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The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist

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The Rosary of The Six Kowtows 

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''I wish that for every month, on the 13th, the people to whom I have revealed to will speak to all My children, to invite the world, and invite every person in the world today to lessen their own desires, putting their own interests above all else...  

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Return Soon in the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy



June 8, 2016

This is a message inspired by the Holy Spirit through L. when doing the Six Kowtows (1).  

L.: O God, it is 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at St. Theresa Church, in front of the altar, the Cross, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the picture of the Divine Mercy. Today, along with all my brothers and sisters, along with the parish of St. Theresa, I thank God for a new day, to be here attending Mass. After Mass, we offer to God the Six Kowtows on behalf of all the brothers and sisters in the entire world; on behalf of every sinner; on behalf of every soul that still does not believe, still does not know; and on behalf of the people who are on their way back to God.

We offer to God the Six Kowtows. These are the blessing and the grace taught by Mother, for us to return to God with heart, soul, body and mind, to lift up to the Almighty God, the Supreme God who created heaven and earth and all things, the God who created us, the God full of power, the God rich in mercy, the Sovereign God, the God who has the authority to forgive and to guide us back to his boundless love. Today, what can we do to respond to God’s Divine Mercy? What can we do to respond when humanity’s sins keep increasing more and more and our lives are heading toward the abyss of darkness, of iniquity and death, that is spreading all over, making us unworthy and so unsuitable before God? Today, no matter what, we still trust in God’s Divine Mercy, in the benevolent heart of God, as we offer and lift up at this moment the First Kowtow to God the Father.

O God – we offer to God the First Kowtow. O God the Father, it is with this kowtow that we dare to personally speak to God the Father. (2) O God the Father, we would like to prostrate to worship Father, to lift up words to honor, to thank, to praise and to offer our gratitude to Father; at the same time, we ask Father to allow us to lift up our apologies, with shortcomings, with unrighteous deeds, with the unintentional and deliberate acts in our daily lives – though we try, it is still not easy for us to rise up, with the habits of the ego and of the personality. O Father, we cannot reject and forget all that Father bestowed and gave us daily in Father’s graces, so no matter what, we still come to trust in Father’s Divine Mercy, to trust in Father’s Love.  Father, please forgive us; Father, please sanctify and transform us – only Father can do this for our human race, for each soul, and for each one of us, when we recognize the humility to prostrate to return to Father.

O Father, at this moment, there is nothing to compare; we only know to offer our hearts, to offer from the body, the soul and what we inherently have; though with shortcomings and many imperfections, we know that we can only trust in Father to purify and to cleanse, for the Holy Will of Father to be realized in our lives, for us to be transformed in Father’s Love. O Father, may we ask this on behalf of each sinner, on behalf of each of the souls of our brothers and sisters, the people who still do not know and still do not believe, the people who deny, and the people who are stubborn? Father, please have mercy on us, please forgive us, give us the chance to return soon in the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy, with the door open to welcome the brothers and sisters everywhere – those with a repentant heart who want to return to meet the Supreme God, the God rich in mercy, the God full of love who opened the door for all the children to enter to receive the grace, the love, and His forgiveness.

Please help us open our eyes, our ears, our lips, our hearts, to recognize that in our lives we made countless mistakes. Father, please help us recognize the light of the Good News, the light of a life in truth, the light of the soul that we need now and greatly need in life.  Please help us to awaken, help us to return, help us to be able to recognize the God whom we have forgotten for so long; we have acted unintentionally and deliberately, we continue to live in sins, to live in the free will of the ego and personality.  Today, we see people around us with things carried, surrounded by crimes, with fears and worries regarding diseases; the soul as well the body increasingly wretched in life.

O Father, please help us, please allow more people to know; in the moments the world steps into darkness with struggles between good and evil, then the light of the heavenly kingdom shines brightly to lead the children when they recognize and return to embrace the new grace, to embrace the world that God already reserved and gave us, the favor of the remaining days of the end of the century.  Today, with everything that we are able to say to Father, we know we cannot understand it and we cannot say these words by ourselves; it is from the Holy Spirit’s guidance and from Mother Mary’s help, for us to boldly give up everything that belongs to a human viewpoint today, to give up everything that belongs to the reality of life, to express a truly repentant heart to return with a humble heart.  Father, please agree; please help many people to know, to unite with us to worship Father, to evoke a reverent heart, to evoke a heart that wants to come back. Do not let the aridity, the indifference, the rigidity, the pride, the arrogance, the haughtiness to be a wall to prevent and to hinder what is in the nature of a child toward his Father.

Let everyone return to their roots, return to the beginning, which is the love of the God who created heaven and earth, who created each person, each heart, each soul. Let us return to our own roots to recognize that we cannot be without Father’s grace in life, we cannot be without Father’s Love, we cannot be without Father’s intervention. Father, please help us through this kowtow; Father, please accept, forgive, sanctify, and transform us, so that through sufferings in life, the falls in life, the challenges in life –please Father – help us to have a trusting, accepting and entrusting viewpoint. Father, please arrange for our lives so that we always live in the hope Father reserves for us and gives us through Father’s only Son, Jesus Christ, who brings us the truth, the doctrine. We will continue with the Second Kowtow, to lift up our sentiments and desires, trusting in a God who came and gave us faith, life, and a covenant for our lives. We offer up everything on this day to God the Father; we thank Father, we praise and glorify our God. Amen.

We offer to God the Second Kowtow.  O God, the Lamb of God, the Second Person of God, the Supreme Being who died for us, who died for humanity, who died for each person, each soul, for us today to have the freedom to choose the path between good and evil, to choose all that is good, bringing us peace and joy in life. O God – God accomplished countless deeds; we cannot deny a Savior who brought salvation, who gave us that salvation; every person has the right to receive the graces and the right to enter into the eternal place in the heavenly kingdom (3) that Father already prepared for us, through the death, through endurance, through the scourging, through the countless wounds, through the marks of nails, of thorns, reminding us that Jesus Christ took upon our sins to give us a new life.

Please help us recognize that what we inherently have is not just a 2,000-year history, but forever remind us through the Name that when we profess in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, we know a history to deliver and save us from earthly sin and death, for us to always have hope in the everlasting love, through the Second Person of God. Please help us come to Him by the heart, to remove all that is evil from the ego, sin and death that are inherent in us and still in us for us to be bold on the path on which we are the ones who profess. But we must improve every day, every second in life, for us to deserve to be a child when we, in the Name of God, are also healed, from the soul to the body, and are taught.

Everything that gives us the courage to act today is from Father’s grace, Father’s love, as well as everything to give up what belongs to a human viewpoint in order to live a life returning to the truth with heart, with mind, with soul and with body. Father, please accept for us to lift up to Father on behalf of our brothers and sisters, who still do not know, who still do not believe, who are still hesitant, still fearful, still with a human viewpoint, so we still hesitate to express our reverence, with a belief trusting in a God whom we worship alone – the Trinity, yet only one God. We have God the Father who is present through the Heart of Jesus Christ, and Jesus who took on a human body to come to redeem humanity; and in the love of the two Persons, the Persons of the Father and the Son, comes the Divine, that is the Third Person (4) to whom we bow our heads, asking Him to come to rekindle our fire that seems to have been extinguished throughout many years in life.

Everything is connected to the love God reserves for humanity in general, in a special way – and in particular for every individual who is present this day. Father, please have mercy; Father, please lead and bring back the children who still do not know, who still do not believe, and who are stubborn. Today we act on behalf of those brothers and sisters; on behalf of each sinner; on behalf of each soul; especially for the people in our families – our husbands, our children, and the brothers and sisters who still have not opened their hearts to embrace, who still live in the passions and pleasures of an ordinary and banal life – they still do not understand, still do not believe, still do not recognize the love from God the Father. Father, please have mercy; I act on their behalf through the Second Kowtow, to prostrate before the salvation that Father reserves for the world – Father, please give them the chance to recognize Father, to return to Father, with a repentant heart, with the Six Kowtows that today we offer to God.

This is the Second Kowtow that we lift up to Jesus Christ, to ask for the healing of the soul, the body, for the healing of the entire world that is in spiritual illness – it has lost so many graces, blessings; forgotten the salvation, the doctrine and the truth. Father, please evoke for them the love that Father reserves for humanity; Father, please allow us to bear witness, to convey the words from Father, to continue to testify to the truth that Father gives to today’s world. Father, please have mercy; lead many people on the returning path, for many more people to enter into heaven, and in purgatory many people will be able to enter into the heavenly kingdom that Father already prepared. Please allow us to act on their behalf to lift up to Father words of praise, of glorifying, of honor, of apology with the Second Kowtows – to ask Father to accept for our entire world.

For the Third Kowtow, we offer it to the Third Person of God.  O Holy Spirit, He is the giver of life, He is our God, He is the special gift of the supernatural grace that God the Father reserved and bestowed upon the human world. Since the time He came to the world, since the moment Jesus returned to heaven, the apostles received the fire of the Holy Spirit, burned in the soul, in the heart, and in the body of humans on earth.  First, the apostles have acted on behalf of the whole world in receiving this grace, and from that, the people enter in to receive salvation through the Sacrament of Baptism; then we become the children, burning with the flame of the Holy Spirit that comes to that heart, to that soul; thus, we cannot reject what is best, what is most sublime, what is truth, good and perfection that only the Holy Spirit can perform.

He still remains with us, still remains deep in our souls, especially with the Christians and even more especially in the Church of God (5), right from the start, and still in the present day. Even though there are many things for people to have free will to choose in the reality of life, the Holy Spirit is still the true fire, the light to bring us to God’s love and to shed the light on what is best in the truth, goodness and perfection that people cannot deny. There are many loftier mysteries; He is the lively Being who guides us, for us to see, to experience, to be stirred up strongly in spirit with emotions, with feelings. We cannot deny a great, immense grace that healed our hearts, for our thoughts to fully feel an indescribable peace if without the Holy Spirit giving it.

O God, up to this day no one can explain the inner spiritual experiences; only the Holy Spirit is the Person who can teach us; who leads us; who helps us understand what peace is, understand from our hearts, and know about truth and righteousness, while at the same time teaching us what conscience is, what peace is, of what that our souls are not ashamed. That is the source of life, with all reasons, all graces, and all riches for us to recognize that God is a powerful God; that only He can bestow and give us these wonderful experiences as well.  So we do not have to confront all things with human eyes, with our own reasoning; however, in life we have to go on in life bearing a human body, so there are things that need to be orderly arranged according to the classes of the world, with the rule of the kings, who now are presidents; but in God’s way is righteousness, truth, faith, happiness, peace, love. But in life it is the opposite, because it belongs to the earthly world, it belongs to the original sin, it belongs to the unrighteousness that the human race stumbled upon in the beginning, committing a break of trust before God, so today the children are affected, but God came and saved us 2,000 years ago; that doctrine, that love, that truth, will not fade, when we mature, when we understand, and when we determine to follow the Supreme God whom He (6) gave us in Holy Spirit.

O Holy Spirit – He is the Supreme Being who is the closest to us (7); He is the lively Supreme Being: please lead us, please enlighten us, please guide us, urge us, teach us; guide us on the path of righteousness, to differentiate between right and wrong, between good and evil, between things that confuse people nowadays, things that people consider as things of the era, as civilization, but to the conscience and the sense of right or wrong, they are entirely the opposite of morality and the doctrine.  Please help us understand that our hearts need to demonstrate clearly that we do not violate the laws as God has desired in our lives: first, to love God above all things; second, to love our brothers – there is the source for us to know how to continue with the sacrifice in love; how to live, with less ego, less personality, with attachments that we still stubbornly hold onto. There are good and beautiful things that we fail to learn; we consider ourselves to be right, so in the end, we are the people who completely fail, because we fail to learn, we fail to be humble.  We must examine ourselves to know that though we perform good deeds, we cannot be perfect, we must learn and strive to mature in life – daily, hourly – because as long as we are still in the flesh, we still make mistakes, and commit acts whether unintentionally or deliberately.

Please help us clearly understand when we recognize the sacrifice, the love; recognize the path of light; recognize the inherent Seven Graces (8), which is the minimum that each person needs to learn in order to deal and act in daily life. Please help us open the eyes, the ears, the lips, the hearts to clearly understand the path that God chose for us – in our own roles, the role of family, the role of society, the places we end up going to. O God, please help us through the Third Kowtow; there are many who still do not know, who still do not believe, and sometimes, we hurt their personal feelings and touch their personalities. Deep down, we have many bad habits and vices, but when we speak up to teach and offer advice then many accept; they know that by correcting their wrongs they will become a new person; there are many people who close their hearts – when we hurt their pride, when we touch the deep wounds that people cannot change, they become angry at us, they are dissatisfied with the Six Kowtows, they absolutely refuse, they use words to decry. That is a humiliation – that people always keep and protect sins, to live in sins, to remain in sins.

So there are many things today for us to be clearly aware of, to understand that God came and gave us the teaching from Mother Mary, which is never wrong. Mother wants to lead Mother’s children to God, because only God is a completely perfect Person to teach us. He is the Spirit – the truth, the good, and the perfect. We are humans; we already receive God’s blessings. We are officially His children, having received the Sacrament of Baptism; we cannot misunderstand, be mistaken, become confused, and let things become habit; if we shut ourselves as a closed wall and we do not allow ourselves the chance to learn, then it is truly an unjust thing for a lifetime.

These are the closest times; no one can use anyone else to control or to teach, but it is the Holy Spirit Himself who is teaching each person, each role, to learn to recognize that throughout many years we live in sufferings, in trials, in sins – not knowing which way to resolve our own issues. Indeed, God does not want to see us suffer; God comes to help us – we have the right to choose because this is the free will that God reserves and gives us, but what needs to be said must be said, what needs to be realized must be realized, because this present and existing world will be days that will not last much longer in the human world. (9) What is abundantly poured down upon the world are the graces, the love, the teaching in a clear way for the people who are ignorant, shortsighted; for the people who still do not know; for the people who are stubborn, for them to have the opportunity to hear. At this moment, we may not listen, we may not accept, but when the tribulations come, when we must face the day of purification, then where will we be, where will we run to, and in that urgent moment whom do we lean on, what will be evoked in us?

With the Third Kowtow, let us remember that we already have the fire of the Holy Spirit burning right from the beginning, so now let us not allow that fire to be extinguished because of our sins, because of the passions and pleasures, because of the personal ego, pride and arrogance, using what belongs to the world: money, fame, lust, greed, or still having the many self-interests inherent in our lives.  We do not see, we do not know; there are times we offend and we do not know, but God sees, God knows – we all have the opportunity. God does not condemn but we have the right to look back in order to become sinless; life becomes more meaningful because there is nothing better to the soul and the heart than when we recognize our God, because we cannot endure life on this earth, we cannot forever enjoy what we have – even if we are rich and wealthy, we must leave everything to return to our home in heaven.

If we truly want to go there then we must look back at the past months; of course, we cannot be perfect, so this is also a teaching for each person, for each role, for us to quiet our souls, to ask God to enlighten us, because once the fire is lit then definitely we will understand things in the past – what things attach us at the moment, and what lies ahead when we choose the wrong path.  So no one is forcing anyone; each one of us has the opportunity to listen, to understand, to make our own decisions – God does not force us when we do not want. God wants our hearts to volunteer, for us to see the good, the beauty, full of meanings, which we do not have the chance to encounter yet.

Today, thanks to the Third Kowtow, through the fire lit up, we ask the Holy Spirit to remain with us, to lead us, because we need this; we are seeking and we truly long for Him. He is the Spirit, He is love, He is the truth, and He is enveloping us; please help us through this kowtow for us to act on behalf of the brothers and sisters in the entire world, on behalf of each sinner, each role; everyone has the right and the opportunity to receive this.  Please accept this; please sanctify us, transform us, cleanse us, and help us to rekindle the spiritual life, the life of the soul – by action, by determination – for us to become righteous people, who live in the truth, to be prepared for today, for tomorrow, for the tribulations that no one can avoid before the court of God’s justice.

O Holy Spirit, please save us, please lead us, please urge us; we long to become righteous, we long to encounter God’s Love, we long to become truth as God desires for each one of us. God, please forgive our sins, the times we act unintentionally and deliberately, the times we deny everything that belongs to the truth and we act deliberately according to our own will; our speeches, our words, our actions have offended the people around us and there were many actions and gestures that affected others – these are things that we forgot.  O Holy Spirit, please help us recognize the sins, the mistakes that have become habits; please help us to mature, help us to grow, to be transformed in the Holy Spirit, to be transformed in His grace, to be transformed through the meaning of the Six Kowtows that today we offer on behalf of our families; on behalf of our loved ones, who still do not know, still do not believe; on behalf of each sinner and the entire world – to return to the truth and the love, to save ourselves and allow ourselves to remain in order to go on with a new world. Please transform the human race, please transform the heart of each person for us to turn toward gentleness, holiness, goodness, the heartfelt things and please lead us to a truth, goodness and perfection that God bestowed and gave us; we already lost many opportunities throughout the years and months. We forgot, so today rekindle in us, for us to return to the truth, to the love that God reserves for each one of us. We worship the Trinity – God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, we offer the Fourth Kowtow to the Body and Blood of Christ; we just received Him in the Holy Mass. Maybe it is our habits in our whole lives and throughout countless centuries; we receive Him as in the tradition left by our ancestors, who are people who either followed the tradition of their nations or the tradition of their religions, so we follow our ancestors but we may not understand the meaning and we may not know. There are people who do not understand the meaning their whole lives but still continue according to their habits, in daily life. We do not give up habits like the attendance at Mass on Sundays, we do not give up the holy days of obligation, we do not err with all things, we keep the laws, yet our hearts are still frozen – we do not perceive God anywhere and we do not understand the meaning of the Holy Eucharist as well. In our whole lives, we do not know that the nourishment for the soul is the Holy Eucharist of Christ and we do not know what the Body and Blood is – every time we come and see others kowtow, we also kowtow; when others bow their heads, we also bow our heads, but we remain indifferent throughout countless years – we keep on doing what we do, and in regards to the life of the ego, we follow our own ways. Between good and evil then naturally, of course, we choose what is beneficial and convenient for us; we do not choose the doctrine and the truth, and we do not even understand what the doctrine and the truth are.

O God, today we can see that is the answer of humanity, since the majority of us do not feel in the soul – we do not feel the impact in the heart as well, and so we receive God freely, sometimes irreverently, sometimes while living in sins; sometimes we disregard the Holy Eucharist, and sometimes we tend to care more about worldly reality than receiving God – we are afraid that if our friends do not see us receiving Communion they might think we have certain sins.  Indeed, we do have sins; we are unworthy because we keep allowing sacred things to be dismissed by our inferences and our thoughts, while at the same time, out of habit, we receive God irreverently; we receive God simply because we are afraid of others mocking or ridiculing us; there are too many things, interiorly, in our lives, that are unworthy and extremely offensive to the Holy Eucharist of Christ, but in our freedom, in our egotism, but we still freely, deliberately, continue to receive Communion whenever we attend the Holy Mass.  There are many who argue: “Why go to watch Mass if you do not receive Communion?” They do not use the word “attend Mass” but they use the word “go to watch Mass,” as if people go to watch and receive Communion; it seems to be a joke in today’s humanity, according to human reasoning, that is the great imperfection for the majority of humanity. This situation still exists today; there are mature adults who say: “Pray for me; pray for my children” but they themselves are living with an unrighteousness, who continue to receive Communion, who feel indifferent toward God’s Love and Presence – this is a serious problem that is spreading over the entire world.

What led to this? It is because we fail to learn about God’s doctrine; we are the people from a traditional family, we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, but we are not taught carefully; and the apathy, depending on where the parishes and places are, which is lack of teaching and lack of attention to the laity, through the lives they lead, and lacking in preaching about learning ways to know God, to recognize God, to understand the meaning of the Body and Blood of Christ. We cannot deny this but we must accept and must understand because it is time and everything needs to be known; books were also written and there are also books of history, while at the same time, there is the doctrine and the daily teaching through the Gospel.  This is also a very big, serious problem in the nations that lack priests, in the nations that do not think of the laity who live in jungles, or at the places not fully equipped for priests to have the opportunity to come there to teach. Each priest who goes there does not just bear the title of a priest but must have a heart that really lives in the doctrine and the truth to be able to preach and bring the teachings to the laity who need to know and must be known. At the same time, at the prosperous places similar to our places today, there are also continuous teachings; these are the practical teachings, through the organizations, through the intermittent retreats, but the laity are the people who still do not understand the significance of the Body and Blood of Christ, and they do not understand what the Holy Eucharist is either.

Today, why does God let us say these things? It is because there are many things that need to be reviewed, in each role, in each of our personal situations, in the situations and the roles of the people who have been chosen with designated functions because there still are many imperfections, which is why this situation already happened and is happening. There are many more things that could not be said; there are people who come to receive Communion but they take the Body of Christ to throw in the trash; there are people who come to receive Communion but they steal the Holy Eucharist of Christ to use in the Black Masses. Indeed, today, this does in fact happen and cannot be denied; there are many aspects regarding the meaning of the Holy Eucharist that people still fail to understand in terms of people who greatly violate and offend God throughout countless years.

What is the meaning of the Holy Eucharist? It is the love of the God hidden in the Eucharist to remain with mankind – to protect, to love, to prove a unique, divine encounter with extraordinary, marvelous, wondrous things, through the miracle left to the human world.  Indeed, people were able to find the reason to clearly understand what is most realistic that we forgot and neglected; there is doctrine, there is the truth, and the Gospel left as well, but indeed, in this era, there are too many people who still do not know, who still do not believe.  So let us look back and see things we have allowed in the freedom of our individual rights, because from the individual rights things have become a very big, serious problem – from there we have too many people who support a worldly life, a life in which we forget the God we should worship, easily following our own ways, the way of the times; easily following the way in which today people who are unaware, who take things for granted, disrespect, so the Holy Eucharist of Christ is still offended daily, the Holy Eucharist of Christ still does not get the respect and reverence due while people still do not completely see, still do not know, still do not believe.

What is being reminded today is just a small reminder for the Church in general, for every person, for every Christian, for every role in the present time, while we still have the opportunity to receive. This is not to blame, this is not to condemn, this is not to rebuke the sins, but since this is the last world (10), we need to know, we need to listen, we need to understand, because these are not words coming from humans but from the Holy Spirit who reminds the world, with its bones, its marrow, its mind, its reason; with all its heart, all its organs, and its lungs, to be able to say the words that come not from humans but from the Holy Spirit Himself who writes the last book of history about the Holy Eucharist of Christ.  Let us look also at the stories that have remained silent throughout countless centuries and the miracles that have happened, but mankind still lives on, throughout countless years, and it is only a small number of people who know.

It is because of this small number of people that today God still continues to patiently wait for us, to manifest in the remaining days for people to have the chance to know, to hear.

Indeed, there are so many things we cannot know, but we are able to know because a God who hid Himself through the Holy Eucharist (11) is not the God through the Host that we receive daily, but is a sublime mystery lighting up the sky of a dark night and also comes to us in daylight. The light is diffused. There are so many miracles from heaven, containing the whole heaven in our midst in the Holy Eucharist of Jesus Christ. This is also something for us to see the power of God, unimpeded by any restrictions, which comes to us any moment, any time, seeking people for them to know; to hear; to expand their minds, their souls, their hearts; to learn about this great mystery, which has been happening many years now, but people are indifferent, disbelieving, refusing, and also recalcitrant, but today presenting with us hourly, daily – if God allows, then that appears like a moving light of day, like a voice reminding and allowing us to see.

The hour has come, the day is ending, we must definitely return with a reverent heart towards our God, hidden in the Holy Eucharist. We have been indifferent throughout countless years; let us awake and rise up, because this is something extremely critical – it is also for our own souls, also the soul of the Church.  Today we no longer have a place to lean on – only one final place of contact in the divine realm where God pours down abundant graces, through the miraculous mystery that we receive today.  This does not end but continues to help us, to intervene for us; that power heals humanity, that power will bring us things that we ask according to the holy Will of God and will be realized in the great program to intervene for the entire world.

God does not come to look at us; God does not come for us to just simply look at; God does not come to manifest to us and then keep quiet, but we must know that the extremely important day is at hand and the power of God has done all the works of Him who is the Supreme Sovereign Being.  He comes to bring the children who belong to Him back to the heavenly kingdom; He also comes to prevent all evil and unholy things that tarnished the world He created. He will not allow evil to continue to rage in the years it had the opportunity to rage. It is also for the world, for the people who belong to God, for the people who either believe in the salvation or those who refuse it, and for the people who still are absolutely stubborn and hardened; so let us see this one time, let us give ourselves the opportunity this one time, let us believe this one time so that we can choose for ourselves, for our souls, now and later.

There is nothing that comes meaninglessly or suddenly; it is a reminder for the soul, for the body, for the mind, so that we may see that the Supreme God, full of power, has come to give us the opportunity to return to Him. He does not exact, He does not condemn; this is the chance for us to turn around to return to God’s grace, because there is no one who can help us, there is no one who can prevent today’s evil, there is no one who can help the life of our souls besides Jesus Christ, through the Holy Eucharist, for us to encounter, for us to kindle our faith, for us to have our faith strengthened with a strong belief, because God is our Savior, not only 2,000 years ago, but He continues to save us every single day, every single hour, when we recognize and know Him. Today, that mystery came close and manifested itself to humanity; let us not refuse what is sublime yet very close, in the love that God already manifests and gives to humanity.

Everything only opens partially in a final book, so let us be aware of what needs to be known, let us allow our hearts to be reverent when coming to the Holy Eucharist; a Supreme Being is patiently waiting for us, and giving us the chance. Everything will be concluded in the coming days because nothing will remain; God will come in the flesh (12) for those who belong to Him. We also cannot avoid facing a just and righteous judge, because this is what brings us to the truth in the eternal Almighty God, forever in the heavenly kingdom; or if we choose what is present then we must bear the responsibility regarding everything, because we have ears but we fail to listen, we have eyes but we fail to see, we have the heart but we fail to feel, and we have lips but we fail to know and to speak up about what we see, what we hear, and what we witness.

We are the people who bear witness to this truth so let us understand the role from the day the Six Kowtows were revealed; this is something brought to save humanity in the urgent days, to help people increase their faith, spiritually and mysteriously – it is truly a miracle. We cannot deny God because He has the power; the miracle belongs to Him and miracles do not come naturally – it is Jesus Himself who worked them right from the beginning 2,000 years ago. His hands healed diseases of the soul, brought dead people back to life. So the miracles belong to God; if we believe in God we must believe in the miracles. The miracles brought us to a place – the miracles that lead us to the light, lead us to remove all sins to end up with better things, lead us to everything that does not belong to idols but to a true God, encountered in the prostration, in the kowtow, to revere a Supreme God, through the Holy Eucharist; it also teaches us to understand the meaning of the Holy Eucharist: to bring us joy and peace when we understand the Holy Eucharist has an important value. God is hidden to love to remain with us, to protect and to shelter us.

We must be more aware and be clearly understood about all daily matters; the doctrine was left, with countless teachings from the Church, but today, we directly hear through the revelations of the Six Kowtows that Mother Mary taught us. The Holy Spirit Himself will kindle the fire in us, through the flame that we ask in the Third Kowtow; then our human race will experience it – when we believe, when we practice. From there the divine realm will open up for us to see; our eyes of faith will be open to see widely with the meanings when we return with a truly repentant heart, to ask God to forgive, to be worthy in a life being aware and being the children of God. Heaven’s door is always opened wide to welcome us, to bring us back to the holy banquet table, that happy place that God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit always desire and lead us to come to, but can we come enter in or not? Do we understand the meaning to be able to go in or not? Or do we decide to follow things with the free will when our body is still breathing?

Do not let it be too late; do not let our minds and our thoughts be completely wrong with things that are taught, as we block ourselves, with the door of our hearts continuing to be shut tight, unable to open up to understand what it is that God desires from us.  God just wants us to become perfect, to become holy and virtuous, for us to be able to live with this life that is full of challenges, full of trials and hardships, yet full of meanings because the Cross will bring us to the result. The Cross carries meanings, the Cross leads us to the final place, leads us to meet God, leads us to understand the meaning of suffering; it is full of meanings when we recognize, because it is Jesus Christ, who is God, who also chose the way of the Cross; in the end He triumphed gloriously, and in the Resurrection, through the Cross, came the victory to rule completely, as a King of love, who redeemed humanity with its sins and death. We cannot avoid taking that path; if we understand and we know that the way of the Cross leads us to heaven, then we better seek, we better welcome the suffering because in the end, the suffering is the means for us to be in the heavenly kingdom with God. Every one of us has the right to decide for ourselves, and every one of us needs to be aware for us to be able to choose the path we walk on. God does not force; God just wants a volunteering heart – because of that volunteering heart and love, when we see the truth, then it is more beneficial, from our soul to our body; our minds will be opened, through the Holy Spirit who helps us through the Third Kowtow.

Today what can be reported is not from human will but rather is in the duty and the responsibility to propagate what God wants for us in this world, for us to understand more clearly and to be more aware of our roles, for us to have a reverent heart – to worship Jesus Christ through the Holy Eucharist, and to contemplate the truth He gave and is giving. I act on behalf of every single sinner, each person who still does not know, still does not believe, on behalf of the people who are still hardened and are following idols; may they return, to have a heart to recognize the truth, to know what God bestows and gives to them in the remaining days. Today, I complete the Fourth Kowtow, to lift up to the Body and Blood of Christ, with a reverent heart, in worship and honor to glorify our God. Amen. Amen.

I offer the Fifth Kowtow to the Five Holy Wounds of God. O God, the Five Holy Wounds remind us to avoid sins, to fear sins, to understand the meaning that, O God, God redeemed us at the price of Blood, so that today we have the freedom to choose our own paths, but that love forever is imprinted in our minds, in our hearts, and will never fade away. God’s Love came to save us so God will never take back everything that God bestowed and gave, but we have been ignorant and have missed many opportunities in life; we live with a life of freedom, we yield to worldly realities, we forget what needs to be done and must be done to restore what is in the divine realm yet is present, for our hearts to be close to God, for us to be grateful and appreciative, for us to know to fear God in the way each one of us has been guided and taught by the Holy Spirit.

O God, every time we contemplate the Cross, we probably forget all that God accomplished for us; this is a proven history of God’s Love – that redeemed humanity, that saved each of our souls, that imprinted upon us an everlasting mark (13) for us to be able to enter into a place that God already prepared, waiting for us at the holy banquet table; however, this generation has forgotten and denied. There are many nations that looked for the Cross of God on top of every single church, to break and burn; what kind of generation is this that today, people no longer recognize graces that God gave, with the excessive freedom leading people to worship idols, to follow everything in the human way of thinking and reasoning of man, in freedom and carelessness. People completely fail to understand the meaning and continue to offend God in every respect, there are nations that completely forbid people to learn about God, there are nations that annihilate Christians.

This is a short-sightedness that people still have; today, people remain in a life that is indeed blind – they have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but they do not hear, they have a heart that seems to have no pulse of a conscience, of right sense so they seek what belongs to worldly realities, they make their own choices, they follow a concept based on the Communists’ policy. (14) Talking about society, or about ISIS today, or about the sects that get rid of everything that inherently comes from God, who is the Person who has power, who is the Person who died for humanity, who is the Person who came from heaven into the world to take on a human nature, who left a doctrine of love, who left a doctrine to rule with love, to guide mankind to a haven of peace and happiness? Any sect is the same, any nation as well – they are looking for something that belongs to their own personal ways, but there is only one Jesus Christ who demonstrated, by death, in order to lead people to a place of happiness, peace and truth. Because of sins we forget what we share between one another; we continue to envy and to compete, to fight, to feel resentment and hatred, to bring to one another sufferings, wars.

This still remains and still continues; countless centuries have gone by over the 2,000 years since Jesus Christ came into the world, and yet, until this day, after 2,000 years, we still do not see peace, we still do not understand the meaning of peace.  We greatly need peace in humanity. Where is peace?  Peace is in our hearts; peace is with a Supreme God who sacrificed, who died for us; peace is with the powerful God, the peace of the Supreme Sovereign God, the peace of the Supreme God who brought for us, but our eyes of faith are dimmed, our vision is shortsighted – we do not even understand any meaning regarding God.

We only require practical things and things of the present, worldly life; we do not think about the future life, we do not think about our conscience and our right sense so each individual acts freely with our ego and our personality; we continue to live freely according to the human way, with sins and death, and we continue to freely make our choices that we feel free to choose. We reason based on money, based on fame, on position, on the weapons, on the powers from this one nation to the next nation. What is the truth? Each one of us has desires – desires for our hearts to live in love, to be loved; desires for others to love us, in the hope that we know how to love others as well; we also desire to love others, but where do we come from? If without the doctrine of Jesus, then who is the Person who invokes for us with love in humanity, who is the Person who has the power, who is the Person who can triumph over death?

There is no one in humanity; there is no hierarchy, no king, no idol, that can die and resurrect – only Jesus Christ, who died and resurrected. He suffered tortures; by our hands, by our sins, we are the executioners, who used the worst ways, the wicked ways; we have used the cruelest, the most ruthless ways in our dealings between people, to directly scourge Jesus.  He brings justice, he brings the truth, He bears witness to the power of God, but in our shortsightedness we killed Him – because of the sins covering our blind eyes. He still agrees – agrees to take upon Himself our sins, agrees with everything inherent in our shortsightedness, our foolishness, our naivete, and our lack of faith, to take upon His shoulder; to take upon His head the crown, to take upon the heavy Cross, to bring to a close the foolishness. Even worse are the nails that pierced into the hands, the feet, and in the end the lance that pierced into the Heart of a loving, Supreme God who brought the doctrine and the truth to the world.

Indeed, how ignorant, shortsighted and pitiful: throughout countless years, with all that was written and left but today, mankind is still ignorant, shortsighted, foolish and naive, with a life poor in faith. The time has come and everything had been predestined as the day God the Father came to the world and said to the human world: the Alpha and the Omega. A Sovereign God who bestows and gives, also is a Supreme Being, He who has the right to take back everything that does not belong to Him; we cannot forever remain in that obstinacy, we cannot forever remain in that shortsightedness, we cannot forever support that personal right, we cannot forever rely on the reasoning of the human world, but it is time for us to affirm, to clearly affirm that God is God; the sovereignty belongs to Him, the power belongs to Him, and He Himself is God who created heaven and earth and all things. We are living in His breath, relying upon everything He bestows and gives, in God’s grace; definitively, we cannot rely on human reasoning – even kings or those in the highest rank on earth are still under the authority of the supreme, Almighty God.

Today, we must open the eyes of faith to listen, to observe and to see, because God uses love to rule over us so we can still exist till this day, with the offenses, with the ignorance with that shortsightedness of our humanity, incomparable with the power of God; it takes only a second this world could be destroyed, and there will be nothing that belongs to the human world. But since God does not rule as humans do, God cannot bring attention, because our humanity is too shortsighted, too naive, too foolish, and too immature; for that reason, God still gives us the freedom to choose, God still silently uses all kinds of ways in His supremacy to help us return to a path, which is the path of truth and love – to mold us daily, to teach us, to let us understand that God Himself indeed has the authority to bestow but God also gives us the free will to choose between good and evil, between true and false.

But the day has also come; everything will be completed because God is the Person with sovereignty over our human race – God also has sovereignty over the soul and the heart that He created and gave to each one of us.  We do not care and are free to do what we used to do; He lets us be free with those choices but we must face the consequences with the freedom that we choose. Because of love, He still looked for ways to help, but we humans continued on, throughout thousands of years, from this thousand years to another thousand years; if without help, if there is not a clear support, then we still continue to do wrong after wrong, we still continue to live in sins.

So Jesus Himself personally came; Jesus is the Great Prince of the heavenly kingdom (15). Jesus will act on our behalf and will embrace the right of a God to come to the world, to help us, to lead us into the new source of grace, with the new doctrine that God must agree to enter into death, to make satisfaction for us, so that we recognize what we require from its reasoning, from the demand of the realities, the requirement of what is needed to explain in history.  God completely makes satisfaction for us and gives; the divine realm is still present and this cannot fade away, through the miracles and mysteries that were bestowed and given to the human world.  It is time for people to rise up, it is time for everyone to see the truth; the day has come it is time for people must be wiser. When we are wiser, so that we know more, then it is the Third Kowtow for which we are calling upon the Holy Spirit today; God uses all kinds of ways to help us but what are the least things and in the most urgent days is that gift given to humanity, which is the Six Kowtows.

Today we can clearly understand the meaning of His Body and Blood, clearly understand the meaning why we prostrate before the Cross, through the Five Holy Wounds that He reserved for us. We are able to clearly understand this because God came to save us; God also resurrected so that we also follow that Resurrection, for us to have a new life, a new truth, and a new heart. Thus today we cannot forget the Five Holy Wounds, we cannot be disrespectful toward the Five Holy Wounds, because those Five Holy Wounds delivered us from the darkness, from sins and death.  That is the most obvious thing people require with their reasoning but now it has been countless years with things only said but not practiced, with things only heard but ignored, with things in a free world to choose, and many people are still holding onto freedom – that freedom to follow things of the weakness of the flesh, which today is mired in darkness, in sins and death. We are humans yet we cannot accept the realities in life, with the unintentional and deliberate actions of the brothers and sisters. What about God? God is even more grieved, even more heartbroken, so we must practice as God wants us to.

Let us remember there is the sentence that we cannot forget: “Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” God only says one word and our souls will be healed. Today, in everything, God lets us be free to choose according to our own reasoning, to easily integrate and clearly understand; God does not force us to do things that are unthinkable and overwhelming, because the good and noble things in the miracles we do not believe, but when we understand that the miracle comes only from God, that no one else can work miracles; though the devil can could as in the times of Moses, but he cannot die and resurrect, he cannot work through the Holy Eucharist, to do extraordinary and incredible things, on a dark sky, with the rays of lights, with the things that are appearing to forewarn humanity today with the days that we need to prepare to return to God, even though science and technology in these days has reached a subliminal level but they cannot describe the powers of God.

Let us look clearly – everything we inherently have today is simply something God spreads out for us to see, and the more we see the more we prostrate and worship God, because science and technology cannot compare to what God bestowed right from the beginning, through countless centuries, and today He is still an everlasting and eternal Sovereign Being, is and today. He is still an everlasting and forever Sovereign Being, is God, is Father, and is a benevolent and loving God; so we just know to return in prostration to lift up our souls and our hearts with urgent days as these; at the same time we already know that evil envelops everywhere; they are devils, and we are humans, how can we fight and how can we withstand evil with all of its cunning? In the past, Moses described that everything he could do with all the inherent graces bestowed, the devil was able to do as well because it was a class of devil, a class of evil spirit that in this moment, the moment that God allows it to have freedom. Then this world will no longer belong to it, and it will no longer has sovereignty in humanity – only Jesus, the only Son of God, who brought salvation, can be the Sovereign over humanity, today and in the future.

In these urgent times, pressing times today we must know things are coming. God already manifested to us that though the world has reached a level of progress, but compared with God’s power, it is nothing so the more we look at the progress, the more we look at the modernization and sophistication, the more we look at what belongs to things of science and technology, then we ourselves must prostrate and worship, because only God is the most perfect, Supreme Being, the Supreme Being no one can compare with – no  matter what – and even with anything in the human world, even the devil, the demons also must bow in prostration and fear Him. This time period is the devil’s golden, royal era; he tries all ways to pursue every single soul, he finds all kinds of ways to attack us, one way or another, relying on science and technology, relying on things inherent in clever and sophisticated ways to conquer and defeat our human world. But no matter what he does, God is still the Person who, because of the free will He has given, He will never take it back, so He uses all ways of a loving God to lead us back to the harbor, while at the same time also giving those who belong to the devil the chance to surrender, to prostrate, and to return to God.

God is the Person who rules by love, right from the beginning and till the final hour still remaining so; He does not change that stance, so today we have the opportunity to belong to Him, to belong to His own people, to belong to a Supreme God who manifests to us in today’s humanity. He plans and arranges everything for the world by a sign of the salvation, and from that salvation we have the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus nailed, for us to have the opportunity to prostrate to today; that doctrine was left – from that doctrine till this day – for us to be able to return.  These are the years, the months, and the days in which we still have the chance to listen and understand how to the return to God in each of our lives as Christians.

God does not come to judge us when we still have the chance to turn around; God does not punish us when we do not know; God does not rebuke our sins when throughout countless years we are in a situation of a world where people remain in their own shortsightedness and limits. However, it is also time for God to manifest, along with the divine realm, with the Holy Eucharist that God left for us. That sublime mystery has come to encounter us; we must believe and we must return. The reminder we receive from the Five Holy Wounds, the love God reserves and all that is inherent in the divine realm is also brought to us, which is Divine Mercy.

The Divine Mercy was a revelation revealed in the divine realm yet is present, the Divine Mercy comes to us to remind and help us, and the Divine Mercy will save us with the urgent moments that we still presently have and present. The Divine Mercy is the final place, the final refuge, the last hope for humanity; we do not have anything to deserve God, but God’s Divine Mercy is immense and mighty and reminds us one more time through the salvation of the Five Holy Wounds. With the Divine Mercy, the door of love is opened and He welcomes every single sinner; at the same time, He continues to give us the opportunity to recognize what belongs to Him, and He Himself bestows upon every single individual when we call upon His Name. There is one more Person whom we may know but never clearly heard of taking action; God the Father gave that right to a Person that we will continue to know with the Sixth Kowtow.

The history of the Six Kowtows (16) seems to have a clear sequence from God the Holy Spirit to the human world, a meticulous thing to confirm and affirm for God, in His power, throughout many years; He came to us by love, He rules over us with love, quietly, with divinity to meet us, to wait for us to mature and to have the freedom to recognize Him. It is time for us to know that God must come; we must clearly recognize because the deeds that He does, the words that He speaks are for the performance of good deeds. God loves us but God is very just in each of His works, and in each life when we confront God, so there is nothing surprising or against morality, or conflicting with all the people who are inherently remaining in sins, who live in the ego and personality, who are fearful when others rub them in the wrong way. We must keep away from them because only with this we will become the people who stand to one side when God comes; to become His own people. To become a person who is grateful to God, we must remove all that is unworthy in our thinking, in our speech, in our work, to be worthy to embrace the day that God will definitely meet us in the court of judgment, which is something no one in our human race can avoid – in each person’s life.

O God – I thank God for giving us this day; every single day we go deeper into the meaning of the Six Kowtows that make us very frightened because it is too obvious only God has the authority to bring this for the human world to be known, only God can confirm clearly for us to understand and to penetrate all things for which we are having an opportunity. Every social class, every role also has the opportunity to clearly recognize when we return with the Six Kowtows; we are still very immature, we are still very foolish, we still do not understand much.  O God, please help us for us to be more aware, for us to please God more, for us to strive more; please help us with the Third Kowtow that God reserves for us so that we may ask the Holy Spirit to rekindle our fire that has been extinguished for a long time because of our own will.

Please help us to understand better in life when we return to God, please help humanity today to have brightly lit eyes to clearly understand love and return to the Divine Mercy and His salvation, to listen to the teaching of Mother by practicing it, for us to lift up to God with belief to lift up to God with a confirmation that there is only one God whom we prostrate to, whom we worship – with our soul, body, heart and mind – to return to Him.  Please forgive, please welcome us, please allow us to be grateful, to be appreciative to a God who is rich in mercy, full of love, which we receive in this world today; especially the closeness of the Six Kowtows that we are receiving from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for us to understand more about the Sixth Kowtow which I continue to lift up to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

We offer the Sixth Kowtow to God the Father (17); countless things originate in Father – and finally the end also will also come from Father. Thanks to Father’s blessing and grace, today we must lift up a grateful heart to thank, to praise and glorify. I thank Father for choosing for us a tender, quiet and humble Mother, so that today we know what must be done to become humble and what must be done to bring us to better understand, to be more mature and to advance.

O Father, we offer the Sixth Kowtow to the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary – the Mother of the Divine Mercy, the Mother of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Heart of Love, the Mother of the Second Person of God, our Mother of our humanity, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of each one of us, and the Mother of each sinner.  We cannot deny countless things with the titles of Mother, and we also cannot deny Mother’s name; everything that Mother did, completely in a life of obedience and consecration.  Today Mother comes in person to teach us how to return in the prostration, for us to say to God each of the meanings of each kowtow that today we know deeper, wider and know more about the extraordinary, marvelous things that cannot be received in this the human world; for man cannot but for God nothing is impossible – we received and are receiving – those who truly can understand and have a truly humble heart to return to God, to urgently pray for themselves, for others, for humanity in general, for all of our fellow brothers and sisters, and for the souls in purgatory to also obtain the permission and the reminder of the Queen of the heavenly kingdom.

O Mother Mary – we offer countless words of thanks to Mother; there is nothing more exquisite, it is like a final page of history that is being written and teaching us in an authentic way. There is nothing unattainable, nothing that makes us confused or that we can deny – these are human’s things to God; all of these things have to end the days in which we are indifferent and apathetic, and completely in a life that does not follow the way that God gives. God does not chastise, God does not condemn; we only need a few moments for us to repent, to understand the truth and return; it is thanks to Mother, thanks to Mother’s patience, thanks to Mother’s fortitude, thanks to Mother’s perfection that today we are able to receive this favor.

O Mother Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of the Divine Mercy, please continue, please never leave us, please continue to teach us more, please support us, help us. It is because only in these urgent moments that we can see our own mistakes, that we can see the extreme imperfection of our human race, that we can see our shallow mistakes and wrongdoings, and that we can clearly see our offenses toward God.  O Mother Mary – Mother remained silent throughout countless centuries. Mother only came to help and support us, to help the nations and the countries in the world when they encounter misfortune, calamity and disaster; when they face persecution; when they face death and encounter war, but Mother also came to support and save us in those miseries. Today, Mother comes to us again; Mother also lets us know that time has a limit. Everything will come to a conclusion – that day is very near and will happen unexpectedly.  Mother is the Person who is by God’s side, the loftiest Queen who is present by the side of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Mother knows everything, Mother uses all ways to help us.

Today, what is realized is not something spontaneous for us to know but we firmly believe that it is the history of Mother’s entire life, from the moment Mother was brought into the world, with the enveloping, sheltering and protection from God the Father, and a life to become the Mother of the Second Person of God when He became incarnate; then, from a set history, which consists of lofty mysteries, Mother was the first to receive. So the Person who received the Holy Spirit first in the history of the human race was Mother Mary; Mother fully received the enveloping of the Holy Spirit; Mother was exempt from earthly sins, and Mother became the Immaculate Heart; no one has this privilege besides Saint John the Baptist and besides Mother. (18) There are many things we cannot understand the history of; this is a perfect example so Mother is able to offer the prayers. God the Father accepted Mother’s urgent begging and gives today’s world one more favor; that is a favor which belongs to Mother because Mother lived in this way Her entire life, in prostrating completely to God Her entire life. (19) Mother completely obeys and offers up; Mother learned and fully practiced God’s doctrine; to live in the truth is a sincere, honest life – it is also a life to complete a great mission: the Second Person of God coming into the world, at the same time His coming to redeem humanity – and Mother also cooperated in the redemption of humanity. (20) Thus, Mother’s voice, Mother’s role, and being the Queen of Heaven, received a plenitude of graces and countless things in the power that God bestows upon Mother.

The world is in this urgent situation; the world is in a situation with these final days; the world is in a situation where mankind offended God, continues to challenge Him, at the same time allowing the darkness to spread all over like a snare that is too heavy and too dense that human power cannot push away and escape its snares.  Even though the voice of God still resounds through His Church, even though the rank has completed all the duties and responsibilities to come to a world, to save us in God’s doctrine, the Holy Spirit is also working. But we stumbled because we have been lured by a down-to-earth world that people have mastered, so we still do not stand firmly; undecided, tottering between big waves in the final days of the end of the century – between good and evil,

between the evil spirit and the human world that are fighting to grasp our souls.

God will not ignore, because God came, and the price of His Blood has a great, important value, because the works He completed and accomplished are not just according to a human viewpoint in today’s humanity or according to the talents or things answered in the short-sightedness but are the answer by the life of the Queen of Heaven, perfect before God, who acts on behalf of the whole human world. This is brought to all humanity today, by action, by gesture, by determined heart; faith is not just words on the lips, is not just a theory, but taking action together – with a reverent heart, with the renouncing of everything inherent from human thinking and worldly reasoning according to our habits, to sincerely, genuinely and earnestly prostrate and worship a God, to whom we urgently entreat.

So everything lies within the reasoning that if people ask for and find out, then clearly this is the real doctrine with all the latest teachings, to go along with the Gospel, to be concluded through the mysterious miracles of the Holy Eucharist, present through the Fourth Kowtow that we offer to Him, accompanied by an extremely important greatness that people cannot forget the salvation of God; at the same time, there is a Queen who acts on behalf of the human world, who intervenes for our human race today. Mother Herself teaches us these things for us to become perfect children, through the divine grace with the Third Kowtow that we pray to ask the Holy Spirit to kindle the fire which the world needs, to be able to think, to be able to meditate, to be able to clearly understand that we are the children of God. He Himself redeemed us by His own Blood and brought the salvation. That doctrine still exists through the Gospel; today, the return is realized through the action, the deed, the response that the human world needs to have and must have, from Mother, a quiet, humble Person, who, as a last resort, uses all ways in order to save us in the turmoil that we are encountering in this world today.  This is the last light to help us return to God (21); we must also understand that the human world already received too many favors from God, yet we have nothing to reciprocate God’s Love, nothing to reciprocate the Divine Mercy that he still has and gives us the opportunity, yet the human world in life still does not fully comprehend what must be practiced to ask for God’s intervention, to ask for God’s condescension, to ask for God’s Love and help, to ask for God to strongly intervene for our world to be free from the evil situation that today the children, the brothers are facing in this present world.

O Mother Mary – we have done what Mother taught and we continue with the mission of proclaiming the Good News according to the way that Mother gives; at the same time, we are also the pioneers for all the people of whom today not that many can practice and accept. Sometimes they denigrate, deny, despise our works; they do not even believe in the wonder that we truly experience personally; but the truth is the truth – we continue to persevere, because what we hear and know today is not from a human source, and not everyone can understand if the Holy Spirit does not inspire and does not allow.  So this is a practice that no matter what, we continue to persevere and prostrate to ask God to help the human world today; to help the children, the grandchildren, the brothers, the people who have fallen into those situations where the devil is using clever and sophisticated ways to lure, to cause countless people to fall into the deep abyss of sins and death.

O Mother Mary – Mother is the only Person who can help us; Mother is the only Person who leads us and brings us close to God; Mother is the only Person who intercedes and intervenes, asking God the Father to lessen His anger, lessen His wrath toward humanity. Because we will have to bear the consequences; if there isn’t a day of purification, a day for people to reform, then people will continue to be wrong, to commit sins, to live in the ambiguity in the life of faith in which they do not to welcome God. Through those purifications, may each one of us be more mature – to grow up, to be more confirmed, to be wiser, to not give permission to the devil, who looks for all ways to attack us; just as in the beginning our ancestors had fallen, we are also falling, even this present generation. At the same time, it is even more serious because we are offending God, we are violating the laws of God, we are offending the creation of God; we pride ourselves through the reliance based on a secularized civilization that causes us to lose all the foundations of a life being a child of God and a basic life with conscience and sense of right and wrong. Mother, please help us!

O Mother Mary – I thank Mother for all the works Mother does; I thank Mother for all the things Mother teaches; I thank Mother for helping us know to remove the pride, to remove the extravagance, to remove the arrogance, and return with a humble heart – to embrace, to listen to what needs to be known, to be heard, to be practiced by action, by the heart, by the prostration, by the return, by a reverent heart to pray; and to beseech  God to help our human race: to save our brothers, to save our souls, and to save the entire world.  Please help us, bring us real peace for each one of us to be worthy to stand before the court of God, united together to join Mother’s army; the Person who helps us hold the flag of victory is Mother Mary. May Mother’s Heart triumph in this generation, may everyone unite in prostration and return, for Mother is the Person who is helping us, who is also the advocate of each one of our souls; in the most urgent days, Mother will be the Person who acts on our behalf and prays for us.

May each one of us listen to Mother’s words: to return to God, to listen to Mother’s teachings, to prostrate, to bow down to worship with all one’s soul, body and heart, asking Mother to help us and for Mother to see our goodwill so that Mother will definitely help us till the last moment in life. May each person mature; may each person experience and meditate; may each person grow with things that are seen, heard and known – the presence of Mother, with the appearance of the Holy Eucharist, with the great mystery that appeared and came to the human world: the things we do, are doing, and have the permission to do are the Six Kowtows that today we reverently offer to God Almighty.

We offer countless thanks for everything Mother did for us; may we be patient and continue because this world does not receive, denies, despises, and looks with eyes relying on the civilization of the era, disparaging, disdainful, despising, but we still keep on because this is the truth. Jesus came over 2,000 years ago to bring the doctrine and His authority was also rejected by people; He was also killed, was denied by people. Today, with the return with the kowtow, because with these if people do not believe and practice with these then it is up to each individual to face the court of God with the day of purification that no one can avoid.

As for each person who receives and listens, let us continue on the path of testifying to the things heard, seen and experienced to bear witness to things needed for the brothers on their way back. The Six Kowtows also heal countless souls, countless diseases, and countless urgent circumstances when people call upon the Name of God through the Six Kowtows. This is a witness for us to continue to be active; to continue to bear witness; to continue to practice; to continue to accomplish with what is most needed for people in the world today; to act on their behalf, on behalf of each individual, on behalf of the souls in purgatory; to beseech and pray to God through the Six Kowtows with earnest words enlightened by the Holy Spirit for us to lift up to God Almighty to save and intervene for our human world.

And now, through the Six Kowtows, we can see the riches with the words needed to be said to the saints to help our human world – to continue with the Six Kowtows, to be spread over the entire world, to save the brothers when they unite; this is also the final sign, when they become the flock that truly joins Mother’s army.  The Person who holds the flag of victory, the Person who intercedes, and is the Person who teaches – that is the intercessor for the human world to return to God and to respond to the Divine Mercy that God reserves for humanity.  Today, our humanity needs to practice the Six Kowtows; each individual, whether alone or at the place designated – that is, the Holy Eucharist – is a place where we need to come to practice things that we still do not understand, still do not know. But come; God will give us the light for us to clearly understand things that need to be practiced and to be decided for us; it is also a place where we express our reverence, to evoke for humanity today – that is the altar of God, the Cross, the tabernacle, the Divine Mercy of God, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (22). These are the places where we need to practice; a place to encounter, a place to pray in silence, a quiet place – that is the Holy Eucharist.

Return to the Holy Eucharist and embrace the inherent Presence and the lively words that today we truly received, the words that God reserves for us in today’s world, and also for all people in the entire world and for each individual. Whoever has ears ought to hear, whoever has eyes ought to see, and whoever has a heart ought to feel, has lips to speak up the words that we need to say to our God.

Through the Six Kowtows, we also thank St. Joseph, who is the being who intercedes to God for our Church, who intercedes for the head of the households. We need to learn from his integrity, from his righteousness, from his commitment to fulfill his responsibilities. People need to learn, need to follow his example, so that today everyone knows about our God and that there still are saints who intercede to God for us; that is the love that the saints who still continue to help the human world.  We say words to thank St. Joseph and ask St. Joseph to continue to intercede to God for us.

We also remember to thank the three Archangels, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel; we cannot deny the history that is still lively today – when we pray to them, they are ready to help us. May they help our Church, help this generation, and help the people who are on the way back.  I also thank our guardian angels and the saints who are now in heaven – may they listen to our prayers and intercede to God for us; be concerned and always pray in a special way for our human world today, between good and evil, and the fierce battle today till the remaining moments. These are the most urgent things that we ask of them, may they help us learn from their examples – to be determined, brave, bold, to bear witness to Jesus Christ, to lead a life as a Christian. We definitely must attain heaven, because that is the truth that we should not waste away a human life of being the children of God and being Christians.

We must definitely follow the examples of the saints for us to grow, to mature, to become the children who can attain heaven, right now, in this life and in the next. Please, help us to open wide our eyes to see God’s Love, to recognize love in sacrifice, in fortitude, in patience, in generosity, in forgiveness, in acceptance, for us to continue with a noble life to ask God, through the intercessions of the saints, to lead many people back and for many to be able to know about heaven while we still have the opportunity today.

May we accept and return with the Six Kowtows so that we can become an army that returns in the remaining days by Mother’s side. The people who are able to join that army will be saved in a special way and will triumph over the evil spirit in this present century, and if God allows we will be able to remain with a new world, and if we leave this world then may heaven open its door to welcome us through all the intercessions from the saints, through our returns, through the words lifted with a repentant heart, prostrating and returning to God through the Six Kowtows, which we pray and offer to God today.

We lift up countless words of thanks, of praise to our God. L. and all the brothers and sisters complete this message at St. Theresa’s Church, before the Cross, the tabernacle, the holy statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the picture of the Divine Mercy.  Especially in the Jubilee Year, this parish is chosen to have the Holy Door for people to step through to receive the plenary indulgence; today we have the opportunity to lift up at this parish, which is also the place where the miracle appeared, the place where the revelations were received for the last six years – in silence – also a place where we come daily to attend the Holy Mass and the times we have the opportunity to come here to offer the Six Kowtows to pray for the world, to pray for our Church, to pray for the leaders of the nations in their governing functions over countries, for the nations to enter into a holy life, with the doctrine and the truth. Especially on behalf of St. Theresa’s parish, to lift up these words, we unite ourselves with the parish to worship and return to God, with the Six Kowtows.

Today, present here are T., K., M.N., and L., we just completed the Six Kowtows as inspired by God the Holy Spirit. I thank God the Holy Spirit and I thank Mother. We completed at exactly 10:57 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at St. Theresa Church. Amen. Amen. Amen.

*The anonymous messenger, L., is an American immigrant from Vietnam. L. leads a very intense prayer life that centers on attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and adoration of Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. L. receives messages by way of interior locutions and sees visions of Eucharistic miracles that can be recorded via cell phone. When Jesus gives L. messages it is as a loving Father to His children (for more on this please see the homepage of

  1. See “The Six Kowtows” message of August 19, 2014; the day they were revealed.
  2. Here one can see the dual nature of the interior locutions that L. receives. When God, Blessed Mother, an angel or saint is speaking, L.’s “voice” is not present in the words. But in the “Inspired Messages” that the Holy Spirit gives to her, either as a whole message like this one, or before and after a heavenly person gives a message, the Holy Spirit is not giving the message directly; that is, like a “word-for-word” message from Himself (as with God the Father or Jesus) – rather, He is inspiring her as He often did in the Bible. In the Bible, which is the Word of God, the Holy Spirit is the primary author and man is the secondary author (as the Church teaches); He has chosen His human instruments ahead of time and then employs them when the divinely-inspired word is to be revealed. He has arranged everything; He does not need to force His words (for example, by sending an angel to dictate the words into the ear of the writer); it flows more or less naturally – that person’s background, personality, etc. all work in concert with Him when the person is recollected. And so it is with L. She prays a great deal every day so as to be as recollected as possible, and then, when the time comes, with simplicity and docility, she listens to the words heard interiorly. It is so natural that often in the “Inspired Message” sections, her voice is present as well. The Bible abounds with people speaking their own words under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (to cite an example, Elizabeth speaks her own, personal words at the Visitation of Mary, but it is asserted there that “Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit” [see Luke 1:41-45]).
  3. Jesus has opened the door to heaven to every single person, but it is necessary that the individual accepts that through a “yes” and a life consistent with that (see James 1:22, 2:14-26; Matthew 7:21-23, 25:35-45) with the time he or she has left.
  4. This is a perfect description of the advanced theological concept of the “spiration” of the Holy Spirit (which is found in simple terms in the Nicene Creed). It is a proof of the authenticity of this private revelation, because L. only has the Vietnamese equivalent of a third grade education in the U.S. She knows nothing of theology and is a simple person. There are times when she does not know what a message was about after it was received. Once asked about a meaning in a message, she replied that she didn’t know; the messages just come to her.
  5. The Catholic Church
  6. “He” here seems to refer to the One God (rather than one of the Three Persons of the Triune God). He gives us the Holy Spirit.
  7. This is true because our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19), whereas when Jesus enters us in Holy Communion, that is a temporary union (about 15 minutes).
  8. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  9. The present state of the world will be changed and completely renewed. After this will be the “new world” in Era of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima. (See Isaiah 65: 17-25.)
  10. “Last world” refers not to the final of multiple worlds, of course, but to eras; it is the same with the “new world,” the Era of Peace; there will be a physical renewal of the earth but it will be the same earth.
  11. L. is speaking here of the miraculous visions of the Eucharist she is able to capture on her phone; the Eucharistic visions are not physical while the Eucharist is.
  12. This refers to the Second Coming at the end of the world, which will occur after the Era of Peace. It is near but many things must happen first.
  13. God left a mark of love imprinted on all of our souls through His Five Holy Wounds, through His crucifixion and death. This mark enabled us to be saved, but whether we accept that gift is up to us. We accept it through word and deed on our part.
  14. L. is an American who immigrated from Vietnam, which later became a Communist country.
  15. Jesus is almost always called a king in these messages. In this passage, He is the Prince of heaven in a very strict, limited sense (especially since Mary is referred to as “Queen” later in this message). Although He and God the Father are equal in divinity and both are co-eternal, we profess in the Nicene Creed that He came forth from God the Father, who in this context, in this message, would be “King” relative to Jesus. (It is also noteworthy that Jesus is called “Prince of Peace” in Isaiah 9:6.) The next lines describe Jesus’ mission to satisfy Divine Justice in His first coming [please see footnote (4)].
  16. The means the Six Kowtows messages thus far, almost exclusively given through “Inspired Messages” like this one.
  17. The intention of the Sixth Kowtow remains: “In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for Her triumph.” We often offer up prayers to God for particular intentions. This is said simply to clarify because the First Kowtow is offered “In honor of God the Father.”
  18. Blessed Mother (and Jesus of course) alone was conceived free of Original Sin. However, the Church teaches, through Pope Innocent III and St. Augustine of Hippo, that St. John the Baptist was freed from Original Sin when Mary and the unborn Jesus visited St. Elizabeth when she was pregnant with St. John, who was “filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother’s womb” (Luke 1:15).
  19. It is eminently fitting that God would give the gift of the Six Kowtows through Blessed Mother. In this private revelation, there is only one book that heaven has promoted in a special way: The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda, which is about the life of Mary. In it one reads that Mary prostrated Herself in prayer a great deal.
  20. This is the Catholic doctrine of Mary as Co-redemptrix (or Co-redeemer); Hers was a secondary participation with and under Her Son in His act of redemption. (See footnote 5.) This will soon be Catholic dogma according to the approved apparition of Amsterdam, Holland.
  21. The practice of the Six Kowtows
  22. We are to practice the Six Kowtows before: Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament above all; then the altar, a Divine Mercy image, an image of the Sacred Heart, or an image of the Immaculate Heart. One does not need to practice them before more than one.

New Revelations through the Eucharist

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