedom in the world where evil is ruling, then we belong to it and we wind up living in those situations that we see today – we fall into danger due to sins but we do not recognize sins; we continue to harbor sins, we continue to practice sins, we hide our sins, and at the same time we stubbornly remain in sin. We reject the salvation that comes from God, we reject the goodness that comes from God, and we reject all things which come from God; how did we live and what will we have to do?

Today, we need to open our eyes to see – what needs to happen will happen; since we asked for it ourselves, today that is the response in our lives.  Today, we are facing a life between good and evil and we are standing in the midst of a path where we see that truly there is no peace among mankind. People have become disordered through their lifestyles and their decisions, in their freedom they are free, and naturally people are forced, and they follow false idols. How can false idols have a doctrine; how can false idols have the truth? So we have become crazy, frenetic, bigoted by our way of acting in the present. This is the reason today people still live committing crimes, still continue to oppress and persecute one another, still continue to do things to deliberately kill and wreak havoc and destroy this beautiful world, a world that God created for us, destroying by our own hands nature as it was originally.

So in all things, speak up.  It seems as if creation and creatures in humanity also are speaking up to voice what God reserved for mankind, but we destroyed them and they are also annihilated because of our sins.  Because we let the devil and the darkness rule our souls and bodies, we lost the faculty of reason, we lost the foundation, we lost our freedom and we lost the good things that God reserved and bestowed upon us. We treat one another in the cruelest possible ways, in the most gruesome ways, in the most repulsive ways.  Those are the ways that today’s world receives as the response with no peaceful days and with situations that continue with barbarous and frightening, hidden acts – the sugar-coated words that are polished for external purposes only, the false affections of charity which are nothing but strategies to murder, to destroy, to annihilate people, to commit frightening and horrible acts, so that throughout many centuries we still cannot awake and rise up.

Today, the rich nations, the powerful nations, the nations that appear as coming with aid to help and support others are also using that as a means for them to do vicious and fearful things to destroy others so that help, as well, is a way for them to do whatever they like with malignant, scary things to kill others. Indeed, is there any good if this is exposed for today’s humanity to see that we rely on human laws, that we rely on earthly realities? There are certain things we plan to ensure our safety and in the situations in which we live and work, but as far as what is sacred only God alone can provide and bestow upon us, which is harmony, peace, love and support, for us to lessen the evil and cruel ways in the midst of one another and of the iniquities based on stubbornness, arrogance and inflexibility. All in all, these things have increased and expanded and humanity is being ruled by darkness and evil.

Today, through the Fifth Kowtow, the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus continue to resonate, continue to say to the world that what was accomplished from the Love of God continues to exist and waits for us so that that imprint  does not become enveloped by the darkness) when we listen and we return to Him, because we have our souls and minds to decide between right and wrong, renouncing the iniquities, and the things that we know to where they will lead us if we continue with the days of blindness in the earthly world. So we have the doctrine, we have the truth, we also have the presence of God who still exists, and His word still continues to remind and advise us.  Let us not miss the opportunity; it is time for us to conclude with all that we know, to bring all to a conclusion – with heart, with a simple heart, a heart that truly recognizes the truth, a heart that God wants to meet. It is the heart that seeks Him – to trust Him in order to recognize the mistakes, and to receive the worthiness reminded to us through the Fifth Kowtow, because all things that we still have exist today are for God to have a reason to save us, this reason to meet us; and we have the right to practice. It is the imprint that God exchanged by the Five Holy Wounds for our souls and our hearts.

So, today we have the privilege to lift up to Him with heart, with soul, for God to save us in these urgent situations when we practice, when we return, when we act. We become a new person when we prostrate and worship God through the Six Kowtows, with every detail, with all its meanings; with profound reflection; with endless, immense and boundless things that God revealed to mankind for us to understand the reason why we kowtow, why we practice this and what we can obtain. God does not force us because God is God, whether we kowtow or not, He is still God. Today all the saints and angels still prostrate and bow in the heavenly kingdom.  We are pilgrims on the earth, we are the little people in the world. Because of that which we cannot see and do not know, we need to have faith, we need to believe in God, we need to believe in salvation, we need to believe in Divine Mercy, we need to believe in what God sends and gives us through His Body and Blood, through His words, and today, through the people who bear witness to Him.

There are many things that today God allows the Church to practice with the most essential things, which are to spread the Good News – bearing witness to the love of God, in unity and love – and to lead the lost sheep back, to attend to the wounded sheep.  Though they do not know yet, but let us welcome them home to anoint them and give them a place to rest, and then they will belong entirely to the one flock that God desires, with only one shepherd. But today, people still continue to dispute, denounce one another publicly, still relying on worldly laws, according to the way people view these laws, but they do not practice, do not extend mercy. Everything has gone wrong in laws because people do not know and act deliberately because they do not yet recognize the love of God; people do not yet understand. So we simply know that love will sanctify them – conquering them with love – and will bring more people back to the heavenly kingdom rather than losing many when they still can be saved.

Let us act as Jesus did and let us take His Divine Mercy, let us take the sign of the imprint that God reserves for us through the Five Holy Wounds, and let us speak up and act; let us not just talk to argue and not practice because then nothing will be accomplished and there will be no benefits at all because the people who lived in the past were also people with knowledge, with education – who also followed the laws – but in the end they failed to recognize. They killed Him and lived in confusion, and finally, today, they brought a serious problem for humanity; they were wrong but stubbornly refused.  We know about His resurrection but the immaturity is still there, in the people who are unbelievers and do not know. It is the same even today, so in the final moments God will act and manifest for us to see the power of God, to witness a God who is a Supreme and Sovereign Being. We no longer have the time to reject; we must believe and return, and if we do not believe and return that our decision will decide for our path. God does not punish us but we must be responsible for what we did; we know the difference between evil and good, and when we continue to let our consciences and our hearts not to have peace and happiness then we are already walking on the path we have chosen for ourselves.

God always loves and forgives but God is also very just.  Remember, He loves, but is very just. While we are still in the flesh, while we are still breathing, we have the privilege to make the decision to return; but if we do not listen, if we wait until the last day, God will love and forgive but we must also take responsibility for the things that we failed to listen to and embrace while we still had the opportunity. Remember, God will reward us by the way we practice and the choices we make, the moments that today we receive clearly; God will forgive everything for us to start from the beginning, starting with embracing the door of Divine Mercy that was opened this year, with the Church reminding us.  We receive sanctity through the revelation of the Six Kowtows, and with the practice of the Six Kowtows, God will use this to cleanse our humanity, to strengthen our faith.  We cannot refuse an all-powerful God who manifested to us and forewarned humanity through the light of the Eucharist, to remind each of our souls.

That was the Fifth Kowtow. Today, people must look at the Cross to recognize that each one of us must embrace our own cross; we must accept that cross, accept it, consider it as a gift, as an achievement we earn from the cross which we are carrying and will continue to carry. On the final path, when we meet God through that cross, through accepting the path of carrying that cross, for us to be worthy to be immersed, to receive the love and the Divine Mercy, and the forgiveness of God for us to soon enter and join together at the banquet table with our brothers and sisters, the saints who went before us and who also waited for us to follow them. They are waiting. God is opening the door for us to be able to move forward on the path where we can recognize faith by deed, by action, by our return, with the reminders through the doctrine and the truth that God demonstrated through death. These reminders are brought for the world and for us to know and to understand the meaning of the Five Holy Wounds that became the only seal to be imprinted in our souls and in our hearts, so then through this Kowtow we lift up the offering of our hearts and our souls to our God, by our actions and by our deeds.

O God, I offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Second Person of God, the Mother of mankind, the Mother of the Church, and the Mother of each one of us. Why do we offer all these titles through the Sixth Kowtow, with a reverent heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary? Mother was a Person chosen from humanity and Mother was also a Person created by the hands of God the Father – a plan arranged through the womb of St. Anne – and became a descendant of Adam and Eve. Today, we start with the Sixth Kowtow and we lift up these titles and also their meanings to offer to Mother.  Mother is officially the chosen Person; She is a Mother worthy to have the Second Person of God dwell in Mother’s womb, and the work of salvation came to the world. Everything was completed, everything was efficacious, things were carefully written in the doctrine, and Mother became the Queen of the heavenly kingdom.

Today, the Queen of the heavenly kingdom teaches us what we must do and what we must practice in order to save us in these times of turmoil, to save us in these days of urgency.  We live in iniquity and we have surely reached a level where the world no longer seems to have the light of the Good News, and we no longer believe in a divine and omnipresent God. Because we were misguided and lived with too much freedom, we relied on the clever and sophisticated ways, the way that people look with their human eyes, and as far as those who live a spiritual life, they are a small number today. Where did we go wrong and how did this start and why? Is it because we rely on freedom and the things inherent in us? We want comfort, we want freedom; we do not want to be bound, or to know how to train to become good and to keep away from things as the snares that our ancestors bore the responsibility for when they fell into their traps.

We know all the meanings of each of the Kowtows very clearly, and we learned so much from the divine revelations revealed – to allow us to understand the meaning. For the Sixth Kowtow, if it were not for Mother Mary, then there would be no other person worthy to receive the gift of the Six Kowtows that we embrace today. Why did all this not happen before this time? Why did this not happen in past centuries, but happened in this century? It is because everything God created has a first day so that what He created will also have its final day, for everything will be according to His Will. Mother came into the world, Mother’s life ended, Mother returned (18) to heaven; and today, Mother’s role is Queen of the heavenly kingdom.

Jesus also came 2,000 years ago, and He also returned back to the heavenly kingdom; today, He still remains with us through His Eucharist – then, one day, His Eucharist will also return to Him. Everything came from God; there is a day for things to come and then there will also be a day for things to be gone; there is a day of reunion and then there will be a day everything will be completed. The Alpha and the Omega.  We live in an age with countless centuries that have already passed.  God is God; He created, He established everything He gave us, and everything belongs to Him – but how much have we recognized, with the number of people who know God and follow God? How much did we believe and how much did we understand? Or have we lived contrary to the law, contrary to the doctrine of God, contrary to everything that we do unintentionally or intentionally?

In everything, we only trust human beings while we are still breathing; we reject the righteousness that God reserved and gave to us. He is the Supreme Being who has sovereignty – not only sovereignty in our physical world but sovereignty in the heavenly kingdom as well. He is the King above all kings, Lord above all lords; He is the Living God, He is always beside us, He is present – though He is in the divine realm He is still present with us in every age. He sees everything we do, knows all of our thoughts and all that is in our hearts, as if through a transparent vase.  He sees our souls, our thoughts, our words, our deeds. We have hairs but cannot count them, but God can count each strand of hair on our heads, even on babies, and He also knows each strand of hair that we lose and disposes of in its own time. With what can we differentiate or compare to with the idols we believe in, so that we depart from that doctrine that exists in the world by a God in whom we cannot fail to see the power, the power of God in creating such immeasurable, extraordinary and inconceivable things?

Who is the Person who knows all these things? Who is the perfect Person? Who is the Person who has never committed any sin in the earthly world? Is it Mother Mary?  That is correct; Mother is the Person without any sins in the earthly world. Mother’s Heart is the Immaculate Heart that God the Father has bestowed upon Mother, completely worthy to stand before God; Mother’s pleas will be heard and accepted by God. Mother belongs entirely to God, but Mother is a Person chosen from our human world; so because She was chosen, Mother saw the anxiety of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist.  Mother can see and feel the Holy Will of God the Father in the Heart of Jesus, and can feel the love that God holds for mankind till the final moment. Jesus continues to support and to help.  Jesus does not want to leave because He wants to bring back all of His children, even sinners, whom He hopes will mature and return with a repentant heart. Mother is the Person who represents our humanity in all ways. Mother also has a heart, and looking at the concerns of Jesus, Mother searches for ways to help and to save us, at all costs. Mother’s pleas are accepted by God the Father and accepted by Jesus. This practice is unique and taught by Mother Herself; Mother does not teach us to do things that cannot be done, Mother does not teach us to oppose everything in reality, Mother does not teach something that is above our own strength, Mother only teaches the one thing that she practiced in silence throughout Her whole life. This is something that remains forever in Mother and with Mother; God is the only God whom Blessed Mother worships and belongs to forever.

So, that is what Mother wants for us, who are the children, in these urgent days – we cannot overcome the days of purification; we also cannot endure the spirit of evil, utilizing all manner of cunning strategies to harm us one way or the other; we cannot resist when we are in these weak human bodies. We must ask for the grace of God, we must ask and receive the grace of God, but when we sin how can we receive the grace of God? When our bodies are surrounded by darkness, with immoral acts and offenses, how can we receive the grace of God? There is only one thing for us to do (19); we must bow our heads, we prostrate, we lift up our prayers, beseeching God with the Six Kowtows, then spontaneously we receive from these prostrations a sublime sacredness that is reserved and bestowed in a special way to help people individually. When we bow, we already receive the grace for us to recognize our wrongdoings, to recognize what comes from evil, and we will recognize what comes from holiness with the help from practicing the Six Kowtows.

So this mystery has a relation with the heavenly kingdom that we cannot understand why we do the Six Kowtows, and these Six Kowtows are explained through each Person, which we practice today. There are many things related to this number, practiced in the heavenly kingdom; it is also a number the devil knew about and understood this number, so he used all kinds of clever and sophisticated ways to convince the human world. So who is the Person who knows? Because Mother won this number, Mother won with all the works that Mother had done, from Mother’s soul, body, heart and mind of Mother herself with this number. Today it is still this number but this number explains the details regarding each Person whom we lift up to today.

Mother was sure that if we practice this, then God the Father will definitely save us because this is something especially reserved for the heavenly kingdom and for those who belong to Him. Today, Mother herself has personally revealed and taught us this; regardless of who we are, whether we sit on the highest throne, or are the best people, or are the humble people, lowly ones on the wayside, with total trust that we belong to God for us to prostrate and to worship with the Six Kowtows, at the designated places, the places that we come to – that is, the Eucharist of Jesus – which is where we can best practice the Six Kowtows and the best place for an encounter, a place filled with the most graces The second place is at the tabernacle where we speak to Him, then at the altar, at the Cross, and His Divine Mercy. We also have another place and that is the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of Mother Mary. (20).

This is a clear intercession in the human world, through the Six Kowtows, especially with the Sixth Kowtow, for us to understand why we must offer this special kowtow. This is to thank Mother.  Mother is a Person worthy for us to truly lift up in a special way; we reserve the Sixth Kowtow for a true Queen, and our Mother. God is pleased to accept this and wishes for us to know that the Daughter whom God the Father has chosen to become the Queen of Heaven has entered into the hierarchy of the Supreme Being (21) in the heavenly kingdom. Today, Mother is the Mother all humanity, a Mother worthy to be the Mother of the Second Person of God when He was still in the flesh. Mother also had a role to support the Church right from the start, and Mother still does silently; continuing today, continuing always to protect and intercede for the Church to continue to be steady, to stand firm, to keep going in the midst of the earthly world.

The Church is the gathering point for all the children and the parishioners everywhere who know that there is a Being whom God chose to replace Jesus to manage and to shepherd the flock that is still on earth – the flock of the mother sheep, the flock of the young sheep, the lost ones who still have not returned, the ones who still do not know, who still do not believe, to also have the opportunity to return to be one with the flock, with only one shepherd.

Mother taught us through the Sixth Kowtows so we understand more about Mother’s role. Mother is a silent person, who lived a lifetime in patience, in sacrifice, and in humility and because of this, Mother is perfect in regard to a virtuous life, perfect in regard to a life with the great mysteries that belong to the number that Mother practiced for a lifetime, to become as today, a sublime gift. (22) God bestowed upon Mother many graces and blessings and in turn she grants them to us; so at the final hour, Mother desires that our minds, our bodies, our souls and our hearts belong to God through the practice of the Six Kowtows.  We do not need to do anything with the theory or anything else in this world; we only need to believe and to return with heart, with the practices we do before God, and with determination we will receive grace through the intervention in a special way, and we will mature spiritually. What we need to know, to hear, is coming today from the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit recorded, in the book which continues to be opened through the Holy Eucharist, that we are able to hear through the meanings of the Six Kowtows (23).

We now know why Mother continues to be with us: to help us because God chose Mother and Mother knew that She represents all mankind, so no matter how sinful we are, Mother still uses all kinds of ways to ask God to help us and to save us. Mother already said to those who strengthen with the meanings of the Six Kowtows – hold it back and practice right now to become a habit and to become daily practice. Of course, we must faithfully follow our Church, the Good News and the Gospel. At the same time, we have this gift to strengthen us, to practice when we face an urgent matter, when we encounter certain events in our lives, in the last moments of our lives or during disasters and if we do not have the privilege of receiving the last rites and we cannot receive the most needed sacraments at the end of life, when we face extreme ordeals and we cannot cry out to anyone, or when we are being imprisoned in dark and secret detentions, when all we can do is plead to God in a spiritual way through the Six Kowtows – then God will help us, especially with regard to our soul and God will also help us when we follow His Will while we are still alive.

This is an exceptionally sublime gift for humanity today; let us realize this and put it into practice to help those who fall into arrogance, who fall into situations because we tend to reason according to human ways. Regardless of what we do, simply worshipping God in our hearts, or just working in the house, or just doing things habitually, God allows people to live a life of honor and a life professing – by actions, by words, with feelings from deep within the soul, and outwardly, to show reverence by lifting the Six Kowtows up to God. This is a reminder to help us to repent with contrite hearts and return, to help us to be humble, to help us embrace a divine gift which belongs to the heavenly kingdom and is granted to us through Mother Mary. Mother offers it to humanity to save those who go astray – all those who live in darkness – to save all of Mother’s children, regardless of whether they are holy people or sinners, for them to be able to return and to respond to the Divine Mercy of God. By this practice, we will be saved in a special way on our deathbed; we will be saved in a special way while we are still alive on earth, or encountering disasters, tribulations and dangers; even those who suffer from diseases will also be saved in a special way through the works that we are practice.

Those are things we do not see but the angels and the saints still continue to support and help us; those are the rays of light that appeared and foretold what we received today in this century, in today’s century, through Mother who reveals the Six Kowtows that we practice.  We represent so many people – the people who still do not believe, the people who still do not know, the people in purgatory, the people who are immature, the people who live in sins, and also there are the people who are on the way back and represent each sinner to ask for God’s acceptance and clemency. Because of us, because of the people who quietly practice, because of the unity, Mother will intervene and help those who still have the opportunity to return to the light, the opportunity to meet God, the opportunity to receive the Divine Mercy and His forgiveness, to not be subject to everything that is happening in this time period. If we continue trusting human laws and rely only on what we can see, we are living wrongly.

In our lives, we are in a situation where we allow our knowledge, our positions, and self-interests dominate but we fail to take action. All that God desires is to see our heart, our soul, and our mind return, for Him to accept, to give and intervene for us. In everything, it is Mother’s great desire for us to not be subject to the human way of thinking, of arrogance, of pride, of comparisons, because these are the urgent days that are upon us and in which we must urgently practice to return to God. God wants to see the heart, God wants to see the return, God wants to see the soul, so let us practice first for God to bless us, then through the grace of God, we see and know the meaning of the days in which we have the opportunity to receive the gift Mother gave us – to help and to teach us to belong to our God.

O our beloved Mother Mary – we cannot live without Mother in life; if without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, if without the presence and the help of Mother to help us, then we do not know and there is no way for us to be able to speak, there is no way for us to be able to explain, there is no way for us to be logical in what we did and do. Today we are just little people working in a mission in which God has given us the opportunity to become tiny instruments through these past years. Today we continue with what God intended and gave to humanity in general and in particular to us, for us to continue to bear witness, to continue to proclaim, to continue to be the pioneers with our works, with our actions. Mother, please help our brothers and sisters to hear, to know more, for them to unite with us to bear witness; please help those who still do not believe, who have feelings of rejection, who are rejected and those who have rejected us often as well.

Regarding all these works, we know for certain that every time we pray, we no longer are in control of ourselves, but are the works realized by God to lead people back to Him, to lead people close to God, to lead people to meet God, to lead people through the intervention and the support of a Supreme Being, to guide us and to lead us so that we know that our lives are no longer with days of freedom for us to do things our own ways, through the eyes, through the earthly realities, bringing loss of peace, bringing to us lack of unity, bringing internal as well as external disturbances. It is also a time in which we can see that if without unity, without a humble life, if without a heart to recognize – by action, by love, by charity and sacrifices, by the things that we believe in God with a soul, with a heart, in order to return and belong to Him with a conviction in faith – then it does not belong to God.

If we continue to argue and dispute with one another and continue to make the world more chaotic, then that is the open door from which we allow the devil to take advantage of us and also of His flock, what belongs to Him, or belongs to a world, that is also part of the flock but are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Those are also sheep but they do not listen at all and they follow their own ways, so they will fall into the abyss and will fall into the clever and sophisticated ways of this era; they will not return to receive intervention, help, and they will not return to be sheltered under Mother’s mantle, to lead us to come to meet God, to ask God to rescue us, to ask God to intervene, to ask God to save us, and to ask God to help us in the remaining days of the end of the century. Many unpredictable events will occur, flooding, countless things before entering in the day of purification will come; we will be overwhelmed by many tribulations and burdened with misfortunes and miseries, between good and evil. Please help each person to be strong to return, to rise up and to understand the meaning of what is brought and to be proclaimed and spread to the world today.

That is the Sixth Kowtow with which today we ask Mother to continue to support us, to lead us; to continue to support our human world so that we will forever belong to God, belong to Mother – to always have Mother’s assistance and support, so that we do not fall into the snares of the devil, the snares that bind us in greed, ambition, lust, money, fame and so many things that we have completely succumbed to. All roles, all classes have fallen into this situation, with a figure too huge in today’s humanity.  Please help us and lead us back with the Six Kowtows that Mother reserved for us, and help us so that everyone can recognize and unite, for Mother is the Person who helps us to hold the flag of victory in the remaining days, through the protection of Mother’s mantle, so that we enter into a world of peace, a new world, a world that no longer has days of sufferings; days of death, fighting, jealousy; and no longer has days of being dominated by the devil, whom today we are encountering (24).

Through the Six Kowtows, we also thank God’s love, which is such happiness for us. We also have a saint we cannot forget; that is Saint Joseph – he always supports and intercedes to God for us. Even the Church chose Him as a patron. Each of our families need to reflect upon the example of Saint Joseph – to ask him his help through His intercession, for us to be righteous, to become the people who are prepared and who are welcomed into a new world. We ask the saints to intercede for us to become people who have integrity, who are responsible; to become people who are as brave and courageous and strong as Saint Joseph, worthy before God.

We also thank the three archangels and Saint Michael (25), who continues to protect and help us; we ask him to continue to protect our world. We ask that for the protection of St. Michael for those who return, those who are on the way back, and those who are weak and cannot overcome evil and its snares; to lead spiritually immature people back, to lead many people who want to return but do not yet have the opportunity – please support and bring those brothers, those children, back to God. I would like to continue to thank our guardian angels, the saints and the angels in the heavenly kingdom – to ask them to please support us by prayers, to help us, and to always intercede to God for our world. Please help us to always be strong, to overcome the attacks, to overcome the attachments of the ego and personality in the world, to overcome everything that leads us to sins, that feeds sins, and causes us to sin. Please help us to overcome greed, selfishness and lust, help us especially to have a heart to love God and to choose God as the saints did; to accept the cross, to accept the challenges in life, to walk on and follow the path, to follow the saints so that one day we can also return to God in the heavenly kingdom.

We would like to thank especially the guardian angels; please continue to support us – we are very weak.  Without your support we will easily fall into the abyss of sin and darkness. Please, we ask the guardian angels protect us, intercede for us; please support us when we fall, for us to stand up and return to God, to trust and entrust totally in His Divine Mercy. Though we are not worthy to receive the Divine Mercy of God, but the Divine Mercy is the only hope, and the last grace of our century; we can only rely on are the Divine Mercy, God’s love, and only rely on the help from Mother through the Six Kowtows, for us to collaborate, to be worthy of the intervention that God reserves for us in the world and this century to soon receive the intervention. Having Mother, with Mother, certainly we will soon have happiness, we will soon have peace, and everyone will soon be living a thriving and happy life, which is from God who is the Shepherd.

For God is the Sovereign One; God is a benevolent Father. God remains with us, and that day is the day that certainly everyone – from heaven, from the earthly world, from purgatory, whom today we offer the Six Kowtows on their behalf – all together we prostrate and worship a unique God whom we adore. He is a God who is worthy for us to worship and forever worship; a God who is the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the only Supreme Being.  Three Persons in one God, yet only one Trinity, the three Persons whom today we clearly embrace through the Six Kowtows, revealed to today’s world for everyone to receive, to hear, to practice, to help us with what is most essential in our present lives. Let us not be afraid and let us not doubt, let us use this practice and come to the Eucharist; then everything that God promises, God will bestow and will let us know what is true, what belongs to God, what are the days in which we need to unite to receive the protection and intervention from our beloved Mother Mary – to be sheltered by Her mantle, waiting for the day when we face will God, on the day of purification, when everyone will have to stand in judgment before the court of God. If it is God’s Will, we will enter into a new world, and if we are no longer in the world then let us return to God, return to heaven, and forever be at the holy banquet table where God is waiting for us, and that chair belongs to us in the heavenly kingdom.

I conclude this message on the Six Kowtows this morning at St. Lawrence Church, before the Cross, the altar, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Mother holding Jesus, next to the holy statues of St. Lawrence and St. Joseph, and also a picture of the Divine Mercy. Today was a most clear union when we kowtowed at St. Lawrence Church this afternoon. We completed the Six Kowtows at exactly 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, April 22, 2016. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I thank God, thank God the Holy Spirit, and thank Mother as well as all the saints and the angels who are present in the divine realm with us. With the completion of the Six Kowtows and on behalf of the whole of humanity, I thank, praise, and glorify our God. Amen. Amen. Amen.


*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of


  1. Practice the Six Kowtows; see “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014.
  2. This is a mysterious sentence, but the following may help to explain. Jesus is one Divine Person with two perfect natures: one divine and one human. It is somewhat mysterious as to exactly how He was fully man and fully God at the same time. It seems there was something unique about Jesus’ divinity, though, when He was in the flesh on earth, which may have to do with Him accommodating to being truly human (having limitations and even being somewhat dependent – for example, after His Conception). This seeming difference is attested to numerous times in Scripture (Philippians 2:6-8, John 14:28, John 1:18, 1 John 4:12, Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34, and Luke 2:52). Also, as regards this sentence in this message, it is also true that the Trinity is always united, so, although each Person is distinct, there is a unity and intimacy that also is hard for us to understand (see John 10:30 and 19:4-11); so Jesus having the Father’s Heart makes sense.
  3. “God is love” (1 John 4:8) itself and the source of all love. Our love for Him and others and that which we receive from others is a participation in that love. (See Matthew 22:30.)
  4. That is, take over the world; but see John 12:31, 14:30 and 2 Corinthians 4:4 – Jesus always wins in the end. Even with the entire Book of Revelation, Jesus conquers all in the end. It is essential that we keep this truth in mind during these preliminary times when the devil is raging.
  5. This may refer to Church documents or writing of Fathers, Doctors and Saints of the Church. It may also refer to parts of the New Testament outside of the four Gospels.
  6. The messages L. has and is receiving and the miraculous images L. has and is able to capture by camera-phone
  7. The Holy Spirit is no longer utilizing sacred authors as in the Bible; He is speaking about the end times (already referred to in apocalyptic literature in the Bible) through messengers.
  8. In one of the last verses of the Bible, Jesus says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” (Revelation 22:13). We are entering into the very last stages of salvation history, but many tribulations and the long Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima will precede the Second Coming.
  9. This last situation, of course, refers only to those who choose hell by their actions. (See Matthew 3:12, 8:12, 13:42, 13:50, 22:13, 25:30 and Luke 13:28.)
  10. At this moment, we are still in the period of the “Alpha”; that is, there is still hope, and the opportunity to obtain mercy and forgiveness. This will end very soon.
  11. This seems to refer to a bomb attack a day earlier in Turkey that killed at least 22 and wounded 94.
  12. The meaning of this becomes clearer later in this paragraph, but it is saying that knowing the Gospel, the Bible (and perhaps other books such as even the Catechism) is not enough. Knowledge of the Faith and even basic practice of it is essential, but if one limits one’s spiritual life to this and does not have a deep, personal relationship with God and is closed to the Holy Spirit’s action, then that is erroneous, possibly even pharisaical. (See Luke 10:42, Mark 10:17-22 and Matthew 19:16-22.) St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross wrote against complacency and superficiality among the faithful, insisting that we must live a radical Christian life. Simply put, self-satisfaction has no place in the life of a believer.
  13. “They” refers to the Body and Blood of Jesus.
  14. “lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age” (the last words in Matthew’s Gospel) refers to the Eucharist.
  15. In the messages to L., the word “God” often refers only to Jesus. Of the Trinity, He has probably given the most messages, which focus on the Eucharist; even in just speaking of the Eucharist L. will say “God.” It is really just an affirmation of who Jesus is, who the Eucharist is.
  16. This sentence and the next describe a vision L. saw; some similar ones, captured on L.’s phone, are on the website, though new ones are constantly being uploaded to replace older ones.
  17. It is true that the Eucharist belongs to the divine realm because the Eucharist is the Divine Person of Jesus in His glorified Body (as St. Peter Julian Eymard taught); if it was not His glorified Body, the Eucharist could not be in so many places at the same time. The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus as well as His Soul and Divinity.
  18. Blessed Mother was assumed into heaven. She was fully human and did not come from heaven, so “returned” could be just an expression or manner or speaking. Also, as one learns in The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda, for example, Blessed Mother’s earthly life was replete with miracles, so since saints and messengers have been to heaven, it would not be surprising at all if She went there during Her life. (This book, by the way, was recommended to the faithful by heaven in a message to L.)
  19. The Six Kowtows are not revealed as a substitution for sacramental confession. They are a most powerful means of initial to daily repentance and conversion. At the same time, since these messages are not just for Catholics, but are directed to humanity as a whole, so profoundly in need of repentance and conversion, the Six Kowtows serve a unique role (the world is not Catholic and if it was there would not be nearly enough priests to satisfy the present needs of humanity for the sacrament). It is also important to note that God “is not bound by His sacraments” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1257); He can and does act outside of them if necessary. Regarding events, no dates are known, but all of humanity is being called to repent now, before it is too late; it is not the end of the world, but the terrible events of the Book of Revelation have already started (see Mark 13:7-8 and Matthew 24:6-8).
  20. That is, before a crucifix (“Cross” is used by heaven and L. in these messages), a Divine Mercy image, or an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus or the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  21. “Hierarchy” here simply means that Blessed Mother is part of the hierarchy of heaven. God alone, of course, is above this hierarchy.
  22. It is not clear what this means. In The Mystical City of God, it is revealed that Blessed Mother prostrated Herself a lot, so maybe the Six Kowtows naturally flows in some way from this original practice. Hers would have probably been a classic prostration. It’s speculation, but maybe She did six prostrations at a time. Somehow the number “6” fits in with Her earthly life as well.
  23. These messages constitute a book that is being written through these messages revealed to L. during the practice of the Six Kowtows.
  24. This is the Era of Peace, the period of roughly “a thousand years” promised by Our Lady of Fatima. It will follow the terrible events in the Book of Revelation and will end before the Second Coming, when Satan is defeated for good after being loosed again at the very end of the world (see Revelation 20).
  25. There are actually seven archangels. L. is a very simple person and God is speaking through her, an imperfect instrument.


New Revelations through the Eucharist

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