The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist
The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Mother Herself is the Author of the Six Kowtows



June 5, 2016

(This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through Lucia when doing the Six Kowtows).

L.: O God, it is 12:20 a.m. on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at the Benedictine Order (1), in front of the altar, the Holy Eucharist, and the Cross; we have the opportunity to be together – all the brothers and sisters present here – to attend the “Feast of the Holy Eucharist” (2). In the last two days, through yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to sit here to contemplate, to meditate, to thank the love from God who gives us the moments that are really peaceful, happy; by God’s side and in God. There is nothing more to be said; each day is a grace God reserves and gives to each one of us, to each of our hearts, to the entire world, but rarely do we spend time to experience, to meditate, with the time God reserves and gives us. Today, we have nothing to offer to God – only little hearts, and what is possible in us, which is the prostration, the worship, the praise, the reverence, with our hearts, our souls, our bodies, and our minds – to offer to God.

The First Kowtow I offer to God the Father. The first word – I worship the God who creates, our God, the Supreme Being rich in mercy, the God with sovereignty over humanity, the God full of power, who always loves us patiently, who loves us boundlessly, for us to be present here today, and everything that comes to us is not beyond God’s arrangement for each one of us. O God, throughout countless years, we never had the courage to do what was from within us – to lift up to God the words or the experiences in our thinking. God gave us so much in life, but we rarely have the moments really reserved for God, from our hearts, to personally speak to God the Father. Indeed, rarely in life, but since the day the Six Kowtows appeared, since the day we knew, were taught to lift up the Six Kowtows, then clearly, in each kowtow, we present and offer to God the things we dare to say, to ask, and to admit.

O God, we are not worthy to be loved by God, to be accepted by God; God loves us because we are the creatures God created with love; because of love, we were born into this world. But we are limited in our understanding; we end up with our own ideas – free to choose, free to believe, and free to follow our own wishes more than we follow the doctrine and the truth. Today, in everything that happens to us – personally, to the family, to the community – the decisions we make on our own are nothing good; indeed, they are always imperfect. We always lack real peace in our lives when we make the decisions ourselves, whether small or big. Only God’s Love helps us know God, believe in God, recognize God, and our lives seem to have something for us to entrust, with no more worry, no more sorrow, and no more fear, when we recognize God is the tender Father, who loves, who forgives, and is rich in mercy.

Today, we dare come to lift up to God the Father: O Father, throughout countless years, we never know what to say when we bow (3) to Father; when we say we kowtow to Father, we probably say it on our lips but we do not yet experience it with the heart, the soul, the work, the action, the liveliness, as we presently do. This is not something we do automatically, but we are urged on in a very obvious way, throughout the months we have the opportunity to encounter the Holy Eucharist, to recognize the Presence of Jesus. Today, the Six Kowtows come to the world; though these are only the starting days, the silent days, indeed, we already embrace the closeness that comes to us, and recognize that God is really in our lives. Though there are imperfections, realities not fully understood, we only know that when we prostrate, when we bow our heads to worship, then our souls, our hearts, see something, like a cover, very clear, and that enables us to boldly say to God: “O God, we worship God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Creator who created each one of us, the Supreme Being who loved us and created us from His Love.” So, throughout countless generations, no matter what happened, today, the little descendants like us remain, to kneel in front of the Eucharist of God; like the love of God the Father, in Jesus, present in this world, for us to pray to, for us to offer to Him what we have.

O God – we lift up to God, with our imperfections; we ask for God’s forgiveness, for the daily unintentional and deliberate mistakes in life. God, please allow us to represent all our brothers and sisters around the world, the people who do not yet believe, the people who do not yet know, the people who never recognized God, and each sinner who still has not returned, who is still far away, and who is still afraid. God already reserves His Love for us; today are the moments we no longer fear what happen to us, knowing that only God can resolve and give to us – from the soul to the body. With faith, we will see that everything is very close; even with the tribulations, even with the diseases, yet with the arrangement regarding everything, and firm in our faith, then that has already given us peace. Today, we bow our heads to worship, to praise our God; we thank Him for countless works done, and for countless graces He pours down and continues to give us each day, each minute, each second in life. May we grow in God’s Love, mature, and recognize, for us to live with meaning in this life; we are not that learned, we do not really know much in this life, but we are able to come into this world from God’s Love; God gives us the doctrine for us to live in the truth, in the doctrine, but we still have not been able to do this yet – though we strive, we still have not been able to do it yet.

Today, no matter what, we know for sure that God loves us. God waits for our return, with a simple and humble heart, to say to God that even though there still are countless unworthy and imperfect realities, we believe God’s Love will help us, teach us, allow us to experience, for us to learn and start to grow, to be worthy to be the children God loved, and today, He has come to us in a very intimate way through the Divine Mercy. We rely on the Divine Mercy for us to be cleansed and purified, for our lives to be transformed in the love we lift up to Him, and there are many more gifts God gives us. Today, we only know that in the days we are here, we see more, we hear more, and we experience more; indeed, it is immense – the program God arranges with the Church of God, through the clergy, whose preaching is very good, but indeed, we cannot remember much. O God, we just know that with our little hearts, with the daily imperfections in life, we rarely say thanks to God. Today, we only know to lift up what we can, which is a heart in prostration, in reverence, to worship the God whom we adore; we proclaim this by our works, by our actions. God, please help us each day to become whole, holy, and more virtuous in our God. Amen.

O God – I offer to God the Second Kowtow, I offer to our Lamb of God, the Supreme Being who died for us so that we may live today; who is Jesus Christ, our God. He came into this world and accepted death, for us to have days of happiness and peace – by accepting death, God obtained the eternal, glorious triumph in heaven; as for us, with history, we cannot deny the love with which God entered into the Passion. God agreed to carry the Cross; because of love, God endured the nails, the scourging, the crown of thorns, for our sins. God entered into history to remind us to eliminate all that is unrighteous in sins, with sins, for us to be worthy to receive the salvation that Jesus reserves for us, and the love of God the Father in Him, with Him, to bring to the world, to rescue us, to save us from the darkness and the danger of sin and death.

O Jesus – what can we say to thank Him, what more can we do to repay for everything that He reserves for us? Indeed, even if we do or we realize anything else, we still cannot return the grace, the love God reserves for us. For the years with imperfection, with unworthiness, God, please forgive us, forgive the days we are indifferent, stubborn, cold; we do not experience anything, though we know, though we hear, though the condition of each person is Christian (4) – we simply live a life according to our habits throughout the years in a family life. We do not feel anything, though we hear a lot; and though we recognize the doctrine – indeed, to be touched in the heart is very rare in our lives.

O God, today, starting with the day we have the opportunity to come to the Holy Eucharist, and originating from the Holy Eucharist, there have been so many wonders that came to us through the Divine Presence, for us to believe. Today, we believe God loves us; we believe the Second Person of God died for humanity so that today we can live in comfort, in happiness, and in peace. There are so many aspects that still everything cannot be said, through the priests, who preached a lot with depth, with breadth; there are so many more acts He did and left to the world, with love. We can feel, from the priests, who learned through the classes of theology, to clearly understand, to deeply understand, to broadly understand, in order to teach us; that is the Church, through them. When we have the opportunity to come here, indeed, we do not know anything, and we are not worthy, but at least we listen, we learn, and we are striving harder.

O Jesus, we only know to offer our simple little hearts, we only know that we are unworthy, with nothing in return; we did not reserve any time for God our whole lives, with the heart, to speak to God, and to be brave, for what we violated and we are violating. Today, there is nothing we can hide; God sees everything, God knows everything – we only know that we are truly unworthy, and we lift up all of our unworthiness, all of our imperfections. We just know that the hour has come – that besides God, there is no one else who can bring us happiness, and we have no other place of support besides God. We just know that in today’s world, from the family to the community to society, even in the works with all the brothers and sisters, there are conflicts regarding unity; if there is no love from God, we live with much suffering – we always encounter challenges such as jealousy, envy, all aspects in a life of greed, selfishness, lust, ambition. That is something inherent in the personal life of each person, but when we know, we hear, and we feel the love of God teaching us to live and to realize, then step by step, we are able to learn.

Today, we lift up everything to God; God, please come to us, please teach us, and please help us. We believe God is present in our midst; God is listening to us speaking, God is listening to the prayers and the beseeching, in an urgent way, in general for us and for the world, and for each nation as well as each society. There have been many issues; we are living in immorality, we are living with countless deceits, we live relying only on self-gain, on money, and we are greedy and selfish. We do not think of the day God came into the world to bring us the doctrine; He brought the truth to teach us, and the seal of love was imprinted on the Cross to give us a path, to guide us, for us to recognize everything that God did for us, so that we are free and able to choose as in this day.

O Jesus – we thank God; God came, and God allowed us to feel God’s Love. Today, we can feel it more deeply, though it is only the beginning, starting from the day we are able to bow our heads, to prostrate, and to worship our God, we can feel many things from our hearts. We still cannot understand the profound love that God reserves for us, but when we bow our heads, when we prostrate, then we fully belong to God, we believe in God, we entrust in God; we entrust our lives, our works, our experiences, in God’s Love. God, please come to sanctify us, to transform us, to guide us, and to help us, for us to mature more, to grow more, and to live meaningfully; for us to learn of works that need to be done, with many more blessings that God reserved and gave us abundantly. Today, we represent each sinner, each of our brothers and sisters, the people who still do not know, believe, the brothers and sisters who are on the way back, to lift up to God, to ask God to let them experience God’s Love and to speak to God. Through each kowtow we lift up, we lift them up to God with what we feel inside; let us live a simple life and learn to be humble to ask God to accept, to forgive, and to help us – for us to recognize that in our lives, we waste a lot of time. We do not need to do anything; we just know that we were born out of God’s Love; we receive redemption from Jesus to help us on the path of the truth and justice. We do not know what righteousness is and what the truth is so let us bow down and prostrate to ask for the Holy Spirit to come and help us, to enlighten us, for us to recognize what path we need to take and must take.  That is the Second Kowtow we offer to Jesus who is our God. Amen.

We offer the Third Kowtow to the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God, the Giver of Life, and the God of Love (5). With the Third Kowtow, we ask the Holy Spirit to kindle the flame of love that we used to have; right from the moment we received the Sacrament of Baptism, the Holy Spirit Himself was in our souls, deep in each of our hearts, teaching us the truth, the doctrine, righteous things; but countless times in life, we probably hear but we do not do, we refuse to do, we follow our ego and personality, our own preferences of our personal right, which is the priority in our lives. O Holy Spirit, regardless of how we are, today with the Third Kowtow, please kindle Your flame in us, for each soul and each heart to recognize the love that God reserves and that remains with us. Please help us receive the Seven Graces inherent in the Holy Spirit for us to have a supporting point in life – that is the daily practice to understand how to love God, how to have what belongs to God, and how to love our brothers. It is easy for us to hear, to say, but to act is indeed difficult; to love God is very easy, but indeed, to love others is too difficult; so for countless times, regardless, we do not need to hide it, we do not need to cover it up – we just say to Him that we cannot do it yet, though we strive; we hear, we understand, but we cannot do it yet.

O Holy Spirit, please help us because the doctrine is summarized in two sentences – to love God with all our hearts, our strength, our minds; and to love our neighbors. We can love God, but certainly we cannot love our brothers yet; God, please help us so that with this Third Kowtow, the flame is lit in us for us to learn how to love our brothers, how to unite in God’s Love, how this world can have peace. Because we cannot do it yet and we do not do it, so today, there is no peace in the world; humanity is divided, fully relying on personal power, lacking love and unity, so today, that is a problem for society in general, and in particular for each family and each individual.

Today, the Third Kowtow is very important; we need to ask the Holy Spirit to help us a lot, for us to be more aware, to understand a life of interaction with the brothers and a life together in unity; we work but there are many points we disagree on; we doubt, and because of those realities we still cannot have unity in a clear way. God, please help us love each other, to remove our own preferences, to deny ourselves so that we can get along with all the brothers and sisters in work, in thought, and at the places where we have the chance to serve, for us to serve our God and also our brothers, with joy, with the truth, with the heart, with the sincere heart that God wants to see in us.

O God the Holy Spirit, today we offer to God everything of the past days. We long to come here; with the brothers, we long to leave everything behind to come here to attend the “Feast of the Eucharist,” on the day that many brothers leave behind all their daily work in life to gather here, to spend the whole time fully for God, for us to have the moments close to God, to have the moments to listen to the preaching to learn more about what God gives, through the priests teaching us. Indeed, we hear a lot but we probably do not remember much; may the Holy Spirit help us so that through the preaching that we hear, we may be touched; help us to remember, help us to practice, and help us to have the opportunity to understand the meaning when we have the Holy Spirit – to ask for wisdom in our works, and for understanding in the works we do together, in life, in the family, in the community, in service. There still are many more things; God, please help and lead us for us to live lives full of meaning, because we believe that He is the light, He is the truth, He is the love, He is the truth and the doctrine. Please lead us; help us each day to become more worthy to be the children of God, to be the people who listen, and who have the mind to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, between aspects that we need and aspects that we must remove from our own personal demands – to apply in our family life, in our brothers’ lives, in the community as well as in the group, when we have the occasion to be together; for us to recognize the sacrifice, to deny ourselves, to unite in love, for us to continue to glorify God, to honor God, in work, in speech, and in the action of a life of testimony and pioneering, with the silent days, and starting today, to go to the places where we have the opportunity to lift up to God.

That is the Third Kowtow we offer to the Holy Spirit; please accept, please forgive, and please continue to guide us, teach us, enlighten us, urge us, work in us, and lead us, for us to recognize the life in which we are indeed happy to be the children of God; to worship the only God, full of power, full of love, and rich in mercy. Help us when we are lifted toward holy things, when we yearn, when we believe, and when we come to the Holy Spirit, with heart, with mind, with body and soul, and with all our hearts, lifted up to the Holy Spirit with the prostration. May we represent all the brothers and sisters everywhere, to ask for the flame to be kindled, so that others, along with us, recognize and reserve for our God the private moments for an encounter through the prostration.  Give us the opportunity to experience this, for us to have the opportunity to speak to God the Father, and to speak to Jesus, to thank Jesus for saving us. We thank the Holy Spirit, who is still in our midst, and today, He helps us to kindle the flame; that is the Third Kowtow we offer to beseech the Holy Spirit to help us in wisdom, to help us differentiate everything essential in life, because it is only with Him that we have joy, only with Him that life is meaningful, only with Him that we have peace and happiness in life. Amen.

O Eucharistic Jesus – I thank Jesus. The Fourth Kowtow I offer to the Eucharistic Jesus. Today, why are we certain? It is because we know that the Eucharist of God is God. Over 2,000 years ago, God came to us in the flesh, God brought His doctrine, God brought the miracle to heal people at that time; today, He is still here and still exists. On the evening of the Last Supper, God established the Holy Eucharist, and from that moment on, the Eucharist embodies Jesus in the human world. Today the Eucharist is Jesus – not in the flesh, but certainly Present in a divine way, in our midst; only this point is a unique, sacred point to encounter the heavenly kingdom, to encounter the miracle, and to encounter the extraordinary and wonderful acts that God did and is doing for each one of us, in His grace, for us to no longer be able to deny the works that God does. Because the love He uses is God’s supreme way to give to the human world, this is also a unique way to have an encounter with what is divine yet close to us, for us to have the days we seek to meet Him, to come to Him. Whoever comes to Him does not return empty-handed; the only thing needed is whether our faith is enough or not, and we just need to recognize the Real Presence – God is looking at us; God is listening to us and our hearts, coming to God, to meet what God gives that comes to us like a vivid voice reminding.

God, through the Host, is not just a white Host without feelings and with nothing, as from human thinking and inference; no, He comes to us by words, He comes to us with the real liveliness in the era that He reserves for humanity. There we come; we quiet our souls, and we lift up to God everything in our lives – the problems, the challenges. There is no one else who can understand us as the Eucharistic Jesus, there is no one else who can help us and be close to us as the Eucharistic Jesus. Why do we say this? Because what we presently have is a strong testimony; indeed, if we do not have the Eucharistic Jesus, if we do not have the Eucharistic Jesus to teach and give us true words, we will not be able to meet and to continue to have these days together, for us to continue to silently travel everywhere together, to prostrate and worship with our hearts, our minds, our bodies, without worrying about the look of people nowadays, without worrying about the criticism, the praise, the denial, the way people look at us; we remove the human pride, the issues that humans tend to have with their habits throughout the years, for us to pray to God. O God – God gave us so much already; God continues to remain with us; God’s profound love forever belongs to us, even though we are unworthy, even though we are sinners, yet when we come to Him, we still feel there is peace that is really clear in our lives.

O God, not counting today, there have been so many wonders that we cannot deny the heavenly kingdom hidden through the Holy Eucharist, a world that God let us see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and feel the abundant love in our lives when we come to Him, irrespective of how we are, but when we come to God, He can give us anything; that is the initial peace when we meet Him. Where can we find and where can we recognize the peace covering us? We no longer worry, no longer grieve, no longer fear, no longer worry for each of our roles. God loves us, God comforts us, God listens to us, and God bestows upon us so many gifts, depending upon each person’s experiences. Personally, since the day I started to recognize that God is not the God hidden and silent, God has spoken a lot; God loves to speak, and God loves to be close by, to teach His children – indeed, He is not that different from a father in a family, who speaks, who laughs. Many times, we are able to feel that it is not just an image of the Host but a light shining all over the dark sky, and there are times that He came to meet us by rays of light that are extremely wonderful and awesome.

That, we have seen, have reported, and truly believed that God is living and God is in our midst; not only that but God lets us see the heavenly kingdom with the angels and saints moving up and down as mentioned in the Gospel (6). Indeed, we only need to believe and we will recognize the abundance in the love God reserves and gives in common to humanity in a special way. What was written about the Eucharist, the preaching of the priests about the Eucharistic Jesus, indeed, what they learn are also based on books, on the truth that we need to hear, to know, and to learn, but what we know is even more wonderful – they are miracles. Miracles according to this world are indeed something difficult to accept, but there are miracles; when we come to God, there definitely must be a miracle, because God is the Supreme, Divine Being; everything that He brings is power – if we do not believe in miracles then how can we see that God is present with us, the wonders that God does, that what we are doing and realizing today is a miracle? To God, a miracle is something God manifested and gave to us; we only need to believe, we only need to experience, we only need to be close to see the God in our midst and close to us, for us to live worthily each day, to be trained in our lives with the gifts that God offered, with the abundance that God manifested and gave to us – to strengthen the life of faith, to strengthen the individual, to strengthen each child of His to return to Him, to be close to Him, to come to Him with a sincere heart, to trust Him, and to fulfill the responsibility of each role that He reserved and bestowed upon us.

O Eucharistic Jesus – we thank God; the Eucharist of God nourishes our souls, and not only our souls but also our bodies. Every time we have the occasion to attend Mass, we have the opportunity to receive God into our hearts, and we have the opportunity to meditate – our souls are comforted, entrusted, peaceful, and every time we come to the Holy Eucharist, we forget everything in life that are difficulties, sufferings, or diseases. We are happy in the moments that God gives – we are consoled and that consolation is very tender and very sweet; we taste it, and indeed it is very true – come to God because God is so sweet, as the sentence said (7). That is the truth, but who can give us the opportunity, if we never have an encounter, if we never give ourselves the opportunity to come meet Him?

This is the Fourth Kowtow. We are the people who started out not fully feeling, but this is something that is true, that is going on, that God gives, for us to be close, to remove everything inherent in humans, and we respond with a little effort, with the love God reserves for us. This is the Fourth Kowtow we offer to the Eucharistic Jesus, the God who remained with us, who is in our midst, and is with us till this day; God is the only Person who can rescue us, help us, and save us in this current world. Our brothers and sisters, in a world with too much freedom, in choosing the path taken and are taking, are heading into a precarious path and into death, which today is a threat; among that number are our relatives, our brothers and sisters, our friends; the people whom we see with the roles God established over them, today have also fallen into the snare of the evil spirits. God, please help us to seek and come to God, please intervene for us, help us continue to recognize the path of happiness, the path of the doctrine, the true path, and the path for us to be worthy as the children whose souls God nourishes with His Eucharist, for our bodies to feel the Presence that God bestowed, is bestowing, and will bestow to the world, full of abundances.

That was the grace poured down upon each one of us; anyone has the right to receive because God loves us equally, but do we respond to His invitation or not, do we respond to the promptings that we feel or recognize for us to practice or not? That depends on each person. God still loves, God still waits, God still gives, and God still bestows upon us; may we know how to seek to encounter, how to have the opportunity to recognize and to ask God to remain with us, to be in our midst, and to intercede for us – every class, every role – for us to know God, to rely on God’s Love, to rely on the doctrine of God in order to live in the midst of this world – by deed, by speech, by action – and to remove what is in our own ideas, to live for God, through the role that God gave to us, for us to have the chance to pioneer, to testify with things seen, heard, and known. Please help the brothers and sisters everywhere to recognize God, to come to the Holy Eucharist, and for us to continue to reserve the moments to worship the Holy Eucharist. God is in our midst, hidden through the Holy Eucharist to nourish our souls, to urge us to have a new direction in the way that we lived and live. Amen. Amen.

O God – I offer to God the Fifth Kowtow. O Jesus, it is from the Five Holy Wounds that today we have freedom, it is from the Five Holy Wounds that exchanged for us the months of encounter. O God – God died and it was God’s Blood that cleansed the entire world – every role, every component, and every class; thanks to that Blood, so that we still exist and have value, for today we have the chance to encounter and to be close, to be reminded of the absolute love with which God never leaves us – it is from the Five Holy Wounds that exchanged the mark (8), forever in the heart, saving us in the human world from sin and death. We cannot be indifferent and lukewarm in front of the Cross; countless times in life, we have the opportunity to contemplate, and anyone can see, but not that many people meditate on the Cross, with a deep reflection on the profound love reserved for each of our souls. We must respect the God who died for our human race, who died for humanity; it is thanks to that Cross that daily we can still exist, we can still choose, we can still recognize the truth, the doctrine, the holy and evil things, for us to have the opportunity to decide for ourselves, regarding the path for us to return to, the path for us to take to come close to God, the path of repentance, the path teaching us to endure the Way of the Cross.

Just like the priest who preached this afternoon … he said that the path of suffering is the path of hope, the path of love, the path that God chose – the Way of the Cross, the path of suffering. It is suffering that leads us close to the love of God, for us to recognize that what we have is just our narrow, short-term thinking, and so we look according to our habit and the way we are used to – we do not sense and feel; but indeed, the Cross carries a profound mark. Our human race must be reminded: we do not just happen to be, we do not have this day from our own doing, we are not free by ourselves, for us to boast and not know and not understand that what we have and had was from God’s Love redeeming us. The Way of the Cross is also the way to teach us in this human world of the countless ordeals in life, countless challenges – and the Way of the Cross in which each person must carry their own crosses, whether light or heavy. The entire world and each person has a destiny that God arranged and God improvised for us, so it is the same for everyone – everyone has problems, challenges, obstacles; all these things do not end at a point but will pass with time, and pass when we recognize what God arranges and plans – for us to embrace the Cross, to accept it, to understand the Way of the Cross that God chose had a meaning, for us to continue and to follow that path for us to become saints, which we cannot refuse. God also wishes through the phases of the Cross that we learn from God, because God wants each one of us to become a saint, and our Father in heaven is the Holy One.

That is something we need to know and need to experience deeply to clearly understand the fact of being a child of God; may we recognize that the Way of the Cross leads us to joyful glory as God resurrected, for us to not be afraid, not to back down, not to fear, and not to deny – for us to continue on the path, which, more or less, we must embrace. May God travel with us, lead us, for us to understand that the Cross leads us closer to God, helps us earn an accomplishment, helps us understand the meaning of the happiness of the path of suffering, which will bring us joy – not worldly joy but joy for the future of the soul; the joy of something divine that cannot be described, which is the path for us to contemplate the Cross with the pair of eyes that God wants. God reserves for us the Way of the Cross that will lead us to meet God, for a life full of meanings; the Way of the Cross will help us become mature people, become the people who understand, and become grown-ups. When we can experience the Cross, we cannot refuse, with the Fifth Kowtow, to offer the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ who is our God, to proclaim His Holy Name and receive salvation, for us to live in joy, in comfort, though life has ordeals, challenges, sufferings; then at the end of the Way of the Cross will be Jesus who welcomes us with the path that leads us into the eternal place in heaven.

O God, I lift up all the difficulties of my brothers and sisters; regarding problems in our families or the concerns, the worries; let us look at what God gives as the best. Maybe in our lives we still do not have the viewpoint as God wants; we only look at what belongs in our short-sightedness, so we make ourselves miserable, we make ourselves think, we make ourselves infer, and we end up not understanding the meaning of the Cross. The Cross has brought victory, love, and the proof of an eternal love that will never leave this human world, to give us hope, joy, through the Five Holy Wounds that today we respectfully offer – with our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our bodies – to our God. Amen.

The Sixth Kowtow we offer to God the Father, we thank God the Father for giving us a Mother for whom today we celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart (9), which originates from a Woman who was completely sinless in the human world. O God, may we offer the Sixth Kowtow to Mother with a reverent heart, to the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of Jesus when He was still on earth, the Mother of the world, the Mother of the Church, and the Mother of our human race. Today, we listen to the preaching about the Mother of the Divine Mercy; Mother came to the world by the Divine Mercy that Jesus realized; Mother is also the Mother of the Eucharist, and today, we cannot deny everything that Mother does. Today, Mother Herself is the author of the Six Kowtows, Mother Herself taught us to kowtow to God, Mother Herself taught us to kowtow; every kowtow has a meaning that each of us personally lifts up to our God – that is, to God the Father whom each one of us rarely can directly pray to, with little words, with simple words. We are His children; we just lift up everything that we are experiencing; that is for the First Kowtow, in which we especially thank, praise, and also apologize to our God; then the Second Kowtow, and the Third Kowtow, asking the Holy Spirit to kindle the flame of love for us to know, to recognize the salvation of Jesus, which we cannot deny; we have forgotten and have been disrespectful toward the Eucharistic Jesus countless times in our lives; we were unworthy to receive Him (10).

There are so many things people despise and look down at, even the people who are in the ranks; they do not believe, and in their lives, they neglect, they lack respect toward the Holy Eucharist. The Fourth Kowtow reminds each person to understand, to recognize the God hidden in the Holy Eucharist, whom we must worship and revere, instead of the human way with human habits and roles. Everyone should come to the Holy Eucharist with a truly reverent heart, because God is Present and is in the Eucharist, to remain close to us, to love us, and to give us abundant graces; so every kowtow is full of meanings that we forget, and our human race rarely has a deep experience with the matters that have become ordinary and commonplace. Today, the kowtow, through the Five Holy Wounds, reminds mankind that God died, and died in exchange for us to have life; it is thanks to the redemption that today we exist and have the opportunity to choose. Let us not think too much and act according to our own ways, in all aspects, from life to work, to completely fail to follow the way God needs and wants over us; God wants to encounter our hearts, our return, our simplicity and humility like little children; just like God used to say – do not let it be from within us but let it be natural, like a child coming to a father.

The Fifth Kowtow taught by Mother is full of meanings for us to recognize what is immediate for us to understand, to feel more, to know what to say to God, with no more fear, giving us the boldness to speak to God.

We cannot miss the Sixth Kowtow for us to lift up to God the Father, to offer our grateful heart, and to thank Mother, a quiet Person, a humble Person, and a Mother who entrusts and wholly belongs to God. Today, thanks be to Mother for teaching us – what Mother taught will never let us leave empty-handed; we are able to understand, to feel the closeness that Mother taught us, to come close to God, to speak to God, to present to God, to prostrate to God, to completely belong to God, through the Six Kowtows that we offer to God. While we lift up to God the Father, we cannot be without Mother – every second, every minute – because Mother is the only Person who understands His Holy Will; Mother is the only Person who shows us how to recognize the love and to be close to God so that our prayers will be accepted, for God to intervene and help us. Those are the works that Mother did and is doing – at the same time teaching us to be humble for us to entrust, teaching us to learn from Mother, to offer our whole lives in silence, so that today, it is not a teaching too difficult that we cannot do, it is not a teaching against morality and ethics, but teaching us to worship, to praise, to revere, by the prostration, to come to our God through each kowtow that we – each one of us – lifts up to Him.

So they are full of meanings, with the difficulties, with the sorrows, which we say on our own, speak on our own: the Six Kowtows will bring us closer to God, guide us to know what to say, to know what is essential in life. We learn about realities that have never been in life, to say to God, including the hidden meanings that Mother taught us, because the Third Kowtow is the flame of the Holy Spirit, to be rekindled in us for us to understand what we need to do, for us to differentiate between good and evil, between right and wrong; between what belongs to us and what belongs to God, for us to know to respect, to worship, to revere, and to come to the brothers and sisters to unite in one heart in the prostration, to return to God, with one faith, one belief, one heart – to return with heart. We ask for God to intervene for us in today’s world, and we ask for God to help us in this generation that is in disorder, due to humans’ clever, sophisticated ways that incite us with too much freedom; so we act against morality, against the doctrine, and we offend God daily through our decisions and our actions; that is something that today Mother teaches us, for us to recognize things we should not do.

When we speak and come to Him, prostrate and completely belong to Him, then God will act – we do not know much but we know God will act; we cannot do it, we cannot change the situation and we cannot change these times – we just know that our children, our husbands, have also fallen, in a society that has too much freedom. Thus, there are many things that do not conform to the doctrine, and it seems that what we need in a family life is lost and no longer belongs to us; so we call upon God’s Name, not just with our lips but with action, with entreating, with heart, with soul – to lift up all the difficulties, the sorrows, to ask Mother to intercede to God for us.

Mother will be the Person who intervenes, who guides and protects; Mother is the Person who urges us so that we receive what was and is. Mother, please help us to move forward in these days for us to understand how to live in virtue, in holiness, in completeness, to live worthy to be the children of God through Mother’s teaching. Probably it has been a while for us to have this opportunity, to have these days at the Benedictine Order, days that belong to us, silent in front of the Holy Eucharist for us to speak to God, to thank God, and to thank Mother, to thank through the Six Kowtows that we offer in this trip with the brothers and sisters, with the teachings through the revelation for us to boldly move forward, to testify to things heard, known, given to the world, to help our brothers and sisters, to help those who are seeking to return to meet God, and to meet Mother in a very close way. That is the Six Kowtows we offer today: to thank God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and thank Mother. Amen. Amen.

I do not forget the abundance we receive through the Six Kowtows and for that we thank Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph is the person who always intercedes for our Church, who intercedes for our families; whoever comes to him does not return empty-handed. So there are certain blessings for which we need to lift up thanks; may St. Joseph continue to intercede for our human world to learn integrity from him, to learn justice from him, to learn responsibility from him, so that the elders, the brothers and sisters, and the people in the role of serving, can learn from him – may he support and intercede to God for us. We do not forget to thank the angels, the saints, especially the three archangels; they always protect us – to lessen the evil that looks for all kinds of ways to attack us, this aspect or that aspect. Through the Six Kowtows we can experience more the presence of the saints who intercede to God for us; may we learn from their example, to be brave in a life of testimony, in a life of practice, to be worthy to be the children of God – with the entire heavenly family in our midst, surrounding us, and the presence very close, when we believe and we come, we ask to meet the Holy Eucharist that God bestowed and allowed us to meet, by the voice, by the teaching (11). Today, there is nothing more that can be said; we lift up our sentiments, wishes, and all the imperfections, with the worries in a life of challenges, of diseases, from the soul to the body; God, please accept and arrange for us according to God’s Holy Will.

We lift up our thanks, our praises; we ask the angels, the saints to help and intercede for each individual, each person, for us to move forward on the path, to be worthy of being the people who are chosen to proclaim, by the work, by the life of testimony, by the pioneering; like today, we have the opportunity to come to the Benedictine Order, to prostrate and worship with the Six Kowtows, which we have begun to bring to the brothers and sisters, the people we meet. And now, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God, praise God, and glorify God. L. and all the brothers and sisters complete at exactly 1:17 a.m. on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at the Benedictine Order, directly with the Holy Eucharist, at the altar and the Cross. Amen. Amen. Amen.

I thank God. I ask God to bless all of us, brothers and sisters; tomorrow there is only one final Mass, the closing Mass, then we will return home, with things learned, heard, so that with work, with training, we become more mature in life. We have been led here to receive the teaching, to learn more about realities that we encounter in family life, so that through the work that God urges, we are clearer with our roles in order to continue in a life in which God chose us, to continue to bear witness to this truth. I thank Mother; today is a special day, reminding us of the Sixth Kowtow, which is the kowtow for the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary. It is thanks to Mother that today we have the opportunity to learn, to understand a lot through the Six Kowtows, to be close and to experience the presence. Mother, please always remain with us – Mother, please guide us; thank You Mother, for the special treat Mother reserves for us, for us to be able to remain with the Holy Eucharist – we never had the opportunity to spend the night near the Holy Eucharist. In the days we spent at this place, indeed, there is no coincidence; it is the hands of Mother that arrange and guide; please continue to guide our lives to walk with Mother, and we ask Mother to guide us according to Mother’s desire, for us to glorify God, to honor God in our lives.

I thank Mother. Mother, please help us to have a peaceful evening; tomorrow, we will attend the closing Mass. Please bless in a special way the Benedictine Order; I believe that what happens is not a coincidence but is Mother’s arrangement; last year, when we came here, there was no room, and there was no auditorium; this year, everything was available, and we have the opportunity to sleep at this place and to remain with the Holy Eucharist. I also ask this from Mother for next year, for the Benedictine Order to continue to expand more, to grow larger, through Mother’s arrangement, like the crown that Mother left in heaven, to come here to travel with the priests, the brothers; for Mother to arrange a place that Mother wants, for the Holy Eucharist to continue to spread everywhere in the entire world. This is a time for the Eucharistic Jesus to work, a time for the Eucharistic Jesus to be close to humans; a time in which Mother wants to bring the Eucharistic Jesus everywhere, for the places that people reserve especially for the Holy Eucharist to become increasingly larger, to be a place that can accommodate millions of people, who come to kneel and prostrate in front of the Holy Eucharist. Only the Holy Eucharist can bring peace and happiness to humanity, in times of tribulations or in days of sorrow; only the Eucharistic Jesus can save humanity, to have days of happiness, and thanks to the intercessions of Mother, for the world to soon have peace, and the Heart of Mother will triumph in this final battle. In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our God, I thank God, I thank the Holy Spirit (12), and I thank Blessed Mother. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. She leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. She receives messages by way of interior locutions and is able to capture visions of Eucharistic miracles on her cell phone. When Jesus gives her messages, it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of 


  1. A Benedictine monastery
  2. This refers to an annual conference focused on the Eucharist at a local Vietnamese Benedictine monastery; it is officially known as “Blessed Sacrament Days.”
  3. “Bow” right here does not refer to the kowtow revealed in this private revelation. “Prostrate” or “bow our heads,” both used in this message, on the other hand, always refer to kowtowing in these messages.
  4. Christians (perhaps “Cultural Christians”) are being addressed here.
  5. Referring to the Holy Spirit as “the God of Love” is profound because He is the bond of Love between God the Father and God the Son; the Holy Spirit is the Love of God the Father for God the Son and the Love of God the Son for God the Father, all the while being His own distinct Person, equal in dignity to the other two Divine Persons of the Trinity.
  6. See John 1:51 and Genesis 28:12.
  7. This could possibly refer to Psalm 34:8: “O taste and see that the LORD is good!”
  8. The Five Holy Wounds left a mark on the heart of all men; it is a mark of redemption (we have been redeemed, but it is up to us to choose to be saved by word and deed; see James 2:14-18).
  9. This message started at 12:20 a.m.; the Feast of the Immaculate Heart ended just minutes earlier, so “today” here is not being used is a strict sense.
  10. As this sentence says, unworthiness is not limited to receiving Communion with mortal sin on one’s soul; it also refers to lack of reverence and recognition, and even to lack of knowledge that the Eucharist is literally the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ.
  11. This refers to the messages.
  12. thanks the Holy Spirit in a special way.

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